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Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football (MNF) is a live broadcast of the National Football League on ESPN.

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Some of Hank Williams, Jr.’s rowdy friends have been tapped for the open for Monday Night Football.
We can't wait for Monday Night Football to return! But you can get your Monday night wing fix now! Get your 1/2...
‘We’ve got a Muslim for a president who hates cowboys’ - The Guy the NFL just brought back for Monday Night Football
I watched the frogs about a zillion times watching Monday night football with my dad
Hank Williams Jr. returning to "Monday Night Football" 6 years after ESPN dropped him over President Obama comments. ht…
Embarrassing a female would bring this aback. Good time to quit NFL - Bolts, Raiders, HWJ. via
When Hank Williams Jr, was fired from Monday Night Football the leftwing outrage bar was a bit lower.
Country legend coming back to weekly NFL icon
ESPN: "Hank Jr is back on Monday Night Football...". Me: "HEL YEAH!". ESPN: "...and bringing Florida-Georgia Line wi…
MASSLIVE: Hank Williams Jr. returning to 'Monday Night Football' on ESPN, 6 years after Ob... -
ESPN bringing Hank Williams Jr. back to Monday Night Football via
ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!?. After six years, Hank Williams' famous intro song is back on Monday night.
Controversial Hank Williams Jr. brought back to sing Monday Night Football theme
Hank Williams Jr. to return to 'Monday Night Football' via the Android app
eat this up. Hank Jr returns to Monday night football Get ready…
ESPN tried to lull you with all this Kendrick Lamar in the playoffs to sneak Hank Williams back into Monday Night Football.
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Hank Williams Jr. and his rowdy friends set to return to Monday Night Football
ESPN is bringing Hank Williams Jr back for 'Monday Night Football,' 6 years after firing him for - Business Insider
ESPN to bring back Hank Williams, Jr. to sing Monday Night Football intro.
Hank Williams Jr. and his theme song are returning to Monday Night Football
Are y'all ready for some football?. Hank Williams Jr. returns to ESPN's Monday Night Football. https:/…
Hank Williams Jr. aka returns to and Monday Night Football
Another historic first: will be calling play-by-play for Monday Night Football in Week 1.
ESPN to have first woman announce Monday Night Football game, per report
Monday Night Football premiered September 21, 1970 on ABC with announcers Howard Cossell, Don Meredith and Keith Jackson.
I never liked watching Trent Dilfer on Monday Night Football let alone Sunday NFL Countdown but *** it's sad to see him laid off
If Adrian Peterson signs with the Saints, he would face his former team on Monday Night Football in Week 1.
Monday Night Football to debut on Sept. 11 with Saints-Vikings via
open up the season on primetime. Monday Night Football. Just as it should be. Let the countdown begin!
Saints at Vikings. Monday Night Football. Week 1. Let the countdown begin!!
Frank Lampard named his Premier League team of the season on Monday Night Football. See who he chose here:…
Last time lost three straight games, Zach Mettenberger threw for 2 TDs on Monday Night Football and nearly bea…
I liked a video from 1992...Monday Night Football...Dallas Cowboys (23) vs Washington
PSA: . Monday Night POTUS, . MNP will be replacing Monday Night Football immediately. . POTUS will also stand for National Athem.
Jamie can't make Monday night football on the 30th
Monday night football is sober McDonalds... shame meets regret
Remember when got fired from Monday Night Football for comparing the president to Hitler? Now that's ok, I guess.
I enjoyed Monday Night Football but the aftermath was not worth it. I'm not goin to a night game
. Your fault for making appear on Monday night football. Now everyone know how to defend against us.
Really Cogeco? I pay $45 a month just in cable alone and no Blue Jays playoff games or Monday Night Footb…
Monday Night Football is here with Saints-Falcons, 10 years after reopening of Superdome following Katrina. WATCH: https…
New 'Monday Night Football' in Get off the sofa and enjoy a kickabout with your mates! E-Mail nick.emery
The funniest thing to me will always be that ESPN had someone do next-day annotations of Dennis Miller's references on Monday Night Football
The over on Sunday & Monday night football moves to 6-2 so far this year. The NFL wants points and they're seeing them on…
Struck a nerve with my work mates for suggesting that the only thing Hank Jr ever did worth listening to was the monday night football theme
I added a video to a playlist MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL COWBOYS LIONS
This refereeing is so bad you'd think this is a Monday night football game in Seattle
haven't watched Monday night football in years and had no idea your fake Jon Gruden was so good
we are nation no matter if they win or lose! I was born during their game on Monday night fo…
Bengals-Giants Monday Night Football: How to watch, stream, time, channel, odds, picks
Perfect Weather for a perfect game. Too bad it is Monday Night Football fools!
Old friends and Monday night football
Football games! And he's going to have me sing karaoke Thursday and Monday night plus at church
Monday Night Football. That was everything to me because you get a chance to show everybody what youre capable of. Its only
all good, it'll sound just right when he's introduced on Monday Night Football the first time
..should put Hank Willams Jr back on Monday Night Football. Lib's compared Prez Trump with Hitler.
How to watch, live stream Bengals vs. Giants: Time, channel, odds, predictions
Julio Jones and the Monday Night Football matchup inflicted tremendous pain on fantasy owners. Even felt the pain…
I can't decide if I like Monday Night Football more on Saturday's or Monday's
Welcome to Monday Night Football, live from the StubHub Center its the LA Chargers where only one row of fans can f…
Championship game currently feels like a so so Monday Night Football game. That's not good
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Still the greatest comeback of all time is the Bears at Cardinals on Monday night football
We're headed to Mexico City for the first Monday Night Football game played outside the U.S. vs https…
Monday night football : best episode of all time ...
Monday Night Football against Japan watching ball out. What a blessing. So proud!Keep it up thank yo…
Anyone else remember when Monday Night Football was cool and watchable? *sigh*
Monday Night Football in a way that it wouldn't be clear watching The Bachelor.
Bills vs Cowboys Monday Night in 07' The stadium was shaking and it was more of a riot than a Football game. It was…
If you missed my article on why Monday Night Football is no better or worse than here you go!…
Cool old banner. Hung in the broadcast booth during a Monday Night Football game in 1975 ⚾️
Crown Church Monday Night Football is returning. Express your interest here...
Reminder College Info/Recruiting night is Monday January 30 at 6:00 pm. Be there!!
Ready to watch Monday night football
Mike Tirico finally responds to allegations that he sabotaged Tony Kornheiser's chances of success in the MNF…
Mike and Mike show with Monday night football Analyst Jon Gruden.
Mike Tirico explains why he and Tony Kornheiser never jelled in the "Monday Night Football" booth
"It just was really hard." Mike Tirico on why he and Tony Kornheiser washed out at https:/…
ESPN has the worst collection of broadcasters: Sunday Night Baseball, Monday Night Football, Whoever is announcing this championship game
Watching Matthew Stafford's sneaky touchdown against Dallas is a great way to get ready for Monday Night Football.
Another homecoming to DFW for Matthew Stafford. This time on Monday Night Football.
Who's ready for some Monday Night Football on
.will be sporting the for Monday Night Football on https:/…
Kevin Durant lost bet to Stephen Curry over Monday Night Football - The Mercury News
For MANY yrs Monday Night Football was produced as prime-time entertainment. Now it’s just like a regular Sunday game…but at nighttime.
In a production meeting with Monday Night Football announcers on Sunday night, before being placed on the...
Jamie Carragher on Monday Night Football: "I'd love to be playing tonight and kick an Everton player up in the air. I'…
just stick to Monday Night Football, forget all this Mersey Monday, Henman Hill, Murry mountain bull. It's so British.
Chris Collinsworth jus' singing in the Thursday Night Football booth ala "Dandy" Don Meredith on Monday Night Football. You go, Chris
Monday Night Football: is singing The National Anthem at the vs game in his INDOCHINO fin…
So proud to see Dartmouth engineering's MVP tackle dummy ad during Monday Night Football just now. Big Green making a difference for NFL!
Boomer Esiason looks like he belongs in a Noir film right now, not on Monday Night Football
Dwayne Allen is the first player with 3 receiving TD in the first half on Monday Night Football since Jerry Rice in Week 1…
.got his first NFL touchdown on Monday Night Football! .
Monday Night Football from 7. makes his bow plus we're joined live at the by top ref Mark Clattenburg.
Capped off with a win, we had a memorable time in Mexico City. Check out the best shots from Monday Night Football:
Monday Night Football. Thursday Night Football. Friday Night Lights. Saturday college football. NFL Sunday. Best time of the ye…
Raiders take on the Texans in Mexico City for the 1st time since 2005. Catch the Monday Night Football action here: http…
Monday Night Football is in Mexico City? I wonder if either team worked out at the newly-built Globo Gym there.
Monday Night Football in Mexico. Wow. This is like bringing McDonald's into a Taco Bell and having a party, man. This is g…
I've been behind football due to my depressionas of late but why is today's Monday Night Football being played in Mexico City?
Vendors at tonight's Monday Night Football game in Mexico City are selling Ramen for $1.47 each
The NFL is in Mexico City for Monday Night Football. That means a bunch of new citizens in 9 months with no baby daddys
Tommie Smith to light torch on Monday Night Football in Mexico City via
Monday Night Football. West Brom vs Burnley 8pm. And dont miss out on all the live Champions League Fixtures this...
Happy Looking for inspiration for Monday Night Football recipes? Look no further!
Raiders-Texans. Monday Night Football. Who are the experts predicting to win Game Picks:
Next one's a special one. . Join us for Monday Night Football:
Boston Marathon fundraisers have begun! Support runner James at his Monday Night Football event 12/12
Hmmm, being played on Monday Night Football (Pretty cool.
I am sitting on my couch watching Monday night football and then out of nowhere I get this awful thought Minecraft
Tfw u watching Monday night raw AND Monday night football at the same time...
Are you ready to skip some football!!! Monday night football fail.
Andy Dalton throws an INT. Eli Manning throws an INT the following play. MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!
Excited to see the ad during Monday Night Football.
cooling watching Monday night football... Miami in 2 weeks though
austink: Back to back ESPN Monday Night Football: Bengals at Giants
Finally got to catch a Monday night football game in my room, wrapped in my blankets 😎
sonofthebronx: Landon Collins for the Giants INT ESPN Monday Night Football: Bengals at Gia…
How insane is it to see Alex Erickson making plays on Monday Night Football? Stud
Wow just heard on Monday night football, awesome!
There are former UGA players all over this Monday Night Football game tonight.
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from the suite for Monday Night Football Giants vs Bengals.…
Nothing more classic than watching Eli manning and Andy dalton exchange interceptions on Monday night football
Odell celebrated this touchdown by dancing to Thriller. It was awesome:
Bengals LB coach Jim Haslett got caught picking his nose in the coaches booth
umm did my ears deceive me? They just played you on Monday night football!? Lol 😝 all the masses indoctrinated!
getting some airplay tonight on Monday Night Football 🏈
Monday Night Football has a 'you got mossed' segment by Randy Moss and that's the greatest thing I've ever seen.
They just used on the Monday Night Football broadcast. Satan works in mysterious ways.🤘 😈🤘
*** Did I just hear on Monday Night Football? This world is getting weirder every day. 👻😈🤘🏻
It warms my black heart to hear Monday Night Football playing tonight.
If 2016 isn't odd enough, I just heard on Monday Night Football.
Video: prepare for the Raiders and traveling to Mexico City for Monday Night Football. https:…
You’re not safe in the booth, Jim Haslett. WE SEE YOU PICKING YOUR NOSE!
Monday Night Football playing a little Ghost before the commercial break 🤘🏻
Monday night football playing some GHOST to break. Conveniently cut out the devil references though.
Since Monday Night Raw has went off air, Im turning the channel to the Bengals-Giants football game on
I trust fans are abstaining from enjoying this Monday Night Football contest. For geographical reasons, of course.…
Brianna just tried telling me teen mom is on, on Monday nights, no no no babe Monday night football is on, on Monday nights 🇺🇸
Wwhhoooa whaaat? Monday Night Football just played Square Hammer by going to commercial!
Odell Beckham Jr. and Jeremy Hill face off tonight on Monday Night Football. Look back to when they were Tigers together at L…
They're playing GHOST ON MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!!!. Satan has officially gone mainstream.
Both Dre Kirkpatrick and Landon Collins have interceptions on Monday Night Football.
No way they just played before a commercial on Monday night football!!
man .paak is finally getting the recognition he deserves.. He's on google commercials, Monday night football, love it.
Tonight marks the final Monday Night Football game before the U.S. goes into "Purge Mode" after tomorrow's election.
What's it like to prepare for Monday Night Football?. Lorenzo Alexander shared his game-week diary with us:
Nothing goes together better than Monday night football and a few Busch Lights.
Why are the Chicago Bears playing in a Monday night football game. I'm salty. Jay . Cutler.really?
I lost in both of my fantasy leagues on this Monday night game. Thank you for forgetting how to play football.
They were just playing Square Hammer by Ghost going into the break on Monday Night Football!
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One thing I've learned from watching Monday Night Football tonight: Dallas is far and away the most complete team in the NFC right now.
Lol. If it wasn't for Jon Gruden Monday night football wouldn't be good... He's just the best
oh they just play "Square Hammers" going to commercial on Monday Night Football!! awesome song and awesome band
Come on Minnesota Vikings (Sam Bradford) You can do this on Monday Night Football. Come on Sammy!
I'm glad I don't have a kid. They have would had to go trick or treating alone. I ain't missing Monday Night Football for you
I can't tell if this monday night football game is good or bad quality football. Given that I can't tell: bad.
The Vikings organization tried to black out Monday Night Football in Eastern Iowa. Actually, it might be...
Monday Night Football just played Ghost. That is awesome.
One benefit is wackass Monday Night Football games don't take up the whole night!
Monday Night Football has played Marilyn Manson and Ghost tonight. Pretty good...
Lots of mentions for Vic Fangio, 1980 ESU graduate & defensive coordinator of Chicago Bears, in 1st half of Monday Night F…
This Monday night football game is just spectacular and I can't believe the score.
Akiem Hicks and the U of R getting some love on Monday Night Football. Sean McDonough even pronounced it correctly! (Reg…
I miss moss... Can we get someone to the Monday night football set and sign him?
This is my first NFL game. Enjoying this Monday night football with my brothers. Let's go Bears.
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Just enjoying some Monday night football on this quality picture.
Monday Night Football lets me know that power rankings mean nothing.
Thank god for Monday night football!!
I won this at Brewers while watching Monday Night Football. I guess you put a can in it and throw it at someone!
Monday night football at Casa de Brose
After Monday Night Football, is going in on Nelson Agholor. Listen live:
Going from nightly playoff baseball to Monday Night Football is like going from dating the homecoming queen to Lennay Ke…
When your only watching the Monday night game cause of Fantasy Football reasons
Monday Night Football shows why I don't bet money on these games. Smh
I'm really watching a dude I was in class with in high school on Monday night football, wild
Monday off of my night class and football?¿ I cook.
getting a shout out on Monday Night Football for the U of R. Can't also forget former Rider and Bear…
Vikings vs. Bears live scores, highlights, and updates from 'Monday Night Football'
.ad on during Monday Night Football. Talks about fixing "the MNsure disaster".
why can't we watch Monday Night Football on on our IPhones??? Don't be greedy!! 😡
It's time for with Patrick Meagher! will check in from Monday Night Football, drops by & more!
omg YOU should do commentary for Monday Night Football
gaucho_guy: What a of DAAA ESPN Monday Night Football: Vikings at …
Coach Mike Kohl will be featured on NFL Live before the Monday Night Football game! Chicago Bears picked Mike as... ht…
Well still up, but got a proper reason, Chicago Bears are playing the Vikings, on Monday night football, and there playing bloody brilliant👍
Illinois-native Laquon Treadwell showing his love for the Cubs with these cleats for Monday Night Football. (via
Appropriate that Halloween is on a Monday, because Monday Night Football. You're a *** liar if you don't admit Jon Gruden is Chucky-esque.
You think you know how this one will play out ... but think again. . asks you to open your mind ahead of Monday Night…
That face you make when you are getting ready for Monday Night Football!
showed up on Monday night football dressed as the Minnesota Vikings for Halloween.
I keep losing cause of Monday night football
Who caught that that comment on Monday Night Football?.
gaucho_guy: what a great play here on ESPN Monday Night Football:… ht…
Watching Monday night football and remembering the Eagles shredded both of these teams.Oh Happy Times
Omg! My buddy Chris Kirby Game Calls got a shoutout from JIm Kelly on Monday Night Football!
Beautiful night for some Monday Night Football with my pops! @ Sports Authority Field at Mile High
Monday Night Football has already been the best football of the week with that shot of skiing and the golden retriever
How many out there remember Jack Lambert on Monday Night Football saying he was from Buzzards Breath Wyoming?
You bet your ascot, is looking like the black Thurston Howell III on Monday Night Football with
Wow! David Johnson just scored his 3rd touchdown tonight. AZ Cardinals. crushing the NY Jets on Monday Night Football.
Monday Night Football. The Arizona Cardinals are playing, after all. 😁🏈
NFL scores 2016: Jets and Cardinals close out Week 6 on 'Monday Night Football' - SB Nation
Monday Night Football at Nooks $4 Personal Bud Light Pitchers and Social Hour starting at 9pm.
Henderson v Pogba: Who will come out on top? We check the stats for Monday Night Football's key battle
Sports expert Paul Porter will join us at 5:05 PM to talk about the season opener and the big Monday Night Football win!
Giggs to join Carragher and Neville on Monday Night Football.
Ryan Giggs to join Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville on Monday Night Football as show...
Ryan Giggs to join Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher on Monday Night Football for Liverpool-United clash
Ryan Giggs to join Neville and Carragher on Monday Night Football special.
I'm back to watching NFL Football: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers on the DVR. Monday Night Football on ESPN
Shout Out 2 ROGER LEWIS Monday Night Football debut 4 the Giants-even though I am a EAGLES MAN all day-everyday he still my boy
How did tens of millions learn of John Lennon's death? Via Howard Cosell on Monday Night Football. Watch:
I've never worked a Monday Night Football game before - sitting in the retro Howard Cosell…
The first had higher in than a and Monday Night Football game
ATTENTION: Monday Night Football special is going on all day today. Get 2 Plain Pies for $22, plus FREE delivery anywhere in Ocean City.
Got Thursday Night Football, Monday Night Football and then Sunday Night Football. Probably didn't expect us to be 2-3 at best...
Come watch Monday Night Football with us at DIVE! Enjoy our special football menu Sunday and Monday!
CudaNation time for some Monday Night Football tonight @ 6 pm at the sports complex. Homecoming coronation @ 5:40
Monday Night Football! Join New York Giants and New York Jets current and former players on Monday, November 7th...
If Trump or Hillary really cared about America they never would have agreed to a debate in the middle of a Monday Night Football game.
Monday Night Football in Sedona, AZ. Join us for Monday Night Football!. Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints . $3...
"Trust the process.". Coach Pederson addresses the after the Monday Night Football win.
Daily News Archives: Joe Namath, lose first ever Monday Night Football game in 1970
Winning your fantasy football matchup on the Monday Night matchup
Images: Chicago Bears fall to the Philadelphia Eagles, 29-14 on Monday Night Football - Chicago Daily Herald
'Monday Night Football' stage not too big for Eagles rookie QB Carson Wentz
Monday Night Football is right on par with THursday night football.. "We just gonna throw any ole two teams on and yall will wa…
Sorry, except for Berman, this is the worst crew ever for Monday Night football. Man its Bad..
1,575 at tonight for the visit of the mighty . On a Monday night, in the 7th tier of Englis…
It's a new football season, but Jon Gruden is still doing weird things on 'Monday Night Football' - SB Nation
Imma go watch the Jets get slaughtered on Monday night football on the 17th . imma get arrested watch
ESPN played an song into a commercial break during Monday night football? There's still hope for this world m…
Tune in tonight to Monday night Football countdown on ESPN and see a special piece on…
My Champion made its worldwide broadcast debut on tonight's Monday Night Football!
Adam: "Is monday night football on tonight?". Luke: "Dude it's 2 in the morning"
put that on during Monday night football. The whole 90 seconds.
4 - Since 2013 the have won four of their last five appearances on Monday Night Football. Nightowls.
Let's see if Gruden's coaching methods pay off for Carson Wentz tonight on Monday Night Football.
have the most wins on Monday Night Football since 2001 (19-11 in that span).
Rookies QB Carson Wentz comes through again as beat on Monday Night Football:
I know, but it's the only time the Bears are on Monday Night Football this season. I'm regretting it now though.
Watched all of Monday Night Football and didn't see Rich Swann once.
Things Seattleites take for granted: unwinding after work drinking good beer at a microbrewery who streams Monday night football. 🍻🏈
A lot of love for the Bison on Monday Night Football.
Monday Night Football with the fellas from work.
you didn't show a single TD in your "highlights" of the Monday Night football game... What a letdown
Well so much for Jay Cutler and his Monday Night football dominance...
So the Bears are brutal...but at least we were on TV for Monday Night Football 🙃
Cody Whitehair (Abilene/KSU) looking very comfortable as the Rookie starting center for the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football.
Monday Night Football or one of the networks missed by not hiring Switzer to do the analyst job. Would be gold!
Prepping for the Bears' Monday Night Football game on Coverage starts Monday at 630p.
This is the worst Monday Night Football game since the Josh Freeman disaster.
Very cool of Monday Night Football to put the spotlight on Alejandro Villanueva. Proud to have coached at West Point w…
I'd like to see that video. meets Monday Night Football. People are just ridiculous.
It's come to this. I am officially watching Monday Night Football with no sound. Cosell is turning in his grave.
Wait, why does the NFL still have to Monday Night Football games on in Week 1?
Officially football season because my boys are playing!! 💛❤️💛 gotta love some Monday night football!
Oh look.the Rams are on Monday Night Football
sweet eventual dreams after your Monday Night football.
Screw west coast Monday night football games. They start too *** late and I have to get up early for work tomorrow. It ***
I've never laughed harder than I have watching Antonio Brown twerk in slow motion on Monday Night Football
No Monday night football for & his dad tonight because there's only 57 days til Election Day!
are now 2-15 all-time at FedEx Field on Monday Night Football. Staggering.
So glad Monday night football is back
This sure beats football on Monday night! http…
It's Monday Night Football, and Colin Kaepernick is still a giant *** bag.
Monday night football in Fosters lobby 🤔BET
At Monday Night Football game w my boys Rickty and Great stadium
Anybody else have ? I'm getting signal loss all the time... Currently missing Monday night football!
A lot of waving on Monday Night Football. 👍
The 49ers don't deserve Monday night football opportunity! Brave men and women die every year for that fool to live.
Commercial for on Monday Night Football! You made it fam
Colin Kaepernick to continue his protest tonight on biggest stage yet
I missed I thought it came on tonight at 8 PM. Monday Night Football is on that time. It started at 5 PM.
Had to come support my people at the NEW GRAFFITI Monday Night Football open now…
Monday Night Football shines spotlight on national anthem protests
My husband actually turned off Monday night football after he saw some of the protest antics during the national anthem sayi…
Kevin Durant receives some boos by D.C. fans at Monday Night Football game I guess him not…
Turned on Monday night football. Turned OFF Monday night football. It's really a slap in the face to men and women who d…
What to watch for on 'Monday Night Football' -
How many of you switched over to Monday Night Football? Crowd is mesmerized at how bad this show is
Monday night football is one of the best inventions in our life time
Time for some Monday night football!
I forgot how much I missed football. But I also forgot how painful it is to lose a fantasy matchup on Monday night :/
Colin Kaepernick is right, this country needs change. What did we do to deserve Blaine Gabbert vs. Case Keenum on Monday Nig…
Oh my, San Francisco didn't sell out their season opener on Monday Night Football.
Not one but two Monday night football games tonight. That's like going from a regular Oreo to a double stuf Oreo, man. It'…
When you're in the middle of Monday Night Football but you suddenly hear CASH MONEY TAKIN' OVA FO' THE 99 & THE 2000 https…
Did you see Time To Assemble TV spot on Monday Night Football? Check it out here!
During Monday night football in this home sleep doesn't exist
2 foot bong, some dank weed, and Monday night football👌
Jay Gruden makes me miss John Madden on Monday Night Football
I took tomorrow off to watch it. 'Monday Night Football' is a challenge if it's actually 3.30am Tuesday.
The night before Dennis Miller was making Congressman Gary Condit jokes on Monday Night Football. I just thought it was going to be another
Ahead of Monday Night Football, Jamie Carragher recalls the time he and Chris Kamara pranked Gary Neville.
Thomas hypes Chris Brown more than John Gruden hypes the QB of whoever is the home team on Monday Night Football. Breezy aint all that. Srry
Maybe he wants to debate on October 3, Islamic New Year? Oh wait, it's a Monday, so there's Monday Night Football.
The voice of Monday Night Football, Sean McDonough stops by next!
Look who joined our new Monday Night Football pairing of Sean McDonough and Jon Gruden...
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