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Mom Jeans

Mom jeans is a humorously pejorative term for a specific type of fit of women's jeans, considered to be both unfashionable, and unflattering to the wearer's bodyshape.

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Very rare, mom jeans on her derriere
I dunno what makes me more of a mum, the fact that I'm wearing mom jeans or the fact that I'm telling my friends off for tal…
i enjoyed the Mom Jeans Reboot when you took Crow to the railroad park.
my mom wasn't even mad I bought clothes. πŸ˜‚ she just asked my I didn't buy jeans while I was at it bro my mom is cool
"I don't wanna be a mom who wears Mom jeans" -
Rick Owens fw 2018 has male mom jeans im calling this occasion at 24:01 on a sunday
I'm just tryna make it okay for cis gendered white men to rock these mom jeans
Sometimes my mom can be a pain but she always looking out that's my *** πŸ’ͺ🏾
My mom left me in charge of the cake for my graduation party
Never realized how comfortable mom jeans areπŸ’–
Buying a pair of mom jeans at the thrift store is one of the best decisions I've ever made.
Guys I went to goodwill and I found the best mom jeans ever. It was new like who would ever throw out such a gem wowza
I'm at the mall and I just left my mom and sisters because she didn't buy me jeans
Me: mom does my butt look big in these jeans?. Mom: si mucho mucho
tbh I feel like mom jeans can only be pulled off by curvy girls and it makes me jealous
My mom asked what kinda jeans are those and I was like distressed, like my life
"mom can I wear high waisted jeans & my bralette?" . mom- "ur nips will show" . "free the nipnops and what not ya feel?"
I know you must hear this often but you really are pulling off those mom jeans
lol I miss yelling at my mom for wearing my jeans and rockin them better than I would
Mom: we're going to eat. Don't get cute, it's okay to look homeless. Me: *makes cardboard sign, grows beard, wears holy jeans & wife beater*
once I was folding clothes and I "whipped" some jeans and my mom thought I was doing this behind her back and I got whooped
rolled my jeans up so I could look less dykey for my mom πŸ™„ she say something about every outfit I put on
I watched Sansa Stark slay in mom jeans today. Awkward.
And by mom jeans, we mean yoga pants.
Security: "ma'am your child is in the gorilla pit!". Mom: "well.. The God I serve doesn't make mistakes"
Now the real question is would I look good in mom jeans...
I love when my mom makes me do the laundry with all the jeans I just found $5s :)
I'm going to Disneyland tomorrow...Which shirt should I wear with my mom jeans?
My mom is about to get remarried and Chad said "yeah we went from Prom dresses to jeans with some cowboy boots." πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
when ur butt looks A1 in jeans but your mom makes you wear a shirt to cover it
please. As if you ever got out of those mom jeans. .
I knew I should have bring jeans with me . It's kinda chilly today πŸ™„ no I got on freaking high waisted shorts . My mom is annoying
I have black turtlenecks and mom jeans galore. I'm not ready for heat, ever.
I like my irl friends but sometimes the things they talk about is unnecessary, like why do you care that she wants mom jeans ? πŸ‘€
This is another reason I don't like wearing jeans
Not even going to lie, maternity jeans are comfy AF
My mom is wearing heels & a leather jacket and I'm wearing jeans & my snuggie
I'm wearing the shorts equivalent of mom jeans
Found some clothes from high school at my mom's, and my favorite jeans were too big. Go me. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸΌ
My mom made tamales today so that means my jeans will remain unbuttoned for the rest of the day
Seattle in a nutshell:. Spyro Gyra (the Mannheim Steamroller of Mom Jeans of Smooth Jazz) were highly recommended tonight, over my show.
Someone call the White House so they post a strongly worded hashtag on FB. Yeah it's that bad. O, aka Mom Jeans is not feared.
Tina Fey is a goddess. SNL circa 2003, the hilarious "Mom Jeans" with Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, and Maya Rudolph:
I'd be excited if I knew it was going to feature a-Mom Jeans, b-Sam Elliot and c-A monster truck
My sister's jeans fit my mom, my mom's jeans fit me, but my sister's jeans don't fit me? I don't get it
The scene phase, hot dogs, mom jeans, and please don't forget furries!!
Check out H&M Denim Mom Jeans Size 10 BNWT for these jeans, great for autumn
Admittedly I've never been very good at mwth, but I'm pretty sure that Walmart + holidays + women vn mom jeans stuffed in Ugg boots = ***
Mom: "no more black jeans, or jeans with holes". Me: *finds the darkest blue jeans ever* *keeps them folded so she can't see the rips*
One of my biggest fears is to be a mom under 25 that wears running shoes with boot cut jeans 😟
My mom is making me wear normal jeans without holes. Ew this day ***
mom spoiled me today 😍 express jeans , a bunch of stuff from VS , two dresses , and a new back pack 😍I love my parents
mom refuses to wash GBH patched jeans
My mom just threw away my jeans with 3 massive holes in them. RIP in pieces. Cry.
My mom asked me if I was trying to learn to twerk when I was stretching out my skinny jeans today...
"1988 Mariah Carey hair. Very rare, mom jeans on her derriere"
People joke about mom jeans. A dad in denim is comparable.
I'll be a crazy mom with my mom jeans and vintage cardigans at all the PTA meetings tf 😎 all for little jimmy
Got up from my corner to go to the br. mom jeans are sexy af or gawkworthy. I got dem double takes all the way there. Either way, *hairflip
I'm so thankful I have enough smarts not to wear mom jeans.
I've become that cliche mom who starts her day with coffee and ends it with wine. Might as well get some high waisted jeans now.
Tbh, it's probably not the mom jeans but the fact I'm sitting in a corner because I had tbell AND McDonalds otw here. Haiboyz
If I had a dollar for every time my mom told me I should "dress feminine" I could buy all the boyfriend jeans/white tshirt…
They get ipad *shopping for obama's mom jeans, but now what?
Reba mentioned how stupid the high waisted shorts and mom jeans are on girls the other night
The mom jean is getting a decidedly Hollywood makeover courtesy of this A-list crowd:
Left the house in mom jeans with the intent of grocery shopping. I somehow ended up at a club in Stillwater. Mom jeans = dbag repellent πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
DJ khaled's full name is Khaled ibn Abdul Khaled, so basically his name is Khaled Khaled. when his mom named him, he was lik…
I was wearing a thick *** pair of jeans and my mom was like I CAN SEE YR HIP BONES and I was like? No they're not there
Mom I can wear ripped jeans to church its fashion Jesus will understand
I'll report the selfie you posted in your mom-jeans as inappropriate, IDGAF.
. mom- "where are those new jeans I just bought you?". Me- "dads.". Mom- "well why are the over…
ive only had one pair of jeans for like 5 years and my mom finally got me another so now I have 2 pairs of black jeans
my mom is gorgeous but I ended up with Jay-Z's crusty jeans
My mom: Okay I think I'm missing something here. These jeans are skin tight, too short and filled with rips yet they're $300?
Sometimes it's hard to see improvement in the world, but in the 1970s, *** Van *** was forced to wear Mom jeans.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
It took a feckless media too many years but the emperor may have finally gone from wearing Mom Jeans to having no clothes.
my mom managed to shrink my favorite school appropriate skirt in the washing machine...looks like now I legit will be wearing jeans everyday
My mom should buy me new shirts and skinny jeans
"I didn't think I could seduce someone in my mom jeans" -
Why my mom tryna wear my jeans, let me escort you to your own closet boobio😊
Unsolved Mysteries should really just be entitled "Amazing Reenactments Featuring Bizzonkerz 80's Fashion and Mom Jeans."
Wearing his Mom Jeans and riding his bike like Pee Wee Herman!
My mother dressed up in "mom jeans" for Halloween. I'm not sure there was a difference from any other day..
My mom bought Hollister jeans ... lol
*watching a commercial where women's jeans are measured with encouraging words, not numbers* Mom says yours would be "baby got back" πŸ‘Œ
My mom surprised me w. 5 new pairs of hollister Jeans πŸ’˜
I'm running all over my house looking for my favorite jeans and my mom gets home and is wearing them
My mom dropped 40lbs and bought her first pair of skinny jeans today since probably the nineties. So proud of her honestly πŸ’•
I thought my mom was on point about laundry so I went to look for my jeans but it's still in the washer 😭
Some people have no business wearing low rise jeans. If your *** crack hangs out just while standing up? Yep...that's not how they are suppose to fit. Go back to mom jeans...for real.
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10 Ways to Feel More Like a Woman and Less Like a Mom
If my mom don't stop telling me that my jeans are too tight 😭😩
My mom will spend 100$ on leather boots but she won't buy me pants when I literally don't own a single pair of jeans that are long enough
My mom has something against ripped jeans lol
My mom trynna change who I am, like let me wear my skinny jeans!
I wanted new jeans so my mom buys them from p.s. aero... Ok πŸ‘Ά
I found the cutest jeans in h&m but I didn't wanna make my mom pay so I didn't get them but😻😩
I told my mom I've been wearing joggers out and she immediately sent me money and told me to go buy jeans πŸ˜‚
I feel the same way with mom jeans I can do anything and all my stuff can go right in one pocket
I'm wearing mom jeans again like I can't stop I've gotten used to having pockets and I'm not ready for them to be taken away
Mom have you seen my Hollister jeans?
My dad took my mom to the mall to buy jeans and ended up surprising her with the David Yurman Starburst necklace
Blue jeans and white t-shirts costume, as promised. My mom said I looked like a butch *** :'(
My mom went from a 15 to a 7 in jeans πŸ‘πŸ˜³
"If there are mom jeans, are Wranglers dad jeans?" - my daughter
I swore I wouldn't let beloit fashion trends get to me, but here I am buying mom jeans from a thrift store
My mom made me change my ripped jeans to blue jeans ig I'm too punk rock for my family
Mom got me my first pair of American Eagle Jeans. Good day
If you're Rockn mom jeans, don't head to another restaurant or mall. Head to the hills. They're waitn 4 ya
My mom actually has my jeans on right now so KMS
Made my mom pull my jeans up cuz I just did my nails. Yeah that happened.
In way more positive and exciting news I finally ordered mom jeans and I have never felt so 90's american
Asked my mom for clothing advice and she said 'nothing too much, a classy sweater/long sleeved shirt, jeans, and a fur vest.'. YES EDY, PERF
I tried on my new jeans and my mom was like ooh booty poppin lol what
These jeans make me look skinny but give me a mom butt what is even the point
My mom childish for selling her miss me jeans
Bought a pair of mom jeans and I look like a sack of potatoes in them, YAY!
At what point in life is it acceptable for me to give in to mom jeans and cake?
I want a picture of him wearing mom jeans
Did you whip out those amazing mom jeans?!
Do these mom jeans make me look like a slave to ungrateful little humans that came out of my womb?. Great. I'll take 4 pa…
My mom's making me do Zumba in jeans & Toms πŸ˜’
well now I know why my mom always wants to do my laundry when I'm home. just found about $70 total in all my jeans.
when you find out that Kayson was wearing his mom's actual jeans πŸ˜‚πŸ‘–
I'm outside in jeans a sweatshirt and sandals and its really nice out but my mom is wearing a winter jacket and shivering
Charlie Baker's anger a new dynamic for Massachusetts; used to "Smiling" Bill Weld and "Mom Jeans" Mitt Romney. . Wonder how that plays.
The Women of SNL Episode is brilliant - Debbie Downer at Disneyland, Weekend Update with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, they even threw in the Mom Jeans commercial. Dying. Maya Rudolph as Whitney Houston... bwa ha ha ha.
If you really want to go next level, I've got 2 words for you Nick. Mom Jeans s/Kiper Picks Nick Wallenda's outfit
Ladies...PLEASE!...While I am a connoisseur of all things '80's...I beg NOT wear Mom Jeans, unless your 5'9" plus and Gwyneth Paltrow's just not flattering!
There's a Mom Jeans convention going on at the indoor flea market in North Versailles...πŸ˜ƒcome one come all!!
Ran into Mr. Strong Genes and Mr. Mom Jeans at the Tonight Show. Tune in tonight! And tomorrow to Sportsman Channel! htt…
Vladimir Putin vs. Mr. Mom Jeans . Mr. Mom Jeans is a sissy and a moron, Putin knows it .
Vladimir Putin is so much cooler than the sissy that wears Mom Jeans.
*** good question for His Royal Majesty King Obama of Mom Jeans and His Entire Admin.
I just love summertime in Southern California. Add an afternoon ball game, women ordering skinny margaritas, and the latest fashions from Forever 21. this makes me a happy man. P.S. I haven't spotted any Mom Jeans or *** shorts.
I'm sorry. I didn't get the Memo that "Mom Jeans" were back in fashion. Oh wait. They never were sweetie!!
Thanks mom, I like to look like a major *** everyday.
Good, did pop tell you he found his key in his jeans. Love Mom
My mom just told me my dad used to wear skinny jeans πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
... and when I say politicians, I'm talking about the power-grabbing, America-hating, mom-jeans loving Democrats.
I hate that me and my mom are the same size because she thinks its okay to wear my jeans and shoes without asking
Why...WHY are mom jeans making a come back??? They don't look good.
The awkward moment when you mom wears skinny jeans 😐
My mom swears all my jeans are too tight, yet I feel like they ain't tight enough
We hate to break it to you, but you WILL love these soon if you don't already - -
So you're tellin me that if I wash 3 pairs of jeans thats a lil but but if I do 4 that's too much? Alright I got chu mom, I got chu. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
My boy is feeling better... Now he wants to know what he's wearing to school tomorrow. "Mom, make sure it's jeans and sneakers."
How do u make shorts β€” go to a thrift shop such as good will and find a pair of high waisted jeans "mom jeans" a...
My mom said I look like a weirdo when I go to school ... Because I always wear a t shirt or jacket, jeans, and vans ._.
Well since my mom wont take my jeans to be made into skinny jeans looks like theyre going to become shorts (:
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Love the jeans colors of Buy the same Kardashian Kollection Denim Spring 2013
You know you're small af when your mom mistakes your jeans for your 10 year old sisters
Today my mom congratulated me on wearing jeans but then said I could of at least done my hair & make up too.. You can't have both mom πŸ˜’
Your totally going to attract those guys 10 years younger then you with your Hollister sweatshirt mom jeans and grandma haircut
your mom said you had jeans that you didn't want downstairs on the pool table so I took 3 of them.
Gonna buy some mom jeans from good will and cut them into really short booty shorts. It's time.
This mom wouldn’t be caught dead wearing mom jeans the beauty edition:Aveda introduces its Art of Nature colle...
candy necklaces, baby doll dresses, clogs... why did dudes all wear mom jeans with tucked in XXL collared shirts?
Mom jeans lol I look like an Old person forreal ewh. Lol
Worried that the pants my mom just bought me are mom jeans. Whatevs, there is nothing wrong with being a milf.
Mom just didn't buy a pair of jeans just because the thread was brown.
My mom has 5 pairs of True Religion jeans.. I have 1. There is something seriously wrong with that.
Somehow Cole and I got sucked into 3 hours of So far I've seen pagers, cassette tapes, and enough mom jeans to make my skin crawl
My mom won't let me wear jeans to mass when half the people there are wearing crocs.
My mom has some sort of vendetta against skinny jeans and I don't get it.
*** I kinda wish my mom would hit me up so we can go grab these jeans on the cheap cheap
Mom made me put a skirt and boots on after I told her I was wearing jeans πŸ˜’
Me: Mom can I wear shorts to mass? Her; no if you do you're disrespecting God! But you can wear long shorts Me; um you mean jeans...?
My mom just told my sister she would by her two pairs of jeans if she clean 2 rooms she got mad my jeans 60 thats 120 dollars
Bwah! Mom asks son to "clean bathroom like the queen of England is coming" --he puts a TARDIS, tea, etc in there!
I would wear T-shirt and jeans to an important event, and my mom would either yell at me or make me wear a dress -_-
My mom bought me pokadot jeans for $7 and I have to say they are adorable :3
My mom in here spraying your spray talking about where her jeans
Two pairs of mom jeans for 10 bucks? Not bad. Let the making of high waisted shorts commence.
All of my jeans are mom jeans I need pants that fit
Pulled a total and bought some mom jeans to turn into high waisted shorts for
Going to treat myself to my first 2013 bikinis and a pair of mom jeans this weekend. Maybe even a wee jumper tae
Mom: yeah let me just run upstairs and change into jeans. *20 minutes and still waiting*
My mom just told me I have to wear jeans to my cousins birthday party. MOM WE ARE SWIMMING WHY WEAR JEANS!?!?!
Oh, Hope, with your shoulder pads under sweaters, and your mom jeans with wide belts.
"And I'm going to wear a pair of jeans with holes in it to make me look cool" -my mom πŸ˜‚
My mom: I can probably sew these jeans but you can't twerk in them.
When your mom can wear your jeans better than you can.
Everybody don't look right with the mom jeans or shorts .
I don't think my mom likes my shorts, she told me to change into jeans because "it's cold"
My mom's the only one I know who wears tennis shoes with skinny jeans
Just had to share this via a friends page. Maybe you've see this already, maybe not. One creative child cleaning...
I just really hope mom jeans turned into shorts aren't a thing again this year.
Mom tells me to dress normally but never lets me wear jeans a shirt and sneakers! -.-
My mom just told me to pack jeans...when do i ever wear jeans
I wore jeans and a camo skirt together and I wonder why mom let me out of the house
I have avoided this store for years (as I find their clothes a little dated and tacky), but I am willing to give them another look just for giving the finger to these *** Good for you, peddler of grandma clothes! Should I ever completely give up on any level of attractiveness and go for the Mom Jeans, I will be buying them from you.
In the past couple of years, behind my back, Uniqlo has totally changed the way they cut their jeans. They no longer make anything like the 3 pairs I have that fill beautifully. So I went shopping. You know that brand, "Not Your Daughter's Jeans"? Um. By definition? Hello, Mom Jeans!! Not Sexy!
Big handsome men, don't say nobody wants you. This man has a 1990s fade & Mom Jeans (c) & had at least 21 women.
cashed out on Mom Jeans at the Eddie Bauer store
Where does "That 70s Show" and TBS' "Men at Work" star aka DJ Mom Jeans like to play golf?
He’s an actor, model, restauranteur, boutique owner, and one of the country’s β€œmost requested DJs,” DJ Mom Jeans (formerly DJ Donkey Pizzle, an iteration of his first persona, DJ Donkey Punch). And oh yeah, the Garden City, New York native – best known for his eight seasons on FOX’s hit sitcom β€œThat...
Next Obama campaign move; Put on his Mom Jeans and have John Kerry help him get a hunting license.
would have been more impressed if you saw Danny Masterson, his brother/Hyde from that 70's show/DJ Mom Jeans.
What a fantastic weekend! Thanks so much to Kele Okereke, Ernest Greene of Washed Out, Them Jeans, DJ Mom Jeans, Skylar Grey, Josh Henderson, Chandler Parsons and everyone else who joined us!
This is a hilarious but also absolutely useful research article on the dreaded Mom Jeans. My public service announcement for the day.
I drove by Chick-Fil-A tonight... they were lined up around the block. It was like a tidal wave of polyesther blends and Mom Jeans. The Jesus *** really showed up in full force. WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ON AUGUST 3RD!
Mental Note Cutoff Denim Shirts with Mom Jeans and a Denim elbow pad are the arm wrestling attire of Champions
Ok I'm going to probably *** off some friends but oh well...Its always funny to read newbie DJs and jaded old DJs that never made the next leap into the big bucks talk down on Celeb DJs... let me start by bursting your bubble ITS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!! If YOU learned it so can they...only cause they act in movies or tv or what ever their back ground is doesnt me they lack the ABILITY to spin records.. do you REALLY think they are taking away your gigs?? Lets keep it real the clubs that book them, willing to pay several thousands of dollars for a set arent likely to be booking you ;) Yes I know some of you will say look at Paris Hilton or Pauly D or who ever else that isnt good but how long did it take you to get good (if you are good to at all) but not all celebrity DJ suck look at Danny Masterson (DJ Mom Jeans) or Taryn Manning who is with SKAM now or the oh so sexy DJ AK-47 (Alicia Keys) so instead of worrying about other DJs maybe you should worry about YOUR craft and how you will take the next step... ...
Bought 2 pairs of white Mom Jeans but the designer's Anderson's forever glam MOM Gloria Vanderbilt. Her life's a "story"!
That '70s Show star Danny Masterson has launched a secret career as a DJ - he goes by DJ Mom Jeans.
All politics aside...Mitt Romney and the late Steve Jobs are also rockin the Mom Jeans.
I thought maybe it was that one young girl, but then there was another, and last night, the Dateline, Carrie Underwood Interview...Yes! It's true; 80's "Mom Jeans" Shorts are in...WHY???...We didn't know any better, the first go round...Here's an 80's throw back..."Just say No!!!"
When my best-selling memoir becomes a made-for-tv movie, "Drowning in Mom Jeans" should i be played by Macaulay Culkin or Whoopie Goldberg?
DJ Danny Boy and later DJ Mom Jeans tonight at the Downstairs Park City! Get yourself here..its gonna be rockin!! –  10% Off
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