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Molly Weasley

The Order of the Phoenix is a fictional secret organisation in the Harry Potter series of books written by J. K.

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About Harry Potter. Fred and George were talking again about prank and Molly was being all emotional about her youngest ~~~.
I wanted to reread HP but then remembered there was that Molly Weasley boggart scene 😢
Lily/Snape can suck it for many reasons so let's focus our on Molly and Arthur Weasley.
bc I can't figure out the 4 pics, today I am Claire Fraser, Molly Weasley, & Daenerys Targaryen
My goal in life is treat the people around me as Molly Weasley would.
What spell did Molly Weasley use to kill bellatrix?
Dennis is named after the political peasant in Monty Python/Holy Grail. Molly is named for Molly Weasley.
There's a part of me that's never been able to forgive Molly Weasley for sending Hermione that tiny little easter egg in fourth year.
“Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve.” . ginevra molly weasley | Harry Potter series.
one of them is definitely The Mom/The Mom Friend (molly weasley, narcissa malfoy, penelope garcia, melissa mccall)
"You could've died. You could've been seen!" . Hermione is not the only one who needs to sort out her priorities. Molly Weasley should, too 😂
cared far more about Molly Weasley than Lily personally but big yes for the other two.
The contents of the box are packaged with enough love to be worthy of Molly Weasley herself. Even the clothespin is…
December 12 1972: Charles "Charlie" Weasley, the second eldest son of Arthur and Molly Weasley, was born. Happy 44th birt…
Happy 46th Birthday to Bill Weasley, the eldest son of Arthur and Molly Weasley! (29 November 1970)
i wish jk rowling wrote neville killing bellatrix instead of molly weasley. It wouldve been SO much more pleasing
Made me cry. Also has some implications for current events. Molly Weasley FTW. via
Happy Birthday Molly Weasley! One of the strongest, yet loving, characters of the entire series
I liked a video from How Did Molly Weasley Kill Bellatrix Lestrange?
have you seen Sarah Gailey's series of articles on HP ladies? She's done Ginny and Molly Weasley and…
what spell did Molly Weasley use to kill Bellatrix Lestrange?
Loving all of the "Women of Harry Potter" series by but the Molly Weasley essay just laid me OUT.
All I want for Christmas is a hand(or maybe wand)-knitted sweater with a 'J' on the front from Molly Weasley.
December 12: Happy Birthday, Charlie Weasley! He is the second oldest son of Arthur and Molly, and is one of six sons.
Happy 44th birthday to Charlie Weasley, second eldest son of Arthur and Molly! (12 December 1972)
Ronald Bilius Weasley was the 6th of 7 children born to Arthur & Molly Weasley (née Prewett), and got his middle name from his uncle
Now in class we're discussing what would happen if Molly Weasley died and Arthur remarried Lorelai Gilmore. Things are getting weird.
George and Fred were the only sons of Arthur and Molly Weasley who did not become prefects during their education at Hogwar…
Harry and Mrs. Weasley - Her unconditional compassion, her generous love, for this Molly Weasley is my hero.
Sometimes I cry thinking about Molly Weasley because my love for her is overwhelming.
girl's crazy, and she killed Sirius, and tortured Neville's parents! Nah she's bad news bears, good thing Molly Weasley got her 👌 featured in NBC s Science of Love
Molly Weasley's mothering relationship with Harry never seems to get enough attention.
for the sanity of Molly Weasley. Plus, let's be honest, all but Percy likely have loads of makeup work to do.
I bet Molly Weasley would've been the most pampered mum ever!! ✨
Molly Weasley is but it's okay I'll let it slide
even better. I need to talk to Molly Weasley.
Molly Weasley is a shining example, to wizards and muggles alike, as to what a mother should be. https…
I'm trying so hard to not think about the extra long post criticising Molly Weasley and why she's such a bad person but I am and I'm angry
Mum went to work dressed as Ginny Weasley, she refused to believe she was more of a Molly.
Fresh from the pitch and aka Fred and George Weasley have done their bit
📷 galadrielles: Maxine Peake as || Molly Weasley - Younger version Very early on in writing the series,...
It's world book day. I'm going home at lunch time to change into my Molly Weasley costume.
Happy bday Julie Walters I cannot imagine a better person to play Molly weasley!
"Well, you'd best hope I don't put bars on your window, Ronald Weasley!" – Molly Weasley. http…
Participate in by informing your TA Mum that she's too old to play Ginny Weasley, it'll have to be Molly.
Molly Weasley kicka** mum to all her kids and treats Harry the same
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Dear a doubt has been hunting me: Did Molly Weasley generate a Horcrux when she killed Bellatrix? What spells create such thing?
But I should also say I *love* Neville and Lupin, Nearly Headless Nick, McGonagall, and Arthur, Molly, Fred and George Weasley..
Is Molly Weasley the best mother of all time?
I imagine Minerva McGonagall and Molly Weasley meeting for tea and wondering how they're the only competent adults in th…
Molly Weasley, a brilliant mother who protects her family with everything she has!!!.
Molly Weasley is just absolutely brilliant
Happy Birthday to Julie Walters, who played Molly Weasley in the films, and is a brilliant actress! Stay Sassy!! https:/…
you're Bellatrix Lestrange and I'm Molly Weasley
What is Molly Weasley doing with Severus Snape Does Arthur know?
1. HP3, in a house full of mischievous teens, Arthur and Molly Weasley explicitly discuss the story they don't want Harry to know about...
Why do Arthur and Molly Weasley go through the gateway to Platform 9 3/4 before Ron and Harry do in Chamber of Secrets?
hpandcarbs: Molly Weasley and the year her brothers died. Molly Weasley and the year that Bill left to be a...
Merry Christmas to all you magical folks!. May your Christmas be filled with chocolate frogs, invisiable cloaks & Moll…
Molly Weasley was an awesome lady. The world would be a better place with more Molly Weasleys in it.
This happened to me with Harry Potter and Molly Weasley.
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GOD i could run a marathon after watching Molly Weasley kill bellatrix
damnit I did NOT want to think about Molly Weasley in a little black Calvin Klein dress with high leather boots. Today.
Do you remember Molly Weasley fighting Bellatrix Lestrange? This is one of the best scenes!
He has parents to celebrate Christmas with. Molly and Arthur Weasley
Ronald Bilius "Ron" Weasley (b. 1 March, 1980) was a pure-blood wizard, the sixth son of Arthur and Molly Weasley. He was also th
I think Octavia Spencer would be the perfect Molly Weasley.
“He’s not your son,” said Sirius quietly. “He’s as good as,” said Mrs. Weasley fiercely. . Reasons to love Molly Weasley!
Them in Molly Weasley's Christmas Jumpers. But. Molly ran out of nice colours this year so they got sludge brown. 🐌
It still annoys me that amazing characters like Rubeus Hagrid, Molly Weasley and Bellatrix Lestrange get ignored while…
ESFJ all the way! Or.. Molly Weasley if you go by this:
October 30: Happy Birthday, Molly Weasley! She is the leader of the Weasley family!
My husband - at for work, and a Fabian Society member - got called Nazi scum. Feeling a bit Molly Weasley rn.
which is also partly true because I will always be in love with Molly Weasley and her badassery.
Was told today that I could do a great Molly Weasley cosplay. Not sure exactly how to take that. :)
Sad (for me) and proud (of him) that it was my husband who pointed out that's Molly Weasley in
Molly Weasley's love for Harry makes me wanna weep
I love when Molly Weasley kills Bellatrix Lestrange. Like srsly
Molly Weasley vs Bellatrix Lestrange via the sassiest 30 seconds of cinema in history.
Photo: hogwarts-newgeneration: Molly Weasley II has been accepted. Congratulations Kyna, you have been...
- for the Weasley clan. "I have to say, Tonks, I'm not a fan of the new colour," Molly admits as she takes a seat, and Remus -
so honestly I fulfil the 'feisty chubby short woman' trope but if I am in the ranks of molly weasley (she's too cool) I'm okay
OMG you guys. I am ashamed. I forgot Ginny and Molly Weasley.
just had half a beer and is now screaming Molly Weasley's howler "beds empty! Car gone! No note! Where have you been?!?"
Bellatrix Lestrange is torn to shreds with Power Claws and Molly Weasley is pleased.
"Well done! Seven O.W.L.s, that's more than Fred and George got together!" - Molly Weasley to Ron (Half-Blood Prince)
So Lily Potter had Harry at 21, Molly Weasley had Bill at 21 and Andromeda Tonks had Nymphadora between 18-21 really?
From Atticus Finch to Molly Weasley, these are the best parents in literature
Day 4: fave OotP member: it's between Arthur and Molly Weasley. Kay? Kay :)
in 1950: Julie Walters, who plays Molly Weasley, is born. Happy Birthday Julie!
Molly Weasley is like the Harry Potter equivalent to Jackie Tyler from Doctor Who
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
ON THIS DAY: January 1st 1997: Molly Weasley spends much of her time crying after her son Percy's visit on Christmas Day.
I always get so pumped when Molly Weasley destroys Bellatrix in Deathly Hallows Pt. 2
My favorite part in the Deathly Hallows, and maybe series, is always the duel between Bellatrix and Molly Weasley.
Paddington: starring the Earl of Grantham, Molly Weasley, Dumbledore, Dolores Umbridge, Professor Slughorn, Virginia Woolf, and The Doctor.
My mom bought our exchange student a sweater. Fully convinced she is Molly Weasley.
My top 5 HP characters 1)Ron 2) Sirius 3) Dumbledore 4) Dobby 5) McGonagall. Not 100% sure of that order tho.Also what about Molly Weasley?
If Arthur and Molly Weasley were in the Order of the Phoenix wouldn't they know that Sirius was innocent...
On December 12th, 1972. Charlie Weasley is born to Arthur and Molly Weasley.
A big Happy Birthday kiss to Molly Weasley!
"It's the same every year, packed with muggles of course." - Molly Weasley @ London King's Cross Station
plumbones: queersci: Molly Weasley having so many grandchildren that the kids start stand in specific...
Su is like Molly Weasley but if Molly was a ninja
We may be biased, but we think Molly Weasley makes the best Christmas jumpers!
Actually, the best portrayal of women is in Harry Potter. Hermione Granger was portrayed no stronger as a person than Molly Weasley
I want Molly Weasley to knit me a Christmas sweater.
I always tear up when Molly Weasley is fighting Bellatrix because Bellatrix killed Fred and I'm just like you go Molly🙌✊
with Bellatrix Lestrange being killed by Molly Weasley.
I liked a video Molly Weasley vs Bellatrix Lestrange
Jk Rowling had Molly Weasley kill Bellatrix Lestrange to show the strength of motherly love against obsessive love
Email Game Remember to put your house :) Hey guys! Let's play the email game! Come up with an email address for the Harry Potter character I give to you! 5 points for all participants, 10 for my second favorite, 25 for my favorite. Please KEEP IT CLEAN. First character: Molly Weasley ~Dementor's Prom Date
I can't watch any of the Harry Potter movies anymore without seeing Molly Weasley as Heather Michelle Encina
Molly Weasley vs Belatrix Lastrange was the best thing to ever happen in any of the Harry Potter entries.
Congratulations to Julie Walters! Always our Molly Weasley, and an amazing British talent!
Julie Walters, our Molly Weasley, is receiving a BAFTA Fellowship Award for lifetime achievement tonight!
Educating Rita is one of my favourite films and we couldn't have asked for a better Molly Weasley.
Narcissa Malfoy, Molly Weasley and Lily Potter are the best HP mothers ❤️
Martha has just announced, with excitement, that Julie Walters is Molly Weasley :-)
also, has Molly Weasley, Hagrid, and Craig Ferguson. Frozen also has: Alan Tudyk and Ciaran Hinds (I can IMDB too)
Millicent Bulstrode,Vincent Crabbe, Draco Malfoy, the Weasleys including Molly Weasley nèe Prewett and Barty Crouch are related to Harry Potter, Did you know? Also Harry had a Disowned Squib great-uncle.
Molly Weasley and Arthur Weasley =Bill,Charlie,Percy Weasley and Fred,George,Ron,Ginny Weasley /we love them all\
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Molly Weasley & Ellen Ripley would tag team them and beat them both.
Btw I dreamt that I got a Fred and George jumper knitted by Molly Weasley and I loved it 😄
Harry Potter'S SPELLS ♥ Accio (Summoning Charm) Pronunciation: Various suggestions have been made, including: /ˈæki.oʊ/ ak-ee-oh – film /ˈæksi.oʊ/ ak-see-oh – UK audio book and video game /ˈæsi.oʊ/ as-see-oh – U.S. audio book /ˈætʃi.oʊ/ at-chee-oh - Anglo-Catholic pronunciation Description: This charm summons an object to the caster, potentially over a significant distance.[2] Its opposite is the Banishing Charm. Seen/mentioned: First mentioned in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, when it was briefly used by Molly Weasley on the Weasley twins to confiscate their Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes' products from their pockets, before they left for the Quidditch World Cup. Hermione was also mentioned trying to learn this charm during her ride aboard the Hogwarts Express. Later on in the same book, Harry summons his broom to complete the First Task of the Triwizard Tournament.[GF Ch.20] Near the end of the book, Harry uses it to summon the Triwizard Cup after he encounters Voldemort. When Ron g ...
could watch the Molly Weasley and Bellatrix Lestrange duel like a gazillion times! *always be yourself . unless you can be Harry Potter, then always be Harry Potter*
QUESTION GAME 8/10: Question 7's voted winner as best mother figure was Molly Weasley! Which character that did NOT die do you think should have been killed off? Harry Potter Lucius Malfoy Hagrid Dolores Umbridge Rita Skeeter comment your answer below :) it's a tough one!! but I might go with Rita Skeeter purely based on the book she wrote about Snape after he died - Moony
Happy Birthday to mother and Death Eater slayer, Molly Weasley!
Happy Birthday to the great Molly Weasley,mother and death-eater-slayer
The absolute worst feeling at night, Try an Advil PMn of Arthur & Molly Weasley! (29 Nov 1970)
Mistress Quickly, known to most as Molly Weasley, is played by Julie Walters
Minerva McGonagall & Molly Weasley: most badass ladies in the Wizarding World…
— cutting at the various vegetables as Molly Weasley dropped some ingredients into a pot. Her eyes flickered to Ron every--
Molly Weasley just killed a woman and smiled about it
you're look like Molly Weasley, from Harry Potter!
No offense to Molly Weasley fans, but I'm more a classic style girl - 30's-40's. I like it tho might not look great on me.
This morning I frogged a Noro sweater I was knitting because again it looked like something from Molly Weasley's Closet (just not me).
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where have you been?! (Must be said in Molly Weasley voice)
Tapi the first person that came to my mind when I think of Molly Weasley is Hanan. . Pelik dak ?
Who knew that Molly Weasley was in Mama Mia!
Molly Weasley: [looks at Fred, hoping to get him onto platform 9 3/4] Fred, you next. George Weasley: He's not Fred, I am! Fred Weasley: Honestly, woman. You call yourself our mother. Molly Weasley: [to Fred] Oh, I'm sorry, George. Fred Weasley: [approaches the barrier] I'm only joking, I am Fred! [runs through the barrier] ~ Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
HC for Emilie George was running wildly around in the garden at the Burrow, giggling. Fred was right behind him, holding his mother's wand. Molly Weasley chased after them, trying to stop herself laughing as she tried to get her wand back. "Fred! George! Get back here RIGHT NOW!" They ran into the shed, and hid behind some of Arthur's clutter that was being stored. Molly opened the door behind them and looked around. She couldn't keep the grin off her face as she saw the tufts of red hair sticking up above an old radiator propped up against the wall. "Wherever could you be hiding?" Molly called out, sneaking closer to the radiator. She heard a small giggle, then a muffled thud as one twin hit the other. She crept up to the radiator, then jumped up and grabbed both Weasley twins round the waist, picking them up so their small legs were kicking in the air. She ignored the giggles and screams of indignation from both twins and carried them both outside, where she put them down and took the wand off Fred. She ...
For Ann :) Devin Black kicked at the table and slammed the door as her father stood up. "Oh so you're storming off now in a trop? So mature, proud to be your father!" He shouted down the corridor as Molly Weasley held him back and the rest of the group stared after her. She hated it, she hated having to spy for those *** None of them knew how much danger she was in, none of them understood her, not even her own father. She slammed her bedroom door, and collapsed onto her bed sobbing. After about an hour, she'd calmed down enough to plug in her headphones and blast some muggle music, so she didn't hear the pop of an apparating wizard as she sat on her bed. "Sup misery guts." she almost jumped out of her skin as Fred Weasley sat down next to her. "Don't sneak up on me like that!" She shouted, pulling out her headphones and punching him on the arm. He laughed and pulled her into a warm hug. "Don't cry Devin." He teased, but then his face fell as he looked at her, and he delicately rubbed away her tears. ...
An Open Letter to Potterheads about Love. Dear Potterheads, When asked out on a date, don't be annoying and vague. Be as kind as Molly Weasley. Be as open with your thoughts as Luna Lovegood is with her opinion. Be as brave as a Gryffindor. But do not. DO NOT, be as evil as Voldemort. If you lead someone on like Ron did to Lavender, I will send the dementors to you. And then you will be as dead as Peter should have been. Kindly, Roar
Harry and Ginny Apparated into the living room at the Burrow, startling Molly and Arthur Weasley. "Ginny! Er, Harry! What are you two doing here?" Molly Weasley gasped, agitating one of the babies who was taking his bottle. His twin lay in a bassinet, watching an enchanted mobile hang above him. "Scared me half to death!" "Sorry, Mum," Ginny sniffled, after sneezing again. "Hi, Dad." "Hi pumpkin," Arthur answered, looking over a small remote control car. "Evening, Harry." "Good evening, Mr and Mrs Weasley," Harry replied, nervously rubbing the back of his neck. "I hope we, er, haven't disturbed you." "Not at all, dear," Molly answered, watching her husband go back to his Muggle contraption. "It's good to see you. What are you two doing here?" she added, her eyes darting over toward Ginny. "Feeling any better, Ginny?" Ginny shook her head. "Not really. I met Harry in Hogsmeade, and I guess we tentatively had plans, but since I didn't feel well, Harry said he'd come and tuck me in and give me a ...
Headcanon. After the wizarding war Harry, Hermione and Ron were in the public eye more than they had ever been. They got constant owls and fire-calls, and were even stopped on the street by people asking for interviews, or autographs, or even just by people wanting to show their gratitude. Ron revelled in the attention for the first couple of weeks, unable to understand why Harry had always complained about being famous. But after he was nearly swamped in the Leaky Cauldron while having a drink with Neville his love for the attention suddenly soured. Hermione was forever her unshakeable self, just dealing with it as it came, and holding her head up high. It was Harry that suffered the most, unsurprisingly. It got to the stage that a week and a half after the final battle, after he had been to the funerals of all those who had fallen, he barricaded himself into Grimmauld Place, with only Kreacher for company. For the most part, he was left alone by his friends, apart from Molly Weasley, who apparated to th ...
Arthur Weasley: "What do you like me to call you when we're alone together?" Molly Weasley: [whisper] "Mollywobbles." (Half-Blood Prince)
There are three people in the world that can cuss well. They are Eddy Murphy, Louis CK, and Molly Weasley.
Dammit Nickelodeon, stop interrupting my shows with those stupid "important messages" they're not important they are annoying
didn't molly weasley defeat bellatrix? Pretty lame for your girlfriend
Not exactly sweet though, she did try to ruin him but I still like her :) Oh god the present and Molly, I always feel bad :/
Molly Weasley - "No, Harry, the meeting's only for members of the Order. Ron and Hermione are upstairs"
Here I am practicing cookies, and next think you know, I'm Molly Weasley rocking in the Kitchen with my pumpkin pastries
Wanna see how much women rock. Watch Molly Weasley take down Bellatrix.
Sitting beside Molly Ringwald and Ron Weasley at A Midsummer's Night Dream with
In a tragedy, it always moves me to see that the vast majority of people are good, and rush to help others in need.
“We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” - Martin Luther King Jr.
You preach the word of the Devil not God. God loves all His children. I pity you, you will never know love and I feel sorry for you
The bombing in was to create chaos, and it did. But it also showed the world that love and compassion will always conquer hate.
What if it is bothering me,Ginerva Molly Weasley? What then.. {He stepped a few feet closer to he smirked at the fiery minx}
Molly Weasley, I never thought you'd be a bigger disappointment than your sister.
TY Anon! To quote Molly Weasley, truth will out. "Message from Rehtaeh's father:
Last night Arthur Weasley dreamt he'd written The Lord of the Rings. Molly said he'd been tolkien in his sleep.
"You will never touch our children again!" - Molly Weasley to Bellatrix in "Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows"
Molly Weasley has a picture of Fred on her nightstand. Every night before going to sleep, she tells him to behave himself.
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Today Boston reminds us that we may come from different places and speak in different tongues but our hearts beat as one
"Do not pity the dead, pity the living and above all those who live without love."
A threesome with mary and molly, got uncle cid filming the whole ordeal while Ron Weasley sleeps in the next room.
Oh yes I forgot you weren't! *sarcastic* Silly me eh? Strong and independent, Molly Weasley 2nd.
Molly Weasley never forgot what Remus Lupin said to comfort her with the boggart in via
Molly Weasley taught me to never challenge a mother, because they too are warriors.
Why is Ron Weasley in an Ed Sheeran video?
But what if Molly Weasley was your mum?
Julie Walters > OMG she is Rosie and Molly Weasley. She is amazing and perf.
Another reason of why Molly Weasley is a total bad ***
actually cause physical harm, the Weasley family has claimed that they are not worried. We interviewed Molly Weasley earlier this evening to
Death Eater, Bellatrix Lestrange, was also killed by Molly Weasley, wife of Arthur Weasley and mother of 7, tough, sadly, one of their
Molly Weasley is the cutest little lady.
willing splits his soul. Talking about you Voldemort.
Admit it, you want a sweater knitted by Molly Weasley.
That annoying moment when the room is too hot with the fan off, but too cold with it on.
Oh and Molly Weasley, she's an absolute legend.
Fun Fact: Rosie is played by Julie Walters who plays Molly Weasley.
I never get tired of watching Molly Weasley whoop Bellatrix Lestrange's *** in HP8!
after Molly Weasley killed Bellatrix she should have ran around screaming "I KILLED Bellatrix Lestrange" to amend Sirius's death.
Narcissa Black stood in her sister's guest room. Really with Bella staying here since Lucius' arrest two years ago it was just Bella's room. The best room in the house. It had this wide window facing the open grounds. Green curtains with silver trimmings hung down loosely beside the window as though they too were affected by the sorrow that covered the house. Lucius, Rodolphus, and herself were all confined to house arrest as the trials were going on. Bella would have been here too if it weren't for that Molly Weasley. She could not condemn her though, she was just a mother, a mother whose child had been in danger. Narcissa would have done the same thing had it been Draco. But still she missed her sister. There was no way Andy would ever talk to her again. Not when it was because of her beliefs, well her family beliefs, that she had lost not only her husband but her daughter and her son-in-law. And now Bella was gone too. Lucius was to be convicted as was Rodolphus but Harry Potter had told her he was goi ...
Happy mothers day to Lily Potter, Molly Weasley and Amy Pond
"Molly Weasley makes Chuck Norris eat his vegetables"
I'd like to think it's a mix between butter beer and anything Molly Weasley ever cooked.
Molly Weasley could us the correct form of "Your" and "Shut."
This history test is going to do to me what Molly Weasley did to Bellatrix...
February 22: Happy Birthday to a great actress who portrays Molly Weasley in Ms. Julie Walters!
even a loving mother such as Molly Weasley couldn't stand perfect Fleur as her d-in-law, so why would I expect the otherwise with mine ^o^
Did I tell you I named my rifle Molly Weasley?
idk if you'll like it, but it is Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, James Bond, Karen from mean girls and Molly Weasley singing
Whenever people say popped a Molly I automatically think of Molly Weasley saying "WHERE HAVE U BEN" in chamber of secrets
*stares at the wall as I can't sleep*
"Molly Weasley was probably HELLA hot in her younger days. I mean *** look at Ginny!"
makes me want TONS of kids so I can be molly weasley and I'd teach them to sing BETTER than the von trapps I'm telling ya
Every time I meet my mom I come back with armfuls of food. My mom is basically Molly Weasley.
If you don't love Molly Weasley you're wrong
she bakes nice cakes it's like my mum is Molly weasley and delia smiths love child!
"your mum looks like Molly weasley..." cheers
I am 5 days before so can we have joint party with Molly weasley baking the cake or?
Am I the only one that reads the sentence "where have you been" in Molly Weasley's voice?
It's hard not to when Molly can just walk in and catch us talking about not going back to school.
Julie Walters, the actress who plays Molly Weasley in the Harry Potter movies, attended Holly Lodge High School.
"Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can't see where it keeps its brain." - Molly Weasley you know that it's really just. An Edward Cullen disguise? I'm actually Molly
Well she loves me more than Molly Weasley is scary. BOOM!! Init
I swear sometimes my mom is as strict as Molly Weasley
Little Giant Ladders
Arthur and Molly Weasley had seven children; Ginny Weasley is the seventh of them, and the only daughter.
Children to 6 of partner Arthur Weasley and Molly Weasley
the sixth son of Arthur Weasley and Molly Weasley
1 March 1980: Ronald Weasley is born to Arthur and Molly Weasley. (yes, he is THAT old...)
In 1980 this day, Ronald Bilius Weasley is born to Arthur and Molly Weasley. Happy 33rd Birthday Ron :)
Madame Pomfrey After the Battle of Hogwarts Madame Pomfrey became more controlling than ever. Once the school started up again she would keep the injured in as long as possible and care for them. Trying to make up for all those she couldn't save all those years ago. Romione Ron and Hermione had a miscarrage before having there first child. surprisingly Molly Weasley war the most upset. Not being able to handle losing a grand child as well as her own child. Hinny During the war Harry fought for everyone. But one person shone brightly as a becon of hope for him. As he walked to his death and as he fought Voldemort he had one person in the back of his mind. Ginny. Luna After the war, Luna became a celebrated artist. Painting her and her famous friends and scenes of the Battle of Hogwarts. She also painted pictures of magical creatures. Crumple- horned Snorkack's especially. Peter Pettigrew They say your life flashes before your eyes when you're about to die. Sirius's last memory was that of himself, Remus, J ...
Molly Weasley vs Bellatrix Lestrange is one of the best fights off all time!
Bellatrix is the coolest badass witch in the whole universe who never shied from killing someone. Then came Molly Weasley and killed Bellatrix! *ouch* :s This page, like Mrs. Weasley is fiercely loyal. We will help you out with all your problems if you come to us. But if anyone defames/argues with...
Molly Weasley is like Mother Theresa of the wizarding world.
ADMIN CONTEST GUYS ( OPEN ) !YIPPIEEE!As the Admins chosen by us Earlier are not very Much Active we are again holding an admin contest...Message us OR comment here the answers...It will End on 22nd february.We will select 8 admins and they will admin the page in groups of 4...THE QUESTIONS ARE: What is your name? What is your age? Country? Your Admin name if you get selected ? (snuffles, sirius, fleur, snitchy and nagini are taken) What house are you in?  Mcgonagall or Molly Weasley ? Your OTP (one true pair)? Choose between dark arts and quidditch.  Fav. Hogwarts teacher  Most hated Death Eater?     ~Admins Team
*I don't tell you it's from the ministry, they want to fire Arthur. I see the owl coming I stand up to open the window*
Just a letter. *I look at the window to see if there's any owl*
Molly Weasley could be really cool. :D
Kl pans lagi miskin mention...pasti molly mention:') aa..thanks're a nice weasley after all(?)
I never thought I'd ever say this but...I really miss the noise Fred and George always made. *sighs*
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*I sit at the table waiting as I see you coming down*
// I have a teacher who's just like Mcgonagall and a classmate who looks like Albus Severus Potter :D
"A good first impression can work wonders" -Molly Weasley
It was a nice party, lots of guests and presents.
I just quoted the Molly Weasley Howler from Chamber of Secrets word-for-word from memory.
Also, I swear Molly Weasley is on a treadmill behind me.
so what star will it be? *I don't sound curious about it at all*
*I try to sound normal* the black family named after stars...
* nods* okay. *I just stare through the window* so.have you already thought of any names?
*I sit down again* there's one more toast..anyone who wants it?
*I sigh*Ge: it looks like the whole family is going I leave as well then. *he goes upstairs as well.*
*I look a bit sorry* Arthur, will you please talk to her? *I look begging*
yes, I did, and by then it WAS necessary. And that I did it doesn't mean you can as well. *I point at her*
oh I don't care about that, I do mind... *I sit down at the table again drinking the rest of my tea*
*Ginny looks away* Gi: ugh, I can't watch this. Ge: at least you didn't choose an ugly one. *George winks* George, stop it!
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I love Molly Weasley to bits but there's no way id hug her, I'm sorry but she looks like she smells of ***
*he grins again* that's quite a strange combination, I'm feeling sorry for the baby. *he laughs* George! Please! No jokes now.
*George grins*G: it's always a chaos when she's near*he points at you* I think you won't stay here that ling*I look at Ginny*
*Ginny is calming down a bit, I roll my eyes* how long were you planning to stay? G: she won't stay any longer! -
*when Ginny sees you she totally loses her mind* YOU! THAT'S WHAT'S GOING ON! *she grabs her wand* go away! -
G: you are! She has tortured Neville's parents, almost killed me, threatened us so much! *I look at Arthur*
Arthur and Molly Weasley, who stuck together even in the darkest of times.
*I hug her* I think it's time to explain some things to them, Ronald Weasley..*I look strict at him*
*my eyes widen* Why should I tell them, I'm not the one who's coming home with a Death Eater! *I lose my temper*
*Ginny can hold no longer * G: Will /someone/ please tell me what's going on? *She stands up with her hands on the table*
you stay downstairs, Ronald! When you're done eating then go back upstairs . *I make only one cup of tea*
Do you want tea? *I say so Ginny won't be able to ask him anything*
*I look awkward and I say a as good as silent * good morning
*I sit back as well. The others still look curious.*
No, I don't think she cursed him..The thing is.*I just shake my head* I think Ron should tell you that...
Yeah. How about you stay with the children and i'll
Because...Ron wanted her to stay and.She is *I stop and close my eyes again* I didn't want her to stay.
*I sigh, look at him and whisper* It's...Lestrange. *I close my eyes and I am on my guard*
*He nods* I'll tell him, goodbye! *he leaves.* He looked enormously tired. I wonder about that ghost. *I frown*
Bellatrix * I say silently so they won't understand, then I make a lot of noise by dropping a plate 'accidently'*
Be safe Gideon. Tell Fabian i said hello when you see him. And again thanks. *smiles*
*I look down* I..He..Okay, I know it's not Ron. *I quikly go to the kitchen so I don't have to look at him*
*I look a bit nervous.* of course that was him, who else yould it be? *I avoid looking at one of them*
*I look up to the ceiling* Yes, I'm okay. *I try to make a bit noise to interrupt the giggling.*
Great girls every reader should know ( Mary Lennox from The Secret Garden Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy from Little Women Sara Crewe from A Little Princess Laura, Mary and Ma Ingalls from the Little House on the Prairie Series Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables Ramona and Beezus from the Ramona Series Meg Murray from A Wrinkle in Time Hermione Granger, Tonks and Molly Weasley from the Harry Potter Series Coraline Jones from Coraline Cimorene from Dealing with Dragons (and the rest of the Enchanted Forest Chronicles) Elizabeth from The Paper Bag Princess Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle Nausicaa from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Lireal/Sabriel from the Abhorsen Series Alanna from the Song of the Lioness Series Lucy and Susan from the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Eff Rothmer from the Frontier Magic Series Jane from Jane Erye Lizzy Bennet and her Sisters from Pride and Prejudice Eleanor and Marianne from Sense and Sensibility Anne from Persuasion Eowyn from the Lord of the Rings Beatrice from Much A .. ...
Christmas at Hogwarts. Dear Molly Weasley, could you make me a jumper too?
So you would like to Roleplay with us as a character? if so here are the characters you can try out for =) please don't take it to heart if we don't accept you application we'll have so many to get through and only a certain amount an become Characters so heres who you can try out for =).   Harry Potter: Ron Weasley: Hermione Granger: Fred Weasley: George Weasley: Ginny Weasley: Molly Weasley: Arthur Weasley: Bill Weasley: Charlie Weasley: Percy Weasley: Fleur Delacour: Professor Remus Lupin: Nymphadora Tonks: Fenrir Greyback: Professor Sybil Trelawney: Professor Minerva McGonagall Professor Albus Dumbledore: Professor Filius Flitwick: Professor Horace Slughorn: Professor Reubus Hagrid:Professor Gilderoy Lockhart: Professor Severus Snape: Professor Quenrius Quirrell: Professor Dolores Umbridge: Professor Pamona Sprout: Professor Alastor (Mad Eye) Moody: Professor Madam Hooch: Professor Vector:Professor Sinistra: Professor ( muggle studies lady): Madame Olympe Maxime: Igor karkroff: Victor Krum: Cedric Di ...
Hey guys! I thought of a fun way to bring the card game war into this page as a really fun game! Ex. I would post Bellatrix Lestrange and you would comment: Molly Weasley. OR I can through trick questions at you like: Harry Potter! THEN you would say: I declare a war! Once you declare a war I post 3 people and you comment 1 person that defeated them all. What do you guys think? I'll be back later to check the post! Please comment your opinions! ~Voldemort394
Quiz by ~Dobby Remember no house no points! This one is worth 40 points! Right now Hufflepuff has 40 and Gryffindor has 50 points! 5. What is special about the Grandfather clock that Molly Weasley has?
Natalia Tena (Tonks) said she filmed a scene where she's telling Molly Weasley that Tonks is pregnant, but it was cut. If you look closely in the background at Fleur and Bill's wedding, you can see Tonks talking to Molly. ~Kat
I knew my 'mum' wasn't me real mum. My real mum is Molly Weasley... :')
Seriously though, Professor McGonagall and Molly Weasley are two of the toughest female characters ever written. I admire them both!
Breaking News: Molly Weasley has sent a Howler to Manti Te'o.
Where's Molly Weasley with a clever spell for washing, drying, and putting away the dishes?
I want Molly Weasley to be my mom. She's so badass.
Molly Weasley is an incredible lady.
you could have died you could have been seen!!!-Molly Weasley. We should relive that night
Molly Weasley is the only parent at Hogwarts during the big fight. That woman is dedicated to her children's school
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