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Monica Wright

Monica Wright is a professional basketball player for the Minnesota Lynx of the WNBA and Botaş SK of the Turkish Women's League.

Kevin Durant Quincy McCall Maya Moore Seimone Augustus Minnesota Lynx Kawhi Leonard

Kevin Durant and Monica Wright are like the ultimate relationship goals. 😍
Monica wright is my type anything cuter than her I know I can't pull.
The talented WNBA player Monica wright got her makeup done by Sebastian hull for I love me campaign.
Broke up, but there's pics of them together
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I had a dream that I was a rescue swimmer... And Free Willy ate me 😒
don't come at me wit that Monica Wright USC dorm room BS
You got me, I got you. That's just the way things are supposed to be. 👊❤️😘 we make this look easy 👌…
Quincy McCall && Monica Wright are relationship goals. Only the best would understand this. 😏
“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” Frank Lloyd Wright
“I'm in church with Monica Wright y'all!”get me an autograph
I'm in church with Monica Wright y'all!
get the gorgeous Monica dress online now from 😍
Thank you Lord for letting my husband make it home safely ..
Photoset: Endless list of favorite movie pairings Love & Basketball 2000 Monica Wright (Sanaa Lathan) and...
😂 i feel like Monica Wright everytime i wear them lol
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18 and 10 with the game winner AND the W! Let's go!!! 🎉🏀
Read an excerpt, more on forthcoming (fall 2016) FRANKENSTEIN IN BAGHDAD, trans. Jonathan Wright
Smile, even if it's fake. Laugh, even if you hurt. Don't let anyone get to you, you're beautiful regardless of what anyone…
When care about something that means they truly care about it.
“Don’t approach me if your eyebrows on flunk”😂😭
Note to self: do eyebrows more than once every 2 months. K thx
who trying to get on these SPADES tho?! 🃏💰🃏
I gotta get an account so I can play COD
JUST IN: Watts announces firm will re-evaluate decision to cut football program
🏀 So thankful that I can play basketball again.. It's been a lllooonnggg ride 🙌
I need to get in touch with Monica Wright A.S.A.P
Hurston Wright Foundation would like to thank Monica Hand for her contribution to our 25th anniversary campaign!
You can only pick one relationship which one u choosing???! Gimme that quincy and monica wright…
So I just realized tht Regina Hall was Monica Wright's sister in Love & Basketball.
Edgar Wright No Longer Credited For ANT-MAN Screenplay: Disney's press release for the new Ant-Man teaser trai...
"A winning habit is like a cable...a thread is woven each day until the product becomes UNBREAKABLE."
just because I'm forever grateful doesn't mean I can't feel like >
Thank you Lord for another day of life 🙌
My partner for life.U can't make it to the top without someone in your corner that truly believes in you and ... htt…
Be my Monica Wright and I'll be your Quincy McCall
Every athlete needs their number one fan 💯👌
Social media has taken over relationships .. People don't even know how to hold conversations anymore.
Follow God's lead. He will never direct you wrong.
Another view of Steph Curry's nasty move...
When things are tough, you must be tougher.
I don't need a Monica Wright I'll take a Gabrielle Union
Already worked out .. Good way to start the morning . 💪
There are 2 types of people in the world
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Mission: look like Monica Wright for the day.
Monica Wright the type to be in my top ten. ✌️
Show me physical evidence like Monica Lewinsky had, then I'll belive those *** Just sayin.
“If Lebron don't stop with that Monica Wright shooting stance”
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Learning to Love What You Have: In a season focused on gratitude, 17-year-old Monica Chica has an a...
Thank you Monica :) I hope you are suitably fantastic :)
I teach the Rubin Ride at 6 PM Santa Monica so, I'm gonna skip but will be there!
USC ain't been good at basketball since Quincy McCall and Monica Wright went there in the 90s
"I hold to what I know to be true, that is what God will reward instead of what people on the earth think is a good catch" -Monica Wright
Sometimes saying Yes to God means saying NO to him. God will make it worth the wait! (Romans 3:4).
monica wright said she broke up with kd because of god? *** I'm so
Still confused on why Monica Wright left KD, I'm lost what's the reasoning?
Monica wright ain't take the lifestyle.. respect, her religious beliefs out weighed everything. respect
I read the complete article in Risen mag.Monica Wright didn't say nothing bad about KD.
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Where is this infamous article that Monica Wright released on her break up with KD lol I keep hearing about this..
I don't think they been together for a long while now. Monica Wright? Nah... Was that what happened?
*Monica Wright may have sacrificed the support from fans of her relationship with Kevin Durant, but in her eyes, the decision to call of her engagement to the N
Monica Wright said she got a lot of criticism from people over her decision to end her engagement to Kevin Durant over religious differences.
*NBA star Kevin Durant and WNBA star Monica Wright called it quits a year after their engagement. And wright called it off for some very religious reason
“Relationships are a huge stumbling point for girls right now. Society is not really on our side, or on God’s side, in terms of what He believes His daughters to be... Society is pumping into our brains what we need to think like, act like, and be like. It doesn’t add up to what God says about us and what He feels about us. We are so valuable to Him. I feel for girls in the younger generations because it’s hard to find that value. Every day could be a battle for them. I don’t even know how they do it." Quote by Monica Wright aka the girl that broke off her engagement to her unfaithful fiancé, NBA MVP Kevin Durant.
I was reading the article about Monica Wright calling off her engagement with Kevin Durant and this stuck out to me.
Because they saying Monica Wright left u because you didn't believe in God
If you were this young lady would you have done the same?...
If KD really cheated on Monica Wright he stupid af.
I love and respect you so much for this Monica Wright
So KD cheated on Monica Wright that fool is stupid
So the reason Monica Wright ended the engagement to KD was because of infidelity...but what's new
Monica Wright is sending the right type of message. 👌
Good morning! Happy Monday! We thought we'd start the week with some inspiration from one of our favorites, Marian Wright Edelman! Enjoy!
I really thought this was monica wright 😕
WNBA basketball player, Monica Wright ended her year long relationship with NBA All-Star and DC…
Monica Wright broke up with Durant over religious issues?! 😳 sheesh!
Monica Wright is incredibly inspiring and some of you girls need to take notes and wise up ☝️
It's literally so upsetting reading about Monica wright ending it with KD.. Smh losing hope in boys by the minute..
The story I just read of Monica Wright and the decision she made regarding her engagement. Very inspiring!
Well fans will get to see Maya Moore, Lindsay whalen, Monica Wright and Seimone Augustus next week at the UDel 4 the USA womens showcase.
Monica Wright is playing some suffocating defense on DeWanna Bonner.
Monica wright needs to do something with that hair
If KD had split with Monica Wright AND Nike in one summer, I would've had to seriously reevaluate our relationship.
that was not Monica Wright and that lady doesn't play in the WNBA FYI
Why Kevin Durant choose Monica Wright he could have got someone extra bad!
Coming up at 9pm kick off the Western Conf Finals, for a preview chatted w/ Monica Wright in PHX
."It's same mentality we have every game, we wanna be aggressors, we wanna throw the 1st punch." LISTEN:
Fans, chats with from PHX after shoot-around to preview the WCF-
Oh my gosh I just found out that is coming to see me this weekend and I'm so happy I could cry. 😍
Monica makes fun of me for napping yet has napped everyday ... k
Unfortunately, that is exactly right. If she keeps having work done eventually the caricature is gonna look like the old Monica.
& Monica doesn't look like Monica anymore.
Maya Moore that's bae seimone augusta that's bad Monica wright that's bad Lindsey Whalen bae all lynxs players my baes 💙🏀
St. Monica reminds us of the power of praying for those we love.
I liked a video Kevin Durant gets engaged to WNBA's Monica Wright FULL
They say I look like Monica wright from love and bball 😑😑😑😑
Quincy McCall & Monica Wright type of bond and love ❤️&🏀😍
My mom reminds me of Monica Wright's mom in Love & Basketball swear 😂
Lynx's Seimone Augustus, Maya Moore, Lindsay Whalen and Monica Wright have been invited to training camp for the FIBA world championship
Dear . What happened to Hazel after Augustus' death?And what about Isaac and Monica?You should wright an imperial affliction.
The play of Monica Wright and Tan White will be huge for the lynx. Penny and Dupree will have to have huge roles if the Merc want to advance
Just met one of the most inspiring and amazing basketball player ever! Monica Wright thank you for…
Only wanna make things wright before you walk out my life ♫ Before You Walk Out Of My Life – Monica
oh ight monica wright. Follow ya shot tho if you do 👀
"Monica Leigh the girl wright there peng
Love Andrew O'Keefe and Monica Wright on the weekend sunrise. Think they make mornings more interesting and knowlegable.
In all honesty I wish that was possible. I'd also take Monica Wright and her fiancé as well...
Monica Wright gon have me watching the WNBA
Taye Diggs had lisa, Monica wright , and the girls from the players club all in one movie… he is won
nice fastbreak led by Monica Wright gets her an easy layup. It's 41-38 with 4:19 left in the first half!
Beautiful pass in traffic by Monica Wright to McCarville who hits the bucket.
I wonder if KD and Monica Wright still engaged.
Monica Wright knocks down two free throws for her first points of the game. lead 14-8.
Monica Wright is beautiful. Aye you got it bruh
That moment when Maya Moore and Monica Wright walk through your hotel lobby😳🏀
“Well really any song by ben rector in the history of ever is amazing!”
Jason's Lyric & Love & Basketball got the same music intro. smh thought i was finna watch Quincy McCall & Monica Wright
good morning Monica Muuuaaah is the wright words to use for these pictures.
March 5, 2010 Freshman Marissa Kastanek scores 15 as NCSU sends Monica Wright and the Virginia Cavs home from the ACC Tournament!
Monica Wright don't even wear Kd's no more
Whalen gassed already -- she's out for Tan White w/7:51 to play. Monica Wright running point again.
Watching this Min/LA wnba game and got when he said Monica Wright lol
Wait Monica Wright really play basketball lol?
Monica Wright gets the Lynx on the board for the first time in the second half with an easy layup! 50-44 early in the 3rd.
Monica Wright knocks down the first bucket of the 2nd half for the as they lead 50-44.
Hold on. There's a wnba player named Monica Wright? Like the movie?
Sparks beat in the Lynx the only player I think really a beast on the Lynx team is Monica Wright🏀🏆
i don't like Monica Wright starting man, 😒😒
Candace Parker and Maya Moore on one screen. Plus Monica Wright and bruhhh this game is being watched cause they fine
True happiness is finding the Monica Wright to your Quincy McCall
I like the lynx but even with Maya Magnificent Seimone Lindsey & Monica Wright they can't keep up with Phoenix
Monica Wright for the Minnesota Lynx is sexy.
Monica Wright is climbing up my favorite WNBA tender rankings
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a foul before the ball was inbounded results in 2 FT's by Monica Wright. now up 57-53 with 4:58 to go in the 2nd.
leading Liberty 57-53 with 458 left in the 3rd, Monica Wright with 6 in the qtr, 11 for the game.
Monica Wright who play for the WNBA Lynx ...she's playing on Espn
They making monica wright look like a star 😩
Monica Wright taking moves from her boo huh. Lol good finish.
There's a Monica Wright in the ironic lol
Monica Wright for 3, Durant must be teaching her a lil something to lol
Monica Wright knocks down the free throw to cap off 3pt play. lead 16-13.
great touch pass on the fastbreak from Monica Wright to Asia Taylor! now lead 21-19 with 2:38 left in the 1st.
Wow! what a word! what a word! Minster Monica Wright Waters brought it on tonight, she brought back memories of the old landmark. That April Johnson blessed us with her anointed voice. Really enjoyed it Acts 2:38
If he'll be my Quincy McCall , ill be his Monica Wright . Only real couples understand this !
EAPA brunch @ The Milleridge Inn honoring Mary Ellen Romano w/ the Monica Wright Award. We are blessed w/ her dedication to helping others.
Simon Pegg Weighs In On Edgar Wright's ANT-MAN Exit: "I Feel lucky that I got to read Edgar Wright and Joe Cor...
😯 not sure if that's Kahwi Leonard or Monica Wright. .
Kawhi Leonard Definetley got the Monica wright love n basketball corn rows lol
Wonder what happened to KD and Monica Wright
They said Leonard look like Monica Wright off love and basketball ... 😭😩
3 blocks 3 steals Monica wright out there ballin
him and them Monica Wright cornrows tryin to earn that contract
😂😂😂😂 they said Kawhi Leonard look like Monica Wright lmao
*** out here dunking with the Monica Wright cornrows. The Heat should he ashamed of themselves
he might be at Monica wright game watching her get off
“monica wright try do that to birdman?” Ok son
But they gotta trade wade for Monica wright
Y'all ain't have to put Monica Wright on there lol
The Heat need the best point guard of the early 2000s ever.Monica Wright-McCall
Miami Heat letting Monica Wright do them in?
Monica Wright deleted my comment on IG asking about her and Kevin Getting back Together 😒
Set de fotos: tabberwammer: REAL Love & Basketball: Congrats to Kevin Durant and & Monica Wright on their...
When the fellas at the court call me Monica Wright >> ✊😤🏀
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Nice little day at the Frank Lloyd Wright Complex. @ Frank Lloyd…
Durant's girl Monica Wright or something is nice.
Monica Blaire, the voice - the woman!  Hear her story at SISTERS BEHIND THE BEAT, Charles H Wright Museum Detroit, June 28th 1PM
Pretty sure KD and Monica Wright broke up cause she could bench more than him.
Lesbehonest, I'm a reader. Not of books but of people.
Hey! long time since I seen ya. follow me! It's Monica. :P
."If you're concerned about diabetes - exercise.If you're concerned about heart disease - exercise.If you're...
Kawhi Leonard looks like Monica Wright from Love & Basketball 😂😂😂
& better mark their calendars cause they're taking me to Six Flags in September whether they like it or not!😜
“Speptember 13th, all you young kids!! Dallas Six Flags Weekend is officially ON 😍
Monica Wright practiced for the Lynx today.
Monica Wright taking part in Lynx practice today
Went out to support my Peachy comrade Monica Wright at her solo gig and what does she do?? She calls my butt up on stage to join her. Such a class act! LOL Thanks M
A bunch of DMX, Betty Wright, Monica. "4. What music was played in your house growing up?"
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Want to Wish my brother Anthony Smith a happy birthday and sent you some stuff today miss u love u hold your head .& also would like to wish Monica Wright a happy birthday and you holding it down my girl so hope u have a blast celebrating
Claire Huxtable or Monica Wright “21. If you could learn from any fictional character, who would it be?”
What's it like to be a pro basketball player and a Christian? Find out from an athlete here... | RAANetwork
Monica Wright and Quincy McCall made it happen though lol
ANNOUNCEMENT Functionaries Free Dominion is pleased to welcome Ms. Monica Wright to the office of Party Secretary, as of 6/1/14. Ms. Wright has been very active in the Strawberry Mansion community of Philadelphia as an entrepreneur, and within local politics
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"Ms wright is crazy for making is do so much on the last week of school"
Tan White giving her best Monica Wright impression
Kevin Durant's Girlfriend Monica Wright wears the pants on the relationship.she has a WNBA ring.
Lol I hate KD he cheated on Monica Wright.
Sooo in the Durant household it's still Monica Wright with 2 rings.and Kevin Durant with 0
Kevin Durant may be MVP, but Monica Wright still has all the rings. 😃
When my mama told me that KD was marrying Monica Wright I started crying at cross country practice I was so hurt😂
Monica Wright and Maya Moore are too nice.
“Something about this place gives me a real sense of Serenity.
I love Santa Monica by Theory of a Deadman
Monica Wright (left knee surgery) is a little behind Devereaux in her recovery for Coach Cheryl Reeve said.
Can I find a girl like Monica Wright and take her to prom or na?
Dev Peters, Monica Wright both worked through some things in practice today. Both, along w/Rebekkah Brunson, are still out w/knee injuries.
. and other female athletes share their prom pictures! Check it out for a good laugh. with
good morning... The question is not whether we can afford to invest in every child; it is whether we can afford not to. ~Marian Wright...
I've been steadily sleeping in sport bras like I'm Brandi Chastain or Monica Wright.
only if we get to watch Monica Wright-McCall.
i was only half-joking about the monica rambeau movie. the ant-man movie WAS edgar wright's. they should just cancel it.
you poor woman I'm always down for some tacos
No one will ever get chipotle with me, I miss you
Kevin Durant's fiancé plays in the WNBA & her name is Monica Wright. The girl from Love & Basketball's name was Monica Wright.Coincidence?
That's called being behind Seimone Augustus & Monica Wright on the depth chart.
Sexiest women's basketball player in history... Monica Wright.
“You've probably seen this before but if not you're welcome 🙌
But before I pass out... Where's my Monica Wright!?. Play me for my heart! Lol
Today I walked outside to find changing my windshield wipers in the pouring rain. He is an angel.
Why does Rasual Butler have this Monica Wright wristband on?
Tan White can bring the kind of defensive energy off the bench for Minnesota that Monica Wright brings when healthy. WNBA
Omg lower left says "Monica Wright" 😭😭 how cute. And now they getting married "From April 2006:
So this show on ESPN voted their starting five movie ballers, so with that being said here we go 1) Teen Wolf 2) Jesus Shuttlesworth( He Got Game) 3) Thomas Shepard (Above the Rim) 4) Sydney Dean (White Men Can't Jump) 5) David Patton ( Glory Road) 6th Man: Monica Wright (Love and Basketball)
If you could have lunch with 5 people dead or alive w... — Maya Moore, Kobe Bryant, Monica Wright, both of my gr...
I didn't know that Kevin Durant is engaged to Monica Wright of the WNB's Minnesota Lynx, they are going to have some balling kids! :)
yep.. and his future wife Monica wright..
Kevin Durants fiancé's name is Monica Wright, she's a WNBA player That's the closest thing to a "love and basketball" relationship
Monica has a migraine and kept rambling until it's going to cause her to lose her leg
I wonder if Kevin Durant and Monica Wright are still together . They were so cute🏀💗
"KD: "This was the first year I didn't put basketball first, I put being a better man first."" does Monica wright agree?
is about to become the most elligible bachelor in America, again.
Whete is monica wright, his fiancee
Abby has mothers day hour at kindy today, very bummed out that I can not go... WORK! . Thank you Monica Wright for filling in for me.
Monica Wright could u repost the cookie recipe for me plz
Monica Wright at the 2 spot is clutch
While is off being responsible and studying for his finals, I'm going to plan my whole life on Pinterest.
Bill had Monica Lewinsky. Obama had that *** guy at "Reverend" Wright's "church"
Lynx women's executive luncheon was awesome! Hearing Maya Moore and Monica Wright speak was so…
Monica Lewinski breaks silence. Will Wright be next ?.
Maya Moore and Monica wright are as good as it gets both on the court and off it. Amazing message to room full of women executives today
Monica Wright-McCall played for the Sparks. Monica Wright played for Barcelona
Kenny & Antoine (6th man), Juwanna Mann, Moses Guthrie , Shep, and Monica Wright
Sydney Dean, Calvin Cambridge, Buggs Bunny, Monica Wright, and Teen Wolf. And have Jackie Moon coming off the bench.
Then hits back with Monica Wright-McCall. How am I supposed to choose a winner like this? "I'm a ball player!"
that Monica Wright pick was a winner
But wait, to challenge Monica Wright, I'm going with Swish, from Fast Break.
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Jemele! Gotta represent for the ladies and take Monica Wright from❤️& Basketball
. I love that she says DC is sleazier than Hollywood
Monica wright please recover soon. I look forward to see you dance.
Is Monica Wright gone after this year? What did she do to not get herself a bobblehead before McCarville? lol
She in the wnba her name monica wright
Westbrook has that Monica Wright attitude lol
if i ever meet monica wright, imma tell her KD secretly loves me or something.
With Monica Wright injured, who is going to high-five after wins? I nominate
Photo: Congratulations to Monica Wright on your purchase from Ruth Largaespada at...
Team is already without Monica Wright for the near future. Underwent left knee surgery. Progressing well, though.
that's cause Maggie ate 15 bagels at Irving's
is it too late to start the "Kevin Durant is coming to Minnesota because of Monica Wright" trade rumors? He might help.
When Kevin Durant and Monica Wright have a child it will be a basketball god or goddess
Everyone was talkn bout it cus her name's Monica Wright and she plays in the WNBA like Love & Basketball the movie. Theyre on break
Otp & Genvieve Clements at the kicc bacc all I hear is Monica Wright
Little Giant Ladders
We end PGC grad Saturday w/ WNBA Champion Monica Wright! See what Monica said on her last day at PGC:
We wrap up PGC grad Saturday with our most recent WNBA Champion- Monica Wright! Check out what Monica had to say on her last day at PGC: the 2013 WNBA Playoffs, Monica averaged 9 ppg and gave the Lynx 2 rebounds and an assist per game. Watch the Lynx this summer as they go after their 3rd Championship in 4 seasons!
Monica wright but I think he cheated on her
Lol y'all tweakin on Monica wright nbs
If they put Kevin Durant and Monica Wright aka Kd's wifey together that would of been So cute 👌
I wish they would have picked Monica Wright to be on KD's team because that his fiancé ya know
KD is definitely hittin' lol since he broke up with Monica Wright
How they not gonna put Durant and Monica Wright out there on the same team?
Kevin Durant and Monica wright is what I meant ... Whoops
wondering if Monica Wright is at the shooting stars?
“KD need to pull her while they talking lol” he's engaged to Monica wright!
Monica wright should've been on KD's shooting stars team cause she's his fiance and she does play in the WNBA
Do you think that Kevin Durant and monica wright will... — That is a really random question, but yeah that would...
KD is still my favorite player but the latest news about him & Monica Wright makes me sad. I guess I can't call him Quincy McCall no more...
The real reason my boy Kd been going off he got her !
Okay in the state of Illinois for our new family member Monica Wright I have: Alexis Gluck, Brian Arnet,...
I would like you to give a warm greeting to our newest family member Monica Wright shunting out of Morton IL. I...
another one I wanted to add but not together right now- KD and Monica Wright. :(
Photo: the-red-nation: Kevin Durante of The Oklahoma Thunder is engaged to Monica Wright of the Minnesota...
My big cousin Monica Wright just shouted me out on IG doe 😏👌
Because Monica wright isn't engaged to Kevin Durant.
just casually sitting here with Ryan as we wait for arrival
KD was only with her because her name was Monica Wright like Love & Basketball the fantasy wore off.. lol
never seen worst grammar in my life. 😂 thanks, honey! Such compliment. Much blushing. So wow. U r much wonderful.
My favorite female bball player will forever be Monica Wright-McCall lol 😂😁
Had a dream I was hanging out with Beyoncé and Monica Wright while Allen Iverson was putting up shots in the gym...
HAPPY VAENTINE'S DAY BABY.. I LOVE YOU. Waking up with my bay... Feeling all in love... Lol... I love her so much.. I over live for u Monica Wright.. Started our V-Day @ 12:01 a.m... Dimples So deep.. (blushing so hard)... Nothing can compare...
this or Monica Wright? . 👀, hmm. KD got a big decision to make. lmao.
Proud to announce Ms. Monica Wright of the Minnesota Lynx will be visiting our huddle Monday Feb. 17th.
Congratulations to the first 5 members Alliance MMA that replied to the quiz with all 4 correct answers! Drew Dominguez Lana Hamlin Claiborne DagodamnDiddy Jackson Ramses Cantu and Monica Wright You may redeem your FREE 30 min pvt. lesson with the coach of your choice at anytime before the years end. See Me at the gym to set time and date of P.T. Again, CONGRATULATIONS and stay tuned for the next quiz and next PRIZE!! Coming soon!!!
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I miss all my friends like Amanda Brackett Neisa Johnson Danielle Marie Taylor Chelsea Monica Wright Ronda Joe Arista Grable my old day friends :/
B.A.B.E'S put that work in this a.m! Alexis Harmony you got focused and didnt stop pushing till the end. Just a wonderful performance with Crystal Mercado on the band resistance sprints! Thank you Berenice Avila for the help this a.m. You were awesome! Bag work and sparring tomorrow! Come prepared with all your gear! Alliance MMA Monica Wright your experience will be a BIG + if you attend. Hope to see you all Ready2Rock at6o'clock a.m!
If Kevin Durant && Monica Wright ever have a baby, that MFA gone be long AF !
WNBA Champion Monica Wright shares her journey and how accepting Christ has changed her life.
Monica Wright you must buy this card
MONDAY'S LET THE MANY MISTAKES WE MAKE ON THIS JOURNEY MAKE US BETTER...NOT BITTER PICK ME UPPER: When we allow ourselves to realize we are human "NOT PROGRAMMED ROBOTS" and we don't always get it right.Yes, we make mistakes. But, the mistakes should make us "BETTER NOT BITTER" Sometimes when we look back at the BIGGEST mistake we ever made...You can think of it this way "IT IS WHAT MADE YOU WHO YOU ARE TODAY" Thank that person who made you BITTER you just made yourself BETTER.Better people, Better parents, Better friends, Better brothers and sisters, Better teachers and preachers.Allow yourself to become BETTER. We are not equipped for Bitter, because we are BETTER! 1 John 2:9- He that said he is the light and hates his brother, is in darkness even unti lnow. Be Blessed My Brothers & Sisters! Minister Monica Wright Waters!(Breaking forth Ministries)
Getting great suggestions for window writing Thursday...Thanks Monica Wright daughter and her friends may disown me and I will blame it on you Monica.LOL LOL
Leigh Steuart Jodie Brown Stacey Parker Lisa Leamon Lani Lucifers Child Deth Noela Fisher Monica Wright we should all go for holiday here how nice :)
Off to build a snowman with Monica Wright 😁⛄️❄️
Kevin Durant has been on fire this season scoring 30 or more points in 12 straight games. But things don’t seem to be going so well with fiancée Monica Wright.
I was able to talk with Monica Wright about adjusting to her role coming off the bench, playing basketball in Australia, and the role her faith in God plays in her life.
Thanks Monica Wright not enough of the young ladies i teach; and sad to say their mother's know and believe this... You are a shining example...thanks for showing us it CAN be done! [KFSC]
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