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Monday Night Raw

WWE Raw (also stylized as Monday Night RAW and known on air as Raw SuperShow) is a sports entertainment television program for WWE that currently airs on the USA Network in the United States.

John Cena Dean Ambrose Roman Reigns Brock Lesnar Seth Rollins Hulk Hogan Michael Sam Stephanie McMahon Daniel Bryan Paul Heyman Randy Orton Des Moines Brie Bella Battle Royal Rob Van Dam Dave Bautista Aj Lee Pat Patterson

At the end of Monday Night Raw, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon announced that Dean Ambrose will face John Cena...
WWE invades Brooklyn, NY at the Barclays Center for Monday Night Raw. Here is what’s on tap for tonight’s show: *Fallout from last week’s WWE Raw. *The Big Show vs. Rusev is advertised to take place. *More on the John Cena, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins feud. *Roman Reigns confirmed in a recent interview that he will be appearing on tonight’s show. *Breast cancer survivors and “Today Show” hosts Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford will be appearing on tonight’s show. *More build towards the *** in a Cell PPV. Expect WWE to announce a few matches for the show. *Will the Wyatt Family appear? Dark match that is being advertised: John Cena & Dean Ambrose vs. Randy Orton & Seth Rollins. Superstars who are advertised: Triple H, John Cena, Seth Rollins, Kane, Randy Orton, Paige, Aj Lee, Dean Ambrose and so many more.
After almost Seth Rollins cost Dean Ambrose carreer , He's BACK! on Monday Night Raw and arguing with John Cena about the same man who's did stupid and fooli...
Strangely enough, even though I'm as big a wrestling fan as there is, I have no intention of watching the Night of Champions ppv tonight. I have the WWE Network, and it is well worth the price just for the ppv shows alone, but outside of the Brock Lesnar/John Cena rematch, nothing looks any better than an average Monday Night Raw show, definitely not worth staying up for when I have to get up for work at 5 am.
It's just me, some gym shorts, a bowl of frosted flakes and Monday Night Raw. Let's do this.
WWE invites Michael Sam to appear on 'Monday Night Raw'
WWE invites Michael Sam to appear on Sept. 8 'Monday Night Raw'
According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter the WWE has reportedly changed Brock Lesnar's contractual deal now he is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. His previous deal would ensure all his storylines and dates were booked well in advance around his personal schedule. Now he is the Champion, the WWE will apparently be able to book him for WWE Monday Night Raw and Pay Per View events as and when they need him. This means that the WWE could potentially make Lesnar work every Pay Per View until WrestleMania 31, if they wanted or just big events such as the Survivor Series PPV and the Royal Rumble PPV, either way the deal will prove significantly beneficial for the WWE going forward. - Hulkamaniac4life.
WWE to have Michael Sam speak at the upcoming Monday Night Raw. He would be better off speaking at the Westboro Baptis…
Michael Sam, the rookie defensive end who was cut by the St. Louis Rams this past weekend, got an invite from the WWE to appear on the Sept. 8 episode of "Monday Night Raw."
Thanks for coming back to Des Moines for Monday Night Raw! We hope to see you back again soon!
“Anything new on Michael Sam?” He's going to be on Monday Night Raw... That's right Monday night Raw.
This man really went to WWE Monday night raw lmao
Best sign of the night on Can you say Monday Night Wars has begun again. lol
Michael Sam on Monday Night Raw? John Cena won't stand for his homosexuality.
Bruh next week's Monday Night RAW is going to be so good!
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Tonight's Monday Night Raw main event was awesome!
thanks Scott for hooking it up Monday Night Raw It was awesome!
Check out this item I found on eBay: night raw
WWE Monday Night RAW Location: Des Moines, IA Date: September 1, 2014 Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL The Labor Day Edition of the WWE RAW Kickoff Pre-show kicks off with fans piling into the arena as Byron Saxton, Alex Riley and Booker T welcome us. They hype The Highlight Reel and WWE Shop. We get a video for Brock Lesnar and John Cena. The panel discusses their rematch at Night of Champions. Saxton says we will hear from Paul Heyman on tonight’s RAW. We get Network commercials and a video for The Bella Twins. - The panel talks more about The Bella Twins and then Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns. We get more hype for The Highlight Reel and Network commercials. Saxton announces The Miz and Cesaro vs. Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler for tonight. We go backstage to Renee Young, Sheamus and Ziggler at the arena. Ziggler says their plan is to just win. They both cut promos on C ...
I liked a video from CMPuLs3 Reviews: Monday Night Raw (09/01/14)
*** feels weird watching Monday night raw on tv since I been there the last two weeks!
Monday Night RAW: Results and Photos for September 1st, 2014 -
Thank you for letting me and my brother attend Monday Night RAW!!
Three former Turnbuckle Turmoil guests on Monday Night Raw. Congrats to them.
Thanks to I can just hit delete on my sky + for Monday night raw and save my remote from forwarding through whole show
From here on out, getting tickets whenever WWE Monday Night RAW is in Des Moines. Ton of fun!
I'm "WWE Monday Night RAW". TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. .
are you watching this mess of a show called Monday Night Raw, as well?
Great 6 man tagteam match i love your superkick to best match of monday night raw
watching wwe Monday night raw , Stephanie is pushing it to far
WWE Monday Night Raw REVIEW 09/01/14 (Raw can get worse, WWE Loves Cena and his Girl): via
Another mediocre glad Monday night football is back next week. I will be tuning out till Ambrose comes back
Do you think Michael Sam will Appear on WWE's "Monday Night Raw" next week when Mon Night Football Doubleheader is on?
“Favorite part of Keep it positive.” I realized afterwards that Monday Night Football is less than a week away! Yay!
WWE news: John Cena suffers embarrassing fail on Monday Night Raw
Finally home after a long day and a good night at Monday Night Raw in Des Moines.wasn't to bad except for the stupid *** kids in back of us. will hopefully get some pics up tomorrow, but for now, it is bedtime! have been up since 2:45 am this morning
Vince McMahon, WWE invite Michael Sam to speak his mind on ‘Raw’ on Sept. 8 on USA Network when ‘Monday Night Fo...
I added a video to a playlist The Ultimate Warrior speech on Monday Night Raw a day before his death
After a mediocre I can't wait for Monday Night Football next week. Maybe writers might step it up to draw the fans from watching NFL
I'm watching Monday night raw right now and I feel no ounce of regret.
Well hope everyone had a great labor day myself I worked at the shelter some today changing offices around and all trying to get back into the swing of things been a fair day memories of my mother will never leave my mind Went and visited dad and robin for a bit we sat and watched some WWE Monday night raw wrestling. but things sorta seemed at peace there its been a week today already that mom has went to be with her parents missing her like back to work tomorrow take it a day at a you all and have a very blessed night..
Got to see monday night RAW live! Jp Fulton and Jacob Adams we are doing this again when they comes back to iowa!!!
When Monday Night Raw comes to San Antonio Tx I will be There and we will BO CENA *** and chanting Cena *** Cena *** over and over...Again
Had a blast at my 1st WWE event ever! Won't be my last! Monday Night Raw!!
My fraternity (Omega Psi Phi) was just mentioned on Monday Night Raw!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
The Emmy Awards... Something Weird Al was not ready for... Even with the battery pack for his mic hanging behind him with no worry. But in all honesty his part of the show was not worth watching i changed the channel to watch actual entertanment... WWE Monday Night Raw. But came back to the show and even cried the whole time watching the memorial part with Robin Williams at the end of it. An awesome show.
They saved the best for last.Time for a real deal football match not the mickey mouse cartoon titled man useless v sunderland.Ladies and gentlemen,all eyes on the Etihad for the Heavyweight bout on Monday Night Raw between The 5 time CL champs,Livepool with their impressive 18 titles under their belt take on mafikizolo man city,home of football prostitutes.Lets get ready to rumble.COME ON YOU REDMEN!!YNWA!!
I am jus catching up on Monday Night Raw n 30 min nto the show Paul Hayman has gotten on my last *** nerves
Dean Ambrose - WWE gets creative with the on WWE Monday Night Raw!
Want to go to WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW happening THIS MON in ANAHEIM? Put it on KDAY at 4:50p and when you hear KRIS KROSS' JUMP be caller 35!
Hulk Hogan upset Brock Lesnar called him 'grandpa' on Monday Night Raw
Will my boyfriend take me to Monday night raw next month?
I think we all need to each Monday night raw. I'll explain the characters and storyline a :)
You should offer an open challenge next week on Monday night raw for your WWE championship,
I was obviously the highlight of Monday Night Raw, everybody couldn't stop talking about me.
So I have narrowed it down to 3 choices. Tell me which works best: . Monday Night After Raw. Next Week Thursday at 7 PM. This Saturday early
are you guys going to Anaheim for Monday night raw
“Johnny Football vs RGIII. Monday Night Football on ESPN. LET'S GO! love manziel but rg3 is raw asf
What a match last monday night, WoW & should be the next ;)
Monday night raw on a Thursday, call me a rebel 💃
It's an easy way for The Authority to keep me off of monday night Raw and And away from their little darling -Dean Ambrose!
I'm just glad cent lost. Did you see the main event for last week's monday night raw though? the Falls count anywhere?
saw on Monday night raw are you guys still sisters?
disgusting nerd next to me said her dream job was to be a professional wrestler on WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW
Balotelli first game for Liverpool Monday night Raw v Manchester City sounds good for
If you chose Thursday Night Smackdowm over Monday Night Raw you can't hang with us 💯
Just won tickets to Monday night raw at boardwalk hall!
so sorry bout wah happened on Monday night raw.
So tell me why you both hate each other so much and to do that on monday night raw like that
Is duckin 40 Barrs? (as per 40's Monday Night Raw radio show). Why would she do that? I think that would be …
on Monday Night Raw Radio Show with 40 Barrs around the 40-45 minute mark. gon set that up?
LOL @ Mike Tice. "The Freakazoid." "Choking you out like on Monday Night Raw."
Here's what we hate about raw Monday night, they combined the two titles again and it ain't called the undisputed championship!
I think it would be cheaper at Monday night raw
Come over and watch Monday Night Raw. Bring your dad so I can put him in a figure four leg lock.
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Watching Monday night Raw and still getting amazed at the sheer domination Brock Lesnar showed over John Cena this Summerslam!
Watchin' Monday Night RAW. Steph McMizzo's chest beefers are lookin' so off the chain. Piled high with all the toppings, you …
Thankfully my friend had downloaded WWE Monday Night Raw,so I can watch it as I please
Last week, Brock Lesnar interrupted Monday Night Raw celebrations for Hulk Hogan’s 61st birthday. He informed Hogan that the “party’s over, grandpa,” which reported to be unscripted remarks made by the now WWE World Heavyweight Champion with possibly the assistance of Paul Heyman. TMZ recently spoke with Hogan and he said that he’s not happy […]
good BABA BOOEY sign by a fan ringside at Monday Night Raw!
Just watched the WWE: Top 100 Moments in Monday Night Raw. Of course, the Stonecold Steve Austin bath would be number one
The nWo reunites for Hulk Hogan's 61st birthday party on 'Monday Night Raw'
Any Trail Blazers fans going to see WWE Monday Night Raw at Moda Center at the Rose Quarter tonight?
"I AM A MERCENARY" - Brock Lesnar - WWE those words had me cracking up on WWE Monday Night Raw (watched it last night b4 work on DVR) , just the way he said it & i can't get it out of my head.
but air them everyday leading up to the event starting Monday night right after raw as the hook to get people to switch over.
thoughts of Monday night Raw ? Roman Vs Rybaxel ? Seth Vs RVD? Also whats your thoughts on the feud with Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon ?
Let's call today a Winning Wednesday on the Raccoon Valley Radio Network! Listen throughout the morning magazine for your chances to win WWE Monday Night Raw tickets for September 1st at Wells Fargo Arena!! When we tell you to call, be over 18, and if you get through...then you'll be in the running to win with the WWE and the Raccoon Valley Radio Network!!!
Hulk Hogan's birthday celebration going on WWE Monday Night Raw. Scott Hall, Kevin nash on ring! all the legends are singing happy birthday. Suddenly Brock Lesnar comes and ruins the party :D predetermined or what, this is awesome.
Seth Rollins stars in this week's World Wrestling Entertainment (W.W.E.) Monday Night Raw's "GIF of
Had an amazing time yesterday at Monday Night Raw! Best day ever! Especially freaked seeing , ,and
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Why Monday night's Brie Mode undercut her character and what WWE did wrong
yes he already did this past Monday night
WWE Monday Night Raw: 11 August, 2014 - Top 5 moments of the ...
After Monday Night Raw, it seems WWE are trying to make Lesnar the ultimate heel plus slowly turn Cena. Will he turn. Will he?
So the ending to this episode of teen wolf was dumb. Now I'm gonna watch last night's Monday Night Raw.
LMAOO this was on Tuesday morning after he saw monday night raw the night before
what did yiu think of monday night raw. Now reunion was tooo sweet!
Last night was our highest rated ep yet→ THANK YOU to everyone for watching! htt…
It was awesome seeing u on Monday Night Raw The nWo will forever be 4 life!!!
if you're not going to summer slam way not come to Vegas for Monday night raw
getting my tickets for Monday night raw Friday hopefully I meet again like in February in Vegas
it was daamn awesome seeing the outsiders on monday night raw. Last night.
Join us at for live chat and the usual fun with the crew
Ay Yo!! It was fantastic to see you on Monday Night Raw. Thanks Scott for showing up.
by the way you still looked amazing on RAW this past Monday night 😉
I had to myself for at least 20 minutes on Monday night. This view is 5 RAW frames bracketed in 1 stop...
I will be at Monday night raw in Anaheim holding the sign that says "Zeb Colter for president 2016"
I've got an idea ! Can you or will you , ever host Monday Night Raw if they ever ask ? I'm a fan of both of you and WWE ...?
no cuz Elijah doesn't wanna go to WWE Monday Night Raw
Monday Night RAW: Results and Photos for August 11th, 2014 - (
Hey yo, Good to see you on Monday night, you looked good!
In my view, of the over 1100 episodes of Monday Night Raw, "Rock's Birthday" is by far the worst episode ever...
Watching an episode of Monday Night Raw from February and saw sitting front row.The things you see when you re-watch things
NWO reunion on Monday night this is huge "HEY YO"
Nikki I'm mad about brie was arrested at Monday Night raw but did you get her out of their or did Daniel Bryan did
should be the new manager of Monday night Raw
The Kliq backstage at -- Hall, Nash and HHH: Hall and Nash return to the WWE and Monday Night RA...
Those Guys discuss RAW, the Van Sheamusinator, and John Cena's random tag title reigns, now in the archives!
Watching Monday Night Raw with and would be something special
Dude You Have Got To Host MONDAY NIGHT RAW AGAIN! Cuz it was so Epic last time!
Just came up with a cool drinking game, watch WWE Monday Night Raw and every time someone says that the WWE...
Any business in the central or north jersey area looking to host a monday night raw party please contact me
never tho I'd be watchin shark after dark! But ur on it n I'm glued to my tv like its 1998 episode of Monday night raw!
Snuggling with my woman and watching Monday Night RAW on Hulu Plus!.
I liked a video from WWE's Monday Night Raw After Show for August 11th, 2014 | AfterBuzz
- Hi! Love your red heels that you wore on Monday night raw 08/11. Where did you get them? 😊
I sat across from Chael Sonnen at Monday night raw... And in between us you ask? Hulk Hogan... Surrounded by excellency..
Rob Van Dam takes on the World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio on Monday Night Raw.
Before you celebrate Hulk Hogan's Birthday on WWE Monday Night Raw, be sure to RSVP to the latest C4W Explosive Wrestling event! All the Tag Team Gold Will be on the line as the AIWF Mid Atlantic Wrestling Tag Team Champions, Shi and Dylan Kage face C4W Tag Team Champions Big Country Blake Barnes and Muscle Shoals! Be there at the X Gym Sports Mall on August 23rd for this historic event! Wrestling Beach, South Carolina
A video message from my 8 year old daughter. We'll be in portand tomorrow for Monday Night Raw
Brock Lesnar will be on next weeks Monday Night RAW Final before then schedule for Aug 18 RAW Summerslam Post- RAW.
D-Generation X reunion is confirmed on WWE RAW OMFG... . . . . . . . . . . . . . LOL KIDDING So, here's the real news.. A nWo (New World Order) reunion will be seen for one night only on upcoming Monday Night RAW. With Hulk Hogan's return, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash's return is also confirmed. Thoughts? -Jerichoholic
My money is going on Howard Webb turning up to Monday Night Raw next week!
Don't forget the wwe network is only 9.99 lol. I can't believe how many times they said that on raw Monday night lol
All of this happened on a SINGLE episode of Monday Night RAW.
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Monday Night episodes coming to the
WWE"MONDAY NIGHT RAW"..Stephanie McMahon delivered two pedigrees to the Bella Twins during the contract signing of her match against Brie Bella..
Got a good shot of putting the walls on Luke Harper at Monday night
It was revealed today that WWE will be adding WCW Monday Nitro and WWF Raw Is War episodes from the Monday Night...
The ''Hulkmaniacs'' The Immortal back on this monday night
First show is up on my blog here: gonna bring over the Dirtsheet report then time to write Smackdown!
Did You Know on this weeks episode of Monday Night 8/4/14.
Who fancies taking a shot / drink with me on Monday Night during Raw to see how long it takes before we need to...
How a Monday night raw starts and ends
If you grew up in the 90's and yoy didn't watch WFF Monday night Raw every Monday night your childhood sucked
So i just started watching this pass monday night raw.. and im already sick of hearing 9.99
That promo about the rivalry between John Cena and Brock Lesnar that aired on "Raw" Monday night was awesome.I'm pumped to see "SummerSlam".
The nWo is suppost to reunite for Hulk Hogan's birthday on Raw Monday night!! that's awesome!
WWE news: Scott Hall confirmed for NWO reunion on ‘WWE Monday Night Raw’ via
Anybody going to Monday Night Raw and got an extra ticket? I wanna go, Hulk Hogan is gonna be here.
Raw this past Monday night said 9.99 so many times, All I heard was 6.66
the phrase "WWE Network" was mentioned 41 times on monday night. 41. This is why I dont want RAW live any more, just wasting my time
Zig Zag nd Team Ziggler wins. Now Dean Ambrose in the ring to send a message bout being attacked by the Authority on Monday Night Raw
can't wait for Monday night raw. My first raw that I will attend. Live in my hometown. Portland, OR.
why? 😞 on RAW Monday night, BEST THING EVER! the reason i love Dean Ambrose ❤️
Monday Night RAW next week is going to be something else like.
Relive Monday Night moments w/ some from the night, thanks to our photog Gary Miller:
Hogan,Hall&Nash confirmed for RAW this Monday night.
Stephanie McMahon takes a ride with the PD and Plan C takes effect at
It's a shame Martellus Bennett didn't get to show off that body slam on Monday Night Raw. http…
John Cena vs Brock lenser WWE world heavy championship match and John Cena talk about Brock lenser on Monday Night Raw
I hate when *** take they shirt off when we playing basketball *** we not on Monday Night Raw put ya shirt back on
a bigger let down than Jim Ross left Monday Night Raw
.:: Update on Rob Van Dam’s Status ::. As of Monday Night Raw this week, Rob Van Dam has yet to be cleared to...
According to PWInsider: WCW Nitro and Monday Night Raw episodes from the Monday Night Wars will begin to air on the Network in the fall
WWE news: NWO reunion in the works for Monday Night Raw
→ → Hulk Hogan: WWE Hall of Famer to appear on Monday Night Raw on August 11 → Hulk Hogan: WWE Hall of…
Monday Night Raw tomorrow and Paramore/Fall Out Boy on Friday... *** you, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday why must you fall into the calendar the way you do!!!
It was Pat Patterson who came up with the idea of Monday Night Raw.
As seen during the July 22 edition of WWE “Main Event,” Xavier Woods is now working with Big E and Kofi Kingston. Woods, who acted as Kingston and E’s manager, proposed a joining of forces during the July 21 edition of “Monday Night Raw,” and it seems as if a new stable is being formed. For months, it was rumored that a new version of the Attitude Era faction, Nation of Domination, would soon be formed out of superstars of color such as Kingston, Woods, R-Truth, Titus O’Neil, and Big E. Currently, the only superstars associated with the group are Woods, E, and Kingston, but more members may be added sooner than later. Mark Henry, who was a member of the Nation of Domination from 1997-98, is also rumored to be returning to WWE television soon so that he may be a part of this stable as well. Henry recently discussed racism in WWE during a radio interview, which many took to be a “shoo ...
Renee Young looked sooo hot on Monday Night Raw in that dress! 😻
As seen on the July 14 edition of “Monday Night Raw,” Cesaro went one-on-one with Big E. However, there was a notable absence when Cesaro made his way to the ring. Cesaro walked alone, as his manager, Paul Heyman, was nowhere to be found. The commentary team made mention of Heyman’s absence, speculating if Heyman quit or was fired by WWE. Without Heyman, Cesaro would lose to Big E by way of pinfall. Later on in the night, Paul Heyman appeared in a backstage segment with The Authority. Heyman informed Stephanie McMahon and Triple H if their “Plan B” were to fail, he has a foolproof Plan C. Instantly, social media chatter was that Plan C would be none other than Brock Lesnar. Back when Plan B was first announced, there were reports that it was Brock Lesnar, not Seth Rollins. PWInsider is reporting that Brock Lesnar’s upcoming return is indeed why Paul Heyman was not with Cesaro on “Monday Night Raw.” Brock Lesnar will be returning to WWE in the near future, as the build to “SummerSlam” b ...
WWE Raw Results (7/14/14) Richmond, Virginia Posted By: Elio C. on Jul 14, 2014 Source: Welcome to Monday Night Raw. We begin tonight's show with John Cena making his way out to the ring and he plugs the WWE Network being free for the final night and then goes on to say that after Sunday the champ may not be here because The Authority has placed him in a triple threat. Roman Reigns then makes his way out. Cena thanks Reigns for bailing him out last week and heard his messages loud and clear about not being ignored and this Sunday it's every man for himself but they have to make it to Sunday. Reigns tells Cena to get to the point and Cena says they should handle The Authority tonight and get rid of Orton and Kane. Dean Ambrose appears on the screen as Cena and Reigns argue and says tonight they have a six man tag match and he has a plan called "Operation: Screw The Authority" and it begins as soon as cena and Reigns stop arguing. Kane walks in and attacks Ambrose and Orton and Rollins join in soon after ma ...
do you even watch football? Honestly no clue who's your favorite team... btw Monday Night Raw beesh
Next week on Monday Night Raw: Dean Ambrose continues on his quest to become a Titty Master!
To whoever brought the Tango India Tango Tango Yankee sign to the Dean Ambrose match on Monday Night Raw: You sir, deserve an award!
Eric Bischoff giving away Monday Night Raw results at the top of Monday Nitro was pure genius.
Aj Lee Returns To WWE And Wins The Divas Championship Aj Lee returned to WWE on Monday Night Raw, winning the Divas championship in a double turn with Paige. Aj Lee was looking really healthy and athletically toned, which squashes the recent pregnancy rumors. She was also sporting the nice lovely dark tan from her recent honeymoon in Hawaii with husband CM Punk. Also visible for the cameras was her wedding ring. Coming to the ring with a major pop, Aj Lee interrupted a promo from Divas champion Paige. This segment had the whole crowd interrupt with CM Punk chants. it was clearly a rookie mistake on Paige’s part, forcing an awkward moment in which Aj Lee had to acknowledge the CM Punk chants with a sarcastic smile. Every other performer on the show had talked over the CM Punk chants which had been present all throughout the night. The double turn happened with Aj Lee appearing repentant on her previous ways and Paige coming off as the arrogant champion. on Paige’s part the audience weren’t too sure o ...
Monday Night Raw results: Kicking off with The Authority showing cover for WWE 2K15 game. And also creating main event for WWE Battleground. Huge Fatal 4Way for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. John Cena (c) vs. Roman Reigns vs. Kane vs. Randy Orton Then: Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. MITB Seth Rollins Winner: Seth Rollins Note: Dean Ambrose made a threat, that he will there everytime, when Seth will try to cash in the contract Lana made a promo with Rusev, Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger came. 6-man tag team match: The Usos (Tag team Champs) and Sheamus (US champ) vs. Wyatt family. Winner: Wyatt family Bo Dallas remembered to us, that he has to Bo leave. Nikki Bella vs. Funkadactyls Winner: Funkadactyls Update of BnB injury. He is out of IC title, so at Battleground, Battle Royal for the IC title. Cesaro vs. Kofi Kingston Winner: Kofi Kingston Note: After match, Cesaro punished Kofi. Damien Sandow thought, that he is Vince McMahon, and Stephanie gave him a gift. Damien Sandow vs. The Great Khali Winner: After o ...
Michael Cole broke the news on Monday Night Raw that Bad News Barrett will be out for a “number of months” due to his separated shoulder injury he suffered at last week’s SmackDown taping. A Battle Royal to crown a new Intercontinental Champion will take place at WWE Battleground.
Here is a match that I personally thought was a great showing on last night's WWE Monday Night Raw. Money in the Bank Winner Seth Rollins clashed with Rob Van Dam!
Monday Night Raw, i watched a little of the France vs. Nigeria world cup game earlier
Guys, Monday Night Raw starts in an hour .. not five. You're counting wrong.
Off to Boston for Money in the Bank, lunch w Pat Patterson, Monday Night Raw in Hartford and Cubs/Red Sox. Back in Vancouver on Weds.
wwe raw 16 june 2014 The June 16 episode of Monday Night Raw was a tale of two shows. There was plenty to be excited and impressed about. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns stood out as singles stars, while Paul Heyman got back to cutting great promos. Dolph Ziggler wowed his hometown crowd, and John Cena and Kane managed not to have an awful main event. But elsewhere on the show, there were segments so bad that it was like taking one huge tidal wave of puke to the face. Stephanie McMahon's coffee was drugged by Roman Reigns, causing her to vomit. A lot. To the dismay of Vickie Guerrero. The mixed tag match pitting Adam Rose and Summer Rae against Fandango and Layla lasted roughly two minutes and was simply an excuse to get Kevin Hart, comedian and movie star, involved in the show. Then there was Stardust. In the weeks that follow, the character may prove wildly entertaining and a great use of a talented young star, but for right now, Cody Rhodes came across as significantly more disturbing than ...
James Ware (born June 20, 1957), better known by his ring name Koko B. Ware, is a retired American professional wrestler who made his professional wrestling debut in 1978. He gained most of his popularity in the World Wrestling Federation when he was known as the Birdman. Ware came to the ring with a blue-and-yellow macaw parrot named Frankie, and would flap his arms like a bird while dancing before and after his matches. Before joining the WWF, Ware worked as a part of several tag teams, first with Bobby Eaton in Memphis and then later on with Norvell Austin as one half of the The P.Y.T. Express in several promotions. Ware also holds the distinction of having competed in the first ever match on the first episode of Monday Night Raw in a losing effort against Yokozuna. Professional wrestling career Early years Koko spent his early days in the sport in the Mid-South, Georgia and other NWA territories. Early in his career, Koko Ware (as he was then known) did not find great success, learning the ropes and p ...
I got a little lazy with our Wrestler of the Day I was kicking back on my day off working on another superstars biography, when I was inspired by an incredible match from Monday Night Raw between Bret Hart and the 1-2-3 Kid. So I did a 180 and decided to go a different route today and dedicate my article to the man who might not have won the match, but definitely came out stronger than he was going in. In a career that has spanned decades, Sean Waltman has experienced both monumental success and colossal failure, but through it all the talented competitor has maintained his reputation as an entertainer worth watching. Starting in 1991 under the name The Lightning Kid, Waltman competed for smaller promotions like the Global Wrestling Federation before earning his way into WWE. Then known as The Cannonball Kid and The Kamikaze Kid, the young Superstar finally settled on the name The 1-2-3 Kid after scoring a huge upset victory over Razor Ramon. From there, The Kid became an underdog hero who thrilled WWE fa ...
Monday Night Raw was fun, but It made me miss the old days...Junkyard Dog, Rowdy Roddy Piper, King Kong Bundy,...
Monday Night Raw – June 16, 2014: Sooner Than Later Monday Night Raw Date: June 16, 2014 Location: Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, Ohio Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield, Jerry Lawler We’re in Cleveland tonight and the main story continues to be Shield vs. HHH/Orton/Rollins, which doesn’t seem to be Evolution anymore. Other than that we’re getting ready for Money in the Bank with two spots left in the World Title ladder match. John Cena is still without a match for the show, so you can probably pencil him in for a qualifying match at some point this week. Let’s get to it. We open with the roster on the stage and the Authority walking through them to get to the ring. Stephanie knows how hard it is for the fans to not have a WE Champion because the title means so much. Look at her husband, the greatest of all time for proof of how it can immortalize people. Bryan has proven that he’s a B+ player because he didn’t have the heart to defend the title. This brings HHH to the roste ...
Mason just bet me Four Queens that Cena wouldn't win the main event on Monday Night Raw.
According to a June 3 post from Bleacher Report, WWE officials decided to break up The Shield just one night after the Los Angeles Kings eliminated CM Punk's beloved Chicago Blackhawks from playoff contention. The timing of the Shield's split was especially bizarre, as the tag-team supergroup had been riding a hot streak that included an impressive victory over Evolution at WWE Payback. The Shield was hotter than ever as babyfaces, having gotten over with WWE Universe due to impressive skills both on the mic and inside the ring. That's why after 18 months of build, it was odd that the WWE broke up the tag-team of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns during the most recent episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. However, there is method in the madness. WWE head honcho Vince McMahon is a pro wrestling genius, and everything he scripts to happen during WWE house shows are carefully thought out weeks in advance. He wouldn't have broken up The Shield if he didn't have something magical in the works. What will ...
Tonight during WWE Monday Night Raw on USA Network from 8-11PM ET, tune in to see Dave Bautista
WWE Seth Rollins turned on the Shield Monday Night. I feel bad for what Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns are going to do when they get their hands on Rollins next Monday night. Would the Shield replace Rollins. I found a story online titled The Shield will be getting a new member. Rumors and gossip are what do people think or feel about John Cena joins and helps Ambrose and Reigns? So who thinks John Cena, Batista or CM Punk will ne the new member of the Shield. Rumors are Batista will be back for WWE Summerslam Tune into Monday Night Raw, hear why Seth turned. The Authority and Evolution is looking like the New Corporation. There was a stable called the Nexus. Some wrestlers from the Nexus have went on to be a signal wrestler. The Nexus started in February - March of 2010 - after Wade Barrett won the first Season of WWE NXT. Along with WWE Pro Chris Jericho, he put the Nexus members to the Raw Brand of the WWE Leader Stu Bennett/Wade Barrett is now intercontinental champ his ring name is Bad New Barrett Me ...
Monday Night Raw - Anyone see Monday Night Raw last night? Dave Bautista quit-again! And to top the...
so what did I miss out side of Dave Bautista (Batista) Quitting which if knew about 2 months ago — watching WWE Monday Night Raw
is still physically weak from all the time running around yesterday. Still, I will plow forth, and hopefully stay awake for WWE Monday Night Raw tonight. Hopefully Bil and Jason Block can help me do that!!
WWE Monday Night Raw: Live Stream, Start Time, TV Info, and More: Last night, some of the best Superstars the ...
WWE Raw results, live blog (June 2, 2014): Payback fallout: WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our ...
Cant wait to see Monday Night Raw tonight
I was just awoken from my nap on the couch by a neighbor pounding on my patio sliding glass door yelling, "Fire!" It seems as though the upstairs neighbor left their BBQ unattended, so the wooden balcony floor had caught fire and the guy whose bbq/balcony it is did not respond when the alerting neighbor banged on his door. Long story short, we got the fire extinguished, without injury or too much damage to the property. Needless to say I will be telling the property management, especially considering it's in our leases that bbqs are not allowed. The upside to all of this (I can always find the blessing even when disguised as a curse), I came back in to see that WWE Monday Night Raw was re-airing... I haven't watched wrestling since The Rock and Stone Cold left, years ago... I might have to start again just to watch Roman Reigns! Good Lord, he is beautiful! Now if I could just get over how much blah blah blah happens through the whole show these days! A little less talk and a lot more wrestling, please! I ...
For reasons that I will not get into to upkeep a level of professionalism, I want to inform Everyone that ** Kamp Crystal Lake Will NOT ** be a part of this event. Im more than positive that this event is not even really happening. But in the case it does happen, KCL is Not Involved or anywhat Associated with this event. Any Postings of Fliers I designed are False Advertising from here on out and Void by Flatline Dezignz. We will be performing all Summer long around the city of Buffalo and its surrounding cities. Go to to check out our summer lineup. And wrestling fans... If you want to have the chance to watch Monday Night Raw this Monday Night with the **The Nasty Boys** Inbox me.
Today's World Wrestling Entertainment is brimming with bright young stars prepared to carry the industry into the future. The Shield, The Wyatt Family, Rusev, Big E, Cesaro and Paige are all competitors looking to carve their own legacies and, in the process, leave the business better off than it was when they found it. For current Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett, maintaining the wave of momentum he has been riding since returning to the ring on the April 8 episode of Monday Night Raw is his first objective. A resilient performer who has overcome failed pushes, poor booking and a months-long layoff, he is as hot now as he has ever been thanks to a character that has struck a chord with the audience. So over the top is the Bad News Barrett persona that fans instantly gravitated to it. The catchphrase is great, and the conviction with which he speaks and the fun he appears to be having have made him one of the most enjoyable characters on programming. Sunday night at Payback, Barrett will have th ...
WWE Monday Night Raw is now over, this was the go home show for WWE Payback 2014. And Total Wrestling Show will preview WWE Payback this Sunday and we want your thoughts on Raw, the WWE World Championship situation and the build for the PPV. Please post YOUR thoughts and questions below and we will use them on the radio this Sunday PLEASE SHARE
Tremendous Tirades 5.26.14: WWE Monday Night Raw: The go home show for Payback…
Cover photo is Evolution and profile pic is Randy Orton...getting ready for Monday Night Raw tomorrow in Knoxville!!!
Congrats to Jayme. she's going to be on Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown
A few weeks ago the internet was leaked script from the upcoming episode WWE Monday Night Raw so we know that next week for the first time in a long time The Great Khali will be in the ring. Great Khali is not performed in the ring since WrestleMania 30, where he took part in Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.
Hugh Jackman has made multiple appearances on WWE Monday Night Raw, usually interfering in a match to help his favored wrestler, like Zach Ryder, pull off a victory. While visiting SportsCenter as part of the press tour for X-Men: Days of Future Past, Jackman was asked to cut a pro wrestling style p…
WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan is scheduled to appear live at Monday Night Raw in Knoxville, TN next week. While he hasn’t been added to the official list of advertised talent, he’s been added locally. The local information on the Thompson Boling Arena’s website reads as follows: WWE RE…
has front row seats to Monday Night Raw in England
Tonight's Viewing Options include the series finale of Warehouse 13 - the TTTP Pick of the Night, the season finales of Bones, Mike & Molly, and RuPaul's Drag Race, part one of both the DWTS and The Voice finales, The Maya Rudolph Show (special/pilot) on NBC, the season premiere of The Bachelorette, game one of the NBA Western Conference Finals (TNT), The Goonies (ABC Family), Beverly Hills Cop (CMT), Do the Right Thing (Flix), The Outlaw Josey Wales (Reelz), and new episodes of 24: Live Another Day, Friends with Better Lives, Louie, Antiques Roadshow, Rewrapped, Fashion Police, Sex Sent Me to the ER, Swamp People, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, TI and Tiny, Monday Night Raw, 16 & Pregnant, Mystery Diners, Metal Hurlant Chronicles, This is Hot 97, Bam's Bad *** Game Show, and more...What will you be watching?
Just got a "spoiler alert" from tonight's WWE Monday Night Raw taping in London, England; (remember, they're a few hours ahead of us here on the East Coast); and let's just say, (in my best Wade Barrett voice): "I'm afraid I've got some 'bad news!'" (If you plan on watching it tonight at 8/7c on USA, I won't say what it is! I know what it is, but I'm going to watch it anyway)!
First Monday with no school and it feels awesome, I'm looking forward to watching WWE Monday Night Raw tonight. They'll be in London.
Tonight during Monday Night Raw, stay tuned into Social media, as we announce who will face Johnny Gargano on June 8th at IHWExperience..
In 2012, then-7-year-old Connor Michalek made a YouTube video requesting to meet his favorite WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan. Michalek, who suffered from pediatric brain cancer, went backstage when Monday Night Raw
Read our interview with WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston at to get ready for Monday Night Raw next week in Greenville, SC!
Monday Night Raw opened with a 20-Man Battle Royal for the United States Championship, as decreed by The Authority! Could Dean Ambrose survive? WATCH NOW: SEE PHOTOS: RESULTS:
Did you noticed who returned to WWE's "Monday Night Raw?" The word "Wo!" was echoing throughout the arena.
Raw Results 28, April: -Raw starts with video of this past Monday when John Cena was destroyed by The Wyatt Family. -Monday Night Raw is live and John Cena came out here with the steel cage in the ring… (Later on the night… The Usos will battle Rybaxel for the Tag Team Titles… Stephanie will apologize to Daniel Bryan for Kane’s actions… Roman Reigns will face Randy Orton in our main event.) John Cena is saying to the Wwe universe… ‘Why you did that to me last week? WHY?’ He’s talking about the decision of the wwe universe… When a entire coro began to sing “He’s got the whole world in his hands” The lights are off and the coro is in ringside with the sheep’s mask… Cena is scared and Bray Wyatt is laughing… The segment is over there. -The Usos def Rybaxel & retain the Tag Team Golds. -Trailer of Adam Rose who will debut next week on Monday Night Raw -Now video of last week’s Kane’s attacks to Daniel Bryan. -The camera is in ‘The authority’s office’ and the mask of K ...
Power going out with Ric Flair on Monday Night Raw. This is not okay. Not when Naitch is on!!!
Wow Ric Flair is on Monday Night Raw. He sure hasn't changed a bit just gotten a lot older. Can't believe I've been watching wrestling this long
My life is WWE Monday Night Raw. My Brother Brian Counterman is Stone Cold Steve Austin. Jazz D. Lions is The Rock, and Heidi Ewing is The WWE Diva's Champ.
Reviewing the Review – Monday Night Raw: April 21, 2014 This week was the heavy lifting show as we head towards Extreme Rules. We got the big angles taken care of and the World Title match is set with a great push angle on Raw. Other than that it was a lot of big time promos to get us ready for the pay per view. Let’s get to it. The big segment opened the show as we had Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella celebrating the title win together for one of their few appearances together in the ring. It didn’t last long though as Stephanie and her horrible music interrupted things. This eventually led to Kane coming out and destroying Bryan with three tombstones, including one on the floor, steps and announce table, all while Stephanie’s bad acting reminded us that she was there. This was the angle that they needed for multiple reasons. First and foremost, it makes Kane look like a monster heading into the title match. No he isn’t going to win of course, but this was the Ivan Drago vs. Apollo Creed moment that ...
Just another week of me waiting to hear Cult Of Personality while watching Monday Night Raw.
Gm fb. My baby super pumped, tonight we go c Monday Night Raw! I can't wait to c his face when we get there. We'll I'm omw to the job yall have a good one
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