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Mojave Desert

The Mojave Desert (or ; High Desert) occupies a significant portion of southeastern California and smaller parts of central California, southern Nevada, southwestern Utah and northwestern Arizona, in the United States.

Las Vegas Virgin Galactic Great Basin Huell Howser Edwards Air Force Base California Highway Patrol Stoney End

Sleek modular dwelling in the Mojave Desert
Mojave Desert? Maybe Kerouac was one artist Katherine Rundell inspired and Assisting or coffee shop?
LA Times ~ 117 roosters seized in suspected cockfighting operation in the Mojave Desert, authorities say
The desert is alive! 🌼🌺🌻 at Mojave Trails National Monument
The hottest desert are parts of the Sahara in Africa, and the Mojave Desert in America. . LadyLuster Unveiled.
Solar boom in the Mojave Desert: left, October 2011; right, July 2016. Blue-green line is LA-Kern county line. West of Lanca…
Now Californians who visits Vegas and the Mojave Desert will say "Patrolling the Mojave makes you wish for a nuclear winter."
From midnight in the Mojave desert.
Proposed road OK'd on part of Mojave Desert Tortoise reserve
Elderly woman in California is rescued from vehicle rollover in Mojave Desert five days after going missing…
Why is this scorpion glowing in ultraviolet light?. Amazing video:
A fiery sunset in The Mojave Desert, USA :). God's Awesome Artwork, Dont you think?
First jet with new livery painted in the Mojave Desert. Only 5th update since 1944
Mountains south of I40 near the Mojave National Preserve. @ Mojave Desert, California
Lucky to be alive after her Hummer rolled down a hill in the Mojave Desert, she's expected to survive.
.fires up Launch Abort Engine test series in Mojave Desert. Progress for
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Kingston Range sunset earlier this week
To see these Mojave Desert petroglyphs, you first have to pass a Navy screening
Woman was missing for five days before being pulled from her Hummer in the Mojave Desert.
Please please send it here. it's as dry as the Mojave around here!
Woman pulled from wreckage five days after car crash: Missing California woman found after accident in Mojave Desert
National Geographic visited us to portrait XCOR Aerospace in the Mojave Desert! Check it out:
Check out the weather highlights that will affect the southern Great Basin and Mojave Desert this week. htt…
Go to Joshua Tree National Park and the Mojave Desert! Get ten free Lyft rides w/ Coupon Code PLEX
.is prepping release of new live album, concert film set in Mojave Desert.
The eye of Sauron in the Mojave Desert. @ California/Nevada State Line
The last time we were in the Mojave Desert, we were without air, stuck for an hour with no…
In November 2004, an oil pipeline owned by a KM subsidiary burst in the Mojave Desert, sending a jet of fuel 80 feet into the air
Jimmy Chin joins Land Rover and Virgin Galactic in the Mojave Desert
As I flew yesterday, I felt close to C. Yeager, the 1st to exceed the speed of sound. Why?.
marigold (Baileya pectinata) going crazy now from April rains north of Beatty NV, northern edge of
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Mojave Phone Booth. In the middle of the desert, miles from any human life, sat an anomalous pay phone
Living in the Mojave desert for the summer to avoid work is what I'm all about
I'm a prickly pear cactus living in this hot Mojave Desert They call my home Death Valley for good reason...
The development team for the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor used the Mojave desert's torturous terrain to develop most of...
I'm planning a road trip to the mojave desert and it's not easy... But it will be worth it
▶ 5 Things You Missed at NAB 2016 - I took my annual trek through the Mojave Desert to the Mecca of technology ...
Ready. Set. Raptor. . The all-new 2017 F-150 Raptor rips through the Mojave Desert to kick off our six-part...
Solar Plane soars over Mojave Desert on 10th leg of flight around the world
Hike in Mojave Desert, 2013: My hat blew away!: I spent the following day looking for, and findi...
For my group project I had to make slides on endangered species in the Mojave desert and then present to 7th graders. Sounds cool right?
Just another perk from living in the Mojave Desert.
Interesting article. In the past few days, Borax has come up in convo a lot. Do you use it?
i like how all of my friends are busy Guffawing At Rats, while i am busy standing in the mojave desert eating grass
To the reeducation camps we'll be running in the Mojave desert
Tonight! 3 new plays from inspired by the Mojave Desert Phone Booth!
Performances Tonight! Meets the 3 new plays inspired by the Mojave Desert Phone Booth!
I saw this sign somewhere in the middle of the Mojave desert in California. It says 'Flooded'.…
Scaring someone with an egg shaker while they walk through the Mojave Desert past "Beware Rattlesnake" signs?
2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Takes on the Mojave Desert in New Video -
Busy. Back from Costa Rica, then VA, after that a helicopter ride over Grand Canyon, land go jump in RZR and ride the Mojave desert
Ford F-150 Raptor explodes across the Mojave desert!
There is a secret swimming pool in the Mojave Desert. If you find it, you're allowed to use it.
Desert tortoises in the Mojave Desert given a head start on survival by the
A solar-powered plane crossed the Mojave Desert on its way from California to Arizona TUE0030
.has spent the past 15 hours in the Si2 cockpit, flying over and the Desert
AMAZING: just flew above Helios project home base!
.cruising at 20'000 feet is flying above the desert. Read our blog: http…
Hi I made it to what an amazing flight over the Mojave desert to promote h…
Look. Edc is home for me because I started off with mini desert raves in the AV / Mojave desert
Exploring the Mojave Desert near Las Vegas NV and Primm Valley NV. Fun in ...
Enjoy a breathtaking view of the Mojave Desert when you book a room at Days Inn Barstow hotel near the
Mossack Fonseca leak. City made of apartments hanging from construction cranes is being built in Mojave Desert by an Azerbaijan investor.
to that point in the Mojave desert where settlers gave up on trying to make real words
RTNASARTbmoreno: Wow! SpotTheShuttle TOUCHDOWN! Endeavour landing at Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert.
Rocking the OT RAM out in the Mojave Desert after 2010 in Las Vegas
I've done it many times with the 4wd club I was with & with The Friends of the Mojave Rd which became the MDH&CA. Its so fun!
Mojave desert yesterday. 90 degrees, no noise, no people, no BS. Love this place. Good to be back.
Another badass trip on the amazing Mojave Road where even the jackrabbits stare in awe.
Two bighorn sheep from Coso Range https:/…
Galloping the Mojave Desert with my awesome wife!! An adventure of a life time! @ Cowboy Trail…
Mojave yucca are blooming across Kelso and Cedar Canyon washes. See them as you drive northeast on Kelso-Cima Road. https:/…
"The Desert Queen" and her valiant crew sailing through the Mojave, 1905.
A secret pool in Mojave Desert can be used by those who find it...
Born in the Mojave Desert (Victorville) in California, live in upstate NY. Been to 6 of 7 continents thanks to the military.
EDF-RE secures PPA with Southern California Edison for 111MW Valentine solar project in California's Mojave Desert:
Cruz-- Personally represented the Veterans to keep the Mojave Desert War Memorial Cross, pro-bono before…
most we paid was ~$40 crossing the Mojave. Edge of the desert has limited options.
Open spaces are being developed in the West Mojave Desert. While these are private ... via
From LAX to Denver in the geology seat at 35,000 feet: Mt Baldy, Ivanpah Solar system Mojave desert, a Grand Canyon
Desert Gem Trails - Field Guide to Gems of the Mojave & Colorado Deserts
q3) Anjaana Anjaani and the location is the Mojave Desert in Nevada State
Today in 1864 The 1st camel race in America was held. Nope -- not in the Mojave Desert; but in Sacramento, California.
World's largest plant burning birds in
Can't wait for the Mojave Desert this weekend☄
My phone has been drier than the Mojave desert.
2.5 Acres Land For Sale in California ID2.5 Acres of Land for Sale in Sunny California Mojave Desert ...
What does the Mojave Road and Robert's Rules of Order have in common? Anyone? Bueller?
Fancy dinner earned after a night of camping in the Mojave Desert. @ Adele's Restaurant and Lounge
Leann Rimes at Her Campsite in the Mojave Desert - March 2015
📍: Joshua Tree National Park On the western section of the park, the Mojave desert claims i… https…
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"his *** was so small and I was so dry. like the mojave desert"
It's Time to Bring Wolves Back to the Mojave Desert - smashing good piece by Chris Clarke
"The Soda Mountain site isn't recognized as suitable for solar either in the massive, labyrinthine Desert...
a devastating loss due to an FBI investigation/probable prosecution, I have a bridge for sale in the Mojave Desert. (2/3)
New artwork for sale! - "Old Rusty Truck in the Mojave Desert" -
Outtake from a session I did in the Mojave Desert for Stoney End. Sunrise Mountain in the distance. h…
Behind the scenes at Virgin Galactic's facility in the Mojave Desert
Mojave Desert gem listed on the United States National Register of Historic Places RT
" Anthony Bourdain explores the Mojave Desert of California with Josh Homme.".
An off road in the Mojave Desert with adventurer and the Autobiography
Jedediah Smith hunter, author, cartographer & explorer, was born on this day in 1799. 🎨Crossing the Mojave Desert. https:…
. Yes; a billion plan to get water from subsoil of Mojave desert.
I've been to the Mojave Desert. It's a DESERT. There's no water there.
'draining the Mojave desert' not exactly an objective tone? No evidence Cadiz Inc water extract will have negative impact on desert.
Did you know there's a $2.4 billion plan to water CA by draining the Mojave desert
- A with a strike over the desert at http…
January 7 1998, started to film the "Frozen" music video at The Mojave Desert in California.
Going through old pictures- and in the beautiful Mojave desert
Apparently the California Highway Patrol is recommending motorists avoid the Mojave Desert tonight because high w –
50% of the population of the U.S. lives in holes beneath the Mojave Desert waiting for the end of surface dwellers and the dawn of mole men.
A streaks across the sky over the Mojave Desert in Landers, California
Sisters from different chapters visited the Mojave Desert and sent a wish lantern into the sky for Alpha Xi Delta!
.just revealed an 80 acre Mojave Desert initiative. Yay!
The Mirage Las Vegas, MGM Resorts International: Free the dolphins trapped in the Mojave Desert at...
It's safe to say that Huell Howser's Mojave Desert house is a little piece of California's Gold.
Outdoors by Our camping spot at Red Rock Canyon in the Mojave Desert .
Huell Howser's volcano-top house in the Mojave Desert is for sale and it is mindblowing:
Cultural Oasis, an open air market in the Mojave Desert, 2001. Student work at the University of…
Department of New Stuff: Test flight of US Air Force Anti-Flying Carpet rocket, Mojave Desert, near Las Vegas
Mojave Desert from the air... About to land in Las Vegas!
Shop the collection inspired by the beauty of the Mojave Desert.
Inspired by a trip to the Mojave Desert, Pre-Fall collection is breathtaking.
California Highway Patrol says one person killed, one injured in crash of Virgin Galactic spacecraft in Mojave Desert: CNN, CN…
Go kicks rocks in the Mojave Desert.
Light penetrating a lava tube in the Eastern Mojave Desert. More info:...
All fueled up and off into the Mojave Desert. Hot, but nothing I haven't felt before. Vegas should be around 100F.
Oh my god. This place is a nightmare factory.
I've seen one back in 1997 during army training in the Mojave Desert. We we lost, not where we were suppose to be.
Sweet, Mojave Desert. I wanna see this. I live in the town called Mojave. So this will be fun :)
This Post Office-Turned-House in the Mojave Desert Is Just the Strangest Thing in the World
Photo: A cracked lake bed in the Mojave Desert
Has been weirdly cloudy all down coast. El Niño year, apparently. Hopefully Mojave desert will also be cooler!
Staffers with Lorenzo the Lion, Leo the Lion's cousin, down in the Mojave Desert.. http…
The desolate canyons of the Mojave Desert @ Mojave Desert
Brilliant photos L.A. officials drops plant for Mojave Desert, danger to wildlife:
House of the Day: For $1M, This Forged Steel Spaceship in the Mojave is Yours
Soda Mountain project MT L.A. won't buy power from Mojave Desert plant, after all
Bechtel Soda Mt solar project in Mojave desert is perfect eg of why distributed, community-owned power is way to go.
L.A. won't buy power from Mojave Desert solar plant. in Soda Mountain
L.A. officials drop plans to buy electricity from solar plant proposed for Mojave Desert, citing danger to wildlife:
ISIS is like Genghis Khan flying a helicopter over the Mojave Desert with an aerosol can of Ebola. - Thomas Friedman
Photo: Driving through the desert. (at Mojave Desert)
86 yr old man w/ dementia survives nearly 3 days in Mojave Desert: (via
Old man with Alzehimer's disease survived 3days at desert.
I get the last laugh because you weren't even remotely funny . your humor is drier than the Mojave desert
I took this photo when I stoped to do *** at .
I'm 20 minutes from the Mojave desert. This isn't the "cali" you hear about
Guess who has to pay a trip through the mojave desert? me. ;-; i'll think of fallout NV during the trip. and survive on radiated water.
I love there were flying things called Lifting Bodies. Thanks as ever,
Mojave Desert is home to Joshua trees, blistering sun, sandstorms and many bizarre-looking airplanes: HL-10.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
the mojave desert residents have been doing it for years now. Water reclamation
We posted an article on our trip to Kelso Dunes in the Mojave Desert:
Hank just shared a pic of us from the Mojave Desert and the recording of Witches Dance video 1994. Time flies...
En route to Las Vegas for Show tonight at Beauty Bar. @ The Mojave Desert
Mojave desert view on a stormy day - shot off highway 93, outside Boulder City, NV -
Find out the new company that is trying to make space travel for civilians possible from the Mojave desert.
I should nickname my phone the Mojave desert because it's so dry. 😒
Cruising along in the car through the Mojave desert with my sunglasses on listening to Mos Def.
Honor the sacrifices of those who have served. ht…
Pausing in heart-felt memorium of SSH Robert L.Griswold who did in helo crash in the Mojave desert in 1989.
Morning in the Mojave Desert on the
Honor the sacrifices of those who have served.
Day 44: passing more wind turbines in the distance @ Mojave Desert
Happy to my son fighting the heat in the Mojave Desert. Thank you for your service,
With Lasers. Raven-seeking lasers is the buried lead - Tortoise-Defending Drones in the Mojave Desert -
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Oh hey, I'm alive by the way, just kinda in the Mojave desert for the next month with barely any cell service.
A bracing 3 mile run in the Mojave desert.
North Edwards by Noel Kerns . Abandoned gas station along CA 58 in the Mojave Desert at North Edwards, CA
Gaslight Melodrama show inspired by Mojave Desert: “All of these superheroes — Batman, Superman and the Flash ...
Photo: catching the last rays in the Mojave desert in her latest set  “WonderHussy on the...
"I think of the lizards airing their tongues" - Sylvia Plath, Sleep in the Mojave Desert
Joshua trees create a frame for the massive wind-turbines in the Mojave
Wandering is so scary at any age.. So glad he was found..
Man survives dangerous conditions in the Mojave desert.
Grandfather with Alzheimer's, 86, survives extreme heat, rattlesnakes and dehydration in Mojave...
Hi Liam. take a look at this video from Mojave Desert Rebels
A beautiful ending to a nice day in the Mojave Desert.
Just thinking about the mojave desert like 😖🔥🔥
California Man With Dementia Survives Nearly 3 Days in Mojave Desert days, desert, man, man with, mojave, m…
Made a new friend in the Mojave Desert. 🐸
A River Captain in the Desert - Polhamus spent 40 yrs on the Colorado.
And in San Marcos, California, we're on the brink of an expanding Mojave Desert...
Much like how "Breaking Bad" wouldn’t have been the same show without the ABQ, "Knight Rider" without the beautiful Mojave des…
Family sues over unauthorized demolition of vacation home: The owner of a patch of Mojave Desert land upon which a…
Lot on outskirts of California City in sunny Mojave Desert!
My Uncle rode / raced desert with McQueen in Ca Mojave the late 60's early 70's- he was "in camp" Always a McQueen fan👍👊🙌
I'm camping at the edge of the Mojave Desert tonight... A little scared. This campsite is much more desolate than Half Moon Bay was.
yep, I'm leaving Minnesota and moving out on my own to Las Vegas Nevada in the Mojave Desert.
A fan repairs U2 Joshua Tree in the Mojave Desert
The guardians of the Mojave Desert. Correspondent Mike Kirsch reports for —
Dad is off to America again on Wednesday to do a marathon in the Mojave Desert. He's turned in to this runner so quickly.
I feel like a killer whale in the Mojave desert
close but Junction Tx, Bandera Volcano, Mojave Desert and some red rocks off of I40. Flag was snowing so didn't stay too long :)
To put it politely. I remember him well from the Evra-Suarez incident. Enough B.S. to fertilize the Mojave desert!
Steve McQueen resting after completing a 500 mile race in the Mojave Desert.   10% Off
Ahead to Mojave desert for some awesome images!
This study examines the chemical characteristics of springs in the Mojave Desert
We just posted a review of Gary George's thriller 'Mojave Desert Sanctuary.' Read it here:
Seven incredibly old Mojave Desert Plants. Good to know!
It's so great to watch the Giro and hear you two again from my home in Landers, CA, in the Mojave high desert.
i'd have thought yesterday was the hardest. today, however—my heart just feels like the Mojave Desert.
hired a Mini Cooper for a fun 2000 mile trip across 3 U.S. states. Here it is in the Mojave desert
I live in a little desert away from life called Mojave. 💔
The glory of God on display in the Mojave Desert.
I'm traveling through the Mojave Desert with 50lb Dumbbells tied to both my ankles without a canteen, struggling rn
When water from the Mojave Desert is your growth plan, it's time to reflect
left nostril is as dry as the Mojave desert while my right nostril is like Niagara Falls
I just saw "Mojave National Preserve Pulse of the Desert" at the Kelso station. Awesome music!
Traveling historic Route 66 in the Mojave Desert, Amboy and beyond:
I'm in the Mojave desert and it was 54 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday, at mid day! We wore jackets!
I really enjoyed Oregon when I was there. Better than the Mojave Desert I will be in tomorrow.
Crossing the Mojave Desert with who else???
A man walks through sand dunes in the Mojave desert.
Perseids meteors: The Mojave Desert in Landers, California, more reason to love the deser
Photo: Hanging around the Mojave Desert pic by Dead Clown Studios for
since I'm now in trivia mode, did you know that the same desert is spelled Mojave in Calif. and Mohave in Az and Nevada? Hmmm.😐
April 27, 2015. 3 a.m., Las Vegas. Driving through the night across the calm of the Mojave Desert, the first faint beacon of Las Vegas was
If you really think is a credible news source I have a turquoise mine in the Mojave desert i would like to sell you.
Spending the week hiking the Mojave Desert, one of the most powerfully beautiful spaces I've ever experienced.
"Filmed at Joshua tree in the Mojave desert..." indulge us with 'Black Flag' video by
Mojave Desert, California. I have a pic at this same place ... :) via
My visit to the Cima during '10 outing
Sunrise in the Mojave Desert by Christine Robles Learn :-
How do we even begin to explain the awesomeness that went down the past 5 days... We flew into Washington, DC... http:…
I drove back and forth across the and from Vegas to Tree in March. Including
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almost as comfortable in the big city as the desert. But 4/5 times the desert wins
Dieting is easy. It's like walking a mile with 2 broken legs through the Mojave desert with no water easy.
Taylor and Span could cover the mojave desert.
Saturday was awesome! I discovered this 15 MILLION year old fossil camel trackway in the Mojave Desert.
Bringing some and to the Mojave Desert
Wikipedia - Solar power plants in the Mojave Desert.
McDonnell Douglas F-15D Eagle , in-flight over the Mojave Desert near Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. . ✈...
Backside of the mountain in the Mojave desert. . I love the desert (apart from @ Mojave Desert
the Cajon pass right outside of the beautiful Mojave Desert.
I spent 8 hour car ride using Wikipedia. Can I tell you about the Mojave Desert? Harris Ranch on I5? Diurnal animals? Intermittent Lakes?
The clutchest thing about LA is that Vegas is just a drive thru the Mojave desert away ☀️🔥
that the largest plant in the world is found in the Mojave Desert ,
I think all the Sun in the Mojave Desert! ;-)
The Sahara Desert in northern Africa is more than 23 times the size of southern California's Mojave Desert.
is where silence isnt thunder of unreturnd phonecall but flap of butterflys wings in sprng . Visit
Middle of Mojave desert with no water, no call boxes and no cell signal.
War Horse’s leading man Jeremy Irvine takes on the Mojave desert in this action thriller, BEYOND THE REACH. Now...
S/O to the Mayweather Pacquiao commercials that prominently feature Las Vegas' Mojave desert climate.
Mojave Desert. Pretty stars. MoonGoddess, the victim who swan dived after anasthesia. AIP♡
Listening to THE JOSHUA TREE under peak conditions: Driving through the Mojave Desert at sunset.
One is in the Sonoran desert the other is in the Mojave.
Outtake from the Stoney End album cover shoot - Mojave Desert -1970
Our Chief Marketing Officer & some interns are currently in the Mojave desert on some sort of "spirit quest".
Joshua trees are an indicator species for Mojave Desert ecosystem, from Southern CA into NV, AZ, UT.
The world’s largest solar plant in the Mojave Desert looks like a high tech alien planet from above.
Thanks so much, Debbie! I recall on the day we were there the temp was 121F -- Mojave Desert.
you are about to be stranded in the mojave desert I swear
Solar farm in the Mojave Desert o.O
You were up early! Although weirdly it looks like you haven't moved since yesterday! I know the Mojave desert's big but still...
It's so hot outside. Now I know how Cheryl Strayed felt when she walked across the Mojave Desert.
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Track wild tortoises through the Mojave as an SCA Desert Tortoise Ecology Intern. APPLY:
Cinder Cones Area & Lava Tube Trail in the Mojave Desert > >
LA County Supervisors settled w/ U.S. Justice Department in civil rights case involving deputies in Mojave Desert
Cuddeback Dry Lake in the Mojave Desert. 6.2 miles of flat, smooth and hard playa surfaces.
COACHELLA: Fistful of Mercy plays the Mojave Tent at 5:55pm on Sunday. See you in the desert!
The only shade at this Mojave desert bus stop. Thank you, power pole...
Diverse day hiking trails abound across Mojave Desert
Integratron, Mojave Desert, CaliforniaThere is no noise, only sound, said John Cage. And one thing...
The natural beauty of the Mojave Desert! w/
Runnin through Nevada with our woes! @ Mojave Desert
I have a pyramid shaped rock I found out in the Mojave Desert. I want to find out if it's man made or natural. Can you help
Today I'm exploring the rich landscape of the Mojave Desert.
10 Insightful Lessons from Ian Bailey about Shooting in the Mojave Desert, Pt. I
First year I haven't experienced snow in a long time. Might have something to do with the fact that in the freaking mojave desert but eh
Imagine spending 10 years trying to find an artwork that no one knew about and that was impossible to see:
🔰Dumont Sand Dunes ^ Dumont Dunes is an area of the Mojave Desert with…
A warm Washington's Birthday is expected in the Mojave Desert & southern Great Basin.
Driving down I40 to Flagstaff next month, need stopoff at Mojave desert any ideas?
My tl is drier than the mojave desert
do tourists not realize that vegas is in the mojave desert and ITS HOT AF HERE
Fighter jet over the Mojave Desert - YouTube
This scarred our Mojave desert campouts. 2 couples w/ little dog in motor home chased by satanists.
. Philly culture has made its way to the Mojave Desert.
A baby desert hatching from its egg- a threatened species found in the Mojave Desert htt…
Throwback on a Sunday to that one time when I ran out of gas pretty much right here. @ Mojave Desert
A ghost lives in the Southern California desert. saw it. And even got photos:
Under a night sky in the Mojave Desert
Not saying my sexual dry spell is that long. Just simply saying a walk through the Mojave Desert is shorter and more pleas…
Mojave desert levels of thirst right now
" At the end of the 1970s, artist Ed Ruscha left a fake rock artwork somewhere in the Mojave desert."
Little Giant Ladders
The ghost of Bagdad lives on Route 66 in the Mojave Desert...
Adrien Brody photographed by me with a Contax G2 - Mojave Desert 2002
One of nation's largest solar plants opens in Mojave Desert in Riverside County via
Gary_Fernandez: What it used to be. alifornia @ Mojave Desert, California …
I'll never forget that night I was drinking peyote tea in the Mojave desert with Running Turtle and that small horse started threatening me.
Photo: Nice clear sky right before the stars. We’d stay here for months…
Nice clear sky right before the stars. We'd stay here for months...
her 😺 look like somebody hanging on a breakaway rim "Dry as the Mojave desert
Got the whole hotel to ourselves wish you were here
Pool | Rock Reach House in the Mojave Desert by o2 Architecture -
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