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Monica Lewinsky

Monica Samille Lewinsky (born July 23, 1973) is an American television personality, celebrity, fashion designer and former White House intern.

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says former President Bill Clinton would have to resign if the Monica Lewinsky scandal happ…
That must be why Hannity keeps talking about Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, etc...
What are the chances that Joe Biden runs for president in 2020 and picks Monica Lewinsky as a running mate?
Half of these women are strong minded seen a opportunity and cashing in. Not all of them and the men…
It was NEVER the “Monica Lewinsky Scandal”. It was and always will be the Scandal. He’s always been a pig.…
I’ll never forget when Bill Clinton had a young 19 year old intern named Monica Lewinsky perform OralSex on him and Stuck Ciga…
What it was like to side with Monica Lewinsky in 1998, by
Bill has been known to apologize and lay covering fire for his abusive buddies in the p…
Tapper has amnesia,he forgets about the Clintons !!and Kennedys!! What happened in Chappaquiddick? Monica…
Remember when everybody went and greater than thou and Clinton was forced to admit that he had sex wit…
You better consult a dictionary. Molestation is not a consensual act.…
I Googled. TAPPER DATED CHUBBY LEWINSKY. Jake Tapper should be ashamed. This is just mean. I feel sad for M…
You keep the Clintons in YOUR mouth more than Monica Lewinsky.
Do you remember when The Moron defended Bill Clinton against Paula Jon…
Jake Tapper fat shamed Monica Lewinsky to further his career
When asked about Monica Lewinsky being an intern at the White House and giving Clinton a BJ, College mates quoted h…
Liberals focus only on Monica Lewinsky who was in a consensual relationship with Bill Clinton. They ignore Juanita Broaddrick
For all the “1998 was a different time” apologia, this PBS doc came out in 2012. The mainstream Bill Clinton-Monica…
"I did not have sex with Monica Lewinsky" -Bill Clinton. So Bill gets a pass Hillary?
Bill Clinton was not impeached over sex . Bill Clinton was impeached for perjury in a federal court…
HOLD UP: Gabby Douglas is only 21 years old and clearly not woke on these issues. So while some of y'all were over 21 a…
Either I have been transported back to the 90s, or journalists have lost their *** minds. Why the *** are we discussing Bill…
The seditious Left and criminal media held Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky to a lower standard than a gradeschool vice…
Monica Lewinsky was consensual and she's still paying for it.
Pedophilia is engaging in sex with a child. . Sexual Harassment is unwanted sexual advances or obscene remarks. . Sexu…
That "day of reckoning" should have happened immediately after Clinton got impeached for his false…
The wind in Oklahoma is blowing harder than Monica Lewinsky under the resolute desk!
I lived thru the Clinton administration. I’m going to say 3 important things1) the affair with…
Monica Lewinsky: Public shaming of sexual assault victims is a "blood sport"
Maybe. Still, a 22 yr old and consensual with Monica Lewinsky, and 7 minors forcibly is why there are degr…
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: Bill Clinton should have resigned over the Monica Lewinsky affair https:/…
Why wasn’t Bill Clinton asked to resign over Monica Lewinsky and all of the many other sexual attacks on women and the horri…
JUST IN: Dem senator: Bill Clinton should have resigned after Monica Lewinsky scandal
yeah...the Dems are a great bunch of guys... !!!. Bill Clinton was 44 and Monica Lewinsky was 22...…
How many years different in age were between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky? Hm?.
Wasn’t talking about Monica Lewinsky, but rather:. Paula Jones. Kathleen Willey. Juanita Br…
Who are you talking about here? Monica Lewinsky, Juanita Broaderick, Paula Jon…
Do Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Monica Lewinsky, etc., etc., know this?…
Because Bill Clinton exposed himself to Paula Jones and lied about his affair with Monica Lewinsky he lost his law license.
Also Keith he exposed himself to Paula Jones and lied to a grand jury about Monica Lewinsky affair.…
O one would know about Monica Lewinsky's if it hadn't come out in Paula…
Unless you are Monica Lewinsky, Paul Jones, and the other women Hillary treated like trash.
Common sense dictates that if they kill all their political enemies, Monica Lewinsky and Linda…
So Hillary's apology is in the mail after calling her a "narcissistic looney toon"?
Why did I instantly think of Monica Lewinsky, lol?
–Monica Lewinsky says Letterman apologized for mocking her
Breast Cancer Awareness
VP Mondales daughter... Jeffrey Epstein, Monica Lewinsky a Lil political but def not head of state.…
Monica Lewinsky was found following behind him before realizing it wasn't THAT bill..
Monica Lewinksy says Letterman apologized for mocking her: Lewinsky says after her 2014 Vanity Fair…
Monica Lewinsky says Letterman apologized for mocking her via
Why is Monica Lewinsky still in the public eye? America’s Mistress needs to go sit down somewhere. She got off easily. No pun intended.
P-I-M-P getting that Monica Lewinsky, Chain on freeze ❄️, Wrist on jet-ski 🌊
Apparently the owner of Segway died driving his scooter off a cliff. I haven't seen anyone go down that hard since Monica Lewinsky!
Monica Lewinsky says Letterman apologized for mocking her
IT'S YO BIRTHDAY? What's the perfect gift? U lost the presidency OR Monica Lewinsky is now popular? Tough choice!
Hey Billy how's my Monica Lewinsky doing you child molesting rapist you
Are you sure this is not the birth date of Monica Lewinsky?
Monica Lewinsky says David Letterman has apologized for mocking her
The Clintons have an old problem of colluding with the wrong people... Just ask Monica Lewinsky.
I had the opportunity to listen to Monica Lewinsky lecture last night. Take moment and listen. What a wonderful human being
I thought it was Oscar Mayer weiner alla Monica Lewinsky
I hope Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broderick all answer your call
Bill Clinton disrespected the presidency and Monica Lewinsky - you begin to understand ***
Sue the Clintons. Monica Lewinsky still impacted by Bill Clinton affair: 'I'm still held frozen in amber'
No one will ever do you as dirty as Linda Tripp did Monica Lewinsky
Once saw box cigars w/Monica Lewinsky on rings on each cigar. HRC's marketing ploy would be what ? Someone said prophy wrappers. What's ures
Monica Lewinsky has long milked this. She was instigated by Linda Tripp & went for it. Sick of her pretense.
have supported "taking a knee" from Colin Kaepernick back to Monica Lewinsky.
Also pressured Linda Tripp into recording a personal conversation with Monica Lewinsky, deliberately destro…
If Bill Clinton had paid as much attention to North Korea as he did to Monica Lewinsky, we wouldn't be in the mess we are t…
looks better than the blue Monica Lewinsky protein dress Billy boy squirted on. BTW have you seen Hilary's clothes? Dumb sap
Fox tried to do a reboot with celebrities in '13. They had Erin Moran (RIP) & Monica Lewinsky as their main two. Thank GOD it never happened
Past iterations of Brad Bird will be quickly sexy but I fling gummy bears at dated jokes about Monica Lewinsky.
I'm really proud of this thing I wrote. You should read it.
Monica Lewinsky should demand Bill Clinton's statue to be taken down while we're at it.
No wonder Trump so consummed with Monica Lewinsky?? Keep hands to yourself
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On this day in 1998, admitted having an ‘inappropriate relationship’ with White House inter…
.says she is seeing Monica Lewinsky in a new light thanks to a novel inspired by her saga…
so it's a go for Monica lewinsky part 2??
Standing on the Capitol Steps,defending Bill Clinton as not lying during Monica Lewinsky-in-the-Oval-Off…
D-cups were medically milky white but i destroy to save dated jokes about Monica Lewinsky.
I know what went into Monica Lewinsky's ... You believe Campaign o…
17 Aug 1998 Clinton admitted in taped testimony that he had an improper physical relationship with Monica Lewinsky.
Rookie with zero political experience,former model & rumored to be Monica Lewinsky. Eagerly awaiting 1s…
Bannon is the second Monica Lewinsky of 2017 or something.
Breaking News - Monica Lewinsky is demanding the removal of Clinton-the-Rapist's statue now
You need a little levity today. The Totally Hip Video Book Review is back with YOUNG JANE YOUNG by Gabrielle Zevin: https:…
Hope Hicks is to Trump what Monica Lewinsky was to Bill Clinton. Seems Hicks did a much better job. Got promoted and is highest paid staffer
In the light of Monica Lewinsky's piece, my interview with Mimi Alford, JFK's White House intern
Bill Clinton was an arrogant horny toad. Monica Lewinsky was an opportunist who knew exactly what she was doing. Her defense…
Monica Lewinsky pens essay on Prince Harry, Brad Pitt, Jay-Z and male vulnerability
Michael Starr Hopkins, on Tucker Carlson, has such "sensitive lips." Is he a "Male" Monica Lewinsky? Sure looks like a C..K S.R.
.When I think Ted Cruz I think Donald Trump defender. Monica Lewinsky had a more dignified "position" wrt POTUS.
Monica Lewinsky gave Hillary Clinton Head in a square office while Bill was away on buisness
and Billy Bush again? Let's also see Monica Lewinsky? Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey & Kathy Shelton
If you're trashing Monica Lewinsky rather than thrice-married piece of garbage president, you're a failed human being
I come bury Ailes,not to praise him.The evil that men do lives after them;the good is oft interred with their bones.
Monica Lewinsky has a piece in the Times. It is thoughtful and wrenching and I hope James and Lachlan read it: https:/…
Rush: Monica Lewinsky wrote op-ed blaming Roger Ailes for her problems? It was the Clinton team that hat called her a…
Worth a read: on what Roger Ailes did to her life.
Guess it didn't leave a bad taste in her mouth after all, Monica Lewinsky shows she's st…
Point the fingers at yourself-Monica Lewinsky Pens Op-Ed About Being Target of Ailes' Fox News via
Monica Lewinsky on and Ailes' smear campaign
Monica Lewinsky: The Fox News dream was my nightmare
Monica Lewinsky concedes the obvious--her scandal consumed *all* news coverage--but somehow blames Roger Ailes most. https:/…
I'm sorry you put yourself through this, but no, Fox News was not your nightmare. Bill Clinton was.
Monica Lewinsky is such an important voice in this cyberbullying era and I'm grateful she speaks out against our cultur…
Monica Lewinsky blames Roger Ailes in "farewell" to Fox News "culture"
Monica Lewinsky: Fox News' 'dream was my nightmare'.
Lewinsky: Fox News was 'my nightmare': Monica Lewinsky is sharing her unique perspective in…
So Monica Lewinsky blaming Fox News and Roger Ailes specifically for ruining her rep is classic hey M, does Sidney Blumenthol ring a bell?🙄
So, claims Roger Ailes’s dream was her nightmare. She never blames the Clintons. Sad. Very sad.
'Their Dream Was My Nightmare': Monica Lewinsky On Ex Fox Icon:. who does this remind us of? Mo…
Lewinsky: Fox News 'dream was my nightmare'
I didn't know Drudge was the first to break the Monica Lewinsky story. Figures. They & Fox never looked back, what a windfall.
Monica Lewinsky: her affair w/ Bill Clinton was a "national tragedy." And she blames Roger Ailes. Trump's fault too? ht…
Monica Lewinsky: Fox News' 'dream was my nightmare'
World Net Daily: Monica Lewinsky: Fox News' 'dream was my nightmare'
Lewinsky: Fox News 'dream was my nightmare' poor foolish childish Monica. Everyone is to blame but her
Monica Lewinsky: The Fox News 'dream was my nightmare'
Top story: Monica Lewinsky: Roger Ailes’s Dream Was My Nightmare see more
Monica Lewinsky writes that Roger Ailes made her life a "nightmare"
⚡️ “Monica Lewinsky for NYT: Roger Ailes' dream was my nightmare”.
Monica Lewinsky writes an obit for Roger Ailes and, perhaps optimistically, for the culture he represented
And you have TONS of actual proof to back up your claims (Other than Monica Lewinsky,…
TV Fun Fact I learned today: Bill Clinton did not meet Monica Lewinsky until 18 months AFTER Kenneth Starr was named Special Prosecutor
He is going to try to monica her lewinsky
Sure. The world knows Monica Lewinsky only because of her handbag collection! News orgs obsessiv…
Your Huckleberry-Sandbag of a daughter looks like a poorer man's Monica Lewinsky. Yeah. I went there.
"There is a very personal price to public humiliation." A brave and important from Monica Lewinsky:
Most of these cats probably werent around for the Monica Lewinsky scandal.
How much stuff is going to continue to come out against Trump and nothing happens as a result? someone is gunna have to call Monica Lewinsky
U look like Monica Lewinsky. Is that your twin or sister?
When this is all over Monica Lewinsky will have her reputation back. What's a *** compared to
Wow this Russia witchhunt is as time wasting as Monica lewinsky was for Bill Clinton
And Monica Lewinsky was weird for keeping the dress, didnt make Clinton any less guilty!
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Reminder: when the Monica Lewinsky story broke, the allegation was Clinton was on tape telling her to lie to investigators, aka obstruction
Trump wasn't caught with Monica Lewinsky under his desk while Osama Bin Laden was planning 9/11.
Well how come Bill Clinton was impeached then? Monica Lewinsky didn't "do him" on a tarmac!
MOVE ON?. MoveOn. Org originated bc of Monica Lewinsky aka Bill Clinton Impeachment. They wanted us to just move on then,…
What about and the DNC working against Hillary Clinton & her…
You left out screwing in the Oval Office.. 🤔 If Trump pulls a Monica Lewinsky, he'd be in hot water then!
Monica Lewinsky is best known as the Second Lady of the United States from 1995 to 1997. Like Bill, we liked Monica much m…
i would like to lead her Onward into a quicksand pit filled with mini monica lewinsky dolls, lol
And. When you lied about Monica Lewinsky - you and the rest of the cabinet - was that obstruction too?
And jake tapper dated Monica Lewinsky. Yeah..wrote a story about it to give r…
What do James Comey and Monica Lewinsky have in common? They both have a history of getting the Clintons off.
Wait has a step-brother, Monica Lewinsky had a baby with president Clinton?!?!?
Monica Lewinsky's Boyfriend and lover is the commencement speaker at Hobart William Smith College in Geneva 5/14/17…
Ken Starr, Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Linda Tripp, all still alive, though...
Monica Lewinsky speaks out on Clinton affair When te…
Monica Lewinsky speaks out on Clinton affair When tells us again it is all about
Ever heard of Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, and a blue dress?
A simple fact: Trump's lie about releasing his taxes is WORSE BY FAR than Bill Clinton lying about Monica Lewinsky. Retwe…
When I saw the name Monica I immediately thought of Monica Lewinsky
She will forever point the finger of blame. Think Vince Foster, Genifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky, just to name a few.
Sickly clones of John Boyega will be playfully woke so I perform autofellatio towards dated jokes about Monica Lewinsky.
Just look at examples like Monica Lewinsky. Kim Kardashian. *** look at god *** Nicole Brown Simpson.
where was Jane Fonda and ladies activists when Monica Lewinsky was trashed by Bill and Hillary Clinton and the democrats?
Liberals Freak Over Kellyanne Putting Feet On Oval Office Couch. Guess what Monica Lewinsky drooled on that couch.
Shout out to Miles city for choking harder than Monica Lewinsky
"The Girlfriend Experience" has more to do with Monica Lewinsky than you imagined:
I wonder what Monica Lewinsky thinks about the world right now. And I wonder most especially if she voted for Stein or Johnson.
When Bill Clinton testified to the grand jury about Monica Lewinsky
Long before Monica Lewinsky was Nan Britton, who scandalized US with tale of an affair with President Harding -…
John Kerry proves that the Swift Boating was right on Target. He will go down faster than Monica Lewinsky.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
apparently Monica Lewinsky is a natural disaster. I smythe you with Monica Lewinsky who will "blow" you away!! 😂
Can you imagine if Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky or Linda Tripp couldn't cone forward because of death threats..
So many "numerous ladies" that you can't name any!. I'll name some:. Paula Jones. Juanita Broderick. Monica Lewinsky
It's also un-American to be so stupid! Juanita Broderick, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Ellen Wellstone, Christy Zercher!
Takeaways from road trip with Kaitlyn:. 1. Where is Monica Lewinsky now?. 2. Who let U2 music on our phones?. 3. What happened to Chiddy Bang?
oh so you went from sexual assault to trump u poor baby Paula Jones Gennifer Flowers Monica Lewinsky stop me anytime
Noticed how that Kelly Ann woman has the Monica Lewinsky gah gah look in her eyes when looking at
you should invite Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky and Gennifer Flowers 2 come w/ u
How do you plan to explain Monica Lewinsky & Gennifer Flowers to your kids ?
What about Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky and this
Hillary Clinton choked harder than Monica Lewinsky, the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Indians all together.
Beyoncé: He popped all my buttons and he ripped my blouse, he Monica Lewinsky'd all on my gown. Bill Clinton:
In NH today: Trump tries to stay on message, Sununu cracks Monica Lewinsky one-linerm Smith tries to unite GOPers
oh Please!!! Juanita Broderick, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Jennifer Flowers, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman".
why she allowed him to humiliate her (i.e., Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky) and stayed! Needed each other...
I've decided to eventually go into politics, but only as the Monica Lewinsky of future President Brian Sims.
. I love it! Quit getting your feelings hurt! I wonder if Monica Lewinsky ever felt belittled by a man? Any man..ever?
If I ever draw Monica Lewinsky in a white elephant gift exchange she is totally getting a green bay packers Clinton - Dix j…
have u heard HRC attack Melania like this dude is attacking Bill? He wil bring up monica lewinsky next
How about bringing Monica Lewinsky in debate?
Trump's words were horrible but let's take a look at Bill Clinton's actions during his years and I'm not talking about Monica Lewinsky.
Monica Lewinsky was 24, not 19, Joe Lieberman led the calls to censure Clinton and Gore abandoned him in 2000 even at the r…
I'm curious: is Monica Lewinsky a victim? Was it abuse?
A reminder that Bill Clinton inserted a cigar into Monica Lewinsky's *** then put the cigar in his mouth and said: "I…
*** off more than Monica Lewinsky sucked off Bill
Funnies part was wen she tried puttin the blame on Lincoln,let me guess,Thomas Jefferson raped Monica Lewinsky,not Bill Clinton
Monica Lewinsky's revenge has been being the voice against Bill Clinton's predator. .
Hillary was heartbreak on the Monica Lewinsky scandal., Hillary left the White House with Chelsea
Bailey just told me if Hilary becomes president she'll have to sit @ the same desk where Bill cheated on her with Moni…
me and my family during the Monica Lewinsky scandal
I liked a video The price of shame | Monica Lewinsky
Bill Clinton admits to having inappropriate relationship with Monica Lewinsky
My kids are 18 and 20 and consider themselves "informed." Only one they know of is Monica Lewinsky.
More forgiving if she was more beautiful. Trump talking about Monica Lewinsky.
He should tell her to apologize to Juanita Broderick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Monica Lewinsky an…
Yo Trump said something about a woman, Bill Clinton had Monica Lewinsky put more than a cigar in her! Or did…
Hillary gives me creepy vibes idk she still keeps tabs on Monica Lewinsky
should hire a Monica Lewinsky look-alike to attend the next debate. I would pee my pants laughing! .
reminiscent of when bombed Iraq to distract from when he sexually assaulted Monica Lewinsky.
doubt she will win 😂 and you're right, but don't you know who Monica Lewinsky is? Oh yeah the women her husband had an affair with
Monica Lewinsky says on her FB page she is voting for HILLARY!
Fact: no one would have ever even heard of Monica Lewinsky if it weren't for Drudge.
Did Bill Clinton's oral sex w/Monica Lewinsky in the WH or Kennedy's seduction of Marilyn Monroe have repercussions…
Bill as the real "victim" in wake of the Monica Lewinsky scandal blasting accusers as "terrible" and "unattractive."
are you referring to yourself in the 3rd person or are you referring to Bubba and Monica Lewinsky? 🤔. Emai…
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Here's what happens if Trump raises Bill Clinton's sexual misconduct at the debate
I honestly cant listen to Hillary talk about women empowerment when she let her husband *** *** *** water gun all…
When Monica Lewinsky said she still had the blue dress with Bill's swimmers on it
Have we had the discussion yet about how Fitz and Olivia from scandal are a replica of Monica Lewinsky and Clinton?
She lied initially to protect herself, just like Monica Lewinsky did.
Hilary wants u2 FOCUS on what Trump said 11yrs ago, how about when Bill had "sexual relations" w/Monica Lewinsky while marrie…
Trump making the same face Bill made when he busted *** in Monica Lewinsky
Going to say this one more time, then I'm muting you. Monica Lewinsky said it was a consensual affair. Say…
It's the best f-u style decision since Monica Lewinsky wearing a pearl necklace to her congress deposition.
Not to mentions an intern named Monica Lewinsky.Sex predator BC in the Oval Office, and hen *** shamed for the rest of her life.
If Hilary Clinton couldn't protect her borders against Monica Lewinsky, how can she protect our borders from Islamic terrori…
Bill: "And then she brought up Monica Lewinsky". Travis: "man idk how you got outta that one" . Bill: "yeah me neither" h…
Was 👀 for Lewinsky @ the debate tonight! So much prettier than was a tonight
Bubba's girlfriend? Indeed! Hillary viciously attacked her character.
The missing woman was Monica Lewinsky. She has endorsed Hillary Clinton
when Monica Lewinsky Had sex with your husband you said Bad things on Monica you are a sexist not trump
It was during Bill Clinton's regime that filthy language was used 24/7 on TV because of what he did to Monica Lewinsky in…
Then, on the day Monica Lewinsky was to testify, he begins bombing in Kosovo, an obvious, deadly distraction attempt. Peop…
Jesse Jackson, while "counseling" Bill about Monica Lewinsky, brings pregnant mistress to Oval Office:.
According to Monica Lewinsky's Grand Jury testimony, Bill Clinton used the line in the Oval Office for phone sex. The…
where did Governor Sgt. Schultz come down on Bill Clinton v. Monica Lewinsky?
well then I hope Monica Lewinsky, Juanita Broderick or Ginnifer Flowers attends to. .
had a dream last night about an alternate universe where Monica Lewinsky ran for president
On gender - has anyone heard of Monica Lewinsky,Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers
Fat shaming Miss Universe? Where was Hillary when Monica Lewinsky was being abused?: Christine Flowers - Penn...
My piece denouncing Giuliani for conflating consensual sex and abuse to score points on Clinton…
Mason just came into my room and said "I did not have sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky" and ran away
When makes a song about Monica Lewinsky & Donald Trump... So who's team are yah on?
that sort of reminds me of the face of Billy bong after his encounter with the Pizza Girl, Monica Lewinsky.
I think you should hire Monica Lewinsky to sit in the front row of every debate.just saying
in the White House, calling Monica Lewinsky a narcissistic loony toon, she jeopardized our national security, made decisions that
How much respect did have for Monica Lewinsky or Paula Jones or other rape victims?
Unedifying, I agree. But not as unedifying as Monica Lewinsky saga.
Ppl say this election is a class war. HRC T's: Stronger Together. Trump T's: HRC *** but not as much as Monica Lewinsky. YES, A CLASS WAR
also Monica Lewinsky. Because that's Hillary's fault. If you vote her in, America will cheat on her with Canada.
Monica Lewinsky has nothing to do with the presidential election in any shape or form.
Donald Trump regrets not bringing up Monica Lewinsky during last night's debate: Of course he does…
We reunited the casts of The Intern and The Internship and asked about Trump using Monica Lewinsky to bash Hillary.
Lewinsky was not "violated" & Giuliani's sleazy claims minimize seriousness of sexual abuse
What if your daughter was Monica Lewinsky??? The view is the SPEW!!!
Hillary Clinton, who has suffered fools all her life, is bulletproof against Donald Trump’s low blows via
...She (Monica Lewinsky) frequently 'ferries mail' to the Oval Office (Bill Clinton)
-June 1995: Monica Lewinsky, 21, comes to the White House as an unpaid intern in the office of Chief of Staff Leon Panetta.
Trump's "October surprise" is bringing up Monica Lewinsky scandal from the 1990s. Next up Trump goes after Alf and saved by the Bell
After being married to Bill for 20yrs, if u didn’t knw the momnt Monica Lewinsky said that Bill violated her she was telling the truth,.   10% Off
Does think the people flooded in Louisiana or fighting wild fires in California care about Monica Lewinsky? htt…
The President of the United States, her husband, disgraced this country by what he did in Oval Office & Hillary attacked Monica Lewinsky!
LIE. Linda Tripp makes bombshell statement about safety. https…
What Hillary did to Monica Lewinsky, trying to paint her as an insane young woman when, in fact, Monica Lewinsky was a young WH intern.
Rudy Giuliani’s sleazy claims about Monica Lewinsky minimize the seriousness of sexual abuse
Wow! Thought this was Monica Lewinsky &anothr female.Donald,YOU NEED A BRA!
In fact, it’s particularly gross for right wingers to pretend to care, considering what they di…
When is Bill Clinton going to tell a story about how he met Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Kathleen Wiley and Jennifer Fl…
I'm sure Monica Lewinsky, Kathleen Wiley, Juanita Brodwick and other victims of BJ Bill would disagree.
Linda Tripp says 'Monica Lewinsky is alive today' because of her via
I will see your Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky and raise you Fidel Castro, Muammar Gaddafi, and Vladimir Putin.
Juanita Broderick, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky, Kathleen Wiley...HRC tried to destroy women after Bill done.
really? What about Monica Lewinsky, Kathleen Wiley, etc. shame on you &…
If bring Paula Jones & Monica Lewinsky up people deserve to know about this rape chg
Best part of the was when Monica Lewinsky, front row, recreated Sharon Stone's *** flash scene from Basic Instinct
Checking out "Bill Clinton bombed Saddam to distract from the Monica Lewinsky " on Tea Party Command Center:
Breaking news: Hillary Clinton opens up about Monica Lewinsky
Bill Clinton is 70 today, here with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, they reportedly had an affair in 1995.
Beyonce was going to twerk for Obama in the Oval Office like Monica Lewinsky did for Bill Clinton & Marilyn Monroe did for JFK.
"I want Monica Lewinsky to be president, I'd get behind that" "Bill Clinton sure did"
awe geez. Let's talk Juanita Broderick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Monica Lewinsky, and so on.
"If the allegations are true, he ought to resign." --Tim Kaine on Monica Lewinsky allegations re: Bill Clinton
Did you know that O.J. Simpson, Monica Lewinsky, Ted Kennedy, and President Bill Clinton are all avid golfers?. O.J…
listening to the recorded phone calls between Linda Tripp & Monica Lewinsky.
Bill Clinton won't mind being called First Lady. He, who kept Paula Jones & Monica Lewinsky on their knees at the Oval Office after all.
"Have Secret Service ask the hot blonde in the second row to come backstage for some Monica Lewinsky time"
Bill can't get his semen off Monica Lewinsky's dress and Hillary Clinton can't erase stain of her corruption off DNC
Debbie Wasserman Schmuck plays the Johnson Harmonica as well as Monica Lewinsky.
from now on, every time a Republican makes a Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky joke, make a Dennis Hastert joke right back at 'em.
Monica Lewinsky, Bill Cosby, Roger Ailes and Bernie Maddoff agree with you.
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Monica Lewinsky movie in the works? on shows exclusive vid of meeting with mogul Ron Meyer
oh geez. Do you have Paula Jones, Juanita Broderick, Monica Lewinsky, etc. etc. line up for next week? hack.
Ask Paula Jones, Juanita Broderick, Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers how great you are.
Monica Lewinsky confidante says had multiple affairs & was aware of it. via
Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky had sex on Oval Office desk via
I've always wondered why Monica Lewinsky was Bob Dole's next door neighbor in the Watergate Hotel.
Olivia Pope from the TV show "Scandal" is based on Judy Smith, a crisis manager for Monica Lewinsky, Enron, and Michael Vick, among others.
Have you ever seen her being asked questions about her father’s relationship with Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones,...
says she is for women what about Paula Jones, Carolyn Moffet Elizabeth Ward and Paula Corbin? Not to mention Monica Lewinsky
What ever happened to Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Linda Tripp, seems Crooked Hillary has a memory problem "do no wrong"
Bill Clinton was and Paula Jones, and Kathleen Willey, and Monica Lewinsky...
And dredging up Monica Lewinsky's darkest hour just to get Bernie elected. cc:
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