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Monday Night Raw

WWE Raw (also stylized as Monday Night RAW and known on air as Raw SuperShow) is a sports entertainment television program for WWE that currently airs on the USA Network in the United States.

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,,,i just watched Monday Night Raw wrestling.'s ok,but not good or great. it's very PG now. in the early/mid 2000' was way better
Very excited to watch wwe Monday night RAW...
How cool was Monday Night RAW!?!? Also- I met today, BIG thrill for me. Thank you, sir!
Who was this guy during last monday night RAW?
A$ton Mathews and I should go to Monday night Raw
CM Punk's WWE future 'to be determined' according to leaked Monday Night ... - The Independent -
I am too, I'm not gonna lie, this past Monday Night Raw's crowd sucked when Evolution's theme played.
Iwata-Gun Yona and Shannonboy are gonna be The World Tag Team Champions on next Monday Night
Uh oh! Vince made last minute changes at Monday Night RAW? :O. Details -
Heel wife you don't like Monday night raw wow it's cool
Legends discussing Raw vs Nitro. Never get enough when it comes to the Monday Night Wars!
*** $29 an hour for working Monday night raw. Yeah buddy
Going to bed watchn throwback Monday night raw on
I liked a video from CMPuLs3 Reviews: Monday Night Raw (04/14/14)
Now that is going to WWE Monday night raw next month he's all the sudden obsessed with wrestling 😂😂😂
Undertaker not showing on Monday night RAW anymore. End of? 😪
Monday night raw he can have and I am definitely opting out on that outing him and his dad can have that
WWE Monday Night Raw Miami on Monday, July 21st! Tickets on sale May 24th
Speaking of WWE, Evolution reuniting this past Monday night on raw- OVERBOARD LIVE! I legit marked out for a minute.
Was actually enjoying the monday night raw not until came to spoil the i have to sign out n go to bed! Goodnight
Once they got to the action, was pretty cool. Like Monday Night Raw with special effects.
Excellent match on Monday night Del Rio !!. will you be doing for a bit??
Someone Posted the Script from Monday Night’s “Raw,” Proving WWE Doesn’t Just Happen by Accident --
Going to Monday Night Raw with the babe hella pumped not going to like
I'm coming back, Monday Night Raw next week ... I coming back full force
***BREAKING NEWS*** Patti and Aretha are gonna settle the score next week on Monday Night Raw
A week after The Ultimate Warrior delivered an emotional speech on Monday Night Raw, the WWE honored the wrestler that died last Wednesday. WWE superstars gathered on stage to open the show and fan...
Chk out new vid: Monday Night Raw Recap 4/14/2014: via
And I did get free tickets to Monday Night Raw, this season, so I guess it's all in perspective.
🙏 thank you Hulu for allowing me to watch Monday Night Raw on a Wednesday
The scripts for Monday Night Raw are always fascinating to look at.
She pretty much nailed it. My wife will have similar biting commentary on my weekly Monday Night Raw viewing.
WWE Monday Night Raw 12/9/13 - Daniel Bryan gets one of the biggest pop of Modern Era
hey grim I am going to Monday night raw on June 9th what should my sign say? I've got good seats too!
watching some old school WWE Monday Night Raw on the network
Illinois USA Naperville » 27 WWE offers tribute to the Ultimate Warrior on Monday Night RAW Ultimate …
Oh man watching WWE from like 21 years ago, the first WWE Monday Night Raw and some of the wrestlers back then are crazy stupid... Then you see guys around today and see how different they are :P
My friend who was in the editing class asked me if I could do a Entrance Video of Evolution, who recently returned this week on Monday Night Raw. So I did my best and finished it up. All the Rights to these videos are all Credited from WWE Company.
Some things I did over my days off this week: tried a new restaurant and had some delicious catfish, chopped it up on the life-level with my boy Variety Daily and a fine bottle of whiskey until 4 in the morning, had a nice conversation and made friends with a young lady who wrong-number texted me, had a Winner's come-up where they actually had illy gear, wrote some great lyrics, made one snow angel, ate a bucket of KFC with my family, bought concert tickets so I can take my little brother out to Atmosphere for his birthday next month, lip-synced three Drake songs in my bathroom mirror, yelled at Monday Night Raw confusedly with my roommate, tried on a Cam'ron crewneck that was way too small for me, dominated some Mario Kart, lived, loved, and swagged.
Just finished watching Monday Night Raw and I gotta say The Shield vs Evolution is kinda cool
Ordering tickets for Monday Night Raw on May 5th in Albany! WHO WANTS TO GO?!?!
WCW legend and former TNA star "The Icon" Sting (real name: Steve Borden) made his first official WWE appearance on the WWE Network. As announced on Monday Night Raw this week, the WWE Network has started a four-part series dedicated to The Ultimate Warrior which will air throughout the week – dubbed "Warrior Week", appropriately. On the first episode, Sting made a surprise appearance to pay respects to his friend and former partner, Warrior.
look for me in the stands on Monday night RAW. Joe Mariotti Shaun Whitley Daniel Hanson Walter Meadows IIIJonathan Gross
Here's how the WWE paid tribute to the The Ultimate Warrior earlier this week on "Monday Night Raw."
Current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan - WWE Universe tied the knot over the weekend to Total Divas star Brie Bella - WWE Universe! Congrats to the happy couple. On a similar note, who is ready for some WWE Monday Night Raw action in Greenville? Coming to you May 12! Tickets still available.
Just got cold chills watching the WWE Monday Night RAW tribute to The Ultimate Warrior. you will be missed my friend!
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On "Monday Night Raw," WWE honored its fallen superstar, the Ultimate Warrior, with a video montage, a moment of silence and a tolling of the ring bell.
You may have saw CM PUCK last monday night raw. But it is official that he is signed with TNA again
Charles Fulton and I are going to implementing a new avenue of contests, trivia, polls, as well as questions for Monday Night Raw. Our first contest is going to an Ultimate Warrior tribute showcase. You can dress you or your family or friends up and those who post a pic will receive an automatic 10 points and the winner will receive 15 points to get a head start on the WWE title replica belt at the WM31 END OF CONTEST POLL
I am looking forward to the Shield getting Justice again for their attack on Monday night Raw. Who thinks it is going to be an all out war with everyone? Do you think that HHH will go face to face with Roman after he had them attacked? Who do you think the Shield will g...
Here's the video WWE made in tribute to Ultimate Warrior that aired on "Monday Night Raw" last night (April 14, 2014) on USA. May he rest in peace.
John Cena: Ladies and gentlemen I present to Sister Abigail's mom and sister Wyat Keep enjoying Monday Night Raw tribute to Warrior by:
Watching a old school Monday night raw Eddie Guerrero tribute show one of the best ones that I have ever seen r.i.p. Eddie Guerrero viva la raza a.k.a. latino heat
Catching up on Monday Night RAW... what a beautiful tribute to The Ultimate Warrior! Nearly had me in tears! :')
On Saturday I wrote that I thought I saw WWE female wrestler Alicia Fox at Tampa airport and flirted with her. Wasn't sure if it was her or not and didn't want to ask. Saw the highlights of Monday Night Raw and it was her on the card. Yep it was her that I saw.
Do you love WWE Wrestling? Do you watch Monday Night Raw on a weekly basis? Are you a Diehard fan? Do you know it's "fake" but still love it? And most of all. Do you know and respect that wrestlers are professional stuntmen/women, actors, performers and professional sports entertainers? Then th...
WWE honors The Ultimate Warrior with video on 'Monday Night Raw'
Wonderful tribute to the Warrior on Monday night Raw. RIP You'll never be forgotten!
A few days ago we reported that Alberto Del Rio might have his chance at the Intercontinental title at the next PPV Extreme Rules, which will take place may 4. However as we saw it yesterday evening when Monday Night Raw, Del Rio lost to RVD, what appears to be a change of plan for the Mexican.
Cant wait t get home n watch MONDAY NIGHT RAW (",)
WWE Superstars and fans alike paid tribute to wrestling legend Ultimate Warrior (born James Hellwig) on Monday Night RAW, a week after the Hall-of-Famer succumbed to a heart disease.
Gm Bookers just want to thank god for another day and a great great weekend Boosie Monday night Raw spending time with the FAM ten toes down we bad
Evolution Theme music on WWE Monday Night Raw gave me Goosebumps...Blessed to see the unstoppable faction after a Decade.
Kane put his mask back on, and Evolution is back... This monday night RAW is awesome!
match. Say, when will we see Shane McMahon make a return to Monday Night Raw and the PPVs man?
WWE RAW RESULTS (4/14) – EVOLUTION REUNITES & MORE! Welcome everyone to tonight’s edition of Monday Night Raw. Tonight’s show begins with every superstar and diva on the roster standing on the stage honoring the late Ultimate Warrior. Jerry Lawler asks everyone to join them as they honor Ultimate Warrior. We are then shown a video package highlighting the life and career of The Ultimate Warrior. Back in the arena, everyone gives a moment of silence and and 10 bell salute to The Ultimate Warrior. Everyone then joins together in giving him a standing ovation as his music plays over the arena. After the commercial break, Rob Van Dam will go one on one with Alberto Del Rio in the first round of the IC Title Contender’s Tournament. -Commercial Break- Back on Raw, Alberto Del Rio is already in the ring. He is formally introduced by Justin Roberts. His opponent, Rob Van Dam, makes his way to the ring. Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto Del Rio Del Rio starts off quickly with kicks and stomps to Van Dam. Del Rio get ...
The April 14, 2014 edition of WWE's Monday Night Raw emanates live from the BJCC Arena in Birmingham and begins with every Superstar on the stage as they pay tribute to the Ultimate Warrior. A video package rolls celebrating the man's life, then they toll the bell 10 times during a period of silence...
'You know how the story goes, Roll Tide' - John Cena to the crowd at BJCC Arena on Monday Night Raw. Roll Tide,...
I enjoyed watching WWE Monday Night Raw, I met a new diva named Paige, she won against Aj Lee last Monday, this time she won against Alicia Fox
Just watch Monday Night Raw and all WWE superstars and fans chanted "WARRIOR!!" and before finished ten-bell salute. They never had a ten-bell salute like that before Owen Hart in 1999 and Eddie Guerrero in 2005... I mean I was shocked that WWE lost an icon in WWE history like Andre the Giant, Owen Hart, Eddie Guerrero, Eddie's best friend Chris Benoit, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Neslon Frazier, Jr. aka Big Daddy V, Paul Bearer, and Mae Young. Warrior join former WWE superstars in heaven.
That was an awesome tribute video on Monday Night Raw to remember the Ultimate Warrior! RIP. You will forever be missed.
With the pro wrestling world mourning the loss of the Ultimate Warrior, WWE , the company where he gained his greatest fame, will devote part of its flagship "Monday Night Raw" TV show Monday night to reflect on his career.
Hooter's and then off to Monday Night Raw to see my 3rd ex wife Aj Lee! Stoked to get out of the house that isn't work related!!!
Prepare Yourself For Amazing WWE TV Prepare yourself for amazing WWE television until SummerSlam If WrestleMania XXX and the post-WrestleMania edition of Monday Night Raw were any indications, the WWE audience is in for quite a treat moving forward until SummerSlam. Young blood, a faction war and Daniel Bryan as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion will make for compelling programming. Last year, after a dismal Road to WrestleMania and a very disappointing ‘Mania, the WWE rectified that with stellar storylines and matches from the night after ‘Mania until SummerSlam. This year, it appears WWE will follow the same pattern and entertain audiences each Monday night. Although the major stars will be out of the limelight – Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan – it’s safe to say that the WWE will be operating just fine as it depends on its younger talent to put the fans on the edge of their seats. Here are some things to look forward to for the next few months: The Shield vs. The Authority (Evolutio ...
Ultimate Warrior has been on my mind off and on the whole week. Glad to hear they are doing a tribute to him next Monday Night Raw!
Monday Night Raw will be a tribute show to the Ultimate Warrior.nice move WWE
Do u know the fact:: Vickie Guerrero is finishing up with WWE. She will be pursuing a business venture outside of WWE. After the last Monday Night Raw went on air she left the WWE.
Monday Night Raw – April 7, 2014: Playing To The Crowd Monday Night Raw Date: April 7, 2014 Location: Smoothie King Center, New Orleans, Louisiana Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, John Bradshaw Layfield It’s the night after one of the best show in years and the big question is where do they go from here? For the first time ever, Undertaker is coming off a loss at Wrestlemania in what very well may be his last match. Other than that we’ve got a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion in the form of a goat man. Tonight is usually one of the most fun shows of the year. Let’s get to it. We open with the Monster video on Daniel Bryan’s career that aired at Wrestlemania. The song fits so perfectly. The video eats up nearly five minutes but it’s awesome. The arena is filled with the YES chant and here’s Daniel Bryan to drive it them even harder. Bryan is wearing the World Heavyweight Championship and has the WWE Championship in his hand. I wish they would just get rid of one already. Even JBL a ...
RIP James Brian Helwig, AKA, "The Ultimate Warrior," WWE Hall of Fame Superstar. He was inducted this last weekend in the WWE HOF and had the opportunity to address his legion of fans. He was featured Monday night on WWE's "Monday Night Raw" Where he gave a moving and prophetic speech. After years, He had made peace with the WWE. How many people have the opportunity to be honored, to speak in such an eloquent way to those who love and admire him and to receive this special recognition prior to ones death. Thanks to all at WWE ,especially the McMahons, for making all this possible!
Rob Van Dam RVD returns to WWE Monday Night Raw after wrestlemania: via
How many of you watching WWE Monday Night Raw again Triple H - WWE Universe vs Daniel Bryan - WWE Universe — watching TenSports
his speech last Saturday night and Monday night on RAW was awesome. He had Two beautiful girls and wife. Sad very sad
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The last words of the Ultimate Warrior on WWE Raw on Monday night. His 1st appearance since 1996
It's now so poignant the way he put the Warrior mask on when in the ring making his speech on RAW on Monday night.
Ultimate Warrior's last promo on Monday Night God he will be missed.
NO!!! The wrestling icon "Ultimate Warrior" has died the day after he appeared on WWE monday night raw. He had died at the age of 54.
It's ! Win Monday Night Raw tickets EVERY HOUR today starting at 7a.m!!
come to Monday night Raw and ask that question. I dare you
Dang man i just watch one of this legend monday night on raw R.I.P the Ultimate Warrior auugh!!!
He was just on Monday Night Raw this week, which was the night before he died. Crazy.
congratulation's on youre victory on Monday night raw
The Ultimate Warrior gave WWE fans a treat on April 7 when they got to listen to his Monday Night Raw speech. The 2014 WWE Hall of Fame inductee was able to get the fans fired up with his words, and yes, his mask...
warrior returned to wwf in 1996 and made first appearance on monday night raw 4/8/1996 . He died 4/8/2014
iam so proud of the shield for the justice carried out on Monday night raw. Please u guys should keep it up.
Just watched 5 minutes of Monday Night Raw & forgot what a *** looks like.
I really hope that the Warrior get's a Tribute Show on Monday Night Raw, not only a Tribute Video, he deserved it!!
VINCE MCMAHON when are you comeing back to Monday night . raw
Can't wait for Monday tryna see what goes down on Monday night raw smh Batista disappointed me I thought you were different...
Check out this great Podcast: best fan podcast!
"Every man's heart one day beats its final beat." - Ultimate Warrior (Monday Night Raw, less than 24 hours before his death)
The Ultimate Warrior's last words on Raw on Monday night seem quite incredible given his subsequent passing.
Needs to say what she said tonight on a Show maybe this Monday night on Invite her to the show fans want this
I cannot believe The Ultimate Warrior has died. Im in pure shpck after seeing on monday night raw.
Promo the Ultimate Warrior made on Monday Night Raw. Less than 24 hours before he passed away. Surreal.
Photoset: Monday Night Raw April 7th, 2014.  Pretty sure I will always remember this as the best Raw ever…...
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I'll say it until the day I die and Monday night raw settled it best advocate and manager ever! & promo skills second to none.
So shocked to hear about Ultimate Warriors death. Saw him on Monday night raw.
Monday Night Draw! - Daniel Bryan and The Shield: Daniel Bryan and The Shield It was an awesome Raw this week ...
Watched The Ultimate Warrior's speech from Monday's RAW on my DVR last night. Now he's dead. So crazy. RIP.
To say he just said this Monday night on raw and he dies Wednesday. ... R.I.P to THE Ultimate Warrior!…
Can't believe warrior died yesterday he was just on Monday night raw
Thats what i said mate how can u top a wrestlemania!! Or even a monday night raw!
he was inducted into the Hall of Fame Saturday and spoke near hour felt like went to Monday night raw and died Tuesday
I still can't get over the Warrior & his HOF speech to his family, friends & fans. Just crazy how he was on Monday Night Raw 🙏
so very true especially the one on Monday night raw
Who saw this fan in front row last Monday night raw? I. He looked so sad cause sting never showed up LMFAO!. *D-LO...
:( it was shocking as he looked all fine when he appeared recently on Monday Night Raw
I cannot believe Ultimate Warrior died. Like I just seem him Monday night on Raw.
I love watching your WWE RAW reviews every Monday night
Wrestling Hall of Famer The Ultimate Warrior dies less than 24 hours after appearing on Monday Night Raw »
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I played the Ultimate Warrior speech from Monday night Raw to Rachel Skelton and Lauren Skelton, then played the ultimate speech made the night before someone's untimely and tragic death. If you have never heard Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech in Memphis on April 3, 1968 (especially the last 3 1/2 minutes), I suggest you do so if you are a history aficionado. Nothing could ever be more eery in retrospect, but the Ultimate Warrior's speech was a great farewell address for his character and his place in WWE History as well.
I'm watching the Ultimate Warrior on Monday Night Raw and it's like crushing my heart. ⛪️😔
Ultimate Warrior on Monday Night Raw. Erie, did he know something?
Seth and I are just getting to watching Monday night raw And this came on. Tears came to my eyes R.I.P. Ultimate Warrior :(
R.I.P. Ultimate Warrior! CrAzY! especially after everything he said on monday night raw the night before he died!!! about how every man's heart beats its last beat and lungs breathes its last breath! so sad :( !!! he was always one of my favorite wrestlers!
We just got into the car getting on the highway now, 11 hour trip ahead of us! Goodby NOLA it has been a pleasure. Had an amazing time here! Wrestlemania XXX, Monday Night Raw, and an amazing 8 year anniversary, couldn't have asked for more!
Yes. And he was just on Monday Night Raw. (And inducted in to WWE Hall of Fame & Wrestlemania Sunday)
Here are a couple of photos that I had the privilege of taking at WWE Monday Night Raw. None of us knew it would be the last time seeing The Ultimate Warrior. He was one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. Still hard to believe he's no longer with us. These pics have an even greater meaning. Hope you enjoy!
OMG! I am only just now watching Monday Night Raw on HULU, and listening to the speech that The Ultimate Warrior gave on Monday Night Raw... it's eerie. He speaks of the monumental achievement of a performer if after his heart beats it's last beat, and his lungs draw their last breath, he is able to leave an impression on people that would last thereafter... and less than 24 hours later he was pronounced dead.
The Ultimate Warrior is dead! Just watched him on the Hall of Fame, Wrestlemania and Monday Night Raw. :(
If you know me, you know I'm a wrestling fan for real. I'm saddened to hear The Ultimate Warrior passed away today. I just watched him on Monday Night Raw. ***
The Ultimate Warrior was just on Monday Night RAW and inducted into The Hall of Fame less than a week ago. Now he's no longer with us. RIP Warrior. Now Banger has someone to paint his face with.
I shake the ring like a young Ultimate Warrior! R.I.P just saw him on Monday Night Raw.
Fake or not, wresting has a mark on some of our lives. mine was me and my Grampa Houran watching every week as hogan beat Andre the giant, Jake the Snake beat Steam boat and you all call it written and fake, but one thing you can't write is a life of a man that was banished from WWF/WWE for almost 20 years to return and be inducted into the hall of fake , come to Monday night raw and talk about being immortalized . Then Drop dead Tuesday, please god tell me you could write a scripted story like that for me!
There are a lot of sad little warriors today. If you looked in the dictionary for the word, energy, all you would see is a picture of the Ultimate Warrior.. Something told me to watch Monday Night Raw, I did, long enough to see the Warriors interview. If you remember the stand off between Warrior and Hogan, you had a great upbringing. RIP WARRIOR!!!
If you are a true fan of the wrestling world then today is a sad day for you The Ultimate Warrior has passed away it suprises the *** out of me cause I just watched him chant to the WWE on monday night raw he looked worse for wear but he seemed to be in good shape for his age then I woke up this morning and he was taken to the sprite world he worshiped so much Thanks for the memories Mr. Warrior I for one have missed you and now I always will
Feels a bit better, coffee and murder documentaries, then Monday night raw :-)
I really hope next Monday Night Raw they give The Ultimate Warrior a Tribute show like they did for Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit and Owen Hart.
I haven't followed wrestling very much the last couple of years, but the untimely death -- and the timing -- of Jim Hellwig (aka "The Ultimate Warrior") is a bizarre story. Hellwig -- who sold out many arenas during his peak -- vanished from the public eye in 1996 and made very few appearances thereafter. Rumors of his death became commonplace. He burned bridges with WWE head Vince McMahon, who more or less 'buried' him -- and surprisingly brought Hellwig back to the forefront this year. The WWE inducted him in its Hall of Fame ceremony Saturday in New Orleans. Hellwig made one last appearance on Monday Night Raw and died yesterday evening. He even mentioned mortality in his acceptance speech. I was not a fan of his character, but he brought a certain brand of uniqueness to a business chock full of imitations. The Hall of Fame induction represented a mending of fences between Hellwig and WWE honcho Vince McMahon. Forty-eight hours after his HOF induction, Hellwig died. It played out almost like a movie o ...
I feel so sad bc one of the greatest wrestlers from back in the day is dead shortly after WM30 and bein inducted into the Hall of Fame and was juss on WWE Monday Night Raw juss 2 nights ago and died the next day. Thats so sad. He looked like he was in good health!
Wow.. WWE HOF, WrestleMania, and then an appearance on Monday night RAW.. and then he DIES! ...RIP... Ultimate Warrior
someone pointed out that if you listened to the Ultimate Warrior's speech on Monday night raw it was like he knew it was his time to go.
Monday night Raw one day, gone the next. Rip Ultimate Warrior.
Yo Kev Lyte deadass called The Ultimate Warrior's death on Monday Night Raw he's in the
I understand most people who aren't wrestling fans have seen posts about Ultimate Warrior's passing on Tuesday April 8th. It's so bizarre because this man was just inducted in WWE's Hall of Fame this past Saturday and made an appearance on WWE's Monday Night Raw which is a show he hasn't made a appearance on since 1996. Then he dies the next day. So unexpected but it goes to show you how fast and sudden people can go. Maybe him getting inducted into the Hall of Fame is what he was waiting for. Rest In Peace Warrior. ♥
So all weekend I watch WWE programing on their new network to see one of my childhood favorites,the Ultimate Warrior go in the Hall of Fame. Plus he appeared at WrestleMania and Monday Night Raw...and dropped dead Tuesday!?! Really sad that it happened in front of his wife and young daughters.
R.I.P. Ultimate Warrior! The first time I ever watched WWE was when he was a guest in the Funeral Parlor. He was ready to beat up Paul Bearer until The Undertaker attacked him and locked him in the casket. Eventually they teamed together to face Papa Shango and Berzerker. He sure had lots of great matches, promoted the newest WWE game, got inducted into the 2014 Hall of Fame and made his last Televised appearance on this past Monday Night Raw. He'll definitely be missed!
I am a bit saddened by the Ultimate Warrior's death, but he died happy and is resting in peace. I always feel like before a person passes, they fight the good fight and their time comes when they've reached that "goal". I do not believe it was ironic that he died after being inducted into the Hall of Fame and making one spectacular last Monday night RAW appearance. God blessed him with what he probably wanted for a long time, told him it was time to come home, and now he is truly at peace.
The Ultimate Warrior cuts his last ever promo on Monday night raw RIP Warrior
still can"t believe the Ultimate Warrior died. i just saw him on Monday Night Raw make an inspirational speech. he looked fine. so sudden.
Omg just saw monday night raw he must of struggled big time before he died I like what he said..legandary makeup n colourful character lives on beyond death the Ultimate Warrior x .. so sad n shocking
Well that's it were leaving NOLA today iv had the best time its gone supper quick Wrestlemania axxess Hall of Fame Wrestlemania 30!! Monday night raw Have all been truly amazing & a rollercoster of emotions. New Orleans is so beautiful I wish I could stay longer but until next year usa (CALIFORNIA ) bye bye
:O :O there is Romors going around that Ultimate Warrior has passed away. I do not think its true I mean he looked awesome on Monday night Raw This can not be true
Most of you guys used to love WWF back in the day and y'all know the Ultimate Warrior, he was elected to the Hall of Fame over the weekend, and showed up this past Monday Night Raw pumping the crowed with full of energy and yesterday he died, that just shows us life is short and the angel of death can come anytime, so less sin and more good deeds cuz u never know maybe ur time ends today or tomorrow or next month so we need to stop pretending that we will live to see another day cuz only Allah knows that if today is our last day in this dunya.
RIP Ultimate Warrior. Was awesome to see you on Monday night Raw!!! We will miss u!!!
RIP Ultimate Warrior wow he was just on wwe Hall of Fame on Saturday and Sunday for WrestleMaina 30 and live on Monday night Raw. Tuesday he dies wow that's a shock to the Wrestling world.
The Ultimate Warrior was inducted in to wwe Hall of Fame on April 5 2014 appeared on Monday night raw April 7 2014 and died April 8 2014 so sad
his last walk to the ring was monday night RAW .a huge part of my childhood , professional wrestler Ultimate Warrior ! rest in peace sir... Respect nothing but RESPECT ! just a day ago he was on Hall of Fame and now he died :( sad :'(
I haven't watched Monday Night Raw in about 3 years, and the last time was because Bret Hart was coming back. I watched this Monday, and I'm glad I did. I got to see one of my favorite wrestlers make his last ever appearance in the ring.
One of the last known pictures of The Ultimate Warrior. This was shortly after his promo on Monday Night Raw.
WWE star the Ultimate Warrior, 54, who was just inducted into the company's Hall of Fame and appeared on its flagship "Monday Night Raw" TV show this week, has died in Arizona at age 54.
Blessings to Ultimate Warrior(dang just seen him on Monday Night Raw!), his family & his Journey. Also to to the children, teachers and all those affected in the school stabbings in Pennsylvannia.
RIP to The Ultimate Warrior, who died at 54. After making what seemed like a final fairwell speach on Monday night Raw :/
I was watching Ultimate Warrior on Monday night raw and wrestle mania, it's crazy to think that he died so sudden, legend off wrestling
Man after reading the Ultimate Warrior's words from Monday Night Raw, it was a eerie, yet profound speech! That was like Braveheart, Gladiator epic! Looking back now, his words got me shook, and they mean that much more! R.I.P Warrior, your spirit and legend will run on!
RIP Ultimate Warrior what a great wwe legend in shock after watching u on Monday night Raw :(
The WWE announced that the Ultimate Warrior died Tuesday after appearing on Monday Night Raw the previous night.
Alright wwe peeps Monday Night Raw June 2nd Indianapolis Indiana who trying to go down because I will be there
So weird that yesterday I was watching the Ultimate Warrior address his fans on Monday Night Raw.. then today he's passed away. WWE/WCW Legend! RIP!
Can't believe WWE legend Ultimate Warrior passed away yesterday and seen him at wrestlemania 30 and Monday night raw
it was awesome end of last monday night RAW... shield united work with the new wwe world champ... against triple H, batista, Randy and Kane
RIP Ultimate Warrior. Carl, we just watched him on Monday Night Raw. It's crazy how one day you see someone, and the next you don't. Tomorrow is not promised, so please make the most of today! I love and miss you brother!
RIP Ultimate Warrior :(. It's crazy to think we just saw him on wrestlemania and again on Monday night Raw and he passed away the following day.
WWE Star the Ultimate Warrior Dies at 54. Only two days after appearing in New Orleans on Monday Night Raw.
RIP to the Ultimate Warrior I know my grandma is watching you make your famous entrance you entertained her for years...every moment is precious.warrior just was inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame and passed away 3 days later...He just cut a promo at monday night don't have to know a person to be saddened by der passing especially if that person brought a smile to your grandma's face every Saturday night.that was our time Saturday night MainEvent
After watching monday night raw/wwe Hall of Fame induction..i believe was ill, it seemed he was saying goodbye to every1.
R.i.p. to the Ultimate Warrior of wwe wrestling he was just on monday night raw..
WWE Star 'Ultimate Warrior' dead at age 54. Warrior was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on Saturday night in New Orleans and appeared on the company's Monday night professional wrestling show "Monday Night Raw" For more details:
In a shock to WWE fans, James Hellwig, better known as the Ultimate Warrior, died on Tuesday. He was 54. Hellwig's death was unexpected, considering he appeared on WWE's "Monday Night Raw" on April...
WWE Raw Results – April 7th, 2014 We open Monday Night Raw with Daniel Bryan, our new WWE World Heavyweight Champion! The New Orleans crowd goes absolutely outstanding Daniel Bryan jokes around asking if the crowd gets tired and how hard it is to do the yes chant with two titles. The crowd begins to chant you deserve it and Bryan says its them who deserve it. He says the yes chant is all about the power the people have. He says because of them he is standing in the ring as champion. Out comes Triple H and Stephanie. Triple H says he won’t step in the ring because he doesn’t want to do something he will regret. Bryan then goes up to him and shoves the titles in his face. Triple H says this moment won’t last, and that it won’t even last tonight. He then says he will defend the title tonight against him! He says he will end the yes movement and that the reality is that it is Triple H’s show and he can’t do nothing about it. Daniel Bryan begins a Yes chant as Triple H and Stephanie walk away. We ...
WWE Raw results: No rest for Daniel Bryan as Wrestlemania fallout sees The Shield take on The Authority - After an unbelievable night in New Orleans at Wrestlemania, Monday Night Raw kicked off by celebrating the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan. -
Monday Night Raw episode April 7, 2014, the night after WrestleMania review: . Daniel Bryan celebrates his victory last night when he won the WWE WorldHeavyweight title, then Triple H and his wife Stephanie crashes the celebration and sets up a match tonight . The Wyatt Family defeats Cena, Sheamus, and Big E . Batista and Randy Orton faces The Usos, the match ends in a double count out. Who cares? . RVD returns and defeats a midcard jobber name Damien Sandow . Wade Barrett gets back to fighting in the ring, he's using his new name Bad News Barrett and defeats Rey Mysterio . a new superstar name Alexander Rusev defeats Zack Ryder . Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman segment where they brag about Lesnar putting an end to The Undertaker's undefeated wrestlemania streak. The Undertaker wasn't there so it's unkown if Undertaker is gonna retire or not. If Undertaker doesn't retire I want his next feud to be Sting and face him at WrestleMania 31 next year. I can't believe Sting didn't come to wwe yet but that guy used to ...
Things I liked about WWE Monday Night Raw: 1) RVD returned!! 2) Wade Barrett returned to the ring 3) Shield and Daniel Bryan vs. HHH and Kane/Batista/Randy Orton in the making? 4) Cesaro, new Paul Heyman guy! 5) Bo Dallas teased, Rusev debut, Paige debut (and new divas champ) Great night!
So, the American Country Music awards were on last night? They would have had a lot more viewers if they hadn't aired the same time as Monday Night Raw.
Hello again Nikki Bella it's Frank!Sorry about your lost at this year's WRESTLEMANIA 30 match for the DIVAS CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH!But Aj Lee retain her belt right now tonight!But I hope that which other Diva might get a title shot on Monday Night Raw or Friday Night Smackdown!
Wanna know something else. WWE trolled us, when "someone" said he would come back in Chicago for Monday Night Raw.
What really happened at Monday Night Raw with Wale? Details Listen to Power 98 ->
When i get home, the first thing i am watching isn't Monday Night Raw, it's How I Met Your Mother. In the 80s there was The Wonder Years and The 90s had Boy Meets World. I never would have expected, the next best coming of age TV show would be for Friends in their late 20s/early30s still trying to put their life together. Yeah, hits close to home lol.
Oh how I've missed my Monday Night Raw time 😍😍😍😍
Can't to watch Monday Night Raw tonight I wanna see John Cena and Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper
Mr. Perfect defeats Ric Flair in a Loser Leaves WWF match (Ric Flair had decided to return to the WCW). Monday Night Raw, January 25th, 1993.
Charity auction: A tour of London's O2 Arena from me before Monday Night Raw, plus 2 tickets for the show in May:
Commando and Hulk Hogan live on wwe monday night raw
WWE Monday Night Raw REVIEW 03/24/14 (WWE Shifts into 4th Gear on the Road to WrestleMania) Links WWE Monday Night Raw results ...
Gotta catch up on Monday Night RAW, getting more pumped for Wrestlemania every week! C'mon Bryan, beat the odds and take the title!
MONDAY NIGHT RAW is beating your Teen Wolf. Just sayin 🙊🙊🙊
*** Monday Night Raw was the most viewed show last week 👌
I just got to watch this past Monday night raw and the best part of raw was the shield match I believe in the shield
Asking Alexandria will be performing on Monday Night Raw.
When these rappers need some credit I'm the one that they call, they faker than wrestling I swear they Monday night raw, I used to sell eightballs then I turned into the weed man,if you need some good kush just holler at me man, walk into my house I got 50 lbs on my dresser, and it is that killer its stronger than Brock Lesnar
I would be sitting down alone at 2 a.m watching repeats of on Monday night raw 👌 That's my definition of happiness
ok I guess ima be watching this vintage Monday night raw since my ps4 controller is all the way over there
I liked a video from WWE Monday Night Raw - 03/24/2014 - Road to WrestleMana 30 - NXT -
Gonna go home from my nightshift and have some food and a kip. Then get some captain america with Emma, followed by kfc, and catching up on monday night raw. Looking to be an awesome day :D
Mar 25 Bryan & Vinny & Craig Show: Full reviews of Friday Night Smackdown, Monday Night Raw, and the ...
what a entry by Undertaker on WWE Monday Night Raw
what an entry by Undertaker on WWE Monday Night Raw
Hear about 's historic main event appearance on Monday Night
What killed it for me was my first live show. WWF Monday night raw. The rocks first show back after the mummy in Philly.
It was Monday Night Raw and I remember there was a 20 man battle royal and the winner would face Chris Benoit at Bad Blood for the title
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"Teen wolf is over... Mondays just got worse.".Monday night Raw 🙌😂😂😂 lol
My feet are more raw than a WWF show on Monday night.
Check out photos from last night's Monday Night Raw in Brooklyn!
Well the Shield got their pay back on 2 of the 3 tag teams on Raw Monday night & tonight 3 MB Beautiful next stop Kane & NAO ♡♡♡♡
Thanks Roddie!! We didn't get to talk about Monday night Raw, lol
When watching Monday Night Raw , Main Event , Friday Night Smackdown , or a monthly pay-per-view, you're guaranteed to see incredible matches. However, it always seems that there's always that one...
Does anyone want to come see WWE Monday Night RAW in New York with me in October?. Wait, what do you mean I suck at planning vacations?
guess I'll just watch Monday Night Raw a real mans soap opra
Just catching up on Monday Night I die over 😍
Nah bruh this was Monday Night Raw lmaooo
So I was sitting here watching Monday Night Raw on HULU and I realized I get just as excited when Hulk Hogan comes out as I did when I was like 8. Wrestlemania is right around the corner and I'll be watching!! YEAH!!! Lol
who wants to go watch Monday night Raw with me on Monday?
I wish my kid would stop grilling me about the Easter bunny. . I don't have time for imaginary things, I'm trying to wa…
Weren't you guys spose to be on Monday Night Raw Last night?
except for you Bre 😂😂 you fight on Monday Night Raw, you win by Default 😩💀😂
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Listen to Monday Night Raw (FreEP), an album from Nike Nando. Out of nowhere! Nike Nando presents a quickstrike release titled, "Monday Night Raw". The DMV native continues to prove why he is one of the most consistent artists from his area. FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY.
Turning Off the Vacuum Cleaner: Edward Snowden was the first to declare victory. On Monday night, the Obama ad...
Finally getting my undisturbed look at Monday Night Raw. sheesh, I feel so late.
great win lastnight on. Monday night raw
Anyone at Monday night raw tonight, keep an eye out for around the arena!
Watching a Rock vs Cena WWE video and see in the front row on a Monday night Raw show chanting along..
DC101 is giving away tickets to the last Monday Night Raw at the Verizon Center before Wrestlemania. Dammit :/
I liked a video wwe monday night raw intro live from the 02 arena
While watching old Monday Night RAW's, the constant movement of macho mans hands bothers me a lot for some reason.
Looking at the WWE past and present, this business grew DRAMATICALLY over the years, ESPECIALLY Monday Night Raw!
Watching DVR Monday night RAW and no one plays mind games better than the Undertaker.
Monday night raw opening was a bit boring and plus the fans made it even worse. the only man that can save the company is John Cena
Buffalo chicken dip and Monday Night Raw with my love Noah Quick cant have date night out so its date night in :)
If I wasn't going to Monday night Raw at the verizon center that might I would absolutely be there. Break legs to everyone involved.
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Hulk Hogan, the Terminator and Alex Poythress hanging out at Monday Night Raw.
watching the FIRST EVER OF ALL TIME episode of Monday night raw and an era was born
WWE Main Event Update: Christian - WWE Universe suffered a slight concussion on WWE Monday Night Raw in the Fatal 4 Way match. As a result, with him unable to compete against Big E for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. A brand new # 1 contender was made. Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler took place on WWE Main Event. The new # 1 contender is Dolph Ziggler! A backstabber into a Zig-Zag! TONIGHT Big E vs. Dolph Ziggler!
I Had Fun At The Barclay Center Brooklyn NY on WWE Monday Night Raw (last night) i can wait to goo back on october 6, 2014
Monday Night Raw will be LIVE from Washington DC on March 31, 2014 The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar will be there along with alot of different other stars the main event match will be Batista vs Randy Orton in a non-title match i would love to go but money is really tight so maybe another time
watching Monday night RAW w/Arnold, I always thought he was a big guy, but the other dude just dwarfed him. Arnold is definitely showing age. Wow. Long gone days of Terminator ...
Just got done watching WWE monday night raw from last night because i got stuck at work. It was a good one!
Just watched the Monday night Raw from last night, nothing like being there
Watching Monday night raw with Darth-Paul Hepburn and Aaron Landels
The Wyatts are well getting into Cenas head very badly and I do not lyke what they done to Cena on monday night raw that just past last night...hope Cena destroys all Wyatts to get payback on them...I really lyke to show The Wyatts what I am made off...then we will see who is better than who then...
Watching Monday night Raw on DVR with the kids from last night...less than 2 weeks until I take them to Wrestlemania XXX. They can't wait!
Less than 2 weeks to go! No cover charge and some great food and drink specials plus we're raffling off ANOTHER set of floor seats for WWE Monday Night Raw when it returns to The Baltimore Arena in April!
Arnold Schwarzenegger on WWE Monday Night Raw, are you kidding me? MUST WATCH. this if you saw Arnold Schwarzenegger on Monday Night Raw. Arnie got him a cheap shot in last night. Lol
It's so crazy to be at Monday Night Raw live with my brothers
If you don't go to tonight, Kate and I are guest bartending Monday Night Raw on st 8.
A bunch of my friends are going to be going to see Monday Night Raw today. I'm fake shocked lol
Thank you for all the prayers, thoughts, and well wishes. Lilly Kate has so much love and support around her. Looks like we are able to go home today. Just in time for her to watch her first Monday Night Raw with her Dad.
Found out im off now this coming Monday.I wanna go to Monday Night Raw at so bad at the Barclays Center!!!
My brother and I reckon that, would make an excellent General Manager on Monday Night Raw. Make it happen,
These old school Monday Night Raw suck up most of my morning
Reviewing the Review – Monday Night Raw: March 18, 2014 Last night’s show was about driving these shows into the fans’ hearts. The matches are mostly set but now we need a reason to care about what we’re watching. The show did a good job of making you feel what the wrestlers were feeling and that’s hard to do. Let’s get to it. The HHH/Batista/Orton argument to start things off was as good as it was going to be. Batista being acknowledged as a movie star and the No Paparazzi shirt were signs of a character change for him and of things to come. HHH getting so frustrated with both guys that he put himself into the match makes sense and offers some drama to the Bryan vs. HHH match. Yeah it’s obvious that Bryan makes the title match and gets the belt (in theory) but it’s nice to see them adding something to it. There’s nothing wrong with having an obvious ending, but adding some drama isn’t a bad idea. This is the Mike Tyson as guest referee of Wrestlemania XXX. It’s also nice to see some ...
Check out this great wrestling fan's bedroom that looks just like the set of Monday Night Raw:
I'm tempted to bring a giant cardboard cut-out of Rand Paul's head to Monday Night Raw on the 31st.
All the boys in my family going to WWE Monday Night Raw tonight.. Like I wanna go to the Fed Ex Forum to see them wrestle.
[Also today in history: Monday Night Raw had "The Beautiful People" as a theme song]
WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Mar. 10, 2014) from the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee, featuring all the latest build to the WrestleMania 30 pay-per-view (PPV) extravaganza early next month in New Orleans. Advertised for tonight: Hulk Hogan returns to make a "special announcement" for WrestleMania , Undertaker is back to address his match with Brock Lesnar, Daniel Bryan is still trying to get a match against Triple H, and more! Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.
and the BELLA TWINS on Monday Night Raw. You of all people should understand the value of that show and should get how awesome it was.
who can forget the classic 1 on 1 matches HBK had vs John Cena on Monday Night Raw..
Can't wait for Monday again. Rupaul's drag race and Monday Night Raw. Yeah I know my taste in shows lol
In an exclusive interview a misinformed Robin Thicke tells us why he declined to host Monday Night Raw because he thought it was a college ritual dedicated to unprotected sex
Watch Aaron Paul Talk WWE, Need For Speed & More! MTV News UK caught up with the Breaking Bad star backstage at Monday Night Raw in Chicago… 18:05, Thursday, 06 March 2014MTV News Interview: Aaron Paul at WWE RawNeed for Speed star, Aaron Paul, got behind the wheel of a Shelby Mustang this week… and...
I just got home from class and have to wake up at 4 am, but I am compelled to watch WWE Monday Night Raw. Don't get it twisted, I watch because I am a wrestling fan, not because I want to see the crowd crap on the entire roster in the name of CM Punk - WWE Universe (who I AM A FAN OF). I still believe it's a work, and he'll be back soon, if not tonight. Funny thing is, all these fans believe he quit, but now that RAW is in Chicago, these same fans are crying that he better be on the show. Huh?
Monday Night Raw, and then my boy John Ross! This is my favorite TV night! Lauri Taylor ZIP IT!
2 for $20 pizza and a bucket of beer. Men’s Basketball: Notre Dame at North Carolina. Savannah State at North Carolina Central. Xavier at Seton Hall. Kansas State at Oklahoma State. Bruce Weber's Wildcats took down OSU 74-71 in the teams' Big 12 opener on Jan. 4. Freshman Marcus Foster's 17 points led K-State. North Carolina State at Pittsburgh. The Panthers won their ACC debut at N.C. State, 74-62, despite falling behind 17-2. Lamar Patterson (22 points) and the Wolfpack's T.J. Warren (23) led the scoring. Women's Basketball: Connecticut at Louisville Buffalo at Dallas. The Sabres visit Dallas for the first time since 2010, looking to avenge an Oct. 28 home loss to former coach Lindy Ruff and the Stars. Tyler Seguin had a goal and an assist in the 4-3 Dallas win. WWE Monday Night Raw: Brock Lesnar responds to Undertaker's WrestleMania challenge.
Aaron Paul on Monday Night Raw & Tina Fey on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon :)
I am extremely interested in this week's Monday Night Raw. Live from Chicago. Will CM Punk return? Is WWE trying to fix things with him? Was it a work the whole time? There are three ways that I would like to see his return. 1. Raw starts with the traditional crane shot of the arena. The crowd is chanting CM Punk (because they will be no matter what). Cue Cult of Personality. Simple and to the point. Follow it up with Pipe Bomb Special guest star Aaron Paul come to the ring and goes "off-script" by asking the one question that the entire WWE Universe has been wondering: Where is CM Punk? 3. Triple H comes to the ring and announces that he has brought CM Punk back to the WWE, but it came with a caveat: CM Punk must be in the main event at WrestleMania. Thus, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be defended in a triple threat match featuring Randy Orton vs Batista vs CM Punk. Because let's face it, NO ONE wants to see Batista vs Orton. END DUMB INTERNET MARK RANT
Well by now everyone knows that the second confirmed match for Wrestlemania this year is going to be the Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar. Many people will remember the feud does the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar had several years ago which culminated in a *** in a Cell match in which Brock Lesnar with a broken hand defeated the Undertaker . And now almost a decade later, Brock Lesnar challenge the Undertaker for the richest prize in WrestleMania history, the streak. The Undertaker is 21 and over at WrestleMania, hey feat didn't know what the wrestler is even close to matching. There is a lot of hype going up into this match especially after what happened on Monday Night Raw. However, is Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker for the streak at WrestleMania 30 really what's best for business? Let's break it down and look at the match from a forensics point of view. You have the Undertaker , a multi time world champion, a winner of the Royal Rumble and basically one of the most unique characters to ever compete in profess ...
Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins make a special appearance at Fox 8 News to advertise Monday Night Raw
Will always remember June 18th 2001 Monday Night Raw when was unveiled as Undertaker's wife's stalker OMG that crowd pop was mental
Jessie Pinkman on Monday Night Raw next week?? That should be interesting...
Tuned in to Monday Night Raw as I always do, and what do I see ? Ric Flair drunk off his *** Somebody call DDP and beg him to kidnap Flair.
So apparently now Monday Night Raw has a panal like on the Pay Per Views.this one for Raw is Josh Matthews, Booker T and Ric Flair.kay
The first ever Raw Pre-Show on the WWE Network featured Josh Mathews hosting an expert panel of Booker T, Alex Riley and Ric Flair. There was a lot of talk and a “live look-in” from the ongoing WWE Superstars taping in the ring. Kofi Kingston spoke with Jerry Lawler where he put over his victory against Damien Sandow on this week’s WWE Superstars. The following was announced for the Monday Night Raw broadcast: Alberto Del Rio vs. Batista Christian vs. Sheamus Brock Lesnar’s return to Raw was teased, amid “rumors” he was in the building. He’s there and has actually been officially advertised. There was a backstage interview with Renee Young and Brad Maddox that was interrupted by an argument between Christian and Sheamus. Maddox got in-between them and announced the match we detailed above. He told Young that was her scoop. They talked about the Elimination Chamber Match and Ric Flair said the best man walked out. -Chris
Hulk Hogan on Monday Night Raw hyping up the WWE Network and will be the host of Wrestlemania XXX. What happened with him and TNA?
it has been awhile, but since Dave Bautista is back I guess I'll watch Monday Night Raw tonight
Don't miss Monday Night Raw. Returns of Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Hart, Ric Flair, Brock Lesner & Undertaker.Wyatts vs. Shield, though most likely in 3 singles matches.rumored that Usos will beat the Middle Age Outlaws for the tag team belts.and just breaking, a heel turn by Batista. This show is going to be loaded...and I didn't even mention Daniel Bryan & John Cena.
So tonight on Monday Night Raw, The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Rick Flair, Jimmy Hart, and Shawn Micheals will a be on. Reminds me of how great the WWF in the 90s really was.
WWE Monday Night Raw is going to be awesome tonight and historic epic fantastic show I can't wait to watch Raw at 8 PM on the USA Network today is the day that the WWE (world wrestling entertainment) network launched today you can subscribes right now, there is a one week 7 days free tryout Hogan has arrived like an hour ago just a few minutes ago Whatyagonna do brother when hulkamania run wild on you and the "mouth of the south" Jimmy Hart. Undertaker is returning to tonight as well to begin a program with Brock Lesnar who is at tonight's show and many others legends will be return plus the nature boy Ric Flair wooo. Hulk Hogan is back home where hulkamnia was born in 1984 when he first beat the iron sheik for the WWF title.
Hulk Hogan has arrived at the arena that Monday Night Raw is at tonight - With Jimmy Hart!
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