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Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa (La Gioconda or La Joconde, or Portrait of Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco del Giocondo) is a half-length portrait of a woman by the Italian artist Leonardo Da Vinci, which has been acclaimed as the best known, the most visited, the most written about, the most sung about, the most parodied work of art in the world.

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Bartlesville swimming will be home Tuesday. The Bruins and Lady Bruins are a work in progress -- like the Mona Lisa or any great work of art
This girl in my dm talking about she wants to buy me lunch, I just bought myself da Vinci's Mona Lisa
the Mona Lisa smile is intoxicating
That Famous Smile We don't know if Mona Lisa smiles,we smile who have Jesus Christ's Holy Spirit. . Experience smiles
Also that, because he also came up with an almost undetectable Mona Lisa smile, just once.
What was the technology that brought this smile to the Mona Lisa?
Magic of Mona Lisa smile is timeless ..
Really, really like your Mona Lisa smile>WHY DID YOU HIDE IT? Smile is heart&sense of humor. U R rainbow gem-not B&W>SMILE🤩
And, what a lovely smile it is. I think it's Mona Lisa.🤗😊🎨
Still its nice. Especially when its done by you kid.. Its as good as Mona Lisa to a mo…
Wednesday’s lunch shenanigans: Pin the Smile on the Mona Lisa
That painting should be in the back hall of the Louvre next to the Mona Lisa.
If I was Da Vinci . You'd be Mona Lisa. I'd paint a smile perfectly on you
That's, like, a Mona Lisa smile tho
That black booty is more beautiful and perfect than Mona Lisa smile, no man on earth could create such a marvel, only Mot…
You’re my Mona Lisa with a smile that guys would kill for. You are a hot prize sign and I ain’t afraid to spend more.
Hamilton Collection
You are so correct! That"s EXACTLY what his smile is like. Mona Lisa
"He had a sort of Mona Lisa smile. You could never tell what he was thinking or feeling. If you…
3 truths: Mona Lisa had a crooked smile, only Thor can lift Mjölnir, and the don’t win in Winnipeg.
I swear she prettier than Mona Lisa it was something bout her style, gorgeous smile and amazing features 😍
OH, and Jean-Ralphio and Mona Lisa on Parks and Rec.
A Mona Lisa smile. No, that's just me questioning everything.
"Like the Mona Lisa's smile the meaning of "The Ballad of Mona Lisa" is mysterious". POHA
Remember when people said Jean Ralphio and Mona Lisa were Nancy and Steve’s kids KDKSKSKS I hate the internet
.Why is it called the male Mona Lisa?. Wintermute: It’s painted around the time of Mona Lisa...there’s an enigm…
I added a video to a playlist Gregory Porter - Mona Lisa - Later 25 live at the Royal Albert Hall
The potential Osweiler switch made me think of this: headline writing is an art form, and this is the Mona Lisa.
The world-famous 'Mona Lisa' could have originated from this nude drawing
Winnie Harlow as Mona Lisa and Halima Aden as the Girl with a pearl Earring. Beautiful
Jay-Z and the most recognizable piece of art in the world. . I guess Mona Lisa regular *** is back there too.
Dead Sara - Mona Lisa Is playing now on Deadicated Radio Check us out!
Little Giant Ladders
If da Vinci had drunk water from a plastic bottle when painting the Mona Lisa, that bottle would not have fully dec…
Mona Lisa Smile... there isn't a movie more perfect😍
“Since Mona Lisa sat down and told Leonardo DaVinci that she was in a slightly odd mood…”- black adder
Tomorrows video is my best video ever. It's my Mona Lisa. My masterpiece. It may or may not be me trying the worlds strong…
You could've painted the Mona Lisa and you'd still say it was bad
This looks like that vine where the lady is like " I look like Mona Lisa look"
remember when Mona Lisa matt was my fave then everybody was like u look like Mona Lisa matt now I can’t look at it the same
Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa, men have named you.
imagine this exact thing but w the Mona Lisa instead
What's REALLY behind that smile... & in the new
If U went to mechanic & saw Mona Lisa Vito under the hood of your car you'd be surprised…
Great teamwork find the Mona Lisa and escaping the Antique Room! @ EscapeSF - Real…
Leslie is a worse person than Mona Lisa. That movie store deserved to fail.
The Science Behind Mona Lisa’s Smile. Shared from my Google feed
Facial features blank like the mona lisa..
Closeup of a pork tapeworm. You can see the nude Mona Lisa in its eye .
BRUH. Why Mona Lisa got no eyelashes or eyebrows?? 🤔
This is way better than the Mona Lisa
Deadstar is the musical equivalent of the Mona Lisa
Oh well. It just a general question and believe me someone actually amswered Leonardo Di Caprio drew M…
Self portrait based off the Mona Lisa lol
You will be surprised by how Leonardo made her smile.
Here’s how Leonardo Da Vinci brought the Mona Lisa to life, via
Artists: Name one smile more iconic than Mona Lisa's. Me:
-Mona Lisa-. 50,000 more copies were ordered to supply demand. Topped charts, even in Germany and Bulgaria, staying for…
Love this! A Scouse scallywag sneaked this brilliant Mona Lisa interpretation into Liverpool's Walker Art Gallery & put it on display! :-)
Does art not make a statement about the artist? We must ask ourselves why she chosen the Mona Lisa as her centerpiece.
Did you know? Leonardo Da Vinci spent 12 yrs painting the Mona Lisa's lips.
*** I forgot what Mona Lisa sounded like. Had to go listen to it real quick hshdbdbdnnf
Can’t wait for Nicki to add Mona Lisa to Tidal so I can organize it the way it should be.
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Experts believe Leonardo Da Vinci drew nude Mona Lisa. (I'll share this story instead of a Hef tribute.)
I liked him more than the Mona Lisa
How many layers of paint does the Mona Lisa have?. Video:
Witcho "Dayum look I look like Mona Lisa right now" face ***
Idk I think John Ralphio and Mona Lisa might actually be two of my favorite people on Parks and Rec
Catch me, wamables, Murda murda, put you in a room, Mona I forgetting anything y'all
Another expert believe Mona Lisa is really a blonde
Last day in Paris😪. Got a date with the Mona Lisa, going inside the Notre Dame cathedral, and eating 153 crepes!. Tomorrow's v…
Beautiful Mona Lisa is a sweet lil' pocket pittie. A generous sponsor has covered her adoption, so she's ready to go home!…
put you in a room, catch me, mona lisa shanghai on spotify AND NM4
You no you don't need makeup with your Natural Beauty! That would be like spraying Krylon on the Mona Lisa!
The Mona Lisa has been replaced. Leonardo Da Vinci is shaking.
Hey folks who are doing inktober remember some days are gonna be harder then others. You don't have to draw the Mona Lisa e…
I cant wait to stream Mona Lisa on this Hifi 😍
BBC News - 'Mona Lisa nude sketch' found in France
Let’s organize a streaming party for Mona Lisa. Bring your own bottle, condoms, and bud.
I'm late to the party, but Catch Me, Roman In Moscow, Wamables, PYIAR, Mona Lisa... All of em girl *** you did…
Put You In a Room, Catch Me, Mona Lisa, Wamables. I’ll be satisfied!
'Mona Lisa nude sketch' found in France
Tonight Martin Kemp (of brings us his radical interpretation of the Mona Lisa's enigmatic smile…
The gist of my firm conviction May was a dead PM walking from day 1 was that Brexit is like the Mona Lisa:
Event 3 October, 6:30pm: Martin Kemp discusses the suppositions and myths around the Mona Lisa
Martin Kemp explains what he finds so remarkable about the Mona Lisa 🎨
We want to thank you Martin Kemp for his amazing presentation on the Mona Lisa this evening 🎨
Martin Kemp's thoughts on Mona Lisa: "She gets everywhere and so does Leonardo"
Event 4 October, 6:45pm: Martin Kemp on Leonardo Da Vinci and the real Mona Lisa
Louis would be Leonardo Da Vinci's next Mona Lisa, he's an actual walking piece of art
New Season, new you! Start fresh like the leaves by spring time you will bloom ☺️Love you my Mona Lisa que dar pura Risa's
Da Vinci painted one Mona Lisa. . Beethoven composed one Fifth Symphony. . And God made one version of you. ~
got excited about Mona Lisa and then thought about the Da Vinci Code. Then I read it's l…
Today's BotD is novel Mona Lisa's Secret. A and bo…
A little Indiana Jones and Da Vinci? I have visions of Indy with the Mona Lisa pic running from a huge ball! LOL
Popular on 500px : You and the Mona Lisa by Frank_Verbreyt
When you realize the statue of Mona Lisa looks like Keith Urban
Old image of a densely-packed the world's largest and most visited museum & also home to the Mona Lisa h…
We really need to take more time to honor the pinnacles of Western art like Michelangelo's David, the Mona Lisa, and the Pi…
Forget it. This song is devastating. "I have seen the David / Seen the Mona Lisa too / I have heard…
Mona Lisa in Pop Art - Limited editions from well known artist Tanja Playner
When I grow up by John Goode. Wild Summer by Suki Fleet. Dear Mona Lisa by Al Stewart. The Layover by Roe ***
Shout out to the drunk ladies on Mona Lisa's stoop for thinking I'm still rad, even though Im not a *** like they first…
Smh I was way too young to have a krush on Mona Lisa.and Adina howard...and lil kim.yo yo etc
artworks Mona Lisa" from Tanja Playner was most viewst image of Artexpo 2015 on flickr
4- .. to the Mona Lisa, the Parthenon, and even René Descartes. The red, white and blue colors have always represented the American flag.
Renaissance vibes 🌿 I did this while watching an Andrew Graham-Dixon documentary about the Mona Lisa (which was gr……
Who owns the Mona Lisa? Mona Lisa, or La Gioconda, is a 16th-century oil painting on poplar wood by Leonardo (cont)
Thierry Henry: "Do I think Messi will ever be replaced at Barça? Do you think the Mona Lisa will ever be replaced at the…
We humans created the value of Mona Lisa. If the value of our creation is higher than ou…
LEGO "Mona Lisa" at The Art of the Brick exhibit in Tampa, set to open at 10.
Naw, dawg. TB never belonged in the Black & Blue. Like a mustache on Mona Lisa. Cheryl Tiegs in a g…
J.R.R Tolkien and C.S. Lewis went to see the Mona Lisa.
Just realized the Mona Lisa looks just like Donald Trump Jr I am literally shaking
Our mission to France was very educational! We learned about Bastille Day in France, the Mona Lisa and we made stained glass art projects!
I love Jenny Slate. She's great in Obvious Child and also as Mona Lisa in Parks and Recreation.
Everywhere you go in the Bayon Temple at Angkor, Mona Lisa-like smiles look down upon you.
Visit the "Mona Lisa of South-east Asia" at the Bayon Temple, centered in the ancient city of Angkor Thom.
Martin Kemp's book sheds new light on the Mona Lisa
Prof. Martin Kemp here to talk Leonardo, Mona Lisa and 15th Tuscan tax returns now
Tonight: cutting through the mythology surrounding the Mona Lisa with Martin Kemp
is that the Mona Lisa behind you? acquired by King Francis I, grandfather to Charles
After Leonardo Da Vinci's death, King Francis I of France hung the Mona Lisa in his bathroom
Louis Vuitton reveals collab with - and the Mona Lisa gets its own handbag
Nach Baliye 8: Bigg Boss 10 contestant Mona Lisa and Vikrant Rajput ELIMINATED! Nach Baliye 8 is going strong in …
Bigg Boss 10: Manoj Manu Punjabi’s gesture for Mona Lisa will clear everything about their special bond
Mona Lisa should be replaced by Adele, this is what we call ART !
In 1911 French poet Guillaume Apollinaire was arrested and jailed on suspicion of stealing Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa from the…
Ditzy Hanna returns. Mona Lisa though that was perfect.
When Hanna thought Mona Lisa was Mona I laugh so hard 🤣
I think the writers are trying too hard with the Mona dialog today, and Hanna knows what the Mona Lisa is
Disorienting to watch college ball after watching the Spurs. Like going from seeing the Mona Lisa to a drunken etch a…
U know class in gonna be lit when u see Mr.Thomas doing the Mona Lisa smirk while showing the class another mythbusters episode
Well my mother is convinced I made that trashy promo video with the winking Mona Lisa so apparently…
Jeff Koons recreates the Mona Lisa on a Louis Vuitton handbag via
You can now buy the Mona Lisa on a Louis Vuitton bag by Jeff Koons
I got accepted for my study abroad trip and I am going to get to see the Mona Lisa and the Anne Frank house and I'm already crying about it
This week my smile resembles the one Mona Lisa had
Inside Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition and "repainting the smile on the Mona Lisa".
Mona Lisa has more chance of cracking a real smile. Buy him a 1.2 nova saloon, he'll smile then! 🤣
Lovely smile. Mona Lisa would be proud.
In case you were wondering about Mona Lisa and her mysterious smile
Love that "Mona Lisa" smile. Dean Winchester, pencil sketch.
Science has an update on the most famous painting of all time - Mona Lisa's smile decoded:...
your smile, like the smile of the Mona Lisa
it's like Mona Lisa's smile, but squid's.
omfg just watched your Mandela effect vid absolutely freaked me out the Mona Lisa doesn't smile that's freaked me out so bad
The legend is the real Mona Lisa smile on this one.
Did science finally figure out whether the Mona Lisa was happy?.
Time doesn't stop. You watch it move, but you are still, like a painting with a Mona Lisa smile - Marlon James
Girl Mosul .   It surpassed the Mona Lisa. A smile of satisfaction or pain or pain or a penance or a complaint or a…
I am not Mona Lisa, I won't depend on any man to draw a smile on my face. I control my own brush and I'll paint my own reality.
I'm scared that my Mona Lisa 'calm smile' looks like my smarm smile
Her smile more worth than a picasso . . Eyes gorgeous like the starry night , my Mona Lisa , my personal gallery.
oh yes, that Mona Lisa smile is everything
Finally, could the debate about Mona Lisa's expression have come to an end?
We're off! Portrait exhibition 'Face On' open now at Candie. Who will be first to post themselves as Mona Lisa on Twit…
just saw your John & Paul canvas; colour my eyeballs pleased. You didn't do the Mona Lisa did you? God I miss Ian Dury...
So new Maseratis with towbars are now a thing. Forgive me whilst I go draw a moustache on Mona Lisa, or put a Sky dish on the Ei…
'Mona Lisa must have had. the highway blues;. You can tell by the way she smiles.'. Bob Dylan. © Pierre Jahan. The Lou…
Thankful for a full calendar and lengthy to do list on a DAILY basis!
that it took Leonardo Da Vinci ten years to paint the Mona Lisa!!!
Mona Lisa Is Smiling, Really: Despite the intangible sadness that imbues the face of "Mona…
to the beautiful pyramids of which houses the popular Mona Lisa.
When you know God has the last say in everything 🙏🏽
this is where all of a sudden 3 rolexes , the Mona Lisa and that Purple Heart from the titanic go missing
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I want this original note framed and hung right beside Mona Lisa in Paris
The Mona Lisa is literally like the ugly friend in a group of girls but gets hyped up regardless.
The Scream is definitely a 10/10... the Mona Lisa...I'd say about a 7/10.
again, that screencap is the Mona Lisa of screencaps. You get something new out of it every single time.
Mr.Blaine has a mona lisa tie and i want it ASHDOSNAOKJLP
Which, it turns out, is a pretty Mona Lisa.
Exploring the work of Da Vinci by creating our own Mona Lisa.
Scientists Decode the Mysterious ‘Mona Lisa’ Smile Once and for All Scientists Decode th…
Who cares? If I paint a replica of the Mona Lisa but slightly change it, does it impact the original? Not unless you let it.
I'm thinking maybe we just give up on the "rating games by numbers" thing. Nobody would rate Mona Lisa or The Scream this way
"Scientists Decode the Mysterious 'Mona Lisa' Smile Once and for All", cf. via CC
- Mystery of Mona Lisa: Researchers say she IS smiling, In an unusual trial, close to 100 percent of peo...
I had forgotten that I once pitched the mona lisa, the actual painting which had come to life after the mushroom war, dating…
You're absolutely right, it's not. That's assault and a hate crime. 😒
Mona Lisa i want a kiss too . amazing *uncontrollable laughter*
Leonardo Da Vinci spent 12 yrs to paint Mona Lisa's lips. what you don't know.
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Bad Mona Lisa. Slide with my people. Pink slip for the ride. But what's in the trunk, it's illegal.🎶
Firm believer that the movie was named "My Cousin Vinny" because "My Cousin Vinny's Fiancée Mona Lisa Vito aka The Real Star" was too long 💁
I saw Mona Lisa from my garmmar school art book. the first time I saw her, with hands on her knee, how do I say this, I had a *** .
I'm just saying hey Mona Lisa,. come home you know you can't Rome without Caesar
those fans are stupid. putting Jim's signature on your work is like a 3rd grader writing his name on the Mona Lisa.
I love how people are known for different things like Da Vinci for painting Mona Lisa or Kim Jongdae for wearing a mesh shirt…
I want to see the Mona Lisa. Ireland. Notre Dame. And a beach somewhere. I have no sense of direction I don't go anywhere alone.
I can't take Jenny Slate seriously because of Mona-Lisa in Parks and Recreation
Everyone knows the Mona Lisa and Leonardo himself. No wonder it's overrated.
this girl in my psychology class just said she doesn't know why the Mona Lisa painting is priceless...
When Kanye said "Hey Mona Lisa, come home. You know you can't Rome/ roam without Caesar."
[Buzz60] The Mystery of Mona Lisa's Smile Has Finally Been Decoded: For centuries we have all wondered whether the…
Is the Mona Lisa actually smiling? Scientists come up with surprising answer
this Life is my Sistine Chapel- My Mona Lisa. Now I'm painting by numbers. . 5 4 3 2 1 Go!
I've looked at the statue of Venus and the Mona Lisa with my own eyes but the most beautiful thing I've ever seen i…
Rinyo presentation in Melbourne, at the Mona Lisa reception hall, hosted by the Beth-Nahrin Cultural Club, and the…
.It truly is one of modern civilization's finest accomplishments. Hamlet, Mona Lisa, the moon landing, Killdozer.
Watching Matt Duchene highlights on YouTube is like traveling back in time and watching Leonardo DaVinci paint the Mona Lisa
This Dynamic Duo has successfully recovered the Mona Lisa.
The enduring portrait of Myspace Tom, the Mona Lisa of profile pictures . . Picture Myspace founder Tom Anderson…
Never knew there was a Statue of Mona Lisa and keith urban looked like the exact replica of Owen Wilson
Acoustic live performance of 'Ballad of Mona Lisa' is beyond amazing 😍.
Ashlee Simpson posing with the Mona Lisa on season 2 of The Ashlee Simpson Show.
This 2nd grader found Mona Lisa at recess. She was hiding under the blue slide!! Way to go!!
Paul Mason: "What people are missing is the likelihood that letting a paint-by-numbers guy loose on the Mona Lisa l…
I have seen the David and the Mona Lisa too/and I have heard Doc Watson play 'Columbus Stockade Blues' An aesthetic…
Likes the quote "One man's Mona Lisa is another man's velvet Elvis." via
You might also want to watch Mona Lisa smile with Julia Roberts.good film on this topic I think
that is really beautiful Rodolfo,the 'Mona Lisa' smile even ...perhaps? :)
If I"m nice? "Pokemon's for everyone." If I'm not? A Mona Lisa smile with a lot more murder in the eyes. ;)
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Do you smile to tempt a lover, Mona Lisa?. Or is this your way to hide a broken heart?
Why would there be an episode of wizards of Waverley place where they put a smile on the Mona Lisa when SHE ALREADY HAD…
Marilee Williamson here is a better version of Mona Lisa lol
You are Pablo Picasso, Leornado Da Vinci, ur body is similar to the 16 chapel ceiling and the Mona Lisa smile, so ladies…
has the Mona Lisa at but has the on the side of the Loews Hotel. Is it…
Michael Angelo has the Sistine Chapel. Leonardo Da Vinci; the Mona Lisa. Van Gogh; The starry night. & now has Letters from Sean
that awk moment when you aren't American enough to know the difference between the Statue of Liberty/Mona Lisa & Ke…
Jazmine Sullivan put all of herself in Mona Lisa and it's so underrated. Omg.
Did you know? The theft of the Mona Lisa is what made it famous.
Fact of the Day:. Leonardo Da Vinci spent 12 years painting the Mona Lisa's lips!
Mona Lisa: I have been on this wall for years . Snapchat filters: don't worry we gotchu
Pretty Mona Lisa shake it well I'm leaning
I was scrolling down my TL and someone said 'Moana' but I was thinking abt p!atd so I thought it said 'Mona Lisa' so I had to reread it yike
Mona Lisa lowkey got the fakest smile of all time tho
White people legit convinced us that Mona Lisa is the standard of beauty. That umhle to begin with. Lol
remember when I posted my fave painting + said she look 10x better than the Mona Lisa. she still do
bit of a Mona Lisa smile on that one.
Monte Booker & Naji – Mona Lisa Lyrics. (Verse 1 – Monte Booker) Come on lets go I’m on a roll I only need a dollar in my pocket A tracker …
6. This man is PRICELESS. 😂 I am done living. Mr Bean breaking the Mona Lisa 2.0
It looks should be covered in paint from were I was making the words best painting since the Mona Lisa & dancing a…
Just realized that Skai Jackson is the modern day Mona Lisa.
If you accidentally destroy the Mona Lisa, you can use the Gadh App, and 3 more examples of Mona Lisa in ads:…
Then she started dancing, sexual romancing Nasty but she fancy, mona lisa masterpiece
Some photos this morning of the Salma Hayek and Mona Lisa paintings Both look promising but editing and much looking could prove me wrong !!
No shade but the fact that dj Khaled is nom for best rap album makes the Grammys a joke
A buddy sent me an album by The Roots to try to get into, I apologized and said "You can't teach a 6 year old to appreciate the Mona Lisa"
Mona Lisa: Rumor is she felt stifled by the Renaissance, caught flight from Paris to New York, now lives in SoHo, h…
The mystery of the Mona Lisa is not secret symbols.
Watching these Grammy nominations roll in like...💅🏾
.well, only one way to find out. Gotta list them all. Greensleeves, "El Nino," jack-in-the-box, Old Glory, Mona Lisa's Eyes,
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As i make the mona lisa i get a sudden urge of joy and thy i became happy
my 6yr old niece decided to paint a picture with her new art set. She chose to copy the Mona Lisa. LIKE if I shd post her painting
Bongbong saying Leni stole the V-Presidency is like a thief claiming he owns the Mona Lisa. Or worse: Du30 saying D5 is…
Leonardo Da Vinci started the Mona Lisa in 1503 finished it in 1519. Great things don't come easy, gotta keep pushing.
The Cathedral of Notre Dame, the Luxembourg Gardens, The Louvre & the Mona Lisa. I'm in love 💕💕💕💕
This is not even Kieth urban doe. Let alone that aint Mona Lisa. Lmfao.
Thanks to Jay Williams for his Goodreads Review of Mona Lisa's Secret. There's no better feeling, than when your ha…
I dont like Mona Lisa in Read more at :
I don't like Mona Lisa: Manu's fiancee in Jaipur - Times of India
Bigg Boss 10: Will Mona Lisa's boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajpoot break up with her?
Ok . How tf do you want me to draw the Mona Lisa in 20 seconds?.
Bigg Boss 10 16th November 2016 LIVE Updates: Om Swami requests the viewers to NOT vote for Mona Lisa
you best believe we re-did Steven Cohen’s Chandelier... like when Basquiat re-did the Mona Lisa
The past left us great works like the mona Lisa to live up to yet were gonna leave a gallery full of grumpy cat me…
wore my Mona Lisa socks bec I thought I'd go to National Museum not Fort Santiago. but ok. hihi
Mona lisa is bloody fake n can do anything to get attention frm audience. Getting massage frm sadela baba speaks volume. .
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FHDGHUFDI. blaine: avery look im the mona lisa!. avery: (doesnt even look up from her book) thats nice
this quiziit girl looks like mona lisa LOl
Hey Mona Lisa you know you can't Rome without Cesar
I actually saw the Mona Lisa and this is what I took out of it https:/…
u are from mona lisa's smile to angels up in heavens sky . your the one who save my heart. MARVOREE SanaSaGGV
I don't know your name but can I call you Mona Lisa?
I wish Parks and Rec would do a sequel only focusing on Jean-Ralphio and Mona-Lisa.
funny cause that's the statue of Mona Lisa 😂
Mona Lisa this is why i'm single and nice *smiles*
'Mona Lisa of war' to be deported from
Kinda want those tacky mona lisa socks
Bigg Boss 10 November 5 highlights: Manveer wants to go on a date with Bani, Swami massages Mona Lisa’s back
I have the ballad of Mona Lisa as three of my bios rip
She looks like a modern day black Mona Lisa 👑
I know goofball it's not Mona Lisa either
I have been to the Louve in Paris and gazed upon the smile of Leonardo's Mona Lisa which is very nice but your...
okay, I swear to someone that you always always said "I'll pay to see you smile" in Mona Lisa... I'm frazzled
Cute socks 😊 It just looks like that on quick glance, but there's actually a smile there Mona Lisa style.
Why did your smile change, Mona Lisa?
She's the light at dawn,. She's the cloud I'm on,. She's amazing. Mona Lisa's smile,. She's so…
why is Mona Lisa's smile a question. every woman knows that face. that is a woman who just heard "you'd be so much prettier if you smiled"
Fav scary movie? I gotta go Exorcist or Mona Lisa's Smile
Mandela effect is interesting but I'm lost what are they tryna say about Mona Lisa? the smile?
You're Mona Lisa. I'm Da'vinci,. The smile on your face. Is all that I need
Why the sculpture of the Mona Lisa look exactly like Michael Jackson?
When everyone's at school but you're chillin with Mona Lisa
Bigg Boss 10 day one: Gaurav, Manu, Priyanka and Mona Lisa get nominated in the inevitable process |
Mona Lisa by third grade students at Lamprey River Elementary in Raymond, NH at the Deerfield Fair - nice work!
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It still hurts me when Sean destroyed the Mona Lisa is Tokyo Drift and when Han dies
I want this framed and hung next to the Mona Lisa. The Mount Rushmore of GOATS
"Mona Lisa, you're worse than the pyramids, Can someone explain why the whole wide world Is obsessed with a Garbage Pail Kid"
Still can't get over his own joke. “. . .Scott's quite the Mona Lisa.~”
“Scott must be Mona Lisa because he 'Mon's when I'm pleased to please him.~”
MOD: Can we just get really drunk and belt this out to each other pls? Wyclef feat. Neville Brothers - Mona Lisa
Leonardo Da Vinci worked on the Mona Lisa for 15 years. By the time he died in 1519, he still didn't consider it finishe…
Frederick Leighton. Study of the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. 1856. Pencil on white paper
Kenny appeared in so many other top movies too. Elephant Man, Time Bandits, Mona Lisa. He was even in Flash Gordon!!
no one mere man could be enough for Dianne - she is the Mona Lisa, Marie Curie, Monroe, Boudecia, and Madame Mao.
It took Da Vinci 4 years to paint the Mona Lisa. And I get impatient if microwave popcorn takes too long! John Maxwell
Suddenly I'm talking about sulfuric acid or the symbolism in the Mona Lisa and I don't know how or why I got there and everyone's like 😴😐
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