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Monte Cristo

Monte Cristo was a French computer game developer and publisher, based in Paris. It was established in 1995 by former Credit Suisse First Boston vice-president Jean-Marc de Fety and former Mars & Co strategy senior consultant Jean-Cristophe Marquis.

Count of Monte Cristo Alexandre Dumas Edmond Dantes Jim Caviezel Alexander Dumas Warner Bros Robert Donat Three Musketeers Shawshank Redemption Scarlet Pimpernel

Teddy think he's the Count of Monte Cristo.
Very much so, I went to two and dined on Monte Cristo sandwichs with Ceaser salads w…
Just saw this on Amazon: The Count of Monte Cristo (Xist Classics) by Alexandre Dumas via
Name a worse film adaption than The Count of Monte Cristo I'll wait
I'm really digging the 1934 version of The Count of Monte Cristo right now.
We ate in Cafe Orleans and yes...those fries really are incredible. Best fries EVER. The monte cristo was also very good...definitely go
My guess is he will resign. He will want to do it on his own terms and in a way…
Tonight is one of those nights. Monte Cristo & Frank Sinatra Jack Daniels
Oh man, I could totally go for a Monte Cristo with a glass of Sangria right about now... Wait, what were we talking about?
Dem senator: Trump has revealed more to Russians than the American public
'The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas was a terrific and enlightening novel that…
Monte Cristo pt2 (snippet) by: deep entropy full video on YouTube
I have photo of her and Trump family IN…
Stephen Miller writing the NATO and Islam speech.
It's gonna make Watergate look like a parking ticket.
The real "nut job" is the feller who told the Russians he fired Comey to take "pressure off the investigation."
Lookin' for evidence of collusion? Look no further.Trump tells his co-conspirators he axed the guy investigatin' 'em.https:…
The Count of Monte Cristo - Movie . Find it. Watch it. . Thank me later. 😋
can i take the other 50% - Trump ends middle east trip by flying to Moscow, dropping Jared/Ivanka in Iran...
A fun twist on the Monte Cristo sandwich!
New possible of 5,946 lbs of Monte Cristo, turkey and ham sandwich...
Disneyland food down the hatch, day one: Monte Cristo sandwich. Ghiradelli ice cream. Mickey pretzel (with cheese). Happy nausea abounds.
This sandwich is a decadent play on the classic Monte Cristo.
If you make a sandwich is it automatically a Monte Cristo sandwich
This awesome bread pudding tastes like a mash-up between a Monte Cristo sandwich and a grilled cheese casserole.
Where can I get a Monte Cristo sandwich in ?
Deep fried Monte Cristo and thanksgiving dinner on a sandwich. Life is great.
Croque Monsieur, Croque Madame or Monte Cristo sand... — I love me some caramelization so MC Sandwich pls
Oh man, such a good dish. Monte Cristo sandwich is a true treasure.
I added a video to a playlist How to make Monte Cristo sandwich Recipe
all i want right now is a Monte Cristo sandwich from Cafe Orleans 😭😛💔
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I just turned a simple deli meat sandwich into a Monte Cristo...Culinary School has ruined simple foods for me 😂😅
As I remember, Abbe Faria (in the Count of Monte Cristo) had 100 books as the foundation for living, what books would go on that list now?
Watching The Count of Monte Cristo with .Streaming *** but it's a good movie . But Edmond Dantès isn't .😌
Hamlet is EMK production too, same as Monte Cristo and Mata Hari
Get ready XI-C for the Novel !! today at 3p.m — watching The Count of Monte Cristo (2002 film)
The Count of Monte Cristo is the only book I had to read in high school that I still have very fond memories of. That book was great
I hadn't seen it until the other day and every night since has been either that or "The Count of Monte Cristo"
The Count of Monte Cristo. Never read anything that long or been so engrossed in a book that the characters felt real.
i keep on saying The Count of Monte Crisco instead of The Count of Monte Cristo... kms...
I can't take you seriously if your favorite movie is Count of Monte Cristo.
I highly recommend The Count of Monte Cristo, though it's really long., if you haven't read it.
If you ever wanna know what it's like to be the absolute greatest, richest and ten steps ahead of everyone else... The Count of Monte Cristo
26% done with The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas
On chapter 24 of the Count of Monte Cristo and just realized Mrs. Springer lied about ever reading this book.
The Count of Monte Cristo aka one of the best revenge films ever.
A3: I'm currently reading The Count of Monte Cristo, and there are a lot of subtle details I'm guessing will come back.
"..but nothing succeeds like revenge.." [Count of Monte Cristo]
YES. Recently reread Life of Pi and currently rereading The Count of Monte Cristo... and I RARELY reread, even faves.
a quote from the Count of Monte Cristo, "It's complicated"
Working on Expository writing while analyzing "The Count of Monte Cristo."
Nosebleed me sa Count of Monte Cristo hu-hu
Good book reviews, Julian, for the kids... Alexandre Dumas, A Tale of Two Cities. Also, the Count of Monte Cristo.
I'll finish Count of Monte Cristo before going back to readings hehe gwapo talaga ni Edmond and Count Mondego's son I love this PI class
If you wish to discover the guilty person, first find out to whom the crime might be useful.--. Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo
I liked a video from The Count of Monte Cristo: Gankutsuou - 13 - Haidee (SUB)
Pretty sure no one appreciates how good The Count of Monte Cristo with + Jim Caviezel is. Super undefeated. One of my fav favs
. I'm "The Learning to Count of Monte Cristo". Clearly home schooled.
"If you ever loved me, do not rob me of my hate. It's all I have!" - Edmond Dantes, The Count of Monte Cristo.
don't know if you've seen this movie, but it's pretty good. Count of Monte Cristo. Jim Caviezel. Came out in 2002.
in 1825, 23-year-old Alexandre Dumas ("The Count of Monte Cristo") fights his first duel. . His pants fall down…
It's like the Count of Monte Cristo if nothing bad ever happened to Edmond Dantès
Potshot & Widow's Walk by Saturn Run by and Ctein, and The Count of Monte Cristo are on my list now.
Brainstorming there possible titles for Manga classics. I still want Scarlet Pimpernel, Count of Monte Cristo,Crime & Punishment
Love the bit coming up in the Count of Monte Cristo. Trevor Howard pops up to save Richard Chamberlain & teach him maths in the Chateau d'if
last typing effort plz. The Shawshank Redemption or The Count of Monte Cristo?
On page 450 of 1664 of O Conde de Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas
"Only the man who has felt ultimate despair can feel ultimate bliss". - Alexandre Dumas. "The Count of Monte Cristo"
. "All human wisdom is contained in these words: "Wait and hope" ". - Alexandre Dumas, 'The Count of Monte Cristo'
King 👑 Khan . In my heart 3 feelings, which never get bored: sadness, love and gratitude.. Monte Cristo https…
Just found this online. We don't have the reuben or the Monte Cristo on our menu anymore, but I guarantee one of...
The Count of Monte Cristo has an intelligence apparatus that can’t be beat. Well, that’s the Jesuit Order.
Yummy Friday brunch 😋 Monte Cristo sandwich with strawberry jam...salty and sweet perfecti…
The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas - Easton Press - 100 ... . - Bid on this now >
The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. French author who wrote Three Musketeers.
will be the Count of Monte Cristo in Congrats Craig!.
This Thursday, I'll be taking a pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Western Michigan while reading The Count of Monte Cristo. Stay tuned...
Perfect night to see The Countess of Monte Cristo at Schiller Park! Show at 8p:
Ali introduced our minds to incredible things with the wisdom and deep words he spoke😞
In 1981 Ali convinced a man that life was worth living & talked him down from the 9th floor ledge. http…
While others march today in hate, we remember a life lived in hope (HT
Innalillahi wa'inna ilaihi raaji'un. May he inspire more people all around the world.
He who's not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life
Some stars show you the way. To The Greatest, Muhammad Ali.
Modern Count of Monte Cristo Movie In The Works at Warner Bros.: The Count of Monte Cristo is get... Screen Rant
You were an inspiration to many. Your legacy will live on forever 🙏🏼
This was essentially how The Count of Monte Cristo was written.
The Monte Cristo is the best darn ham and cheese sandwich ever. Try it for breakfast, lunch, or dinn
Marked Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo as Want to Watch -
although to be fair Brando loved a Monte Cristo sandwich or seven so like I can see the confusion
I've only just now realised that The Island of Doctor Moreau and The Count of Monte Cristo are two different things
Everyone has a sword within their hearts; the purer the heart, the sharper the sword. . The Count of Monte Cristo (Gankutsuou)
Warner Bros. Plans Contemporary Count of Monte Cristo Movie: The new film, titled Count, will be directed…
The Count of Monte Cristo. Escape from Sobibor . League of extraordinary gentlemen
I've always wanted to read 'The Count of Monte Cristo' but it's too long. Will I be able to finish it without getting bored? Hmm
an dancing in the dark dangles (@ Club Monte Cristo in Los Angeles, CA)
A contemporary movie is in the works at -
Thanks! Will look into both. Read Monte Cristo ages ago, may be due for a re-read.
Look up Count of Monte Cristo. It's not hard to read and is awesome...and free.
Warner Bros. Plans Contemporary 'Count of Monte Cristo' Movie: submitted by /u/cynicalaa22 [link] ...
Style goals: Jim Caviezel as the Count of Monte Cristo. Dark red, capes, velvet and brocade.
opinion that I have thought the continual failures
Summer read, Monte Cristo Lite. This fast-paced edition will make you want to read the unabridged tome.
Holmes never said it, but Monte Cristo kinda does
I remember you compared it to Count of Monte Cristo which is pretty much the deal
How I celebrated - Monte Cristo on a powdered donut and a cold brew black…
I am seriously jonesing for a good monte cristo now!
Like, seriously, if this contemporary Monte Cristo turns out anything like the 2002 abomination, I will destroy the sun.
Dear I hear you are writing a script to Monte Cristo. Please treat my baby well. It is my favorite and I am tired of screaming.
Noah dressed like a white trash version of the County of Monte Cristo on a beach is too much. I'm done
The Count of Monte Cristo is my favorite movie. Well, the more modern one with Guy Pierce and Jim Caviezel
Probably gonna need a Stephin Merritt as Count of Monte Cristo meme at some point in next few days.
Is there anything better than a Monte Cristo .
Had my first ever Monte Cristo sandwich for dinner
Allison's Country Cafe on Monte Cristo sandwich was awesome!
Learn a little about that classic sandwich, the "Monte Cristo"-then try out my personal recipe for yourself...
People just came to my door wanting to share the word of Monte Cristo and now I want a sandwich.
"A Monte Cristo is a fried ham and cheese sandwich" Im sorrRYY xD
sobbs we're at Jeffery's cause I wanted a Monte Cristo sandwich, but they had a Turkey Dinner special today ;;~;; I went with the sandwich
Like you'd recognize a vegetable that's not wrapped in a Monte Cristo sandwich
A Monte Cristo sandwich to drool over:
The Count of Monte Cristo was trying to best his nemesis the Earl of Sandwich. Sadly Cristo ended up Betamax to Sandwich's VHS
New post up! Check out the recipe for a Monte Cristo sandwich.
Another delicious picture of the Monte Cristo sandwich that Carlos made. Mouth…
Does anyone make the Monte Cristo sandwich anymore?
I am really disappointed that Bob Evans has neither Eggs Benedict nor a Monte Cristo sandwich.
Happy Sunday morning! Come join us today for breakfast. Our special this morning is the Monte Cristo sandwich,...
Disneyland's Cafe Orleans has the best Monte Cristo sandwich and fries!
When you open your IG and the first post you see on your feed is a Monte Cristo sandwich from Cafe Orleans in Disneyland 😭👎 I miss.
You know, Borderlands is pretty much the same as The Count of Monte Cristo
Count! of Monte Cristo (probably not the first one to make this joke)
Also, I finished Count of Monte Cristo (on audiobook). It was AWESOME. That dude could bring some serious vengeance!
the Count of Monte Cristo is seriously the greatest movie of all-time.
- Count of Monte Cristo is one of my favorite movies!
I want to read Count of Monte Cristo, but. . yeah.
Philosophy! Math! Ethics! And the man can make paper, too! Chapter 17 of Count of Monte Cristo!
PS great work on The Count of Monte Cristo! I'm really enjoying it. Glad I made it through the exposition ;)
Post-graduation goals: . 1. Spearfish. 2. Gym. 3. Visit the Florida Keys. 4. Re-read the Count of Monte Cristo, while on the beach.
but I love this story! A Count of Monte Cristo for Octopi!
I watched The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) I knew nothing of the story other than its name but I found it to be an exciting story of 1/2
ALSO my Count of Monte Cristo will INCLUDE: Haydee, the *** the Sicilian revengers, the Count's opium habit, lavish outfits, lutes
Just finished the Count of Monte Cristo. via /r/books
Enjoying "The Count of Monte Cristo" on tv. Some stories are truly timeless classics. Proof, that the human condition hasnt changed much.
“Woman is sacred; the woman one loves is holy.” . ― Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo .
Aw yis, Count of Monte Cristo is on TV, time for some REVENGE
I think I'm nearly done. Now which book to bring? It's either the Count of Monte Cristo or Callahan's Chronicles.
The Count of Monte Cristo is on!, My life just got sooo much better! 😭🙌🏾 I'm a real film freak, the glo up was so real in dis classic movie!
you should also watch Count of Monte Cristo. Seriously it's so great.
“All human wisdom is contained in these two words—wait and hope.” –Alexander Dumas, Count of Monte Cristo
Is this A very young Henry Cavil in The Count of Monte Cristo in 2002 he's adorable!!
They are the ones devoid of all humanity, the ones that profited by the sufferings of others. -Robert Donat in Count of Monte Cristo
He destroyed his mind with an overdose of two deadly poisons... Avarice & Greed! -Robert Donat as Edmond Dantes in Count of Monte Cristo
Special of the day . Sandwich of the day . *Monte Cristo . Ham, Genoa salami, swiss cheese,dill pickle and mustard...
Alexander Dumas was a genius for writing the Count of Monte Cristo
My favorite book for is "The Count of Monte Cristo". When you read into the history of Alexander Dumas it adds another layer.
I saw someone say it might be Edmond Dantès from a book called The Count of Monte Cristo apparently mentions a quote from--
The way Edmond Dantes buy that house for "The Count of Monte Cristo" inside be real goals.
All black Christmas Carol, all black My Fair Lady, all black Count of Monte Cristo, all black Dorian Gray, all black everything ever loved.
I wish the story had been more Count of Monte Cristo. Hal & Sinestro close, betrayal, revenge, sequel is the Fear Corps.
4 of 5 stars to The Count of Monte Cristo by Clare West
Stuff I've learned from this month in the past. Alexandre Dumas, author of the Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers, was Black.
This cold Friday calls for a hot lunch special, today is Minestrone soup with a Monte Cristo sandwich!
Zatara. Driftwood. Edmond Dantès. The Count of Monte Cristo. It really means raft.
I used the phrase "elaborate multi-decade Rube Goldberg vengeance machine" to describe the plot of Count of Monte Cristo and I'm not sorry
how magical would it be to enjoy the Monte Cristo for brunch in New Orleans Square every weekend. Take yo' work friends!
Barry Lyndon and The Count of Monte Cristo, respectively, imo.
Thanks, Oak Cliff Advocate! While the Monte Cristo is still a work in progress, we've got three new sandwiches (a...
I love Jim Caviezel's intensity in Person of Interest...that may be why I love Count of Monte Cristo!
Jim Caviezel stars in 'Person of Interest's' 'Resevoir Dogs' remake. Long way from Monte Cristo, Jim.
A guy I worked with told me Agnes Moorehead invented the Monte Cristo sandwich just to win a cooking contest.
it was a Monte Cristo, its ham and swiss on French toast.
Ah, lips that say one thing, . while the heart thinks another. . . . . ~A.D.The Count of Monte Cristo
Starting a public campaign for a November Monte Cristo special - who's in?
I forgot to include the monte cristo factor!!
Bought my old man the sickest monte cristo platinum 💨💨
"Once in a lifetime:" Diver gets up close with whale shark
Candidate to gun owners: Take back the 2nd amendment from extremists.
This drama was a 1980s Korean-style retelling of Monte Cristo, and too similar to Um Taewoong's "Rebirth".
Hillary Clinton tears up while unveiling gun control plan: -
Co-pilot takes over American Airlines flight after pilot dies in cockpit. via
Yankees' CC Sabathia is checking into an alcohol rehab center and will miss the MLB playoffs:
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
suddenly--"And how long shall I have to tell you. Ah, have brought up with the police for some trifle--a stab
"By Bonaparte, or, indeed, excused his own appearance by ushering in some more
Go watch The Gift and Count of Monte Cristo before you say I do to me. I want you to understand the lengths ill go for getting what's mine.
clever architect, plan Andrea had left him,
You know, I never read The Count of Monte Cristo. I'm gonna get on that now.
Jump start your Monday with our Monte Cristo Sandwich! (How's that for Monday motivation?)
"By governor's orders," said he gravely, addressing Franz, "do you wish?"
to you I shall not overtake my friend, you are right--and I should say that you are, without having recovered the use simples
I might just aggressively reread Harry Potter again instead of starting Count of Monte Cristo because the size of that book scares me
"If one's lot is cast among fools, it is necessary to study folly." . - The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas (1844)
Elba ought have consulted you on the point
It's from an anime. Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo. favorite characters. :)
The most amazing item on the New menu at The Lucky Diner in Belltown The Monte Cristo ☆☆☆☆☆
Coffins float to surface as historic flooding inundates South Carolina cemeteries.
Whether you trace it to the Bronx or African villages, hip-hop is the voice of a generation demanding to be heard: http:/…
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Makes me want to design a Markov Chain Monte Cristo algorithm
consequences? However, in an "You see I have not myself experienced it, but at this."
Vigil for victims and their families in San Mateo
How one refugee family from Syria is starting over in California:📻
Yes, I will tell her. She hopes your brother is doing better. She said to tell you she loves you.
reimagined the Monte Cristo sandwich with cheese-stuffed honey ham rolls on gru…
Hi, I am Ms.Garvan's sister she sends you her love and is praying for your brother and you and your family.
I went to Sweetberries today and got the Monte Cristo. It was delicious.
I'm so behind in The Count of Monte Cristo 😅
Having monte cristo sandwiches for dinner. Not sure how many I'll eat. Will keep you updated on the Count of Monte Cristo.
He looks like the Count of Monte Cristo.
It has been a long journey as Sinbad the Sailor, a Priest and the Count of Monte Cristo, however now I must be myself Edmond Dantes
Edmond Dantes & Fernand Mondego from my upcoming BL webcomic: Chateau! (based off The Count of Monte Cristo )
My real name, Edmond Dantes, is a secret to everyone now. Everyone will only know me as the Count of Monte Cristo.
My worst experience in that matter was a 2002 Count of Monte Cristo: missing key characters & adding subplots to compensate
Chels made me a Monte Cristo sandwich for lunch.. Powdered sugar and jam on a turkey sandwich?! 😱
Dagmara Dominczyk in the Count of Monte Cristo. Sophie Marceau in Braveheart. Liv Tyler in Lord of The Rings. All to die for.
The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas- at Project Gutenberg. Hint- it's got nothing to do with sandwiches.
The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas ..fav novel
have you done Mt. Forgotten, Lake 22 or Monte Cristo yet? Wallace Falls is wondeful too.
Alexander Dumas author of my favorite book Count of Monte Cristo. Or Katie McGarry. :)
Thanks to Monte Cristo for being a supporter of Junior Achievement!
Things to do to improve your life:. 1. Unlike Buzzfeed. 2. Watch and quote "The Count of Monte Cristo". 3. Listen to Mike Mains & the Branches
Big Finish Classics: 'Count of Monte Cristo' starring as Edmond Dantes. Think about it.
Caller asking for advice on where to get a good Monte Cristo sandwich. Go!
Count of Monte Cristo sandwich. Who wants to see this on our special menu ??…
Joel Edgerton has surprised me with his film 'The Gift'. Equal parts Play Misty For Me/Fatal Attraction/Count of Monte Cristo. V impressive.
Today we have New England Clam Chowder & a BLT Sandwich, our Salad is Chicken & Pineapple, or try a Monte Cristo...
go to Abe's Coney Island try out this sandwich it's called a Monte Cristo if I can get…
SO. Frescoe's downtown has a true Monte Cristo sandwich. Yep. tonight's workout will be sponsored by just...
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
It's called a "Monte Cristo" sandwich because one day it will return disguised as another sandwich & seek its revenge
A Monte Cristo sandwich is in the near future for me.
Today's special is a Monte Cristo sandwich and a side house salad for $10.
The Count of Monte Cristo as Retold by Sherlock Holmes, read and enjoy!
Worked up an appetite jet skiing and was surprised to find my fave sandwich - a Monte Cristo, on the menu !!! A...
Meet our brunch special, the MadSo Monte Cristo - Deep fried breakfast sandwich with roasted turkey,…
Count of Monte Cristo is a great movie
Just finished watching The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) and The Man in the Iron Mask (1998) back-to-back. 'twas pretty *** awesome.
Yay about to watch The Count of Monte Cristo in spanish.
I finished The Count of Monte Cristo a month ago and am just submitting my character chart... 😆
You should save dictionaries until you can lift Count of Monte Cristo, LOTR, and IT without sweating.
I was rereading Count of Monte Cristo, but accidentally stepped on my kindle ( :{ ), and I can't find my physical copy.
Wanna know something funny? Parts of the US Justice system resemble parts of The Count of Monte Cristo musical.
I got home to the movie of the Count of Monte Cristo on ☺️
He loves the B&N leather bound books. He wanted Count of Monte Cristo which is discontinued. I told her to get him Wizard of Oz instead.
I'm watching the Count of Monte Cristo in Spanish,it's about a French man sent to prison for supporting Napoleon in France written in French
Who Dagmara? She's an actress-Has an awesome blog-married to Patrick Wilson-If you saw Count of Monte Cristo she was Mercedès.
Check out The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas (1979, paperback) via
Committed myself to analysing The Count of Monte Cristo for my PhD thesis & only just found out it is 1000+ pages 😓
Ugh. I am trying to read the Count of Monte Cristo you are not helping.
Watching The Count of Monte Cristo which he will always be to me.
A Melodramatic but Imperfect OSF Count of Monte Cristo is a Must See Theater Experience – by Lee G...
Chrono Trigger, but starring the cast of The Count of Monte Cristo
People actually stop outside of Cheesecake Factory and try to retain the menu like it's not as long as Monte Cristo.
"How did I plan this moment? With pleasure.". -Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo
Which is the best book you have read so far? — Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
Reading the Count of Monte Cristo while listening to Cheap Girls after having watched an episode of Daredevil.
Malediction Society/Monochrome Ball at the Monte Cristo in L.A. (darkwave, industrial) Eventful Los Angeles:
Utah Department of Transportation has opened SR 39 over Monte Cristo from Huntsville, Utah to Woodruff, Utah.
Scarface, Kung Fu Hustle & The Count of Monte Cristo "8. What are some of your favorite movies?" featured in NBC s Science of Love
WEIRD thing but I really dislike the episode of the Simpsons where she uses the story of the Count of Monte Cristo as a way to show--
I said half and was referring to Count of Monte Cristo, Cyrano de Bergerac, romeo and Juliet
Yes, brain, I would love to have lines from The Count of Monte Cristo stuck in my head.
"For the present your friend, tomorrow your host, for the short time formality stands between us, the Count of Monte Cristo"
The Count of Monte Cristo reminds me of english! I miss my english buddy 😭😭 💔
OK, the Count of Monte Cristo is back for a re-run of fun ... unleashing my inner swarthy Spaniard.upon the cyber...
Someone misunderstands things if they think that liking Scarlet Pimpernel means you'll like Tale of 2 Cities and Count of Monte Cristo.
I'd read "The Count of Monte Cristo" and "The Prisoner of Zenda," and I knew that if I could get hold of something like >>.
my English teacher told me to not use handsome when complimenting women, yet it happens in The Count of Monte Cristo. confused
Lifegoal complete: just finished reading the Count of Monte Cristo
It seems Bayern have signed The Count of Monte Cristo
Anyone have resources for The Little Prince and The Stranger, Phantom of the Opera, Les Mis, and The Count of Monte Cristo?
I should read the Count of Monte Cristo. I read a bit in French and I saw the English movie of it but I should read it properly some day.
Ooh good stuff. I spy Agatha Christie, Ray Bradbury, Count of Monte Cristo. Plus all the fun toys. I'd never come out!! 😊
Anyhow the best part of weightlifting, no matter your ability, is pretending you're the Count of Monte Cristo in his revenge-…
You'll get there. Aim high. ;). My French goal: read the original Count of Monte Cristo (a favourite book of mine).
If you've never seen The Count of Monte Cristo, we can't get married
Next week's previews: a glimpse of The Count of Monte Cristo.
Here's a food for thought for today From the author of The Count of Monte Cristo and Three Musketeers.
The Count of Monte Cristo, the Shawshank Redemption, or Castaway? And why? via
I mean, I *love* the '90s adaptation of 'The Count of Monte Cristo'. Is it unfaithful? I think it captures the spirit.
Ok we're reading The Count of Monte Cristo in English and honestly whoever thinks that old literature is boring has not lived
How can I know if the copy I have of The Count of Monte Cristo is abridged?: I have the Woodsworth Classics ve...
the Count of Monte Cristo was so good 😭
"""What makes you a man is what you do when the storm comes."" -The Count of Monte Cristo"
Watched The Count of Monte Cristo last night. I don't watch a lot of movies, but I think it's good. . And, Jim Caviezel awawawawawawawaa
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