Monte Cristo & Henry Cavill

Monte Cristo was a French computer game developer and publisher, based in Paris. It was established in 1995 by former Credit Suisse First Boston vice-president Jean-Marc de Fety and former Mars & Co strategy senior consultant Jean-Cristophe Marquis. Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill (born 5 May 1983) is a British actor. 1.3/5

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I didn't know Henry Cavill played Albert Mondego in The Count of Monte Cristo. So dreamy!
Lmao Henry Cavill's voice in The Count of Monte Cristo he just went through his puberty
It's been awhile- Count of Monte Cristo time! Jim Caviezel and a super young Henry Cavill.
Well, thats a surprise. Watching The Count of Monte Cristo tonight and you wouldnt guess who was in the movie long before Man of Steel. The one and only Henry Cavill! At age 19.
Even though it deviates from the novel LIKE A LOT, the film Count of Monte Cristo with Jim Caviezel is so good. And wittle Henry Cavill!
theme is "Henry Cavill was in that?" Count of Monte Cristo from 2002. More info:
Henry Cavill was so adorable in the Count of Monte Cristo, back when his voice was just changing and it still had a high pitch. Dawww.
Count of Monte Cristo featuring a young Henry Cavill who knew he would be Superman!
I thought the young Mondego in The Count of Monte Cristo on TV looked familiar. It was Henry Cavill. He's bulked up on the l…
Henry Cavill was in The Count of Monte Cristo... Ohh wow now everytime I watch it , I will know !
Can Jim Caviezel and Henry Cavill please do a movie together again? Just watched Count of Monte Cristo. Still one of my all time faves!
When you find out Henry Cavill was in Count of Monte Cristo.
Get to go see Man of Steel tonight. Super excited. (No pun intended) I have heard some pretty good things about it so far. Plus, its Henry Cavill. I've loved him since Count of Monte Cristo. Anyone else getting to see MoS tonight? Or this weekend? What are your guy's thoughts? (If you post anything after 12:01 am Friday, please NO spoilers!)
Henry Cavill played Jim Caviezel's son in Count of Monte Cristo, that would make Superman, Jesus' son. Mind blown.
The new "Superman," Henry Cavill, was the young boy in "The Count of Monte Cristo," starring Jim Caviezel, as Jim's character's son. Mind. blown.!!! :O
Watched the movie Frequency tonight. Forgot how good a movie it is and I love Jim Caviezel. Also was curious about Henry Cavill who plays the new Superman so I watched the last half of the Count of Monte Cristo. He played Albert the son to Jim Caviezel's character. He was really cute when he was younger.
So glad Henry Cavill is on the big BIG screen. I've been following his career since The Count of Monte Cristo. Fan. He's awesomeness.
Henry Cavill aged so doggone well. I remember him in The Count of Monte Cristo back in the day. He is so FAHN now.
Jim Caveziel and Henry Cavill were father/son in The Count of Monte Cristo. Now Caviezel is Jesus and Cavill is Superman.
Goyer, Count of Monte Cristo remake, Why? Just watch the 2002 film with Jim Caviezel, Henry Cavill and Guy Pearce.
When the *** did Henry Cavill grow up? I still remember him as Albert in The Count of Monte Cristo. Now dude is yoked!
Coolest birthday toast EVER from The Count of Monte Cristo. And yes, the young lad IS Henry Cavill, the new Superman:
a baby-faced Henry Cavill AND Jim Caviezel in Count of Monte Cristo tops most movie things.
The Count of Monte Cristo ♥.and not just coz of Henry Cavill :P
Henry Cavill as Superman 2012... don't tell me he was in the movie 'The Count of Monte Cristo' oh no .
You know how when you don’t know an actor’s name, you refer to them as the character they portrayed in what ever movie that stands out in your mind? Well my hubby does this often, and it still cracks me up. Last night we were talking about the upcoming film, Man of Steel, and my hubby said, “I don’t know where they’re gonna go with the storyline, but I hope Albert represents Superman like he should and doesn’t eff it up.” My first thought was, who the *** is Albert? Then I remembered a young Henry Cavill was the face of Albert Mondego in the spectacular flick, The Count of Monte Cristo. *giggle* I couldn’t stop laughing because even after I corrected him several times, he kept calling him Albert.
Watched 'Immortals' :) Henry Cavill's grown up. Back then he was 16 on the movie 'The Count of Monte Cristo', now he's Superman.
Henry Cavill was so hng in The Count of Monte Cristo. -___-
Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill (born 5 May 1983) is a British actor. He has appeared in the films The Count of Monte Cristo and Stardust, and played the role of Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk, on the Showtime series The Tudors, from 2007 until 2010. He has been cast as Superman in the 2013 fil...
Huh...Henry Cavill was in the Count of Monte Superman is going to be the son of Jesus hows that for comic and religious synergy
I recommend The Count of Monte Cristo (2002), because it has Jim Caviezel, Guy Pearce, and an 18 year-old Henry Cavill.
Jim Caviezel as the "Count of Monte Cristo"♥ One of my favourite movies. Henry Cavill too!
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