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Monday Night Raw

WWE Raw (also stylized as Monday Night RAW and known on air as Raw SuperShow) is a sports entertainment television program for WWE that currently airs on the USA Network in the United States.

John Cena Seth Rollins Brock Lesnar Hulk Hogan Michael Sam Dean Ambrose Des Moines Dolph Ziggler Barclays Center Roman Reigns Stephanie McMahon Daniel Bryan Randy Orton Michael Cole Kathie Lee Gifford Scott Hall Jerry Lawler

Can u invite me to Monday Night Raw on April 27th in GB, WI? I would like to see u in Person and I'm a big fan of u Rollins
he shows up on Monday night raw yearly and I keep praying for him to be fat again
It's been a long time coming but every episode of WWE Monday Night Raw from the first year of the Attitude Era...
So iv been surprised with tickets to Monday night soo freaking excited! # living the dream 💙👌
you guys crapped on the Austin crowd and even the very idea of Monday Night RAW. We got jobbed. Worst. Show. Ever.
Woke up and heard Monday night raw on. Who's watching that without me yo, so disrespectful 😪
Monday Night Raw at Banker's Life Field House in June? Count me in. But what will I wear?
13 more days until Monday Night Raw in the London's O2 Arena! England can't wait to see you home!
Cannot breathe with excitement that I get to see the next week at Monday Night Raw 🇬🇧
What that mean when she let you go monday night (raw) but tells you to pull out? Asking for my pastor.
I have'nt watched wrestling in awhile and didn't even recognize him on WWE RAW Monday night !
why are you not returning to wwe come back on Monday night raw please.
now I hope you lose on.Monday night Raw in fact be the first one to.get kick out of the.ring
Love You Lillian from india...a pic of you from last monday night raw
I hope Summer wins on Monday night Raw and beat Nikki
It's Thursday and I'm only just watching Monday Night Raw 😒
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HD screen captures from Monday Night Raw are now up. Check them out at:
if u can get me tickets to monday night raw in orlando February 16th ill quit smoking cigarettes
Oliver's ryback poster for Monday night raw 😀
I'm nice, until when i'm just finished watching Monday Night Raw 👊
Beautiful day to start my week off, oh yeah and only 4 days till Monday night Raw!!! Can't wait
Or like will show up i don't know when , but i will bring my iPhone at Monday CAUSE I'M GOING TO MONDAY NIGHT !
I take it this year's joke is to do a b*tch out like Seth Rollins did on Monday Night Raw when pissing off Brock Lesner 😂
For the first time ever Sting Kick Off's the Monday Night Raw . and guess what? :D Triple H is afraid of a...
If anyone else has done a fantasy baseball draft & watched Jeopardy, Monday Night Raw, and BBCAN3 tonight, please inquire for a BFF within.
Exciting week with 2 Baseball games and on Sunday also Monday Night Raw next Mon
Sorry to be late, but Wiz Khalifa is on Monday Night Raw!
.will be on Monday Night Raw next week
“.will be on Monday Night Raw next week wow wiz really that pressed for fans?
Jon Stewart got physical with a WWE Superstar on 'Monday Night Raw' - Business Insider
oh the Tyson Events Center.I went to a Monday Night Raw up there about 3 or so years ago
Friday night in the Philippines. Watching WWE Monday Night Raw on fox. (Wrestling). WWE Daniel Bryan - Yes! Yes! Yes!
With that said, I really miss OG WWF Monday Night Raw is those were the days..
Staff say Monday Night Raw show has been cancelled.
STING makes his first appearance on Monday Night Raw to help John Cena
Pardon my French, but all *** broke loose on Monday Night Raw! Sting made his debut on Raw, John Cena won and got Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, and Erick Rowan their jobs back, and the Beast Incarnate unleashed *** s fury upon the Authority by giving F-5's to Big Show and Kane!!! Best Monday Night Raw of 2015 in my books!
I love MN history and tales of days gone by. My favorite TV show (after WWE Monday Night Raw) is On the Road with Jason Davis.
Tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw will be from The Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana and will continue to build toward the WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view on Sunday, January 25th as WWE will announce more entrants for the Royal Rumble tonight. Names already announced are: Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Rusev, Bad News Barrett, and Bray Wyatt. WWE superstar Daniel Bryan and WWE World Champion Brock Lesnar are advertised to appear. Macho Man Randy Savage will be announced for the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame on tonight’s show. Booker T joins the Raw announce crew on a full time basis. Michael Cole, JBL, and Booker T will call the show. As noted a few days ago, Jerry Lawler will move over to Smackdown. WWE is teasing that Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose will team up on Raw tonight, possibly as punishment by The Authority. The two reunited on Smackdown and defeated the team of Big Show and Seth Rollins. Plus all the fallout from the Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Erick Rowan firing on last week's Raw. Card su ...
Today is Monday Night Raw! Do not miss superstars like Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins, Reigns and many others!
On this date back in 1998, On WWF Monday Night Raw, Jeff Jarrett defeated Barry Windham to win the vacant NWA...
After several months on the shelf due to injury, Bad News Barrett made his anticipated return to WWE programming tonight on the final Monday Night Raw of 2014...
1/2 hour before return of the legend killer Randy Orton on Monday Night Raw hope there not lieing
Ugly Christmas Sweater day at work and some guy is wearing same sweater Jerry "The King" Lawler wore last night on WWE's Monday Night Raw
Jason Powell of just wrote the most hilarious and "drunk" review of Monday Night Raw this year. Some of your best work.
Seth Rollins v. John Cena pretty good match, I LOVE Monday Night Raw
We loved her Then. We love her Now. We'll love her Forever! . Trish Stratus WWE Divas WWE WWE Monday Night Raw...
Watching episodeof Monday Night Raw on is the episode where Vader beats up a couple refs and Gorilla Monsoon.
So far WWE given Seth Green 2runs as guest host on Monday Night Raw
WWE issued the following for next week's live Steve Austin podcast with Vince McMahon: WWE® NETWORK TO AIR A LIVE “STONE COLD” STEVE AUSTIN PODCAST WITH SPECIAL GUEST VINCE MCMAHON STAMFORD, Conn., Nov. 24, 2014 – WWE Network will air a live “Stone Cold” Steve Austin podcast with special guest, WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon immediately following Monday Night Raw on USA next Monday, December 1. The WWE Hall of Famer and host of the popular podcast The Steve Austin Show – Unleashed will sit down with Vince McMahon from BOK Center in Tulsa, Okla for this special interview. Fans can expect “Stone Cold” to be his usual brash and in-your-face self, like only he can be, during WWE Network’s first-ever video podcast presentation. WWE Network features 24/7 scheduled programming, all 12 pay-per-view events LIVE and the most comprehensive video-on-demand library with more than 2,600 hours of content, including every WWE, WCW and ECW pay-per-view, all for $9.99 per month with no commitment and t ...
ICYMI: sits down with Superstar to talk about tonight's Monday Night Raw!. WATCH:
.sits down with superstar to talk about tonight's Monday Night Raw!. WATCH:
Pat McAfee and Seth Rollins preview WWE Monday Night Raw: McAfee: "Fourth down is an exciting athletic event here…
Luke Harper gets his first taste of gold on Monday Night Raw
Cena, Teddy Long, John Laurinaitis, Mike Adamle, and William Regal fighting for power over Monday Night Raw.
John Cena was conspicuous in his absence from this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. Many had expected the No...
WWE invades Buffalo, NY at the First Niagara Center for Monday Night Raw. Coverage will start at 7:30 PM EST with...
I thought I was watching Sunday Night Football, not Monday Night Raw.
I really want black converse so that I can dress like Aj Lee at Monday Night Raw.😁
The moment when you realise ''Monday Nitro'' sounds like ''Monday Night Raw'' said fast.
please please never let Kathie Lee Gifford ANYWHERE NEAR the ring again, she is the worst type of person,a new low for Monday Night Raw
Reports Of A BIG MATCH FOR WM 31. WWE may be planning on revisiting one of the most storied rivalries in its history, The Rock vs. Triple H, as one of the featured matches at next year's WrestleMania 31, scheduled for Sun., March 29, 2015, at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California. The first hint of as much, officially, came during Triple H's weekly interview that was released today. He put Rock over strong before finishing with a tease of a segment we'll see once SmackDown hits the air on Friday night on SyFy: "Yeah, Rock and I had a brief conversation after Monday Night Raw was over and there were cameras there. It's interesting, to say the least. Rock's a great guy. It's tough to turn off the competitive juices between the two of us." -Faatz
Your all tweaking about American horror story but not Monday Night Raw where my dude Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson came back?
In a shocking development on WWE's Monday Night Raw, Dwayne " The Rock " Johnson made an appearance at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. The packed crowd erupted when The Rock returned to Raw...
Subscribe to AfterBuzz TV's YouTube Channel: AFTERBUZZ TV — WWE's Monday Night Raw edition, is a weekly "after show" for fans ...
This was awesome! Check it out if your a fan of Jeter!
Wow... Finally The Rock has come back to Brooklyn at monday night RAW. And i can hear he's saying ''If you smell. What... The Rock.. Is... COCKING
Last night's Monday Night RAW wasn't short on action. Find out how Triple H stays a force to be reckoned with at 45. ht…
The grat one returns to monday night raw kickin *** like always
Thanks for Monday night raw, that was amazing. The best wrestler on the planet!
I'm good how are you? I just looked down your tl we were at the same event. Monday night raw no way 😩 lol omg.
Hiii :D It was AMAZING to see you on Monday Night Raw. You were awesome :D Team Bring it was definitely in the house :D
stats always win.Gotta go watch Monday Night Raw on my DVR cause I heard the Rock came back.Let me know if you wanna debate WWE.
The Rock showing up in last night saved Monday Night Thank you Rocky.
&amp Kathie Lee rumble on Monday nite Raw
you was just on Monday Night Raw.. What a moment that the world will never forget 🙌 ⚡️
.returned to Monday Night Raw with a new chant -- DE-REK JE-TER:   10% Off
i think bro devon, bully ray, tommy dreamer and abyss need to come to WWE Monday Night Raw what a matchup card that would be some oldies and newbies coming over to raw :)
man did a surprise pop up at MONDAY NIGHT RAW last night & the fans went nuts!!!…
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson discusses his return to WWE Monday Night Raw
Backstage details on the Rock's segment with rusev on RAW The latest edition of wrestling observer radio has provided some backstage details on the rock's segment with rusev on RAW , the rock made a special appearance on the October 6th edition of Monday night RAW. Interacting with the Bulgarian brute and the ravishing russian Lana, eventually laying the smack down on the big russian sympathizer The in ring segment was considered by most fans to be the most entertaining part of the show, the rock electrified fans like only he can, engaging in a heated back and forth with both Lana and rusev. At the end of their emphatic discussion rock laid into the hero of the Russian federation with multiple punches, knocking him to the floor below Where many were worried that the rock may have been added to a segment with rusev to hit him with a rock bottom and sting his growth as a monster heel, WWE has different plans, officials successfully had rock and rusev get physical to give rusev a big rub but keep he and Lana ...
Caught sporting the Mike Tyson jacket on last night's Monday Night Raw? Take a look:
Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford bring their wine into the ring on WWE 'Monday Night Raw'
Hoda and Kathie Lee brought the wine to the wrestling ring. They made a guest appearance at WWE's "Monday Night Raw" to raise awareness for breast cancer.
The Rock started a 'chant on Monday Night Raw in Brooklyn
This is for all the WWE/wrestling fans out there. Do yall still get goose bumps and does your heart still start beating fast when you hear IF YOU SMELL and then 1 of the most iconic wrestlers of all time comes out to the ring. Well mine does. I have to say the segment from this past Monday Night Raw with the Rock was probably the best part of the whole show. He is so intense and entertaining his act never gets old.
T&T flag spotted in the Brooklyn crowd at WWE's Monday Night Raw
Finally has come back to Monday Night @ Barclays Center
2 weeks away from a Monday Night Raw in Kansas! What's a man got to do to get a backstage pass? 🙏
Was great to see back on Monday Night Raw last evening stepping up to the undefeated RUSEV. Is a match in the works?
VIDEO: The Rock returned to WWE programming with an appearance on Monday Night Raw
WWE Monday Night Raw: Live stream, TV info, and more (Video)
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Join the live coverage! Monday Night Raw Date: October 6, 2014 Location: Barclays Center, New York City, New York Commentators: Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield We’re in the big city tonight and there are some potential big names in the house. I mean I’m talking KATHY LEE GIFFORD to tell us that breast cancer is bad here people. That’s WWE’s big deal at the moment: “Look at us! We’re doing charity work!” If you didn’t know that going in, don’t worry because WWE is going to tell you once every five minutes. Let’s get to it. We open with a recap of Dean Ambrose giving away a bunch of shirts and sliming Seth Rollins with the Money in the Bank briefcase.
In dis a mell can u smell what the rock is cookin i can smell him in Brooklyn on Monday night raw Mike Bengtson
If you smell! what the rock! is cooking finally the rock is back to monday night raw!
The Rock shouts out Derek Jeter during his return on Raw: via
Just watched last nights Monday Night RAW... and witnessed the return of my tv love -- Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson! SEXY-SEXY-SEXY!!!
You know your college paper for video ministry is going to be interesting when you reference CM Punk's pipe bomb promo from Monday Night Raw in 2011 as an example of "breaking the fourth wall".
At the end of Monday Night Raw, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon announced that Dean Ambrose will face John Cena...
After almost Seth Rollins cost Dean Ambrose carreer , He's BACK! on Monday Night Raw and arguing with John Cena about the same man who's did stupid and fooli...
Strangely enough, even though I'm as big a wrestling fan as there is, I have no intention of watching the Night of Champions ppv tonight. I have the WWE Network, and it is well worth the price just for the ppv shows alone, but outside of the Brock Lesnar/John Cena rematch, nothing looks any better than an average Monday Night Raw show, definitely not worth staying up for when I have to get up for work at 5 am.
It's just me, some gym shorts, a bowl of frosted flakes and Monday Night Raw. Let's do this.
WWE invites Michael Sam to appear on 'Monday Night Raw'
WWE invites Michael Sam to appear on Sept. 8 'Monday Night Raw'
According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter the WWE has reportedly changed Brock Lesnar's contractual deal now he is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. His previous deal would ensure all his storylines and dates were booked well in advance around his personal schedule. Now he is the Champion, the WWE will apparently be able to book him for WWE Monday Night Raw and Pay Per View events as and when they need him. This means that the WWE could potentially make Lesnar work every Pay Per View until WrestleMania 31, if they wanted or just big events such as the Survivor Series PPV and the Royal Rumble PPV, either way the deal will prove significantly beneficial for the WWE going forward. - Hulkamaniac4life.
WWE to have Michael Sam speak at the upcoming Monday Night Raw. He would be better off speaking at the Westboro Baptis…
Michael Sam, the rookie defensive end who was cut by the St. Louis Rams this past weekend, got an invite from the WWE to appear on the Sept. 8 episode of "Monday Night Raw."
Thanks for coming back to Des Moines for Monday Night Raw! We hope to see you back again soon!
“Anything new on Michael Sam?” He's going to be on Monday Night Raw... That's right Monday night Raw.
This man really went to WWE Monday night raw lmao
Best sign of the night on Can you say Monday Night Wars has begun again. lol
Michael Sam on Monday Night Raw? John Cena won't stand for his homosexuality.
Bruh next week's Monday Night RAW is going to be so good!
Tonight's Monday Night Raw main event was awesome!
thanks Scott for hooking it up Monday Night Raw It was awesome!
Check out this item I found on eBay: night raw
WWE Monday Night RAW Location: Des Moines, IA Date: September 1, 2014 Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL The Labor Day Edition of the WWE RAW Kickoff Pre-show kicks off with fans piling into the arena as Byron Saxton, Alex Riley and Booker T welcome us. They hype The Highlight Reel and WWE Shop. We get a video for Brock Lesnar and John Cena. The panel discusses their rematch at Night of Champions. Saxton says we will hear from Paul Heyman on tonight’s RAW. We get Network commercials and a video for The Bella Twins. - The panel talks more about The Bella Twins and then Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns. We get more hype for The Highlight Reel and Network commercials. Saxton announces The Miz and Cesaro vs. Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler for tonight. We go backstage to Renee Young, Sheamus and Ziggler at the arena. Ziggler says their plan is to just win. They both cut promos on C ...
I liked a video from CMPuLs3 Reviews: Monday Night Raw (09/01/14)
*** feels weird watching Monday night raw on tv since I been there the last two weeks!
Monday Night RAW: Results and Photos for September 1st, 2014 -
Thank you for letting me and my brother attend Monday Night RAW!!
Three former Turnbuckle Turmoil guests on Monday Night Raw. Congrats to them.
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Thanks to I can just hit delete on my sky + for Monday night raw and save my remote from forwarding through whole show
From here on out, getting tickets whenever WWE Monday Night RAW is in Des Moines. Ton of fun!
I'm "WWE Monday Night RAW". TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. .
are you watching this mess of a show called Monday Night Raw, as well?
Great 6 man tagteam match i love your superkick to best match of monday night raw
watching wwe Monday night raw , Stephanie is pushing it to far
WWE Monday Night Raw REVIEW 09/01/14 (Raw can get worse, WWE Loves Cena and his Girl): via
Another mediocre glad Monday night football is back next week. I will be tuning out till Ambrose comes back
Do you think Michael Sam will Appear on WWE's "Monday Night Raw" next week when Mon Night Football Doubleheader is on?
“Favorite part of Keep it positive.” I realized afterwards that Monday Night Football is less than a week away! Yay!
WWE news: John Cena suffers embarrassing fail on Monday Night Raw
Finally home after a long day and a good night at Monday Night Raw in Des Moines.wasn't to bad except for the stupid *** kids in back of us. will hopefully get some pics up tomorrow, but for now, it is bedtime! have been up since 2:45 am this morning
Vince McMahon, WWE invite Michael Sam to speak his mind on ‘Raw’ on Sept. 8 on USA Network when ‘Monday Night Fo...
I added a video to a playlist The Ultimate Warrior speech on Monday Night Raw a day before his death
After a mediocre I can't wait for Monday Night Football next week. Maybe writers might step it up to draw the fans from watching NFL
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I'm watching Monday night raw right now and I feel no ounce of regret.
Well hope everyone had a great labor day myself I worked at the shelter some today changing offices around and all trying to get back into the swing of things been a fair day memories of my mother will never leave my mind Went and visited dad and robin for a bit we sat and watched some WWE Monday night raw wrestling. but things sorta seemed at peace there its been a week today already that mom has went to be with her parents missing her like back to work tomorrow take it a day at a you all and have a very blessed night..
Got to see monday night RAW live! Jp Fulton and Jacob Adams we are doing this again when they comes back to iowa!!!
When Monday Night Raw comes to San Antonio Tx I will be There and we will BO CENA *** and chanting Cena *** Cena *** over and over...Again
Had a blast at my 1st WWE event ever! Won't be my last! Monday Night Raw!!
My fraternity (Omega Psi Phi) was just mentioned on Monday Night Raw!
The Emmy Awards... Something Weird Al was not ready for... Even with the battery pack for his mic hanging behind him with no worry. But in all honesty his part of the show was not worth watching i changed the channel to watch actual entertanment... WWE Monday Night Raw. But came back to the show and even cried the whole time watching the memorial part with Robin Williams at the end of it. An awesome show.
They saved the best for last.Time for a real deal football match not the mickey mouse cartoon titled man useless v sunderland.Ladies and gentlemen,all eyes on the Etihad for the Heavyweight bout on Monday Night Raw between The 5 time CL champs,Livepool with their impressive 18 titles under their belt take on mafikizolo man city,home of football prostitutes.Lets get ready to rumble.COME ON YOU REDMEN!!YNWA!!
I am jus catching up on Monday Night Raw n 30 min nto the show Paul Hayman has gotten on my last *** nerves
Dean Ambrose - WWE gets creative with the on WWE Monday Night Raw!
Want to go to WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW happening THIS MON in ANAHEIM? Put it on KDAY at 4:50p and when you hear KRIS KROSS' JUMP be caller 35!
Hulk Hogan upset Brock Lesnar called him 'grandpa' on Monday Night Raw
Will my boyfriend take me to Monday night raw next month?
I think we all need to each Monday night raw. I'll explain the characters and storyline a :)
You should offer an open challenge next week on Monday night raw for your WWE championship,
I was obviously the highlight of Monday Night Raw, everybody couldn't stop talking about me.
So I have narrowed it down to 3 choices. Tell me which works best: . Monday Night After Raw. Next Week Thursday at 7 PM. This Saturday early
are you guys going to Anaheim for Monday night raw
“Johnny Football vs RGIII. Monday Night Football on ESPN. LET'S GO! love manziel but rg3 is raw asf
What a match last monday night, WoW & should be the next ;)
Monday night raw on a Thursday, call me a rebel 💃
It's an easy way for The Authority to keep me off of monday night Raw and And away from their little darling -Dean Ambrose!
I'm just glad cent lost. Did you see the main event for last week's monday night raw though? the Falls count anywhere?
saw on Monday night raw are you guys still sisters?
disgusting nerd next to me said her dream job was to be a professional wrestler on WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW
Balotelli first game for Liverpool Monday night Raw v Manchester City sounds good for
If you chose Thursday Night Smackdowm over Monday Night Raw you can't hang with us 💯
Just won tickets to Monday night raw at boardwalk hall!
so sorry bout wah happened on Monday night raw.
So tell me why you both hate each other so much and to do that on monday night raw like that
Is duckin 40 Barrs? (as per 40's Monday Night Raw radio show). Why would she do that? I think that would be …
on Monday Night Raw Radio Show with 40 Barrs around the 40-45 minute mark. gon set that up?
LOL @ Mike Tice. "The Freakazoid." "Choking you out like on Monday Night Raw."
Here's what we hate about raw Monday night, they combined the two titles again and it ain't called the undisputed championship!
I think it would be cheaper at Monday night raw
Come over and watch Monday Night Raw. Bring your dad so I can put him in a figure four leg lock.
Watching Monday night Raw and still getting amazed at the sheer domination Brock Lesnar showed over John Cena this Summerslam!
Watchin' Monday Night RAW. Steph McMizzo's chest beefers are lookin' so off the chain. Piled high with all the toppings, you …
Thankfully my friend had downloaded WWE Monday Night Raw,so I can watch it as I please
Last week, Brock Lesnar interrupted Monday Night Raw celebrations for Hulk Hogan’s 61st birthday. He informed Hogan that the “party’s over, grandpa,” which reported to be unscripted remarks made by the now WWE World Heavyweight Champion with possibly the assistance of Paul Heyman. TMZ recently spoke with Hogan and he said that he’s not happy […]
good BABA BOOEY sign by a fan ringside at Monday Night Raw!
Just watched the WWE: Top 100 Moments in Monday Night Raw. Of course, the Stonecold Steve Austin bath would be number one
The nWo reunites for Hulk Hogan's 61st birthday party on 'Monday Night Raw'
Any Trail Blazers fans going to see WWE Monday Night Raw at Moda Center at the Rose Quarter tonight?
"I AM A MERCENARY" - Brock Lesnar - WWE those words had me cracking up on WWE Monday Night Raw (watched it last night b4 work on DVR) , just the way he said it & i can't get it out of my head.
but air them everyday leading up to the event starting Monday night right after raw as the hook to get people to switch over.
thoughts of Monday night Raw ? Roman Vs Rybaxel ? Seth Vs RVD? Also whats your thoughts on the feud with Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon ?
Let's call today a Winning Wednesday on the Raccoon Valley Radio Network! Listen throughout the morning magazine for your chances to win WWE Monday Night Raw tickets for September 1st at Wells Fargo Arena!! When we tell you to call, be over 18, and if you get through...then you'll be in the running to win with the WWE and the Raccoon Valley Radio Network!!!
Hulk Hogan's birthday celebration going on WWE Monday Night Raw. Scott Hall, Kevin nash on ring! all the legends are singing happy birthday. Suddenly Brock Lesnar comes and ruins the party :D predetermined or what, this is awesome.
Seth Rollins stars in this week's World Wrestling Entertainment (W.W.E.) Monday Night Raw's "GIF of
Had an amazing time yesterday at Monday Night Raw! Best day ever! Especially freaked seeing , ,and
Why Monday night's Brie Mode undercut her character and what WWE did wrong
yes he already did this past Monday night
WWE Monday Night Raw: 11 August, 2014 - Top 5 moments of the ...
After Monday Night Raw, it seems WWE are trying to make Lesnar the ultimate heel plus slowly turn Cena. Will he turn. Will he?
So the ending to this episode of teen wolf was dumb. Now I'm gonna watch last night's Monday Night Raw.
LMAOO this was on Tuesday morning after he saw monday night raw the night before
what did yiu think of monday night raw. Now reunion was tooo sweet!
Last night was our highest rated ep yet→ THANK YOU to everyone for watching! htt…
It was awesome seeing u on Monday Night Raw The nWo will forever be 4 life!!!
if you're not going to summer slam way not come to Vegas for Monday night raw
getting my tickets for Monday night raw Friday hopefully I meet again like in February in Vegas
it was daamn awesome seeing the outsiders on monday night raw. Last night.
Join us at for live chat and the usual fun with the crew
Ay Yo!! It was fantastic to see you on Monday Night Raw. Thanks Scott for showing up.
by the way you still looked amazing on RAW this past Monday night 😉
I had to myself for at least 20 minutes on Monday night. This view is 5 RAW frames bracketed in 1 stop...
I will be at Monday night raw in Anaheim holding the sign that says "Zeb Colter for president 2016"
I've got an idea ! Can you or will you , ever host Monday Night Raw if they ever ask ? I'm a fan of both of you and WWE ...?
no cuz Elijah doesn't wanna go to WWE Monday Night Raw
Monday Night RAW: Results and Photos for August 11th, 2014 - (
Hey yo, Good to see you on Monday night, you looked good!
In my view, of the over 1100 episodes of Monday Night Raw, "Rock's Birthday" is by far the worst episode ever...
Watching an episode of Monday Night Raw from February and saw sitting front row.The things you see when you re-watch things
NWO reunion on Monday night this is huge "HEY YO"
Breast Cancer Awareness
Nikki I'm mad about brie was arrested at Monday Night raw but did you get her out of their or did Daniel Bryan did
should be the new manager of Monday night Raw
The Kliq backstage at -- Hall, Nash and HHH: Hall and Nash return to the WWE and Monday Night RA...
Those Guys discuss RAW, the Van Sheamusinator, and John Cena's random tag title reigns, now in the archives!
Watching Monday Night Raw with and would be something special
Dude You Have Got To Host MONDAY NIGHT RAW AGAIN! Cuz it was so Epic last time!
Just came up with a cool drinking game, watch WWE Monday Night Raw and every time someone says that the WWE...
Any business in the central or north jersey area looking to host a monday night raw party please contact me
never tho I'd be watchin shark after dark! But ur on it n I'm glued to my tv like its 1998 episode of Monday night raw!
Snuggling with my woman and watching Monday Night RAW on Hulu Plus!.
I liked a video from WWE's Monday Night Raw After Show for August 11th, 2014 | AfterBuzz
- Hi! Love your red heels that you wore on Monday night raw 08/11. Where did you get them? 😊
I sat across from Chael Sonnen at Monday night raw... And in between us you ask? Hulk Hogan... Surrounded by excellency..
Rob Van Dam takes on the World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio on Monday Night Raw.
Before you celebrate Hulk Hogan's Birthday on WWE Monday Night Raw, be sure to RSVP to the latest C4W Explosive Wrestling event! All the Tag Team Gold Will be on the line as the AIWF Mid Atlantic Wrestling Tag Team Champions, Shi and Dylan Kage face C4W Tag Team Champions Big Country Blake Barnes and Muscle Shoals! Be there at the X Gym Sports Mall on August 23rd for this historic event! Wrestling Beach, South Carolina
A video message from my 8 year old daughter. We'll be in portand tomorrow for Monday Night Raw
Brock Lesnar will be on next weeks Monday Night RAW Final before then schedule for Aug 18 RAW Summerslam Post- RAW.
D-Generation X reunion is confirmed on WWE RAW OMFG... . . . . . . . . . . . . . LOL KIDDING So, here's the real news.. A nWo (New World Order) reunion will be seen for one night only on upcoming Monday Night RAW. With Hulk Hogan's return, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash's return is also confirmed. Thoughts? -Jerichoholic
My money is going on Howard Webb turning up to Monday Night Raw next week!
Don't forget the wwe network is only 9.99 lol. I can't believe how many times they said that on raw Monday night lol
All of this happened on a SINGLE episode of Monday Night RAW.
Monday Night episodes coming to the
WWE"MONDAY NIGHT RAW"..Stephanie McMahon delivered two pedigrees to the Bella Twins during the contract signing of her match against Brie Bella..
Got a good shot of putting the walls on Luke Harper at Monday night
It was revealed today that WWE will be adding WCW Monday Nitro and WWF Raw Is War episodes from the Monday Night...
The ''Hulkmaniacs'' The Immortal back on this monday night
First show is up on my blog here: gonna bring over the Dirtsheet report then time to write Smackdown!
Did You Know on this weeks episode of Monday Night 8/4/14.
Who fancies taking a shot / drink with me on Monday Night during Raw to see how long it takes before we need to...
How a Monday night raw starts and ends
If you grew up in the 90's and yoy didn't watch WFF Monday night Raw every Monday night your childhood sucked
So i just started watching this pass monday night raw.. and im already sick of hearing 9.99
That promo about the rivalry between John Cena and Brock Lesnar that aired on "Raw" Monday night was awesome.I'm pumped to see "SummerSlam".
The nWo is suppost to reunite for Hulk Hogan's birthday on Raw Monday night!! that's awesome!
WWE news: Scott Hall confirmed for NWO reunion on ‘WWE Monday Night Raw’ via
Anybody going to Monday Night Raw and got an extra ticket? I wanna go, Hulk Hogan is gonna be here.
Raw this past Monday night said 9.99 so many times, All I heard was 6.66
the phrase "WWE Network" was mentioned 41 times on monday night. 41. This is why I dont want RAW live any more, just wasting my time
Zig Zag nd Team Ziggler wins. Now Dean Ambrose in the ring to send a message bout being attacked by the Authority on Monday Night Raw
can't wait for Monday night raw. My first raw that I will attend. Live in my hometown. Portland, OR.
why? 😞 on RAW Monday night, BEST THING EVER! the reason i love Dean Ambrose ❤️
Monday Night RAW next week is going to be something else like.
Relive Monday Night moments w/ some from the night, thanks to our photog Gary Miller:
Hogan,Hall&Nash confirmed for RAW this Monday night.
Stephanie McMahon takes a ride with the PD and Plan C takes effect at
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It's a shame Martellus Bennett didn't get to show off that body slam on Monday Night Raw. http…
John Cena vs Brock lenser WWE world heavy championship match and John Cena talk about Brock lenser on Monday Night Raw
I hate when *** take they shirt off when we playing basketball *** we not on Monday Night Raw put ya shirt back on
a bigger let down than Jim Ross left Monday Night Raw
.:: Update on Rob Van Dam’s Status ::. As of Monday Night Raw this week, Rob Van Dam has yet to be cleared to...
According to PWInsider: WCW Nitro and Monday Night Raw episodes from the Monday Night Wars will begin to air on the Network in the fall
WWE news: NWO reunion in the works for Monday Night Raw
→ → Hulk Hogan: WWE Hall of Famer to appear on Monday Night Raw on August 11 → Hulk Hogan: WWE Hall of…
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