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Montana Senate

The Montana Senate is the upper house of the Montana State Legislature, the state legislative branch of the US state of Montana.

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Question for senate dems. Why does & get to decide your destiny ? Does he have anything as far as…
❌🚫John Abarr🚫❌. After failing to run for Senate, Republican White Supremacist plans a run as a *** is zthis crap)…
July 13, 2013 Dems lose top Senate (Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer) candidate in Montana, adding to 2014 challenge to keep chamber
Speaking of a clean DACA bill, they tried that in Dec 2010 with 59 Dems in the US Senate: the bill went down becau…
"cardholders in Montana have nearly tripled and the number of providers has increased by 17 perce…
Husband and wife running for Senate in Montana. Different parties? Sounds like a house united. Fishy.
And you want to represent the good people of Montana in the Senate? Forever the level of your frie…
Montana and Arkansas: the first states to send women to the US House of Reps and Senate
ppl talking about Oprah being ok while we are at it lets make Hannah Montana part of the Senate
It’s official! Dr. Al filed paperwork with the Secretary of State declaring his candidacy to be Montana’s 2018 U.S.…
Western candidates are gearing up to run for the Legislature in 2018, as all House seats and half of the S…
The founding fathers didn't envision the population trend of Americans concentra…
All of 100 House seats and half of its 50 state Senate seats are up for elections in 2018. As is Montana…
The Burmese gov't should immediately release detained journalists. It's because of their reporting & the report…
senator: . Happy 2018 from the United States Senate! I hope you and your family had a special an…
As tough of a Senate map as it is for Democrats in 2018, imagine how much worse it would be if they didn't have suc…
Today I filed for re-election to the Montana Senate for District 33, Bozeman! I'm honored to be among a talented,...
Remember the fiasco in Montana last year? Also Joe Arpaio is gunning for US Senate…
GOP Senate hopeful Troy Downing has filed with Montana Secretary of State, Dems Lydia Moss, Grant Kier and John Hee…
Officially filed candidacy for U.S. Senate with the Montana Secretary of State Corey Stapleton today!
Republican Troy Downing is first Montana U.S. Senate candidate to file in person today -- one of at least five GOP'…
I filed for re-election today to Montana State Senate in District 33, Bozeman, and I'm honored to be among these gr…
Senate candidate for Montana in 2018 👇. Libertarians need to get behind him
/2 Montana & North Dakota were supposed to be big Senate GOP pickup opportunities this year. Both now look safe for…
In the Montana Legislature, I fought to protect data privacy rights, ensure due process of law and keep the governm…
I think Tester is finished. I can't imagine Montana voting to keep him in the senate.
LOLA ZINKE, the wife of Secretary is running the Senate campaign of who is charged with…
Well Dems have to defend Senate seats in WV, Montana, North Dakota, and Indiana in 2018 so they need centrist pols to succeed
5 Senate Democrats up for reelection in 2018 are from Indiana, North Dakota, West Virginia, Missouri and Montana where Trump won by 19%+
Please help to.sign this petition today and to help stop these refugees coming into the city of Missoula.
We don't need these invited refugees in the city of Missoula, we have a high unemployment rate with high cost of...
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In 2008, Obama lost Montana by 2% and the Democratic Senate nominee won every county. It's hard to believe that now.
Montana's will be top Democrat on Veterans Affairs Committee.
"We Are Just Getting Started" don't like the electoral college? dissolve the senate! why should Montana count just as much as California?
Our president bears no resemblance to a king nor do we see the Senate has no similitude to nobles
Montana's Jon Tester to take over as top Democrat on Senate VA committee via
Past Montana Senate Majority Leader Matt Rosendale hands off keys to new Senate (more: )
Abolish the electoral college? You should abolish the senate. Why should Montana have the same say as California?…
the senate is what really gets me. Alaska and Montana have as much power as NY And California.
There's a reason why Montana and California have the same power in the Senate.
South Billings Senate race headed to recount
I know it's 2016 still but has Congressman announced for Montana Senate yet? This can't happen soon enou…
Excited to have Sen. Scott Sales as Senate president for the 2017 Legislature — a leader for fiscal responsibility.
Party caucuses have concluded and Montana House and Senate leadership follow I wish them all the best:
Montana state Senators Tom Facey of Missoula and J.P Pomnichowski of Bozeman taped by Dems to be Senate minority whips
NEW: Scott Sales of will be new president of the Senate
Montana state Sen. Scott Sales, R-Bozeman tapped to be new president of the Montana Senate via
The new president of the Montana Senate is Sen. Scott Sales, R-Bozeman
Senate rejects bill on veterans benefits via
Better get rid of the Senate, too. California and Montana have the same # of votes? That's not very democratic!
Not at all. Looking at senate races for 2018 was sobering. It starts now. Montana D is up in 18 and R is up in 20.
oppo in Senate where Rhode Island, Montana and Alaska equal texas cali and new York
I just saw you on Greg's show. Please run for the U.S. Senate in Montana, in 2018.
As does the U.S. Senate. e.g. California = Montana.. Senators in lightly populated states have disproportionate power.
Montana would still have its outsized importance in the Senate, as the framers intended.
Only Montana got a higher percentage of popular vote for Trump than WVA. He's gonna angle for committee in Senate now.
Also power of Midwest very much there in Senate, 2 sens for Montana, 2 for California
.Equally important is reforming House & Senate. . How's it sane that California gets same Senate representation as Montana?
you have that backwards. Same in Senate, Montana, 2 votes; California 2 votes. Not equal representation.
I'm glad I'm not aspiring to leadership of the Republican caucus in the 20117 senate for any number of reasons,...
Im so proud yu won. N will have dignity n pride in our country for once in years. Im…
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this is my one remaining beam of light about this election. Republican house and senate tho...
for now. It was repealed in Montana for awhile. With a fully Republican controlled house/Senate and president it could go away
Everyone realizes that the senate and HOR still pretty much control the country and that either Trump or Clinton has to…
Wow, at a time when Montana is running low on judges, Daines wants to have all reapply for their jobs
Schumer said the same about a Montana Senate race when he backed Wall St shill John Morrison over Tester. Morrison lost
Some of these former mvp’s have not held up well, while Joe Montana looks like he should be in the US Senate.
A Montana tribe waits for Congress to OK its water settlement. How much longer with they wait?
Blackfeet have waited decades to resolve their water claims but Congress is in no hurry. Seven years ago,...
Montana state senate Majority Leader files to run as GOP candidate for state auditor
AP: Senate majority leader enters race for state auditor
As a former employee in Glacier National Park, issues of the Blackfeet Nation are important to me:
ICYMI: My statement on President Obama’s plan to raise energy taxes on Montana families
The Blackfeet Tribe’s water rights have been in limbo for years. Congress just took a small step forward:
TY ; I have never been invited to speak w US Senate, White House, UN.. as my family mbs in US Health Emg of Libby Montana (1/2) ..
updates Jon Tester for prior_exp Montana Senate to Member and President of the
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AP: Colorado right-to-die bill rejected by state Senate panel
In December, the US Senate voted to make the bison our national mammal, and the state of Montana just took a...
AP: Former US Senate candidate to run for state House seat
Montana Congressional Delegation Works to Remove Trade Barriers for Montana Pulse Producers [press_release]
Which US states are not Police states? Idaho, Massachusetts, Montana, New Jersey, Oregon, and Vermont.
.(1of2) Your fact from senate floor on is wrong. Most energy consumed in Bozeman & all of Montana comes wind & water.
“The reality is that electricity comes from coal. For the nation it’s 40% -- in Montana it’s over 50%.”
Tester sponsors bill to prevent Medicare rate hikes for Montana seniors [press_release]
Montana Chamber Blog: Senate GOP seeks to rein in Obama on regs
Tester toasts to Montana brewers and distillers | U.S. Senator for Montana
Tester toasts to Montana brewers and distillers [press_release]
Montana legislators meet with Canadian Ambassador on timber concerns.
senator Tester will lose Senate for abandonment of Montana values, he's got a free ride to ***
Tester highlights dire need to strengthen rural Montana [press_release]
".to a shoutout work providing broadband in rural Montana.
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.gives a shout out for the work they've done in providing broadband in rural Montana.
Tester delivers additional $2.3 million for research and development at Montana Tech [press_release]
Stapleton enters race for Montana SOS AP fails to mention Dem Senate Pres Cooney ended 2007 Session not GOP
No one has ever gone to jail for being probed by the Nigerian Senate since 1999 or even before then. It's an ego show - KK Montana
GOP leaders out "dissident"’ Republican senators sworn statement
Montana Senate GOP leaders call out "dissident"' Republican ...
Jon traveled all over NW Montana last week - follow his route with our interactive map! .
Daines says Montana's Jeannette Rankin should be on the new $10 bill
Daines says Montana's Jeannette Rankin should be on $10 bill
Daines for special interests, not Montana
Montana's bad rural water gets Senate hearing: Because the public water supply is undrinkable in parts of Mont...
is creating good, high-paying jobs in MT. Now announcing the 1st Montana High Tech Jobs Summit
Mark your calendars Montana - Sept 13-14 is the first biannual Montana High Tech Jobs Summit
I'm excited to announce the first biannual MT High Tech Jobs Summit!
Tester announces $6.8 million dollar award to expand broadband in northwest Montana [press_release]
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Why the obscure sage grouse has become a flashpoint in US Senate races in both Montana and Colorado:
Debby Barrett succeeds Jeff Essmann as the leader of Montana Senate.
Young generations have their own voice. Montana Senate race returns to math classroom
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid still thinks a Democrat will keep the Montana Senate seat, even though the party's best candidate ended his campaign amid a plagiarism scandal a mere three months bef
BREAKING!! State Rep. Amanda Curtis was just voted the Democratic nominee for the open Montana Senate seat
Walsh, tarnished by plagiarism allegations, drops out of Senate race in Montana
Open MT-SEN seat has been held by Dem for 102 years straight. Tester’s seat Dem-held 80 of last 104 yrs
I argued last July MT-SEN was far from over. My argument still holds
Montana Democrats are quickly running out of Senate candidates | Mobile Washington Examiner
Montana's John Walsh drops out of Senate race
This is the dude that said PTSD made him plagiarize in college, as if dishonesty is a symptom of the condition.
What John Walsh’s decision means in the battle for control.
Schweitzer won't run for U.S. Senate seat in Montana:
In Montana, Democrats face a steep climb in the Senate race John Walsh just dropped out of. htt…
Montana's Senate seat is very winnable, says Dandy
Sen. John Walsh leaves Senate race amid plagiarism probe: Appointed by Gov. Steve Bullock (D) of Montana in Fe...
So the bigger story is that Montana Dems have conceded Walsh's Senate seat. 5 more seats to go for a Repub majority
Bohlinger and Adams are interested in Montana Senate race, sans Walsh; Carol Williams says no
Accused of plagiarism, John Walsh withdraws from Montana Senate race
Following plagiarism scandal, Democrat John Walsh drops out of Montana Senate race link
The last guy to plagiarize during a campaign--JOE BIDEN in 1988! Walsh drops out of Montana race
US Sen. John Walsh of Montana leaves race amid allegations that he ... - The Republic:
Walsh drops out of race for Montana Senate seat
As John Walsh bows out, Brian Schweitzer declines to seek Montana Senate nomination
. Another - Montana senator in plagiarism row drops re-election bid …
Democrat Drops Out Of Montana Senate Race After Plagiarism Charges | The party of liars - what do you expect?
Walsh drops out of Montana Senate race. Good move dirt bag...
Montana Dems have 13 days to nominate new senate candidate: Party rules require the party to hold a special no...
Democrats rush to choose new Senate candidate by Aug. 20
SURVEY: Who should replace Democrat John Walsh for Montana U.S. Senate race?
Dem Sen. Walsh drops out of Montana Senate race after plagiarism scandal - Fox News
And it begins... picks (locks) up seat in Montana. 1 down 5 to go! http:/…
Put Montana senate race in the R. column. Former Gov. Brian Schweitzer chooses not to run. Say buh bye to Harry Reid as majority leader.
Montana Senate candidate John Walsh pulls out of race after plagiarism scandal: Democrats left scrambling for ...
Walsh drops out of Montana Senate race
John Walsh ends Montana Senate bid: Montana Democratic Sen. John Walsh announced Thursday that he is dro...
“Dems just lost Montana Senate seat Max Baucus held for many years:
Dems just lost the Montana Senate seat that Max Baucus held for many years:
Sigh. Well, there goes the Montana Senate seat for the Democratic Party
More trouble for Republican leaders in Commissioner: Montana Senate leader broke campaign laws:
John Walsh appointed to Montana Senate seat. Montana Lt. Gov. John Walsh, a Democrat, will be appointed to fill...
John Walsh appointed to Montana Senate seat via
Baucus' departure throws a new wrinkle into Montana Senate race - Helena Independent Record
(Insurance News and Markets) – The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued the following news release. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 4, 2013 Contact: HHS Press Office (202) 690-6343 Secretary Sebelius announces new HHS regional director HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced today that Kim Gillan will be appointed Region VIII Director of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. "I am excited to welcome Kim Gillan to the team at HHS,” said Secretary Sebelius. “Kim is a long-time public servant, who brings with her a wealth of experience from her time in both the Montana House of Representatives and the Montana Senate, as well as at Montana State University. She has been actively engaged on a number of health related policy initiatives and has worked at the regional level to improve the health and well-being of all Montanans. Kim will join our team of regional directors who work tirelessly with state, local and tribal officials and external stakeholders on a wide range of h . ...
Is Montana the key to the GOP taking the Senate.or NOT picking foolish candidates? Some say Montana.
The only understandable explanation I've seen of Schweitzer's decision not to run for US Senate
Staff preparing Schweitzer's MT SEN rollout got a last-second heads up he wouldn't run, blame Jon Tester --
Infighting May Have Cost Dems Control Of In '14 (Man-up and run, via
PCCC, which heavily backed Schweitzer for is blasting out this anti-Tester story: What's their game here?
Sorry, but Tester killing Schweitzer's Senate bid just doesn't pass the smell test for me. via
My report on in Sunday's Tribune was my work. I had sources, but none were Democrats.
Thanks, for helping avoid a Schweitzer apocalypse: via |
For years, Montanans, including Schweitzer himself, had been expecting a primary with Baucus.
"Now, those close to Schweitzer are privately resigned to losing the seat."
Some fine reporting by on the Democratic mess in Montana
As of late Friday, a group of people were still planning Schweitzer's Monday rollout. Then he abruptly dropped bid
As of last Friday night, a group of people were still putting finishing touches on the Schweitzer for Sen. rollout
.reports on the internecine battles in Montana that could cost Democrats control of the Senate
Schweitzer non-candidacy for Montana Senate seat is a gift to Republicans
New: Brian Schweitzer cuts and runs from Montana Senate race. -
Resolution by Sen. Anders Blewett urging International Olympic Committee to reinstate wrestling passed by Montana Senate.
Missing Democrat leads to chaos in Montana Senate - Houston Chronicle
Missing Democrat leads to chaos in Montana Senate
Check out Montana Senate live, now in recess. Like going to a fight and a hockey game breaks out!
Missing Democrat leads to legislative standoff in Montana Senate: via
A bill has been endorsed by the Montana Senate that would allow anyone to carry a concealed gun without a permit. Do you support this?
A RESOLUTION OF THE SENATE OF THE STATE OF MONTANA ACKNOWLEDGING THE IDLE NO MORE MOVEMENT IN CANADA. WHEREAS, the Idle No More movement began with four women in Saskatchewan, Canada, who shared a vision of bringing people together to recognize and honor indigenous sovereignty and to protect the land, water, and environment for the future, and sparked a global grassroots movement; and WHEREAS, the goals of Idle No More are ongoing education and the revitalization of indigenous peoples' cultures, languages, and human rights and research and education about sustainable development; and WHEREAS, treaties have been in place between the Queen of England and the First Nations of Canada that predate the existing 1982 Constitution of Canada and the Idle No More movement is seeking to have Canada respect those treaties; and WHEREAS, indigenous peoples and tribes in Montana have close ties with the First Nations, support their relations in Canada, and share similar experiences; and WHEREAS, the Montana Senate suppo ...
To all my Canadian Relatives, Enclosed is the final version of the Resolution passed by the Montana Senate in support of "The Idle No More" Movement. Please feel free to share this document to whomever you want. Since this is the official position of the Montana Senate. I plan on making a trip to Washington DC and visit the US Secretary Of State John Kerry, US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice, and the Montana Congressional Delegation, Senator's Max Baucus, Jon Tester and Congressman Steve Daines, as well as the US Ambassador to Canada, whom I visited in January of this year. So, Please share this with whomever and don't let this issue drop, the momentum was there. I was pleased this docuent got passe in the conservative Legislature in Montana. However, after educating my coleaugues on the plight we've been up against for centuries, they understand and support the Native causes. Please contact me if you have any questions or coments. Thank you, Senator Jonathan Windy Boy, SD 16 Montana Senate senatorjwb
heres a shocker, according to the Montana SOS more people voted in the senate race then the presidential race
Tester headed back to U.S. Senate: HELENA - It's official, Montana voters are sending Senator ...
Hamilton likely spoiler in Montana's US Senate race
How the polls, money failed Montana's Senate race via - Trib reports on the horse race, not the horses
How the polls, money failed Montana's Senate race
Tester wins re-election, defeats Rehberg: Tester ran a campaign touting his work to help Monta...
Another Senate seat goes to a women's health champion: reports wins in Montana!
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Jon Tester Claims Victory In Montana Race: Democrat Jon Tester is claiming victory in his race...
Democrat Jon Tester wins reelection in Montana Senate race
Sen. (D-Mont.) won reelection Wednesdaymorning, surviving a tight race with Rep. (R) that...
Interesting Montana Senate nugget: 20% of 18-24 year olds (9% of electorate) voted for the Libertarian candidate
US Senate: Tester ahead of Rehberg with many votes to be counted – The Missoulian
Montana looks like the state Libertarians should go to if they want to build a base. Johnson got 3%, Senate candidate got 6%.
There was a gap in every Senate race except for Maine
Democrat Jon Tester wins to retain Montana Senate seatLos Angeles TimesJon Tester was among the most endangered Democrats in the Senate,...
Tester-Rehberg Senate race stays close to the end – The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
The strange vote splitting Tuesday is odd. In Ind., N. Dak. and Montana Romney won easily to big. Then these voters go Dem for Senate, odd.
AP projects Tester as winner: A final seat being vacated by retiring Sen. Kent Conrad (D) in N...
Why did voters in Indiana, N. Dakota and Montana vote strongly for Romney yet voted for Democrats for the Senate.
Montana voters deprive corporations of their humanity meanies!
Far and away the most expensive Senate races we've ever seen. $41 *per person* in Montana. via
$41 spent per person in the state of Montana.
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Ministry of Environment may be excluded from 2013 budget, Senate warns: The Senate has warned that the Federal M...
Voters in Montana and Colorado approved initiatives to overturn Citizens United
Democrat Jon Tester wins to retain Montana Senate seat
Cox is called 'spoiler' in Senate raceGreat Falls TribuneWould Republican Congressman be our next...
GOP still has control of the Montana Senate: Republicans 26 / Democrats 20 / Yellowstone County Uncounted 4 /
ELECTION PICK-EM: Rules: Pick the winner in 10 contests to amass points. Winner has most points. Bonus points will be given for a candidate reaching or surpassing a certain victory margin listed in parentheses. Points are as follows: 10 points/5 bonus, 6 points/3 bonus, 2 points/no bonus. Two tiebreakers will also be given. Will be based on available data tomorrow morning, regardless of whether the race will be recounted. Electoral points for race will be based on who is winning as of tomorrow morning in states too close to call. I will use respective state Secretary of State announced data where possible. Please make your submission to Moorendiniby 6pm Central Time. Prizes as listed below in comments. 1. Presidential Electoral Vote Tally (Obama 300 EV, Romney 285 EV, Other Any EV) 2. Nevada Senate: Heller [R](by 3%) vs. Berkley [D](by 1%) 3. New Mexico Senate: Wilson [R](by 1%) vs. Wilson [D](by 7%) 4. Montana Senate: Tester [D](by 1%) vs. Rehberg [R](by 2%) 5. Wisconsin Senate: Baldwin [D](by 3% ...
For women, the Montana Senate race between Democratic incumbent Senator Jon Tester and Republican Congressman Denny Rehberg is important and features a clash between two different views on choice. ...
To find out just how the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision has transformed political races in America, Frontline teamed up with Marketplace to look at the role of campaign finance in the race for one hotly contested Montana Senate seat. Kai Ryssdal, host of Marketplace, explains what he...
A group controlled by Democrats is running ads in the Montana Senate race telling voters to vote for the Libertarian candidate, Dan Cox, in what appears to be an attempt to split the vote between him
Roll Call Politics: Montana: Looking For an Edge in the Senate Race: The Montana Senate race is expected to be a...
Watching the Montana Senate debate between Denny Rehberg and Jon Tester on C-Span. Tough, close fought campaign.
Dem's have refused to pass a budget in 1241 days, it is time to elect Denny Rehberg to replace on of the liberal Democrats that are currently holding our Montana Senate seat.
Raleigh, N.C. – PPP's newest poll of the Montana Senate...
Jon Tester leads Denny Rehberg 45-43 in Montana Senate race, 2nd straight poll we've found him ahead:
If you are tired of the presidential election I want to remind everyone that there are a number of key senate races taking place. In Massachusetts Scott Brown is in a very close race against Elizabeth Warren. I am supporting Scott Brown. I don't agree with him on every issue but I like the fact that he represents a voice of moderation in an increasingly polarized Washington, Massachusetts voters should give him a second term. In Connecticut Linda McMahon is in a tight race against Chris Murphy. She is trailing slightly in the polls and could use a boost of support. Connie Mack also needs a boost in Florida if we are going to push out Nelson. Mourdock needs help in Indiana, he has a slight lead but Donnelly is close on his tail. We also have a chance at defeating Tester and picking up a Montana Senate seat, Denny Rehberg needs all the support he can get. Lets also not forget to support Dean Heller in Nevada, Rick Berg in North Dakota, and George Allen in Virginia. All of these are very close sena ...
Montana Senate 2012: Jon Tester racks up big campaign dollars - David Catanese - via
Today, the League of Conservation Voters named Montana Senate candidate Rep. Dennis Rehberg and New Mexico Senate candidate and former Rep. Heather Wilson to its 2012 "Dirty Dozen" list.
PPP's first three polls on the Montana Senate race found...
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