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Monster Hunter

The franchise is a series of fantasy action role-playing video games that started with the game Monster Hunter for PlayStation 2. The series is developed and published by Capcom.

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One of these days I will get into monster hunter
I've just watched episode S01E04 of Monster Hunter Stor...!
I'm not convinced FF Explorers is better than Monster Hunter but I love the idea of a monster party in it, so it has me that way a little.
I don't know how but I nabbed those very hard to find Monster Hunter 3ds faceplates on ebay... They won't come for about 1 month tho...
I enjoy it. I love the Monster Hunter mechanics it has and PS2 vibe it gives off with the OST.
Does Monster Hunter Generations support that? If not, it would have been a smart way to one up Capcom if they were seriously competing.
In most games, pros speed kill bosses. In Monster Hunter, they kick them in the face. Nice.
It may be the last year for 3DS. But man was it amazing. Fire Emblem Fates, Kirby Robobot, Pokemon Sun/Moon, Bravely Second, Monster Hunter
Playing some Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, join if you want. Gathering Hall ID: 01-6966-5891-2
I got a sealed copy of Monster Hunter 4 ultimate edition for 10 bucks today. . Thanks, Poorly illuminated end of the week.
you should put like some of the character's as monster Werewolves, Sirens,Succubus and there's this monster hunter brutally murdering
What, never knew this monster hunter dude said something different with Katt in the lead!
My life is Monster Hunter.Every Hunter Please follow me.
A Pokemon-Monster Hunter crossover game would be epic
I wish there were some tactical aspects in Monster Hunter. Like completely cutting the wing off a wyvern so they can keep flying away.
oh i also forgot, we also made a Monster Hunter 4H card where if you put it in your 3ds it was actually just sticker star
Buy Miche Bag Online!
anything Mario related and monster hunter
yeah, get Monster Hunter Generations, newest one, I have it un opened, I'm waiting for primus
Pokemon Sun/Moon sold in first weekend in Japan: 1,905,000. Monster Hunter X sold in first weekend in Japan: 1,488,367.
Is there any easy to style MH haircut for guy I can get might get my haircut based off a monster hunter style
I added a video to a playlist Monster Hunter Online (First Look) - MMORPG
Playing a lot of Pokemon Moon, some Fire Emblem and also Monster Hunter 4 ultimate on 3ds. On console, madden 17 and Diablo 3
Will memory and history someday be kinder to the Nintendo Wii?? Monster Hunter Tri (2009)! htt…
how do I get a crossbeats I need more monster hunter
N3DS, Monster Hunter 4 collector's edition. $150 with a game and charger.
It's an incredible game! I cover Monster Hunter on my channel and have sunk hundreds of hours into Generations :)
Another freaking Monster Hunter. If we got one Mega Man for every ten Monster Hunters we'd have Legends 3, X9 and Rockboard 2 by next year.
small print (in JP) says it won't mention Switch or smartphone Monster Hunter related information
I think it's more just flopping around, like a fish on land. I don't play Monster Hunter.
Which one should I choose : Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate or Pokemon Moon ?
Welcome back to my let's play of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate! Today I'll be crying while being forced to fight 2 Nerscylla & wishing for death
I play way too much Monster Hunter for my own good tbh XD
Imagine if Monster Hunter had the ability to replay a hunt, move the camera and take shots like Halo 4 had.
Maybe I should play some Monster Hunter, and try to raise my HR while I wait for Patch 3.4 to go live.
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Smash Bros. all amazing games!
The original Monster Hunter saw its first western release 12 years ago on September 21, 2004.
everyone get behind me and my mountain of Monster Hunter merch demands.
just gimme Monster Hunter - but maybe curb the fetch quest stuff
Spent 18 minutes trying to catch Sushifish in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. I don't know if it was a necessary quest or not.
Gonna let people carry me through capture quest on Monster Hunter.
Okay so I just played Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate with my siblings and we fought against a pretty strong dragon and we were about to beat it-
If you're pondering upon my inactivity. I'm busy with Dark Souls 3 these days. . Unreal game. Cross between Silent Hills and Monster Hunter.
Can anyone suggest a good, and has a long gameplay for PSP? :3 other than Monster Hunter series :3
Monster Hunter is out in ~15 days, SGDQ is in like 3, I have ZTD + TMS to get done (and start ocean?), why did all anime happen right now
Listen, I've been counting down to Monster Hunter for probably 3 months, you're allowed to con to ur birthday
It feels different but distinctly Monster Hunter :3
Get your iPhone insurance today!
I liked a video from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - Inicio (Tutorial)
Monster Hunter producers break down how to add new features and preserve its classic feel
Monster Hunter is a series I'll always want to get into, but just can't. I tried with 3 and 4, and I was horrible at it/didn't get it.
I would love another console title like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate one Wii U. I heard Monster Hunter PC is getting a English patch
Got Gundam Breaker 3 on Friday and have already put 10 hours into it. It wants so hard to be just like Monster Hunter, bravo
I was also able to recover my Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Data thankfully, as at the time It was transfered to the 3DS Version.
This also is the bane of my existence. Monster Hunter has gone a long way towards scratching my Phantasy Star Online itch.
This is my King of the Hill/Monster Hunter crossover fanfic. And here's a second copy in case you throw that in the garbage.
Rob Zombie lookalike, what do you think of the Monster Hunter series? Do you like action games with rpg elements?
search Monster Hunter 4 Switch axe. That should get your creativity a'flowin'
Wrote a thing for about the weird willingness to start Monster Hunter from scratch, again.
'Capcom's Monster Hunter on Life Support' aye, if you ignore their increasing sales and growth in popularity in the West...
I liked a video from 'Monster Hunter' Richard Freeman on Dragons
man the new Monster Hunter is looking good
Yeah, gonna have to pass on 7th Dragon III. Worst timing for that release date, man. I don't care about anything but Monster Hunter in July.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
its Monster Hunter.hearing the deserted island theme in a livestream of Cross made me cry. so many memories.
don't forget the portable front with Pokémon, Monster Hunter, Kirby. I mean really 2016 is 1/4 done and we have NO GAMES?
First I read that Dan is playing Monster Hunter, now you're playing Street Fighter. What's happening?!
I'm actually struck by how similar Dark Souls is to Monster Hunter. A lot of the same strategies and patterns and such.
Friendly reminder that JoJo Part 4 looks this *** good despite the fact that David Production is busy doing a Monster Hunter kids' anime.
Can't wait to be done with work tonight to play Monster Hunter with (:
GDC talk by the talented Andrew Alfonso about localisation and Monster Hunter is now available for all to watch!
Whoo, that felt good. I love Monster Hunter.
Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Fire Emblem - Awakening . Fantasy Life . Monster Hunter. Story of Seasons. all of the pokemans
Fetch your monster-slaying gear, are publishing the Monster Hunter: Flash Hunter manga in English
Yesterday I watched a film called Monster Hunter... I was hoping for a crap Troll Hunter ripoff but no, this was just super dross
thought you'd like to know, is now currently available in the UK on Sky/Now TV but under the name 'Monster Hunter'
Dead Rising also needed Microsoft's help and I imagine that Nintendo helped a bit with Monster Hunter.
Fun fact: I started Monster hunter with 3G (3U), so I never used the claw, never use d-pad on the touch screen as a result. :)
[Really NSFW] I know Monster Hunter is popular in Japan, but didn't know it would be THAT popular... via /r/Monste…
All purpose parts banner
Monster Hunter Generations, up for preorden in Amazon US/CA: submitted by /u/masterkachi [link]...
When people talking say things about the Nintendo direct but I'm just like Monster Hunter Generations
Bray should have had the Family attack Hunter, put some monster back in his character
New Monster Hunter Explore event featuring a Vergil outfit for males and Trish outfit for females starts today!
Poll: how many hours have you put into Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate?
Poll: in monster hunter how many weapons are you 'proficient' in (can use it okay)?
Though technically she wrote it under Eva Darrows. The lead is a monster hunter.
"If it's not Street Fighter or Monster Hunter, Capcom doesn't really care"
Playing Monster Hunter with tha gf. She's already better at it than me despite the 3 digits I invested in Tri.
Ive been playing monster hunter in solitude for so long i get all giddy when someone else talks about it ._.
So I broke down and bought DSII a week ago. Is it wrong that I think it plays like Monster Hunter Tri, at least w…
Ah, thanks for the heads up. But it IS Monster Hunter, it's not too complicated to figure out
Monster Hunter Generations rumored for July 31st??? Yes please :')
I added a video to a playlist Monster Hunter Generations Trailer 2016
I think I'm gonna have to try it, love Monster Hunter but I'm missing that HD sweetness
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
also the graphics are beautiful on it. Monster Hunter in HD is major eye candy.
3ds Pokemon x or y, omega ruby or alpha sapphire, and monster hunter 4 ultimate. Monster hunter is one you can grind easily 30hrs
Dude. Monster Hunter Online looks awesome, is it worth the hassle of getting it to run?
I would say do it! I've been doing it for Monster Hunter and it's been received for the most part well! Do it up!
Really digging Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. I can see myself playing it for a VERY, VERY, VERY long time.
Only Pokemon Sapphire, but I plan on getting Smash, and Monster hunter :D
New monster heading it's way to Monster Hunter Online...looks like some kind of angry wolf/monkey beast. Hype!
I'm so looking forward to just playing monster hunter tomorrow
Some netplay stuff might actually be plausible now though, we'll have to see. Maybe I could even do some Monster Hunter :o
Made my monster hunter Logan into a Pacha meme. It's perfect.
Liked "Monster hunter" by me & Here's a short interview with Mike:…
Monster Hunter Generations pre-orders up on Amazon, now with proper 20% Prime discount
Listened to a song about monster hunter recently. Song itself is pretty good, but not related to monster hunter at all
I liked a video from Monster Hunter Generations- First live stream!
Dear Monster Hunter Team. Thank you for giving my live another reason. For bringing back memories and adding new ones. I love you!
Stil happy bout that Summer release for Monster Hunter Generations
Which of you nerds are getting Monster Hunter Generations
Really startin to use the charge blade more in monster hunter
[PC] Monhun and chill? Monster Hunter Online while feeling the hype!:
My Guild Card in Monster Hunter X is full of cats. .
With brand new Monster Hunter and Pokemon, along with a potential Etrian Odyssey localization, I think 2016 could beat out 2013. Hype!
Don't forget to check out our video on why we're hyped for the new Monster Hunter Generations!
Final Fantasy Explorers is good. It's like a light version of Monster Hunter, fun, quick, has some really great ideas in it.
Pizza @ Slice House with my Monster Hunter crew after a happy announcement day. 👌
So basically it's the Final Fantasy Explorers of Monster Hunter.
Yo, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is $20 on the Eshop right now! If you want to try it, now's a pretty good time!
Creating a female character in an online RPG is a bad idea... Random guys keep hitting on me in Monster Hunter.
Gotta get Monster Hunter n Pokemon man. Rune Factory 4 too o/
My boyfriend is playing Monster Hunter.looks odd compared to the 2D animation of AQW. XD
Those are my very thoughts. PSP allowed me to enjoy Star Ocean, Crisis Core, BBS, Monster Hunter, etc...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Honestly when you throw that genre out all that is left is Nintendo first party, Monster Hunter, and Ace Attorney 5
I feel like this fighting game theory is surprisingly applicable to Monster Hunter.
Yeah, preorder for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate u placed with
Capcom's solid quarterly report reminds us just how powerful the Monster Hunter franchise is http…
It looks like a simplified Monster Hunter with the FF Job system + you can keep learned skills between jobs for added customization. Yes plz
So far FFE is pretty neat. Traveling is kind of a hassle , and like everything else described as "like monster hunter" it is nothing like it
So far I'm really enjoying FF:E. Monster Hunter meets FF terms and moves and aesthetic and my inner 11 year old is finally satisfied
haven't tried the multiplayer yet. I'm imagining that's more interesting. Have you played monster hunter 4?
Ah, not terribly interesting if you're already deep in Monster Hunter, then.
i wanna play Monster Hunter all day !
do u sometimes feel the booties from the Monster Hunter ltems bot are attuned to my moods bc i do
id try to defend monster hunter, but i realize i spent 40 hours in the first weekend of mh4u's release and I cant defend that.
I like it so far. FFXIV meets Monster Hunter.
FF's take on Monster Hunter. A more beginner-oriented take on the genre, is the impression I've gotten.
I’ve always wanted World of Warcraft without having to rely on others for quests. Finally think I’ve found it in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate!
So is Final Fantast Explorers just a FF Monster Hunter game?
Oh no Final Fantasy Explorers looks like a cute chibi version of monster hunter and I kinda want it now
Monster Hunter Online! In open beta now, still waiting for English patch but we just couldn't wait to play it...
Didn't one of us make the other get Monster Hunter and we never even played together? 😂 It might have been me. It's hard.
At this point, I think the only Nintendo games I MIGHT get are either Monster Hunter or a Pokémon main series games. It's sad.
FFE is not without flaws, but I find it pretty enjoyable and I am liking it more than Monster Hunter.
There wasn't any problem. Majority of FT characters are recreated from Rave Master and Monster Hunter.
had a disccusion with a friend on stream yesterday, he brought a good point, I was suppose to stream mostly Monster Hunter, I lost my touch.
Sorry Hunter, but last time I unleashed my monster with you it did not go so well...
is Final Fantasy Explorers a good stepping stone into the whole Monster Hunter style of play?
Hopefully they'll just button down on creating more Monster Hunter and all will be good eh
I've been hearing it compared to the Monster Hunter series.
Monster hunter 4 u: which quest is the best for farming charms? via /r/MonsterHunter
it's a Final Fantasy game in the style of Monster Hunter, 4 player!
Here's my Final Fantasy Explorers review. A less complex Monster Hunter style game with plenty of FF goodness:
I liked a video from Monster Hunter Cross ¦MHX¦ Ep Elder Dragon Elimination
Anyone got FF Explorers? It's like Monster Hunter/PSO/FFXI kinda rolled into one. I'm having fun with it!
~ anything to be done to save you. Red isn't a monster. A wolf yes, but with control she's ~
A monster is an Understatement! They've Created The Republican Lucifer and they're Mad as ***
it's fun. I'm starting to get into the monster hunter-y aspects now. And I wanna check out multiplayer.
I'm still gonna get it. I loved it from what I played at pax! And I love monster hunter and mixing it with ff? Win
So far Final Fantasy Explorers feels like a bizarre mashup of Dissidia, Monster Hunter and PSO. I am excited for more.
look at some Monster Hunter armor designs mah lil ***
📷 kogath: Monster Hunter Spirits Juvenile, Preadult, and Adult versions of Great Jaggi.
Pretty disappointing b.c its the first 3ds game I've considered buying since monster hunter
This MAD really shows off some of the potential in Monster Hunter Cross! #モンハン
Monster Hunter and NEETdom are a dangerous combination.
I also don't know how I feel about the new Final Fantasy Explorer's since its essentially a Monster Hunter clone but with FF
Unboxing of Final Fantasy Explorers Collector’s Edition: Did you ever find yourself playing Monster Hunter and...
I purchased Final Fantasy Explorers yesterday. It's a reskin of Monster Hunter with more classes, skills, but lacks communication and story.
Trust me, that's just of Norael. There's a lot of cute Monster Hunter girls and hentai too.
it looks pretty cute and easier than a monster hunter game. I looking to play it too
You play the best games, please keep it up! Also put up some Monster Hunter!
Anyone have Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for 3ds and want to play?
if you like RO and/or like Monster Hunter, you should try Ragnarok Odyssey
May we please have a Monster Hunter list? I know Ben and Adam have already done so, but please?
I don't geek out too often on this account but this art book is great and I love Monster Hunter!!! Let me be a loud teen
ICO, Shadow of Colossus, MGS 2 and 3, Slient Hill 2, FF 10, Katamari Damacy and the best, Monster Hunter!!!
4 favourite games of 2015 in no particular order:. Super Mario Maker. Bloodborne. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Xenoblade Chronicles X
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. It's great really. Nothing quite like taking a giant lightning dog dragon down with a simple sword!
30. The game I invested more time on is Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, 320 hours is a number I never imagined to achieve ºvº;;
So tired :( I had 3 hours of sleep last night and I had to turn down a friend who wanted to play Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate with me, feel bad
Join me watching playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate at
New to Monster Hunter, deciding between 3 or 4 HELP! via /r/MonsterHunter
even if i do get Smash Bros, im probably not gonna play it, im part of the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate community
My Charge blade in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is call the Teostro's Strike, its awesome!
Almost got a full set of Dalamander Armor in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate!
Combination of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Sakizou would be interesting.
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate was mine because the game was fun and compelling and the amount and variety of monsters to hunt was amazing!
//Join the 3DS Mafia clan! You must own Heros Of Ruin or Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. DM me for details.
My Good Games of 2015 are Undertale, Dragon Quest Heroes, and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. That's about it really
2% done with Monster Hunter, by Larry Correia: Still at 2. Waiting for hubby to finish li...
also how the *** did Laura Croft GO beat Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate!?
I went back to play Kid Icarus: Uprising and it was consoderably easier. It's a nice addition, especially for Monster Hunter.
I'm really in a jrpg mood and all i have on me til 5ish is Monster Hunter and Tomodachi Life
Its 2am. I'm playing Monster Hunter and eating wheat thins. . What is life.
I hope we can do the same when Monster Hunter cross comes out 8 north American :)
Not surprised that Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest are eating the whole list.
You're talking to a guy who plays Monster Hunter and has gotten multiple 4% drops in the same quest. Luck is my thing.
Smash Bros., Monster Hunter, Phoenix Wright, if you're up for it
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate shipments top four million
Was gonna play a little bit more Monster Hunter before bed, but the day's exhaustion kicked in just as I finished this iced coffee. Night!
Monster Hunter cumulative sales have overtaken Mega Man. MM was for well over fifteen years.
I'm 2.5-3 hours away from reaching 400 hours playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate!I love this game!Thank you Capcom:-)
Thanks for everyone hanging out for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate today! Also thanks to the sweetest streamer I know for the host!
Listen right: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is awesome. Play it.
Hardly. Not nearly as crazy as you with Monster Hunter! :3
I think I've settled for Monster Hunter today :3
I found out the 3 easiest ways to kill me in Monster Hunter
I started up Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for some reason. Always throws me for a loop how much worse 3's image quality is than 4.
Added to Wish List: 'Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - Nintendo Wii U' by Capcom via
mfw Japan gets Monster Hunter X in 2 months and nothing is announced for the americas.
If I got a tattoo it would either be pokemon, Fire Emblem or Monster Hunter and currently leaning towards something from Monster Hunter.
Sighs and pulls out my DS and starts to play some monster hunter bored, lonely, and horny-
Best theme in Monster Hunter 4u imo it just sounds so perfect for what you're doing.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Is.. Is that monster hunter armpit for the Smash Bros..? I... I.. The urge to buy is growing.
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - October DLC Pack: that great sword!! That mushroom hair!! Cat stuff too
On page 92 of 368 of Monster Hunter Nemesis, by Larry Correia
Join playing the Monster Hunter like Toukiden Kiwami over at
Where did you get that cool Monster Hunter shirt??? I need to know
I haven't got new leaf but am still keen to be friends xD. Have Monster Hunter 4U and play the free Pokemon Rumble :>
there are ghosts, vampires, zombies, and monster hunter types in the latest update and I'm crying
I take it you play Monster Hunter as well.
Next month is the last month of free Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC and then the wait for Monster Hunter Cross.
no.. HQ! babies and Monster Hunter merch.. NEVER!!
I finally got started on Monster Hunter so I am learning what I can about the game.
I got a Wii U mainly for Bayo, The Wonderful 101 and Monster Hunter.
Waiwaitwait is this the base for your monster hunter armor? :3
In Monster Hunter, a Rathalos Ruby is one of many rare items with a really low drop rate
A couple of my favorite things in life, Monster Hunter and art! :3 You're welcome! Clean lines!
Jfc the Heavy Bowgun is such a nightmare for Monster Hunter, I can't go one fight without carting at least once >_>
That's one of the best parts of Monster Hunter!
. is what you will get out of amiibo for the release of project x zone 2 and monster hunter on Nintendo 3ds
I got the Winchesters! if you want to take the quiz too here's the link:
I ark all the time, you should do a monster hunter episode lol
Being given urgent do now tasks minutes before your lunch break. qq. I was going to play Monster Hunter with a coworker too
Did you hear about the Monster Hunter outfit in Smash Bros by the way
Oh, it's first Friday. Free Monster Hunter DLC today~! :D b
Holy *** Monster Hunter 4 is still getting free DLC
AAAHHh I requested a Tamamistune from the talented Kevanhom on tumblr and look! So CUTE!!!
I think a good example of good free DLC is Monster Hunter, they could have easily charged for it and didn't.
Anonymous said: Hey are you still doing that monster hunter Skype group?
The new Monster Hunter DLC has quality cat content (the second one is a helmet, but it blinks and stuff)
Free Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC for October contains 12 new quests and lots more: Capcom has announced the...
hey there, my ark will not install any INSTALL zip folder. what should i do? running on 3.52 with monster hunter freedom unit
“Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate October DLC: via check out the OCT DLC preview!
Your free Ultimate DLC for Oct. comes 12 w/new quests and lots more.
the new SSB4 DLC include Mii costumes for Captain Falcon, Fox, Toad, Viridi, and two Monster Hunter (Hunter and Rathalos)
In need of someone whose good at playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Kickin *** by yourself gets lonely
Soul Sacrifice is like mix of Monster Hunter and Dark Souls
I've got a Monster Hunter giveaway coming your way today! Stay tuned :D
I wish I didn't update to 9.9.0 and I figured out how to put CFW on my 3DS so I could try out Monster Hunter and Bravely Default
Final Fantasy Explorers is so weird!!! So up my street. An odd mix of Crystal Chronicles meets Pokémon crossed with Monster Hunter.
If you port Dragons Dogma and Monster Hunter to the PC I'll be your best friend...
I'm convinced Monster Hunter can be improved if you can get a Hunting Horn that plays Jock Jams.
Guess so. Bit disappointing as they did the same with Monster Hunter. Better than Street Fighter X Tekken.
Then for me it's Dark Souls/Bloodborne and Monster Hunter. See you guys in 20 years :D
Not really. They are barely alike. Monster Hunter is slow and methodical similar to the combat in Dark Souls.
To play Dark Souls 2 or to play Monster Hunter. Hmm. Monster Hunter it is
NE: "It’s a double dose of Monster Hunter updates today.". MyNintendoNews: "Looks like a double dose of Monster Hunter screenshots!"
So I imagine that Rob wants that Isabella costume for his Palico in Monster Hunter.
Oh my god Rob is talking about Monster Hunter in his *** sleep
I'm playing Friends of Mineral Town on an emulator really wanting to play Monster Hunter instead but I'm just hooked
I liked a video from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Multiplayer -- Part 83: Mean and Green
I ate a dried Ghost Pepper and talked about Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. It hurt. Go watch.
Monster Hunter in a nutshell, it's all fun and games until you need a low drop chance item for your next much-needed weapon upgrade XD
Cats carry your things for you. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the life I now know.
Someone download the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate demo on 3DS and play with me.
Tried playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on my 2DS. My thumb kept reaching for the C-stick. Experiment ended in failure. lol
Man... Six more days until my 21st birthday and all I WANT is Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate... That's weird to me... XD
loldbz is now streaming Monster Hunter 4 U @
Congratulations! You have truly become the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate!
Might pick up Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.. Heard good things about the junk.
New to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate? Video tutorials on all 14 weapons and tips here
Omg! I beat Rajang in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate! That jerk took 19 mega potions to take down! I'm sure he will become easier once I know his
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I think it's time to do what I've been using for stress relief for days: Monster Hunter and old favorite songs.
New Video is out! Episode 2 of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate! I got a cat :3
I applied for a job with Capcom to make videos about Resident Evil and Monster Hunter. Really hoping I get that one.
How do niche games like Monster Hunter and Bloodborne go mainstream? via
Have you read any of Larry Correia's 'Monster Hunter' books? A lot of fun
Finally got my G-rank armor set. Took two months. Monster Hunter starts off really slow, but it's amazing once you get to high rank.
Monster Hunter is gonna turn me into Captain Ahab.
I don't want to be in class, I want to be with my friends and talk about Steven Universe and Monster Hunter!
Steven Universe, Monster Hunter, and pop-punk are the reasons I live atm
If you're new to Monster Hunter or don't know the capabilities of your weapon yet I cannot stress enough that you watch a…
Sold Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Wii U. Had less than 3 hours in it. Decided to buy GOOD Monster Hunter. Ragnarok Odyssey ACE. Boom.
GUNLANCIN' MONS! Watching kill giant beasts in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate! Join the hunt at
I’m liking Monster Hunter, still not crazy about the setting. Fantasy stuff’s played out. Basically, I’m mad it’s not Phantasy Star Online.
House is a mess, coffee and Monster Hunter first.
Simon Belmont, Monster Hunter, Ryu, Big Boss...I guess if you had to use a western char Rayman is better than Gex or Awesome Opossum
(1 of 2) At 11PM tonight we'll be on the hunt for 20 of the ultimate Monster Hunter & Zelda cosplayers located within t…
Ok people...I am about to attempt the hardest quest in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate...Mark of a Hero...wish me luck.
The first unboxing video of the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Collector's Edition has been released!. Check it out...
plz figure out what happens in if I have a monster you don't or you have a hunter I don't.. can we play together?
Just got sent my Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate special demo codes. Thanks a bunch
talks cool new options and Sharks in the latest awesome Blog:
10 days till Monster Hunter. 10 days till the organized slaughter of wallets everywhere
And after that..I got $20 for rocking that accounting test, I think I'll get a circle pad pro for monster hunter.
I think the greatest measure of love is when Kenma learns to play monster hunter on his psp w one hand so he can hold kuroos w the other
well if your counting japanese Monster Hunter then Monster Hunter 3G was the best game on PSP :)
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