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Monkey Shines

Monkey Shines (sometimes called Monkey Shines: An Experiment in Fear) is an American horror film originally released in 1988. Written and directed by George A.

George Romero Living Dead Jason Beghe Stanley Tucci

dance for me, minstrel, dance. Your monkey shines aren't very impressive. So maybe you know how to dance.
The sun shines a twilight glow a hand reaches for me it's yours I encourage it
Everybody sharing their collections...if you don't have Monkey have nothing. NOTHING!
-so strongly that it shines through your fur.". Afterwards, she let go and remained glaring at the monkey with a smile.
New horror movie arrivals... Monkey Shines. An Experiment in Fear. Directed by George A.…
You wanna talk about it , lets talk.
The only reason I watch volleyball 😍
As promised though for my 300 follower goal here is the shower vid 😛😛😛. Should have made it 400 lol
Good Morning 💛. Take all the time you like is after all 😘😈
Superb is on please leave a comment on our page, show us you care Shot in tenerife ht…
Check her skills people. She is so sexy and beautiful and knows what she's doing.
Check out yesterday’s bikini of choice for my pool day courtesy of 😍😍. Love this co… https:…
Saturdazeee with my girls. Prepping for our party tomorrow at Casa De Trouble 👯👯
Comedy fans: the new album is fantastic. Theme song, tegu terror and monkey shines make a must-listen.
Flatmate's houseguest thinks the sun shines out of flatmate's *** Also knows everything about everything & talks non-stop. Wow.
I have a monkey shines that helps me with my work.
I would say something about Monkey Shines but then someone would correct me that an orangutan is not a monkey
I thought you were gonna say Boo you know Ella from Monkey Shines
I just checked in at Monkey Shines with Download today!
Monkey shines with shane tonight and its a full moon
🙋🏾 I have actually seen Monkey Shines and enjoyed it! 🐒
Lest we forget: tomfoolery and monkey shines.
I remember when i was called to order by secret police for making monkey shines about US pounding Chemical Ali hideouts,my Worst Nightmare.
Yeah, but he is DA GREATEST chimp ever! Monkey shines!
This POC I know is calling his brothers and sisters "shines" what a *** uncle tom, race traitor, ***
I'm watching Monkey Shines on It's a great way to relax after a 13-hour workday. I can't explain why I like this movie so much
It's nice to see Jason Beghe again from 'Monkey Shines'. He's sprouted in to a very SEXY gentleman.
For all of Disney's H-1A visa monkey shines, don't let the door hit them in the butt on the way out.
dawn of the night of the diary of the day of the Monkey Shines!
Whitley took credit for the project & threw the smaller monkey out of the tree. . "Monkey Shines". .
I know that song! It's "Going Bananas" by the Appeals. have you heard Obama's rap? Monkey Shines.
10 minutes into this week's and it is epic. Maybe the best episode since Monkey Shines. KUMITE KUMITE KUMITE KUMITE
Just heard Monkey Shines on HDTGM. Wanted to say I get what you mean about crediting the 6 monkeys and totally agree. \_("o)_/
Read about the corporate hijinx that happen in "Monkey Shines" … .
First guilty verdict at for sexual violence 'shines a spotlight on the use of rape as a weapon of war'
Talking out of your *** while doing monkey shines for the rest of the zoo.
You gotta have a different mind set when it matters monkey shines lol
That weekend he rented 'Jacob's Ladder' and 'Monkey Shines' was decent.
can't hate on the Tarzan monkey too. And Monkey Shines.
Ducking the flying poop as we chat killer monkey movies w. writer
Sun shines on Harbour 2 Harbour walks -
This dumb jig doesn't realize the police are protecting them, we are fed up with monkey shines and feeding these apes.
Watch "monkey shines " and then tell us if you still want one
Belichick don't put up with monkey shines
Oh good call, I didn't realise The Navigator and Monkey Shines were 1988. What's the watery one?
There walks a monkey that we all know,. who shines bananas bright and blue,. how he can stretch his arms out just f…
It was one of those clapping monkey dolls in the poster for Monkey Shines, right? And it looked scary as heck
It's almost 3 in the morning and I am watching Monkey Shines. another reason to start questioning what I am doing with my life
Love everything you've done. Night, Dawn,Day...Monkey Shines...Creepshow...I just saw Martin last night. Loved it! Thank you
Happy Birthday to I'm sure you'll get up to all sorts of monkey - shines with Hannah today at
If you haven't seen the movie Monkey Shines, drop what you're doing and go watch it
I added a video to a playlist Monkey Shines (1988) Full Movie (720P)
love them all. U should check monkey shines out. Very good
Day of the dead is also awesome. U ever see Romeros monkey shines.
"June is making sure all them Monkey Shines gettin' paid"
I catch myself rapping it out loud around my kids. The 9 year old loves and the Monkey Shines part...
If you were to ask me what the best film ever made is I'd have to say Monkey Shines.
You are awesome on Grace and Frankie! I keep thinking of your monkey shines confusion tho
you're pathetic lady ..but continue this is amusing. Monkey shines lol
Monkey Shines. I always love the logic of and this ep is the pinnacle.
Monkey Shines' To Do List; a short skit I filmed and edited for (who wrote and stars in the short):
Just watched Monkey Shines, a preposterous horror movie by George Romero. The monster is an adorable little monkey.
Last night's double creature feature: Arachnophobia and Monkey Shines. MS still has the greatest quadriplegic sex scene in cinema history.
If someone on doesn't refer to Monkey Shines as "Fatal Attractions if Glenn Close were a Capuchin" I will be sorely disappointed
I'd caution against getting into any monkey shines.
No thanks, cats are gross. You could charge though. You'd be like the Monkey Shines lady.
Jason Beghe (born March 12, 1960) American film and television actor and critic of Scientology. As a young man he attended the Collegiate School in New York City, where he became best friends with John F. Kennedy, Jr. and David Duchovny. Beghe is married and lives in Los Angeles, California. Beghe starred in the 1988 George A. Romero film Monkey Shines: An Experiment In Fear, playing a quadriplegic in a performance that was positively received. He appeared as a police officer in the film Thelma & Louise, and played Demi Moore's love interest in G.I. Jane. Beghe starred opposite Moira Kelly in the television series To Have & to Hold, and has had recurring roles on Picket Fences, Melrose Place, Chicago Hope, American Dreams and Cane, as well as parts on numerous other television programs. He currently stars in the TV series Chicago P.D.. He began taking Scientology courses in 1994, and later appeared in a Church of Scientology advertising campaign and in promotional videos. According to Beghe, Church of Sc ...
No, its a daily drama that is a few years old. 128 episodes of crazy, over the top shenanigans AND monkey-shines.
throw back Tuesday, chillin with Dj Monkey Shines in Des Moines, Iowa
Similar/better post-accident stuff in the air shot in the beginning of MONKEY SHINES (88).
As a director, too. While I still haven't seen Martin, Monkey Shines, or Day of the Dead, I honestly still think Creepshow is his best.
Monkey Shines! Happy Easter! This cartoon is a running joke every year at group picture time! Jordan Weitzel...
Monkey shines is definitely one for the Scream Factory treatment
Watching MONKEY SHINES on MGM. Sure, it's not DAWN OF THE DEAD, but I've always liked it.
I'm Monkey Shines. TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. Get Rewards.
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Had a great time last night at The Legendary White Swan with The Purple Stick Pins and the Monkey Shines!
Underrated Actor of the Week: Stanley Tucci, a.k.a. The Tooch. This guy, what can I say, he’s a comedy genius. Raises the bar on every film he’s in. Played the best father ever in Easy A. Is it surprising that his first acting gig was Prizzi’s Honor or that my first intro to his work was Monkey Shines (this one kind of creeped me out when I was a kid)? Now he’s in the Hunger Games (very cool). He is one of those actors that when he pops up in a movie, he steals the show. Memorable rolls include Billy Bathgate (as Lucky Luciano), Undercover Blues (Morty!), Kiss of Death (playing a duchebag DA like a boss), and as Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. These titles barely scratch the surface of a wide range of characters he’s played on film, and I haven’t mentioned his television rolls. I’m sure a lot of you will remember him on Miami Vice, Wiseguy, Murder One, and E.R., right? Well he isn’t going anywhere, because he’s working hard for our entertainment. The Tooch has got nine projects in p ...
What's your favorite Monkey movie? -Project X? -Curious George? -Bedtime for Bonzo? -The Legend of Tarzan? -Every Which Way But Loose? -Monkey Shines? -Gorillas in the Mist? -Mighty Joe Young? -Planet of the Apes? -King Kong? Is it one of these, or something else? Let us know!
Going to Calgary on Saturday for our book launch of Stay Away From the Barn. If you know people in Calgary that can spread the the Dino's and their huge fan base or some rich uncle or book lovers. Let them know. Monkey Shines bookstore 1:00 to 4:00. Pictures of the kids and a DVD to watch as I read the book. Maybe an art lesson.
12/6/1962: Janine Turner star of Cliffhanger, Steel Magnolias, Monkey Shines and Black Widow (2010) is born in Lincoln, NE
Huh. I'd totally forgotten that Stanley Tucci was in Monkey Shines.
Has anyone here read the Michael Stewart novel "Monkey Shines", which is the basis for the George Romero film of the same name?
Bryan Schneider was kind enough to invite me to screen a couple of my shorts tonight at Comedy Caravan, right before he and the rest of the Louisville Riff Raff run color commentary on the not-so-classic "Monkey Shines". It's at 8 p.m. and admission is free when you give the password "Servo" at the door. I hope to see you there.
So now yo know why I was so excited! I mean, George "Fu%Romero. If that doesn't get your heart pumping, your not a horror fan. Besides "Night of the Living Dead" and it's many sequels he also directed "Dark Half." And out of all the attemps to bring a Steven King Story to the screene, that one is my favorite. And I bet you didn't know that "The Crazies" was a remake of a 1973 movie (same title) which was written and directed by George A. Romero. Plus some of my other favorites, "Monkey Shines" and "Martin". But lets face it he has spent his entire career doing ZOMBIES, so my oppinion (and many other's as well), nobody knows or does zombies better. Who feels me?
Veteran voice artist Frank Welker did the vocals for Ella the Monkey in the George Romero film Monkey Shines
'Monkey Shines' to get midnight screening at New Beverly Cinema via
About to watch this seemingly amazing movie by George A. Romero called Monkey Shines about a telepathic killer monkey.
Josh Hamilton was in Monkey Shines?? Several scenes he is a dead ringer.
has finished reading Flora Rheta Schreiber's Sybil (a fantastic tool for psychological research of the human psyche, a must read)! Jefe, it's all yours to read! ;). I will begin reading Stephen King's short story The Monkey (inspiring the movie Monkey Shines) and after Mario Puzo's Omerta (the final novel of his mafia trilogy, including The Godfather and The Last Don).
The Eerie Horror Fest is pleased to announce the return of our old friends from Romero's Dawn of the Dead at our 2012 main event! Returning cast members G. Joe Shelby, Nick Tallo and Sharon Ceccatti Hill will be back with us, along with David Early (Mr. Berman), who will be making his first appearance with us in October! David has also appeared in Silence of the Lambs, Creepshow, Monkey Shines and Tales from the Darkside! More details to come. More guests to be announced!
I watched the George A. Romero's Monkey Shines on Netflix recently. I'm sure most people would find it stupid, but it really stuck with me.
I tried to give myself flashbacks of the royal wedding, thinking that I could bore myself to sleep... but then I thought about how much Dorothy Wang had me laughing with her commentary that my plan backfired. I guess I may as well stay up and watch Monkey Shines. (for you younginz, it's a really bad movie about a monkey that goes crazy and tries to murder his owner who is in a wheel chair)
Monkey Shines (DVD): From writer/director George Romero, the man who unleashed Night of the Living Dead, comes a...
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