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Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa (La Gioconda or La Joconde, or Portrait of Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco del Giocondo) is a half-length portrait of a woman by the Italian artist Leonardo Da Vinci, which has been acclaimed as the best known, the most visited, the most written about, the most sung about, the most parodied work of art in the world.

Leonardo Da Vinci Nat King Cole Jazmine Sullivan Sistine Chapel Bob Hoskins Louis Armstrong Doc Watson Michael Jackson

I've looked at the statue of Venus and the Mona Lisa with my own eyes but the most beautiful thing I've ever seen i…
Rinyo presentation in Melbourne, at the Mona Lisa reception hall, hosted by the Beth-Nahrin Cultural Club, and the…
.It truly is one of modern civilization's finest accomplishments. Hamlet, Mona Lisa, the moon landing, Killdozer.
Watching Matt Duchene highlights on YouTube is like traveling back in time and watching Leonardo DaVinci paint the Mona Lisa
This Dynamic Duo has successfully recovered the Mona Lisa.
The enduring portrait of Myspace Tom, the Mona Lisa of profile pictures . . Picture Myspace founder Tom Anderson…
Never knew there was a Statue of Mona Lisa and keith urban looked like the exact replica of Owen Wilson
Acoustic live performance of 'Ballad of Mona Lisa' is beyond amazing 😍.
Ashlee Simpson posing with the Mona Lisa on season 2 of The Ashlee Simpson Show.
This 2nd grader found Mona Lisa at recess. She was hiding under the blue slide!! Way to go!!
Paul Mason: "What people are missing is the likelihood that letting a paint-by-numbers guy loose on the Mona Lisa l…
I have seen the David and the Mona Lisa too/and I have heard Doc Watson play 'Columbus Stockade Blues' An aesthetic…
Likes the quote "One man's Mona Lisa is another man's velvet Elvis." via
You might also want to watch Mona Lisa smile with Julia Roberts.good film on this topic I think
that is really beautiful Rodolfo,the 'Mona Lisa' smile even ...perhaps? :)
If I"m nice? "Pokemon's for everyone." If I'm not? A Mona Lisa smile with a lot more murder in the eyes. ;)
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Do you smile to tempt a lover, Mona Lisa?. Or is this your way to hide a broken heart?
Why would there be an episode of wizards of Waverley place where they put a smile on the Mona Lisa when SHE ALREADY HAD…
Marilee Williamson here is a better version of Mona Lisa lol
You are Pablo Picasso, Leornado Da Vinci, ur body is similar to the 16 chapel ceiling and the Mona Lisa smile, so ladies…
has the Mona Lisa at but has the on the side of the Loews Hotel. Is it…
Michael Angelo has the Sistine Chapel. Leonardo Da Vinci; the Mona Lisa. Van Gogh; The starry night. & now has Letters from Sean
that awk moment when you aren't American enough to know the difference between the Statue of Liberty/Mona Lisa & Ke…
Jazmine Sullivan put all of herself in Mona Lisa and it's so underrated. Omg.
Did you know? The theft of the Mona Lisa is what made it famous.
Fact of the Day:. Leonardo Da Vinci spent 12 years painting the Mona Lisa's lips!
Mona Lisa: I have been on this wall for years . Snapchat filters: don't worry we gotchu
Pretty Mona Lisa shake it well I'm leaning
I was scrolling down my TL and someone said 'Moana' but I was thinking abt p!atd so I thought it said 'Mona Lisa' so I had to reread it yike
Mona Lisa lowkey got the fakest smile of all time tho
White people legit convinced us that Mona Lisa is the standard of beauty. That umhle to begin with. Lol
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remember when I posted my fave painting + said she look 10x better than the Mona Lisa. she still do
bit of a Mona Lisa smile on that one.
Monte Booker & Naji – Mona Lisa Lyrics. (Verse 1 – Monte Booker) Come on lets go I’m on a roll I only need a dollar in my pocket A tracker …
6. This man is PRICELESS. 😂 I am done living. Mr Bean breaking the Mona Lisa 2.0
It looks should be covered in paint from were I was making the words best painting since the Mona Lisa & dancing a…
Just realized that Skai Jackson is the modern day Mona Lisa.
If you accidentally destroy the Mona Lisa, you can use the Gadh App, and 3 more examples of Mona Lisa in ads:…
Then she started dancing, sexual romancing Nasty but she fancy, mona lisa masterpiece
Some photos this morning of the Salma Hayek and Mona Lisa paintings Both look promising but editing and much looking could prove me wrong !!
No shade but the fact that dj Khaled is nom for best rap album makes the Grammys a joke
A buddy sent me an album by The Roots to try to get into, I apologized and said "You can't teach a 6 year old to appreciate the Mona Lisa"
Mona Lisa: Rumor is she felt stifled by the Renaissance, caught flight from Paris to New York, now lives in SoHo, h…
The mystery of the Mona Lisa is not secret symbols.
Watching these Grammy nominations roll in like...💅🏾
.well, only one way to find out. Gotta list them all. Greensleeves, "El Nino," jack-in-the-box, Old Glory, Mona Lisa's Eyes,
As i make the mona lisa i get a sudden urge of joy and thy i became happy
my 6yr old niece decided to paint a picture with her new art set. She chose to copy the Mona Lisa. LIKE if I shd post her painting
Bongbong saying Leni stole the V-Presidency is like a thief claiming he owns the Mona Lisa. Or worse: Du30 saying D5 is…
Leonardo Da Vinci started the Mona Lisa in 1503 finished it in 1519. Great things don't come easy, gotta keep pushing.
The Cathedral of Notre Dame, the Luxembourg Gardens, The Louvre & the Mona Lisa. I'm in love 💕💕💕💕
This is not even Kieth urban doe. Let alone that aint Mona Lisa. Lmfao.
Thanks to Jay Williams for his Goodreads Review of Mona Lisa's Secret. There's no better feeling, than when your ha…
I dont like Mona Lisa in Read more at :
I don't like Mona Lisa: Manu's fiancee in Jaipur - Times of India
Bigg Boss 10: Will Mona Lisa's boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajpoot break up with her?
Ok . How tf do you want me to draw the Mona Lisa in 20 seconds?.
Bigg Boss 10 16th November 2016 LIVE Updates: Om Swami requests the viewers to NOT vote for Mona Lisa
you best believe we re-did Steven Cohen’s Chandelier... like when Basquiat re-did the Mona Lisa
The past left us great works like the mona Lisa to live up to yet were gonna leave a gallery full of grumpy cat me…
wore my Mona Lisa socks bec I thought I'd go to National Museum not Fort Santiago. but ok. hihi
Mona lisa is bloody fake n can do anything to get attention frm audience. Getting massage frm sadela baba speaks volume. .
Mona Lisa and Le Chat Noir Gift Wrapping / Decorating paper at ~ -
FHDGHUFDI. blaine: avery look im the mona lisa!. avery: (doesnt even look up from her book) thats nice
this quiziit girl looks like mona lisa LOl
Hey Mona Lisa you know you can't Rome without Cesar
I actually saw the Mona Lisa and this is what I took out of it https:/…
u are from mona lisa's smile to angels up in heavens sky . your the one who save my heart. MARVOREE SanaSaGGV
I don't know your name but can I call you Mona Lisa?
I wish Parks and Rec would do a sequel only focusing on Jean-Ralphio and Mona-Lisa.
funny cause that's the statue of Mona Lisa 😂
Mona Lisa this is why i'm single and nice *smiles*
'Mona Lisa of war' to be deported from
Kinda want those tacky mona lisa socks
Bigg Boss 10 November 5 highlights: Manveer wants to go on a date with Bani, Swami massages Mona Lisa’s back
I have the ballad of Mona Lisa as three of my bios rip
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
She looks like a modern day black Mona Lisa 👑
I know goofball it's not Mona Lisa either
When you realize the statue of Mona Lisa looks like Keith Urban 😳
I have been to the Louve in Paris and gazed upon the smile of Leonardo's Mona Lisa which is very nice but your...
okay, I swear to someone that you always always said "I'll pay to see you smile" in Mona Lisa... I'm frazzled
Cute socks 😊 It just looks like that on quick glance, but there's actually a smile there Mona Lisa style.
Why did your smile change, Mona Lisa?
She's the light at dawn,. She's the cloud I'm on,. She's amazing. Mona Lisa's smile,. She's so…
why is Mona Lisa's smile a question. every woman knows that face. that is a woman who just heard "you'd be so much prettier if you smiled"
Fav scary movie? I gotta go Exorcist or Mona Lisa's Smile
Mandela effect is interesting but I'm lost what are they tryna say about Mona Lisa? the smile?
You're Mona Lisa. I'm Da'vinci,. The smile on your face. Is all that I need
Why the sculpture of the Mona Lisa look exactly like Michael Jackson?
When everyone's at school but you're chillin with Mona Lisa
Bigg Boss 10 day one: Gaurav, Manu, Priyanka and Mona Lisa get nominated in the inevitable process |
I added a video to a playlist BBC Sherlock: Irene Adler - The Ballad of Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa by third grade students at Lamprey River Elementary in Raymond, NH at the Deerfield Fair - nice work!
It still hurts me when Sean destroyed the Mona Lisa is Tokyo Drift and when Han dies
I want this framed and hung next to the Mona Lisa. The Mount Rushmore of GOATS
"Mona Lisa, you're worse than the pyramids, Can someone explain why the whole wide world Is obsessed with a Garbage Pail Kid"
Still can't get over his own joke. “. . .Scott's quite the Mona Lisa.~”
“Scott must be Mona Lisa because he 'Mon's when I'm pleased to please him.~”
MOD: Can we just get really drunk and belt this out to each other pls? Wyclef feat. Neville Brothers - Mona Lisa
Leonardo Da Vinci worked on the Mona Lisa for 15 years. By the time he died in 1519, he still didn't consider it finishe…
Frederick Leighton. Study of the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. 1856. Pencil on white paper
Kenny appeared in so many other top movies too. Elephant Man, Time Bandits, Mona Lisa. He was even in Flash Gordon!!
no one mere man could be enough for Dianne - she is the Mona Lisa, Marie Curie, Monroe, Boudecia, and Madame Mao.
It took Da Vinci 4 years to paint the Mona Lisa. And I get impatient if microwave popcorn takes too long! John Maxwell
Suddenly I'm talking about sulfuric acid or the symbolism in the Mona Lisa and I don't know how or why I got there and everyone's like 😴😐
Wine Friday is a wine that we first had at Mona Lisa's restaurant &…
Mona Lisa or Phil Collins we'll never know
Mona Lisa, The Thinker, The Scream - what's your favorite art masterpiece?
Visit the to see amazing art including daVinci's Mona Lisa
Yeah that's right Nicole, Mona Lisa is a famous transgender
Imagine if the Mona Lisa tried to put some lame quote about following your dreams when she released her photo.
I added a video to a playlist Slick Rick-Mona Lisa
better than the Mona Lisa. Better than Starry Night.
Listening to The Ballad of Mona Lisa by Panic! At the Disco on
Jim just said "stop lookin at yersel like ur the bloody Mona Lisa" to mum dressed for an 80's night and I'm done...
Today I fought off multiple other tourists to get this picture of The Mona Lisa. Mission =…
Female colleague just told me a Da Vinci painting is overrated. Ngathi uno mona Lisa.
Everyone who loves baseball and/or art should follow He paints baseball players like Leonardo Da Vinci painted Mona Lisa.
On how an artist in Great Britain made lawns his canvas:
This looks like the Mona Lisa to me idk
Basic people : Omg I love the Mona Lisa ! What's your favorite portrait ? . Me:
The Ballad of Mona Lisa slays my life 🤘❤️
This is everyone taking a picture of the Mona Lisa. Because they want to remember what it looks like.
i cant believe she got to see the Mona Lisa and Eifle Tower! 😅
Ok, I want the SLM props, but who filled the tube Mona Lisa cold cream?🤔😐
The Tree of Life summary:. Oh no I'm a nun. *jerking off to the Mona lisa*. Is God real? Who cares. The world is so beautiful…
"Dreaming of the Mona Lisa, but you wake with Linda Tripp". -Imitation Leather Shoes, Widespread Panic
Am I getting better or worse at these? Sorry... Mona Lisa is one of my fav videos. (Vine by
I must confess I feel sorry for Leonardo Da Vinci...with the amount of times the Mona Lisa has been traumatized :'(
woahhh Mona Lisa, you're guaranteed to run this town...
The Ballad of the Mona Lisa is probably one of my favorite songs.
Only if the dripping tap torque wrench calibration row & Mona Lisa Vito's testimony in My Cousin Vinnie defo counts as engineering.
Now I'm tearing up on 285.somebody come get me lol 😂
I know my grandmother is smiling down on this day!!!
Listening to my mom cackle with her sisters is too funny...they so excited to be in the A!!!
hey Mona Lisa, come home you know you can't Rome without Caesar @ Pantheon, Rome
I live for the acoustic version of The Ballad of Mona Lisa 😍
Apparently No one Ever in the History of the World has Critiqued The Mona Lisa
you shouldn't feel like a million bucks because you're priceless... in a good way, like the Mona Lisa or whatever
doing a good impression of the Mona Lisa there!!
I must've just found Mona Lisa *** hiding.. cause I'm bout to drop this 🔥🔥
.“Mona Lisa” on permanent rotation in my brain.
I loved Zootopia but all I could keep hearing was Snow White teaming up with Michael Bluth taking down Mona-Lisa
: My Mona Lisa, the modern version with better features.
Woah, Mona Lisa. You're guaranteed to run this town. Woah, Mona Lisa. I'd pay to see you frown🎶. Panic! At The Disco is bae! 💙
"We" of GODs Host collaborate to influence paintings/architecture &
Mona Lisa was definitely not smiling here. Ledge of Tomorrow
Hey there Mona Lisa i'm Da Vinci nice to meet ya
Hey Mona Lisa come home, you know you can't roam without a Caesar
I heard that "Lost Angeles" is where the real Mona Lisa is buried
This fantastic designer can turn my stick figure concept into the Mona Lisa.
DYK: Some claim the Mona Lisa is a self-portrait of the artist in drag, but it is likely a portrait of a woman named Lisa Gherardini.
yeah i feel like some people think the artists will draw them Mona Lisa where they take request... come on guys.
Bob Ross could take a broken plastic knife and some gum found on the sidewalk and recreate the Mona Lisa
I was thrilled when The Ballad of Mona Lisa was played yesterday on Traxx Fm.
counterpoint: Is a painting of the Mona Lisa painting on a wall plagiarism or homage? Does it only matter when there's money?
Jeepers. . I face-swapped myself with the Mona Lisa and appear to have emerged as David Cameron.
"A lot of cats copy the Mona Lisa, but people still line up to see the original." Louis Armstrong
been watching King of the road all day. peep Mona Lisa smoking a spliff in the back tho lol
He has Mona Lisa smile he's holy grail Mary Magdalene son and Jesus gene...
Mona Lisa doesn't really smile...does she??? Looks more like RBF to
Mona Lisa lost her smile, the painters hands are trembling now 🤗
*looking at the Mona Lisa* Seriously with that mysterious smile? Ugh come on. So much clickbait these days.
I added a video to a playlist Flash floods:'Mona Lisa' stays dry in Paris floods as Louvre shuts its
Breanne just said Leonardo Dicaprio painted the Mona Lisa...
I was to Japanese visitors to Washington what the Mona Lisa is to Amer...
Second only to the Mona Lisa in popularity – who is she?... …
Bob's novel: "A Big Box Full of YEAH!" says: "Murakami quirkiness & a runaway Mona Lisa, during ... the end of the world."
No way did I miss a quarter of the paper because I was too distracted by Lewis's Mona Lisa socks fgs
Mona Lisa's here to say: HAPPY WORLD TURTLE DAY!!!. As falls on Victoria Day here in Canada, many...
Leonardo Da Vinci's earlier version of Mona Lisa by sherrywyn
Is the Mona Lisa actually based on Leonardo Da Vinci's *** lover? 301
Listen to Can't Be Wasting My Time (feat. Lost Boyz) [One Ball Head Version] by Mona Lisa on
I use to see Mona Lisa several times a week in south Texas.
They are now just making up history as they go along. They lie so much, they would put a Beard on beautiful Mona Lisa.
Mona Lisa she aint! Mata Hari maybe. POTUS we pray not. Enlist with me at Patriots only. https…
Who's Buying? Mona Lisa's villa on sale for 10 million euros in Italy
We should make Detroit a national park/museum. It's the Mona Lisa of liberalism/regressivism. Like a REAL holocaust memorial
I just asked Cooper if I should pierce my nose and he said "why would put a hole in the Mona Lisa" 💀
well in general, but last night it was Erin Brokovich and Mona Lisa's Smile
Ralph probably got a msg from Mona Lisa, but it got cut off. Captain Filch may b back & has teamed up with the Foot Clan?
Three members reveal what procedures they would recommend to Mona Lisa.
hearing rumors that in the Suicide Squad movie the Joker paints a smile on the Mona Lisa, causing one security guard to wag his baton
Mona Lisa, why won't you smile for me?
I miss Sara and Holly! ft. my Mona Lisa smile (I didn't get any pics of Sara's beautiful face, so there's Maddy!)
Nine in the Afternoon. Ballad of Mona Lisa. Miss Jackson. is coming to Singapore.
happy birthday to the real Mona Lisa!!😂 love and miss you so much💚
The arrangement in Nat King Cole's Mona Lisa is superb, what a voice too, reminds me of watching old black and white films with my Gran
me sobbing in gratitude at the feet of every one of my friends who has a Mona Lisa drop CE on their Archer
day per side at least. And the Mona Lisa is smaller than you thought.
there was this awkward silence and all anyone could hear was that really aggressive guitar rift before the 2nd chorus in Ballad of Mona Lisa
Leonardo DaVinci began painting the Mona Lisa in 1503.
Some ppl have intense anxiety about going out in front of the Mona Lisa and hold hands by the Venus de Milo
Kane Jarrett - Mona Lisa got distribution today in 5000 stores I only know of 3 for now so check…
The result of these techniques is that Mona Lisa gives the impression that she is alive.
A relationship with a coworker can grow complicated today beca... More for Leo
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happy bday to my homegirl Mona Lisa❤️🎉
Just read this - Mona Lisa, the Universe, and Fishfingers... via Love you guys xx
thanking God for another unpromised day 🙏🏽
Michael Jackson's moonwalk is like Di Vinci's Mona Lisa. People will still be talking about it 1000 years from now
If Mona Lisa doesn't scream Class Rep material, idk what does
People tell me this is just a coffee, to which I point out that the Mona Lisa is just a painting.
In conversation with enchanting on my website.
Nicole's part as creepy as my tomorrow. ♫ Smile Mona Lisa by —
you're Mona Lisa, i'm Da Vinci, the smile on your face is all that I need 🎧
My blog on my novel, Mickey Outside, about an art scam by a con recently out of jail.
Reading the tea leaves of political Mona Lisa (President-elect Tsai Ing-wen) | TODAYonline
At the price of make up brushes you'd think I was painting the Mona Lisa not applying my foundation
The price of a property with historic value of iconic Mona Lisa attached to it.
economic price tag may be useful in some contexts - but do we flock to the Mona Lisa because of economic value? I suspect not
Got to go to the Museo Del Prado today. Saw a replica Mona Lisa painted by DaVinci's pupil and…
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Masterpiece ( Mona Lisa ) by Jazmine Sullivan is my favorite song !
In case you missed Jazmine Sullivan slaying 'Masterpiece (Mona Lisa)' at last night:.
I wonder if anyone has ever jacked off to the Mona Lisa . Oh don't look at me like that. Like y'all have never wondered
Holy crap! This should be more prized than the Mona Lisa!. J. Robinson contracts discovered, valued at $36M
"Writing a business book is more like bringing life to Frankenstein than painting the Mona Lisa." - Derek Lewis
you should totally check out Monday's Mona Lisa's single "Katy Perry"! Let me know what you think! :) http:…
"Mona Lisa just a lonely cold work of lovely art"-Nat King Cole
Three years ago I was in Paris, visiting the Mona Lisa in Le Louvre and being chased around asking if I wanted to buy mini Eiffel Towers
Tb to when Connor, deeko, Sarah nd I went to the gallery nd Sarah thought the Mary Queen of Scots portrait was da Mona Lisa.…
This includes da Vinci and the Mona Lisa, this includes Michaelangelo and the Sistine Chapel. Thriller trumps it all.
"And I thank the Lord for the people I have found..." -- Elton John and Bernie Taupin, "Mona Lisa and Mad Hatters". Happy Friday to you all!
Dustin these *** call it hasta la vista I'm the perfect picture no Mona Lisa
In "Dublin Blues," Guy Clark compares a Doc Watson song to the Mona Lisa:
I heard that the real Mona Lisa is hidden behind his moustache...Tom Hanks told
I see Yummy, a.k.a. Latonya Gardner up the One Tree Hill, Now! In this face I see Yummy and the Mona Lisa!
Big Town Showdown Friday, Emma & Jenny from Hartpury College How did they do with this question? Who painted the Mona Lisa?
What's for How about Mona Lisa as a cat by Romero Britto? Makes us smile...
I'm on DaVinci mixed with a little Caesar, come spend the night I want you to be my Mona Lisa
Maxwell is playing the ballad of Mona Lisa and I'm having intense flashbacks to freshman year
Meet Pootie:. Michelangelo had the Sistine Chapel; Leonardo had the Mona Lisa, and Whistler had his mother. But...
Sunggyus back is truly art. A beautiful master piece that needs to be displayed in the Louvre museum next to Mona Lisa
the Mona Lisa is all right like it would get at most a B in the craft exam
For what is worth, my impression of Abhishek Kapoor's and why Katrina Kaif is Bollywood's Mona Lisa
Golf Ch.Pebble Beach broadcast was the equivalent of displaying the Mona Lisa in a closet! Chris Berman here,there & from the air!
This is a cultural moment in modern art history. This is the Mona Lisa of our time
Drive full speed on wrong side of freeway in a rice rocket while blasting Mona Lisa Overdrive by Juno Reactor.
"She was art. Her smile worth more than Picasso. Eyes gorgeous like the starry night. My Mona Lisa.". MILEY OUR QUEEN
Today is one of those days where this just seems right. Join us at Mona Lisa tonight!
Mona Lisa is all tatted up. What do you think of the tattooed maiden?
Sometimes water is just not enough. This is urbanjuiceco Mona Lisa green juice but if you're…
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So Mona Lisa was smiling after all.. ಥ◡ಥ
I'm tryna feel the vibe of Mona Lisa, studying art.
is this the Mona Lisa?! I didn't even realise when I did it 😱
When you say "art thief" I think of cat burglars who sneak into the Louvre at night to steal the Mona Lisa.
Hidden portrait 'found under the could lead to it being renamed
The mona lisa gets an rate sky: MmPRTxO
Mona Lisa. Why is it so unbelievably popular?
Sleeping every night next to Mona Lisa, but the modern day version with better features.
ted Cruz looks like Mona Lisa is melting
i find myself doodling frank when i'm distracted but that's horrible how can i accurately replicate art? that's like sketching the Mona Lisa
Wolf is to music as the Mona Lisa is to art
Don't know who to give credit to. This is the Mona Lisa defragged.
You're telling me they could paint the Mona Lisa and sculpt like that in the 1500s, but didn't brush their teeth?? Ok
Looking for Mona Lisa at the Louvre and my British pal goes "She might be in the Oriental bit. She is like... Squinting à bit". Wow.
Finally framed a master! well, a version of the famous Mona Lisa. A representation by emerging artist
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Why ppl would go to the Louvre to see Mona Lisa when jongkey exists ?
I just realized that the Mona Lisa doesn't have eyebrows.
A Renowned Nollywood Actress Mona Lisa Chinda is set to remarry and is doing all she can to stay away from the...
Too many brow tutorial on YouTube to walk around with none...
kim is about to be considered the Mona Lisa of this life time, in the future, people will believe this and accept it
Mona Lisa. Why is it the most famous piece of art?
like "Mona Lisa"?! What is this steam punk trash heap? (Side note is that the chapel from I write sins not tragedies?)
7th Feb 1963 the Mona Lisa was put on must be a sign! happy birthday!🎈
Should I do a puzzle of the Mona Lisa
She round like the reefer, brown Mona Lisa.
both of you should try Mona Lisa's (Italian) & Farmer Brown's (Soul Food)! 2 of the best in SF.
Nick to my Schmidt. Mona Lisa to my Jean Ralphio . Michael to my…
Shorty stay fly that's why I keep her, round like the reefer, brown like Mona Lisa
This woman painted the Mona Lisa entirely out of coffee — watch the time lapse video
they don't call Mona Lisa a master piece for nothin
You kinda look like a hot version of the Mona Lisa in your profile pic.
I follow a ton of French kids just to assimilate and learn their vocabulary just to get closer to my goal of squirting on the Mona Lisa
While in college at Yale, Robert Moses wanted to be a poet. Here's his 1908 "Mona Lisa" on view
Mona Lisa's Smile is alright bud 's is so much beter!
Today in 1987, 'Physician’s Weekly' says Mona Lisa's smile was caused by facial paralysis. She is not best pleased. htt…
Great song stylist with a Mona Lisa smile. Memorable.
I think most interesting thing to learn about the Mona Lisa isn't the historical context of when it was painted. It's her smile.
Friday vibez. Always giving that Mona Lisa smile. Have a great weekend everyone!
What makes the Mona Lisa a masterpiece? Her smile, or the “mere-exposure effect” and “cumulative advantage"
Davis said he would make a shirt with his face on the Mona Lisa if I could sell 50.. PLEASE PEOPLE I WANT THIS TO HAPPEN BUY THE SHIRTS
Do you want to transform your mind in out-of-this world yet grounded way?see Dr. Mona Lisa at the Hay House...
put this up in le louvre instead of the Mona Lisa
other great performances there are that particular year. I though Bob Hoskins got robbed whem he didn't win for "Mona Lisa". But
When Paul Newman got best actor for Colour of Money over Bob Hoskins in Mona Lisa, I got it. Ability/ethnic origin irrelevant!
Hello Andrew, i got inspired by your documentary about the Mona Lisa and created this image tonight
Take time to find your 'Mona Lisa' available
Interview with Florence Owens Thompson, the Mona Lisa of the Dust Bowl
zayn wearing mona lisa on his jeans like … art on art …. One Direction
ecological vandalism. felling of centuries-old jarrah tree in Coolbellup to burning the Mona Lisa. Read more:
from Ina's mom. So much love for tita mona lisa talaga. As in ❤ hu
Simply amazed..Mona Lisa cover.. posted on ig...
Monreal's "Mona Lisa" not just another pretty face. Get her now!
Girl you tha Mona Lisa I'm just tryna be the wall you hang on
"That picture. Of that woman... How's it called. Mona Lisa? It's so stupid.". "Yeah it's so lame"
When you realized that you are Mona Lisa and Leonardo Da Vinci in one it feels awesome, I also want to be the frame...
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