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Mohit Raina

Mohit Raina is an Indian television and Bollywood actor, most known for his lead role of Shiva in the TV series, Devon Ke Dev – Mahadev(2011), prior to which he had acted in TV soaps Chehra(2009) and Ganga Kii Dheej(2010).

Gautam Rode Devon Ke Dev Mahadev Mouni Roy Lord Shiva Maha Kumbh Mallika Sherawat Best Actor Ram Kapoor Lord Krishna Karan Singh Grover

Plz cast MOHIT RAINA as RAM in new upcoming SIYA KE RAM,as he is so popular and looks so convincing as GOD,it will be instant hit
GGians Vote for Gautam here for d hottest TV actor.He is just 1% behind ^_^. …
India oh "actors which playing shiva on tv". people awesome, mohit raina is the best shiva on tv
India Forums: "Actors playing SHIVA on TV shows". many people agree MOHIT RAINA is The BEST SHIVA on TV.
oopsie.. it seems that Ashutosh mania has hit me strongly. I intended to write Mohit Raina Army.. :P
missing Mohit Raina as shiva.He defined perfection.
wish u the same my Mahadev mohit raina
Please invite Mohit Raina and Mouni Roy to come in Indonesia. It'll be makes Mohini Fans so happy! pls pls :D
oh yeah,yaad aaya last year. Mohit Raina - Herath Mubarak to you too dear 👍👏
MOHIT RAINA-Mouni Roy is SAME on MANAGEMENT ARTIST and MOHIT-MOUNI with SAME MANAGER too..made each other!.
MOHIT RAINA TOPPED KAS DESPITE EARLIER. FAILURES. He failed twice but in 2012 he topped the KAS. Even...
Mohit Sharma best man to replace injured Ishant Sharma in World Cup squad
Mohit Raina as a person might not regret. But the actor will. And if he doesnt, well.
But performance range of Mohit Raina has been more than tested in Mahadev no?. He is an established 'actor' nw.
I really want to see Mohit Raina as grown up Ashok... please universe let it happen.. please... !! . The character hs a great depth nd scope
Happens!My closest friend is the biggest fan of Mohit Raina and her name is Ishma Raina. so there xD
Mohit raina and Mouni Roy have the same celebrity manager. Lol😂
im one the biggest fan of yours! Plz bring Yuvi back !!. Dhawan. Rohit. Rahane . Kohli. Yuvraj. Dhoni . Raina. Ashwin. Shami. Mohit. Ishanth
if Harshad chpra sushant singh rjpt mohit raina hte to MP ss gone
Again we lost match due to poor performance of player . sharma
Kohli 8 Raina 1 Rayudu 12 MS 17 Binny 7 Jadeja 5 Axar Patel 1 Mohit Sharma 7 Are we sure that India is in for world cup
Mohd Shami scored more than the total score of Raina, Binny, Jadeja, Patel & Mohit. India scores 200.
Shami nd mohit are better that kohli nd raina
How many games have even played dat India is said 2 b tired
Raina OUT... bring back yuvi. Rayudu Out...bring back yuvi. Binny Out...bring back yuvi. next mohit out avthadu...bring bck yuvi
It's time the brigade in India team is shown the door. Ashwin, Mohit and their captain it's still not late
and Shahid Kapoor took top honors at the Star Guild Awards 2015. . http:…
If that everyone means you, Apoorva, My Mother and Mohit Raina - then yeah.. everyone loves me xD
New Pic: Mohit Raina with Sohanna Sinha on her birthday bash.
TV actors who really should have entered Bollywood have still not entered. Karan Patel. Mohit Raina. Gautam Rode.
Mohit Raina: Nobody wants to marry a God Mohit Raina’s portrayal of Lord Shiva in Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev made him...
watched DKDM after so long.. Every flash back in today's epi made me tear up! Mr.Raina how do we move on?
I never believe in God now believe Mr. Arun govil as lord Rama and Mr.Mohit raina as Lord Shiva for sure, lifetime performance ..
Mohit Raina,will miss u as mahadev.keep shining superstar.
Iam very sad and apset for last episod of devo ke dev mahadev iam.beggest fan of mahadev and mohit raina iam.very sad for eny mor contineu
Ashwin best Spinner, Deepika bigger legend than Madhuri, Raina better than ABD this PDF is seriously going to replace KRK & Mohit
Hai I love mohit raina and sonarika
i wont say much of a cult one. But Mohit Raina was difficult to ignore for sure.. his subtle expressions
Q: Why do u love Mohit Raina?. Ans:That's not even a question. Unquestionable fact it remains that Mohit Raina has to be loved. :')
character was loved , not the actor ,says tsk tsk..clueless as usual Mr Raina! How could you say that !
The real struggle will begin now: Mohit…
As the format goes, let me tell you the subject of the letter-. Letter to spread awareness of Mohit Raina's awesomeness ;)
TOI: mohit: the real struggle will begin now
READ: Mohit Raina was the original choice for 'Maha Kumbh'
The real struggle will begin now: Mohit Raina
Mohitians. today's TOI Bombay times has a small note on MR
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The real struggle will begin now: Mohit Raina.
on the upcoming end of DKDM on Dec 14:
The real struggle will begin now: Mohit ‘Mahadev’ Raina
MOHIT RAINA-Mouni Roy possibility to join with "NACH BALIYE SEASON 7".we really hope so...amen. http…
Why should they participate in Nach Baliye 7?.
Mentions previous winners and cute couple AshVik! . Nach Baliye 7 news via
participation in Nach Baliye will seal their relationship
Life OK actors Mohit Raina and Gautam Rode injured. On one hand Life OK channel is on cloud nine launching many new shows containing interesting concepts, on the other it seems that things are not working out quite well with the channel’s actors. Wondering what we are talking about? Well, sources have informed us that both Mohit Raina (Devon ke Dev... Mahadev) and Gautam Rode (Mahakumbh) injured themselves while shooting for action sequences for their respective shows. Recently Mohit, who is portraying the role of Mahadev, injured himself while shooting for a fight sequence, where he was seen fighting with a sword. Our source said, "Mohit injured himself while doing a sword fighting scene and suffered leg injury. But he was brave enough to continue with the shooting that day and is doing well now”. Just two days after this incident, today, Gautam Rode, who is currently busy shooting for his upcoming big budget show Mahakumbh, also injured himself while filming an action sequence. “Gautam was suppose ...
My Dream Team at the end of the IPL: Smith, Uthappa, Raina, Maxwell, AB, Dhoni, Akshar, Bhuvi, Tambe, Narine and Mohit. …
wen u acted as Krishn every time i pray ur face comes into my mind..just like mohit raina for mahadev..:))
..sir we wanna grand farewell fr Mohit raina ..he is d only reason fr watching DKDM fr yrs!
Get well soon both of you Mohit Raina and Gautam Rode and please be careful while work.
MOHIT RAINA..hope you get well soon after injured when DKDM from Indonesia loves Mohit Raina and Mouni Roy
OMG.Mohit getting injured on DKDM shooting...hope Mohit Raina get well soon.amen..
sara see this i just G recovers soon!
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Dhoni, Raina, Ashwin, Jadeja, Mohit all 5 CSK who r part of India team r rested & not in team now..As per Mudgal report 2 r from here?
Mohit Sharma expecting...Think, now Raina, Ashwin, Jadeja, Dhoni, Mohit all are rested (not in team now) so..??
alright, don't get me wrong,I'm just giving you a new idea,I think you should make Mohit Raina memes,we would love to see them
dhoni, raina, ashwin, jadeja ? As they r in csk and may b Mohit sharma,
Sachin, Dravid, Laxman, Sehwag and Saurav were cricket stars. Virat, Dhoni, Dhawan, Rohit and Raina are stars
Mohit Raina... “Oooh la la... Which of these TV boys is the sexiest of all..?
Mohit raina "Mahadev" :),I'm a die hard Fan of him,met him last year
Love is the purest thing, beyond physical attribute and beyond culmination : Mohit Raina.
“"I was naughty & used to indulge in pranks too: Mohit Raina. L…
Mahadev aka mohit raina is set to come as Lord Krishna in a new series on same channel by...produced same producer
ya axar was brilliant. But consistency was lacking for our guys right from Rohit Sharma to Mohit Sharma
After Mahadev, Mohit Raina to play Lord Krishna in Life OK's next mytho!
Suresh Singh Chauhan has voted for "Mohit Raina - Photos, Videos, ..." on the poll All
Just made my first siggy on Mohit Raina as Mahadev...
Raina - An enigmatic personality and a powerful screen presence make Mohit tick on TV.
after make over, you look like mohit raina :D but i like it. :)
"There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book.”( Mohit Raina )
I think in India Mohit Raina has more fans than fawad Khan.
Yet a another picture of the winning moment Super Kings all plays for India http:…
I'll tell you a fact. . Mr. Mohit Raina simply rocks. Sach mein!
. I want Mohit Raina to keep chatting with me. LO KEH DIYA.
Who would you cast to play you in a movie? — Without any doubt,Mohit Raina
Csk is best team for all time because of 5super powers raina jadeja dhoni aswin mohit sharma
Do u know one thing about ?. RAINA is in place in POPULAR PERSON in the world.
thank u fr ur update! Mohit raina is a grt actor only i can say!
Aghors Aghora... why u so hot..?? its a grave sin to make our frail hearts go bonkers at your sight.. Mohit Raina's oomph factor is too.
"Mohit Sharma & before Leaving to England Yesterday . Raina is super smart
ohhh plsss he is not mohit suri he mohit raina n i like him as Lord Shiva from Devo ke dev Mahadev :)
I felt dat as mohit raina one person is also changing to different one on the screen..:-) that is saurabh raaj jain..:-)
yeah...:-) :-) yeah I am a big fan of Mohit Raina...:-) :-) he is living as Lord Shiva..:-) :-)
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
God bless for Mouni Roy n mohit raina
Raina and Mohit leaving to England for ODI &. T20 Series !!. Best of Luck Champs (y)
*__* with Mohit Sharma before leaving for England :) ♥ All The Best Champ
Reecent selfie of our champ with Mohit Sharma as they leave for England!!!
all d good luck Suresh bhai...& Mohit sharma...i m sure u'll take India to the winning side...
Latest and exclusive pic of with mohit sharma. They left for England today. Raina is back. 😄
the kind of shiva in trilogy is difrnt frm the pauranic one.. still Raina fits the bill
Mohit Raina who is known as Mahadev, is all set to play another deity character of Lord Krishna in Life OK's next
Dear Guys,let's Vote our beloved Actors by log in and type Mouni Roy and Mohit Raina in
if it true tht MR is to play Krishna..then it will another test for actor Mohit Raina as he hs to compete wid his colleague in this respect
Of course. Everyone love Mahadev Mohit Raina. I am moslem but I love Mohit Raina's Mahadev serial :)
POLL: Mohit Raina to play Krishna now! Yay or Nay?
Nobody can imagine anyone else as Mahadev other than Mohit Raina
Mohit Raina getting award for Best Actor in a Neg…:
Good morning bhaiya Mohit Raina hope u be happy all day .
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on presentation : "Quite a few of them r going back. Few more r coming in, some ". ..who else do u think
Mohit raina OFC. I love mohit raina so much he is so cool and handsome!
Happy Birthday to Mohit Raina. Wishing him the best in life and work. Lots of love !!(via
guys soo happy happy Sunday d best Sunday with mohit raina n surabhrajjain
: hello mouni.I'm fans u from indonesia.mohit raina and hopefully you can come to Indonesia to meet us who like the movie mahadev
Bye everything else in the world, it's Mohit Raina time yuhuu
Sehwag Rohit Virat Rahane Yuvi Raina Msdhoni jaddu Bhuvi Mohit and Ishant... Probably the best ODI team against England
Television star Mohit Raina at the red carpet of the Star Sports PRO KABADDI LEAGUE 2014. The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) is a professional kabaddi league in In...
Mohit Raina is lucky to have a fan like you..!!
your look like shiva you learn more dance me and my family love shiva because shiva nature is different all god so I love shiva than my family like you
So, Mohit Raina only 2 brother. What mohit raina and Mouni Roy it's really dating or just a rumor?
how can you be followed by Mouni Roy and mohit raina . and remember to follow me please do not forget it please :)
I want ask you. Mohit raina have a brother's or sister's? Please replay me
Gawd! Mouni is SO graceful. This Mohit Raina is a lucky guy.
[INFO] After 'Devon Ke Dev Mahadev', will play again in movies 'Krishna'? Link: Cc:
We Held Editing Photo Competition for 14 Agust, To Enliven Mohit Raina birthday, I hope you like my idea :)
And here are the official pics of Mohit Raina at event :)
Mohit Raina making an appearance at pro kabaddi,still cant believe it
Mohit Raina: Delhi is known to bounce back and they will bounce back.
Mohit Raina is an allrounder coz Mohit Sharma and Suresh Raina.
You followed by Mouni Roy and mohit raina because that i say you very lucky
I love leena jumani ♥ mohit raina , nice to know you. Best, love from indonesia
TOI Article: was the original choice for later Bagged the Role .
wanna hear frm the king hmself,hw was ur experience working with nation's icon Mohit Raina?
this is for Bth.Mohit Raina birthday
okey :) now In Indonesia Mahadev Booming :) and many fans Mohit raina here
Ok! Mohit Raina of Devon Ka Dev Mahadev hails from kashmir is very famous earned a Good name will J&K govt make him Brand Ambassador!?
Its very fun N exciting when looking at how handsome Mohit Raina.Forget all about the other for a while. ht…
Raina and Mouni Roy is my idol couples do. you guys are my passion coloring to keep abreast of film. series Mahadev.
's Sati Mouni Roy of has no plans of marrying costar & bf Mohit Raina, now http:…
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he... thank you for the wonderful siggy surprise..!! My fantastic 4 charcters of Mohit Raina :") *hugs h…
Mohit Raina is the most expensive actor in India :)
Mahadev to go off air soon, Mohit Raina bags Life OK's next!
its ok i dnt watch other a Mohit Raina fan
Mohit Raina roped in to play Krishna: The actor’s Devon Ke Dev Mahadev is set to end soon Mohit Raina became a...
Mohit Raina roped in to play Krishna
: I'(d) Like to see a reincarnation of mahadev ( Mohit Raina ) and Sati ( Mouny Roy )... In a modern drama life.It's nice !
nahi we really need Mr. Raina to come out of the mytho shows..high time want to see him on commercial roles NOW
"Post Mahadev, Its Krishna for Mohit Raina pls tell me its not mytho... :'(
“Post Mahadev, Its Krishna for Mohit Raina hope it's a contemporary story!
"Post Mahadev, Its Krishna for Mohit Raina looks like he's really going to do another mytho
"Post Mahadev, Its Krishna for Mohit Raina bhagwan yeh kya *** raha hai again mytho like seriously o_O
ye read karo dear im sad but happy for GR
Mohit Raina was the original choice for ‘Maha Kumbh’. TOI is constantly reporting about Life OK’s upcoming show...
I really admire you, I love went you're going out with Mohit Raina :)
Telly actor Gautam Rode replaces Mohit Raina in Mahakumbh. To know more, tune into today at 1 pm only on zoOm
Mohit Raina: And who can forget Lord Shiva of Devon Ke Dev. Mahadev. Not many will disagree that after the real...
Mahima Chaudhry , Mohit Raina , Neil Nitin Mukesh , Asha Parekh , Sana Khan, Suniel Shetty , Vidya Malvade at the wedding reception of Devhooti ( Daughter of CMD of Miraj Group Mr.Madan Paliwal) with Vikas Purohit in Nathdwara in Rajasthan, India.
2013 had seen multiple changes, with Karan Singh Grover losing his role on Qubool Hai; with Sanaya Irani starring in a new show; Mohit Raina and Mouni Roy getting involved in a relationship.. There...
Both your loved 'Shiv's have been offered roles in Bollywood - Mohit Raina from Devon Ke Dev, Mahadev and Siddharth Shukla from Balika Vadhu.
Mohit Raina: It's an enriching experience to watch him work; SRK is the most perfect performer that I have witnessed
I asked the same question to papa's frnd in Jammu. He asked me kaun Mohit Raina???
The Best Actor in -ve role goes to MOHIT RAINA ( ) ..n here tears of joy in my eyes :') ...
when i see the mahadev i think that has captivated the mahadev. mohit god bless and god give u healthy & beautiful life. I m ur biggest fan. HAPPY NEW YEAR.
I ahve seen GKD..!! and yes, Raina did a commendable job, bt I felt tht Agantuk's character did nt have much acope there
i missed DML, nvrmind, bt this track saw the growth and rise of Mohit Raina as a versatile actor..!!
Jatta and sati meet ♥♥♥. The subtleties of mohit raina's expressions.. no one can match this man's acting :)
and for diehard Mohit Raina fans.. this tune is their anthem!
yea.. this show given talented Mohit Raina n lots of Knowledge abt Mahadev .. love mohit n DKDM...
I would love to see and in Khatron ke khiladi. Sonarika Bhadoria and Mohit Raina.
5 TV celebs who went unnoticed in their...
5 TV celebs who went unnoticed in their debut shows
Who do you think is the Best Telly Actor of 2013?. 1. Mohit Raina. 2. Ram Kapoor. 3. Vivian Dsena. 4. Karan Singh...
hello Mr.Raina!! :-)..just want to say that all of us Love you :-D
I am so happy for Mohit Raina's success ^.^
Mohit Raina Whose dimples make your heart beat faster?
Sonarika Unnoticed in her debut show
undoubtedly its the one and only Mohit Raina!
Favorite actor undoubtedly is b Mohit Raina!
mohit raina as mahadev hi is great actor I love it his works,, supurb carry on
Asian Sexy list 2013 Ali zafar from Pakistan at 1st Barun Sobti at 2 Kushal Tandon (9), Gurmeet Choudhary (11), Karan Singh Grover (13), Rithvik Dhanjani (15), Salman Yussuf Khan (20), Gautam Rode (23), Vivian D’Sena (24), Eijaz Khan (42), Karan Wahi (46) and Mohit Raina (50). Barun sobti though its one year after his show but still ruling Indian Tellywood who is ur more sexy according to u
'Arjun' to beat Mohit Raina, the hottest on-screen God?
5 played in the playing 11 which is a record. In
Mahadev aka Mohit Raina REFUSES to interact with the media. Complete story -
Gautam Gambhir poor guy play for nation not for Dhoni like others players Raina, vijay, Mohit, and Sir jadeja
The Indian Cricket Team looks more like the CSK Squad - Dhoni, Jadeja, Mohit S, Ashwin, Vijay, Saha, Raina. in cricket too.
XI for the ODI should be - Dhawan, Rohit, Virat, Yuvi, Raina, Dhoni, Ashwin, Jadeja (or Mohit), Bhuvi, Shami & Umesh
Its not only Tea India but also TeamChennai in SA. All CSK players in team. Vijay, Saha, Ashwin, Jadeja, Mohit, Raina, Dhoni. Bechara Badri
I think Mohit and Raina are the two exclusives in the Odi squad. Combined 15.
Raina, Dhoni, Vijay, jadeja, Ashwin & mohit . if bravo is from ind definitely, he would in the indian team!
Still can't believe priyanka chopra and mohit raina might get married or will be :$
Because of Dhoni, Team Chennai has become Team India. Mohit Sharma, Jadeja, Raina, Ashwin & Dhoni ... 5 players from Chennai,
...Mohit Raina would marry Priayanka Chopra.:p (just quoting what he said..) :p
Raina or Rohit would have been better spin option than bhuvi, mohit or shami, there was nothing for faster baller on the pitch !!!
Would say that Shami should have opened with Bhuvi and Mohit should have been 1st change. Raina should have bowled 2 overs less.
How about Bringing in Umesh Yadav n Ambati Rayadu for d next Match in place of Raina n Mohit Sharma?
Two things are clear with this match-. 1 -Raina is a part time bowler ,whatever we say. 2 -Mohit Sharma will not get another chance
Holder and Bravo bowling! Current batsmen Dhoni n Jadeja! Last wicket Raina! Next batsmen to come Ashwin and Mohit! :-/
7 CSK players playing in this match Raina Dhoni Jadeja Mohit Ashwin Bravo Holder
MS Dhoni, Raina, Jadeja, Ashwin, Mohit Sharma, Bravo, Holder .. this must be a CSK match!!!
MSD ASHWIN JADDU MOHIT RAINA HOLDER BRAVO 7 players playing today in 2nd ODI
Not sure if its India v West Indies or CSK Vs CSK
Dhoni, Raina, Jadeja, Ashwin, Mohit, Bravo, Holder - have we seen an int'l match before with so many players from the same IPL team?
"Dhoni, Raina, Jadeja, Ashwin, Mohit" Murali Vijay is the one missing at the top!
I'm just mohmerized 24*7*366 in the moh of dis makes me so blank as to what to write in the article. Love Mohit Raina
Never!!Mohit Raina will always be special to me for so many reasons that you all know:)
shoo! Go away! Let me jollu in peace. (Severe crush: Mohit Raina, TV actor :))
lady I've been following you long enough that I know who Mohit Raina is ;-)
the poster boys for Fair and Lovely are Gautam Rode (plaid shirt) & Mohit Raina (MJ tee)(TV stars) No idea on the third ;)
love your Dimple Divine Smile!Your eyes are so notorious!Mohit Raina love you.You touched our aatmas too!
my parents used to watch dkdm..mohit raina is one sexy liked sonarika as parvati better
thank you for the pics of our Loving Mohit Raina.
nahi tat is unconditional n uncontrollable love for Mohit Raina
i am glad that is being compared with mohit Raina he is good but our rockstar is better:))
Will 'Arjun' Shaheer Sheikh outperform Mohit Raina, the hottest on-screen God?
How crazy is that.. We discuss Mohit Raina. :D
nuh uh - The cover isn't complete without Mohit Raina on there! :)
and Mr. Raina.. how he inspired me, it's sumthing tht words fail to describe.. i can only feel the enigma he oozes :") :")
which is exactly what Mr Raina does and he's the best inspiration right?!
Hah! Raina has to lose some weight then :P. Because those bc people want to show they have more followers and act like Celebs :(
Had a privilege to work with some fantastic singers like shreya ghoshal, Mohit chauhan,Anita Bhatt Tochi raina, kunal ganjawala, Madhushri
"I'm single but I know exactly who I want." Simple.Mohit Raina!!! Most wanted!!
ya! And i think Mohit Raina personely enjoy this todays epi of Bhang...his expearience is killer...
I feel so proud to be a Mohit Raina fan! :') All because of the gem u r!
r u sister or related to mohit. Raina
n there is no doubt about our Mohit look of his is enough for us to faint!
That's how I fell in love with Mohit Raina...
Mohit Raina..oh my god! Oh My God!! he wasn't could someone be so perfect?!! :')
acha lo inka naam hai Mohit Raina my 1 n only fav actor :-)
Yup 2nd February 2013! awesome day it was :) Such an amazing person Mr Raina is!
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,here i find ishma Raina very courageous as she wants mouni Mohit to b tgthr!
I have to tell this, Shivam aka Devon Ke Dev Mahadev is the best series to watch. Inspiring. And Mohit Raina as Lord Shiva, i salute you.
Point. . Mohit Raina.No one affects me the way you do:")
Rightly said by u. Undoubtedly d charming, handsme n our rockstar MOHIT RAINA
"When d word 'Handsome' is mentioned which television actor do you think about!"without any doubt MOHIT RAINA
Yes n we Mohitians experience that joy n bliss in every moment of our life whether we see Him or not Love Mohit Raina
I think Pujara should replace Raina and Shami & Mohit Sharma given the new ball with Bhuvneshwar
# ITA2013 mohit raina and Mouni Roy were the highlight of the award function
Saw Mr Raina getting the Best Actor in the negative role? I Suddenly feel all positive about everything. Truly Happy diwali no?:)
Aahh!! Mohit Raina was the highlight of the awards! thanku so much!
Best Actress - Drama was presented by Mohit Raina and Paridhi Sharma at the 13th ITA Awards...
Mohit Raina wins the Best Actor in a Negative Role at The 13th ITA Awards...
Best Actor in a negative role..Mohit Raina
is rigged! Totally! Anas Rashid better than Mohit Raina and Devolina better than Drashti Dhami??? Da *** !!
Mohit Raina is a better choice than Hrithik Roshan as Shiva. Kjo's next.
thank you so much...Its just a small expression of love for our STAR MOHIT RAINA.
MOHIT RAINA KI JAI *** We Mohitians love u n are d craziest ppl on earth who wil do anythng n everythng for u
yeah thanks! Its a very small effort.for MOHIT RAINA love Him!
Mahadev on *** Lo, the world knows that Mohit Raina is highly imflammable! :) .
Nach Baliye 6 contestants: Ripudaman Handa and Shivangi-The winner of Master Chef India Ripudaman Handa and his girlfriend Shivangi will be seen. Raju Srivastav and Shikha- The comedy king Raju Srivastav along with his beautiful wife Shikha. Shabbir Ahluwalia and Kaanchi Kaul-Beautiful couple will come Season 6 Nach Baliye is currently seen Meri Bhabhi Serial. Mohit Raina and Mouni Roy- The most handsome and adorable actor Mohit Raina aka Mahadev of Devon Ke Dev Mahadev and Mouni Roy will be seen Gurmeet and Debina- Best couple are good looking Scene of God-Goddess Ram and Sita in TV Ramayana Serial. Vinod Kambli and Andrea- The former cricket sensation Vinod Kambli and his Wife will be see Soon. Raj Singh Arora and Pooja Gor- it would be interesting to see Pooja Gor and Raj Singh both of looking very nice Jodi dance together. Raqesh Vashisht and Ridhi Dogra- Raqesh Vashisht have always supported Ridhi Dogra. Will he be her perfect dance partner? Kanica Maheshwari and Ankur Ghai-Both of Couple will be see ...
Mohit Raina discusses the job of playing Mahadev on tv and the problems that include it. Along with his flexing muscles and sculpted human anatomy, Mohit Raina has taken one's heart and the interest on most tv viewers. His performance of the Lord in Devon Ke Dev Mahadev has built the actor a hous...
Mohit Raina and Mouni Roy acting in sivam
Kudos to U guyz n The Exclusively Epic MOHIT RAINA... made the weekends more WONDERFUL as never before :)
This is a small gift for my mohit raina. I lv you.
Done with dkdm unfllowrs,they say mohit raina kitna ganda dikhta h sharp nose me.he's jst perfct to play shivji n nthng :/
One and only Mohit Raina and Sonarika Bhadoria from show
Most popular jodi Mohit Raina and Sonarika Bhadoria as and in the show Devon Ke Dev Mahadev
all good wishes frm our side.. may u get 2 meet Mohit Raina
A cute interview of Mohit Raina: via
Image conscious AKA has no interest in . .
ISBPL: Will 'Buddha' oust 'Mahadev' as the hottest God on TV?: After Mohit Raina who plays 'Mahadev', an...
Hey.. Im so sorry.. But im not Mohit Raina.. :)
ATS n MohKanyas Amish Tripathi (The author of Shiva Trilogy) told that He is also a Mohit Raina Fan.He told me in DM!
And SBS, thankyou so much for bringing us candid mohit raina moments since the beginning. you guys are very imp to us!
n here what we waited for The Mohit Raina smile
Karan Sahu from London BTW he is more stylish n cool thn Mohit Raina 😄
Check out our new post Mohit Raina's look-alike Karan Sagoo in Mallika Sherawat’s The Bachelorette India at
He looks smart but no way near to Mohit Raina ;)
Can you guess the name of this contestant from Psst..he is rumored to be Mohit Raina lookalike.
mahadev ending on Life OK??Say reality if you can know.Producer says NO.But some sources say YES.We are lover of Mohit Raina.PLZ
In Love with the only Modern day Mohit Raina!!
Television Star Mohit Raina (Devon Ke Maha Dev of Life OK) will be a part of the ICCR Jammu's programme being...
Devon Ke Dev Mahadev to go off air in December?
Not Mohit Raina, but his look - alike to woo Mallika Sherawat in Life OK's The Bachelorette India
new artical about sanaya TV stars set to dance for money this dandiya: Mohit Raina, Kavita Kaushik, Rashami Desai share plans With less than 10 days left for Navratri to begin, popular TV actors are flooded with offers to make appearances at various dandiya events. While a few are still checking their date diaries, others have already chalked out their schedule. And why not, it's the perfect platform to make quick mega-bucks. The actors are paid anywhere in the range of Rs 1-4 lakh depending on the scale of their popularity. Mind you, this is just for one appearance or a performance. Even Bhavya Gandhi aka Tapu gets up to Rs one-and-a-half lakh, inform sources. Newbies like Nishad Vaidya and Chandni Bhagwanani (Amita Ka Amit) pocket Rs50,000 per appearance. Hot off-screen pairs like Aamir Ali-Sanjeeda Sheikh, Vivian D'Sena-Vahbbiz Dorabjee and Mohit Sehgal-Sanaya Irani, Jay Bhanushali-Mahi Vij are much-sought-after in the dandiya circuit and are paid to the tune of Rs2.5-3 lakh
Who is Television’s ideal pati? 1. Nakuul Mehta as Aditya in Pyaar Ka Dard… 2. Ram Kapoor as Ram in Bade Acche... 3. Rajat Tokas as Akbar in Jodha Akbar 4. Anas Rashid as Sooraj in Diya Aur Baati Hum 5. Manish Raisinghani as Siddhant in Sasural Simar Ka 6. Dheeraj Dhoopar as Prem in Sasural Simar Ka 7. Vivian Dsena as RK in Madhubala 8. Mohit Raina as Mahadev in Mahadev 9. Karan Mehra as Naitik in Yeh Rishta... 10. Hiten Tejwani as Manav in Pavitra Rishta
Hi Simran. Welcome to the mad gang. We are planning to abduct Mohit Raina for sansaar ka hit. Wanna suggest some ideas? :-P
After reading this news ...I want to sing " Dheere dheere machal Aye dile Bekarar..♥
woha princesss.Im going insane in this True.!!♥♥♥♥
Can v believe on this site? It says that it's confirmed bout MM being in NB!
"..after many years I have seen a good Shiva on the *** box Mohit Raina looks great in his Godly avatar.."Nitishji
Mohit Raina of " Devon Ke Dev Mahadev" in Mallika Sherawat's Show? . It is a buzz that Mohit Raina, a popular...
Mahadev I watch only when Mum's here. But I love Mohit Raina's voice... :)
would love to contribute about dkdm n Mohit Raina.
NITISH BHARADWAJ (krishna) impressed wid DKDM + says Mohit Raina looks great in his Godly avatar.
. Mohit Raina in the role of Mahadev in Devon Ke Dev Mahadev.
Devon Ke Dev Mahadev’ in Mallika Sherawat’s show?. Mohit Raina, a popular television actor, has been approached...
What a promo yaar What a fight. Hats off for the acting of Mohit Raina.!!! Truly Derserving Actor...!!
‘Mahadev’ aka Mohit Raina in ‘Bachelorette India’: The most popular face of Indian television Mohit Raina who is...
Would you like to see Mohit Raina in Bachelorette India - Mere Khayalon Ki Mallika?
Update your maps at Navteq
if mohit raina goes to Mallika Sherawat 's bachelorette : the show would turn into THe Bachelor.& contenstants? Set chhota par jayega:);)
Mahadev in Mallika Sherawat's reality show?: Popular TV actor Mohit Raina, who plays the lead role in mytholog...
Yest While watching DKDM , I realized Der cannot be any other Actor who can portray Shiva better den Mohit Raina :D
And yes, the news said that Mouni will be with Mohit Raina
Today's ep was v.good.Loved it! Love Kumar Hegde! Love Mohit Raina! Love Mahadev. Thank U, Sir enjoyed after a long time:-)
Mohit raina and kumar Hegde: when you put 2 of the finest actors together on screen in a poignant scene : tears are bound to happen.:')
site looks great, but where are the telephone interviews? eg. Mohit Raina, Gautam Rode?
Answering the question.. . Pehle toh yeh btao, if all men are the same, why do men love Mohit Raina?
"It all comes down to the last person you think of at night. They have your heart.". Hence proved. Mohit Raina it is!.
Mahadev series are mind blowing!!! No one can play the role of Shiv ji other than Mohit Raina, he's just divine:)
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