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Moms Mabley

Jackie Moms Mabley, born Loretta Mary Aiken (March 19, 1894 – May 23, 1975) was an American standup comedian and a pioneer of the so-called Chitlin' Circuit of African-American vaudeville.

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It won't play. Is it the Moms Mabley version?
Moms Mabley in this video at 1:48 shows how we gon' deal with all haters & crazy talkers from this point...
I'm at Vino Etcetera tomorrow night minus one tooth ( It got yanked yesterday.). Wonder what I'll sing like? Snaggletooth? Buckwheat? Moms Mabley?
When people say "Women can't be funny" I would usually point them to Lucille Ball, Moms Mabley, Carole Lombard, and Marie Dressler.
Remember Leo's Nightclub on Euclid Ave. downtown. You could get in under age but that would put a lai around your neck to show you were under age... at 15 I saw "little" Stevie Wonder and Moms Mabley opened up... what a trip... I had never heard a swear word come out of a woman's mouth before.. I did that night.. lol
Keona Lewis, I know you answered your other phone and all but you could at least say goodbye or I'll call you back instead of hanging up on me, Moms Mabley!
got a picture of Moms Mabley? Redd Foxx era but mostly in DC clubs. Was a trip.
In light of moms Mabley I am saying peace out social media see you in May for EDC
"Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley" is a wonderful documentary.
Love the shout out to Moms Mabley but they are all great.
These little girls as feminist icons are EVERYTHING. I think Frida Kahlo and Moms Mabley are my faves.
This Moms Mabley doc would be great if I didn't have to listen to Whoopi pontificate throughout.
2/6 U make rough dialogue & others cohesive, dropping lines like a lead singer. Think: Moms Mabley had it. Impeccable!.
MOMS MABLEY: One of the Most Influential Comedians You Don’t Know =>
I still have that issue with the Moms Mabley/Mike Tyson review IN MY CAR! (BTW, good stuff.)
(Semi-on-topic: my column about Key & Peele: I wish the Moms Mabley column was in front of the paywall!)
Life is like a game of poker: If you don't put any in the pot, there won't be any to take out." - Jackie "Moms" Mabley
"If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got." ~Jackie" Moms" Mabley
Hearing so much about these "Mount Rushmores" of achievement... What I notice is we are observers of our time. The pioneers/teachers tend to be left off that mountain... Michael Jordan - great, but we tend to forget(mind slip) Dr. J, Dominique Wilkins, George Gervin, etc... Richard Pryor - Funny, but there was *** Gregory, Flip Wilson, Mantan Moreland, Moms Mabley, etc...
Today we remember Jackie Moms Mabley The woman who would become known as famed comedian Moms Mabley was born Loretta Mary Aiken in Brevard, North Carolina, on March 19, 1894 (some sources say 1897), to a large family. She experienced a horrifying, traumatic childhood. Her firefighter father was killed in an explosion when she was 11 and her mother was later hit and killed by a truck on Christmas Day. And by the beginning of her teens, Aiken had been raped twice and become pregnant from both encounters, with both children being given away. Aiken left home at the age of 14 and pursued a show business career, joining the African-American vaudeville circuit as a comedian under the Theatre Owners Booking Association. Fellow performer Jack Mabley became her boyfriend for a short time, and she took on his name, becoming Jackie Mabley, with "Moms" coming from her eventual reputation as a mentoring, mothering spirit. By the early 1920s she had begun to work with the duo Butterbeans & Susie, and eventually became a ...
Not many of you are as old as I am but I grew up in a racist literary wasteland. Humor had a particularly pungent odor: Brother Dave Gardner is a remarkable example. His country/Christian humor was mostly race condescending as was that of Minnie Pearl. Then I discovered Moms Mabley, Toothless, wearing a flour sack dress and offering relief from the rest helped me put things in perspective: "I married an old man for his money one time. I thought that sucker would never die. He'd get fat on rat poison..." Tomorrow is her birthday. Use some humor to bring some balance somewhere in your life...
For Women's History Month, we're honoring the lives of unsung black heroes: Jackie "Moms" Mabley was born Loretta Aiken in 1894. Raised in North Carolina, Moms Mabley went on to be billed as "The Funniest Woman in the World". Mabley got her start in African-American vaudeville and during the height of her career, made $10,000 a week at Harlem's Apollo Theatre. From the Apollo Theatre, Mabley performed at Carnegie Hall in 1962. She made numerous mainstream TV appearances, including the The Smother Brothers Comedy Hour, the number one show on television in the late 1960s. Mabley influenced the generation of comics after her, including Bill Cosby, Whoopi Goldberg, Bernie Mac, Richard Pryor, Wanda Sykes and Eddie Murphy. Mabley passed away at the age of 81 in 1975
Here's my Mount Rushmore of Comedy. Richard Pryor, Eddie Griffin, Robin Harris, & Eddie Murphy. Honorable mentions are Moms Mabley, *** Gregory, Bill Cosby, Chris Rock, Bernie Mac & Martin Lawrence. What do you think?
Hung Tao Choy Mei's neighborhood. Oddessa Madre's U Street Empire Club Madre located at 2204 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC. "The club offered liquor by the shot, numbers by the book and girls by the hour." Washington Post. In Washington, D.C., much of the underground economy from the 1920s through the 1960s was controlled by Odessa Madre, who called herself “the Queen” of black Washington. Madre operated a network of nightclubs, brothels, and gambling rings and was one of the wealthiest African Americans in the city. She wore mink and diamonds and drove top-of-the-line Cadillacs. When she made her entrance at one of her nightclubs, the patrons would stand and cheer, and when she died, hundreds of people from the poorest neighbor- hoods in Washington donated money for her funeral. At her peak in the 1940s, Madre was earning about $100,000 a year, and had at least six bawdy houses, bookmaking operations, and a headquarters at 2204 14th Street known as the Club Madre. Among the performers there were M ...
Tenants of a Harlem boarding house put on a show to save their home. Cast (Wikipedia): Moms Mabley as Moms; Dusty Fletcher as Dusty; Marcellus Wilson as Jerr...
Moms Mabley performing a comedy act (1948) one of her lines "Cab Calloway once call her a dog She would like to be a dog & Cab Calloway would be her tree." C...
Moms Mabley was born Loretta Mary Aiken sometime during the 1890's, the exact year has been disputed. Her early years were quite difficult, both her parents died when she young within a few years of each other. Moms was also the victim of rape as a teenager. Moms, however, had a lot of fortitude and determination. She went to NYC and performed on Broadway and in venues like the Cotton Club. She made several films as well; including "Emperor Jones," and "Boarding House Blues." She found most of her success working as a stand-up comedienne. Her stand-up comedy career was ground-breaking as she was both black and female. Her comedy routines poked fun at racism, and one of her running jokes was about chasing younger men.
Just want to say thanks so much for all the bday wishes so far today. Love my fb family! Due to scheduling conflict with my dental office, I have to start off my day with a dental appointment. Please pray that I don't come out looking like Moms Mabley! ROFL (Have you SEEN the movie the dentist) JESUS! ENJOY YOUR DAY And all the new mercies granted to you!
Just listened to the podcast. Don't come on the show sounding like Moms Mabley again. Take a knee and get yourself right.
Heroine of the day Moms Mabley.please drop a line
slightly later - but Moms Mabley also deserves more recognition. have you seen Whoopi Goldberg's documentary on her? v good!
Just watched the Moms Mabley documentary. Thanks for introducing this smart, funny, amazing women to a new generation!
Jackie Moms Mabley became the 1rst woman comedian to be featured at the Apollo. Born in the late 1890s she established a career as the top 10 stand up comedians of her time. Her triple X humor drew crowds in the chitlin circuit all over. She recorded over 20 albums and graced the stage of Carnegie Hall before she died in 1975. Embracing black history...
If you get a chance, try and see "Whoopi Goldberg presents Moms Mabley" on HBO. If you don't know who Moms Mabley was, you should. A comedy giant, influential beyond description...
MOMS MABLEY – LIKE IT? SHARE IT! . In honor of the Legacy Project remembers the inimitable...
Good morning FM's everywhere... today's watchword is... PERSPECTIVE... "Advice to children crossing the street: *** the lights. Watch the cars. The lights ain't never killed nobody." ~ Moms Mabley "People who look through keyholes are apt to get the idea that most things are keyhole shaped." ~ Author Unknown "The moment one gives close attention to any thing, even a blade of grass it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself." ~ Henry Miller 'nuff said... ph
1 of best eps u've done! Conan:literally produce documentary on eh (whoop did it 4 moms mabley)
From the infamous Moms Mabley comes this heartfelt rendition of Abraham, Martin, John and Bobby. moms was a famous comedian and singer. She sang this song on...
There is a fantastic Doc on HBO about Moms Mabley. Not only was she a groundbreaking comedienne, she was a great humanitarian and a leader in helping breakdown the racial divide.
In your status line, list 12 albums that have touched you and tag 10 friends, including me so I can see what you post. They don't have to be great, just ones that have touched you. Don't think too long, just go for it. in no particular order. Not an ALBUM kinda guy so here are my specific songs . Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World Lion King - Hakuna Matata :) Nat King Cole - LOVE Tesla - Love Song Don McLean - American Pie Moms Mabley - Abraham, Martin & John Crystal Gayle - Don't it Make My Brown Eyes Blue Inaya Day - Movin' Up (Mindtrap Club Mix) Whitney Houston - How Will I Know Journey - Don't Stop Believing Rupert Holmes - The Pina Colada Bandaid - Do They Know Its Christmas John Lenon - Imagine James Ingram & Linda Rondstadt - Somewhere Out There
In coming back from Rite Aid's yesterday Ms Peachie Green ( that is her name really ) said hi ya sexy haven't seen you in a while and that new jacket looks good on you before I could say anything another lady said I love him in his leather jacket Ms Peachie said yes I know I bought it for him I said okay Moms Mabley don't you start. the other lady said he chasing every woman who approaches him away . Ms peachie said not me after I whipped this on him I said Ms peachie you are 84 and you are lucky if you can whip up a bowl of mash potatoes let alone anything on me and got the *** outta there while the getting was good.
me either and seeing moms Mabley face while he was doing that foolishness didn't help lol
Comedy Aint Pretty: Shop for music deals on CDs, MP3 songs and albums, and vinyl records by Moms Mabley and more.
This Moms Mabley documentary is kind of great.
I was educated today about Moms Mabley what an awesome black history moment for me. I've always heard people say her name but never new she was a great comedian. Thank you Mrs. Whoopi Goldberg for your gift also
Got HBO waiting for Game of Thrones. Watched a cool documentary on the fabulous Moms Mabley. She was a hoot!!! She sang Abraham, Martin & John but I like Dion's version better. Hubby never heard of either. I'm getting so old. . .
Just watched a documentary on Moms Mabley...what an amazing woman! I loved her total disregard for "political correctness" in a time where her life was literally in danger for some of the things she said. Women--black, white, green, polka dot--- should follow her example.
Whoopi did a fantastic job on her Moms Mabley docu. Highly recommended if you cherish civil rights and equality for all.
can not say thank you enough for presenting Moms Mabley. Thank you for sharing that part of history. I appreciate you!
Watching a HBO special on moms Mabley so funny such a treasure
Currently watching the Moms Mabley documentary. Amazingly talented, strong, and hilarious woman if her time.
Watching a Moms Mabley special and reading my last Rita book
Think about this. There was a lady D J called moms mabley. Not sure about the correct spelling. I always tuned her in while going home on sat night after 11 pm. Sure did enjoy her
your Moms Mabley documentary. I had forgotten about her since I saw this!
We're watching a documentary about the first Africa American female stand up comedians THE LATE GREAT MOMS MABLEY ; So awesome. What a beautiful soul this old woman had...
Thanks for the funny, fascinating and enlightening documentary about Moms Mabley! =D
Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley on HBO's official website featuring high-quality video, images, reviews, resources and showtimes.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for producing "Moms Mabley" and introducing her to yet another generation. I am forever grateful.
Been listening to Moms Mabley all day! Sometimes all we need is a good laugh.
so proud of what Moms Mabley has done & will do for us...STAY READY!
Cant no old man do nothing for me but bring me a message from a young my Moms Mabley voice...   10% Off
I just saw a 1970 show with guest star Moms Mabley!!! What a great comedian she was and a tremendous story teller. Don't know who she was??? Way to bad! An original!!!
hello Whoopi, when will the Moms Mabley doc air in Canada, at least in Ontario? I live in Ontario. :-)
Y'all. Take a little minute and watch the Moms Mabley documentary ...
Oh my dear what a wondrous thing your Moms Mabley doc is! Thank you for this important piece of history preserved!
Movie day guess what I'm watching. "I remember the first time I laid my eyes on a certain young ebony enchantress in the rough, and with styling and the occasional make up tip I mad her look a little less like Moms Mabley"
Docs Fall Series Tribute to the legendary Jackie Moms Mabley, the pioneering African-American comedienne. Order your favorite HBO Documentary on DVD from the HBO Shop�!
Can't sleep so I'm up watching Whoopi's documentary on Moms Mabley. Bravo Whoopi! It brought back so many...
You always calling me angel but that dont pay my rent so keep your empty hands off me, you hear! - Moms Mabley
I've watched this documentary on Moms Mabley like three times. There is so much knowledge in her comedy yo
Mmm. I disagree. Moms Mabley is the original high priestess of hilarity, queen of comedy and funniest woman in the world.
Finally got a haircut- now no one will recognize me (Like Johansen said at one of our gigs, when he 'came out of the coffin at midnight,' it was Halloween, 'Tramps' music bar on E.15th St. early 1980's, dressed as Moms Mabley: "Don't be scared now" -and then launched into "I put a Spell on You")
congrats on your Black Reel Award win for Outstanding TV Documentary: Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley
While most comedians jump at the opportunity to take jabs at their fellow funnymen (and women), some of comedy's biggest stars lined up to celebrate the life and career of iconic African-American comedienne Jackie "Moms" Mabley in Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley. Modern-day comedic legend...
Black leaders and preachers of today and tomorrow paved a way for all colors in society. However, I tend to believe that the Comedians are just as important bcuz they made us all laugh. R.I.P. Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, Bernie Mac, Moms Mabley...The world would have been completely mad without you.
You got me thinking of their corollary line of ish talkers—Moms Mabley, Red Foxx, Richard Pryor, Wanda Sykes, Dave Chappelle.
So Moms Mabley was a stud. Shout out to this pioneer! She was said to have made $10,000 a…
Just watched the Moms Mabley documentary- a great film! Thanks Whoppi and thanks to the power of Kickstarter for allowing our truth 2 b seen
Was born '75, the year she passed and till I just saw your doc on Moms Mabley I had never known about her-Thx 4 intro 2 her
Whoppi Goldberg's documentary on Moms Mabley was good
Good job on that Moms Mabley documentary We needed to see that. You should be proud.
So Tyler Perry dressed as a old overweight angry out spoken black woman, think he somehow following in Moms Mabley style of comedian??? I say Heck no he dont come close he makes black women and black men all look like back stabbin *** and abusive men and women in relationships. And then he tries to make like he counseling us near the end of the movie like that somehow gonna help me somehow swallow that crapp better. Bro it aint medicine no matter how you dish it out to us...Madea is abusive, and bad for any womans image, let alone black womens image, and not very funny, only funny to people who live that way, like Oprah who had lived with just bad people comingup, and thats why i think she sponsered him, and his type of black humor. She making her own image for black women, ruining all of them today, She glorifying hiding everything it is to be black, but her money, and women trying to keep up with oprah and tyra gone stalk madd. Because they cant afford, to pay to look white everyday of the week with w . ...
I am viewing 1 of the most brilliant works I've ever seen. I'm literally in class right now.I must buy this Moms Mabley
You're insulting Kandi & historical importance of Chitlin Circuit/See Moms Mabley Shame
Moms Mabley... I never got an in-depth character portrayal to satisfy my curiosity. Thank you Whoopi! Curiosity satisfied yet heightened. This woman was fcukn AWESOME! I think I see myself as an elder. Lol... lesser a few lifestyle choices of course.
I just had an opportunity to watch !!! I listened to her records when I was a kid...
Do you remember MOMS MABLEY? On HBO Whoppi Goldberg has a special on her. It was good.
"Everything's gonna be alright. Just because some people stupid, don't say the whole world's wrong." - Moms Mabley
Just finished watching Whoopi Goldberg's documentary on Moms Mabley. Very good. Catch it if you can.
Thank you for the Moms Mabley special. You have given us a great look back on one of my hero's of yesterday as you are today
Just watched HBO special about "MOMS MABLEY" produced by Whoppi Goldberg. I cried.I laughed.I went down memory lane. I remember Moms like it was last year, not 40 years ago. She is one of our "gems". Another thing.nobody even cared back then that she was *** I also remember her singing "Has Anybody Here Seen My Old Friend".Abraham, Martin, John and Bobby.
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Do you Remember; You know that you have been "Blessed with Age" when you remember when you had to turn your TV with pliers and the shows were in Black & White, when watching TV you never saw women in there under clothes, when shows that had children the parents slept in separate beds and when we had records that you had to make sure the needle didn't scratch it and last but not least if you Remember "MOMS MABLEY' then you are truly Blessed! !
Just watched the Moms Mabley documentary on HBO
Thank u for the great film on Moms Mabley. Loved her brought back great memories and hope it wakes this generation up.
>> I just watched the Moms Mabley tribute. I learned so much Black history. Simply awesome. Thank you!
Just finished watching the documentary of Moms Mabley presented by Whoopi Goldberg..well done and very enlightening!!!
it was a documentary on the impact of Jackie "Moms" Mabley by Whoopi Goldberg. She did a lot but is overlooked
Just watched a documentary on Moms Mabley, HBO, what a cool lady !
Great documentary on the life and work of legendary comedienne Moms Mabley on HBO
The trigger joke by Moms Mabley has to be one of the greatest jokes I’ve ever heard. The delivery & punchline fugheddaboutit
I'm watching your documentary about Moms Mabley. It's wonderful.
First time seeing Moms Mabley. Truly great. Thank you
Thank you Moms Mabley😘! Thank you Whoopi Goldberg for all the hard work & dedication in the making of Whoopi Goldberg presents: Moms Mabley
Ok, who remembers Moms Mabley, watching a documentary on her. She was funny!
This is just how my mother is just like Moms Mabley yep yep
Moms Mabley funny lady y am I getting emotional watching her reminds me of my grandma she always told it like it is.miss my grandma
Little Giant Ladders
Ok so who ever hasn't seen the moms Mabley documentary YOU HAVE TO SEE IT its funny as *** and RAW WHOOPIE HAD A GOOD IDEA WITH THIS ONE
MAdea.character remind me of MOMS MABLEY the comedian ...the 1st black woman to do th APOLLO & Carnegie Hall
Thank you Whoopi for introducing me to Moms Mabley love her and u too :)
If you don't know who Moms Mabley is look her up.
Hello woopie Goldberg your Jackie moms mabley show was right on time , I enjoyed it.
Watching the story of Jackie "Moms" Mabley on HBOSG hosted by Whoopi Goldberg--I Highly recommend seeing this for those of you who know who Moms Mabley is
Am watching a documentary on Moms Mabley I loved her do you anybody remember her she was Sooo funny to bad she isn't still here she'd be great today probly fit right in
Just watching Whoopi's HBO special on Moms Mabley. What a talented artist, a pioneer of female and Black comedy. Never knew she was from Brevard, North Carolina!
Watching a documentary about moms mabley on HBO pretty funny so far and very smart
" I don't want nuthin old but some old money... Buy me some new ideas" -Moms Mabley 😄😄
Those of you that remember Moms Mabley...there is a HBO special on about her. We were discussing her and Cab Callaway last week.
Watching the documentary of Moms Mabley she was a funny lady
I'm Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley. TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. Get Rewards.
Haven't seen it yet but I will today at 4:35 pm on HBO Signature -Whopping Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley...!
Thank you Whoopi Goldberg for documenting the life of foremother Moms Mabley. Inspired.
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Young Woman: “I’m in love!” Moms Mabley: “How do you know you are in love?” Young Woman: “I can’t eat, and I can’t sleep.” Moms Mable: “Why darling, you ain’t in love, you’ve got indigestion.” OK, last one. Moms Mabley: “An "Old maid" found a fine young man hiding under her bed.” The "Old Maid" looked down and said to the young man, “What do you want, I hope?”
This Moms Mabley doc tho. She was everything. Amazing black comedian!
Watch Moms Mabley: I Got Somethin' to Tell You (2013) Online Free Full Movie Putlocker. A look at the work and influence of African-American stand-up comedienne, Moms Mabley.
OMG, I just discovered Moms Mabley. Funny lady she was!
Wow, The Ol Skool Kings of Comedy, ... the Only thing Missing is the Queen, the one & only, Moms Mabley!
I'm dragging to work today because our "no kids allowed movie night" turned into a sleep over. We weren't about to drive home at 4am after laughing so hard at DL Hughley, Steve Harvey, Richard Pryor, Red Foxx, Arnez J., Rickey Smiley and Moms Mabley. My sides and abs hurt like I've done a mid-section workout!
I'm legitimately surprised my wife didn't know about Moms Mabley. Early lady comedians are kinda her bailiwick.
Thanks for following Maestro. A Night With Jackie Moms Mabley will be at Widener University February 22.!
stop smoking in bed..remember what MOMS MABLEY said: "The ashes that fall on the floor might be YOU" and it's crazy anyway to underestimate."FIRE".This essential to our being.We play with to our demise.ALL this arson that we're seeing.Proves we're not so worldly wise.Siren--songs are loudly playing.Out a painful--bitter durge.For the bodies that are laying.In the rubble--on the verge.Children striking out with matchbooks.So convenient to their reach.Seem so blameless with their deathlooks.At us--who declined to teach.Careless smoking during bedtime.Makes for fried-flesh 4 alarm.Burning ashes accents our crime.Barren woods devoid of charm.Smoke detectors end this story.They're like our example's: CHEAP."How man LIVED in blazing glory.At least he DIED in his sleep!".LORRY G HALFKENNY (c) 2014
Funny. I'm reading all of the captions in Moms Mabley's voice from "Amazing Grace"
My Mom introduced me to Moms Mabley and she was such a Trailblazer! Strength beyond layers!
The Moms Mabley documentary inspired me to show all my various sides, I can be funny & raunchy but also socially aware & inspiring, I HOPE!
Why do people drive so fast??? Or am I just driving too slow like Moms Mabley? Lol.
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thank you moms Mabley Richard Pryor. George Carlin
Kevin Hart isn't funny to me ---he's just annoying. What's with all the hype? Richard Pryor and Moms Mabley, now that's funny!
One of my Mom’s favorite comediennes was Moms Mabley. She brilliantly incorporated social commentary into her comedy to shine light on social issues in the most disarming way possible. She was on “The Merv Griffin Show” once and told a story about the special name she was called in the South. “What’s that man got that horse in pictures . . . that Western man?” Mabley asked Griffin. “Roy Rogers?” he replied. “They name me Roy Rogers’s horse. . .” “Trigger?” Griffin suggests. “Yeah, everywhere I go, they’re, ‘Hello, Trigger. What you saying, Trigger?’ At least I think that’s what they say.”
AdeRisa Productions recommends: Pioneering African American comedienne Jackie “Moms” Mabley (1894-1975) is the subject of Whoopi Goldberg's documentary, "Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley." (You can find it on HBO). It turns out she was known as "Mister Moms" off the stage. Having *** People of Color histories recovered and documented is critical to our shared legacies, especially when the individuals leave such an indelible mark. This Black female artist was the "first" in many situations and accomplishments. Worth viewing!
I would like to thank Ms. Whoopi Golberg for the piece she did on Moms Mabley. I really hope that she will make a movie of our GREAT ICON. She broke the glass ceiling. Thank you again
Noted theaters on the Chitlin' Circuit included the Royal Peacock in Atlanta; the Carver Theatre in Birmingham, Alabama; the Cotton Club, Small's Paradise and the Apollo Theater in New York City; Robert's Show Lounge, Club DeLisa and the Regal Theatre in Chicago; the Howard Theatre in Washington, D.C.; the Uptown Theatre in Philadelphia; the Royal Theatre in Baltimore; the Fox Theatre in Detroit; the Victory Grill in Austin, Texas; the Hippodrome Theatre in Richmond, Virginia; the Ritz Theatre in Jacksonville, Florida; and The Madam C. J. Walker Theatre on Indiana Avenue in Indianapolis. Many notable performers worked on the chitlin' circuit, including Count Basie, Sam Cooke,Jackie Wilson, George Benson, James Brown & The Famous Flames, Cab Calloway, Ray Charles, Dorothy Dandridge, Sammy Davis, Jr., Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, The Jackson 5, Redd Foxx, Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday, John Lee Hooker, Lena Horne, Etta James, B.B. King, Patti LaBelle, Moms Mabley, The Delfonics, Gladys Knight & the P ...
CHARGE OF THE PHONE GODDESS HUMOR Listen to the words of the Phone Goddess, who in days of old was called Mama Cass, Ma Barker, Moms Mabley, the last of the Red Hot Mamas, and by many other names not mentionable in mixed company. Whenever you have need to make a call, preferably long distance, and better it be when the rates are high, then shall ye assemble your funds in some convenient place to pay me, who am Queen of all Highway Robbery. These ye shall assemble, ye who are fain to bankruptcy yet have not sent me all your earnings. To these shall I send bills as are yet unheard of. Ye shall be free from bank accounts, as a sign that ye be truly free ye shall be naked from my rates. And ye shall sing, talk, shout, trade gossip and love, all at your own expense. Let your fingers do the walking through my yellow pages. Let none stop you or turn you aside, just call information. For mine is the dial tone that opens upon the busy signal of life, which is the princess phone of immorality. Mine is the poverty . ...
This Friday is going to be amazing. Felicia Loud from Black Stax and Soul Senate, Jimmie Herrod Jr. new graduate of Cornish School of the Arts and has been performing throughout Portland and Seattle, and Ms. Josephine Howell who was recently scene as Moms Mabley, is a memeber of the group Radio Raheem and has been in Black Nativity. These wonderful performs will be sharing their pure a'capella sounds this Friday, 7pm at Washington Hall. Hope to see you their.
Happy 123rd Birthday to Ms. Zora Neale Hurston!!! A Phenomenal writer that wrote: Their Eyes Were Watching God, Did a play with Langston Hughes and Moms Mabley and took the world by storm by the poetic way she told stories! Thank you Ms. Hurston for paving the way for Women Writers!!!
Gorgeous Girls, always keep that easy pop on hair or scarf, made up face, smell good, tasteful throw on outfit to make a short trip to the store etc. The day you don't, you will run into everybody in the store. And you are dressed like Moms Mabley! lol lol.That was an everlasting impression! And scarey Make the under cover private investigator escape.make it home and then repent...Maybe they didn't even know who you were??? lol lol Help us Lord!
Up bright and early to give Myrtle a bath and do something to her hair so she can stop looking like she takes fashion cues from Crooklyn and Moms Mabley
Moms Mabley deserves a main stream movie
this Moms Mabley doc man. pheww no words. thanks Whoopi.
"I was there, baby, I was there." Finally getting a chance to see Whoopi Goldberg's documentary on Moms Mabley. So much I didn't realize. Good stuff. You should see it.
Saturday cleaning and watching the Moms Mabley documentary
I just finished watching the documentary Whoopie did about Moms Mabley. It was fantastic! If you get a chance to watch it on HBO before it expires on Jan. 6, you will not be disappointed.
Need something to do today? Check out the Moms Mabley documentary by Whoopi Goldberg; it's worth watching
Listening to an old comedy record of Moms Mabley (At the UN) with paint brush in hand. Laughing so hard getting paint on everything except the canvas!
FRIDAY: Whoopi Goldberg dishes about her co-hosts on The View and tells Wendy about her must-see HBO documentary about the legendary Moms Mabley!
Whoopi Goldberg brings her passion for comedy and American history to life through the story of Moms Mabley. Whoopi discusses her project "Whoopi Goldberg Pr...
Does anyone have any makeup tips to make a friend look a little less like Moms Mabley?
Just watched the HBO documentary about Moms Mabley. Thank you Whoopi Goldberg for dusting and rekindling a part of history that was either forgotten or overlooked for decades. If you have HBO you've got to see it.
DVR Alert!! Whoopi Goldberg discusses her HBO Documentary about Moms Mabley on the Wendy Williams Show Midnight on BET.
Yo-check out the HBO Documentary "Moms Mabley" by Whoopi Goldberg. In an hour you'll get a little history lesson, a lot of funnies and a deep respect for Moms Mabley.
St. Peter asks Joe how come you died and came to heaven Joe says "I had seenus trouble" St Peter says " you mean sinus trouble, dont you?" Joe says "No, seenus trouble, I was coming out of the hotel with my girlfriend and my wife seenus" Moms Mabley
You know you are old when you remember who Moms Mabley was!!!
Whoopi Goldberg is set to bring the hilarious and iconic comedienne Moms Mabley to life in a highly anticipated HBO documentary, Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley, premiering in November. The bu...
So Whoopi Goldberg is taking about her Moms Mabley documentary, and she mentioned listening to her albums...I haven't listened to a comedy album since I was probably ten yrs old. My mom used to always listen to comedy albums...I forgot all about it. Somebody shoulda handed my mom a Mic...LOL
Some of the greatest pioneers of the world were *** Did you know Moms Mabley was *** We aren't only *** we are torch carriers.Its being passed to our generation . Are we worthy of its retention ?
"He was so ugly he had a job at a doctor's office standing outside making people sick" - Moms Mabley
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Been watching Antenna TV on my new TV - all the old sitcoms we used to watch. Watching Good Times while I ate (not one of my faves, it's a derivative of a derivative.) but still once in awhile has some funny stuff. J.J. was going to paint a gorgeous girl in his class - he told her "when I get through with you you'll make the Mona Lisa look like Moms Mabley without her teeth." Took me a long time to stop laughing at that!
Whoppi Goldberg is doing a documentary on Moms Mabley…I have to see that
Wow watching this documentary on Moms Mabley by Whoppie Goldberg Just amazing!
"Offstage Moms Mabley is a striking figure in tailored slacks, matching sports shirt, Italian shoes, horn-rimmed glasses - and teeth. She looks utterly sophisticated. Onstage, however, is a different story. She creates the impression that the theater cleaning woman has...
Watching the documentary on Moms Mabley this is very interesting she was a trailblazer.
I love documentaries. Moms Mabley was an interesting lady
I just watched the documentary Whoopi Goldberg produced about comedian Moms Mabley before there was whoopi joan or Lucy there was Moms it was a very good and well made documentary and moms was an inspiration for young *** or just women in general
Moms Mabley got me home safely and in time to watch South Carolina beat Wisconsin. A great start for the New Year...
Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley” is a documentary recalling the influential and groundbreaking comic whose career was largely unfilmed.
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Traveling through the decades with Griff. Started out looking for an old Dean Martin tune, wandered into Andy Williams, followed by Dion, Moms Mabley, Flip Wilson, Steve Lawrence, The Lettermen, and ending up with The Buckinghams, The Grass Roots, Gary Puckett and the Union Gap and the Neon Philharmonic. What memories I dust off when I go reliving my past.
That Moms Mabley documentary on HBO was great! Good job Whoopi!
List ten albums that have stayed with you in some way. Don't take more than a couple of minutes to think about it. Tag me and 9 others so I can see your list--OH BOY--JUST TEN? with Ross J. Fleming 1. Dance Party--Martha and the Vandellas 3. More Hits By The Supremes--the Supremes/Going to A Go Go--The Miracles... 4. The Pink Album--The Marvelettes 5. Anything by Billie Holiday 6. At The Play Boy Club--Moms Mabley--but all of her albums 7. That NiCrazy--Richard Pryor 8. The Temptin Temptations--the Temptations/Gettin' Ready--the Temptations 9. Four Tops Second Album--the Four Tops/On Top--the four Tops 10. Any Earth Wind And Fire--early albums
Listening to these old comics (Moms Mabley, Redd Foxx, Pigmeat Markham) on youtube got me hollin' up in here.
Watching Whoopi Goldberg presents Moms Mabley. Amazing woman..This lady was born in Bervard North Carolina..She told it like it was.
Watching Whoopi Goldberg presents Moms Mabley. HBO has the best documentaries.
Just watched "Whoopi Goldberg presents Moms Mabley". Such a great story. Thanks for sharing Check it out on ❤️󾁓
I'm the Greatest Comedian who ever lived do you people know what that means when I die there will be no one else I'm the Father of Sociology I put a face on Sociology I'm going to learn you about respect because all the anger that's inside me is from Pimmp C, Charlie Chaplin, Cornel west, Tavis Smiley, Richard Nixon, Tyrone Brown, Ronald Regan, Gerald Ford, Moms Mabley, George Carlin, Richard Pyror oh and Sam Kinison and Sam is really mad so I'm going unleash all that anger when I get on that stage at the age of 30 I'm going to a special every 10 years to see what kind of changes I see I'm done playing the nice guy.
Lenny Bruce, Bill Cosby, Redd Foxx and Moms Mabley, George Carlin, *** Gregory and Richard Pryor. My childhood. The comics of my childhood. There would be no Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Will Smith, Chris Tucker, Ellen Degeneres, Steve Harvey, Wanda Sykes and the list goes on. Not without these great ones
One of the greatest... (he's probably partying with Redd Foxx, Moms Mabley, and George Carlin, three other greats)
Spent the evening being introduced to Moms Mabley by Whoopi Goldberg. I didn't know about her until recently. I was surprised that my parents didn't have any of her albums. Thinking about it, Moms Mabley reminded me of my maternal grandmother, who was a mix of Moms and Redd Foxx. Maybe that's why dad didn't keep any of her stuff around. :)
I want to acknowledge a really impressive documentary that is showing on HBO until January; Moms Mabley. In the far, far glimmers of my memory, I remember seeing this comedienne on something like Mike Douglas or Merv Griffin, but the documentary blew me away - not just who she was, but what she did and how she was able to do it. By dressing like a goofy, non- threatening old lady, she was able to sneak some hard truths by the shields of those who didn't want to acknowledge the realities of the day. Give it a, look, you'll thank me.
In remembrance of the life of JFK. . Moms Mabley - "Abraham, Martin & John" (Merv Griffin Show 1969)
Moms Mabley was a comedienne on the Chitlin circuit of the '30s and '40s but by the '60s she had played Carnegie Hall. In the summer of 1969 she became the oldest person in history to have a hit song in the Top 40. Here she gives a very moving performance of that song, "Abraham, Martin & John." Merv Griffin had over 5000 guests appear on his show from 1963-1986.
Why can't the World (America) be Sweet, Kind, Innocent, and help Out Other Children - Adults and the ones, who can not make it in this World - Without a HandOut! We are all God's Children. My mother had (12) Children and a husband to take care of. As well as Relatives / Friends / Stranger's. And, she made Everything work Out with tons of Hugs/ Smiles and Blankets/Beds to Share. Hopefully, more people in the World will be like my Darling mother (Beulah+ My Darling Father (Burnett). Who helped out lots of People. Mom was so creative, when it came to making food (Beans/Corn Bread - Potatoe Sandwiches. To allow our food to keep our stomaches full for a couple of days. Kool Aid. Hopefully, someone will help me write my book. Like Moms Mabley during the 1950's. What a Grand Character. Always a Smile On Her Face.
Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley On HBO Still plenty of dates left to catch this
I'm watching 'Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley' via this is a good one to see...
.Moms Mabley is a terrific docu, not so much about Moms' life but her legacy & style—and about comedy and race in America
I watched the Moms Mabley HBO Documentary w/Whoopi Goldberg. Excellent! I, remember watching Moms as a kid on Flip Wilson's showMabley
Moms Mabley documentary on HBO recalls days of the chitlin' circuit
I remember Moms Mabley, Redd Foxx, and Lenny Bruce albums as forbidden fruit when I was a kid. Had to sneak around and not get caught.
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Thank you for introducing me to the late great comedian Moms Mabley!! All I can say is thank you.
Last night I watched two specials y'all should catch... Moms Mabley and Mike Tyson. Good stuff.
Don't miss this! My granddad introduced me as a young boy to Mom's Mabley backstage. We instantly hit it off... http…
Watch Whoopi Goldberg presents Moms Mabley. You have been influenced by her without even knowing it.
Watching the Moms Mabley documentary. "I don't want nothin' old but some money!"
Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley Congratulations to Hull is a documenta...
OMG Moms Mabley I had no idea. She is/was so funny.. Thank u Whoopi for the enlightenment. I loved the special.
Whoopi's documentary on Moms Mabley was really interesting! Lot of stuff, I never knew.
Deceptive genius: Moms Mabley changed the world as a comic and as a black woman
OMG, enjoyed your special on Moms Mabley brought back so many memories.
Saw an excellent HBO biography of Moms Mabley (those around my age remember her as the old black comedienne with no teeth on the Merv Griffin and Mike Douglas shows). She was a much, much more significant personality, especially in terms of civil rights progress, than I thought. I tuned in out of nostalgia; I came away quite impressed.
, Just watched Moms Mabley wonderful ! Carried me back to my childhood . Thank You for that!
I couldn't sleep last night and ended up binge watching HBO Documentary Specials. Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley was really inspirational.She was a woman. She was black. She was openly *** She was born in 1897...barely 20 years after slavery ended...and she was ALWAYS working.making $10,000 a week! I know performers who would be happy to make that TODAY! Truly Truly a trailblazer.and I'm not gonna lie. Mike Tyson genuinely genuinely touched my spirit with his raw honesty.I just wanted to give him a hug at the end. Praying for him. You know...Industry friends aren't always "In The Street" Shoutout to Spike Lee for being both.for visiting Mike Tyson in prison everyday and for giving him a platform from which to tell his story.
Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley is a documentary recallin...
MT My piece on Whoopi Goldberg's fabulous Moms Mabley doc & Mike Tyson's vengeful one-man show:
Moms Mabley's documentary is on HBO this month. It is a must see for comedians. kudos to
is Jackie "Moms" Mabley. The first Black woman to do stand up in Harlem at the Apollo and many…
/TY! My parents played Moms Mabley's records for their house parties; I wasn't supposed to listen, but I did.
Loved your Moms Mabley show, but did not need to know her lifestyle. I have two of the albums mentioned.
If you missed it like I did the Whoopi Goldberg presents Moms Mabley documentary reairs tonight in HBO2 at 8pm EST. I wasn't old enough to listen to her comedy routines but my mom & family often repeated the cleaner parts. I am so looking forward to seeing this.
"Moms Mabley" via Worth seeing, esp after Comedy 101 lesson in beginning. Funny and fascinating performer.
I use to sneak and listen to my Granny's Moms Mabley records ... the documentary was Epic!
Saw clips from Moms Mabley documentary, brings back memories. Thanks Whoopi!
I remember watching Moms Mabley as a kid on The Smother's Brothers, can't wait to watch your show on
Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley” is the affectionate and informative documentary about pioneering stand-up comic Loretta May Aiken who became known as Jackie “Moms” Mabley. Rising up from the so-called…
Just got off the phone with my mom, talking about moms mabley.. never heard of her before... Quite enlightened
A man shows up at the Pearly Gates. St. Peter says "why are you here?" The man said I had "Seenus" trouble. Peter says "You mean "Sinus" trouble. The man said, "No, I had Seenus Trouble." Peter says, Sir, you mean Sinus trouble. He said, "No sir. I went to the hotel with this man's wife and he seen us and now I'm here." - Moms Mabley (y'all got to see the Whoopi Goldberg Presents Mom Mabley special on HBO . . . WOW!!!)
Wow moms Mabley was *** Crazy thing is it helped her career. Wow I'm speechless.
Monday at 9, Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley, a tribute to the pioneering comedienne.
Anybody watching the Moms Mabley special documentary on HBO?
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Did anyone see Whoopi Goldberg's fabulous HBO documentary on Moms Mabley, last night?
On, learn about the life and career of Moms Mabley, a pioneering 20th century comedian who paved the way for future African-American and female performers.
Appreciative of the effort but ultimately disappointed with Moms Mabley documentary. Still have no clue who she really was off stage. Wonder why they didn't delve deeper there; not just brush at surface. Seems like there was 30 minutes missing.
Happily repeats. Didn't post immediately b/c I was HBO event last night. film about Moms Mabley
Moms Mabley made us play the comedy game her way, and Whoopi Goldberg’s affectionate documentary shows how we all came out winners.
Bravo to Whoopi Goldberg for producing an excellent documentary on "Moms Mabley" She was a Trail blazer !! you can catch it on HBO on Demand !! Treat yourself !
watched a documentary about Moms Mabley produced and directed by Whoopi Goldberg feat Sidney Poitier Bill Cosby n...
I miss the days when life was filled with Spike Lee films and overalls with the one strap unbuttoned and LA Gear sneakers with the little pump on the top and the flashing lights on the bottom and the waiting (dollar in hand) for the elotes Lady to come down the street with her shopping cart. I miss the dancing with Mommy, barefoot on the front lawn, to Beres Hammond, Smokey Robinson, Celia Cruz, The Temptations and Pattie Labelle. I miss riding handle bars and double dutch and popping bubble gum bubbles on our noses and sitting/crying between Mommy's knees while she did her best to tame this hair of mine and beads on the ends of my braids. I also miss hole in the wall Fish and Chicken joints and Erykah Badu in the summertime and Rollie Pollie bugs and pet Praying Mantises. I miss Hide and Seek at block parties and laying my head in Mommy's lap while she read Maya Angelou, Malcolm X, Nikki Giovanni and Toni Morrison to me. I miss laughing so hard at Richard Pryor and Moms Mabley when I was too young to und ...
Moms Mabley! B4 there was Eddie Murphy..b4 there was Redd Foxx..b4 there was Richard Pryor there was Mom!
Great work from Whoopi Goldberg in putting together the Moms Mabley documentary. Glad my dad made sure I had a deep appreciation for Moms Mabley, Pigmeat Markham, Amos and Andy, and so many others growing up.
Whoopi produced a great show on MOMS MABLEY shown on HBO this evening. One of the funniest comediennes who with perfect timing and wit got messages of the times to the populace in a way that was understood and powerful. All of this without a cuss word. Now that's entertainment. A class act!.
Watching a documentary on Moms Mabley hosted by Whoopi Goldberg on HBO. Amazing woman who overcame her times.
Just finished watching a wonderful special about Moms Mabley. I never understood what a pioneer she was. I just thought she was a funny old lady with no teeth. I adored her as a kid. My respect for her now that it's all been put into context is huge! What an amazing, funny loveable woman . I'm so glad she was a part of my childhood.
Just watched Whoopi Goldberg's very interesting documentary on Moms Mabley. I learned a lot about Moms that I didn't know.
hey everybody you must watch the HBO doc on Moms Mabley. Especially if you have never heard of her
Whoopie Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley. I loved to hear my Mom and aunties repeat those jokes when they thought we weren't listening.
Watching the special on Moms Mabley on HBO. She just said, "If you see me with my arms around an old man, I'm holding him for the police" 󾌳󾌳
When i was a kid, my mom got me to like a very funny/drty lady named "Moms Mabley". if you are under 50, you won't know who she is. rumor was Whoopi Goldberg was going to play her on B'way. istead she did a documentry on her. tonite 9pm HBO. for those who need to have some good laughs.
Tonight on HBO a docu about Moms Mabley.9pm
What to Watch Monday: Mom's Off the Wagon, a Dancing Fave Returns, Almost Human and More On TV this Monday: Christy’s Mom needs helps, 2 guest stars get cooking on Broke Girls, Almost Human continues, The Voice moves forward with the Top 10 and Castle is twin piqued. As a supplement to TVLine’s original features (linked within), here are 10 programs to keep on your radar. 8 pm Almost Human (Fox) | John and Dorian investigate a murder and high-profile missing persons case that draw them into the world of Intimate Robot Companions… also known as sexbots. O-kay. 8 pm Dancing With the Stars (ABC) | Former Dancing pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy returns as a guest judge, as the couples perform to two versions of the same song…. for reasons that I don’t understand at all. 8:30 pm 2 Broke Girls (CBS) | Max decides to apply to the Manhattan School of Pastry; Switched at Birth’s Gilles Marini and 24 alum Mary Lynn Rajskub guest-star. 9 pm The Voice (NBC) | Special time! The Top 10 perform live, taunting “Red ...
My Moms Mabley documentary premieres tonight on HBO at 9:00 PM. I hope you check it out if you can. Thanks! First time I directed.
Okay, I'll play: Ten things you don’t know about me: 1. I have tinnitus (and it's getting worse). 2. For two years in the 1980s I was a born-again Christian. 3. I think Forrest Whitaker is the best actor since Marlon Brando. 4. I still listen to the Moody Blues. 5. I entered college with the intention of becoming a Jesuit. 6. One of the reasons I gave my son the name I did was because it is the name of the funniest book in the Bible. 7. I once cussed out a nun (and yes, she deserved it and much more) 8. Sometimes, late at night, I watch Gilligan’s Island. 9. I believe Jackie Mason, Shecky Greene, Flip Wilson, Redd Foxx, and Moms Mabley were infinitely more talented and important to stand-up than Eddie Murphy, Katt Williams, Dane Cook, Janine Garofalo, and Margaret Cho. 10. I was named after my illegitimate grandfather.
I have laughed so hard this evening, saw the screening of Whoopi Goldberg Moms Mabley. What a amazing woman she was. Interviews with Bill Cosby, Anne Meara,Geo Schlatter, Harry Belafonte among others, and clips from her performances made for great entertainment. Will premier on HBO Monday Nov 19th. Be sure to tune in. Those HBO folks sure know how to put on a party, they had a reception after the bar...did I say open bar? and a wonderful assortment of tasty delights. Myra J (TJMS) was present and spoke a few words. Next screening was Steve Harvey"Grand Finale" this is to be his final stand up performance. I was falling out of the seat laughing. This was his best ever. Bronze Lens Film Festival.On Sunday they will have 2 screenings sponsored by the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. I will be there as well. The grand Finale will be Best Man Holiday on Sunday evening... I am clutching the passes in my hot little hands...even as we speak. Loving life right about now.
At Sylvia's eating with the likes of Phylicia Rashad, Jerry Stiller, Andre Holland for Whoopi Goldberg's afterparty for HBO doc Moms Mabley
Jackie Moms Mabley-ALL COMICS should know her-ESPECIALLY women comics and ESPECIALLY (SQUARED) if your face is brown!
Whoopi Goldberg’s documentary on late comedian Moms Mabley can now say what was kept silent when she was doing her pioneering work — that Moms was a ***
My chat w/ Ana Gasteyer was bumped to 5:30. Time to start prepping for a quick phoner w/ Whoopi Goldberg at 3:20 about her Moms Mabley doc.
What bothers me about a lot of young black people as well as people who are not black but feel like they have a VIP membership to the club because they have a black boyfriend or got knocked up with a black child is that they are not even educated in their own culture but they front like they are. They listen to awful regurgitated hip hop by artists like Lil Wayne and Drake, but know nothing of the words of Nikki Giovanni. They watch Tyler Perry movies, but have never heard of Moms Mabley of who the humor was stolen from. They vote for Barack Obama simply because they want a black president, but they have no idea of the endless legislation passed by Lyndon Johnson for civil rights in the 60's. I'm just saying, know what it's about before you try to act black and proud...
blog piece about Moms Mabley. I remember watching her on the Merv Griffin show in the '6os.
THE HAPPY SAD, INTERIOR LEATHER BAR and the Moms Mabley doc are must sees at Reeling. And LUDWIG II sounds like a Derek Jarman movie, so yes
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lol awww thanks...its a combination of Mad Dog 20/2o Redd Foxx and Moms Mabley!! Lol blaming them on the behavior.
Let's imagine worse Batmen: Joel Rifkin, Moms Mabley, all Arquettes merged into one being, a headless pygmy puppeted with marionette strings
I have now been called Moms Mabley 8 times in the past 72 hours. I will take this as a compliment.
Don't forget Bill y'all don't know bout Moms Mabley
Hitler was also a fan of perms and Moms Mabley.
*** Van *** survived his Jaguar burning to a crisp today, making it the hottest black thing he's pulled out of since Moms Mabley.
Moms Mabley got somethin' to tell you! Photobombed by Nina Simone! @ Som Records
Pelosi is looking like a white Moms Mabley except I liked Moms, she had a brain & didn't do Botox!. Sorry Kids, you'll have to Google her.
I'm listening to The Funniest Woman In The World by Moms Mabley on Pandora
TYLER. THIS IS GOD¡ Sicke im moms mabley wit a gotdam weave jump out dem pants go the *** on & git Ma to the dam DEA. I NEED
Im like Moms Mabley *Im gonna get a pair of pliers and fix her voice*...whew... I cant Jesus. *turns away*
Moms Mabley, Big Mama Thornton and other black artists whose art was jacked by white artists
Just saw "The Particle Board Nightstand," starring Larry Storch and Moms Mabley, based on the life of Sylvia Plath. Directed by Cassavetes?
Yeah made me laugh. Like whn Moms Mabley in 60's said the Chinese name their kids from sounds by dropping silverware on floor.
Tamika Campbell invites you to join her in an enactment of the women that inspired her, that form the woman and the performer she aspires to be. ''The Dream Ticket'' is a cabaret where Ms. Campbell brings the songs and personalities of some of history's most fabulous and influential women to life. She will portray the classy yet sassy Pearl Bailey, bring to life the wisdom of Moms Mabley, wow you as the outspoken Eartha Kitt and keep it real as the beloved Whoopi Goldberg. A show that will make you laugh, tug at the heart strings, accompanied by music that you can not only hear, but feel, this show is not to be missed.
jump blues on the radio - Moms Mabley and Pearl Bailey - Saturday Night Fish Fry. now that's col.
How many y'all FB dinosaurs remember Moms Mabley?
"He was so ugly he had to sneak up on a glass to get a drink of water?" ~Moms Mabley (1894-1975)
Time to come down from the celluloid high that is the Provincetown International Film Festival - 16 movies, 4 breakfast seminars, several parties, lots of great meals and so many terrific people! Managed to see the new Almodovar, the upcoming release LOVELACE, solid documentaries about Moms Mabley, Gore Vidal, and Divine, and so much more. Met several of the directors, and had a chance for a brief conversation with Brian DePalma. And a big shout out to the volunteers and staff who pull of this 5-day gem - especially Gabby Hanna!
I so miss Robin Harris and his jokes. That man was funny. Every time we do a road trip I'd make sure I take his Bey-Bey's Kids along with Red Fox, Richard Pryor, Rudy Ray and Moms Mabley for our listening pleasure. We don't die, we multiply!
I've gleaned great lessons from some of the dirtiest places taught by some of the nastiest cats. I believed we all have been given a particular amount of tolerance fit for our journey. So I won't knock you for being soft on a subject if you'll agree that I may be in a position I can handle. I thank the LORD for Moms Mabley, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Cheech n Chong, Louis CK, Bill Burr, Pee Wee Herman, Paul Mooney, Howard Stern, Joan Rivers, Harold n Kumar, Twinz of Twinz and Stephen Wright to name a few. Sense of humor is a fruit of the Spirit. I believe coarse joking and foul language is in the eye of the beholder. Whats for me may not be for my wife and kids. Don't make none better than the other just different. VIVA LA DIFFERONCE
BIG FISH PRODUCTIONS/James Prez Carter: seeing actors for new play: I GOT THE LAST LAUGH (Inspired by the Life and Times of Jackie “Moms” Mabley). Audition: Monday, June 3rd,2013 5-8 PM, (possible callback between 8-9 PM the same evening). 260 West 36th Street, 3rd Floor. 36th Street Studios in Studio AFemale: plays Moms Mabley as stand-up comic from age 50-80. Must have familiarity with comic style and delivery of Moms Mabley. Some singing. Caucasian Male: experienced journalist interviewing Moms in her last days for biography. Approximate age, 27-37; serious, sensitive, astute. AEA and non-union actors.(This is a paying job) Rehearsals begin in July will run weekends Fri,Sat (2 shows),Sun, 2013 Bring pic and resume, or email to jcarter891 Audition reading from script.sing a ballad/uptempo(show the best first verse to 1st hook) /also light movements -staging by Ted Louis Levy Director: Mikell Pinkney
Just saw doc about first female comedian Moms Mabley. Amazing, hysterical, touching. A must see !!
Moms Mabley: "You only supposed to speak good of the dead. He dead. Good."
loved your interpretation of Moms Mabley! My mom still quotes one of her favorite sayings!Love you shining light on her life
Another great story coming out of Whoopi Goldberg Talks Moms Mabley, Female Comedians
Looks like some great films are premiering at Tribeca this week. Looks like HBO scooped that Moms Mabley doc.
“Moms Mabley has been a huge inspiration to me and so many others..." (via
Thank U for the tribute to Moms Mabley, the walking joke made me recall my grandma playing Moms "records" & LOL!
Chatted with Whoopi Goldberg about her Moms Mabley doc at
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I love Whoopi Goldberg. She's directed her first feature, a documentary on Moms Mabley. Excited I can see it on...
I want to hangout with I love her & the fact that she's made a movie about Moms Mabley. Woohoo,
Congrats to for her film on Pioneer Comedian "Moms Mabley"! Now showing at the TBFF in NY. Picked up by
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