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Molecular Ecology

Molecular Ecology is a twice monthly scientific journal covering investigations that use molecular genetic techniques to address questions in ecology, evolution, behavior, and conservation.

United Kingdom Senior Lecturer

Postdoctoral fellow and research assistant in Molecular Ecology available immediately.
.Forgot to add: Molecular ecologist. All interviews were either for 'genetics' or 'molecular ecology' positions.
I spent four years working to get my doctorate in Molecular Ecology & have mixed feelings about having done a PhD, although mostly positive!
Latest paper out: Simple Rules for an Efficient Use of Geographic Information Systems in Molecular Ecology
Elaine's "Lab in the Field" paper is out in Molecular Ecology Resources!:
A key thing: molecular ecology studies attempt to investigate genetic-based questions "out in the field" as opposed to the laboratory alone
Firstly, what is Molecular ecology? It's a field of evolutionary biology that applies molecular tools to traditional ecological questions
Identification of Belgian mosquito species (Diptera: Culicidae) by DNA barcoding Molecular Ecology Resources …
Our lab is recruiting postdoc in Molecular Ecology & Conservation - Kartzinel Lab @ Brown
And that brings me to the end of my marine science-filled day! Tomorrow will look at the use of molecular tools in ecology & conservation.
Marine mollusc shells: A new ancient DNA reservoir | Important research in Molecular Ecology Resources
We have 20k more bears than is sustainable for the landscape. Baiting has changed bea…
Simple rules for an efficient use of Geographic Information Systems in molecular ecology
Recruiting a postdoc in molecular ecology & conservation (eDNA of food webs) to join Kartzinel Lab
Interesting survey showing the state of the art in terms of the current use of high throughput sequencing in Molecu…
Thank you for supporting this work on drinking water microbiology & facilitating earlier research on…
Special issue of Molecular Ecology on Microbial Local Adaptation ed. by & Tatiana Giraud. https…
Are you sure you don't need an assistant prof in molecular ecology?
Thanks to for chatting with my Molecular Ecology class!
Happy to see Chris E of the is joining as an associate editor for molecular ecology. A real pair of safe hands!
Submit your abstracts! Symposium on Ecological Networks and Symposium on Molecular Analysis of Trophic Interactions htt…
Postdoc position in molecular ecology at Texas A&M May 8 deadline
The whole issue on EPIGENETIC STUDIES IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION in Molecular Ecology (not open):
how Toxoplasma gondii reprogrammes host brains from fear to sex Molecular Ecology - Wiley Online Library
Woohoo! Genetic and epigenetic differences associated with environmental gradients... Foust 2016 Molecular Ecology
So done with this molecular ecology module. I'm still trying to finish an essay I started last week.
Today: Joint Seminar: Departments of Physiology and Neurobiology, Molecular and Cell Biology, and Ecology and...
When you accidentally make abstract art in your Molecular Ecology practical
Ooh, module selection for next year! Tempted to take: cells and immunity, animal physiology, and molecular ecology.
The impact of tropical forest logging and oil palm agriculture on the soil microbiome Molecular Ecology
Very frustrating: links on Google Scholar to Molecular Ecology papers auto-direct to "enhanced PDF." Impossible to get to paper home page??
2 day workshop on applied molecular ecology @ UMS Sabah great students and ideas. Looking forward to next one
Molecular science meets muddy boots ecology in
For us, it's not specific course, but areas: e.g., classes in cell/molecular, physiology, ecology, evolution.
Ecology against Mother Nature: Slavoj Žižek on Molecular Red - versobooks: How are we to think the...
Summary of is available in Molecular Ecology
first paper from my PhD thesis on red & white Chinook is available for early view in Molecular Ecology!
Ancient hybridization and genomic stabilization in a swordtail fish Molecular Ecology
The program STRUCTURE does not reliably recover the correct population structure with uneven sampling |
Very comprehensive review on use of natural history collections to study evolution, published in Molecular Ecology
Morphoanatomy (zoo), ecology at cell and molecular biology 😭😭😭
Thanks to UT Primate Molecular Ecology and Evolution Lab for hosting Monkey Meals at today -
Wanted: 2 PhD candidates on molecular ecology of above-belowground interactions
What is molecular ecology, and what can it teach us about polar bears and other species?
Running data set associate with my molecular ecology class. Phylogeography, some bioinformatics etc.
It will be for my molecular ecology class. Give them chance to work in a linux environment & play with a couple of bio data sets.
Norwegian scientists testing with a grim hypothesis: warming and acidifying marine waters will favor a...
Mark your calendar and Seminar in Marine Molecular Ecology 23Jul2017
Our latest Molecular Ecology paper is online: Great *** Personality is Associated with DRD4 DNA Methylation:
Molecular revolution at all scales and cycles; every ecology -- the pure abstract line mingles with all the others
Towards a universal barcode of oomycetes – a comparison of the cox1 and cox2 loci - Choi - 2015 - M... | http…
When you take 2 ecology classes and realize you're only good at molecular and cellular biology. 😀🔫
Molecular Ecology's first issue of 2016 is devoted to detecting selection in natural populations
Lowkey excited for molecular ecology tomorrow
After 10+ years I'm not sure if this moment before semester is feeling extremely calm, or extremely unprepared, to teach molecular ecology.
I so wish I had more time to follow especially the intersections w/ and molecular ecology. Hoping for Storifies!
International Max Planck Research School in offers 4 in Molecular and Chemical Ecology
Pubmed Using molecular biology to study mycorrhizal fungal community ecology: Limits and perspectives.
Do your at Int. Max Planck Research School - Focus: Molecular and Chemical Ecology
Giselle Herrera explores the molecular ecology of coyotes in NY
Now my lab's student Giselle Herrera talking about molecular ecology of coyotes in NYC
Gene splicing in lice and the challenge of clothing: A terrific article recently published in Molecular…
A Population Genomics Insight into the Mediterranean Origins of Wine Yeast Domestication - Molecular Ecology
Fantastic special issue of Molecular Ecology on invasion genetics. Author list a veritable Who’s Who of the field.
meeting on Marine Molecular Ecology is coming to an end. Meeting was awesome. See everyone in 2017 back in Hong Kong!
Anyone know the avg about of time it takes to get reviews back from Molecular Ecology?
Global invasion history of the tropical fire ant: a stowaway on the first global tra... | via
If you use Mantel tests in molecular ecology, this will worry/interest you: Don't. From Pierre Legendre summarized by
Should we use Mantel tests in molecular ecology?
Click for new-ish spatial genetics analyses, stay for bad milk analogies, new post is up
Should we use Mantel tests in molecular ecology? by
The 2nd on is this week in Hong Kong, looks like a great program
Chromosome inversions, adaptive cassettes, and the evolution of species’ ranges Molecular Ecology
Whales and dolphins: probably the best model for studying linked molecular and morphological changes, in the world. ht…
all except reproduction in man. Molecular genetics, heredity and ecology
Our Molecular Ecology paper linking intraspecific functional diversity and epigenetic variation now available at
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
"Latest issue of Molecular Ecology now online!
Latest issue of Molecular Ecology now online!
Genomics of invasion: monkeyflowers in the United Kingdom. Molecular Ecology
ITS1: A DNA barcode better than ITS2 in eukaryotes? - Molecular Ecology Resources
[Free eBook] Molecular and functional of aquatic microbial symbionts:
My overlord us mad at me because I said I wanted to major in ecology/molecular-biology instead of what I previously stated which was biology
Our paper in Molecular Ecology: Gene expression plasticity evolves after colonization of freshwater in stickleback!
Molecular Ecology and Evolution: the Organismal Side: Selected Writings from the Avise Laboratory by
Beca para maestría en USA MS Positions in Molecular Ecology of Freshwater Mussels at Central Michigan University - applications due Feb 1 Still looking for one or more good applicants to start in my lab in summer or fall 2014. See ad below. Complete applications must be received by Feb 1 in order to be considered for funding support (TA/RA). I will not accept students without TA/RA. Please contact me ASAP or submit your application to CMU and contact me to let me know it is coming. Dave Zanatta, Ph.D. Associate Professor Biology Department Central Michigan University email: zanat1dfor 1 or 2 MS students to do research on the molecular ecology, phylogeography, and conservation genetics of freshwater mussels. Research projects typically center around species found in the Great Lakes and surrounding tributaries. Positions to begin as soon as May 2014 (no later than August 2014). Minimum stipend: $18,000/yr + tuition waiver (depending on qualifications) Required Qualifications: BS degree in Biology or rel .. ...
The department of Molecular Ecology at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology (Head: Prof. Ian Baldwin) invites applications for PhD fellowships in plant molecular ecology.
"Carrion fly gut DNA published in Molecular Ecology ping
Carrion fly gut DNA published in Molecular Ecology
Signals of selection in outlier loci in a widely dispersing species across an environmental mosaic
Pooled NGS data can give good population allele freqs + cheaper than using barcodes. Gautier 2013 Molecular Ecology
Historical gene flow found between Soay sheep and the now-extinct Dunface breed. Feulner et al 2013 Molecular Ecology
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Allan Wilson Centre of Molecular Ecology and Evolution Governance Board meeting. Also great chance to catch up with mates
In lighter news Myself and Abel Duarte have been awarded $500 from the tri Beta honors society for our research at the Molecular Ecology Lab at CSUMB
Also, whoever planned it so Cell and Molecular Lab, Human Embryology, Biochemistry, and Tropical Ecology overlap class periods: WHY?
Just registered for the molecular microbial ecology group meeting in December
At the edge and on the top: molecular identification and ecology of Daphnia dentifera and D.
"ecology is different,its more like molecular genetics.Those that chuck squares on ground and count daisies i mean.
my molecular ecology professor just made an x files reference. I think I love him
To-do list for the next few days: Molecular paper and lab, ecology field experiment and paper, pchem hw and exam, scene performance, work.
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Molecular Ecology and Evolution : Bangor, United Kingdom : Naturejobs - - via
Guest lecture on Molecular Techniques in Ecology and Environmental Science.
Does anyone do Molecular ecology and evolution? Tips and tricks??
leh da gameel , e7na ma3ana ecology we molecular Biology -.-
Don’t forget to register to attend the Molecular Ecology Online Forum
Rare trout survives in just one stream - study published in Molecular Ecology
About to crash the molecular ecology symposium.
Coffee obtained, seat found, WiFi connected. I'm ready for the Molecular Ecology symposium!
: Associate or Full Professor in Aquatic Ecology: Facilities, a gis studio, a molecular lab, and a ...
Teaching evolution? Try these PowerPoint presentations and teacher notes from the Allan Wilson Centre
Molecular ecology and adaptation of visual photopigments in craniates
Microsatellites ...a prominent marker in molecular ecology.
how long have you spent studying genetics, molecular biology, ecology etc. in order to refute evolution? Been in a lab?
"anyone with a computer can be a molecular ecologist, regardless of training" Karl et al Molecular Ecology
Invasion facilitates hybridization with introgression in the Rattus rattus species complex. Molecular Ecology
This evening's mycorrhizal networking was a breakthrough. Are we ready for some underground molecular ecology now?
The biogeography of mitochondrial and nuclear discordance in animals Molecular Ecology
Exploring symbiont management in lichens Molecular Ecology
Mitochondrial genomes reveal the global phylogeography and dispersal routes of the migratory locust Ecology
Molecular Approaches to Ecology and Evolution: The last ten years have seen an explosion of activity in the appl...
Inbreeding 'threatens meerkats': The survival chances of meerkats is being threatened by inbreeding, according t...
B in Molecular Ecology, B+ in Microbiology and German, and B- in History. Not quite as outstanding as last semester, but definitely something I'm totally comfortable with
Molecular ecology in Vienna: hot topics in a chilly place
Extra credit talk- The community is invited to attend a Student Scientific Research Sharing Event on May 1st at 7:30 in Room 106 at the UAS Campus, the University of Alaska Southeast. Students from Mt. Edgecumbe High School, University of Alaska and Sitka High School will present posters of their research projects.. The event will begin with a short presentation to introduce the public to the research techniques utilized, and then attendees are free to circle the room to view specific projects and talk directly to the student researchers! Coffee and snacks will be provided. The following classes will present: • Molecular Ecology completed through a partnership between UAS (Ms. Kitty LaBounty) and MEHS (Ms. Chohla Moll). • Bioacoustic research completed through a partnership with SCRIPPS Institute of Oceanography and MEHS (Mr. Michael Mahoney). • Field science research completed through a partnership with the USFS and SHS (Mr. Kent Bovee). • Ecological research projects completed through a partne ...
Senior Lecturer in Molecular Ecology at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, United Kingdom
Molecular Ecology - Wiley Online Library: Molecular Ecology. Early ViewOnline Version of Record published before...
Biomonitoring 2.0: a new paradigm in ecosystem assessment made possible by next-generation DNA sequencing
Integrating molecular ecology and predictive modelling: implications for the conservation of...
Read the latest Molecular Ecology review on F1000
Multiple self-splicing introns in the 16S rRNA genes of giant sulfur bacteria
Find out more about the Molecular Ecology Symposium at Evolution 2012
Limitations on recruitment: not a simple picture 2012 - Molecular Ecology - Wiley Online Library: via
The Folk Art of Science: 10 Great Research Graphics: The modeling accurately predicts the one region where ethni...
Butterflies react to climate change - The Press Association
Subterranean Rodents: News from Underground: Subterranean Rodents presents achievements from recent years of res...
New paper on harlequin ladybird invasion routes in Molecular Ecology via
Molecular Ecology: Molecular Ecology provides a comprehensive introduction to the many diverse aspects of this s...
The Ecology of Cyanobacteria: Their Diversity in Time and Space: Cyanobacteria make a major contribution to worl...
Molecular Approaches in Natural Resource Conservation and Management: Recent advances in molecular genetics and...
Lynx 'not doomed' by inbreeding: One of the world's most endangered cats, the Iberian lynx, may not be doomed by...
Iberian lynx not doomed by its genetics
Dear Molecular Ecology Resources - stop putting papers in your RSS feed that don't exist yet - -
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