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WWE Raw (also stylized as Monday Night RAW and known on air as Raw SuperShow) is a sports entertainment television program for WWE that currently airs on the USA Network in the United States. Randal Keith Randy Orton (born April 1, 1980) is an American professional wrestler and actor. 5.0/5

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The Authority responded to the events of last week NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Vacation’s over. One week away from the job cost The Authority dearly thanks to a scramble for control amongst their foot soldiers last week on Raw, and Triple H & Stephanie Mcmahon wasted no time in rectifying the situation when they strolled into Nashville for Raw Country. While WWE Director of Operations Kane was absent from their impromptu disciplinary session, Raw GM Brad Maddox and SmackDown GM Vickie Guerrero were not so lucky: It was decided – after very minimal deliberation – that Vickie would face her old rival Aj Lee, and Maddox would have the honor, so to speak, of battling WWE Champion Randy Orton one-on-one. Godspeed, Mr. Maddox.  WWE Champion Randy Orton def. Brad Maddox     Alas, the Brad Maddox upset victory to end all upset victories did not happen on Monday Night Raw. The beleaguered General Manager was all but fed on a platter to a fuming Randy Orton, out for vengeance after the events of last week’s po ...
WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW RECAP Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Raw, live from Nashville, Tennessee!! Our announcers for the evening are Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL. They announce that tonight’s main event will be a 12 man Tag Team Match between CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, The Usos, and The Rhodes Brothers vs. The Shield and The Wyatt Family. We open up Monday Night Raw with the return of Triple H and Stephanie Mcmahon, The Authority. The announcers show a replay of last week when Big Show choke slammed Randy Orton through the announce table. HHH says that last week proves how vital The Authority are to Monday Night Raw, because without them, it’s nothing but chaos. He says that Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox have been avoiding them all day. Stephanie says they are well rested, and they are back. HHH starts to speak, but he is interrupted by the music of the WWE Champion, Randy Orton. Randy Orton says he blames The Authority for not saying exactly who was in charge, and for him being chok ...
  Where on  Monday Night Raw at Nashville TN.Please Welcome Triple H And Stephaine McMahon Saying well it is good to be back an this dispoite an abuse of power was a prime example to this show.Without athorty was chaos an how raw turn out last week and the people the Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero will be delt with.Randy Orton Came out to the ring saying you want to blame everyone yourself plus your the one that didnt tell the shield to watch his back an the Big Show choke slam Randy Orton threw a table.Triple H says who do you think you are talking to an the face of our company an Stephaine Mcmahon says their was a confused.Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero came out to the ring saying it was Vickie Guerrero fault plus Triple h says you all have to pay Tonight .Stephaine McMahon Says Vickie Guerrero will go one on one with the Divas Champion Aj Lee plus Triple H says Bradd Maddox Against Randy Orton Right Now an That Match Starts Right now. Still to Come Big E Langston Takes On Curtis Axel For The Inter ...
Switching back and forth between Monday Night Raw and Monday Night Football. Wrestling is boring this week. Aj Lee is a boring Divas Champion, Curtis Axel's boring *** list his IC Championship to Big E Langston boring *** Randy Orton boring *** beat up what's his face, and they pretty much turned two of they're best wrestlers CM Punk and Daniel Bryant into a tag team and ax them out of title contention. On the football side the Panthers and the Patriots are getting pretty physical on the grid with Carolina in the lead 10-0.
Thoughts on last night's Monday Night Raw: *The opening segment was enjoyable *Daniel Bryan beat Dean Ambrose. Really good match. *Punk's promo for HiAC was ok. *Santino Marella beat Heath Slater. Crap match, waste of time. *Randy Orton beat Dolph Ziggler. The burial of Dolph's career continues. Good match though. *The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) beat Kofi Kingston & The Miz. Alright match. Enjoyable promo by Bray afterwards. *Big E Langston & CM Punk beat Curtis Axel & Ryback. Ok match. *The Real Americans (Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro) beat Tons of Funk (Brodus Clay & Tensai). Ok match. Cesaro needs a push. *The Shield vs. The Usos ended in a no contest. Really good match. *Final Segment was really awesome. Overall: The show was pretty good, for a go home show it built well to HiAC this sunday. 3 good to really good matches tonight, and a couple alright matches. I'd give the show an 8 out of 10.
2 ago week's edition of Monday Night Raw saw WWE allow the fans to vote for which of three WWE Hall of Famers would referee the Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton *** in a Cell cage match for the vacant WWE Championship at the *** in a Cell pay-per-view event on October 27. The results were: Shawn Michaels — 61% Bob Backlund — 32% Booker T — 7% Poor Booker T. It was par for the course as WWE polls go: The voting is completely legitimate, but the deck is stacked in terms of who the fans will vote for. It's amazing that Backlund did as well as he did. Now that Michaels is the referee, one of the key story threads going into *** in a Cell is obviously going to be where his loyalties are. On one hand, Triple H, the evil WWE C.O.O. who wants Orton as champion, is his best friend. On the other, Michaels was Bryan's initial pro wrestling trainer, and Bryan was his best student. This should lead to a couple weeks of pretty interesting promos. Triple H is the devil on Shawn's shoulder, his former mischief-making .. ...
Randy Orton commented on The Rhodes Family being at RAW this Monday night, writing on […]
What impact did Edge have on the Daniel Bryan-Randy Orton rivalry? Read our Raw report to find out.
Who won the match Goldust vs Randy Orton at Monday Night Raw ?
Mc mahon, Stephanie and Triple H with Randy Orton dgn The Shield, a new chapter in Monday night RAW
Raw results: The Wyatt Family arrives and a new GM is crowned BALTIMORE – If this is truly Vickie Guerrero’s last gasp as the reigning boss lady of Monday Night Raw, let itnever be said she went out quietly. With her job on the line thanks to a ruling by Stephanie Mcmahon, the Managing Supervisor opened what may be her final night in charge by making her casefor staying on, climbing each rung of a ladder to symbolize her hard-won ascent to power. As it turns out, Vickie was wise to appeal to the sympathetic nature of the WWE Universe, because Jerry “The King” Lawler cut her off mid-speech to announce that the WWE Universe would cast a WWE App vote that would factor into her job review. As a final offering to the WWE Universe, Vickie’s planned trio of all-star matches (Kane vs. Christian; Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus and Randy Orton vs. CM Punk) is a nice start. But will it be enough to save her from the chopping block? No 18-second sob story tonight for Daniel Bryan, who slew his second Goliath in t ...
Raw results: WWE Monday Night Raw: Champion vs. Champion Main Event, Kane Battles Orton CM Punk and Curtis Axel on Raw. (Photo credit: WWE Monday Night Raw, which aired live from Sioux City, IA, opened with Managing Supervisor Vickie Guerrero announcing the main event between John Cena and Alberto Del Rio. The Monday, July 1 edition of Raw got started with Daniel Bryan entering the ring. Bryan, who was standing in front of a ladder inside the ring, spoke confidently about his chances at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view. As Bryan continued to speak about making history, Sheamus interrupted and walked towards the ring. Randy Orton walked out next towards and ring and spoke about his desire to capture the WWE Championship belt. After Orton finished speaking, Kane, Christian, and CM Punk followed by entering the ring. Orton delivered a RKO on Kane before a video package aired looking back to the greatest World Heavyweight champions of the past. Match No. 1: Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollings and Roman Rei ...
Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton have been fined by WWE for their use of a chair shot to the head during their match on "Monday Night Raw" on June 24. Source: --Dr. Shelby
Raw Result with the FInal Picture of Raw´s Main Event: Welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw. Raw this week comes to us from North Charleston, South Carolina and we get a video re-cap of last week’s Raw and CM Punk-Brock Lesnar confrontation as well as Mark Henry’s “retirement” speech. We then go live inside the North Charleston Coliseum for our opening match Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan Daniel Bryan cuts a promo and says before he starts his match, there are some people who say he has a complex and is an example of the walking little man syndrome and says whether it was teaming with Kane or years ago on NXT some people have always called him the weak link and calls them morons because he has fought toe to toe with Randy Orton twice. And a true weak link would have taken a count out victory and run but he will not be satisfied until he pins Randy Orton or makes him tap out in the middle of the ring. Orton comes out and tells Bryan to shut up and fight. Orton unloads on Bryan and Bryan fighting out of th ...
Click LIKE if you can't wait for Monday's REMATCH between Daniel Bryan - WWE Universe and Randy Orton - WWE Universe!! BREAKING NEWS: Randy Orton - WWE Universe and Daniel Bryan - WWE Universel will square off again THIS MONDAY on WWE Monday Night Raw! More Details: LIKE if you think Orton will win on Raw, or COMMENT on how Bryan will defeat The Viper!
On Monday's Raw, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan will lock up
A couple of sites are announcing that Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton will take place on this coming Monday's Raw. As everyone knows, their first match this past Monday was stopped due to concern over Bryan's health. This would lead to a heated confrontation between Bryan & Triple H backstage though, allegedly, they apologized to one another and things have been smoothed over. Last night on SD!, their rematch ended with Bryan scoring the victory via count out. The post match angle in which Bryan, upset at having won as the result of a count out, hinted that there'd be another bout between them as Bryan demanded that the match be restarted, which didn't happen. According to some reports, the original idea was for Bryan to go over Orton this past Monday. Allegedly, the "weak link" angle will continue for a while with the aspect of Bryan scoring big singles victories against top opponents while on his way to, eventually, challenge for the WWE Championship. Both their matches have been very good and I'm expectin ...
Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton will have yet another match on Monday Night Raw tomorrow in North Charleston, South Carolina.
cannot believe that the Big Show disrupted the match between Randy Orton and Sheamus last night on WWE Monday Night Raw
Expect a birthday party to be held for Randy Orton after Raw concludes on Monday night.
Last week on SmackDown, Roman Reigns accidentally bumped into Big Show during a post-match brawl against Sheamus and Randy Orton and the giant retaliated with a devastating KO Punch. Then, immediately following Monday’s Raw — in a WWE Active exclusive — Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins attacked The World’s Largest Athlete, hitting him with a titanic Triple Powerbomb. Now, with a match against Sheamus scheduled for tonight, is the giant going to be ready for the fighting Irishman? Will Big Show sport any lasting effects from The Shield’s vicious attack? Even if he doesn’t, will his focus turn toward vengeance, causing him to fall short in his match against one of WWE’s toughest competitors? Ultimately, have the treacherous trio done enough damage that they have already cost him his Friday night showdown against his longstanding rival?
Ladies and Gentlemen, The Undertaker official made is return Last Monday night on Old School Raw. There was a Fatal 4-Way match to determine who will face The Undertaker at Wrestlemaina. The match contained these Superstars... Big Show, Sheamus, Randy Orton, and CM Punk. The Undertaker will face CM Punk at Wrestlemaina.
WWE Main Event 3/6/13 Results: -Randy Orton def. Wade Barrett Non Title Match, Wade Barrett spoke about his Hollywood carpet experience and confronted The Miz on his "Marine" movie before the match. -Cody Rhodes def. Zack Ryder disaster kick to a Cross Rhodes. -Looks like WWE has begun the feud between Sin Cara and Antonio Cesaro , picking up an upset victory over your United States Champion - Highlights from Brock Lesnar / Triple H confrontation, Brock Lesnar answers Triple H on WWE Monday Night Raw - Highlights from John Cena & The Rock confrontation this past Monday on Raw - Highlights from The Undertaker's appearance on Monday Night Raw.
Everything changed this past Monday on “Old School” Raw when The Undertaker’s gong rang through the halls of the First Niagara Center in Buffalo, N.Y., moments before The Phenom wordlessly declared his intention to compete at WrestleMania 29. By the end of the night he had a challenger in CM Punk, who outmaneuvered Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show in a Fatal 4-Way to claim the coveted spot of The Deadman’s opponent at The Show of Shows. But while The Phenom returns from whence he came and Punk begins preparations for his biggest test yet, the WWE Universe — not to mention the locker room — is abuzz with excitement at the return of WWE’s most iconic Superstar. With The Demon of Death Valley headed back to The Showcase of the Immortals, the excitement is only building, and some of The Undertaker’s former rivals had plenty to say on both their battles with The Deadman and his forthcoming collision with CM Punk. Sixteen-time World Champion Ric Flair, who was in town to accompany The Miz for h ...
Raw 4/3/13 results: Raw goes Old School.. 1) The Undertaker finally returns to Monday Night Raw. 2) CM Punk, Randy Orton, Big Show and Sheamus confronts each other for who will wrestle Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Then Vickie Guerrero shows up and makes the main event, a Fatal-4 way match between them to decide the No.1 contender for The Dead Man. 3) Ryback Vs. Antonio Cesaro- Ryback wins by pinfall. 4) Mark Henry Vs. Zack Ryder- Mark Henry wins by pinfall. 5) The Miz Vs. Dolph Ziggler- Miz introduces Ric Flair into the ring as his mentor. Miz wins by Submission. 6) The Rock shows up starting with his words, "Finally, The Rock Has Come Back To Buffalo". Then Cena comes into the ring, confronts each other about the match at Wrestlemania. 7) Jack Swagger Vs. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan- Jim Duggan comes with "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes and Sgt. Slaughter. Jack Swagger refuses to fight and disqualifies himself by beating Jim Duggan by his Wooden bar. Also, Dusty Rhodes and Sgt. Slaughter. 8) Team *** No Vs. Prime ...
I need CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Booker T, Ricardo Rodriguez, and Randy Orton all on Old School Monday Night Raw tonight. Lets get it done.
congrats to my 2 wwe big brothers Randy Orton and Jøhn Cèna for their amazing wins from tonights monday night raw fights u both are going to the wrestlemana congrats to both u tonight great job and randy amazing rko was so cool
Wade Barrett, Randy Orton and Ricardo Rodriguez commented on The Undertaker’s return at last night’s WWE live event in Waco, Texas: Orton: “Got to watch Undertaker perform in Waco tonight at the live event. Very motivating to watch him do his thing. Killer” Ricardo: “Can’t describe the feeling we all got here tonight in Waco, Texas after having The Undertaker compete. I legit got goosebumps!” Barrett: *** of a night at Expect the unexpected… tomorrow.” _AN
This past week on Monday Night Raw (Febuary 11, 2013) Chris Jericho Qualfyed himself into the No.1 Contenders Elimination Chamber Match defeating Daniel Bryan and will now join Randy Orton, Kane, Mark Henry, Jack Swagger & Daniel Bryan in side the steel structure known has the Elimination Chamber with the winner of the match getting a World Heavy Weight Championship Match at Wrestlemania.
Here are some notes from the WWE App during RAW this week: - Randy Orton appeared in a WWE App backstage video on Monday night and said he’ll be the last man standing during Sunday’s Elimination Chamber match on pay-per-view. Orton also promised to get revenge on Mark Henry with an RKO when they wrestle this Friday on SmackDown. - After teaming together for several weeks now, Brodus Clay and Tensai are officially a tag team. In a WWE App exclusive interview, Clay told Tensai he’s impressed with his dance moves and suggested the two becoming a full-time tag team. Tensai agreed, on the condition that Clay puts in a good word for him with WWE Diva Cameron. - WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn and Tamina Snuka also appeared in a backstage segment on the WWE App. Kaitlyn approached Vickie Guerrero asked Vickie Guerrero why she hasn’t been booked on RAW over the past few weeks. Vickie said Kaitlyn will get some ring time this Sunday, when she defends the Divas title against Kaitlyn at Elimination Chamber. Kaitl ...
WWE Monday Night Raw - 4 February, 2013 - Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett Wade Barrett has not been a happy man of late. The Intercontinental Champion has been in a mood ever since WWE NXT underdog Bo Dallas eliminated him from the 2013 Royal Rumble Match and pinned him on Raw the next night. Barrett’s...
I'm starting up a UW Sports-Entertainment (Pro-Wrestling) club for UW. We'd be meeting at my fraternity. The only requirements are that you are a student at the University of Washington (or if you're actively applying to it, we'd probably just pretend you were one). We'll talk about Monday Night Raw, what makes a good match, what makes a good wrestler, pro's and con's of UFC, talk about different era's; different companies like New Japan, the NWA, AWA, and modern independent circuits. We'll go at on games like Smackdown vs. Raw, and pool money to watch PPV's. Watch matches including Ric Flair, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, Bret Hart, Kurt Angle, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Mandkind, Triple H, Batista, Eddie Guerrero, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Edge, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Randy Orton, The Miz, and more. Message me if you're interested.
CM Punk heads to the ring in frustration. He begins to taunt the audience and says that he should still be the WWE champion. Punk walks outside the ring and asks people in the crowd whether he was in the video that showed Paul Heyman admitting last week on Raw to Brad Maddox that The Shield was asked to protect the former WWE champion. Punk puts the blame on Vince Mcmahon, accusing him of hiring another person to imitate Heyman in the video. He continues to claim that he is the true champion and grants The Rock a rematch at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view for the title belt. SmackDown's General Manager Booker T comes out to the entrance way and tells Punk he will either face Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton and/or Chris Jericho in a match later on Monday Night Raw. Match No. 1: Ryback vs. Antonio Cesaro Your winner via pin fall: Ryback. No complaints in this opening match, as Ryback and Cesaro had a good battle considering that they have such different wrestling styles. This was a power vs. technical match, ...
WWE Main Event comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Jan. 16, 2013) at 8 p.m. ET on Ion Television featuring current United States Champion Antonio Cesaro taking on Randy Orton. After Orton jobbed to Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett on Monday Night Raw, one might think he would be willing to do the same for the U.S. titleholder. We shall see. Come back here at 8 p.m. ET for complete results and the running live blog. _ WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS AND LIVE BLOG FOR JAN. 16 C.J. here for some Wednesday night fun. Broadcast is live with Michael Cole and The Miz at ringside. I HEAR THE VOICES Randy Orton making his way to the ring. It looks like we're going to get right into the action. Cole speaking about The Shield's run ins during Orton's matches. Foreshadowing perhaps? C'EST UN MIRACLE! Video package of Cesaro, The Miz, and Ric Flair's interaction on Monday Night Raw. - Antonio Cesaro vs. Randy Orton Bell rings, and away we go! Both men circling, getting a feel of each other. They clinch up and go ...
Ryback, Randy Orton, & Sheamus fend off The Shield from attacking the first inductee announced for the 2013 Hall of Fame, *** Foley.
- According to PWInsider, the following matches are scheduled for the WrestleMania 29 main events as of early Monday: * Sheamus vs. Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Title * Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar * CM Punk vs. The Undertaker * John Cena vs. The Rock for the WWE Title - There was speculation on Randy Orton’s status after he lost clean to Wade Barrett on last night’s RAW from Houston. reports this is just a part of Orton’s heel turn. He will be facing Antonio Cesaro on this week’s WWE Main Event.
Layin here watchin my monday night raw i recorded last nite :) love it! Go Sheamus and Randy Orton baby!!
Monday Night Raw 14-1-2013 (22 photos) Wade Barrett def. Randy Orton ... After that .. Ryback, Sheamus and Randy Orton rescued *** Foley from The Shield Well, that’s one way to celebrate a Hall of Fame induction, we suppose. The first announced member of the WWE Hall of Fame’s 2013 class, *** Foley arrived in Houston with the intention of addressing the WWE Universe who supported him throughout a storied, legendary career. But before The Hardcore Legend could even get a word in, The Shield emerged from the crowd with the apparent intent of swarming the three-time WWE Champion in the ring. Happily, the cavalry arrived in the form of Ryback, Randy Orton and Sheamus. The mighty trio drove The Shield back from their ambush and forced the men in black into retreat, ensuring that Foley’s first Raw as a Hall of Fame Superstar did not end in chaos. Ryback’s night did not end there, though, as he promised that The Shield would pay for costing him the WWE Championship down the line, demanding “FEED ME S . ...
Who wants an 'EVOLUTION Reunion' at RAW 20th Anniversary this Monday Night on RAW ? Triple H, Ric Flair and Randy Orton will be there.. Only BATISTA's presence is in doubt ! Maybe Vince can do something about this, for one night only ! ~The Rock~
Last monday night RAW rocked man.Becauze,Randy Orton,Sheamus and Ryback totally destroyed "The Shield"(Seth Rollins,Dean Ambros and Roman Reigns) and those three dumb heads ran away like an scarecrow!:-)
Major News on Ryback's Future in WWE; While there has been talk of having Sheamus win the Royal Rumble for the second year in a row and face a heel Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania 29, a new name is being discussed as a potential Rumble winner - Ryback. Vince Mcmahon has brought up the idea of pushing Ryback even harder as the new babyface of SmackDown. This would include a lengthy run with the World Heavyweight Title. Nothing is confirmed yet but the talk included Ryback dominating the Rumble match, beginning a feud with Orton and then facing him at WrestleMania. Regarding the Rumble, most key points for the 30-man match this year have been laid out by Triple H, Vince Mcmahon, Pat Patterson and other officials. There was a meeting about a week ago where many twists, including Ryback dominating, were discussed.
Watching my recorded WWE Smackdown show. Randy Orton, can you please RKO any and everybody that come in contact with you? Can wait for Wrestlemania!
At the last tapings of Smackdown, Sheamus and Randy Orton announced they were going to participate on the Royal Rumble match. This happened right after John Cena announcing he was going to be in it as well, the night before, on Monday Night RAW. So now we have 27 spots left. Who would you like to see starring this match as well? Cat
WWE Injury updates and returns: Unfortunately, despite WWE coming onto it’s biggest point of the year with the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania on the horizon, quite a few superstars are currently out with injuries. At the same time, several have returned, or are in the process of returning. - Randy Orton returned on Monday Night RAW after a brief hiatus. Orton has been busy the last few months filming 12 Rounds: Reloaded, thus having to take several hiatuses. - The Rock is returning next Monday night in order to begin building to his match with CM Punk for the WWE title at the upcoming Royal Rumble. This will be Rock’s first appearance in nearly a year. - Christian is scheduled to return sometime this month after recovering from shoulder surgery. - “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry is also expected to return this month, possibly in time for the Royal Rumble. Henry has been out since May of this year, and had been facing a possible career-ending injury. However, the rehabilitation has gone we ...
Ryback,Sheamus and Randy Orton beat The Shield on monday night RAW.
WWA Raw 12/17/12 Results: Elimination of Revolution Randy Orton and John Cena Segment. Randy Orton wants John Cena to be in the Elimination Chamber at New Year's Revolution. And then Kane interfered during the Segment. And Attacks John Cena. and then CM Punk Returns and clears out Randy Orton and Kane. And then Vince Mcmahon arrives and announces that John Cena and CM Punk will face against Randy Orton and Kane in a Tag Team Match at Next Week's Monday Night Raw. The Great Khali wins the 20-Man Battle Royal for the No. 1 Cotender for the Intercontinental Championship Ryback def. The Miz in a Singles Match in a Non-Title Match Cody Rhodes cuts a promo. He pays attention that he will never Reign his Intercontinental Championship. And then The Great Khali arrives and Chops Cody Rhodes. Santino Marella arrives and haves a match against Alberto Del Rio in a Non-Title Match. Alberto Del Rio arrives. And he wants to walk away. And then Sheamus brings Alberto Del Rio through the ring and then Santino hits Alberto ...
Friday Night Smackdown Card - 14 December 2012 ||OOC: I'm posting only Results b'coz I didn't get time to write the show as I was busy with my exam preparations and I would also like to inform you that I'm having Exams this whole week so the next show will be on 24th December 2012(Monday Night Raw). Please Bare with me guyzz|| **nWo Segment** |^Next Show| Christian vs. Randy Orton |Winner: Christian| Sheamus vs. Rey Mysterio |Winner: Sheamus| Chris Cage & Kurt Angle vs. Chris Crippler & Brock Lesnar [Tornado Tag Team Match] |Winner: Chris Cage & Kurt Angle| Kevin Evans vs. Seth Rollins |Winner: Kevin Evans| *Main Event Hart & David Mitchel vs. The Rock & Paulie [Champions vs. Contenders Match] |Winner: The Champions Bret Hart & David Mitchel| *Main Event of A-rated's Choice|**vs. |Superstar of *** Foley's Choice|** [Both the choosers will be at ringside acompanying their respective Superstars] |^Next Show and the competitors will be announced later|
-GN presents 30 ways to troll & rustle the jimmies of the wrestling fans: 1. Dean Ambrose *** he is generic,he ain't so good when he talks nor when he wrestles ! 2. Randy Orton is a wrestling machine,he is one of the best,he has epic gimmick and great moveset! 3. The Undertaker is no doubt one of the most overrated workers in the wrestling business,he has buried so much wrestlers over the years that its shocking,he has average wrestling skills,never been as good as people think,his 20-0 streak means nothing if he is being put over every year,he comes out like Santa Claus - only once per year and steals the show with his stale deadman stuff. 4. Edge is a overhyped *** that only performed one spear per match and that is all that is good for him,he has been spoon fed everything and never shined with ability,its not a bad thing that he is gone now,makes no difference at all. 5. David Otunga is a master on the mic,his gimmick is one of the best right now,he sips his coffee like a boss and can own everybo ...
THE FOLLOWING REPORT CONTAINS **SPOILERS**! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!! At Tuesday night’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Bridgeport, CT, there was an angle done to write Randy Orton off television. During a backstage segment, The Shield did a “beat down” on Orton but by the time the camera was turned on, they had walked away, leaving him lying through a table. Later during the show, Matt Striker announced that Orton suffered a “separated shoulder and possible concussion” from The Shield’s attack. We reported earlier that Randy Orton reportedly suffered a wrist (??) injury at the Sunday taping of the Tribute to the Troops special. He was held off of RAW Monday night, but was still being advertised for the SmackDown tapings. More as we get it.
Main Event Announced For WWE Friday Night Smackdown - On WWE Monday Night Raw, it was announced that Randy Orton will face off against Wade Barrett in the main event on Smackdown this week.
Sheamus Height: 6'4" Weight: 267 lbs. From: Dublin, Ireland Signature Move: High Cross, Brogue Kick, Irish Curse First WWE Game: WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2011 Career Highlights: WWE Champion; U.S. Champion; 2010 King of the Ring; 2012 Royal Rumble Match winner; World Heavyweight Champion Overall Game Rating: 90 Follow Me Biography With a red-hot temper that matches his fiery head of hair, Sheamus never backs down from a fight, and has never been in one he didn't think he could win. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Sheamus brings to the ring a ferocious offensive style that harkens to his noble and heroic Celtic ancestors. Whether by upbringing or by birthright, this modern-day Celtic Warrior was fated for combat, and when he emerged in ECW in 2009, he quickly made WWE his battleground. After journeying from The Land of the Extreme to Monday Night Raw in October 2009, the aptly named "Great White" ravenously sunk his teeth into the competition, engaging in a high-profile rivalry with John Cena in pursuit of the W ...
Big Show beat Randy Orton o(Oo_ )o !! !!.. .. o(_OO)o Next week wednesday on [WWE MaIn EvEvT] Kofi Kingston Vs Miz for the intercontantel champion on the line ,miz accpeted the challanged!!.. .. October 28 *** in a Cell] cm punk that has the wwe champion ship on the line has to make a choice to go agaist Ryback or John Cena and if cm punk dont make his desicion by next week on monday night raw (myself is a smack down fan not raw) Vince Mchamon will TOTALLY MAKE THE CHOICE FOR HIM ,TO be honest myself serioulsy hopes mchamon does make the choice for JABRONI PUNK!! ((O_- .. .. [PRE-order WWE13 and get Mike tyson as a playable character ,October 30 Release] ((O_- .. ..
Wallpaper of Randy orton for fans of Randy Orton submitted by asmaortonfan 22294534
Is ready for Monday Night Raw to start and ready to see Randy Orton
he's fighting the fat guy . won “RT are you watching Monday night raw?! Randy Orton is fighting!
I can't believe what happen to Jerry King Lawyer on Monday night Raw. After he collapsed during the live event while commentary with Michael Cole. Then to find out he had an heart attack after he team up with Randy Orton. I think that Jerry Lawyer should quit commentary and just go home it's time for him to move on and spend time with his family.
Jerry "The King" Lawler, a commentator on WWE's "Monday Night Raw" television show, collapsed during tonight's live telecast and has been rushed to a Montreal hospital. In the world of pro wrestling, which tries to blur the line between real life and entertainment, this is all too real. Lawler had stopped breathing and was given CPR at the arena. He collapsed during a match between the team of Daniel Bryan and Kane vs. The Prime Time Players, during which most people in the stands could be seen watching the commentator area (which is off camera during matches) instead of the match. Broadcast partner Michael Cole later gave an update, saying Lawler collapsed during the match and was immediately tended to by ringside doctors, who began performing CPR. Lawler, 62, had competed in a match earlier in the evening, teaming with Randy Orton against CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler. He appeared in an on-camera segment just before collapsing and seemed fine. An obviously emotional Cole gave updates on Lawler throughout th ...
Spending my last day as a free man watching Monday Night RAW. It's depressing but Randy Orton's aesthetics should make me feel better
watchin WWE Monday Night Raw..and im in love with seeing Randy Orton in tights even though he has no butt :)
Hey, for next WWE Monday Night Raw, in the main-event, Why not Randy Orton and John Cena vs CM Punk and Big Show ?
The Viper is back. After serving a 60-day suspension for his second violation of the WWE Talent Wellness Program, Randy Orton returned to the WWE on last week's episode of Monday Night Raw...
My wrestling buddy Connor (Stacys' son) and I are going to Dallas August 13th for Monday Night Raw. I hate to drive in Dallas but can not wait! I hope Randy Orton is there, Connor likes Ray Mysterio
I liked a video Randy Orton return at Monday Night Raw 07/30/12
Randy Orton returns to the WWE after a 2-month suspension on the 1,001st edition of WWE Monday Night Raw. From July 30th, 2012.
Randy Orton's return to Monday night raw was epic!
Randy Orton's suspension over,he will return to Monday Night
Randy Orton's Suspension ends today... He will return tomorrow at Monday Night Raw.. please may I have a RT..
. Tomorrow returns Randy Orton on monday night raw?
Randy Orton 'the viper' makes his WWE return debut tomorrow @ Monday Night Raw after 60 days of suspension. We all welcome the Apex predator back..
Well I just figured out my fav wrestler Randy Orton is returning 2 Monday Night Raw this Monday yay
Monday Night Raw 7/12/10 Randy Orton hits the GREATEST RKO ever! This is just Amazing.
I love Monday Night Raw tonite but I miss Randy Orton!!
Top 5 wrestlers with the most wins on Monday night raw all time 5. Edge 277 4.Randy Orton 290 3. John Cena 298 2. Kane 347
What Happen to Randy Orton ??? Randy Orton was suspended for 60 days for violation WWE Wellness Policy for secind time. He was positive for marijuana and for elevated levels of testosterone. Orton was telling people that he took a tainted supplement that contained the testosterone, causing him to fail. Orton reportedly said he didn’t do it on purpose but acknowledged that he should have been more careful. Unfortunately, Randy Orton will not appear on 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw on July 23rd because his violation expires by the end of July which means that not only he will mis 1000th Raw, he will also miss Money In The Bank PPV which will happen on July 15th. It happens , but it doesn't change my views on the man.
Dammit.. Randy Orton - WWE Universe will not be able to make it to WWE Monday Night Raw's 1000th episode due to his suspension.. :( WHY ORTON WHY!!!
Like if you want WWE Triple h, Randy Orton & Batista to return as Evolution & take over Monday Night Raw. Special Guest N* B** R** F*.
Wrist Lock Radio returns this Friday at 10pm on Troy City Radio! What happened when Vince Mcmahon returned to a special 3 hour WWE Monday Night Raw? Could Randy Orton - WWE Universe actually get fired? What happened at TNA Slammiversary? We'll answer all these questions plus all the latest news, rumors and results from WWE, Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor Wrestling and more! Joining me in the studio will be Ronnie Valliere from Ronnie's Wrestling Blog, Mark Gomes (Co-Owner/Promoter of The Southcoast Toy and Comic Show) and Vinnie Alley! Tune in by going to, on 103.1 FM, or on your smart phone by downloading the free Live 365 app and searching Troy City Radio!
WWE: Randy Orton's Suspension and the Fans Left Behind: For example, I am headed to Monday Night Raw on June 4, ...
Randy Orton didn't need to speak one word to show the WWE Universe his feelings on The Miz on Monday Night Raw.
Dwayne and our boys are all off to see Monday Night Raw! Hope they all have a good time..Dwayne feel free to bring randy orton home to momma! ;)))
Last Monday on Monday Night Raw, John Cena came out and talked about how John Laurinitus was a selfish power hungry bully. Cena also talked about how The Big Show knocked him out, and how Laurinitus deserved what he got. John Laurinitus interrupted John Cena, and complained about how badly he was hurt (he rode in on a scooter with 1 crutch). The Big Show came out (John Laurinitus brought him out) and said he wont give an explanation for his actions, and how he was embarrassed from begging for his job and crying to keep his job. David Otunga came out and said he was going to beat up Cena. John Cena VS. David Otunga. WINNER= John Cena Cena got attacked by Tyler Reks, Darren Young, Titus O'Neil, and Kurt Hawkins Sheamus came out and helped Cena. Santino Marella interrupted Ricardo Rodriguez and Told Ricardo he doesn't introduce Alberto right and he also doesn't roll his R's right. Santino Marella was Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer for the night. Randy Orton VS. Alberto Del Rio WINNER= ALBERTO DEL ...
WWE Monday Night Raw - Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio: Randy Orton suffers an attack from Chris Jericho.Add this to your queueAdded:...
Triple H, John Cena, Randy Orton and many more WWE Superstars and Divas compete on Raw.
Watching WWE Monday Night Raw.Randy Orton has the baddest tattoos!!! Wow!!!
Heading to Richmond, VA for some Monday Night Raw! Hoping to see my boyfriend Mr. Randy Orton! I always enjoy seeing a bunch of sweaty men in tights!! lol
so took Austin to WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW in was AWSOME! my dad Austin n i had a GREAT TIME!!! we r all tired 2day but it was worth it!! you never really know how big these men really are till u c them in person...and i got 2 c Randy Orton..Yummy Yummy is all i got 2 the best part was when Cena told John Lorenitis(SP?) to go "PUCK HIMSELF" in terms of the was great except when Austin asked me what a "dushbag" was...said ur 2 young 2 understand. but it was a GREAT NIGHT N I CANT WAIT 2 DO IT AGAIN!
this is a news which was 6 days ago Brock Lesnar’s apparent quitting of the WWE last night on Monday Night RAW over a disputed contract is expected to keep him off television for a while. Lesnar only has a one-year deal with the company which includes limited dates and he won’t be on every pay-per-view between now and next year’s WWE WrestleMania 29, when it expires. Lesnar may even be kept off the tv until the build-up to WWE SummerSlam where the current plan is for a Randy Orton vs Brock Lesnar main event. Though there is a possibility that Lesnar will have one more PPV match before SummerSlam but unless plans change he will be kept off TV for a while.
Laying down watching monday night RAW loving me some Randy Orton... Cant wait til the 29 they coming to B.R.
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