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Monica Crowley

Monica Crowley (born September 19, 1968) is an American conservative radio and television commentator, and author based in New York City.

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At her most startlingly beautiful here, Monica Crowley does not play the chipper, loving nanny people might expect or remember.
FTR Radio - FTR is radio for conservatives. via
This Monica Crowley show is pretty great. I think I'm hooked.
On this weeks show SNL alum Joe Piscopo about his new show
Big thanks to & for getting my radio podcasts back on the scene! U r the best! RT
LOVE Monica Crowley. Just sorry Alan Colmes is her brother-in-law. She deserves better.
.now produces the Show Podcast. Big news!
Like Good news, her show is now produced by our friends at The latest episode here:
Congratulations to the team for the exciting pickup of the Monica Crowley Show podcast!
will be featuring the Monica Crowley Show Podcast.
The talented comedian Monica Crowley carries this comedy with her elan and spunky contentiousness.
A great turn by Jeanine Pirro [and] real sympathy spun like gold from Monica Crowley.
Inspired pairing of Gretchen Carlson and Monica Crowley as an outrageous mother and her more practical daughter.
Don't miss Andy Bostom on Monica Crowley's show, talking about Iran's nuke program and Israel! .
happened to catch a radio commentator, Monica Crowley, rant about Obamacare. After listening to you I found her amusing.
Laura you and Monica Crowley should run for president! Seriously you two should consider it!(:D
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Monica Crowley's smartest move as an anchor is to editorial Bill O'Reilly so prominently in her productions.
They don't make 'em much better than this (or Monica Crowley's unforgettable Sarah Palin).
Right from the beginning when Monica Crowley is chugging away on Sunny D, we want to see watch she will say and do next.
Stossel, Rove and Doocy have a great time playing the bimbos who may be Monica Crowley's dad.
The star and co-host of Shepard Smith Reporting, Monica Crowley, puts herself and her female co-stars through the comedy wringer.
But then they turn into Monica Crowley.
Ha Monica Crowley and my Poppy seem to be in a state of shock. Especially since Monica bought the beer. This...
if you think the Badgers are going to beat Baylor tonight!
U know a girl is mad when she starts off her sentence saying "I just find it funny how " bc there's a 99.9% chance she…
CNBC has the Buzzfeed guy on again; Fox Biz has the disgusting Monica Crowley. Seems Bloomberg TV is in my future after all.
In her debut show, anchor and producer Monica Crowley creates a beautiful world with strong characters, both main and supporting.
Smith's direction engagingly avoids the coming-of-age cliches and the show boasts an excellent performance from Monica Crowley.
If you are a Monica Crowley fan, you love her and everything about her, you should have fun with this TV show.
Happening Now is a breezy period comedy carried by the strong performances of Jenna Lee and Monica Crowley.
Raising it above the usual cliches are the superb jazz music and a sparkling script by lead actress Monica Crowley.
Surprisingly biting show with great performances by Geraldo Rivera and Monica Crowley
Mike Huckabee and Monica Crowley are vividly realized, sympathetic characters.
The combination of America's two best comedic talents in John Stossel and Monica Crowley makes Stossel a show worth watching.
Bill O'Reily of FNC could gag a maggot. If I were Monica Crowley I would never appear on his show again.
Monica Crowley.why did u allow O'Reilly to talk down to you tonight? You should have come back at the megalomaniac.
Monica Crowley, YEAAA FOR YOU standing up to the DESPOT Bill O reilly,the only person who is on both sides of every issue, and always right?
I think its time for Hollywood Bill OReilly to be replaced,after he treated Monica Crowley the way he did tonight,Bill is a fence strattling Libertarian Bafoon.
O'Reilly obviously doesn't know what a community organizer does, or he wouldn't have been so rude to Monica Crowley.
Crowley I apologize for skipping your segment every time. Just can't set thru Alan Colmes' comments. Wish you had your own segment!
Monica Crowley is so nice. Oreilly would've had a boot in his *** if he screamed at me like that.
Monica Crowley went full scale Black Helicopters on O'Reilly, and he would have none of it. She is a loon.
Bill O 'Reilly ain't got a clue about Obama & who he is ! Monica Crowley speaks the truth and he puts her down Rude awakening for Mr. Bill
O'Reilly acts like he's the smartest guy in the room, Monica Crowley is a PhD and no slouch. If you disagree with blowhard he goes off/rails
Bill O'Reilly just got really angry at Monica Crowley for saying Obama thinks "America is the problem" in the War On Terror: "This is where you go off the rails...stop...stop...he does say that the man wants to destroy the nation? Flat-out wrong. Just're locked into an ideology that you justify no matter what the facts are." He was yelling at her, basically calling her crazy. Interesting. Yeah, I'm watching Fox News.
Monica Crowley Don't let Bill push you around.
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Monica Crowley is right on point, O'Reilly is flat out wrong.
Oreilly obnoxious talking to Monica Crowley. She is so much smarter and aware than he is.
Monica Crowley is putting O'Reilly in his place.
Monica Crowley, Judge Pirro, & Kimberly Guilfoyle grilling Obama wld be worth PAYING to see
Monica Crowley the phd means nothing if you go around only calling the president a leftist he is not
A chillingly topical, stylishly anchored thriller, with great performances from Megyn Kelly, Carl Cameron, and Monica Crowley
It's a fun but somewhat uneven romp, enlivened by its unusual setting and lovely female lead, Monica Crowley.
oh, Alan Colmes is married to Dr. Jocelyn Elise Crowley, whose sister is Monica Crowley, the conservative foxbabe - wikipedia
Barbara Malkin elevates this otherwise rote melodramatic musical with her ultra-memorable star turn as Monica Crowley.
I just got 6 notifications in like 2 seconds thanks guys
I seriously love every single one of you to death
thanks, I now know that my sister officially hates me
to bad. Looks like you're going out the window
I totally agree with you. because all of you guys are just sooo awesome
Monica Crowley does a good job of portraying Sarah Palin as a blonde, self-obsessed actress who is good at turning on the tears.
Biggest fear: people screen shooting my nasty *** faces on snapchat
Jeanine Pirro at her finest with great Monica Crowley support.
Monica Crowley displays plenty of spunk and sparkle as a woman whose life is altered by her adventures as a castaway.
Palin is a talented young actress, perceptively playing all of Monica Crowley's moods.
It's the show that established Monica Crowley as the girl next door.
A little bit of effort can go a long way and change your life. Monica Crowley
And Monica Crowley is Colmes' sister-in-law! I wonder what their family get-togethers are like!
It's nice to see Monica Crowley back again, even if she's every bit as scary as she was when she first appeared.
Hannity features powerful performances from Sean Hannity and Monica Crowley.
Monica Crowley delivers her most scintillating performance to date in this wonderfully entertaining show.
Monica Crowley try to tell you . I tried to tell you . Traitor-in- chief has 2 more years. What now ?
Let's just kiss and cuddle and forget about everything for a while.
"Obamacare was never about health care. It's about fundamentally transforming America." Monica Crowley
Monica Crowley How do you put up with Alan? lol
Monica Crowley: Running For The Hills. . Dems trying to flee scene of accident they created. .
Monica Crowley again shows why she's one of basic cable's most under-rated actresses
Let's bring in Monica Crowley and put O'Reilly on sabbatical.
Geraldo At Large may not be the funniest collaboration between Geraldo Rivera and anchor Monica Crowley...
Intriguing cold war thriller. Van Susteren was born to play Monica Crowley.
Monica Crowley lets loose in a terrific new role as record producer, mother, and corrupter of curious girls.
Enjoyable and competently made standard whodunit in the Monica Crowley series.
Dana Loesch talks to Monica Crowley about President Obama, conservatism, entitlements, and more. The Blaze
Well, that was quick. Old Lincoln School already has a Principal. Monica Crowley from Lawrence. Here is William Lupini's announcement. The Public Schools of Brookline is pleased to announce that Monica Crowley, Vice Principal of the Lawrence School, has been named Principal for Old Lincoln School, effective July 1, 2014. The PSB Administration recently recommended the OLS for usage as transition space to alleviate overcrowding and help house students during planned expansion and renovation projects. Per this recommendation, the OLS would be used for Grades 7 and 8 from September, 2015 through June, 2016 and Grades 6, 7 and 8 from September, 2016 through June, 2018. On January 30, 2014, the School Committee voted unanimously to allow the administration to hire a Principal for the OLS. Although students will not attend the OLS until the 2015-2016 school year, Monica will begin her new position in July in order to work with the building department, architect and contractors, develop transition plans for st . ...
The thing that is so frustrating about these public figures like Fareed Zakaria, Maureen Dowd, Mike Barnicle, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Joe Biden, Ben Domenech, Monica Crowley, and even Rand Paul & Vladimir Putin claiming they plagiarized "by accident" because they're so gosh-darn busy it just kind of "slipped" into their for pay labors -- oh, so those of us putting out regular written/print content who don't plagiarize must just not be busy enough, eh? And yes, this is provoked by an innocent question by someone asking where I get my sermons, "because you're so busy," so they assumed I must have to regularly use someone else's material. They didn't mean anything by it, they just assumed . . . because "everyone else does it." Gr.
Monica Crowley is still outraged that Mr. Potter is actually the VILLAIN in "It's a Wonderful Life". I'm not even kidding.
Charles Payne and Monica Crowley of Fox, you are the singular minded types that we need to avoid taking advice from. You completely miss the important message from The Lego Movie and other films: that big business can make money and remain ethical and that we should raise our voice against the corrupt. We have seen enough corruption, politically and corporately in our lifetimes to understand that progress shouldn't come at the expense of diminishing the quality of others lives at home and across the globe. This is a lesson I want my child to learn, as many times as it takes to sink in. Hopefully, her's is the generation that turns that trend around, because yours and mine certainly have not. I see positive things happening though, like open-source, employee owned enterprise and the Internets power to restore the peoples voice. But your perspective retards that progress. I understand you are defending what seems to be an affront to your own lifestyle - that is human nature. But, maybe you should question y ...
Monica Crowley just weighed in on Bob Costas calling Vladimir Putin a "peacemaker" during last night's Olympics telecast. Costas went on to describe the Russian President as such: "Just in the past year, Putin brokered a deal to allow Syria to avoid a U.S. military strike by giving up its chemical weapons, and helped bring Iran to the negotiating table over its nuclear intentions." What do you think about these comments?
The spunky Monica Crowley, the lead in FOX's remake of Shepard Smith Reporting is one of the best new actresses in years.
Left this on Monica Crowley's wall: Really Monica? Grimm's outburst played well and will get him votes in Staten Island? I think not!! You owe the good people of Staten Island an apology!! We are not an Island of thugs as you put forth and we are thoroughly embarrassed by the actions of our Congressman and trying our best to unseat him.
Surprise! Fox News lefty Alan Colmes is pretty high on the GOP running a squish named Bush in the 2016 presidential election. Fox News analyst Monica Crowley's pick? Sen. Ted Cruz. Gee, why would ...
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Bill O'Reilly brought on Alan Colmes and Monica Crowley to talk about President Obama's seeming reticence to offer any meaningful spending cuts, but most of ...
10 WORST RIGHT WING MOMENTS 1. Conservative Hootenanny Over Firing of Duck Dynasty Star In every cloud there is a silver lining. Phil Robertson may have lost his reality show over his vile comments about *** and blacks unrepentantly spewed to GQ magazine, but look at all the marvelous new friends he made, many who seem ready to anoint him to sainthood. If Mother Teresa had only known that all she had to do was imply that homosexuality leads to bestiality and promiscuity (in that order) and black people thoroughly enjoyed their subjugation in the Jim Crow south, she would not have had to spend so much time taking care of all those poor, sick people. Okay, okay, we’re exaggerating. No one actually compared the duck patriarch to Mother Teresa. That’s crazy talk. Who would do that? Newt Gingrich just compared him to Pope Francis. Conservative radio host Mike Slater said he is like Martin Luther King, Jr. Monica Crowley, Megyn Kelly, Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin all called him some combination of a First . ...
Monica Crowley writes in Wall Street Journal, "Props to Senator Ted Cruz"; I'd like to start with a pig bladder hurled at his head.
TV personality Monica Crowley concurs. In a recent speech, she spelled out what should have been plain for all to see: “We have a president who…came out of the swamps of Chicago machine politics, who learned at the knee of the communist revolutionary Frank Marshall Davis, who studied under Marxist professors…who trained intensively in the revolutionary tactics of Saul Alinsky, who launched his political career in the living room of Marxist revolutionaries and domestic terrorists… who for two decades sat in the pews of the radical anti-American preacher, who tried desperately to bury that past, who spoke about the fundamental transformation of the nation…who waged war on entire news organizations, Fox News, and who spent his first term slamming into place radical wealth redistribution and socialized medicine….What I’m describing here is the classic tin-pot dictatorship. We never thought it could happen here, and yet, here it is….Those of us in this room knew what was going on from the begi ...
Monica Crowley show- Paul Broun MD congressman support his bill HR 2900 which is pt option act, h u congrman vote for it.
After discussing her brother-in-law’s hair color with the hair obsessed I-Man, Monica Crowley went on to say Obama’s Presidency is falling apart under the weight of his own law, which is the single greatest level to change the nature of America!
Monica Crowley: Defeating the Leftist Revolutionaries: We are in a war.  We’re in a war.  It’s not a war that ...
Even its structurally weaker moments give Rivera an opportunity to expand on Monica Crowley's physical and mental dislocation.
Lots there to break apart - For perspective, when you have ~45 mins to spare view Dr. Monica Crowley speech I posted in PM
Just took a bullet through the heart. Ouch.💔
Once you hit bottom you can only go up. Keep your heads held high ladies, I wouldn't trade any of you for anything!!
Monica Crowley: "Women run the healthcare in our families, so this is a huge opening for us" to engage and lead in opposition to Obamacare.
Sarah Palin and Monica Crowley are two of my three favorite conservative ladies
When crack doesn't come out of your clothes😫
Today I heard Monica Crowley predict that in the end we will be forced to accept a government run single-payer system. She says that is what this administration's goal has been all along. Just think about that, the government controlling our health by controlling our doctors and access to healthcare! I personally cringe at the thought. It is absurd that instead of fixing problems for the few that don't have access, this administration is using that as a green light to create socialized medicine for 300M+ Americans. They absolutely knew that this rollout was going to be a bust….that was the plan. Nobody is stupid enough to think that all these problems were accidental. The "young healthy people" that they counted on to pay into the system are not signing up either. First this, and soon they will control EVERYTHING we do and say. Unacceptable.
Martha MacCallum said: "obama was a const to prof,so he must think he is within..." i think she is wrong ... obama KNOWS he is abusing his power (and obviously knows he has lied ... listen to Monica Crowley ... you are giving him a pass ... he is doing everything he can to promote his power and his agenda.. that is WHO HE IS
Monica Crowley on Obama's tin pot dictatorship...
Well said Monica Crowley, today on Fox debating with the guy who looks like Mel Cooley from the Mary Tyler Moore show.
Wake Up People... "Monica Crowley on Obama" Describes what has already happened, what is currently going on and what it is leading up to... Must watch video. Get educated peeps...
(Cha~ching),,Kaneya Missperfect Mcgriff,,Kemyell Carter and Monica Crowley,,, give me 20 cents ,,, lol
Monica Crowley ~ EXCELLENT Speaker ~ JUST the first 8 minutes tells it all ~ WELL WORTH LISTENING TO IT ALL!...
Monica Crowley ~ EXCELLENT Speaker ~ Take the 8 minutes to listen to her ~ WELL WORTH IT! .
Monica Crowley wants to be NAILED by Stephen Colbert: via
 Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.Monica Crowley provides an amazing road map for destroying the left.She would make an excellent chairwoman for the RNC. Indeed,...
...Monica Crowley, Andrea Tantaros, Kim Guilfoyle, GregGutfield, Eric Bolling do not rinse& repeat.
Bill Hemmer may be on the poster, and he may be the catalyst, but Monica Crowley is the star and heart and soul of this TV show.
I can't believe that he's Monica Crowley's brother in law
Roger Ailes is keeping him off Monica Crowley's tax retun as a dependent.
I think they feel obligated to bring him on because of family relationship between him & Dr. Monica Crowley.
Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall at a family dinner and hear the exchange with his sister-in-law, Monica Crowley.
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Monica Crowley: � I am really happy to be here today in a room full of fellow happy warriors and fellow freedom lovers.�
Monica Crowley can only endure, and the viewer must endure along with her.
Monica Crowley - We are in a war against the enemy within - Lefitism the ideology of control.
Monica Crowley has been added to the NewsMageddon database! Come check out her profile!
Monica Crowley: Defeating the Leftist Revolutionaries- Lengthy but worth it. Rev 2014 - Or America is gone
Speaking with on my Patient OPTION Act, tune in to listen now:
Congrats to Monica Martinez of Crowley, TX. She was listening to 95.9 The Ranch this morning and picked up 2...
Crowley: Defeating the Leftist Revolutionaries. The Left is engaged in a war — when will conservatives wake up?
Monica Crowley on the agreement Obama made with Iran: LISTEN HERE:
Great speech by Monica Crowley on the dangers of Leftism. A little long, but frames issues very well.
Health reform was never about healthcare or health insurance for Obama and the Left, and let’s keep in mind that Obama and the Left, they are not your father’s and grandfather’s Democrats. Why some people, even some of our fellow conservatives or Republicans, why they are still continuing to treat him as if he is a normal president is beyond me. He is not normal. In a lot of ways, he’s not normal. But this presidency is not normal. He is not Jimmy Carter. He is not Bill Clinton. He’s a completely different ball of wax. ~ Monica Crowley *Amen
I would like to nominate Monica Crowley for Presidential race 2016
Tonight topic with Monica Crowley of Fox News is: Obamacare equals amnesty in Texas. I cant wait to get home comment on this MA1B
Monica Crowley & Sean Hannity were the brutal fact manipulators, sorry that Megyn Kelly joined the club.
Huckabee makes for a likeable hero, although Monica Crowley steals the show as the hard-bitten police chief Stuart Varney.
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Monica Crowley big 4 Obamacare contractors are engaged in epic buck-passing. Wonder where they learned to do that?
Obamacare = Gigli. It's actually worse than the worst movie ever made. 60% of the American people believe it is a joke and they used disparaging words to describe it said Monica Crowley a few minutes ago on Fox News. Some say 60% is a very conservative number with 75% being more realistic. This fake president has done nothing but harm Americans since he was illegally elected. Haven't you had enough yet? Are you going to allow him three more years to lay waste to America? Demand Congress acts and throws his sorry butt out of office before the United States becomes a third world country. You wouldn't want "Gigli" to represent Hollywood's finest so why do you want the most destructive person to ever hold the highest office in the land represent you? Throw him out .NOW!
. Monica Crowley tells what Obama is up to, to transform USA and how ObamaCare in the cornerstone on Varney & Co. AWESOME!
"If the government controls healthcare, the government controls YOU. That's why this is so important." -Monica Crowley
Alan Colmbs is married to Monica Crowley's Sister. Thanksgiving and Christmas must be interesting.
"Barack Obama: In charge of everything. Responsible for nothing…" — Acethepug
The reason Obama is in love with illegals is because everything he does ,,,IS Illegal. Charles Krauthammer: Obama Administration Is Acting "Illegally" By Announcing Waiver Provision. On Fox News' Special Report, contributor Charles Krauthammer claimed the Obama administration is "acting, what is essentially illegally, in granting waivers in a bill that does not allow the granting of waivers." [Fox News, Special Report with Bret Baier, 8/7/12, via Media Matters] Monica Crowley: This Is An "Executive Fiat Move" By Obama. Discussing a Mitt Romney campaign ad that highlighted the waiver provision, contributor Monica Crowley claimed the waivers were an "executive fiat move" by Obama. She then repeated Mitt Romney's assertion that Obama has "once again gone around the Congress, gone around the legislative process to give these waivers." [Fox News, America Live, 8/8/12, via Media Matters] *** Morris: Obama Welfare Waiver Provision Is "Clearly Illegal." On Fox & Friends, contributor *** Morris stated of the pro . ...
.slams O-care site contractors, President Pass-the-buck with one question [pic] via
Watching this Obamacare Contractor hearing, I actually feel bad for this Cheryl chick. Shawty gettin drilled by questions! But as Monica Crowley put it, they are passing the buck off to others just like their great leader!
Has ANYONE signed up for an "affordable" health insurance policy? This has indeed, in the words of Monica Crowley, been an "an epic buck passing."
Pure evil. Last night Monica Crowley told Bill O'Reilly that Alinsky dedicated his book to Lucifer... And, Obama taught Alinsky tactics to university students. She's right. Barack Obama taught the principles of Saul Alinsky in Chicago. Notice the flow chart…
Tony Crowley this is so you! By the way Monica Crowley thought I was only 29 or 30 so she is my favorite person now! That makes you really old and me not so much!!! HAAHA
The LOST in AMERICA = AMERICA LOST? LOST is the CONSTITUTION and the great experiment of FREEDOM, LIBERTY and JUSTICE for all? "Where an excess of power prevails, property of no sort is duly respected. No man is safe in his opinions, his person, his faculties, or his possessions." --James Madison, essay in the National Gazette, 1792 "Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." — John Quincy Adams If you try to sneak into Mexico, have baby for free, get free healthcare, free edcuation, you will be thrown in jail for 6 months min...or legally try to become a MEX citizen it takes more that and Decade..Latinos are the future, by the fact they are the fastest growing population, Whites are not having enuff children around the world..They come here are given everything to succeed..But they choose to continue to get handouts just what the DEM/LIB Plantation wants..The looming debt ceiling raised will hit 20 TRILL DEBT in the v ...
American Taxpayers to Pay $174K to Millionaire Senator's Widow $174,000 in bill signed last night for deceased Senators widow. The family is worth $50mil. I think I'm going to quit reading news reports concerning politics, what a load of crap. by Fox News InsiderFox News Insider // Oct 16 2013 // 9:36pm The House is voting on a Senate-passed bill to raise the debt ceiling and end the government shutdown. Lawmakers did not address the $17 trillion debt that the nation faces. Included in the bill is $174,000 for the late Senator Frank Lautenberg’s widow. The family is worth more than $50 million. Megyn Kelly reported that the $174K is a death benefit and equals the salary Lautenberg was making at the time of his death. “It’s also clear they didn’t need the money,” Kelly observed. “It’s a question about why they had to put it in this bill which is already so controversial.” Fox News contributor Monica Crowley said, “We are now living in such an entitlement society that Senator Lautenberg .. ...
Hubby has FOX on . They're cracking me up trying to say how they were right in what they did in this whole shutdown if it wasn't for that evil Obama. :) That Megan Kelly and Monica crowley are shocked they lost this thing. Guess they are having flashbacks to the night of the 2012 election. What. we lost? LMAO ..dumb blondes
He whom signed up for Obama care will find themselves with a worthless piece of paper. This money will be silently and secretly used to finish his final Transformation of America and will not be used for the purpose of our personal health. Monica Crowley Tried to get this through Bill O"reilly head last evening while on his program. Obama care was never about health care. Its about the use of you're money to push his hidden agenda. If more folks don't wake up soon it will spell financial destruction for us all. I take it you would like to keep more of what is yours, rather than giving it to our Federal government. If you agree with us. Share and help us get the word out. Thanks!
Watching Faux news, Neil Cavuto and Monica Crowley are on here praising the German Chancellor and the late Margaret Thatcher, talking about how "Reagan conservatism" is on the comeback worldwide. Pretty funny considering how both countries have govt. run healthcare. The fact is, our right wing people in this country are extremists, willing to hurt our country and it's people over their narrow minded ideology.
I believe Monica Crowley has some good info on that as well. Great info, Thx.
Monica Crowley is a bit dense, isn't she?
Hope U are correct. Monica Crowley who knows history of BHO asked M. Levin on Hannity, if he felt same as she: 2 far gone Now!
Sarah Palin,michele Bachmann,Michelle Malkin, monica Crowley and the lone male, allen west. the any of them would be great canidates
This Weekend's Radio Show: This weekend on the "Monica Crowley Show," we'll be all over the latest revelations...
"We've seen just the tip of the iceberg on Obamacare." Monica Crowley
Ha, ha! Monica Crowley is like one of those female teacher who date their students!
LOL Monica Crowley is not smart and i know smart--Jwa
Monica Crowley would be a great replacement for Dana PeRINO
Dana PeRINO is stupid and not cute . Monica Crowley is beautiful and brainy .
Monica Crowley, guest-hosting Hannity, tells Fowler You don’t want to talk about who pulled the trigger. You want to talk about the gun.”
More fearful for America every day. Alarming events hand over fist & agree w/Monica Crowley: too far over now?? Ppl clueless
it will work just fine much like Alan Colmes and Monica Crowley
Little Giant Ladders
Just so we are clear, when a Progressive uses the terms "gun control" and "gun safety" what they really mean is...
I still have a massive crush on Monica Crowley. You think she wants to make out?
-Give Monica Crowley her own primetime hour! She blew us away subbing on Hannity last nite: see the tape w Rove. Cc
Richard fowler is wrong but he ripped Michelle Malkin and Monica Crowley. 2 against 1 yet lost control. Screaming like a kid
Monica Crowley, we all know these weren't "bored" teens, they were anti-White. Why does the media spread such anti-Whitism?
Monica Crowley: "Obama's red line is now a pink fuzzy line."
Crowley needs to manage her guests on
Monica Crowley is awesome on Hannity. NSA's purpose to protect nat'l security is right; but in wrong hands of Obama admin. that lies is not.
Sean Hannity its not on his TV show tonight he was neither on his Radio Show today Monica Crowley is filling in for Sean uh oh
Monica Crowley: What Difference Does It Make. More they say doesnt make a difference, more we know it DOES!
Snark attack! Monica Crowley points out more 'Obamacare goodness'
If the Fox News 9pm slot has to go to a woman, would rather it go to Laura Ingram or Monica Crowley.
FNC contributor Monica Crowley and FNC political analyst Juan Williams on the White House agenda and the impact of the Anthony Weiner scandal on Hillary Clinton’s potential political future.
Add in the Fox hot blondes n it's a rout: Megyn Kelly, Monica Crowley, Dana Perino...
Read and Share...see how many Americans can be reached and how many will finally open their eyes. This is from "The O'Reilly Factor", Tuesday, June 25, 2012. Talking Points Memo & Top Story Is President Obama losing touch? Guests: Alan Colmes & Monica Crowley "With all the problems facing America today, the President has announced a big new plan to tackle 'global warming.' He announced that the EPA will do what he couldn't get Congress to do - issue regulations that will make it more expensive for traditional energy companies to do business in the United States. At the same time, he'll give benefits and special breaks to solar and wind power companies, including another $8 billion in loan guarantees. Remember how well that worked out last time? So who cares if the President's plan results in higher energy costs and kills thousands of jobs in the oil and gas industry? At least Al Gore and Leo DiCaprio will be happy. The President is wildly out of touch with the concerns of the American people - gun contr . ...
Democratic State Sen. Wendy Davis garnered attention when she filibustered and blocked a vote on an abortion bill in Texas on Tuesday. As Megyn Kelly recapped the chaos that took place, she invited Kirsten Powers and Monica Crowley to debate the merits of the opposition to the bill — as well as what...
NEW YORK (AP) — A finger-pointing political argument on Fox News Channel boiled over when a male conservative talk show host shouted at a woman to "know your role and shut your mouth."The man, Bill Cunningham, later asked Fox contributor Tamara Holder, "Are you going to cry?"Fox on-air personalities...
All religions stress love and compassion, but many convolute their religions to spread hatred and start wars!
There are currently over 69,000 troops still serving in Afghanistan, mostly US troops and some from other nations of the 50-member NATO coalition.
Megan Kelly on Fox with Monica Crowley talking about Planned parenthood book promoting sexual activity to 10 yr olds.
Man's religion that does not follow the Bible's True Words of love, compassion, non-judgmental attitude of others
The church where you must follow them or be ostracized and rights denied its called authoritarian sheeples.
An American and 7 Egyptians have been sentenced to death in abstentia by an Egyptian court for promoting an anti-Muslim film. There has been no condemnation by the U.S. government or support for their freedom of speech.
The Clarion Project is dedicated to exposing the dangers of Islamic extremism while providing a platform for the voices of moderation and promoting grassroots activism.
"Democrat Chuck Schumer is playing chess while our Gang of 8 guys are playing checkers.".-- Monica Crowley
"Marco Rubio, for all his sophistication, has shown to be a babe in the woods." -- Monica Crowley on .
How far the mighty have fallen: Obama crowd 2008 was 200K to now 2013 was only 4,500...-- Monica Crowley
Worst thing about the weekend? Not many political talk radio options.
Lest I be too introspective and a tad reflective on Friday night it seems to me the grim reaper has visited and touched many of us in the recent weeks and months. To all who are grieving Yifat Koren, Joanna Topetzes, Monica Gilbert, Aynn Kirby. Jane Sahlins, my Second City family, the Gandolfini/Sopranos family, Michael Hastings' family and all my FB friends who are going through the sh - chin up, stay strong and remember your loved ones are always with you. Safe weekend.
yep. she and Monica Crowley should have their own shows
Good job Monica Cabrera... You did great today. We got this
This Weekend's Radio Show: On the "Monica Crowley Show" this weekend, we'll be all over the unspooling of the ...
When monica crowley gets mad and passionate about whats going on in america i go straight from 6 to midnight so hot
Monica Crowley grasping at straws with this bogus White House-IRS connection
Monica Crowley tries to smear another IRS official with bogus WH visitor log story
Had a blast w/ my pal on --> "What the (Bleep) Just Happened...with Monica Crowley"
Megyn Kelly's expression towards Monica Crowley right now... I'm dying.
Genie mac its almost the weekend and tomorrow night you can sample some delicious and afterwards catch the amazing Jimmy Crowley live at Rosies Aghada this Friday from 10.30pm . beautiful venue, great staff, lovely food and sure the best of entertainment ... what more could one need ... ;) looking forward to seeing you all there ;)
Monica knows the alley cat very well. The crowley sisters were famous for the alley cat. Marty and nancy were otherwise occupied when the phebomenon was the centerpiece of most local celebration.
Hey Monica Crowley, I Just wanted to say hi that I always watch you on America Live on Foxnews Channel
Megyn Kelly, Kirsten Powers and Monica Crowley discussed a recent remark on MSNBC by Ivy League professor Salamisha Tillet that Republicans support a late-term abortion ban so that white women will keep having babies, thereby "reproducing whiteness, white supremacy, white privilege."
Monica Crowley doesn't need to be fired. But, many Gov. workers do & I'm grateful for James O'Keefe helping with that! :)
"These scandals are just lingering with no answers." Monica Crowley
"What we're seeing is either deep corruption or profound incompetence." Monica Crowley -- Or both.
On the radio with the amazing Monica Crowley now.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
and he goes on O'Rielly with his sis in law, Monica Crowley, Dr of political science and conservative... He is an ***
Thankful for Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin, Rusty Humphries, Michael Savage, Mark Steyn, Monica Crowley, Michael Gallagher, Michael Medved, Charles Krauthammer, and other conservative patriots for their courage in speaking out about unprecedented government corruption, lies, and coverups. Without their voices, the cultural decay and moral decline of our Nation would continue unfettered. {I have temper my thoughts, after all, Big Brother is watching those of us who disagree with the Imperial Presidency!)
I recently heard Alan Colmes is married to Monica Crowley's sister. Boy, that has got to be a fun family reunion.
When you are a childhood cancer survivor you live off of the charity of others. many of us get use of private jets, government jets, even military vessels, vehicles, bases and bunkers. A lot of it is just for fun, but the bulk of it is for life extending treatment, even first time experimental things. Especially in nuclear medicine, proton beams, even anti-matter. No matter what it is. We would not be able to do this if it wasn't for 0.1%ers and 1%ers like a few of my close personal friends, Monica Crowley, Melanie Morgan, and some like my billionaire friend that sadly passed, Mr Ted Forstmann, who graciously picked up the tab for treatment of my former cancer warrior that also sadly passed, Anna O'Connor. Then there are others such as Nick Searcy Toby Keith, Ronnie Dunn, Janine Dunn, Kelly Ƈlarkson, and Zach Ness. No matter how they contribute, we cancer survivors would not be able to make it by without them. So to the *** that demonize the 1%ers FU!
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann on my show now! Tune in. You don't want to miss it KPRC AM950 or XM244 or iHeartRadio
FBN’s Charlie Gasparino on who might replace Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve.
I like Monica Crowley's take: it is either profound corruption or deep incompetence. She is on to something.
Monica Crowley 'Food stamps and other entitlements are narcotics' *** ??? watch from 2;30
Stage 1 fire restrictions are in effect for all BLM lands in the following counties: Baca, Bent, Chaffee, Crowley, Custer, El Paso, Fremont, Huerfano, Jefferson, Kiowa, Lake, Las Animas, Otero, Park, Prowers, Pueblo and Teller.
Monica Crowley is the very best you have ever had sit in for you. I was impressed! She is very professional.
The President sends US$176 million to fix the airports in Cuba, while thousands of Brazilians die at our public hospitals.
Do you know anyone on Social Security? Medicare? Medicaid? Do you know anyone that's struggling with a drug addiction? Would you ever compare the two situations? If you're like most normal people, no, you wouldn't. But when Fox contributor and O'Reilly Factor guest host Monica Crowley doesn't think like normal people.
Steve Leser assesses President Obama's response to the Scandals with Neil Cavuto, Monica Crowley and Melissa Francis on Your World with Neil Cavuto. Steve ex...
For those of you who are feeling alone, abandoned, confused, exhausted or brokenhearted right now, please remember that God is with you and He is bigger than what you're facing!..."The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; He rescues those whose spirits are crushed." Psalm 34:18
Another awesome weekend! Friday night crawfish boil at Monica and Marlos. Great job Marlo! Sat. watched Noah and Gavin play in AllStar games in Crowley. Also watched Makais games. Sun. went to 7a.m. , then back to ballpark to watch Noah,Gavin and Makai games. Sunday afternoon me ,Marlo,Noah and Daylon went to Bridget and Codys home for boiled crabs, crab stew, potato salad, cupcakes and cake. Awesome job Cody and Bridget! Everything was great. We all went swimming, then to pond to do some fishing! We all had a great time. Jason,Noramia and the 2 kids were also there! Went visit with Wanda and Jeff that evening. Finally home for shower, food and dessert. I also watched UCLA beat LSU! Thanks to everyone for an awsome weekend full of memeories! Love ya'll, Dad(Pop), Uncle Donald.
President Obama quiet on scandals rocking Washington
I'm mom of 2, wife of 22 years, radio talk show host, Believer of The Almighty, Unwavering, Freedom Fighter, P90X Fit, Fabulous-all around great Bklyn gal loving life!!
Daddy with some of his girls.. Mama and sister in law Sara,
Filling in for Fox News host Sean Hannity Friday night, Monica Crowley sparred with former South Carolina Democratic Chairman *** Harpootlian over the legitimacy of the multiple scandals plaguing the White House. Crowley criticized President Barack Obama for not coming out publicly and laying out ...
Monica Crowley calls out Dem activist, great video:
Why is our country in trouble? Because of politicians like Harpootlian, on both sides, who have placed "party" above country. The end of this interview is disgusting, his giggling after being called out. It's all a big joke to him. It time for an "AMERICAN-SPRING."
And the left keeps kicking the long out of office GW Bush, but it did not go un-challenged this time:
I'm laughing at this guy! No "beef" from from that I see. But, you decide.
Just walked 13.5 miles. Yeah us! Thanks Monica Woods and Joan Crowley Cox for walking with me. We rock!
Sitting in as guest host of the O’Reilly Factor on Friday night, Monica Crowley gave a blistering rundown of the scandals plaguing the White House and questioned the lack of attention to them by the president.
I will be on "Fox News Watch" today at 2:30 pm ET, with Monica Crowley, Merrill Brown, Ric Grenell, Judy Miller, and host Jon Scott. Covering the coverage of Snowden/NSA, Zimmerman trial, and new allegations against State Department.
Dem/Lib professional politicians always bring up Pres Bush when they are out of debate fodder. I see this happen about 80% of the time. Bush caught his share of flak for all he did. But this is NOW folks. Everyone had their chance to take pot-shots at Bush when he was IN office. ~th
*** Harpootlian, SC Democrat big wig and totally in the box for Obama...was on with Monica Crowley, filling in for O'Reilly last night...and either *** is brain dead or has other severe mental problems. He basically denied that there were any scandals involving the Obama administration...and addressing Obama's leading from behind...he threw out Obamacare as a great achievement. Read our lips *** ..Obama had a Democrat majority in both Houses...nobody read the bill and it is now seen as a trainwreck...and it is still very, very that the very best you can do. Guess so..because you certainly cannot tout job creation and economic recovery and energy independence. *** makes lots of money being a Democrat so I somewhat understand...but what I do not understand is going on a highly rated cable TV show and make a total fool of yourself...which you did among folks that know what is going on!
The enemies of America.what they look like
O'Reilly Factor on the DVR... Monica Crowley guest hosting.. Fast forward the "Back of the Book" segment where O'Reilly interviews Willie Robertson from "Duck Dynasty". And delete program.. Can't handle Monica Crowley.. Her voice is like sandpaper on my eardrums..
Hamilton Collection
Monica Crowley is an awesome host of The Factor. Well spoken and very relaxed with a great delivery
I wasn't going to jump down the throats of the Democrats for a while because I felt as though I was constantly blaming all of them for being heartless human beings. I started to remember liberals have the right to have their point of view as Americans the same as Conservatives. But.then I watched The Factor with Monica Crowley. She interviewed Chairman of S. Carolina Democratic Party, *** Harpootlian and my blood pressure hit the ceiling. I was wrong. Democrats are shameless liars and continue to spread obviously ridiculous propaganda. Can you imagine anyone wanting to canonizing Obama for passing the most Earth shattering program this country has ever seen.Obamacare ?? Monica shocked him into reality by reminding him that Obamacare is hated and is a train wreck. He didn't even hear her. He said the people he's on the streets in his home state no one talks or cares about the IRS, Benghazi, FBI and NSA. They are only concerned about the economy and jobs. To all Democrats hear this,you better ta ...
Great to see on the big desk for Nice work Lady!
Monica Crowley, Wow, In for o' weird person tonight. If she was on permanently so would I be. Only one I have seen on fox that didn't let the liberal wackos get away with their nonsense.
I was watching Fox News .. and Monica Crowley is interviewing former IRS commissioner - Mark Everson and he is commenting on the current happenings with the IRS Is it just me or is that a little like Jesse James commenting on the activities of Billy The Kid? I'm not saying that Mr. Everson is as corrupt as his current counterparts - but really - has it escaped everyone's notice the the whole organization is corrupt. From what I can tell in the Bible the lowest and least respected occupation is the Tax Collector. Nothing has changed! It's time to abolish the IRS ... (don't forget - some government agency is reading my email)
Monica Crowley for PRESIDENT!! Another Conservatve woman that is NOT afraid of anyone!
Just my 2 Cents. I think Megan Kelly is one of the few people in TV News that is worth a ***
I was recently named one of the "Top Five Transgendered Comedians of 2013" by Advocate Magazine and for that I feel honored. I'm especially happy that Anne Coulter wasn't even nominated.
Monica Crowley, Fox's go-to gal for conspiracy theories comes up with her latest.
A new "documentary" alleging that President Obama's real father is actually communist writer Frank Marshall Davis was enthusiastically promoted by Fox News contributor and O'Reilly Factor guest host Monica Crowley on her Radio Show last month.
The United States is losing white people. Between July 2011 and July 2012, an estimated 12,400 more white Americans died than were born, says demographer Kenneth Johnson of the University of New Hampshire’s Carsey Institute. As recently as 2010-11, white births outpaced deaths by 29,600. The figures
I really don't understand why people get animals as pets and just let them go. Found this little one in my front yard today. Now I have to find it a home. Any takers?
So I hear there is a list of MJPHA's MOST "Wanted People" - wanted for what? To take a pie in the face for a good cause! The names I've heard are MJPHA Advisor Meagan O'Connell, MPHA VP Scott Boe, MPHA BOD & trainer Monte Ruden, local trainers Sarah Crowley, Jodie Distad, Monica Anderson, Andrew Abeln, Nicole Nogosek... And for some reason former advisor ME!!! (I'm beginning to think I should have kept my mouth shut!!!) Now if you didn't see from my post before AjPHA president Colt Cumpton will be there and if all you above take a pie in the face so will he!
Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) has raised some eyebrows on Capitol Hill this morning, claiming that he saw IRS agents...
I would like to thank everyone for their kind words and their congrats. I would also like to personally thank John McDonald, Theresa Crowley McDonald,my Mom and Dad for their approval. Also like to thank the beautiful Elaina McDonald for saying yes. Im very blessed to be surrounded by such kind loving people. Eric King, Barb King and Adam McDonald thanks for always being in our corner. Heather, Taylor, Jordan, Owen, Glenn and Holly we love you guys more than anyone could imagine. Thank you all so much.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
The debate about Ed Snowden has divided government and the people. But if it was such a great idea, why did it have to be done in secret?
"Getting out the truth only works when you are not guilty," Monica Crowley
A little update for the weekend: Wanna throw a pie someone's face? This weekend is your chance! All proceeds for the fundraiser go to the youth! We will be handing out and discussing information about a new fundraiser The Ride-A-Thon. It will be an ongoing fundraiser from July 1st through July 31st. It's open to anyone regardless of whether or not you show. If you can't be at the meeting this weekend, contact Meagan O'Connell (moconnell11for forms and directions. The rest of the details will be announced at the meeting. And again, as always, the youth meeting follows the youth trail class on Saturday (June 15th). See you this weekend! :)
Over 5 years of public service Daryl Joy Walters has been recognized by various schools and organizations for her dedication. She was one of the DNC delegates elected in Louisiana. Ms.Walters still continues to serve faithfully in the her community!
FBN’s Eric Bolling says he would join the lawsuit against the federal email and phone taps suggested by Sen. Rand Paul.
As you’ve probably read, Mock and I kick off our...
SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- The gunman, dressed all in black and carrying a semi-automatic rifle, walked calmly through the Santa Monica College campus after killing his father, brother at their home and another man near the school, authorities said. He would kill a woman outside the library moments lat...
Here's to you Margaret Crowley Herrera, Monica Quintanaand last but not least Monica Valdez have a great day!
Next two days working at KI. Love how different, challenging and fun it is.
shocks are aired up ready for monica just need a lil more light so I can clean up the bike and we ready for a road trip
Really! Come on Monica! The only minority parents Monica Crowley talks to is prob Geraldo and Juan Williams.
I would love to be at the Thanksgiving table with Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes.
>> Monica Crowley Coming up on the 8pm ET. Pls tune in for the time of your life!
Our National Conference Networking Reception is brought to you by Karin Agness, Kellyanne Conway, Monica Crowley, Kathryn Jean Lopez, Carrie Lukas, Kate O'Beirne, Katie Pavlich and Christina Hoff Sommers. Join them by signing up here!
Monica Crowley Just got to my dentist's office, & he's got on. Watching the hearings while in the chair. Now THAT'S customer service!
did Jocelyn have the same 2 parents as Monica Crowley?
A 2010 IRS conference featured $135,000 in spending on speakers like a "happiness expert," sources told NBC News.
Why yes, it is the same Monica Crowley!
FOX'S MONICA CROWLEY suggests we need to compromise The Bill of Rights (video)
Things really do seem a far sight better than they were in the 1990s.
Question: Is this the same Monica Crowley who supported, George "They Hate Us For Our Freedoms" Bush?
I can't believe she is Monica Crowley's sister! can they be raised by the same parents?
MY DEAR FAMILY AND FRIENDS! YOU ARE LOOKING AT THE NEWEST FIFTH GRADE TEACHER! It's a school out in Queen Creek and I feel really great about it!! Can't wait to meet my students and get to know all of their personalities! I AM SO, SO EXCITED! It's so amazing to actually be at this point and feel as good as I do. I expect my diploma in the mail next week and I am just on top of the world! And yes I am going on and on BUT THIS IS SO GREAT! If you are at a point where it's hard to see the end of a goal and you feel roadblocks in your way, hang on because you just never know what can happen! If you believe in God, stay close to Him because that is the best thing you could do, He will have your back. Thank you for your support and advice to get me this far, especially Rauna Mortensen, Fred Mortensen, Frederick H. Ashby, Lorie Tobler, Miriam Richardson Beck, Erin Frehner, Jessica Child, Kally Davis, Elyse Vaughn, Casidy Blacker
Monica Crowley and Greta Van Sustren acts like this the first time male fox commentators said something stupid
For me it's a toss up between Mark Levin and Glenn Beck, then Sean Hannity is next. I also like Roger Hedgecock & Monica Crowley
Monica Crowley: 'IRS Lois Lerner is a pompous *** and lying liar.'
I'll be listening. Go get em!! PS - Is Monica at all related to a Jerry Crowley (also works in radio)?
Tune in now to on WABC 770AM or live streaming at: I'm coming up at 2:30pmEST
In the recent 3rd explanation by HB in which he tries to justify changing the Book of the Law, he notes that "I am grateful to the the Officers of the A.'.A.'. for consenting to the release of part of this ritual material." If you are wondering who these officers are, then it's important to note that according to the Gunther Lineage there is only 3 of them (all members of their own lineage of course!) This is reflected in a talk given by Wasserman on Dec 16th 2012 at the Swirling Star Lodge in Florida. Here is a transcription of part of his talk that discusses why they feel theirs is the only true A.'.A.'. - with a short evidence based rebuttal by myself at the bottom of this page. James Wasserman speaking on Dec 16th 2012 at the 'Swirling Star Lodge', Florida. "To begin with lineages... In July of 1976, Motta and Grady declared magical war on each other. The head of the O.T.O. and the praemonstrator of A.'.A.'. each said "No" for the first time in our history. Crowley had worn the unified crown of both . ...
It's not the rehab she's upset about...see the TMZ story here. Their picture is worth the trip!
MRC director of media analysis Tim Graham appeared on the Fox Business program Varney & Co. on Friday morning to discuss the fading network coverage of the IRS scandal, even though a new poll shows the American people find that to be the most serious Obama scandal.
Saturday, 2:30pm I will be on the Monica Crowley Radio Show on WABC 770AM in the Tri-State Area-talking IRS and other nonsense we have to deal with, please tune in or listen live streaming at
This Weekend's Radio Show: We've got a great "Monica Crowley Show" ready to go this weekend! We'll be all over...
Monica Crowley just now on Fox: IRS "biggest scandal in US history";
Monica Crowley is obviously a She offers her OWN OPINION as EVIDENCE for her OWN PREMISE! L.O.L.!
living up to the fox misinformation news,charles payne,and lying *** monica crowley,CA healthcare cost lower than expected,youknew
*** of the day,lamar Alexander TN,jyst spoke nonsense,monica crowley lying about healthcare,and *** charles letting her lie.
Monica Crowley All of these comparisons of Obama to Nixon are Nixon!
Monica Crowley Corwin is in Rome and can't figure out how to say good morning today. :(
I know you people ain't happy with the signing of Daniel Crowley. But if he signed in another club and becomes a star,you will all start blaming Wenger for not signing him when we needed him. He is just 16 yrs and we must keep our academy strong.
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