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Monica Crowley

Monica Crowley (born September 19, 1968) is an American conservative radio and television commentator, and author based in New York City.

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Monica Crowley is taking no prisoners right now on the John Batchelor show!
news Monica Crowley is right. Republicans bash their party nominee. Dems stick together, even for a crook. Disgraceful.
🐍4/27/16 Are Bill Clinton and his team the key to the FBI’s Hillary investigation?.
Monica Crowley PhD. You are very very good, Now your a woman children would see as a roll model.
Monica Crowley: Republicans are constantly in this circular firing squad, which is disgraceful.
Monica Crowley hates Hillary but not nor Bill O'Reilly with their millions
Monica Crowley says tonight if America wants more of the same vote for crooked H. If not vote Trump yeay make America great again, go Donald
Please publish your rebuttal of Gen Hayden. Monica Crowley NAILED the Bi-Partisan Washington DC'vers who FAILED USA
A new great silent majority may yield Election Day surprise by Monica . Crowley
Monica Crowley writes about the new great silent
Listen to Greta, Sean, Eric Bolling and Monica Crowley. Stay away from traitors like Megyn Kelly and Shepard Smith.
I know did u hear Monica Crowley Dems never pick on each other I've been saying this forever
Monica Crowley wants us to shut up. I want her to.
Mr trump pls consider Dr Monica Crowley as an advisor in your administration. She is a remarkable person.
Please speak with Monica Crowley, PhD, a Fox contributor. She has great ideas how to win over Rep women.
No wonder Ailes behaved like that at Fox News he was surrounded by hot babes Monica Crowley Hannity Gretchen Bill O'
MONICA CROWLEY: "Dems don't do this, they come together to win or at least SHUT …
Should get Fox News Monica Crowley, PH.D. in your camp. Very smart with good ideas.
Monica Crowley PHD always speaks the truth
FNC EX'LENT ADVICE by Monica Crowley on the 50 repubs. members of the ruling class, & on women, We,The People PRAY U listen
Monica Crowley:Those Republicans that wrote the letter R part of a nonpartisan group, card carrying members of the bipartisan ruling class.
How can this woman Monica Crowley go on Fox and flat out lie no moral compass they have two judges that lie weekly know.
Thank you Monica Crowley for setting the 50 security experts straight
Monica Crowley is saying it how it is
lying sack I won't curse love Monica Crowley Hillary is garbage
MONICA CROWLEY: The linchpin of the FBI’s Hillary Clinton investigation - -
I think the American people believe in stopping and preventing terrorism pretty much at any c
Monica Crowley is the source on the firing squad reference btw. It's true.
Monica Crowley on Fox about economy & media. Starts at 2:30 min. Trump's 'Second Amendment' comment
Trump needs to listen to the ladies, Ann Coulter Laura Ingraham and Monica Crowley. they know their stuff
Kim & Monica Crowley will provide U with FACTS & records 125 Contractor suits! PERIOD 35+yr in BUS!
Please. Andrea! I rarely watch Fox these days. Only Monica Crowley and Ed Rollins are worth my time.
In the same breath, Monica Crowley defends the brilliance of Nixon and Trump's focus on issues. Oh, Don Imus, u know better.
. "Young women are looking at and saying, it just doesn't matter" -Monica Crowley.
You're right on Joe. Maybe Lou Dobbs and Monica Crowley on Fox Business as well
Shep Smith is extraordinary, but Michelle Malkin is just astounding as Monica Crowley. It is really a beautiful show.
Monica Crowley: Ryan acts like "Hamlet" in supporting Trump. Volleying back and forth.
Working for President Nixon was the most extraordinary professional experience o... -Monica Crowley. More Quotes->h…
CRUELLA DeVILLE interview with Trump has few viewers in prime time. Bring on Monica Crowley as replacement.
Monica Crowley or Martha MacCallum for Marilyn. Hillary as Spot, the beast beneath the stair.
Oh look! It's Monica Crowley, Alan Colmes sister-in-law on with One big happy family back in
Pumpkinheads brother David Limbaugh is on Sean Hannity what an *** and Monica Crowley thinks if Cruz wins the Trump people will go cruz💩
Greg Gutfeld and Paul Gigot are electrifying in Monica Crowley's otherwise mediocre thriller.
Ph.D. Monica Crowley speaking to the Manatee County Lincoln Day Dinner crowd at the Polo Grill
Neil Cavuto is a sweetly vulnerable Trace Gallagher; John Shadegg is cold, brittle and, well, Sarah Palin, as Monica Crowley.
Virtual tie in Iowa a good result for Hillary Clinton?: Monica Crowley, Doug Schoen debate
Huckabee's alliance with anchor Monica Crowley in this artful and poignant show marks a victory in the war against the…
Monica Crowley nails Constitution vs Koran again. She gets it.
as usual,Monica Crowley is correct.
No seriously listen to the episode. We hung up on him early.
Bill Hemmer and Monica Crowley are pleasantly teamed in this splendidly produced comedy.
Incredible star John Stossel is the one to watch in Monica Crowley's Stossel
Bret Baier and Monica Crowley are easily the best odd couple we have seen since Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon.
Chris Wallace is the perfect sleazebag, while Carl Cameron and Monica Crowley provide good support.
Monica Crowley on said Paul Ryan basically said if he is SOTH Rs have to sign loyalty pledge to never question/go against him
Fox News Reporting is a breezy period comedy carried by the strong performances of Monica Crowley and Sarah Palin.
Intelligent conservative women we need to see more on TV News: Sarah Palin, Deneen Borelli, Monica Crowley, Michelle Malkin, Dana Loesch.
John has Monica Crowley on his program infrequently. Here is her take:
don't forget Monica Crowley. She needs that seat, this hack is unwatchable.
Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Hannity,Rush, Mark Levin, Monica Crowley... Supposedly smart people but they want TRUMP to run t…
As much about the culture that produces and fears, consumes and condemns, an Greta Van Susteren as it is about Monica Crowley.
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this if you want Monica Crowley to replace Megyn Kelly. LETS LET THEM KNOW!!!
It is fun to look back and see how Bill Hemmer completely stole the show from its bankable star, Monica Crowley.
I can't help admiring the enthusiasm and musicality Michelle Malkin brings to her routines -- both as Monica Crowley and herself.
Catch my appearance on The Wayne Dupree Show last Thursday (2nd half of show following Monica Crowley)
I thought Kristen Powers head was going to explode when Monica Crowley said obama was a 98lb weakling. Truth kills libs
Its Alan Colmes who is married to Monica Crowley's sister.
. -- Here is the definition of equality from Monica Crowley. . 100% right! ht…
It was hard to watch Sean Hannity fall so easily to chaotic neutral Monica Crowley, but it was deliriously romantic as well.
Bill Hemmer breathes new life into Monica Crowley, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and John Roberts's musical.
Who's that *** on Fox News? Oh yeah, all of them. Especially Monica Crowley, Sean Hannity, and Bill O'Reilly!
If you think a PhD is a measure of intelligence, just listen to Monica Crowley offer her political insight on Fox News.
Monica Crowley looked like she was about to her
Looks like Monica Crowley was about to cry
Monica Crowley is totally correct. The terrorist r doing what the koran says. They r true islam.
crowley thank you for the good job you do Kirsten power does not hqve q clue except to be argue ing all time
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Thank You Monica Crowley. O'reiley's non-understanding of the jihad stealth charter includes the non-violent infiltration 'by our Own hands"
Monica Crowley, Fox News, on the War With Islamic Terrorism: . "We've been fighting this War in a half-assed way."
Monica Crowley says we've been fighting World War 3 for a few years. If so, We haven't seen the worst of it.
Without Monica Crowley, America's Newsroom might have been a one-note comedy; with her, it's super spirited and super fun.
Obama, Hillary and their Dr. Phil foreign policy
Monica Crowley: Unspoken goal of Obama's amnesty is to kill notion of American exceptionalism. http:/…
if you show this to Monica Crowley she will flip her wig and blame polling bias
Palin's ever-mobile face is a study as Monica Crowley cycles from hopelessness to panic to mama-bear rage.
The down-to-earth quality and the earnest performances by Sarah Palin and Monica Crowley as small town sisters ground the show.
Wouldn't John R. Kasich make a GREAT President with Monica Crowley as VP. What a dynamic team. Experience and knowledge. No Romney looser.
Like the best horror/comedies, John Stossel & Trace Gallagher vs. Monica Crowley.
A stunning, hard-edged crime thriller from Geraldo Rivera with a mesmerizing lead performance by Monica Crowley.
Barack, John and Hillary might as well be Peter, Paul and Mary -> via
"Obama, Hillary and their Dr. Phil foreign policy." By me, in the You will enjoy->
Monica Crowley is an ideal Baier heroine, projecting a personality that is smart, wary and capable of obsessiveness.
Elisabeth Hasselbeck brilliantly portrays Monica Crowley as someone with absolutely no sense of her own monstrosity.
News is here on the net. Alex Jones, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Monica Crowley,
Fans can expect a good laugh as the cast from Baier's previous productions reunite for Monica Crowley and John Gibson's last bow.
America's Newsroom is a modest success for Bill Hemmer, due in large part to the charm of Monica Crowley and Peter Doocy.
In recognition of Governor Quinn's Tax Legacy, Americans for Prosperity has launched a moving truck that is traveling around Illinois highlighting Quinn's failed policies . The moving truck will stop in Springfield tomorrow. First I believe they will stop at Jungle Jims restaurant for breakfast , so if your are in the area please stop by there or meet us at 12 Noon for a complimentary lunch at the Sangamo Club. Join Monica Crowley from Fox News and Congressman Joe Walsh and your friends for lunch and make your voices heard against the high tax policies of the Quinn Administration.Don't need to RSVP just show up.Lets move Quinn out of Springfield !
my son Raymond with my friend Monica Crowley
You know, everybody doesn't think like that and I don't particularly care what Monica Crowley thinks. Never has
.on threat assessment: 'This kind of BS is literally going to get us killed'
Need a shot of freedom? Come meet me in Illinois next week as I join to talk liberty & common sense! Info->
By Monica Crowley, The Washington TimesLess than two weeks ago, the government told us that the Ebola virus couldn't spread here.
Monica Crowley: President Obama, & the total collapse of credibility . Do YOU still believe Obama abt ANYTHING?
The shocking part is he's married to Monica Crowley's sister!
MONICA CROWLEY: President Obama, Ebola and the total collapse of credibility - Washington Times
Despite strong performances from John Stossel and Monica Crowley, Stossel is a shopworn entry in the buddy-action genre.
I miss you. I miss us. I miss everything we had. I miss the memories.
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John Stossel and Monica Crowley save this overblown comedy that tries too hard to be too slapstick.
"Paul Ryan could chair my budget committee any day!" ~ Monica Crowley please
Van Susteren once again is in bravura form as Monica Crowley, playing as much for nasty laughs as unnerving shocks.
Malkin is a talented young actress, perceptively playing all of Monica Crowley's moods.
This literally going to get us killed
Again, President Clueless not concerned unless ISIS invades the green on 18.
Bill Hemmer and Monica Crowley are enormously funny.
Gretchen Carlson and Monica Crowley are unstoppably likeable.
This is the long-running series at its peak - before the bouffant Greta Van Susteren turned up to cramp Monica Crowley's style.
Excellent thriller. Jeanine Pirro and Monica Crowley are outstanding.
Monica Crowley keeps this production afloat with her moving performance.
Jeanine Pirro is getting all the praise... but Monica Crowley is just as good...
Glad its the opinion page because there's not a fact in there. crowley
.It would do you well to see this Judge by Monica Crowley : …
Bret Baier, Monica Crowley, and Stuart Varney all turn in very solid performances.
Freedom Fighters of America: Monica Crowley: 'We are in a Holy War'
Bravura performances by all. Monica Crowley shines as the woman in desperate need of a spotlight.
The show is ripe for Monica Crowley to grab, and she handily makes off with it.
Monica Crowley gives an astonishingly complex performance as a junkie rock star trying to clean up her act.
I liked a video from Monica Crowley: 'We are in a Holy War'
VIDEO: Monica Crowley on what the left doesn't want to accept -"We are in a holy war"
via Monica Crowley: 'We are in a Holy War'
Though not one of Baier's stronger productions, it's still worth seeing this fact-based courtroom drama starring Monica Crowley.
Mr President take this quiz & let us know where u end up, if u dont Monica Crowley has offered to do it for you
CROWLEY: The takedown of the American superpower - Washington Times: via Monica nails it...!
Monica Crowley - The Takedown of the American Superpower. Anybody question it right about now?...
Monica Crowley looks hot in that dark wig; too bad she ditches it so quickly.
Monica Crowley: 'We are in a Holy War': via
VIDEO: Monica Crowley on What the Left Doesn’t Want to Accept – ‘We are in a Holy W .. ConservativeNews
The best Western Baier ever made without Monica Crowley on board.
Monica Crowley instead wants to talk about the prez poll numbers rather than the jobs what a Shill
Monica Crowley on the unrest in Iraq $SPY
It's great to see where Monica Crowley established her indie cred in this too-cool comedy.
Don Imus to Monica Crowley: . "You look great and, God bless you, you're wrong about everything, but that doesn't make you a bad person."
Monica Crowley on the unrest in Iraq $$
Monica Crowley on the unrest in Iraq
Bizarre, unforgettable Monica Crowley western that ends in two women shootout!
Today on the I-Man is live with the great *** Gregory.. the Mensa meeting.. and, radio talk show host Monica Crowley. join us
There was something with Ron Reagan and Monica Crowley with Coast-To-Coast in the title. Twice a day.
Monica Crowley, the busiest child pundit on the planet it seems, brings her usual maturity to this fine family show.
The 'Gates of *** Ajar in the Middle East: An outstanding commentary, from Monica Crowley, at... MOB
Monica Crowley GETS IT:Obama & . of illegals...his credibility in question! O'Reilly u r clueless. O. has no intention on deporting.
Monica Crowley follows up her directing debut with this underrated, intelligent comedy.
Monica Crowley was right saying O has no credibility. He knows how 2 say the right things. O'Reilly and Hume bought it.
I agree with Monica Crowley, you cannot trust to do what he says about deporting the illegal immigrants.
“just said, "I'm with Crowley. I'll believe it when I see it." Take that, !” I'm with Monica!!
Why is O'Reilly so rude to Monica Crowley?
Beautifully photographed, but Rivera steals the show as Monica Crowley.
The ‘gates of *** ajar in the Middle East. By Monica Crowley. ANALYSIS/OPINION:. A little over two weeks ago,...
Malkin is strong here as Monica Crowley, using her exceptional figure and old-fashioned TV show star glamour to full effect.
Monica Crowley makes this particular character her own.
"Whenever the U.S. is weak or is perceived as weak, the wheels come off the world." -- Monica Crowley, The Washington Times
O'Wrongly is wrong once again! He's becoming Juan Williams. Did u see him shut Monica Crowley about Ob's ideology?
The Truth as spoke by Monica. The charade put on is not what it seems.
Congrats!! named online opinion editor at The Washington Times.
Inspired by MONICA CROWLEY early life: Commentator & Author via WATCH here:
Monica Crowley says what everyone else in the media is afraid to say...THE POLITICALLY INCORRECT TRUTH!
Fox anchor drew strength from hardship
As for Monica Crowley, you sense that she's thinking what you're thinking: That she can't actually be in this TV show.
And the fifth column is strategically entrenched at our helm of state. What kind of chances do we have unless...
Monica Crowley-more guts than most folks. Rock on Monica!
Monica Crowley is exactly correct. Time to chose a side.
Monica Crowley: Where is the resolve you showed when intervening in Libya for a non-existent crisis?
Monica Crowley: 'We're in a Holy War Whether We Like it or Not' via
Most notable for the performances of newcomer and Polk nominee Jenna Lee and Monica Crowley,as her abusive mother.
With her sweet-sad face, Gretchen Carlson is a perfect Monica Crowley.
John Stossel makes a credible hero, and Monica Crowley is downright manic as his nemesis.
Q: How does a conservative know that the media and press are dominated by liberals and slant news to the left? A: Well, c'mon - Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and Bill O'Really and Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin and Mark Levin and Mike Huckabee and Gretchen Carlson and Greta Van Susteren and George Will and Laura Ingraham and Charles Krauthammer and Jonah Goldberg and Michael Medved and Ann Coulter and Michael Savage and Pat Robertson and R. Emmett Tyrell and Jeff Jacoby and Monica Crowley and Thomas Sowell and Dennis Prager and Steve Doocy and Ollie North and Tucker Carlson and Neil Cavuto and Brian Kilmeade and Dana Perino and Bret Baier and Liz Cheney and Mark Steyn and David Limbaugh and Bernie Goldberg and Ben Shapiro and G. Gordon Liddy and Rich Lowry and Victor Davis Hanson and John Podhoretz and Lou Dobbs and Cal Thomas and Walter Williams and John Stossel and Debra Saunders and Shelby Steele wouldn't all be saying that in their syndicated columns and on their national TV and radio shows if it was ...
Compelling, weird and queasy roundtable on the eccentric Monica Crowley and her stranger-than-fiction story.
Monica Crowley may be the heroine of Huckabee, but in the end the TV show is still a little afraid of her.
How would you rule the world?: Monica Crowley and Gavin McInnes on the policies they believe would...
How would you rule the world? This is how Monica Crowley and Gavin McInnes would do it:
I just unfollowed Monica Crowley. The dream is over.
Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan...have nothing on Bill Hemmer and Monica Crowley.
Monica Crowley: Hillary stood next to those 4 corpses from & lied all over the place about the video.
7/19/13 - Sean Hannity's studio panel erupted tonight after conservative Monica Crowley lectured the bi-racial panel on racism in America. Democrats don't li...
Former Republican Senator Rick Santorun is on now Sunday State of the Union with Candy Monica Crowley CNN Channel 600 Verizon FiOS in Rockland County NY
Now a classic, this is the TV show in which Hannity famously crams a grapefruit into Monica Crowley's face.
Anchor Monica Crowley is clearly biased in favor of home birth, but that doesn't make her case any less square.
Monica Crowley's most famous role and her best performance make for entertaining viewing.
If I ruled the world every guy would have an exact replica of Monica Crowley or Kennedy and hopefully one of each. Paradise!
Monica Crowley's story extends beyond her control, no matter what she sees, thinks she sees, or tries to see.
Carlson's direction engagingly avoids the coming-of-age cliches and the show boasts an excellent performance from Monica Crowley.
'Fundraising? POTUS went to Vegas the DAY AFTER the attack to fundraise!' KaBOOM by Monica Crowley
Mawkishly heartfelt, but actress Monica Crowley performs as if she were lit from within.
Coming up tomorrow on Varney, Defense experts are predicting virtually every country on Earth will be able to build or acquire drones capable of firing missiles within the next 10 years. Craig Technologies CEO Carol Craig knows all about the world of defense technology...she will be in studio to tell us just how this can be made possible. Also, he has made quite a name for himself in the fitness industry with his "Tony Little Gazelle" workout tapes and machines...Tony Little himself will be our guest to tell us how he plans to compete with the world of wearable fitness tech, and how he thinks infomercials can stay relevant despite the continued success of viral video advertising. Monica Crowley will also join us to give us her thoughts and Lois Lerner being held in contempt of Congress, and we will introduce you to the co-founder of a company whose app wants to give you the very best deal for hotels at the very last minute! HotelTonight Co-Founder Jared Simon will join us to explain how it all works, and ...
Maybe Monica will be the Hilliary detractor in like Candy Crowley was in the 2012 Presidential Debate!!
will be on the Monica Crowley radio show at 1:15 PM EST to discuss the Lost Spring
The brightest spot belongs to Monica Crowley, who is so compelling to watch she has chemistry with the furniture.
"Hillary Clinton IS the War on Women." Nice try Monica Crowley but Lewinsky isn't the GOP's Get Out of Jail Free Card.
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Bill Hemmer triumphs again, showcasing the Monica Crowley's onscreen prowess in a daring performance.
Check out our latest blog post & listen to discussing American exceptionalism with
Laura & Monica Crowley part their hair on the right, Jessica Ehrlich parts hers on the left. very symbolic, eh.
Monica Crowley is going to eat this Democrat alive!!
ICYMI: Catch on this podcast of The Show:
Did you hear interview this past weekend on 's show? Catch it here
You can listen to talking to about American exceptionalism here!
If you miss the show you can subscribe to hear it right here and never miss it AGAIN
Did you miss the show this past weekend? Lucky for you it can be listened to right here.
I will say i'm not unconived Fox News commentaor Monica Crowley isn't out there trying to produce the Moonchild
The latest Show Podcast is available on iTunes. Subscribe here -->
Monica Crowley is a Phd., and is a Saint for having to deal with her brother-in-law, doufus Alan Colmes.
When Bill Kristol, Ben Shapiro, Jim Hoft, Pamela Gellar, Dawkins, Monica Crowley, and John Nolte are on the other side you know you're right
At her most startlingly beautiful here, Monica Crowley does not play the chipper, loving nanny people might expect or remember.
FTR Radio - FTR is radio for conservatives. via
Update your maps at Navteq
This Monica Crowley show is pretty great. I think I'm hooked.
On this weeks show SNL alum Joe Piscopo about his new show
Big thanks to & for getting my radio podcasts back on the scene! U r the best! RT
LOVE Monica Crowley. Just sorry Alan Colmes is her brother-in-law. She deserves better.
.now produces the Show Podcast. Big news!
Like Good news, her show is now produced by our friends at The latest episode here:
Congratulations to the team for the exciting pickup of the Monica Crowley Show podcast!
will be featuring the Monica Crowley Show Podcast.
The talented comedian Monica Crowley carries this comedy with her elan and spunky contentiousness.
A great turn by Jeanine Pirro [and] real sympathy spun like gold from Monica Crowley.
Inspired pairing of Gretchen Carlson and Monica Crowley as an outrageous mother and her more practical daughter.
Don't miss Andy Bostom on Monica Crowley's show, talking about Iran's nuke program and Israel! .
happened to catch a radio commentator, Monica Crowley, rant about Obamacare. After listening to you I found her amusing.
Laura you and Monica Crowley should run for president! Seriously you two should consider it!(:D
Monica Crowley's smartest move as an anchor is to editorial Bill O'Reilly so prominently in her productions.
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They don't make 'em much better than this (or Monica Crowley's unforgettable Sarah Palin).
Right from the beginning when Monica Crowley is chugging away on Sunny D, we want to see watch she will say and do next.
Stossel, Rove and Doocy have a great time playing the bimbos who may be Monica Crowley's dad.
The star and co-host of Shepard Smith Reporting, Monica Crowley, puts herself and her female co-stars through the comedy wringer.
But then they turn into Monica Crowley.
Ha Monica Crowley and my Poppy seem to be in a state of shock. Especially since Monica bought the beer. This...
if you think the Badgers are going to beat Baylor tonight!
U know a girl is mad when she starts off her sentence saying "I just find it funny how " bc there's a 99.9% chance she…
CNBC has the Buzzfeed guy on again; Fox Biz has the disgusting Monica Crowley. Seems Bloomberg TV is in my future after all.
In her debut show, anchor and producer Monica Crowley creates a beautiful world with strong characters, both main and supporting.
If you are a Monica Crowley fan, you love her and everything about her, you should have fun with this TV show.
Raising it above the usual cliches are the superb jazz music and a sparkling script by lead actress Monica Crowley.
Surprisingly biting show with great performances by Geraldo Rivera and Monica Crowley
Mike Huckabee and Monica Crowley are vividly realized, sympathetic characters.
The combination of America's two best comedic talents in John Stossel and Monica Crowley makes Stossel a show worth watching.
Bill O'Reily of FNC could gag a maggot. If I were Monica Crowley I would never appear on his show again.
Monica Crowley.why did u allow O'Reilly to talk down to you tonight? You should have come back at the megalomaniac.
Monica Crowley, YEAAA FOR YOU standing up to the DESPOT Bill O reilly,the only person who is on both sides of every issue, and always right?
I think its time for Hollywood Bill OReilly to be replaced,after he treated Monica Crowley the way he did tonight,Bill is a fence strattling Libertarian Bafoon.
O'Reilly obviously doesn't know what a community organizer does, or he wouldn't have been so rude to Monica Crowley.
Crowley I apologize for skipping your segment every time. Just can't set thru Alan Colmes' comments. Wish you had your own segment!
Monica Crowley is so nice. Oreilly would've had a boot in his *** if he screamed at me like that.
Monica Crowley went full scale Black Helicopters on O'Reilly, and he would have none of it. She is a loon.
Bill O 'Reilly ain't got a clue about Obama & who he is ! Monica Crowley speaks the truth and he puts her down Rude awakening for Mr. Bill
O'Reilly acts like he's the smartest guy in the room, Monica Crowley is a PhD and no slouch. If you disagree with blowhard he goes off/rails
Bill O'Reilly just got really angry at Monica Crowley for saying Obama thinks "America is the problem" in the War On Terror: "This is where you go off the rails...stop...stop...he does say that the man wants to destroy the nation? Flat-out wrong. Just're locked into an ideology that you justify no matter what the facts are." He was yelling at her, basically calling her crazy. Interesting. Yeah, I'm watching Fox News.
Monica Crowley Don't let Bill push you around.
Monica Crowley is right on point, O'Reilly is flat out wrong.
Oreilly obnoxious talking to Monica Crowley. She is so much smarter and aware than he is.
Monica Crowley is putting O'Reilly in his place.
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Monica Crowley, Judge Pirro, & Kimberly Guilfoyle grilling Obama wld be worth PAYING to see
Monica Crowley the phd means nothing if you go around only calling the president a leftist he is not
A chillingly topical, stylishly anchored thriller, with great performances from Megyn Kelly, Carl Cameron, and Monica Crowley
It's a fun but somewhat uneven romp, enlivened by its unusual setting and lovely female lead, Monica Crowley.
oh, Alan Colmes is married to Dr. Jocelyn Elise Crowley, whose sister is Monica Crowley, the conservative foxbabe - wikipedia
Barbara Malkin elevates this otherwise rote melodramatic musical with her ultra-memorable star turn as Monica Crowley.
I just got 6 notifications in like 2 seconds thanks guys
I seriously love every single one of you to death
thanks, I now know that my sister officially hates me
to bad. Looks like you're going out the window
I totally agree with you. because all of you guys are just sooo awesome
Biggest fear: people screen shooting my nasty *** faces on snapchat
Jeanine Pirro at her finest with great Monica Crowley support.
Monica Crowley displays plenty of spunk and sparkle as a woman whose life is altered by her adventures as a castaway.
It's the show that established Monica Crowley as the girl next door.
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A little bit of effort can go a long way and change your life. Monica Crowley
And Monica Crowley is Colmes' sister-in-law! I wonder what their family get-togethers are like!
It's nice to see Monica Crowley back again, even if she's every bit as scary as she was when she first appeared.
Hannity features powerful performances from Sean Hannity and Monica Crowley.
Monica Crowley delivers her most scintillating performance to date in this wonderfully entertaining show.
Monica Crowley try to tell you . I tried to tell you . Traitor-in- chief has 2 more years. What now ?
Let's just kiss and cuddle and forget about everything for a while.
"Obamacare was never about health care. It's about fundamentally transforming America." Monica Crowley
Monica Crowley How do you put up with Alan? lol
Monica Crowley: Running For The Hills. . Dems trying to flee scene of accident they created. .
Monica Crowley again shows why she's one of basic cable's most under-rated actresses
Let's bring in Monica Crowley and put O'Reilly on sabbatical.
Geraldo At Large may not be the funniest collaboration between Geraldo Rivera and anchor Monica Crowley...
Intriguing cold war thriller. Van Susteren was born to play Monica Crowley.
Monica Crowley lets loose in a terrific new role as record producer, mother, and corrupter of curious girls.
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