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Monica Seles

Monica Seles (Monika Seleš, born December 2, 1973) is a former world no.

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Steffi was my fav too with a soft corner for Monica Seles. Though IMO Serena is the 😁
"Tennis has to become everything to you if you're going to make it to the top. You have to live it." —Monica Seles 🎾
I enjoyed watching Max Scherzer channel Monica Seles last night The game had many entertaining moments
That's the key to success, isn't it? It has to be fun. -Monica Seles-
Gal gadot is the actress in wonder woman and monica seles is the youngest female champion at French open
Haven't watched any tennis lately? Victoria Azarenka is a great modern day grunter, with Monica Seles b…
Ostapenko will win many slams, she is the reason I watch women's tennis again. She is the new Monica Seles.
Heard he took lessons this offseason from Monica Seles
Max Scherzer went to the Monica Seles School of Grunting.
Monica Seles was quite the grunter back in the day.
He doesn't usually sound like Monica Seles
That sounded like Monica Seles got the start for the NL?
The grunts when he pitches, like Monica Seles playing tennis!
Who knew Scherzer Monica Seles grunted on every pitch?
Monica Seles just did a helluva job for the NL T1
Is that Max Scherzer out there or Monica Seles?
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Hopefully 'Monica Seles grunting' otherwise they'll think I made a stabbing joke
Dang Joe Buck just ruined my Monica Seles comp for Scherzer
How many people do you think are Googling Monica Seles right now?
Starting pitcher Monica Seles is off to a good start.
Does Max Scherzer always grunt like Monica Seles when he pitches?
Monica Seles thinks Max Scherzer is grunting too loudly
I think Scherzer went to the Monica seles school of grunting
Max Scherzer does a great Monica Seles impression.
Does Scherzer normally grunt like Monica Seles, or is that the Judge effect?
He's going full Monica Seles with the grunts.
Max Scherzer sounding like Monica Seles out there.
My man out there grunting like Monica Seles too
Monica Seles thinks Scherzer is grunting too loudly.
We were tucking the tennis balls into our undies and screaming like Monica Seles too! She must have been mortified 😂😂
Monica Seles, a QUEEN 👑 at :won three in a row (1990,1991,1992) and became the youngest ever to earn the titl…
Outstanding achievement when u consider this:90/91(52weeks) 2 get 2 no1 Monica Seles had to win 2s…
I remember when everyone criticised Monica seles for it but all do it now and the men lol x
Who can forget Monica Seles, I think she was the player who started the shrieking, Yeah…
She's shorter than pretty much everyone else. Also, not the only one. Remember Monica…
The last two players before Ostapenko to win maiden Slam at RG and lose in a QF:. Iva Majoli (1997). Monica Seles (1990)
Monica Seles was a great one for that.
Ostapenko winners continue win or lose. Monica Seles like
Hi . Can I please take you as a guest on my new Superhero Coaching series :).
Love rafa. R u too young to remember monica seles?
I initially read this as "loud" snappers. Like maybe there's a Monica Seles grunt when they snap the ball.
He gives Monica Seles a run for her money. Remember her?
She Monica Seles, sea shells on the sea shore..
Fondly remembering the days when only Monica Seles screamed every ball she hit. It makes it so much less fun to watch
Jennifer Capriati inspired me to pick up a racquet for the 1st time. Monica Seles inspired me to never put it down for the last.
Monica Seles sells seashells by the seashore.
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I spoke to Michael Fassbender about grunting, his last fight and how he feels about being called the Hackney Unicorn https:/…
Really hope that Kohli has a fan like Monica Seles once did
Some folks may think unauthorized *** on a pitch is funny, but after Monica Seles I'm all for snipers taking them out.
I don't know about fighting a wolf but I could definitely take on Monica Seles and her beaver-like chompers.
I think we've reached peak monica seles.
Michael Jordan didn't make his varsity basketball team the first time he tried out. Monica Seles took 2 years to...
.This letter is touching. He mentions several great players but leaves out Monica Seles. Saddest tennis story ever
Monica Seles stabbed during a match and came back to win Aussie Open and date Paul Allen
Serena has never been the underdog since she best then Monica Seles when Serena was only 16
she really does. I hope she comes back strong after these 6 months. This kinda remind me of what happened to Monica Seles
I hate to say this but Monica Seles's career never hit the heights again after she was attacked. 😥 Fingers crossed for Petra
I love rat holes! Regards, Monica Seles' racquet handle
The tragedy of Monica Seles hangs over Petra Kvitova's stabbing ordeal
Petra Kvitova's heinous knife attack calls to mind Monica Seles's similar one-on a Tennis Court!!Asalint never persecuted by Germany,tragic.
I hope Petra Kvitova recovers mentally more than anything from her injuries.When Monica Seles was stabbed on court she was never the same...
Is she the one who was stabbed in her playing hand by some lunatic? That was awful, reminded me of the Monica Seles incident. 😫
get well soon.was younger when Monica Seles was stabbed by a steffi of vulnerable needed?
it reminds me attack on Monica Seles by steffy fan! Very unfortunate Wish u a speedy recovery.. 💐💐
Let's hope she's not another Monica Seles.
Surprising that not many news outlets have mentioned the story of Monica Seles re Kvitova.
Monica Seles ... the legend of Yugoslavian tennis !
Dude, is a big fan of yours and you get all kinds of run on his show. Mike Shanahan & Monica Seles love you, too.
Can't help but draw a parallel with what happened to Monica Seles - different circumstances yet similar MO. Just br…
What?!? Flashback to Monica Seles' attack. Stop the madness!
Wow, first 3 months. now 6, I suspect it's more the psychological recovery than the physical; similar to Monica…
Petra Kvitova. . Let's just hope she doesnt become another Monica Seles.😥. Tendon injuries by a robber's knife to her hand doesn't sound good.
to Monica seles and returned in glory and majesty ... come Petra ... Now for the number 1 .. my greatest desire for recovery
From Monica Seles to Hammers’ Calum Davenport, how knife attacks cut careers
Monica Seles would've won more titles than Graf & Serena if it had not been for the Hamburg incident
What is it with tennis players and knife attacks? First Monica Seles and now Petra Kvitova
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sorwie fear for her career oo..i remembered Monica Seles..Speedy recovery
unintentional no doubt, but NYT posted pic of Petra's apartment. Note WTA concerns:
Terrible news from the tennis world We don't need this! Reminds me of Monica Seles
I think the worst was that girl getting stabbed like Monica Seles
The attacks have got to stop. On The Issues Magazine: LOVE MEANS MONICA SELES BETRAYED NO SCORE by Cindy Shmerler.
Petra Kvitova out for three months after hand surgery following knife attack - Looks Like Monica Seles Part Two
Definitely, remember what that attack did on Monica Seles? It destroyed her mentally. This is so terrible!😭
Scary world we live in. Reminds me of the psycho who stabbed Monica Seles. Hoping is OK & this superstar is…
Why does what happened to feel like another Monica Seles 😩 keeping Petra in my prayers. Hope for a speedy recovery
that's horrific and tho very different reminded me of the attack on Monica Seles
yes- do you recall Monica Seles attack ?
Hello. Is there a way I could get your book about Monica Seles sent to my home in Spain ? Thank you…
Shades of Monica Seles stabbing. Best wishes for a quick and full recovery to Petra
Prayers and speedy recovery to Petra Kvitova ! News of the incident brought back horrible memories of Monica Seles's attack years ago!😢😪😓
I know its a totally different scenario but the Petra Kvitova off court incident just reminded me the of Monica Seles…
Think about what you put on social media and when! Think about each other's safety when on tour as a tennis player
I hope so 2...she has severed ligaments n tendons so I pray this isn't a Monica Seles repeat. She is so nice so I feel so bad.
This has echoes of Monica Seles' random stabbing. She was never the same afterwards Speedy recovery
Two of the nicest people I've met in tennis, Monica Seles and Petra Kvitova have been attacked by lunatics with knives. So utterly tragic.
I thought the same thing. Brings me back to the Monica Seles stabbing and the mental toll it took on her.
Not yet clear if the Kvitova attack fits a pattern, but safety concerns have loomed over women's tennis for decades:
aw, completely wrong one. the acrticle is about horrible incident featuring Monica Seles 23 years ago in Germany.
yeah I read about it here last year and it's so cruel and unfair
Best wishes for Petra Kvitova.. Monica Seles must know best what she is going through
In wake of Kvitova attack: wrote in 2015 about the personal safety concerns that haunt women's pros. https…
This is eerily similar to what happened to Monica Seles. That man is PURE EVIL for stabbing Petra is the HAND!
I just played as Monica Seles against Maria Sharapova in the sticksports
. Play with Monica Seles play against Martinia Navratilova and Pam Shriver!!! Best day ever!!!
Chris Evert says Monica Seles would have won more slams if she had not been stabbed -
I can tell you 1 person NOT on 4some. Monica Seles. Grunting after 4ft putt would get REALLY old.
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Just a reminder: Monica Seles is married to Tom Golisano.
Also a good reminder he's married to Monica Seles
. What about when Monica Seles got stabbed? That was hilarious.
I don't like salads: I like the strong food.
and Monica Seles loves crown green bowling
1991 - Monica Seles is named the Associated Press Female Athlete of the Year for. tennis; she repeats in 1992.
Monica Seles: A bubbling career pierced with a knife
Well, at least Monica Seles is in the building, again.
Hey, so, uh, NBA security remembers when Monica Seles got stabbed, right?
Everybody has their story - at some point you have to say, 'This is who I a...
I've always been a very private person.
On this day 23 years ago Monica Seles has been stabbed in the back during a quarter-final match in Hamburg. :'(
1993 – Monica Seles is stabbed by an obsessed fan.
Monica seles getting stabbed during a match
Rock Calendar 4-30-93: Tennis champ Monica Seles is stabbed in the back by a fan of rival Steffi Graff during a tennis match in Germany.
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Monica Seles Stabbing Anniversary: Would the stabbing had made a difference to Serena's Path to Grea...
Monica Seles was playing Bulgaria's Magdalena Maleeva & was leading 6-4, 4-3 when she had to retire. Her next game came:1…
Today in 1993: Monica Seles was stabbed by Gunter Parche, a crazed fan, during a QF match of the 1993 Citizen Cup in Ham…
Monica Seles is stabbed 1993. Horrifying event for me to see as a kid. Tennis history changed because of this.
Today is the most important day in sports today living tennis legend Monica Seles was stabbed
1993: Sports - top ranked women's tennis player, Monica Seles, was stabbed by a deranged German man during a match in Hamburg.
FLASHBACK: Tennis star Monica Seles was knifed in the back by a Steffi Graf fan in 1993 https…
On April 30, 1993, Monica Seles, who had won 8 Grand Slam events before she was 20, was stabbed on court by a deranged att…
1990. - Monica Seles becoms the youngest Grand Slam winner with her defeat of Steffi. Graf at the french Open.
Watching Fan and recalling the shock I was under when years ago, the news broke of a Steffi Graf fan stabbing Monica Seles :(
The Tennis Podcast: Andre Agassi, Monica Seles, Jennifer Capriati – whose was the greatest ...
but honestly, had the Steffi Graf fan not attacked Monica Seles, she would have fewer GS titles, Seles was better @ the time
how about Monica Seles.. I feel at her prime she would have beaten Serena & owned Graf for a while
A picture of Tennis legends-. Steffi Graf ,Monica Seles,Gabriela Sabatini from us open opening ceremony in 1997
I never really did Christmas before. Christmas Day? I mean - what's that? W...
That's disgusting to wish a player injury. Are you hoping what happened to Monica Seles happens to him?
I thought it was a funny joke, but otoh I can't help thinking if Monica Seles. 😕
At work, and this boy's sneeze reminds me of Monica Seles' grunt lol.
Stabbed: Monica Seles attacked by Steffi Graf fan in Germany
I remember when Steffi Graf put out that hit on Monica Seles.
Kerber is the first lefty to reach the final since Monica Seles in 1996.
Who can stop ? Its not like Steffi Graf, Monica Seles, Martina Hingis, Jennifer Capriati, etc. are coming back anytime soon!
The last Australian Open Ladies final between a player from the USA and Germany was in 1996. Monica Seles v Anke Huber
switch Steffi Grag to 1 and move Monica Seles to 4.
The greatest lefty in women's tennis history was Monica Seles. Still feel terrible for how her career ended. Incredibly unfair.
Probably Martina because I'd love to see them compete. But a Seles-Serena battle would be great because Monica hit out, too.
I wish Monica Seles wouldn't have been stabbed. We were robbed of a great rivalry.
Remember when there was Steffi Graf, Monica Seles, Martina Hingis at the top of their game, female tennis is boring currently
because Steffi Graf and Monica Seles where just as dominant in a very competitive era.
For me, Serena is the best female tennis player ever. Steffi Graf got lucky the day Monica Seles was stabbed in the neck.
Hamilton Collection
Game On by Monica Seles is about a girl trying to get into a sports academy :)
Also interesting...despite Serena Williams' greatness, she really has had no great rival, unlike Steffi Graf and Monica Seles.
...Monica Seles would likely have gotten into double figures for Grand Slam titles won...perhaps they both might have finished on 15 titles?
...stabbed her great rival, Monica Seles, in the back. Seles only won won more Grand Slam title after that & Steffi won 10 more Grand Slams.
when did we last have a left handed Women's champion at the Australian Open? Monica Seles in 96? Think it's time for another
I believe Monica Seles was from Hungarian descent?
Today in 1996: Monica Seles, won the her first GS title since she was stabbed by Gunther Parche, a fan of Steffi Graf on 30-4-1993
trying to... Become 1st champ from Germany since Steffi Graf in 1994. Become 1st AO lefty champ since Mo…
I share mine w Aaron Rodgers, Brittany Spears, Monica Seles & Rick Spielman - not sure what we'd call our crew
On Xmas day 20 years ago Steffi Graf and Monica Seles jointly held the WTA number 1 spot. Brilliant players, great mem…
Speaking to amazing pro athlete attacks, and Nancy Kerrigan, WHYYY isn't there an based on Monica Seles' knif…
to Monica Seles former Yugoslav world no.1 pro & member of the International Hall of Fame!
Jimmy Connors used to grunt way before I was born.I never knew I was grunting,it was just part of my strokes.Monica Seles
BREAKING: NRA blames 1993 Monica Seles stabbing on widespread availability of the Year final:
I praise Serena all the time too. She's a complicated athlete and women. I find her fascinating.
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This year Big billion days Was Such a comeback after last year you can only compare it with the Monica Seles
Can't believe I forgot Monica Seles made an appearance on The Nanny!!
I would love to see Cheryl Cole get the Monica Seles treatment and be stabbed live on RC
Agreed. I don't think there's a more profound tragedy in all of sports than Monica Seles. What she might have accomplished =(
And the line might've read Graf 10 Seles 9 if Monica hadn't given in to pressure from the Brit press to stop "grunting" in '92
Monica "Carps" Seles with the breakthrough. Churchill C Grade 1 for 38 off 11 vs
he's Pete Sampras now I guess, or maybe more like Monica Seles after he just got got by Lamar
Monica Seles stabbed in the back by a deranged fan of rival Steffi Graf at a '93 Hamburg tennis tournament.
I am lucky to have advisers whom I trust. Monica Seles
You have to want to play it all day, every day to get to the top. - Monica…
Back to this rat in the pool. Does Monica Seles look hot in a bikini? -Gary Gaetti
the Democratic party recruited me to run for congress by providing Monica Seles for mating. -H. Waxman
Giving birth?. Passing a gallstone?. Monica Seles tennis match? . Possible scenarios from sounds emitted from chic on ellip…
That video was terrible, and on top of that I had Monica Seles flashbacks when that guy shaped to throw a punch at Smith.
:if we do that we'll end up disputing the legitimacy of Steffi Graf's records taking into account what happened to Monica Seles
While ranked 304th in the world in 1996 defeated Mary Pierce and Monica Seles ranked 7th and 4th, respectively.
being ranked world won world Mary Pierce and world Monica Seles.
Roz Abrams with tennis player Monica Seles and the former mayor of New York City, HistoryMaker David Dinkins
Serena has more Grand Slam wins than Monica Seles and Billie Jean King combined. But the tennis media/fans in general seem indifferent. 3/6
Some thoughts on grunting from Monica Seles and Pam Shriver.
watching Monica Seles clips on YouTube cos why not??
. Whenever I think about Jordan I think about Len Bias the same as I think Monica Seles when I think about Steffi Graff
Monica by Monica Seles (1996, Hardcover) First Edition in very good condition
Monica Seles is in the physiochronology encyclopedia. and
Also a security issue. Matter of time before there's a baseball version of Monica Seles.
*Shuld Monica Seles fight back? *Wat's d the best way 2 eliminate d pain?
Monica Seles would have something to say about that
You're to blame for all the screeching and grunting in women's tennis, Monica Seles? H8chu.
sure it's not Monica seles pitching
Monica seles was the first grunter. Graf never made a sound but Maria is the current queen!
Fun Fact: Monica Seles and Jim Courier we're number 1 in the world when I was born. Lol.
Great show. I don't care what you say about Sharapova but leave Monica Seles alone. (And, yes, college tennis should allow cheering.)
you will never get over Monica Seles will u. Not that that's a bad thing hey
Love this article. All great players, but feel bad for Seles. Argument against Steffi Graf (and for Serena Williams)
The argument against Steffi Graf (and for Serena): If Graf wasn't the best player of her generati...
Chrissie, Martina, Steffi and Serena; Grand Slams by age and why Graf isn't No. 1:
Monica Seles. On your dream of early retirement. Oh but now your back!
this lady next to you looks like former tennis world no 1- Monica Seles
I am tired of all the squeaking going on about SJP. It's not funny. At this point, it's just really cheesy. Regards, Monica Seles
I once scared Monica Seles in an elevator with my very presence.
Is it just me or is Jordan Spieth the Monica Seles of golf?
Took lessons from Monica Seles RT“Greinke's grunts are so distracting when trying to watch him pitch.”
Monica Seles on her long battle with Binge Eating Disorder via
Thank you to Monica Seles and Terry Bradshaw for helping me overcome my two biggest weaknesses:
how come we don't see Monica Seles or Steffi Graf playing legends? Have they been offered the opportunity?
my picks for coach Jennifer Capriati, , Steffi Graf, Monica Seles, and Pete Sampras
venus williams *** compared to Monica Seles and Steffi Graf and Margaret Court. Serena will always be in Graf's shadow.
Monica Seles and Halep could be an incredible pairing! Seles had great intensity which Halep lacks at times.
I just played as Martina Hingis against Monica Seles in the Daily Challenge
you're my favorite player since Monica Seles! Come visit Chicago soon!!
Monica Seles: I'd hate to be next door to her on her wedding night.
Monica Seles being stabbed by a tennis fan.
Monica Seles stabbed during tennis match.
When Monica Seles got stabbed on court!
-Life is not worth living if I cannot have pasta or bread again- Monica Seles, Capital8 Pasta:…
1. Monica Seles 1991, 2. Serena 2003 and 2005 3. Li Na 2014 4. Jennifer Capriati in 2002... where is the 5?
Always call Maria Monica Seles because she never give up on a match..
doesn't want to be stabbed like Monica Seles
I blame the OG Monica Seles for this screamery
Didn't Monica Seles do the same thing? She was the top player until some fan of another player wounded her with knife to the back.
i used to watch vastly more womens than mens when monica seles hit the scene. but since her stabbing womens tennis is DULL
Good thing the careers of Victoria Azarenka and Monica Seles never crossed or those matches would've been deafening.
It doesn't bother me. Have even see her play Sharapova twice. I am a Monica Seles fan back in the day so no problems!
I remember Monica Seles back in the day. She used to do this "ah-hee" thing every time she swung.
You would think that would happen. But Monica Seles had weird strokes and yet won everything. But her shots were reliable.
Masha will tie her idol Monica Seles with overall wins at the Australian Open today
Capriati for me... with the occasional Monica Seles tryst.
- you think she has ever thrown/broke a racquet? She seems like she is too sweet for that. . Like, Monica Seles in that way...?
I dunno how I missed that! I grew up watching tennis, loved Graf, Mcenroe, also Monica Seles (was so upset she got stabbed)
not a big tennis fan but Monica seles used to grunt sexually that's what it sounded like lol
Is Paul Allen still in love with the grunting tennis player, Monica Seles?
wouldn't say that if one of the crowd did a Monica Seles on a player.
Tennis "MT thetennisisland: ICYMI: MonicaSeles10s dished ahead of her exo TheGarden!
MT ICYMI: dished ahead of her exo via
how easy was it for that guy to stab Monica Seles?
Do we have to have a Monica Seles incident before we crack down?
alexander throws pitty pat punches and grunts like Monica seles he can out point slow brawlers tho
Oi Gabriela Sabatini vs Monica Seles will also happen on March 10, Madison Square...Rog will watch his crush 😉
Just came across this 1992 portrait of Monica Seles :D
talks about the BNP Paribas Showdown. Good read.
What's favorite part about Does she want to coach? Find out:
Monica Seles brings energy back to Garden - New York Daily News
Monica Seles brings energy back to Garden: Dont hold your breath for such a radical change. In the meantime, S...
Monica Seles brings energy back to Garden
Monica Seles brings energy back to Garden: It has been nearly 25 years since Monica Seles outlasted Gabriela Sabatini in an epic WTA ...
Gabriela Sabatini to play Monica Seles as part of BNP Paribas Showdown in New York: Tennis - Former Grand Slam...
a chunk of Keystone piping, John C Calhoun's neckbeard, that guy who stabbed Monica Seles.
All have a guess at the tennis option.. Jennifer Capriati,Martina Hingis,Monica Seles
Britney Griner was attacked by knife in China. Looks like Monica Seles' stabber & I have competition for who likes women's sports the least
Indeed !! I would have loved seeing her against healthy Monica Seles.
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Just learned Monica Seles only played Fed Cup for the US. By no means an obvious fact.
Can't believe in 1989 on this day Chris Evert beat 15 year old Monica Seles in1989. 15?! 15! 15 years old!
how can you detract from Graff by saying her main rival Monica Seles had to retire, and not mention Hingis, Henin, and Clijsters for Serena?
9,999 times out of 10,000 people on the field of play are harmless. But then there's the guy who stabbed Monica Seles.
The fact that Monica Seles was stabbed was no fault of Steffi, so the media shouldn't try and rob her off her glory
No comparisons between SW-SG. Simply recall Seles each time I see Graf's & wonder how great Monica would have become, etc.
I often thought Monica Seles was saying "Yahweh" when hitting the ball too
They're going to be TIGHT. I used to love Monica Seles. I hate that happened to her.
Steffi Graf got a buffer cuz Monica Seles' career got shut down by that crazy dude before it heated up.
Ye it's nuts, I really wana see wht Monica Seles woulda been on if she didn't get stabbed lol
Also think Serena's early years benefitted from Monica Seles' demise…she'd certainly be in this discussion w/o the stabbing
Steffi Graf was ridiculous and had the benefit of Monica Seles' stabbing.
To honor read predictably amazing thoughts about a sort-of-tennis-themed YA series:
Steffi Graf got extras because a loony tunes stopped Monica Seles' career before she hit full stride.Don't matter Serena still gon get there
Graf 22* (Monica Seles tragedy must be noted here)
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yep! My fave tennis player has always been Monica Seles. I do respect Serena though. She's an unstoppable force of nature
Serena. Steffi won a lot bc Monica Seles robbed of her prime
I hated Hingis. I was a Monica Seles guy
well if I ever give this blind tennis thing a go, I'll be sure to give it my best Monica Seles :)
but my heart belonged to Monica Seles, my soul to Pete Sampras. Ha-ie! Double-fisted backhand shots down the line!
I'm just always afraid of another Monica Seles situation
I've always known that Monica Seles was right since the beginning!
Marin Cilic is hands down the best palindromic player since Monica Seles
LaRosa grunting Monica Seles style in round three.
"Then you're my fact-checking cuz." Should have remembered the great Serbian athlete Monica Seles, for sure!
It says a lot about me that I've parsed this on a saturday night, but Lottie Dod (1893) and Monica Seles (1998).
Another one who had a phenomenal record was Monica Seles.before the stabbing in Hamburg. .
The academy also boasts illustrious names like Andre Agassi,Monica Seles and more recently Maria Sharapova
Still pretty nuts that Monica Seles was stabbed on the court.
The way Peng Shuai play tennis reminds me of Monica Seles! Two handed back hand and forehand...
Watching US Open tennis I am reminded of when Kramer was a ballboy and knocked out Monica Seles.
Just kidding about being productive, read this instead:
Peter Ustinov on Monica Seles: "I pity the neighbors on her wedding night."
Marin CILIC is one win away from becoming the second PALINDROME surname player to reach GS singles final in Open era (Monica SELES).
great, now i'm worried that my bed isn't sexy enough. THANKS MONICA SELES.
This, about a certain type of YA (Monica Seles's, for one!), tennis, and kind of ... life, is so great and so funny
"She drops her phone into a ball machine. It goes rocketing through the air and smashes into Nicole's Aston Martin."
Caroline and Monica Seles having a little chat on court.
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