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Mohit Raina

Mohit Raina is an Indian television and Bollywood actor, most known for his lead role of Shiva in the TV series, Devon Ke Dev – Mahadev(2011), prior to which he had acted in TV soaps Chehra(2009) and Ganga Kii Dheej(2010).

Mouni Roy Gautam Rode Lord Shiva Lord Krishna Devon Ke Dev Mahadev Mohit Sharma Christmas Eve Maha Kumbh

definitely you are the real fan/bhakt of Mahadev Mohit Raina I am also a true Bhakt
The Sufis then showed their wounds to a muslim Warlord Musa Raina, who took out his guns and crushed the Hindus
Scored Duck in First ODI:. ~ Sachin Tendulkar. ~ MS Dhoni. ~ Suresh Raina. ~ Kane Williamson. Later became best in ODI!!.
FINALLY! Mohit Raina opens up about the rumours of getting married to Mouni Roy
What is the one IMPORTANT thing that binds and . TOGETHER?.
What is the one IMPORTANT thing that binds MOHIT RAINA and Mouni Roy TOGETHER ?.
What is the one IMPORTANT thing that binds Mohit Raina and Mouni Roy TOGETHER?
its so wonderful words, MOHIT RAINA.Love MOHIT RAINA..
Years have passed, but the Love's still STRONG Thank you Mohit Raina!
it will be super awesome if our hottest MOHIT RAINA playing as ARMY OFFICER.fingers crossed!!!
Looks like Mr Raina pays silent heed to all our wishes of seeing him in uniform! Let's hope it happens soon .. smal…
well!!! Mohit Raina Is so close to the narrations of Lord Shiva's image. and he made a pure magic on audiences.
but how will they remake the magic of Mohit Raina ? Jataa was just such a hunk 😍😍😍
Awful! Mohit Raina best performance of the role of Mahadeva!
Thank you! My faith in Spicejet is reinstated
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OMG.MOHIT RAINA and Mouni Roy aka MOMO COUPLE is together in UDAIPUR for HOLIDAY Right ROMANTIC...
: We'll call you as per your convenience.
Please call by 13:00 hrs as I will be flying at 14:00 hrs
: As per our telecon today, we shall update you by 2 o'clock.
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TV industry is organised in a disorganised way: Mohit Raina via
Mohit raina talent is wasted by cvs...mohit plz come in another show
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absolutely...MOHIT RAINA is so HOT, SEXY and COOL...MOHIT RAINA is really have a HOT BODY.
aw.MOHIT RAINA is so Cute and Handsome.The little fan is so Lucky so jealous...
“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”
Had & CSK been around,Jadeja,Mohit would have been playing,Ashwin would b vice captain !!! Rahane replaced by Raina
The responsibility of accomplishing the dreams you see by day, keeps you awake by night
friend, MOHIT RAINA birthday in AUGUST, on 14th AUGUST...
I'm going to fulfil my timeline with happy b'day mohit raina 😝😝😝 on 14 August 😚😚
awww...MOHIT RAINA is so Cute and Stylish...thank you so much for this pic!
show name is ANTARIKHA. work with Mohit Raina . here are links. 39 to 44 episodes
What?! Mohit Raina and Soumya Seth starrer Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat to go off air?! …
Mohit Raina with Srk khan first time
MOHIT RAINA .MOHIT RAINA can playing Any roles cause MOHIT RAINA is so TALENTED ACTOR...
Little Giant Ladders
Mohit Raina has beautiful smile among all
follow our cute Vitt followed by Mohit Raina :)
Mohit Raina is amazing.take him in your movie :)
tell me about it.. I have these weeks in alternation
"There are decades where nothing happens,and there are weeks where decades happen" ..sounds relevant today ...Tx
Wish Mohit Raina would have kindly remembered that I exist as well
chat with Mohit Raina at 6PM use hashtag
check the photo.. It's mohit Raina while Gautam Rode is typed on his photo
nobody can be better than Mohit Raina as Emperor Ashoka
If it was easy, there would many standing right beside you!
Ask candidates not only valuation but also core value of company
Engineer with an MBA Degree is now building a model village in Andhra Pradesh.
And how to react if they refuse to give the letter due to lack of time?
the peril was created by Shastri and Srini by stuffing team with rubbish from CSK eg Raina/Jadeja/Mohit non performer Ashwin
“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”
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sir, where MOHIT RAINA on DRIVE TIME?? we waiting so long!!!
When the right action has your attention, obstacles will seem secondary!
today, on 22nd JUNE is my BIRTHDAY...and one of my BIG DREAMS is MOHIT RAINA say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME...please, just ONCE!!
beautiful couple of yours and mohit raina in Ashoka...
if you love Mohit Raina and if u r too much excited for 's upcoming episodes
The heartthrob of the nation is back. 🎉👍🎉💥 Mohit Raina as raises the testosterone bar.
Making of star with Mohit Raina was superb..Came to know more about mohit..I thank him for giving im…
aditi!!! What is wrong with your name and DP! Mohit raina and All!
I was not expecting to like Ashoka Kaurwaki track at all but it is looking good beyond my expectations. Saumya Mohit looking…
MLK - The ultimate measure of man is not where stands in moments of comfort/ convenience, but where stands at times of c…
Finding is a matter of believing it is there.
Making of A Star - Mohit Raina by Absolute delight to watch.
VIDEO "MAKING OF STAR MOHIT RAINA" and Mouni Roy give her opinions about her BOYFRIEND MOHIT RAINA.
only cause Mouni Roy...Devon Ke Dev Mahadev airing in indonesian in 2014..MOHIT RAINA-Mouni Roy is so popular in here!!
SIR, can you cast Mouni Roy to become One of Female Lead on ASHOKA??!!! cause MOUNI is so PERFECT to Opposite with MOHIT RAINA
Read d news. Accordin to it,future Ashok & Sushim. Mohit Raina & Ankit Aurora. & . 😊✌
So Mohit Raina is confirmed as grown up Ashoka.. I will continue watching post leap now
I m very happy that mohit raina will be playing Ashoka
looks like we have 2 trend for some happy moments on d show before leap!Mohit Raina can deal with problems!
and if you are missing Mahadev (Mohit Raina) On Screen here he is posing with Friend
After Madadev, Mohit Raina will now play Chakravartin Samrat Ashoka on Indian television!
Leaps happening on ashoka.Mohit raina finalised as asoka.😩😩
I am so ready for MOHIT RAINA as ASHOKA...
No. Mohit raina confirmed for it. its final.
congratulation MOHIT RAINA for ASHOKA...MOHIT RAINA will be ROCKS as ASHOKA...cant wait to see MOHIT RAINA as ASHOKA..
Ssharad Malhotra, Kapil Sharma, Mohit Raina – Here is a look at TV’s top newsmakers this week!
Begin your day with this news!. Mohit Raina to make a comeback to TV as lead of Ashoka?.
I am really missing Mohit Raina as Mahadev in Siya ke Ram
I can't imagine other than Mohit Raina 😞
YEAH...One More pic...MOHIT RAINA-Mouni Roy with UTKARSH NAITHANI and His Wife at Christmas Eve .
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I disagree, this would just make people control freaks. The illusion of having control n then losing it causes depression.
If you want a Job - create it yourself . Entrepreneurship in a start up nation ...
if possible please do interview Mohit Raina!. Its been so long since we saw him. Pretty please :)
MOHIT RAINA no offence but I think your girlfriend is scared of me.Maybe she thinks I may steal you MOHIT Kvian..Kv means Kendriya Vidyalaya
YES.MOHIT RAINA-Mouni Roy new pics on Christmas Eve party...
Happy new year all of my frenz.. . Happy new year mohit Raina, Krystle, mouni, sonarika, all of actors and actress.. http…
Met up with some Frens at a party last nite . . .. Mouni Roy .. MOHIT RAINA .. SHAYANTANI GHOSH .. AMIT BEHL . http…
im from indonesia...MAHADEV airing in Indonesia on 2014 thats why many fans MOHIT RAINA-Mouni Roy in Indonesian
we realy expecting for MOHIT RAINA...cause we really want their act together again after MAHADEV...hehe
hehe...she sad cause we are MOHIT RAINA-Mouni Roy fans, so thats why we want MOHIT-MOUNI act together again!!
is this a good place to ask ? about Mr. Raina's portrayal of Mahadev? I am from the U.S., and am watching via YouTube. Many thx!
One of TV highest paid actors is MOHIT RAINA.WOW...MOHIT RAINA is THE BEST...
personally, I prefer candids :) I suspect Mr. Raina is of the same opinion.
I am Chinese fans of DKDM .Mohit Raina and Mouni Roy is my favorite actors.
I liked a video Mohit Raina as Devon Ke Dev...Mahadev and his different avatars!
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In Conversation with Mohit Raina as Devon Ke Dev Mahadev Nears its End: lewat
Mohit Raina, Lord Shiva of Nikhil Sinha's Devon Ke Dev ... Mahadev, has approached the police
hey where did you got your present header photo...mohit Raina's..?
I Like You Sona Parvati and Mahadev so swett (Sonarika and Mohit Raina)
Every PH goes the satyanaash way but let's speculate once the news is confirmed for good :) I personally wanna see Mohit Raina
can we get Mohit Raina interview... segment pls
India has 10% chance of winning against Australia. 2% from kohli, 1% each for Raina, Mohit, Rahane, Shammi, Dhawan. 3% Dhoni's surprise.
Shikhar Rohit Virat Rahane Raina Dhoni Jadeja Ashwin Umesh Shami Mohit are waiting to massacre you Aussies! See you at Sydney!
I know I thought the exact same thing though Mr. Raina will need lots of sun tanning
didn't see mohit's. Dhawan's catch was clean. Raina's was pitch map verdict & how do you disagree with computerised decision.
Kohli, Dhawan, Ashwin, Raina, Shami, Mohit, Rohit, Jinxy, Yadav, Dhoni. They have all stood up when they were needed.
Huge credit should be given to our bowlers.. Shami, Yaadav, Mohit, Ashwin and the part timers Raina and Jadeja🙏🙏
Love the bowling attack and I love the bowlers of INDIA.
Dhoni, Dhawan, Rohit, Virat, Rahane, Raina, Jadeja, Ashwin, Mohit & Shammi you are the reason behind Happiness of 102 crore people! Thank u❤
The current Indian Team has 5 CSK players in their lineup. Yes, FIVE! Dhoni, Raina, Jadeja, Ashwin and Mohit.
How confident are yu that CSK can win the IPL this year seeing that you, Jadeja, Ashwin, Mohit & Raina is on form?
Raina, Dhoni, Jadeja, Ashwin and Mohit. After all top Indian batsmen get out. Chennai Super Kings is the fail safe for Indian team.
even Mohit Raina shocks when he sees Sharma as a bowler
Raina starts with a maiden. Bangladesh 46/2 after 12. Dhoni has taken off Ashwin to give Mohit a change of ends
When one asked me the name of inform players. My ans: Rohit Dhawan Kohli Raina Rahane Dhoni Jadeja Ash Shami Umesh And Mohit.
Raina falls after an attractive 57-ball 65, safe catch from Rahim. Ends a fine 96-ball 122-run stand for the 4th wicket
This world cup has a fashion so far of consucative 100s , Is it Raina's day again.. *justsaying*
Mai padhai chodh ke baithi hoon. Please Raina. Rohit, you too!
Raina dhoni jadeja Ashwin and Mohit still there.
Raina's enthusiasm and Mohit Sharma's role as the dark horse of the team this :D
India won the toss and choose to bat .
No matter what B. Kumar shoud've been playing X1. Wait a minute. Mohit, Ashwin, Jadeja & Raina are Dhoni's CSK budies who can't be dropped.
yes, we miss MOHIT RAINA so much. we want MOHIT RAINA-Mouni Roy comeback together with a New Show..
Shikhar n Virat along with Rahane-Raina can score big runs n get set for semis. Shami,Umesh,Mohit to bring short stuff to get wkts
I like Devo ke dev mahadev espically role of mohit raina, so I request you please restart this serial again but only in Hindi versions
It doesn't matter to pullout bangladesh from Knockout. matches.. Kohli ,shami, raina, mohit will rock
have mohit shami and dhawan. Need 3 more. Kohli and rohit should be must.. No? So rahim or raina or ashwin.?
Are you missing If yes then read this piece of interview of your favourite Mahadev.
me: there are no handsome actors in India duh. Mohit Raina: *appears*. me: f u c k
i like Mr and Ms mohit raina ,nice pic , very fit and a great couple
plz. recommend Mohit raina of Devon Ke Dev Mahadev for elder ashoka role..
New Article: Mohit Raina spotted with Mouni Roy on a cinema screening.
Mohit Raina at Whiplash screening for celeb friends in PVR, Andheri on 17th Feb 2015
Mohit Raina takes lady love Mouni Roy on a movie date!. Don't miss this Mohinians!.
Plz cast MOHIT RAINA as RAM in new upcoming SIYA KE RAM,as he is so popular and looks so convincing as GOD,it will be instant hit
GGians Vote for Gautam here for d hottest TV actor.He is just 1% behind ^_^. …
India oh "actors which playing shiva on tv". people awesome, mohit raina is the best shiva on tv
India Forums: "Actors playing SHIVA on TV shows". many people agree MOHIT RAINA is The BEST SHIVA on TV.
oopsie.. it seems that Ashutosh mania has hit me strongly. I intended to write Mohit Raina Army.. :P
missing Mohit Raina as shiva.He defined perfection. featured in NBC s Science of Love
wish u the same my Mahadev mohit raina
Please invite Mohit Raina and Mouni Roy to come in Indonesia. It'll be makes Mohini Fans so happy! pls pls :D
oh yeah,yaad aaya last year. Mohit Raina - Herath Mubarak to you too dear 👍👏
MOHIT RAINA-Mouni Roy is SAME on MANAGEMENT ARTIST and MOHIT-MOUNI with SAME MANAGER too..made each other!.
MOHIT RAINA TOPPED KAS DESPITE EARLIER. FAILURES. He failed twice but in 2012 he topped the KAS. Even...
Mohit Sharma best man to replace injured Ishant Sharma in World Cup squad
Mohit Raina as a person might not regret. But the actor will. And if he doesnt, well.
But performance range of Mohit Raina has been more than tested in Mahadev no?. He is an established 'actor' nw.
I really want to see Mohit Raina as grown up Ashok... please universe let it happen.. please... !! . The character hs a great depth nd scope
Happens!My closest friend is the biggest fan of Mohit Raina and her name is Ishma Raina. so there xD
Mohit raina and Mouni Roy have the same celebrity manager. Lol😂
im one the biggest fan of yours! Plz bring Yuvi back !!. Dhawan. Rohit. Rahane . Kohli. Yuvraj. Dhoni . Raina. Ashwin. Shami. Mohit. Ishanth
if Harshad chpra sushant singh rjpt mohit raina hte to MP ss gone
Again we lost match due to poor performance of player . sharma
Kohli 8 Raina 1 Rayudu 12 MS 17 Binny 7 Jadeja 5 Axar Patel 1 Mohit Sharma 7 Are we sure that India is in for world cup
Mohd Shami scored more than the total score of Raina, Binny, Jadeja, Patel & Mohit. India scores 200.
Shami nd mohit are better that kohli nd raina
How many games have even played dat India is said 2 b tired
Raina OUT... bring back yuvi. Rayudu Out...bring back yuvi. Binny Out...bring back yuvi. next mohit out avthadu...bring bck yuvi
It's time the brigade in India team is shown the door. Ashwin, Mohit and their captain it's still not late
and Shahid Kapoor took top honors at the Star Guild Awards 2015. . http:…
If that everyone means you, Apoorva, My Mother and Mohit Raina - then yeah.. everyone loves me xD
New Pic: Mohit Raina with Sohanna Sinha on her birthday bash.
TV actors who really should have entered Bollywood have still not entered. Karan Patel. Mohit Raina. Gautam Rode.
Mohit Raina: Nobody wants to marry a God Mohit Raina’s portrayal of Lord Shiva in Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev made him...
watched DKDM after so long.. Every flash back in today's epi made me tear up! Mr.Raina how do we move on?
I never believe in God now believe Mr. Arun govil as lord Rama and Mr.Mohit raina as Lord Shiva for sure, lifetime performance ..
Mohit Raina,will miss u as mahadev.keep shining superstar.
Iam very sad and apset for last episod of devo ke dev mahadev iam.beggest fan of mahadev and mohit raina iam.very sad for eny mor contineu
Ashwin best Spinner, Deepika bigger legend than Madhuri, Raina better than ABD this PDF is seriously going to replace KRK & Mohit
Hai I love mohit raina and sonarika
i wont say much of a cult one. But Mohit Raina was difficult to ignore for sure.. his subtle expressions
Q: Why do u love Mohit Raina?. Ans:That's not even a question. Unquestionable fact it remains that Mohit Raina has to be loved. :')
character was loved , not the actor ,says tsk tsk..clueless as usual Mr Raina! How could you say that !
The real struggle will begin now: Mohit…
As the format goes, let me tell you the subject of the letter-. Letter to spread awareness of Mohit Raina's awesomeness ;)
TOI: mohit: the real struggle will begin now
READ: Mohit Raina was the original choice for 'Maha Kumbh'
The real struggle will begin now: Mohit Raina
Mohitians. today's TOI Bombay times has a small note on MR
The real struggle will begin now: Mohit Raina.
on the upcoming end of DKDM on Dec 14:
The real struggle will begin now: Mohit ‘Mahadev’ Raina
MOHIT RAINA-Mouni Roy possibility to join with "NACH BALIYE SEASON 7".we really hope so...amen. http…
Why should they participate in Nach Baliye 7?.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Mentions previous winners and cute couple AshVik! . Nach Baliye 7 news via
participation in Nach Baliye will seal their relationship
Life OK actors Mohit Raina and Gautam Rode injured. On one hand Life OK channel is on cloud nine launching many new shows containing interesting concepts, on the other it seems that things are not working out quite well with the channel’s actors. Wondering what we are talking about? Well, sources have informed us that both Mohit Raina (Devon ke Dev... Mahadev) and Gautam Rode (Mahakumbh) injured themselves while shooting for action sequences for their respective shows. Recently Mohit, who is portraying the role of Mahadev, injured himself while shooting for a fight sequence, where he was seen fighting with a sword. Our source said, "Mohit injured himself while doing a sword fighting scene and suffered leg injury. But he was brave enough to continue with the shooting that day and is doing well now”. Just two days after this incident, today, Gautam Rode, who is currently busy shooting for his upcoming big budget show Mahakumbh, also injured himself while filming an action sequence. “Gautam was suppose ...
My Dream Team at the end of the IPL: Smith, Uthappa, Raina, Maxwell, AB, Dhoni, Akshar, Bhuvi, Tambe, Narine and Mohit. …
wen u acted as Krishn every time i pray ur face comes into my mind..just like mohit raina for mahadev..:))
..sir we wanna grand farewell fr Mohit raina ..he is d only reason fr watching DKDM fr yrs!
Get well soon both of you Mohit Raina and Gautam Rode and please be careful while work.
MOHIT RAINA..hope you get well soon after injured when DKDM from Indonesia loves Mohit Raina and Mouni Roy
OMG.Mohit getting injured on DKDM shooting...hope Mohit Raina get well soon.amen..
sara see this i just G recovers soon!
Dhoni, Raina, Ashwin, Jadeja, Mohit all 5 CSK who r part of India team r rested & not in team now..As per Mudgal report 2 r from here?
Mohit Sharma expecting...Think, now Raina, Ashwin, Jadeja, Dhoni, Mohit all are rested (not in team now) so..??
alright, don't get me wrong,I'm just giving you a new idea,I think you should make Mohit Raina memes,we would love to see them
dhoni, raina, ashwin, jadeja ? As they r in csk and may b Mohit Sharma,
Sachin, Dravid, Laxman, Sehwag and Saurav were cricket stars. Virat, Dhoni, Dhawan, Rohit and Raina are stars
Mohit Raina... “Oooh la la... Which of these TV boys is the sexiest of all..?
Mohit raina "Mahadev" :),I'm a die hard Fan of him,met him last year
Love is the purest thing, beyond physical attribute and beyond culmination : Mohit Raina.
“"I was naughty & used to indulge in pranks too: Mohit Raina. L…
Mahadev aka mohit raina is set to come as Lord Krishna in a new series on same channel by...produced same producer
ya axar was brilliant. But consistency was lacking for our guys right from Rohit Sharma to Mohit Sharma
After Mahadev, Mohit Raina to play Lord Krishna in Life OK's next mytho!
Suresh Singh Chauhan has voted for "Mohit Raina - Photos, Videos, ..." on the poll All
Just made my first siggy on Mohit Raina as Mahadev...
Raina - An enigmatic personality and a powerful screen presence make Mohit tick on TV.
after make over, you look like mohit raina :D but i like it. :)
"There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book.”( Mohit Raina )
I think in India Mohit Raina has more fans than fawad Khan.
Yet a another picture of the winning moment Super Kings all plays for India http:…
I'll tell you a fact. . Mr. Mohit Raina simply rocks. Sach mein!
. I want Mohit Raina to keep chatting with me. LO KEH DIYA.
Who would you cast to play you in a movie? — Without any doubt,Mohit Raina
Csk is best team for all time because of 5super powers raina jadeja dhoni aswin Mohit Sharma
Do u know one thing about ?. RAINA is in place in POPULAR PERSON in the world.
thank u fr ur update! Mohit raina is a grt actor only i can say!
Aghors Aghora... why u so hot..?? its a grave sin to make our frail hearts go bonkers at your sight.. Mohit Raina's oomph factor is too.
"Mohit Sharma & before Leaving to England Yesterday . Raina is super smart
ohhh plsss he is not mohit suri he mohit raina n i like him as Lord Shiva from Devo ke dev Mahadev :)
I felt dat as mohit raina one person is also changing to different one on the screen..:-) that is saurabh raaj jain..:-)
yeah...:-) :-) yeah I am a big fan of Mohit Raina...:-) :-) he is living as Lord Shiva..:-) :-)
God bless for Mouni Roy n mohit raina
Raina and Mohit leaving to England for ODI &. T20 Series !!. Best of Luck Champs (y)
*__* with Mohit Sharma before leaving for England :) ♥ All The Best Champ
Reecent selfie of our champ with Mohit Sharma as they leave for England!!!
all d good luck Suresh bhai...& Mohit Sharma...i m sure u'll take India to the winning side...
Latest and exclusive pic of with Mohit Sharma. They left for England today. Raina is back. 😄
the kind of shiva in trilogy is difrnt frm the pauranic one.. still Raina fits the bill
Mohit Raina who is known as Mahadev, is all set to play another deity character of Lord Krishna in Life OK's next
Dear Guys,let's Vote our beloved Actors by log in and type Mouni Roy and Mohit Raina in
if it true tht MR is to play Krishna..then it will another test for actor Mohit Raina as he hs to compete wid his colleague in this respect
Of course. Everyone love Mahadev Mohit Raina. I am moslem but I love Mohit Raina's Mahadev serial :)
POLL: Mohit Raina to play Krishna now! Yay or Nay?
Nobody can imagine anyone else as Mahadev other than Mohit Raina
Mohit Raina getting award for Best Actor in a Neg…:
Good morning bhaiya Mohit Raina hope u be happy all day .
on presentation : "Quite a few of them r going back. Few more r coming in, some ". ..who else do u think
Mohit raina OFC. I love mohit raina so much he is so cool and handsome!
Happy Birthday to Mohit Raina. Wishing him the best in life and work. Lots of love !!(via
guys soo happy happy Sunday d best Sunday with mohit raina n surabhrajjain
: hello mouni.I'm fans u from indonesia.mohit raina and hopefully you can come to Indonesia to meet us who like the movie mahadev
Bye everything else in the world, it's Mohit Raina time yuhuu
Sehwag Rohit Virat Rahane Yuvi Raina Msdhoni jaddu Bhuvi Mohit and Ishant... Probably the best ODI team against England
Television star Mohit Raina at the red carpet of the Star Sports PRO KABADDI LEAGUE 2014. The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) is a professional kabaddi league in In...
Mohit Raina is lucky to have a fan like you..!!
your look like shiva you learn more dance me and my family love shiva because shiva nature is different all god so I love shiva than my family like you
So, Mohit Raina only 2 brother. What mohit raina and Mouni Roy it's really dating or just a rumor?
how can you be followed by Mouni Roy and mohit raina . and remember to follow me please do not forget it please :)
I want ask you. Mohit raina have a brother's or sister's? Please replay me
Gawd! Mouni is SO graceful. This Mohit Raina is a lucky guy.
[INFO] After 'Devon Ke Dev Mahadev', will play again in movies 'Krishna'? Link: Cc:
We Held Editing Photo Competition for 14 Agust, To Enliven Mohit Raina birthday, I hope you like my idea :)
And here are the official pics of Mohit Raina at event :)
Mohit Raina making an appearance at pro kabaddi,still cant believe it
Mohit Raina: Delhi is known to bounce back and they will bounce back.
Mohit Raina is an allrounder coz Mohit Sharma and Suresh Raina.
You followed by Mouni Roy and mohit raina because that i say you very lucky
I love leena jumani ♥ mohit raina , nice to know you. Best, love from indonesia
TOI Article: was the original choice for later Bagged the Role .
wanna hear frm the king hmself,hw was ur experience working with nation's icon Mohit Raina?
this is for Bth.Mohit Raina birthday
okey :) now In Indonesia Mahadev Booming :) and many fans Mohit raina here
Ok! Mohit Raina of Devon Ka Dev Mahadev hails from kashmir is very famous earned a Good name will J&K govt make him Brand Ambassador!?
Its very fun N exciting when looking at how handsome Mohit Raina.Forget all about the other for a while. ht…
Raina and Mouni Roy is my idol couples do. you guys are my passion coloring to keep abreast of film. series Mahadev.
's Sati Mouni Roy of has no plans of marrying costar & bf Mohit Raina, now http:…
he... thank you for the wonderful siggy surprise..!! My fantastic 4 charcters of Mohit Raina :") *hugs h…
Mohit Raina is the most expensive actor in India :)
Mahadev to go off air soon, Mohit Raina bags Life OK's next!
its ok i dnt watch other a Mohit Raina fan
Mohit Raina roped in to play Krishna: The actor’s Devon Ke Dev Mahadev is set to end soon Mohit Raina became a...
Mohit Raina roped in to play Krishna
: I'(d) Like to see a reincarnation of mahadev ( Mohit Raina ) and Sati ( Mouny Roy )... In a modern drama life.It's nice !
nahi we really need Mr. Raina to come out of the mytho shows..high time want to see him on commercial roles NOW
"Post Mahadev, Its Krishna for Mohit Raina pls tell me its not mytho... :'(
“Post Mahadev, Its Krishna for Mohit Raina hope it's a contemporary story!
"Post Mahadev, Its Krishna for Mohit Raina looks like he's really going to do another mytho
"Post Mahadev, Its Krishna for Mohit Raina bhagwan yeh kya *** raha hai again mytho like seriously o_O
ye read karo dear im sad but happy for GR
Mohit Raina was the original choice for ‘Maha Kumbh’. TOI is constantly reporting about Life OK’s upcoming show...
I really admire you, I love went you're going out with Mohit Raina :)
Telly actor Gautam Rode replaces Mohit Raina in Mahakumbh. To know more, tune into today at 1 pm only on zoOm
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