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Monkey Wrench

The monkey wrench is an adjustable wrench, a later American development of eighteenth century English coach wrenches.

Foo Fighters Dave Grohl President Trump

'Angry Moon' throws 'monkey wrench' into 4th Race.
OK, , here's a monkey wrench for ya! may be a plant for to isolate…
One of the songs on that mixtape better be Foo Fighters' Monkey Wrench!
Wow. Talk about throwing a monkey wrench into the wheels of justice.
DJT winning the 2016 threw a monkey wrench into the Dems:. - Pardon for Sanders
Them calling the twins for school, threw a monkey wrench in what me and morike had going but that's fine
This is a monkey wrench in our autonomous future --> Ships fooled in GPS spoofing attack suggest Russian cyberweapon
I accuse Colonel Monkey gland sauce of committing the crime in the in the English boudoir with the wrench!
Die Hard - "Just a fly in the ointment, Hans. The monkey in the wrench. The pain in the *** "
I know Kim's a bit of a left handed monkey wrench but I didn't realise he had a problem with the sea
I would like to thank the people with the monkey wrench.
"Last time I checked you are neither a monkey nor a wrench handler."
Favourite track was 'walk' - they opened with everlong and cuts straight to monkey wrench - didn't expect that
We can't stop it, but we can monkey wrench it at every turn. We can plan for the recovery.
Have the repeating pattern begin to re-assert itself, throw in a monkey wrench and go from there, with the previous legend as history to...
my 10 yr old just said "I thought it was called monkey bread not money wrench"
Is that a monkey wrench in my pocket? No, I'm just super excited to see tonight!
Monkey Wrench by gets played a lot.
I expect the presence of this monkey wrench to give council some heartburn about the much larger DIA Great Hall dea…
I have a feeling we may hear from Drew, now that Waige is real. That would be a logical monkey wrench for writers to throw in. :(
would a 2.90 $MRNS and a 2.88 throw a monkey wrench
TRUMP - drop a MOAB BOMB on center of the eye of Harvey and throw a monkey wrench in Yahweh's plan.
Your nothing but a monkey wrench like before. Pathetic
Jeffy boy could be throwing a monkey wrench in the mix .
A convienent way to deal with the "asian problem" i see... we have been a monkey wrench in the SJ narrative xD
If you talk about weekend plans on a workday, the Wednesday goblins will appear to throw every possible monkey wrench into those plans.
You know the one thing we need is a left hand monkey wrench
Garfield you naughty grease monkey you drive me wild like wrench in the night.
lust for life, Iggy pop. Monkey Wrench, Foo Fighters. The Greatest View, Silverchair. Women and Gods of War, Def Leppard.
(Some plumbers like to use a monkey wrench, but personally I don't like to use that one for my spaghetti noodle.)
"Dont wanna be your monkey wrench,. One more indecent accident" 🤘🏽.
Except for little monkey wrench of Sanders losing most open primaries and winning most…
I get Dave Grohl's a geeza and all but I've never got the Foo Fighters. Not one song. Monkey Wrench a bit but not real…
lol doubtful. No begone from my mentions monkey wrench
Monkey Wrench about to close? Like that spot but I'm surprised it hasnt happened sooner
Well this certainly throws a monkey wrench into my plans for this evening. 🤔
Schumer and his demoncrap Lieutenants, or is that Stooges, keep swinging the monkey wrench at President Trump
yeah I did hear he wanted a guaranteed deal. I think that was the monkey wrench
How can you mend King Kongs arm if hes twisted it? With a monkey wrench. :-o
Snow always throws a monkey wrench into rink schedules
When looking for a monkey wrench don't look In a tool box cause it's more than likely already in my plans 😂👍🏻
And throwing a monkey wrench in their attempts to absorb Mexico for their endless cheap labor
Buy a $4K monkey wrench & we lose our minds but spend billions "mitigating" global warming and Drinks On Me!
He's just trying to throw a monkey wrench into anything he can. Shameful
Well papa politics will throw a monkey wrench at this 😂😂😂
Omg Monkey Wrench has been repeating on my head a ton lately...makes me think of utilizing the tools we see around…
Find a purpose in life other than being a professional monkey wrench.
Yeah, Nixon would be amazed. All he did was "monkey-wrench" cease-fire talks & then prolong a war for his re-election.
"that's what I'd say..." I kid. No doubt it's a weird thing Ty did to frame Gustav by throwing a monkey into your wrench.
Don't be a good German. Resist! Monkey wrench! Let's see if we are worthy of this planet.
erm...not white or comfortably positioned, but fully intend to throw monkey wrench in GOP plans.
I was told to read The Monkey Wrench Gang and when I read the description I thought of you. Have you read it?
Hayduke Lives! is the follow up to The Monkey Wrench Gang and it's fine but I wouldn't specifically recommend it.
We as Americans must stand up to this craziness,we need to band together and fight for those in need.We need to throw a monkey wrench
B4 the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. But a clever monkey wrench was thrown into President Trump's game plan by our dear friends.SM
The devil ways throwing a monkey wrench but you always got to know how to re route when he does 😩💪🏽
And of course when life finally seems to have gotten back to a good, stable place, someone throws a monkey wrench into it.
I really need to cook those burgers and soak off these *** nail...but that *** officer threw a monkey wrench in my day...
You Republicans will come undone because you do not know how to govern! You were put there to throw a monkey wrench on things!
Ever wonder why they call it a MONKEY WRENCH 🤔 years. . -.
That medal required completing Home Island before Monkey Wrench's release. Contact Poptropica if you did.
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
If you don't sing Foo Fighter's "Monkey Wrench" at the top of your lungs, then you're not me.
The Bucky storyline is the monkey wrench in the whole thing so yes
Do you think Heath Ledger dying threw a monkey wrench into Nolan's film plans?
Yuval on wishes they had Monkey Wrench by Foo Fighters
I believe the devil really always is lurking and when he sees you happy or succeeding he try's to throw a monkey wrench in your life
New York GOP...throw a real monkey wrench into the Convention...Dump & give it to Kasich! LO…
definitely February Stars, that ranks fairly high. Wind Up, Monkey Wrench. That album is just so *** good.
Sometimes, the coping mechanism is a monkey wrench.
I'm more excited about you than Dave Grohl is about not being a monkey wrench
Riot in la gear dcor in line with semi honey child monkey wrench wallpaper: iPJOlGcF
Ask him why he's the "monkey wrench" & why he's too selfish to get out so the party can unify? Another dumb repub!
Holy moly, I'm sure I used to be good at this. Maybe I shouldn't have started with Monkey Wrench?
Top story: 'My crew threw me a monkey wrench... see more
Its Celine who is Starting this assumption! It's her monkey wrench to throw in for yesterday!!
I must admit to owning a monkey wrench that refuses to evolve
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
And here I was hoping for something like the Monkey Wrench Gang.
My crew threw me a monkey wrench...
ITALY RVRmusic. The best Italian music 1 world music Foo Fighters Monkey Wrench
He's right,it's a bad system to say the least, a real monkey wrench in the wheels of democracy itself.
its a common misconception to use a monkey wrench. It screws up the torque & throws the speedometer all out of whack. Allen👍
did you use a monkey wrench or Allen wrench when you fixed that carburetor and fuel pump on your jet ski?
A little monkey wrench in my day packages will have to be shipped tomorrow. Zach just cut his foot and needs a stitch. Oh the joys of boys
Another monkey wrench this one uses a scrappy green palette. More projects @
The Tesla Model 3 could through a monkey wrench into plans for the Bolt.
Got it Thanks for the daily. (Combined with Monkey Wrench you've gotten me quite addicted.)
A determined soul will do more with a rusty monkey wrench than a loafer will accomplish with all the tools in a machine sh…
Because Trump is not part of the machinery of control, but the man who will throw a monkey wrench into it, instead
Matt Pinfield spends an entire minute of airtime anecdote talking about Taylor and Dave/Foo Fighters/Monkey Wrench and then plays Beck. STFU
Baroness Monday got taken over by Monkey Wrench... Sooo, we're doing Monkey Wrench Monday???
Don't wanna be your monkey wrench . Fall in Fall Out
Respectability politics is always a random *** monkey wrench thrown into any logical statement.
And here it is...the big monkey wrench in today's plans. Mom's van's motor blew out in the middle of an...
Forget Chiz , he has always been a monkey wrench!
A3: Assumptions are the monkey wrench in lessons success. It's a short-cut that defeats the end-goal. If you want it done right...
Yeah, wasn't expecting him to be their S3 "Big Bad" but at least rumbling around throwing a monkey wrench in things.
Exactly! "Our songs sound great with or without Z" that would throw a monkey wrench in that statement. Can't have that
*** , I hope he get sodomized by a monkey wrench wielding gorilla.
Standstill traffic on 84W, past 205 interchange. Bad accident I think. Monkey wrench to my schedule,but really hope those involved are okay.
Unprecedented monkey wrench gifts: an empyrean resolution for convolute yours surgical hospital: waFvOy
Predict Mei & Cullen will fall in love. Then Naomi will show up looking 4 Cullen. Monkey wrench!
We got tix for sale through for The Tribars show in Louisville this coming Sat.
Montana's "Grizzly Man": Meet the real-life inspiration for the leader of "The Monkey Wrench Gang"
Metaphors of Life Journal: Climate Change – A Monkey Wrench in the Delicate Balance of Nature
I always liked the name Monkey Wrench which was also known as a King *** spanner. It was named after its inventor Charles Moncky.
The best bit of drumming I've heard is on 'Monkey Wrench' - Taylor Hawkins smashes it!
Get 6 Free VitaTops
NEW VIDEO OUT NOW. A stunning performing White Limo, Monkey Wrench and The Pretender in one song
If you dislike Monkey Wrench by Foo Fighters, you support communism
Throw a monkey wrench in the whole thing and bring up Oliver Queen.
To be fair to Dave Grohl, to be able to write songs as appealing and meaningful as Monkey Wrench and Walk like fifteen years apart is sick
Idk if this is allowed but I have a set of blue point by snap on tools iv been trying to sell. I have a standard set of ratcheting wrenches and adjustable comfort grip monkey wrenches. I'd like to get 200obo for them all. I'm located in Fredericksburg VA. It's the ratcheting set on the right. Set on left is already sold
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What's the next monkey wrench Obama will throw into the American economy?
I don't like people that agree with everything I say. Throw the monkey wrench at me! Challenge meh!
anyone going to Bestival, head down to the temple island stage on friday to check out by boys Monkey Wrench and Spoils
Huge silk quilt I designed, hand-stitched for my boss, who deserved it. Classic quilt pattern called Monkey Wrench.
You're a modern day Renaissance Man with a monkey wrench in hand. Now go fix that toilet.
This is my second reading and I planned it for my trip through southern Utah ...
What's a zookeeper's favorite tool? A monkey wrench! Today a "2hr" plumbing project took all day, back to wrk 2morrw.
that it threw a monkey wrench in the Bowyer vs Larson story ESPN was cooking up.
Caution throws a monkey wrench into everything now. I know Kasey Kahn is mad.
The only positive I can see to ISIS is that maybe they will throw a monkey wrench in the whole New World Order crowd's plans.
I'd rather leave than suffer this. I'll never be you monkey wrench
Art+Music+Drinks. If you're in Louisville, get down here! (@ Monkey Wrench in Louisville, KY)
I swear I am going to hide every single monkey wrench in this house and take away the husband's Lowes card.
Exactly my point, although you kind of threw a monkey wrench into it with that example, lol.
Having a company whos slogan is "Because u deserve more than a monkey with a wrench" sponsor the Fredi report is a different level of irony.
If he whips his monkey wrench out, there may be no helping you! lol
Every time you try to do something right somebody got to throw their monkey wrench In a plan.
Man, nothing throws a monkey wrench into ocean yaking plans quite like Great White Sharks. Chances they're gone by Sat am?
Q2 hammer, screwdriver, pliers, monkey wrench, Xacto knife, and a tape measure, and much more!
"I don't know what you wrench yo monkey wit, but that's what I wrench mine wit." DEAD!
I really need a haircut, but what if Monkey Wrench comes on the radio and Dave Grohl pulls up next to me? I don't want to look stupid.
yeah the one Hussein intentionally threw a monkey wrench into.
We're getting closer to Music Trivia Live at Darcy's Westshore, join Monkey Wrench tonight and see if you can take home a prize!
Guy got his skull smashed by a big monkey wrench…ouch
“My way of learning is to heave a wild and unpredictable monkey-wrench into the machinery.”
ALS ice bucket challenge at the Monkey Wrench!
To my wrench monkey, mechanic tinker friends. New tool developed here in Idaho.
Well that's a monkey wrench in their plans.
so miss me with any drama. miss me with any monkey wrench. miss me with all of that; because, I'm not getting stuck here.
I've partied so much in my life it's a miracle I can still form a complete monkey wrench while also being grammatically…
♫♩. If your vote don't count for beans. Stick a monkey-wrench in the big machine. ♫♩
Always a monkey wrench in there somewhere.
Dear St. Louis, BEHAVE and throw a monkey wrench in their plans to implement Martial Law. The more you rebel the happier they are!
Getting put on nights for two days really threw a monkey wrench in my plans
foo fighter's "pretender,days like these,Monkey wrench "love all tracks
Everlong, Monkey Wrench, and Learn to Fly. Those are the ones.
Where are all these power tools coming from? all I have are some screwdrivers, hammers, & a monkey wrench! Lol
For a BREACH to be SUCCESSFUL, all need to MOVE in UNISON. Throw a MONKEY WRENCH in the MOVEMENT, You throw OFF the smooth EXECUTION.
Just a fly in the ointment, Hans, a monkey in the wrench...
"A monkey wrench is used for hooking monkeys?" - Bradley
Seriously, this Airbnb cancellation threw a monkey wrench into my whole day.
Now all I have is the giant monkey wrench.
"You can kill yourself and get nowhere because you're not very good," to A monkey wrench in
that's possible but i think they're gonna throw a monkey wrench at us all re her & Ghost.
Shmammerheads. Check out the monkey wrench sardine.
People of Louisville, tonight I'm talking about "Hunter S Thompson & substances" at 7:00 at the Monkey Wrench for
been practicing 'Monkey Wrench' by Foo Fighters on acoustic. Sweet baby Jesus in the orphans, it's tricky!
Okay. It's official. I sold another book. :D Yeee! So excited about this one, which is part of a series. (fingers crossed for more sales in the future) Morgan is a wounded warrior, home and putting his life back together when SHE shows back up. Ugh, women...the monkey wrench in every man's carefully laid plans. :D
Happy Halloween y'all! THE party is tonight at The Monkey Wrench with myself and DJ Kim Sorise spinning...
Happy Halloween, y'all! So many incredible shows and events taking place around town tonight! Which one(s) are you most looking forward to? As always, please be sure to check the comments below in case I may have missed something. • Lady Werewolf: A Cute But Scary Night of Musical Ladies (mostly) at Zanzabar with performances from Lady Pyramid, Twin Limb (Lacey Guthrie and MaryLiz Guillemi's new project), Joann Jene Dickson, Ancient Warfare, Black Birds of Paradise, and visuals from Spettra (8pm, $10) • A Headliners Music Hall Halloween w/ Jack Holiday and the Westerners playing Queen's "A Night a the Opera" in its entirety as a 22-piece band, DAIKAIJU!, and The Dirty Grindstones (8pm, $10) • THE RITCHIE WHITE ORCHESTRA, Twin Sister Radio, and Brett Eugene Ralphs Kentucky Chrome Revue at The New Vintage (10pm, $5) • Boolou 2 at Decca with Deejays Sam Sneed (Night Visions Radio) and Jamey See Tai ( the Photographic/ GlitterTitz); and live musical accompaniment from Lowe Sutherland (Sapat), Dane Wat ...
I need a comfort in a world that makes no sense. I need an adventure. Give me your best monkey wrench.
If you spell the word cool as kewl I want to monkey wrench you with a tewl.
Time lease is up in 3 months so I feel it's time to up grade to a two bedroom. I have been to a few apartment but no luck. Yesturday I went to go look at a two bedroom in a two family house on the first floor, storage in the basement and a cute backyard. The elderly man that showed me the apartment what an Angel. Let's not forget the rent was the same as what I am paying for a one bedroom in a 16 family apartment build. I was like this would be perfect and I can handle the expense as a single family income because I'm doing it now. The devil know he can throw a monkey wrench in the game. I looked over in the sink and saw a roach!!! I do not do roaches and lets not get it twisted we had roaches when I was growing up. One day when I was asleep and a roach crawled in my ear. It was the worst thing in the world. I would rather go through child birth with no pain medication them a chance to have a roach in the ear. A roach in the ear will have you beating your head into a wall. Trust me I ...
Steinbrenner can throw a monkey wrench in their district if they win.
Electronic Device Insurance
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Even though I got monkey wrench thrown into my life over the last 24 hours, my kids always cheers me up!
Semyon varlamov is really throwin a monkey wrench into the great start of
Just talked to a very smart journo who said writing on hackers is hard as it is "Impossible to corroborate"
Thursday, November 14th at Mardi Gras Monkey Wrench and DACODA will be ROCKIN' the house! WE WANT YOU THERE! Make your plans NOW! Also we will be giving away Discount Cards for Tan-Tasia Tanning Salon of West Warwick! This is a night NOT to miss!
See every time I say I'm going to be nice to my bay he puts a monkey wrench in my plans...His black *** !!
This is an amazing statement from a true Republican Conservative. He is one of the few now days that wants to conserve the Republic, something beyond anarchy. The way things are going the Republicans Party should change its symbol to a "monkey wrench and a vaginal probe!"
I have an acute case of Laryngitis: Laryngitis- Laryngitis is swelling and irritation (inflammation) of the voice box (larynx). Laryngitis is usually associated with hoarseness or loss of voice. My voice is just about no more! And to make it so much better, this may last for two weeks or longer! Anyone who knows me, knows I need to use my voice! The voice problem is such a monkey wrench in my day! I am reverting to passing notes to my children...this should be fun! ;) lol (Please pray that my larynx has a speedy recovery, I don't know how log I can last being speechless! ) "But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed." So in Jesus name I am healed! Pray with me, that I may see the manifestation of that healing! Amen
The other day I had Ellie helping me put roller plates under the tires of the '55, I went to the front bumper and told her when I lift it up you slide it under the tire. I gave it a lift and started hollering slide it under slide it under!!! She was trying her hardest then stopped and told me I didn't even lift it hardly any. Quite the little monkey wrench.
Dear rain. I was looking forward to taking my kids trick or treating. Letting them do the work and eating all their candy. You are seriously throwing a monkey wrench in my plans. Can you subside until atleast 10 p.m. then I can eat candy and have a soothing sleep. Seriously a humble father
PPM throws a monkey wrench into election process again: request to verify 6000 fingerprints 8 days b4 vote
An early NYE resolution, to be able to sing that brilliant bit from 'Monkey Wrench' without taking a breath!
Anyone in Canning Town got a monkey wrench I can borrow? Transit packed up again.
Not feeling this Trick or Treating thing being moved to Friday November 1st, my son birthday this throws a monkey wrench in my plans for him :(
HISTORY OF HALLOWEEN, Muslim or Christan. This is good information to know... If your following This secularized tradition. is Haram is sin Celtic New Year October 31 is the most important day in the satanic year. [It is known as the devil's birthday.] It marks the Celtic new year. It was the end of the growing season. It became a festival of death. On this day, the god of the Celtics was to have called up the spirits of the wicked dead who had died during the past year. At the same time, other evil spirits arose and went about the countryside harassing the people. On October 31, the Celtics expected to be harassed by ghosts, evil spirits and demons; and it was no fun and games to them. They would light bonfires to guide the spirits to their own town and to ward off evil spirits. DRUIDS The Celtics had priests called druids. On October 31, the druids went from house to house demanding certain foods, and all those who refused were cursed. The people were tormented by means of magic. As they went, the dr .. ...
I like being the monkey wrench in the ointment. It's like throwing rocks at glass ships.
FAMILY FRIENDLY... The Jack O'Lantern Spectacular continues tonight at Iroquois Amphitheater and runs through October 30th.  Doors open at 6 and the event is open til midnight each night.  Ticket prices vary, depending upon age and night of the week. Live music at Kingfish is back in season.  Tonight is Country Night.  At Kingfish on Zorn Avenue, catch ??? and at Kingfish in Jeffersonville, see ??? - both from 6 til 10.  ***Note: there is nothing listed for tonight and because it is Halloween, there may not be any music. Whole Foods Market at 4944 Shelbyville Road is hosting Family Night from 5 til 7:30, with plated dinners just $5.99, music, games for the kids and lots of family fun.  The menu and theme change each week but adult meals are $5.99 and kid's 12 and under eat for free with the purchase of an adult meal.  Stick around for a wine tasting at 6. Eight Inch Elvis is appearing live this morning on Great Day Live at 9 on WHAS 11.  Watch it live on JUST FOR GROWNUPS... ...
Monkey wrench in the works. Production on schedule. Currently slated for release December 5th. Pre-order monkey wrench now.
Instead of calling someone who is not clean "Ratchet" we should call them "Monkey Wrench" anybody? Anybody? Yes? No?
Get inspired and motivated by These 50 Best Quotes About Determination and determination picture quotes: We must look for ways to be an active force in our own lives. We must take charge of our own destinies, design a life of substance and truly begin to live our dreams. Les Brown The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win. Roger Bannister The spirit, the will to win, and the will to excel are the things that endure. These qualities are so much more important than the events that occur. Vince Lombardi A man can be as great as he wants to be. If you believe in yourself and have the courage, the determination, the dedication, the competitive drive and if you are willing to sacrifice the little things in life and pay the price for the things that are worthwhile, it can be done. Anthony Robbins The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will. Vince Lombardi Jr. The difference bet ...
Time to throw a monkey wrench in the works and see what happens! In the comments, I will post a link to a status.
TV plans didn't go as planned. Somebody thru a "Monkey Wrench" in it !
It's been a minute since I've attended midweek service, but tonight I went, eagerly ready for spiritual nourishment. Great study, most things I knew but then, well, we took the spiritual gift assessment which I haven't taken in results really threw me for a loop! Just when you think you've figured out your life's mission, God throws in a monkey wrench to remind you that it's not your will but His! Have your way Lord, I relent...I'm Divinely Molded after all. "Now to him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us" amen.
Don't want to be your monkey wrench . one more indecent accident .
I'll never be your monkey wrench. What do you do when all your enemies are friends
Just when u think things are going good. Somebody throws a monkey wrench in the plan.
Just once I wish people who say well I will meet you before you go to your appointment would just show up instead of leaving you hanging and is a no freaking show. Then it throws a monkey wrench in what you are working hard to get . Just once I wish things would go right for me
you gotta play fast and get lucky. A slow group or a frost delay is a big monkey wrench.
I am so sick. No matter what is done you always have to throw a monkey wrench into it and mess it all up.
A new favorite: Monkey Wrench by on
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I need a monkey wrench. Time to call up a neighbor😼
I think I'll start a national "Throw Your Vote Away" movement. If you listen to the 2 ruling royalty parties they will say you're throwing your vote away unless you vote for them. Gee, they even know better than you when it comes to casting your vote! I say if they are a DemoCREEP or RepubliCON then they don't get a single one of our votes. (Unless you really want the USA to turn into Cuba...or worse) The only monkey wrench in my plan is there are a ton of nim-wits that still believe there is a difference between the 2 parties. And they will religiously vote for 1 of the 2 branches of the same party. I say no votes for Dems or Reps!
I hate 2 sound so hopelessly female but, what does a monkey wrench look like?
I am sooo with Obama on his Affordable Health Insurance [Obama Care]. Just listened to his speech in Massachusetts where his opponent Mitt Romney passed the affordable insurance coverage bill and it's successful. Obama cannot understand why the opposition is so against seeing millions of people being insured ..says it should be a "no brainer". He said that if they put as much energy into agreeing to the good of all as they do in opposing. that everyone would benefit ...even the deficit would shrink . Of course I'm paraphrasing him but what I think is, darn, I have seen so many cases where an American person takes sick and the family is wiped out by millions of dollars in bills ..must be so scary to live in such a country. and why doesn't everyone put their energy together in accomplishing good across the board. for example here at home more cooperation would get so much done through support and cooperation in Rupert, in local gov't, in Victoria gov't, in the non First Nations vs First Nations issues ...
Back to my normal routine today...freshly squeezed juice to recover from last nights overindulgence...already had carrot/orange juice with my mineral complex... later dark green leafy vegys with fruit in the juicer, liquid vitamin b complex. btw need to order a new juicer today.. I broke mine from over usage lol.going to rewatch the documnetary "food matters".life changing on netflix...peace out my brotha some point tonight...homework gr always a monkey wrench thrown in somewhere lol
For all of you who saw Dacoda and Monkey Wrench at the Halloween Party and enjoyed the show. Come see us at JRs in Mardi Gras on November 14th! Monkey Wrench is continuing to add more Foo Fighters Hits to the set list. There are a lot of them!!! They have a concert quality sound system and lighting and a great stage! Its going to be an awesome show.
Had my week planned out & landlady calls oh come pick up ur keys - thinking 2 myself always a monkey wrench in there somewhere - all is good
Keep my Grandson Kameron in your prayers today! He's at Children's Hospital with stomach pain! Here at Kirkland Clinic with Eboni for her last chemo treatment! Devil tried to throw a Monkey wrench her way , attacking her son on her last day of chemo! But I make this Declaration that they are both The Healed of The Lord,!! That yet in All these things , They are More than a Conqueror ! One thing that *** of a devil don't realize yet it That she has a Praying Mama , And He has a Praying Grand Mother who knows how to call on the name of Jesus ! Been talking about Him all day in this waiting room !I've got Company following me ! A Company of Angels !
November 14th at JR's Bourbon Street Cafe in Mardi Gras Multiclub! DACODA with MONKEY WRENCH The Ultimate Foo Fighters Experience!! Don't miss it!!! Come check us out!
Let me find him cause I would love to hold him up by his throat and pound his face in with a fukn monkey wrench
Bluegrass tonight at The Monkey Wrench! Come in for the music and see what we've been up to.
i dont know who called sanitation on us here at Monkey Wrench Inc. , but whatever the case is , if you have any waste oil or grease . our facility legally by the state, is supposed to collect it from you and dispose of it into our reservoir , sooo if you got some old oil, and need to get rid of it please hit us up . a recycling company collects it from us weekly
Oct. 31,2013 9:42 pm To my Worst Enemy You're the fly in the ointment of my life The elephant stomping in my room You fill my every day with sullen strife And ultimately you may peal my doom ! I won't inflict you on my worst enemy And keep you so far,far away from friends So they won't know your secret infamy And throw unto my esteem a monkey wrench ! You are the Jeckell veneer of dark Hyde Begotten of some deviant alchemy And sure as *** you counsel will not bide My pangs of guilt, moral ascendancy Conquering you with sensibility, 'Tis me, myself, my worse, worst enemy !
I wonder if this is too cruel a way to describe the "Monkey Wrench Party," or is there some truth in it?
Why the *** is up with all the Kobe talk?! He didn't even play and still he is taking the spot light from the actual team that is playing. They should have shelved him or amnestied his *** I can't wait for him to come back and throw a monkey wrench in that teams play. Are you a Kobe fan or a Lakers fan? Spurs outlaw
You need to CRUZ outa Dodge- you are a monkey wrench in the gears of progress!!!
The whistleblower, the imbecile, and the monkey wrench.
Today is October 30, and tonight is called Devil's Night in some places, and I think I'm going to look into throwing a monkey wrench or two into the festivities there, too, for Christ's sake, and I'm thinking I'm not gonna be much givin' a *** what the Church Satan thinks about it besides. They don't like it, let those dumb *** take it up with God and to go tell it on the mountain when they're finished doing so, *** pagans. Have a safe and happy Halloween holiday and your children, too. God bless and keep you all.
"one in tennn!" they just played the tune at the stadium. Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench
It *** when you put a monkey wrench in other ppl's plans...
Yep...I think that was why. Dems will use any excuse they can to throw a monkey wrench in a GOP election
I still wish Rob Schneider did a movie called "The Monkey Wrench" as a music video for the Foo Fighters.
Brooks: everything about this woman is perfect. Except she has a *** that throws a monkey wrench in the deal.
I listen to so much music, I'm listening to monkey wrench by the Foo Fighters right now. I love the lyrics.
Dedicated to some of my heroes. I've been trying for years to do the Monkey Wrench scream and I got it!
I need to get myself together. The last few days definitely threw a monkey wrench in my comfort zone. Lawd.
really? THAT would definitely put a monkey wrench into arod's plans.
Do you have people in your life that throw a monkey wrench into your Relationships ? Lets hope not.. If so its...
I have a sleeping bag and a monkey wrench you can borrow.
That threw a monkey wrench into my plans! 😩
I'm gonna throw a monkey wrench into the mix and ask your boyfriend to marry me
Freemasons in t Senate & House will put a monkey wrench in any bill that does not further t MASONIC NWO.Read & learn:.
Don't want to be your monkey wrench!
I will not let anyone throw a negative monkey wrench into my positive tool box! ☀
the monkey wrench thrown in my path everytime I turn around!!!
Dave Grohl is so powerful that he makes you his monkey wrench
Well the 6 and 8 hr games are always a oddball monkey wrench in the works.
What would you call them? It will also slow entrepreneurism! Adjustments are necessary to you toughing a monkey wrench.
Trynna throw a monkey wrench in my plans... ha, but they'll never stop my motions
Or you could kick him in his monkey wrench? PS you are pretty but still.
Tech support is crucial for what I'm doing right now and this throws a monkey wrench in my day! Let me see you monkey swang LOL
Pope Francis really threw a monkey wrench into all that *** judgment, now didn't he?
Loading pigs at 11 puts a Monkey wrench in your whole day
pool ball, a pen, and a monkey wrench, business end up. . I love my job ;)
"The monkey-wrench of human psychology tends to screw with predictability models, especially in "
Hmmm this will certainly throw a monkey wrench in the perceived "status quo"... Let's play this one out...
.shares on social justice, leadership and ATX before they return to Iraq. TODAY Monkey Wrench Bookstore 5:30p.
Don't want to be your monkey wrench
The devil comes in many forms to tempt to or to try to throw a monkey wrench in the positivity you have. Don't give em the …
Threw a monkey wrench in everything that u and I had going
Did monkeys invent the monkey wrench?
Had hoped to avoid the office today, but that being locked out of your computer thing equates to a monkey wrench. Off to work I go...
Old McDonald sittin on a bench, beatin his *** with a monkey wrench.
Turn those scissors into a monkey wrench
Only thing that *** about seeing ahead of the curve is seeing that knuckleball coming. Talk about a monkey wrench...
What I miss about Summer in New York? When *** use to open up the Fire Hydrants with a Monkey Wrench! Hahha
Turns out we don't need the monkey wrench.
My momma fussing about a missing monkey wrench. This is what I live with lol.
Why does it seem as if when life starts goin your way, a monkey wrench gets thrown in and messes thing's up again.?
He's going to beat the shark with a monkey Wrench? Wish they would get their sunny day cloudy day shots right. Its killing the believability
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I need 33 fish tacos, 200 glow in the dark golf balls, and a monkey wrench
Well this rain just threw a monkey wrench in my plans
"This rain is a serious monkey wrench in our twerking plans" -my like-minded friends.
But what can a monkey wrench do but make us tighter. Don't you dare fight it.
Don't want to be your monkey wrench.
House vote puts monkey wrench in plan for PMAs:
Yes, I am THAT left handed monkey wrench.
Welcome to our newest sponsor, Monkey Wrench Clothing! Check them out:
My car's on fire. I think a monkey wrench will do the trick.
The monkey wrench was invented in Springfield?
Okay, fine. So he made a pretty good score. He's still a monkey wrench.
'Hawkes told police he was approached by a person armed with a monkey wrench who tried to strike him. It is believed the person involved...'
Hope to catch recorded MCPIF presentation later, since Friday traffic has thrown a monkey wrench at my plans.
Monkey Wrench, Ever long,Rope. Yeah I could see how those are all names given to bad sex moves.
There’s a possible monkey wrench at 10km to go. It’s an uncategorized climb that might be nothing or might be something. Profiles always lie
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She got a monkey wrench for pu** good swing will put you to SLEEP
Gonna vote gm for MVP, so she can throw a monkey wrench in Helen's plans by putting up Elissa. Lol
Can a guy be considered a ratchet? Or would he be considered a screwdriver? Monkey wrench?
Only people that have convos with Trece know what I'm talking abt when I refer to a monkey wrench 😂😂😂
I done threw a monkey wrench in it and he don't know how to act!
NC music lovers come out to Amici's in Concord this Fri for Monkey Wrench and Sat for Hair Nation. 21 and up only after 9:30. NO COVER!
Kentucky Day 3: Some photo highlights from a morning in Louisville's funky Highlands district. First one's just a really cool old bar front I spotted. Second was where we breakfasted, the Famous Fish House and Beignet Cafe, better know apparently for the latter, a freshly-fried, icing sugar-coated instant cardiac arrest. Though you'd die with a smile. Finally, an unexpected mural on the side of the nearby Monkey Wrench bar of gonzo icon Hunter S. Thompson, who was born and raised here (the city, not the bar, though the latter would be more appropriate) Last stop of the morning the Wild and Wooly Video Store, where I scored hard-to-find DVDs of the trash classic Jesse James meets Frankenstein's Daughter and G-Men from *** which features Robert Goulet as the devil. Still raining, but nonetheless a good day.
Grateful Dead comes alive and channels the vibe through the band Monkey Wrench at the Eskape in Buffalo Grove
I've had monkey wrench on repeat all morning
Jonathan is just a big monkey wrench in the workings and progress of the Nigerian govt.
I love you and I love Psych for throwing a monkey wrench in the love! It's glorious that they're going through this major drama!
For brands (models), hard to beat Kona (Jake), Surly (I have a CrossCheck), and Salsa (all sold at Monkey Wrench and CycleWorks)
I wouldn't be this on edge if I didn't have projects and assignments due! Fricken monkey wrench in my plans.
My supervisor just had to conveniently call in sick to throw a monkey wrench in me getting off 8 hours early -_-
You excite me, and you deserve to be excited, even if it throws and amusing monkey wrench into my original plan.
the monkey wrench gang by Edward abbey. Fill a truck up and drive it hard and off road around the south west reading that book.
I hear ya! It's throwing a monkey in the wrench for my mowing!! Love storms though!
I woulda told her to get a monkey wrench and knock herself out
"Hit a chick with that monkey wrench s.o.e.n.o.."
How will you recover Master Kong's render in the event that she or he is sprained an item? Which has a monkey wrench.
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