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Monta Ellis

Monta Ellis (MON-tay , born October 26, 1985) is an American professional basketball player who plays the shooting guard and point guard positions for the Milwaukee Bucks of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Paul George Myles Turner Baron Davis George Hill Jeff Teague Stephen Jackson Jason Richardson David Lee Frank Vogel Nate McMillan Amir Johnson Thaddeus Young Ian Mahinmi Jordan Hill Rodney Stuckey Thad Young Al Jefferson Matt Barnes

Kover great trade.. Iman shmpert for Monta Ellis combo guard..
Monta Ellis gonna get a lot of minutes tonight?
Yeah that's the question. Probably one of those Monta Ellis type bench scorers who can create some but is always more of a scorer
I'm grateful for this situation because not even 10 years ago this would have been run for Monta Ellis or Stephen J…
Are Pacers best with Monta Ellis coming off the bench? - Indianapolis Star
Brandon Jennings got benched in favor of Ron Baker and we can barely keep up where Monta Ellis has been these days.
Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jabari Parker are what Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis couldn't be.
Would you let Monta Ellis go for him?
I was a warriors fan until they traded monta Ellis
Steph played with Monta Ellis his first couple years and that *** was leading the league in attempts
I just don't see any moves out there to be made man. We don't need a Brandon Knight or Monta Ellis either.
Monta Ellis really had the southern bounce
but then they change it to out right as the game starts. so pretty much I'm get the Monta Ellis from you last night
If you weren't a warriors fan in the Monta Ellis era you aren't a real warriors fan
At least he has already outscored Monta Ellis.
Iverson was one of my fav players ever but *** he would've been Monta Ellis in today's NBA.
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1/2/2010 – Warriors guard Monta Ellis on ugly loss to the Trailblazers, "I can't win a game by myself."
Forgot Monta Ellis could get up like this.
No player been snubbed more than Monta Ellis for an ASW selection.
2007 | Monta Ellis had his own during the Rookie/Sophomore game.
To be fair, Klay & Steph at that point weren't the players they are now. GSW fans were mad at MJax for trading Monta Ellis.
thanks for reply,I just think Monta Ellis is much better than some give him credit. He is a real warrior when healthy.
I prefer Monta Ellis on the bench as their 6th to provide offense
I'm done playing iffy guys for a while. Monta Ellis screwed me.
reminds me of when the Warriors had to choose between Curry and Monta Ellis
That Monta Ellis vine will never get old. lmao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Jordan Clarkson plays like someone who grew up watching a lot of Monta Ellis.
Monta Ellis is better for the off the bench. He can run the 2nd unit and GR3 provides defense and occasional scoring as a starter
Monta Ellis can come off the bench and we can trade Rodney Stuckey for a pick
Man every .6 or so I can't help thinking about Monta Ellis walking off on us TWICE. Lord.
I would honestly trade monta Ellis for Kyle korver.
Nothing is safe I remember the monta Ellis shot
are better in every aspect of the game without Monta Ellis!
Pacers: Monta Ellis (groin) out for Monday's game vs. Hornets; won't travel on road trip and will miss next 3 game…
[Indianapolis Star] Pacers Monta Ellis to miss next four games
Can you trade coaches? The Magic are looking for a scorer. What about Monta Ellis and Nate McMillan for Frank Vogel? Who says no?
Just turned on the Pacers game and saw that Monta Ellis started again. Is Nate McMillan trying to get fired?
*Sees Pacers losing to awful Mavs. *Checks out *Sees questions about Monta Ellis and Nate McMillan survi…
Reggie Jackson, Monta Ellis, Paul George, Marcus Morris, and Andre Drummond would be a pretty dope lineup
whats your thoughts on the rumor of Paul George and Monta Ellis coming to the Pistons for their entire future and beyond?
We brought Monta Ellis over to be the Pacers second big gun next to Paul aint happenin
No boos for Monta Ellis during intros. Cheers for him, Paul George and Bedford, Texas native Myles Turner.
Paul George and Monta Ellis to the Pistons? Who would we give up?
Monta Ellis is garbage, and all of that for essentially just Paul George is a terrible idea
just seems like way too much to give up for Paul George and a sharply declining Monta Ellis.
Paul George would obviously be a huge + for the Pistons but Monta Ellis replacing KCP... Idk why you would want that.
Paul George, Monta Ellis for KCP, Tobias, Stanley and a draft pick?
Now Paul George and Monta Ellis to the Pistons would be nice, but I don't know if I like giving up all these players and picks.
Tobias Harris/KCP/Stanley/two for Paul George and Monta Ellis? This may be a falsified rumor to the highest degree.
yo are Monta Ellis and David West twins?
Monta Ellis makes a submission for top 10 dumbest fouls of the year.
Mindless foul by Monta Ellis with :00.6 to play in the quarter.
Monta Ellis gonna have 20 pts. Brandon Ingram gonna have a double double
Paul George, C.J. Miles, Monta Ellis, and Myles Turner all gave Frank Vogel a big hug before top-off.
I did not like the fact that Monta Ellis was placed on Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to start this game. Such a bad matchup for I…
Monta Ellis converts on a corner 3-pointer, they trail 8-11. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist already has 8 point for the Hornets.
Doug McDermott has no chance at guarding Monta Ellis (or pretty much anyone).
Paul George hit a catch-and-shoot 3-pointer in transition via a Monta Ellis assist. George has 7 points and the Pacers are up 15-6.
my only argument to that is, I would rather have 2 Paul George's on my team, then two Monta Ellis type players.
Monta Ellis finds Paul George for a transition dunk and the Pacers are now down 107-100 with 4:11 left in the game.
Monta Ellis gets a steal and finds Paul George cutting to the lane and he finishes through contact for an and-one. Bucks are up 49-48.
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Join us in wishing Monta Ellis of the a HAPPY 31st BIRTHDAY!
So we ran into a few people tonight. Paul George, Monta Ellis, Alex Poythress, Lavoy Allen, and Al Jefferson http…
Paul George, Thaddeus Young, Myles Turner, Monta Ellis and Jeff Teague are the starters for the tonight
Jeff Teague, Monta Ellis, Paul George, Thaddeus Young and Myles Turner start the second half for the
Thaddeus Young, Myles Turner, Monta Ellis, Paul George and Jeff Teague all back in for the
I asked Tim Frazier after shoot around this morning if people ever tell him he looks like Monta Ellis. He says he hears it all the time.
Jeff Teague, Paul George, Myles Turner, Al Jefferson, Monta Ellis, Thad Young... you think this personnel is 6th.
I want Nate McMillan to keep Monta Ellis active and utilize him as a cutter when he doesn't have the ball. Either in the corner or cutting.
PG13, Teague, Monta Ellis, Thad Young & Myles Turner arent better lol?
If GS Warriors can go from a 34-48 team with Dunleavy, Troy Murphy, Baron Davis & Monta Ellis to what they are now.. ..Anything is possible
Keith got my brother a signed Monta Ellis picture & he hung it by his bed. ❀️❀️
NBA Rumors: Jeremy Lin, Monta Ellis backcourt with the Nets? Pacers guard available for trade
Nahh fam that's not Kevin Durant at the end that's Monta Ellis, get it straightπŸ˜‚
It's well chronicled that Kings owner Vivek Ranadive is captain of the Monta Ellis fan club. So yes, this is a sign of b-bal…
Sacramento still has interest in Monta Ellis -- its top free-agent target last summer -- but Indy is said to prefer deal…
The Pacers bout to be cold, Jeff Teague, Paul George, Monta Ellis, Al Jefferson!
Paul George. Jeff Teague. Thaddeus Young. Al Jefferson. Monta Ellis. The Pacers will be an interesting team next season.
Monta Ellis and Matt Barnes. Maybe this wasn't the best analogy lmao πŸ˜‚
Jeff Teague, Monta Ellis, Paul George, Thad Young and Myles Turner. Pacers have a TEAM this year πŸ‘€
Pacers have impressed me last year they signed a proven star in Monta Ellis and now they go and get a young solid point guard in Jeff Teague
Monta Ellis, Baron Davis, Stephen Jackson, Matt Barnes, Jason Richardson, etc. you know that squad I been rockin with them
Indiana gonna have themselves a mini big three with Monta Ellis, PG13 and Now Jeff Teague
You wasn't there to watch Ray Allen & Monta Ellis go at it and combine for 58 points.
That's when Monta Ellis, Stephen Jackson & others were sure they'd annihilate him in camp. Then camp started & they stoppe…
lmao the eye test. Would you rather play Paul Gerorge and Monta Ellis or Zach Ranolph and Matt Barnes
I've been wit the Warriors since 2005 when Derek Fisher, Monta Ellis, Baron Davis, Jason Richardson and Michael Pietrus was on tht team
Warrior "fans" probably don't even remember Monta Ellis
I played at Oak Hill and Monta Ellis is the best high school player I've ever played against
i don't see any 'Monta Ellis' here, do you?
Haters gonna hate. Like I'm not gonna apologize if I don't remember how many points Monta Ellis scored in the 07-08 season
How u a warrior fan but don't know who Baron Davis, Stephen Jackson, Monta Ellis, *** even Mike Dunleavy are? 😭😭😭
Hate bandwagoners mayne, if you don't know who Baron Davis, Stephen Jackson and Monta Ellis are y'all who I'm talkin bout 😩
Baron Davis and Monta Ellis if you don't remember them you aren't a true Golden State fan
Most of y'all Golden State fans probably don't know Monta Ellis used to be a beast on the warriors
Monta Ellis will forever be fye asf. Don't care what y'all say.
If yall weren't gsw fans when Monta Ellis was running the show then I don't want to hear it.
All Warrior fans are fake, they prolly don't even remember when Monta Ellis was on their team.
Seems like a majority of people don't understand how good Monta Ellis can be with a defined ball handling role. He could surprise you all.
These so called warriors fans don't even know about the Baron Davis, Monta Ellis, Al Harrington and Stephen Jackson team
They don't even know who Monta Ellis or Wilt Chamberlain is either
they *** probably don't know who Monta Ellis or Baron Davis is
and Baron Davis and Monta Ellis and Anthony Morrow and Jamal Crawford
Most of these Golden State "fans" don't even know who Monta Ellis or Rick Barry are. But that's none of my business.. πŸΈβ˜•οΈ
πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― they don't remember them Monta Ellis and Curry days fake *** fans
I swear *** they don't even remember Monta Ellis playn along wit Steph
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they don't even know who Monta Ellis is
they don't even know who Monta Ellis is.
Curry, Klay, Richard Jefferson, David Lee, Nate Robinson, Monta Ellis. Yes if you're an NBA fan ;)
I remember when I was actually a fan of GSW with Jason Richardson and Baron Davis. And even after that with Monta Ellis and Dorrell Wright
Forever miss Dorrell Wright and Monta Ellis on the dubs
what do you think of a starting line up of 1 Jeff Teague 2 Monta Ellis 3 George Hill 4 Paul George and 5 Myles Turner ball
How about this as an option if free agency fails?. PG: George Hill . SG: Monta Ellis . SF: Paul George . PF: Brice Johnson . C: Myles Turner
Frank Vogel wrung 45 wins and a top-10 D out of team starting Monta Ellis, Ian Mahinmi, and a rookie/Lavoy Allen/Jordan Hi…
Bird expected this team to go deep in the playoffs with Monta Ellis, Lavoy Allen, Rodney Stuckey, and Jordan freaking Hill?
Monta Ellis reaches, DeMar DeRozan teaches with the spin move and layup
According to 2k, Cody Zeller, Justin Hamilton, and Pat Connaughton are faster than Monta Ellis πŸ€”
Monta Ellis and Paul George work the fast break to bring the Raptor's lead to 10. . 18-8 at 4:00 minute mark.
List of Guys who should be raw af but don't care about basketball:. Jeff Green. Rudy *** Evan Turner. Terrence Ross. Monta Ellis. Tyreke Evans
Monta Ellis x Paul George. Monta is a good swingman for PG13.
lmao if pacers fans really think Paul George is going to stay in Mediocrity past 2017 you guys are as stupid as Monta Ellis.
Paul George needed others to step up, and that's exactly what happened. Manhinmi, George Hill and Monta Ellis all with big games.
Paul George is a beast, but when Monta Ellis is guarding you half the game, you have to score more than 4...
Off the turnover Monta Ellis finds Paul George for the two-handed slam.
Aggressive start for George Hill and Monta Ellis. Attacking and ready to shoot, holds well for Paul George and Indiana.
Paul George & Monta Ellis led the with 7 points each in the 1st quarter George Hill & Ian Mahinmi with 6 points each
End of 1: The lead the 28-16. Monta Ellis and Paul George each have seven points.
Pacers lead 28-16 after 1. Paul George and Monta Ellis both have 7 points.
Paul George, Monta Ellis, George Hill knock down successive 3s for 9-0 run and suddenly lead 28-14 with 1:47 to go.
Monta Ellis gotta have a big game along side Paul George
I was furious πŸ˜’πŸ˜  over the way Indiana lost that game to Toronto. I expect a better effort today from Paul George, Monta Ellis and the Pacers
Play-makers need to be Paul George, Monta Ellis, and Myles Turner. The rest needs to find a way to be a cohesive role player.
For now Drake is still a TOR fan. With that, he presented crying Paul George & Monta Ellis
Cory Joseph was caught in no man's land. Had a good shot, made it but took it too soon giving Monta Ellis the chance to knock down a 3.
Frank Vogel has a lot of pieces to work with in Solomon Hill, George Hill, Paul George, Monta Ellis, Myles Turner
This is where we miss guys like Monta Ellis and Tyson Chandler.
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so you're saying that maybe Monta Ellis doesn't have it all?
Cory Joseph will end up getting the better of Monta Ellis overall this series.
Monta Ellis in the corner, with Cory Joseph in his face, hits the game-tying 3. surviving this atmosphere
he had David west, Hibbert and Danny Granger around him lol who does he have now Monta Ellis
I don't remember all these warriors fans when Monta Ellis was on the team, or when Baron Davis and Jason Richardson was on it either. Smh
85% of Golden State fans can't tell you who Baron Davis, Jason Richardson or Monta Ellis are.
I mean if you've been a GS fan since Jason Richardson, Monta Ellis, prime David Lee then you can watch that game. But other than that, idk.
I've been watching the Warriors since Chris Mulin, Jason Richardson, and Monta Ellis played πŸ‘πŸ½
The crowd is chanting for Rodney Stuckey after a turnover by Monta Ellis
Sebastian Telfair Andrew Bynum and Monta Ellis also Eddy Curry and Kwame Brown were drafted out of high school
Cavs should also look into Monta Ellis for Iman Shumpert
When I heard say yesterday that the Bucks picked Monta Ellis over Steph in 2012, a little part of me died inside.
He's definitely a Monta Ellis clone. It did not work with Steph in GS and won't work in LA. Good plyr but a bad fit
Monta Ellis is a pretty good answer. Tobias Harris, the past 2 years.
J rich left, Barnes left, Jackson left, Ellis was a rookie, Curry was a rookie and hurt, Monta got suspended
Mark did not like Monta Ellis. Reread what happens back then
Mark Jackson was main person who suggested moving Monta Ellis.
What were the Warriors before Jackson came? Who made the key moves to get rid of Monta Ellis?
Monta Ellis let me Down this season
Monta Ellis is the best player never to make an All-Star team.
yea hopefully Rose can be as good as monta ellis
If you're a real Warriors fan, Monta Ellis probably was your favorite player.
Seeing the pacers in the playoffs gon be fun... Monta Ellis is my son!
Monta Ellis was killin when he was playing for Milwaukee 😭
He's the first Mav named Player of the Week since Monta Ellis on 4/13/14.
I saw somebody say KD is just a tall Monta Ellis the year before his MVP season.
But little firepower after him. Over the same 16 games, Monta Ellis has scored 20+ only twice, George Hill once, Myles Turner once.
"Allen Iverson was just Monta Ellis with great marketing."
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ cause detroit has no discipline.. And I'm not tryna see monta ellis and pg in a playoff setting πŸ’€ till its necessary LOL
Doug Gottlieb just told that Bucks could have had Steph Curry in Bogut trade, took Monta Ellis instead. Never heard that one.
When the Bucks traded Bogut to the Warriors they gave the Bucks the choice, Monta Ellis or Steph Curry. I think they made the wrong decision
Monta Ellis statistics the last FIVE games. . 12.6ppg. 4.0apg. 42% FG Percentage
Monta Ellis shot just 2-of-11 from the field on Sunday, finishing
so monta ellis, Goran dragic, and Jeremy Lin are all great defenders?
Monta Ellis was a waste of a pick...
Also guys like prime Tony Parker & Monta Ellis before Lillard were better finishers.
When I see Monta Ellis in his Hickory jersey it reminds me of Jimmy Chitwood
Now Monta Ellis actually hits 2 free throws when it matters most. This is too crazy.
Paul George and Monta Ellis back in with leading 81-76 w/ 6:22 to go
That's what happens when you give the ball to Paul George PG fkn 13 in the clutch. He gets buckets. Tf monta ellis doing in the game
Bottom line for this pacers team is that monta Ellis does not belong in a winning team
Monta Ellis needs to know his role. . Need to stop ballhogging.
Paul George Monta Ellis George Hill Mahimi and Turner cannot beat the how Pathetic! Pacers you do not deserve to make the playoffs
Monta Ellis needs to stop trying to be a hero.
Pacers ran no offense, settled for a Monta Ellis pullup 3 off no action
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Monta Ellis knocks down the corner three! πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€. 84, Knicks 78 with 5:08 to play in the 4th quarter.
George Hill and Monta Ellis didn't know what to think πŸ˜‚.
Ian Mahinmi, Myles Turner & Monta Ellis with 6 points each for the in the 1st Half
If the Pacers don't make the playoffs with Paul George, Myles Turner, and Monta Ellis on the roster, Frank Vogel will get a pink slip.
Mike Conley would easily be an All-Star in the East. West is loaded with All-Star guards. Him and Monta Ellis too
Yeah, I guess I'm still stuck in the Jason Richardson, Monta Ellis, Mikael Pietrus & Baron Davis era.
Before Steph and Kristaps, there was Monta Ellis (via
Monta Ellis tweaked his knee (Wes Matthews undercut him). He's limping off the court under his own power. Sitting on the bench for now.
Wesley Matthews & Monta Ellis have nearly identical stat lines right now: Both are 4-7, 4 rebounds, 4 assists. Wes has 8 points, Monta has 9
polite cheers for Monta Ellis when introduced. nothing exceptionally loud.
Monta Ellis gonna kill the Mavs today and Wes Matthews will suck as usual.
Monta Ellis led the with 10 1st Half points, George Hill with 7 Jordan Hill & Chase Budinger with 6 each
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ my mom said Monta Ellis plays like he's sleep
NBA. CLE 41 - 41 IND. Monta Ellis just got an FT
An inbounds play that get Monta Ellis going full steam to the basket gets a big thumbs-up from us.
Monta Ellis gotta be in conversation for the worst starting SG in the league. Dude can't play D and shot selection worse than Waiters.
Fantasycast cruel to Monta Ellis: Out-of-bounds bad pass turnover.
I would be happy if Monta Ellis was replaced by a shooter.
Monta Ellis with a turnover. Sponsored by -Plugin
Monta Ellis 3-10 fg, his customary handful of brain-dead plays
And hello... I'm Monta Ellis and I love to jump for no reason to pass too!
Kudos to Monta Ellis for the worst and-one foul of the season against LBJ
Apparently Monta Ellis has never been on the court when LeBron goes in for a breakaway
If you told me PG13 would have 3 pts w/2Q almost over, woulda thought doing well. Jordan Hill, Chase Budinger, Monta Ellis & GHill 6+
so you're saying MONTA ELLIS who's 6' 3" & 185 lbs touched LeBron who's 6' 8" 250 lbs and that altered a layup? Nah.
I really have to stop playing Monta Ellis πŸ™„
Monta Ellis led the with 6 1st quarter points Myles Turner & Jordan Hill with 4 each
I hope it's not going to be high volume Monta Ellis the whole game. Paul George and Myles Turner were essentially side shows in the first.
Golden State needs to trade Steph Curry and make Monta Ellis the point guard. Curry will bring back good value and Ellis …
Why do people keep saying he is a PG? He is not. He is another Monta Ellis, Steve Francis, Marbury, Jamal Crawford clone.
Shaq will admit Chris Jackson was better than him at LSU. Dude was Steph before Steph with bunnies like Monta Ellis.
Andrew and I both have followed him since Monta Ellis was the star of the Warriors
And to think that the Bucks turned down a Curry for Andrew Bogut trade back in 2012 because of ankle issues and instead wanted Monta Ellis!
If I told you I became a fan of the Warriors when it was Monta Ellis, Steph, Iguodala, David Lee, and Bogut; would you believe me?
Back then, Cohan/Rowell friends said I got it wrong about Monta Ellis, David Lee, Don Nelson, Stephen Jackson... you name it.
I'd like to see the Celtics play the triangle sometimes. And the Pacers. Paul George and Monta Ellis as the cutting forward and guard? Lit.
Steph Curry is a Monstar and He took David Lee and Monta Ellis powers...
Carmelo Anthony and Paul George both end the first quarter 1-of-6 from the field. Monta Ellis leads all scorers in Knicks-Pacers with 8.
acquired in deal with Stephen Jackson, for Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh and Kwame Brown. Drafted No 1 overall 2005
Monta Ellis missed more shots from the field than any Pacer not named Paul George merely attempted.
Why does Indiana insist on going to Monta Ellis to win games? You have Paul George on your team.
Pacers open with Paul George on Wade, Monta Ellis on Green. Heat going other way on other end.
get second straight road win behind strong performances from Monta Ellis & Paul George
Monta Ellis and Paul George lead Pacers to 3 point win inΒ Orlando
Monta Ellis scored 21 points and Paul George added 20 to help the Indiana Pacers beat the…
Ellis, George lift Pacers to 105-102 win over Magic: Monta Ellis scored 21 points and Paul George a...
Kristaps Porzingis, AKA the bumpy Monta Ellis meets the mixed Kevin Willis πŸ‘™
Paul George & Monta Ellis (27 Pts) start the 2nd half of the season strong, leading Indiana over OKC, 101-98.
George Hill and Monta Ellis for Jeff Teague and Kyle Korver. Anyone say no?
Too bad too a starting lineup of Horford, Turner Paul George, Monta Ellis & Jeff Teague would be pretty good
Lets get a Brandon Knight for Monta Ellis trade next. Jumble up all those former Bucks
Baron Davis, J-Rich, Stephen Jackson, a young Monta Ellis, Al Harrington, that team was raw
Most game-winning buzzer-beaters in the last 10 seasons:. Joe Johnson: 7. Monta Ellis: 4. Andre Iguodala: 4.
Me, some guy & held hostage by Monta Ellis in my car by a 6 shooter in a toy gun wrapping & a hunting knife
People saying they Warriors fans but have no clue who Jason Richardson is or Baron Davis πŸ˜‚ ask them what Monta Ellis number was.
Someone squeezed the head of their Monta Ellis voodoo doll.
If win this game, the player of the game should be Monta Ellis. Can definitely see interviewing him.
Love Quinn Buckner right there emphatically saying "Monta Ellis."
Monta Ellis. David Lee. Kevin Love. Kevin Martin. Blake Griffin. It's actually pretty much the same argument over and over and over again.
Pacers hit 11 of 21 shots in first quarter despite Monta Ellis going 0-5. Turner 4-4.
Lmao we used to get Mike Higgins hot whenever we brought up Monta Ellis
...when Monta Ellis hits a game winner for Indiana pls say the Monta Ray has stung the opponent
He's like a Monta Ellis though, don't see him getting any better lol.
Carlisle bout to find a way to get monta Ellis the ball here lmao
For The Warriors, Andrew Bogut - Monta Ellis trade was a really big deal
Where the meme with monta Ellis on the keyboard? Lmaoo
Like 2011. Cavs/Warriors. Monta Ellis got hurt is all I really remember
With George Hill out tonight and Monta Ellis at the starting point guard, Joe Young is seeing minutes tonight as backup point g…
Warriors bandwagons β€” I mean fans β€” Where was yo antennas.. When monta Ellis was the best player in Oakland?
Active would have to be monta Ellis
nah, those dudes are the worst. I guess Monta Ellis was a superstar on the Warriors then.
And they had a brainless guard in Monta Ellis. Teams change, quickly.
Unbelievable how Monta Ellis has never been voted into the All-Star game..
quickly off top of my head:. Paul George . George Hill . Monta Ellis . Jordan Hill . Ian Mahinmi
is this supposed to be impressive ? Monta Ellis, 2011, from the same spot in Oracle.
Monta Ellis with an efficient night in loss to Miami via
Monta Ellis started at point guard in place of George Hill (illness)
Rajon Rondo on the Block, Monta Ellis to Orlando, Steve Nash out of Phoenix, 2012 ...
Recommendation by :Monta Ellis got the start at point g...
wouldn't mind taking a stab on Newman I guess. Maybe you strike it lucky and he's an Monta Ellis type.
I think i understand monta ellis interviews better than mo speights lol tf is he saying
Monta Ellis knocks down the jumper to put the up 1 on NBA TV!
Monta Ellis gets the basket AND the foul! He'll go to the line with a chance to tie the game.
If only Monta Ellis averaged 20 a game
Monta Ellis made clutch plays down the stretch, but they needed more from him during the earlier stages of the game.
I miss Monta Ellis playing for the Mavs πŸ’”πŸ€
Sub in Joe Johnson, Monta Ellis, Allen Iverson, etc. Volume scoring is very replaceable.
If it was a Hall of Famer it would be Michael Jordan, Reggie Miller, Jerry West. Today's clutch "Monta Ellis" for last shot
Joe Johnson, Tyreke Evans, Monta Ellis & Damian Lillard have always been my favorite NBA players.
Pistons we get yet another W good game Paul George and Monta Ellis sorry we had to do it too y'all πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ”₯
Pacers end 3-game losing streak as Paul George and Monta Ellis lead Indiana to a 96-83 win over Heat.
Epic giveaway gave me Monta Ellis. I'll probably be putting it on auction, since I don't play the game.
Back in 2012 these Warriors fans were furious that the team traded Monta Ellis instead of Stephen Curry:
lol yeah. Monta Ellis, Baron Davis, Stephen Jackson and Andres Biedrins was their squad
been a fan since Jason Richardson Stephan Jackson Baron Davis. Monta Ellis. I've been through the struggle
Where ya *** was at when Baron Davis was the point guard. Where ya *** was at when Monta Ellis was the shooting guard
I remember watching the Warriors when it was Baron Davis, Monta Ellis, Al Harrison, Matt Barnes, Jackson & Dunleavy. *** times have changed
Baron Davis, Monta Ellis, Steph Jackson. Yep you don't know them Warrior bandwagons
Why the *** would the Warriors trade Monta Ellis to the Bucks for Andrew Bogut & Stephen Jackson...wont change the fact that…
It will be great to see Monta Ellis this evening as well as hand out birthday greetings to !
Paul George and Rodney Stuckey need offensive help. Either George Hill or Monta Ellis has got to step up and be a legit 2nd option.
Paul George, G. Hill & Monta Ellis wee scheduled to workout at 5:55 (MT). But no Monta on court.
Monta Ellis is in the BIN XIII again with the unis. done right.
Monta Ellis & Brandon Jennings was a nasty backcourt!!!
For all y'all who said Malik Newman was better than Monta Ellis coming out of HS πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
And curry missed with Monta Ellis, Bogut after leading league in blocks after injury, Younger David Lee.
they do look like brothers doe. John legend , mo williams? Monta Ellis, Dee Milliner? Kevin Hart, Nate Robinson?
Recommendation by :Myles Look for Monta Ellis to start ...
Monta Ellis put Amir Johnson on skates | Pacers vs ...
Ersan Ilyasova leads the NBA in charges drawn with 9. That's more than double the next best (4 - Monta Ellis, Jerami Grant & Devin Harris).
Monta Ellis making Amir Johnson do the 2K ankle breaker animation out here πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ . (Vine by TSL Videosβ„’)
Monta Ellis turned Amir Johnson into a frozen statue with a crossover
R.I.P. πŸ’€. Monta Ellis just broke Amir Johnson in half.
Monta Ellis' Crossover Had a Negative Impact on Amir Johnson's Ankles: Defense: never worth it.
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