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Mobile World Congress

The GSMA Mobile World Congress is the combination of the world's largest exhibition for the mobile industry and a conference featuring prominent Chief Executives representing mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors and content owners from across the world.

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The coolest stuff coming from Mobile World Congress - via
Mobile World Congress: Internet of Things for business is humming
At the last Mobile World Congress, Virtual & were the dominant themes. What is next for
Samsung teases new tablet launching at Mobile World Congress -
Samsung Galaxy S8 will not be unveiled at Mobile World Congress, battery testing to blam...
Game Developers Conference and Mobile World Congress exactly overlap this year. Crap.
Enjoy Kevin Curran at Mobile World Congress 2014 HD - If you like this, Tag & share with yo…
Remember the Charm fitness tracker which Samsung unveiled at this year's Mobile World Congress (MWC)? Well, the South Kor... gma
Um, guys? You know who has been watching a lot of lately. Be careful at that gathering, North Korea elites.
The phones we know about before Mobile World Congress 2015
🤔What does this say about us and our strength?
animating the firefox for the Mobile World Congress 2014! (My first frame-by-frame…
I hope you're well. I'm hoping to get ABB Robotics involved in the Mobile World Congress 2017. Are you the man to talk to? Thanks
Kim Jong-un Seeks to Cement Power at First North Korean Congress in 36 Years -
Y&R Global CEO David Sable on Mobile Disruption at 2016 Mobile World Congress by . .
In other news. Oh, jumped the gun ... Kim Jong-un Seeks to Cement Power
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I want to because its the Best Mobile Handset for me, and for Mobile World Congress
Developments in virtual reality are shaping the future of interaction. Insights from
I wondered if you had some time to speak about showcasing Pepper, Nao and Romeo at the GSMA's Mobile World Congress in 2017? Thx
Prepping for World Congress with an blog - booth 3, talk to us.
Who is in your partnership inner circle. You should have a good mix. The mix gives you the best fuel for success.
.looks at the four key takeaways for leaders from the Mobile World Congress
Obama supports Saudie...who is surprise? After all, Obama has bowed to the Saudi King but has never bowed to the... https:…
ESN : Spain calls June election: King Felipe of Spain at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, on March…
We're on the cusp of making 5G wireless service a reality.
4 things that caught colleague Nick's attention during the Mobile World Congress 2016
Comms Business reports the IOT getting more profile at Mobile World Congress!
Follow the top Mobile World Congress stories for May 03 on our topical page:
GSMA Mobile World Congress 2015 - Attention all the latest Technology...
"Mobile World Congress 2016: How the major phones fared"
We're already dipping in to innovative AV solutions for Mobile World 2017 .
Proof of Concept: VoLTE QoE Assurance with FlowBROKER: Accedian and Sandvine Demo at Mobile World Congress 2016
Mobile World Congress: Three smartphone trends in 2016 via
16 trends from Mobile World Congress that will reshape the year ahead
HTC teases new 'Boom'' for upcoming '10': HTC was a no-show at this year's Mobile World Congress, but that doe...
Xiaomi, China’s reigning smartphone market-share leader, introduced its first flagship handset in nearly two years.
The Mobile World Congress 2016 Themes to Watch. Looking back at last month's Mobile World Congress via
Analysis: At Mobile World Congress, products to be excited about Sky Innovation - Chicago Tribune |
If you book early you can get some really good deals on flights for Mobile World Congress 2017.
Mobile World Congress News : PlayStation games come to mobile. Sony is setting up ForwardWorks, a company...
Mobile World Congress News : Apple Pay to launch on mobile websites – report. Apple is planning to expand its...
Mobile World Congress News : Retail apps need to up their game, says Apadmi. Retailers must invest in apps and...
How will continue to build infrastructure that satisfies future needs?
Check out David Chambers' small cell event report from on
I liked a video IBM MobileFirst influencer forum at Mobile World Congress 2014
All the latest launches from Mobile World Congress 2016
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Planning on attending World Congress? Make the most of it with the official mobile app.
Mobile World Congress News : Ericsson chief wants networks to drive connectivity, not drones. EXCLUSIVE...
It is an ever changing industry, with much predictions. An insider's view on 2016:
What's the next big opportunity for service providers and Telco? explains:
Here's why the is the Greatest Show on Earth
EMC CTO reflects on Mobile World Congress and the importance of real-time intelligence:
internet of things - ... the recent Mobile World Congress 2016 that took place in Barcelona and its sole repres...
shares her thoughts on why had such a presence at  
The LG G5 is the latest flagship of the South Korean company unveiled last month at the Mobile World Congress...
Here is 270 of with guests this week &
Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge A Brief Look: During the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain last mon...
Watch this: What it was like to be AT&T at Mobile World Congress
The Matrix: Zuckerberg in Barcelona's mobile world congress. Nobody knew he was there.
Mobile World Congress News : Roshan CEO opens up on Afghanistan challenges. Karim Khoja, Roshan CEO, urged the... https:…
carpooling app wins big at Mobile World Congress in
Reflections on Mobile World Congress: Enterprise apps coming to new form factors
About to go Live with and - why has Mobile World Congress not been rebranded SoLoMo World Congress?
It's nearly time for – here's a roundup of the rumours on what to expect
See what Chicago's new are up to!. ion-lithium batteries. mobile marketing. wireless charging antennas. more..
Did you miss Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this past February? Don’t worry - we’ve got it covered! .
Connect with and the great community there @ Mobile World congress
ICYMI: Catch up on all the action from w/ this recap.
Incident with lactating baby at the Mobile World Congress
LG has plenty to say during this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. The company h..
Pictures of Huawei's dual-camera P9 surface: It seems like just last week we were at Mobile World Congress in ...
ICYMI: Martin Sorrell spoke of the impact of virtual reality on advertising at Mobile World Congress.
Sir Martin Sorrell talks tech, data and content at Mobile World Congress via
We've had a great time at and decided to do a roundup of our favorite in our latest blog post:
Mobile World Congress 2016: All the announcements that matter
It's a wrap! As Mobile World Congress comes to end, we celebrate a successful week with gratitude and joy
Consumers shouldn’t expect great things from 5G until after 2020, tells
2016 Mobile World Congress: all the latest car tech
Convergence of healthcare, wearable and commerce at Mobile World Congress 2016
Partnerships are helping to grow the Industrial Internet. Learn how and more from Mobile World Congress. https:…
WHY ? Does anyone knows WHY Apple is fighting so hard ? Let me give you a few FACTS. 1. FBI had all...
Smartphone fingerprint sensors fooled by clay digit at Mobile World Congress
Amazing projects from connect hardware and software in astounding ways. https:/…
Awards: what3words wins best British Startup at Mobile World Congress
Robot roundup: Meet the best (and sometimes most bizarre) bots in Barcelona: Mobile World Congress…
So many exciting announcements at this year! Check out our recap and highlights here:
PHOTOS: Technological innovation and wacky experimentation; highlights from mobile technology show in Barcelona:
I survived the World Congress 2016. Thanks for the funny t-shirt.
Very cool - British-made phone wins Best Product at Mobile World Congress (it has a camera built-in!)
Safer Wi-Fi, smart trash cans and more: What mattered on Mobile World Congress day two |
firagranvia: Check us out at Mobile World Congress ☺️ de zenzoobubbles
the next wave of mobile payment is on booth 6H30 ht…
World's first thermal imaging phone camera - While most exhibitors at this week's Mobile World Congress (MWC) a...
Check us out at Mobile World Congress ☺️ de
CNET: Apple vs. FBI is the big story no one's touching at Mobile World Congress -CNE,
payment: Pay with your prepaid mobile wallet with Cash
Here's All The Cool Stuff From Mobile World Congress: We’ve just wrapped up the Mobile World Congress, the ann...
9 worst Internet of Things junk at Mobile World Congress
We're at in the booth: hall 3, stand 3K10 this week - come see us!
Experience our ecosystem of partners at & see their demos in action:
The 10 coolest things we saw at Mobile World Congress
BRCDsoftwareSE: Check out SDxCentral’s Mobile World Congress page for the latest news coverage at this year's event …
stiel: 3 important Mobile World Congress stories you may have missed
Great Panel on Financial Inclusion at the Mobile World Congress (in Barcelona! Thanks to MasterCard
Panasonic showcases connected product lineup at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona # MWC16
Live from the stand at Mobile World Congress, we give you… The Connected Cow:
Watch exclusive coverage and daily recaps of Mobile World Congress on Mobile World Live. Don’t miss out!
"Merka's Cocktail is this Wednesday @ Mobile World Congress - 2016" on
Samsung unveils its newest Galaxy phones at Mobile World Congress - Manila Bulletin
Our entire team is ready to start working at the Mobile World Congress. Stay tuned for news!
Is anyone visiting 4 Years From Now (4YFN) at Mobile World Congress ? We are at Stand 19C, come visit us from Monday to Wednesday! You can…
During the Mobile World Congress, we're hosting a mini-meetup and pitch-off. Join us on Wednesday 2/24
TechCrunch "Grab your tickets to the TechCrunch Meetup during the Mobile World Congress on Wednesday …
Dell to Provide Sneak Peek into Open & Agile Rack-Level Infrastructure at Mobile World Congress
MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2016 is almost upon us, and one of the biggest attraction there will be, of course,...
The GSMA Mobile World Congress is where senior mobile leaders and visionaries ne...
Find out why Dan Hodges thinks there is no better classroom than the 2016 Mobile World Congress:
Mark your calendar! Skyworks will be at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain from February 22–25!
How many of you wonderful folks will be joining us at Mobile World Congress in this year?
Now it's the beginning of MWC 2016It's the season of giving, so we're treating you with 20 Mobile World Congress t…
Best seat @ SAP Center at San Jose w/. First leg to Mobile World Congress.
China inspires us: the major trends of
Hi Ole, do you mean registration for Mobile World Congress 2016? We don't have a fixed date yet but it should be approx October 2015.
The company is now gearing up to launch Vibe Shot, a camera-focused phone which was showcased during this year's Mobile World Congress.
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MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2016 goers can now get a single room at Hotel Adagio Gastronòmic for 266.00 € per night!
Back during Mobile World Congress, LG revealed that a new "super premium" flagship was ... -
4YFN @ Mobile World Congress: one of the reasons to apply to
What are the prospects of the Iran deal in Congress?Wild Cards Remain as Democrats Add Supporters on Iran Deal -
Google's Android is accents as to Mobile World Congress XCG
I've seen something similar at Mobile World Congress. Looks great
Thinking ahead to Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona? Here's how we can help
Seven resolutions passed at World Down Syndrome Congress in Chennai - The Times of India on Mobile
That is devastating. I met 50 Cent at Mobile World Congress and now he's bankrupt, never meet your heroes :/
Mobile World Congress 2013: A report from the floor: Insights from MWC 2013, the worlds…
At Mobile World Congress 2016 UK companies will again be able to book our presentation area for a commercial pitch.
Update your maps at Navteq
We're gonna be super extra tough while we fork over $100b and let Iran inspect its own nuclear sites.
The top 8 enterprise apps from Mobile World Congress
When BlackBerry announced the BlackBerry Experience Suite back in March at Mobile World Congress for iOS, Android...
Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2016 Here you are the ppt and . pictures,…
Wow: "Including Mr. Cunha, about 40 percent of the 594 members of Congress are facing charges of one type or another"
Have you booked your Mobile World Congress travel yet?
Visitar Mobile World Congress con ha sido una experiencia! / Visit is an experience. ht…
The Latest new Innovations in Technology from the Mobile World Congress 2015
Darren Thomson on the Future of Security - 2015 Mobile World Congress | ...:
took home 10 awards from Mobile World Congress, including Best Mobile Tablet:
Unable to attend Learn about insights:
Ericsson notes trends and changes from Mobile World Congress 2015
Mobile World Congress 2015: what it means for marketing pros
Is there a smartwatch that can take on the Apple Watch. Lots of companies tried to come up with one at MWC http…
Emotional interfaces, virtual reality & transformations. Read our summary of this year's
Top story: Techilicious: Smartwatches that double up as car keys and more see more
Mobile World Congress, la top 10 dei gadget più originali vía thanks so much GQ we love t…
Dave Lee joins Adam to pick out the highlights from Barcelona's Mobile World Congress and the eldritch pleasures of 'Sunless Sea' are discu…
BBC's Dave Lee gets a first look at LG's fashion-conscious Urbane smartwatches at Mobile World Congress.
$HPNN Hop-on - News - Hop-on will be attending the 2015 Mobile World Congress to help resolve certain patent wars http:…
F ord Motor Company announces six new apps for Ford SYNC at Mobile World Congress $F
5 key security tools from Mobile World Congress: Amidst the smartphone hype, who's going to secure all this?
5 take-aways from MWC Day 2: CBR looks at Day 2 of Mobile World Congress, with new products coming from the li...
Guests of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. They must know we're big John Cleese fans.
Brands turned off by beacon technology: Mobile World Congress: Barclays and Paddy Power have questioned the va...
Ford launches e-bikes at mobile show: Ford has been showing off two e-bikes at Mobile World Congress as manufa...
Watch Mark Zuckerberg's keynote live from Mobile World Congress now:
Zuckerberg goes on charm offensive with wireless carriers at Mobile World Congress via
Mark Zuckerberg gets social with telecom While speaking at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Monday, the F…
AllPlay now at the OS level in the new HTC M9. "Mobile World Congress: HTC Unveils a New Phone and Wearable Device"
What do 80k+ Mobile World Congress attendees need next week? Anything. Everything. We're ready! More to come
BlackBerry to broaden its cross-platform strategy: At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the company said it…
Mobile World Congress 2015: wearables, virtual reality and three-sided phones
Acer announces new members of its Liquid smartphone series: New Mobile World Congress, new smartphones in the ...
Samsung unveiled the new S6 at Mobile World Congress today (March 1) in Barcelona, Spain. While we won't know
Attending Make sure you stop by and say hello! We'll be happy to meet with you!
New Samsung S6 is unveiled ahead of Mobile World congress – in pictures
Mobile World Congress is officially underway! Visit our booth this week located in Hall 6, 6A30.
is finally here! Good luck to all my colleagues working in Barcelona.
- MediaTek Serves Up Octa-Core Smartphone Chip - MediaTek hit the ground running at Mobile World Congress on...
Run Simple at the Showcase. Looking forward to seeing you at Hall 6, 6A30.
Hall 7 - Stand C40 - 09:35 - Presentation on Opps in the Indian Market - Full stand prog
: to Showcase its OTT and TV Everywhere Products and Services at Mobi... $NLN
The IoT is digitalizing consumer in-store interactions. See the smart vending machine at with & SAP.
Ericsson to deliver live captioning services at Mobile World Congress 2015. Learn more:
Excited to be in for mobile world congress
Are you at Mobile World Congress Stop by Hall 5 Stand 5A21 & see the new Service Provider toys!
Wearables,Virtual reality and three-sided phones 2015
Nokia at Mobile World Congress: Built to win in the programmable world | Nokia Networks via
Hall 7 - Stand C40 - 09:25 - Presentation on Opps in the Russian Market - Full stand prog
Stressed about There's an app for that
Photographers at the launch at Mobile World Congress
First time accepted submitter irl_4795 (4020741) writes At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona NXP...
Huawei unleashes range of on eve of
Samsung Galaxy S 6 and Galaxy S 6 Edge, Unveiled at Mobile World Congress, Offer Best of iPhone and More
SK Telecom Participates in Mobile World Congress 2015 T Hadoop DW is a Big Data Platform that can analyze unstruct…
ZTE Showcases Latest Smart Devices Destined for Europe at Mobile World Congress 2015 Operational Hadoop and the La…
KAZAM announces 5 new Windows devices ahead of next week’s Mobile World Congress:
to launch phone at Mobile World Congress show
en route to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress in my Port Alberni tuxedo (Canadian lumberjack plaid). totally fitting in ✈
Uber launches its food delivery service in Barcelona just in time for Mobile World Congress
After a crazy annual day celebration with Digital Services we are now gearing up for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona
If you’re into Technology, head to Barcelona in March! The Spanish city will be hosting Mobile World Congress 2015 from the 2nd to the 5th of March. Over the course of four days, the congress will be a platform to discover the latest mobile trends. Have you been to Barcelona? Which part of the city did you like the most? (Image source:
Get ready for with our guide to must-attend events & parties! by
Huawei has announced that it is holding its Mobile World Congress 2015 press conference on Sunday the 1st of...
Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2015: Appartment for rent 15 mins from exhibition. Location: 5 mins walk to shuttle …
Only 6 weeks for Mobile World Congress 2015. Look at Competence Center activites
Mobile World Congress 2015 is near. Look at Competence Center activites
EyeforTravel shows 5 Data & Mobile Trends In Travel that will rule this 2015 & shape marketing efforts for all:
REPORT: The Samsung Galaxy S6 will be disclosed to the public on March 2 during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.
If you have questions about simplifying your network core, has answers. Let's meet at Mobile World Congress
Must be more than they have showed? Mobile world congress for full reveal? I'm hoping for some interesting extras..
Mobile World Congress 2015 E-Brochure, check this out to be ready for this event:
Grand launch of Galaxy S6 in March at Mobile world Congress.
Cyan Technology will be presenting on the UKTI stand (7C40) at Mobile World Congress from 17:20 - 17:50 on 3rd March featured in NBC s Science of Love
Ghana's Appstar Picks Global Award: … paid trip to the 2015 Mobile World Congress in Barce...
Working in IoT and attending Attend IoT Stars, THE Internet of Things event during the Mobile World Congress
Meet Comarch at the in Barcelona to see how we can help you compete in the digital world
Meet my colleagues in at Nokia Experience Center, stand 3B10, hall 3
Company to be held on March 1, during the Mobile World Congress: Huawei may not our United…
HTC just sent out media invites to an event on March 1 at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 where it is expected to unveil the next generation HTC One flagship smartphone.
HTC to unveil its next One flagship on March 1st at Mobile World Congress |
There’s no better place to supercharge your business, exchange ideas and learn about the industry than Mobile World Congress.
It's not long until Mobile World Congress.. Needless to say that we are getting very busy. More updates soon!
Now a tablet for students with a projector: Next year’s Mobile World Congress in Berlin will see the launch of...
2014 in Review: WeDo Technologies announces new System at Mobile World Congress
Mobile World Congress gets dedicated games space
Best of 2014: Most read stories of the Year: … a nice piece of pre Mobile World Congress n...
'Mobile World Congress gets dedicated games space'
Excellent news! Mobile World Congress gets dedicated games space Thanks to the crew!
Mobile World Congress gets dedicated games space | as w…
Fujitsu shows off a "glove-style" wearable device at the Mobile World Congress
CEO GSM Association (represents GSM Operators) says 2015 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (from 2-5.Mar) will be bigger & better than 2014
Lenovo launches S850 smartphone at Rs 15,499 NEW DELHI: Chinese device maker Lenovo has launched S850, a new Android smartphone in India at Rs 15,499. The phone will be available starting July 30. The dual-sim phone was first unveiled at the Mobile World Congress. Lenovo S850 sports a 5-inch 720p display. It is powered by a 1.3GHz MediaTek MT6582 quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM, and comes with 16GB internal storage. It sports a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front-facing camera, and is backed by a 2,000mAh battery. Weighing 140gram, the 8.2mm thick phone runs Android 4.4 KitKat. It will be available in pink, white, and dark blue colour variants. In terms of connectivity options, Lenovo S850 supports 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, FM radio and GPS. "As smartphones become more mainstream, consumers expect intuitive and fast products from all premium brands. The need is to go beyond the expected and provide extraordinary design that reflects their personality" said Sudhin Mathur - Director, Smartphones, Lenovo Ind ...
The Nokia Lumia 520 is an entry-level Windows Phone 8 smartphone being manufactured by Nokia. It was announced at the 2013 Mobile World Congress along with the Nokia Lumia 720. In September 2013, it was revealed by Paul Thurrott from a Microsoft internal meeting that the Lumia 520 is the best selling Windows device, selling more units than any other model of Windows phone, PC or tablet.
I have seen LG L90 when it is unveiled at the Mobile World Congress, now Im having a chance to hold it if I win :)
PRODUCT LAUNCH : Chinese handset maker Lenovo launched a new Android smartphone, S660, priced at Rs 13,999. The company had announced the handset at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February and India is the first market where the smartphone will be sold. The S660 is a 4.7-inch device featuring 1.3GHz quad-core processor, Android Jelly Bean operating system, Lenovo's proprietary DOit Apps (SHAREit and SYNCit) as well as 3000mAh battery. Additionally, the dual 3G SIM capable handset has 8MP rear camera and supports up to 32GB data via a microSD card.
Mobile World Congress 2014: Humanising technological developments: Gauging the future by looking at what is available now, or the ideas that are being turned into products and life-changing services, is perhaps the best feature of the annual Mobile World Congress. This year’s edition, staged in Barcelona, Spain, did not disappoint as there was an array of products, applications and services that will […] From C.N; FINANCE
Mobile World Congress is in full swing and the SGNL team got a first look at the brand new Xperia™ Z2 Tablet! The Z2 has a 10.1 display with TRILUMINOS built in for more brilliant color, it is PlayStation® certified so you can connect a DualShock® 3 controller to it and if superior audio is your thing, this tablet has digital noise canceling when paired with compatible headphones. Watch now to get the full scoop!
WhatsApp voice-calling feature spotted in Hindi translation requests We know WhatsApp, the popular messaging service for smartphones, will soon be adding voice calling feature. Earlier this year at the Mobile World Congress, WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum had said the voice-calling service will be deployedfor Android and iPhones this spring, with Blackberry and Microsoft and Nokia phones coming soon.
Samsung Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit are now available in India. Price List: Galaxy Gear 2 : Rs.21,550. Galaxy Gear 2 Neo: Rs.15,450. Galaxy Fit : Rs.15,450. While the Galaxy S5 will hit the stores later this week on April 11, all three wearable devices are now available on Samsung’s India eStore now. All the above mentioned devices were first unveiled at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year. While many were expecting the wearable devices to run on a modified version of the Android OS, the South Korean company surprised everyone by including the Tizen OS. To recap on the specifications, the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo boast a 1.63-inch (320×320 pixels) Super AMOLED display and are powered by a 1GHz dual-core processor paired with 512MB of RAM. Also included is 4GB of internal storage and a 300mAh battery. On the photography front, the Gear 2 gets a 2-megapixel camera, while the Gear 2 Neo doesn’t. Both the devices also feature a standalone music player as well as an IrLED to control the TV. The G ...
While it is widely expected that Nokia will unveil its first Android smartphone - Nokia X - next week at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014, it is rumoured that the company has more Android handsets in the works. According to a report by Chinese technology website, internal emails leaked by sources at Silicon Valley company Artesyn technologies say that Nokia is working on two Android smartphones other than Nokia X. While one has been codenamed Nokia XX, the codename of the other model is not yet known. The former will be positioned above the entry-level Nokia X, while the latter will be a high-end handset. The specifications of these two models are not yet known. While Nokia has already started working on these two Android smartphones, they are not expected to be unveiled at MWC. In fact, it is said that the manufacturer will launch X only to see the market response to its first Android smartphone. All three Android smartphones by Nokia are expected to hit the market in May-June. Nokia X is ...
Mobile World Congress: Mark Zuckerberg explains why WhatsApp was a bargain -
DeviceFidelity and ITN International Partner to Outfit iPhones for NFC-based Lead Retrieval at Mobile World Congress
The World Wide Web turns 25: Samsung displays mobile Internet surfing at the Mobile World Congress held in Bar...
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Samsung announces a Galaxy of products at Mobile World Congress via
[Reposted from CrackBerry C00012B19] On stage at Nokia's press event at Mobile World Congress, Stephen Elop confirmed that BBM will be coming to Lumia devices. He didn't go into detail with a release date or if this means it will come to all Windows Phone devices (which, I'd assume it will), but at least this is finally confirmation that BBM4ALL really is on its way to becoming BBM4ALL.
Last week, mobile phone makers around the world gathered in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress to unveil t...
TECHNOLOGY NEWS (VIDEO: Will we still use mobiles in 20 years?) Industry experts at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona look forward to the phones of the future. LINK-
Catch up: Gadgets of the month: Mobile World Congress round-up
Why ICANN is pushing for domain names in era of mobile apps BARCELONA: In the early days, you typed in a domain name address to reach a website. Then came the ability to reach websites directly through a search engine. The mobile era brought us phone apps for accessing services without either. Yet the organization in charge of internet addresses is pushing a major expansion in domain name suffixes. At least 160 suffixes have been added since October to join the ranks of ".com," ".org" and scores of country-specific ones such as ".uk" for the United Kingdom. Hundreds of other proposals are being reviewed. Why bother in this mobile-heavy era? "Finding what you need on the Web will take many paths," said Fadi Chehade, head of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN. Even if you're using search, domain names might make search engines smarter, Chehade said in an interview at the Mobile World Congress wireless show, which ended Thursday in Barcelona, Spain. For instance, a search engin ...
Blippar has migrated its object image recognition technology from the smartphone to Google Glass, showing off the concept at Mobile World Congress. The app could be used for advertising, education and more. It can also recognize faces but that feature will be disabled.
What’s on Tap for Mobile World Congress - By Sven Grundberg and Sam...
This week, AppNexus joined thousands of exhibitors and attendees in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, the must-attend conference for the mobile industry. There, our partner Millennial Media announced that MMX, the world’s largest premium mobile ad exchange, is now available in Asia Pacific and 20...
Beyond the hype: Internet of Things shows up strong at Mobile World Congress - PCWorld
Datacenter Mktpl The 'Internet of things,' beyond the hype at Mobile World Congress: If you want to find out h...
On Monday afternoon, Millennial Media brought the first day of Mobile World Congress to a close when we were asked by the GSMA to present on thriving in a
Mobile ad network Millennial Media announced Tuesday at Mobile World Congress that its Millennial Media Exchange is rolling out to 20 additional countries.
Millward Brown about to present at the Kantar stand at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
announces new hardware partners at Mobile World Congress
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Etisalat and MasterCard look to the future of mobile payments with new technologies Etisalat Group, the leading telecoms operator in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, today at Mobile World Congress celebrated an enduring partnership with MasterCard that has brought award-winning technologies to the market.
DeviceFidelity Powers the NFC Experience at Mobile World Congress for iPhone ... - Broadway World |
MWC 2014: MTN to deploy Flytxt customer engagement solutionBy Telecom LeadFollow February 25, 20140 CommentOSS-BSSAt MWC 2014 (Mobile World Congress), Barcelona, Flytxt today announced that MTN will deploy its real-time customer engagement solution. “We strive to improve the lives of ou...
Unilever pairs with Brandtone to launch programmatic mobile marketing platform Konnect -- (via
MirrorLink adds Peugeot to roster of phone-connected cars: During Mobile World Congress, the Connected Car Con...
Attending Day 2 begins with speaker and panel sessions you don’t want to miss
Mobile World Congress in Video: Sony updates its Xperia lineup | TechHive via
Open maps on an open platform, play w/ mobile's maps + routing: at Mobile World Congress by
The latest version of Samsung's Galaxy S smartphones features biometric security, a fingerprint scanner, a 16-megapixel camera and boosted processing power. The Galaxy S5 will be available to buy from April 11th, the technology giant said, unveiling the new handset at the Mobile World Congress i...
Behind the scenes at Looking forward to a week full of mobile excitement!
A fashionable smart watch made its debut at Mobile World Congress
GLOBE Telecom globally endorsed by founder Mark Zuckerberg at Mobile World Congress 2014 | h…
ManageEngine to share its roadmap - Hall 7, Stand 7H08 at Mobile World Congress
Get to know about at the Mobile World Congress! Photo by
We are in for Mobile World Congress! Are you here? Want to meet up?
"case you forget!The hashtag for this year is Mobile World Congress 2014
Smartphones for seniors, tablets and mobiles galore -- this year's Mobile World Congress has gotten off to a blazing start.
The suppliers are scrambling to capitalize on oppurtinities taking major shapes ranging from and to and # broadcom there at Barcelona, Spain on the occassion of the event GSMA Mobile World Congress 2014. Wish I would head one day to smartphone gala for one can attend conferences, network, discover cutting edge products and hi-fi technologies. You can see me presenting papers there. The time worth is not so far. Cheers!!!
Helsinki Business: Finnish next generation mobile health know-how goes on stage at Mobile World Congress in Ba...
Want to see Samsung unveil the Tune into our live blog of Samsung's Unpacked 5 event at Mobile World Congress:
Day 2 of Mobile World Congress. Really want to have a look at the device running SailfishOS
Samsung Reveals Galaxy S5: At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain today, electronics major Samsung r...
Capturing the action & slew of announcements from the ZTE pavillion at the Mobile World Congress, 2014 at Barcelona
Looking for more info about in Barcelona this week? See what to expect this year from Intel
The future of smartphones and tablets will be showcased as tech giants gather in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress starting Monday
New smartphone OSes to challenge Android at Mobile World Congress
Samsung officially unveiling the Galaxy S5 in Barcelona at this year's Mobile World Congress (MWC). Don't forget to "LIKE" and "SHARE" Samsung Galaxy S5 fanpage to know more info about S5. (Y)
‘Israel is the App Store of the World’: The Mobile World Congress opened today in Barcelona, ...
Samsung today unveiled their new flagship Galaxy S5, Galaxy Gear 2 and the Galaxy Fit at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain. All three devices will be released in close to 150 countries on the 11th of April this year. The main improvements on the Galaxy S5 are on the design, the camera, da...
What mattered at Mobile World Congress day zero: Samsung Gear, Firefox phones,...
Update from FB page Unveiled at Mobile World Congress. Read more:-
The Mobile World Congress giant ad has changed to promote the Galaxy S5.
LG announces F70 and F90 mid-range phones at Mobile World Congress
Members of our team are at GSMA mobile world congress this week and it's great to see Refugees United receiving further support!
"We don’t build it and open source it when it is done. It is open source."
Launches a Series of 3 at in Barcelona. Details Here-
Everyone's making a cheap smartphone for the Indian market. what's to say we outsmart them n buy the Galaxy 5
Check out the latest post Samsung Unveiled Galaxy S5 at Mobile World Congress by following the link
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