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Mob Wives

Mob Wives is an American reality television series airing on VH1 that made its debut April 17, 2011. It follows six Staten Island women after their husbands or fathers are arrested and imprisoned for crimes connected to the Mafia.

Big Ang

Grace gone all mob wives on us 😂 abig twist will be Claire back from the dead pulling the strings..…
So is Fraser back and working with Glenn I'm confused.. Gracie will be on the next season of mob wives 😂😂😂
Shout out to the VH1 app, getting my Mob Wives fix today...allegedly
Gracie will be on next season of Mob wives 😂😂
lmao that is one of the 100 reasons Im not doing it. They gonna have to find another name to speak 2…
The Unites States Political System and its presidency is literally identical to the show Mob Wives.
We sure do! I watch it and even ended up getting all of my friends in love with it…
This reminds me of apartheid: noone supported it but somehow flourished nevertheless. Kanti when w…
Definitely thought it was a bit of that namesake factor too. I'd be breathing fire if I had a namesa…
Well you're very beautiful and the fact that you love Mob Wives is a total Plus .
Do you remember that dinner at the White House a few years ago when that couple from Real Wives of DC got…
Why do all mob wives dress like they’re about to appear on Real Housewives NJ Reunion?
Mob Wives fans if u wnt 2 watch all episodes of sea.5n6 let me no
I’m hoping that you have some new mob wives to add to the mix. Makes it more interesting.
I clearly remember you and Sarah going to London and you going to London multiple times before and…
You ,Karen , of course, are my fave! Cause u remind me of my attitude! Can't wait for this new Mob…
How am I only just watching mob wives now 😩😂🙈 been missing out best programme ever is defo my fave 👊🏻😘😂
Random hope for the Mob Wives Reboot, I hope that while the intro and cast photos are brand new, there had better b…
PLEASE tell us you're part of the Mob Wives reboot!!!
It's not mob wives without and Big Ang. Now it's fake wives
Ok so when is mob wives coming back on ?
I need to find some way to binge watch Mob Wives
you have to comeback. We need the OG of mob wives!
the mob wives reboot will probably be on a struggle channel like WeTV lol
Nooo.. in that wifey category was Mob Wives.
Bringing in the new year wit a couple of mob guyz making sum mob music and coolin wit da kiddos & mob wives of course
I really wanna see you on MOB WIVES REBOOT... Love you Love M
I really want watch some mob wives before I leave to this party later 😭😭
Would love to see on the mob wives reboot loved you on the show!
This. They both have done things on their own merits and don’t cling onto the former…
The mob wives reboot is so bittersweet so excited for the show to come back but can’t imagine it without…
Breast Cancer Awareness
It sure isn't easy being the wife of a mobster.
Started watching Mob Wives on YouTube and I didn’t know Big Ang passed. I’m sensi.
I know you both now have your differences but can we laugh at this for a second. This…
i LOVE you guys, Mob Wives Support is forever here to stay 💋
Nope. She never got back with her ex, moved on, and her stores make more money than all the mob wives. She really i…
71. Mob Wives. - Drita vs. Karen. - *** Drita went OFF! LMAO at Drita being on top of Renee trying to get to Karen. https:/…
Are you going to be a part of the mob wives reboot??
So glad to hear is not returning to mob wives
Will England be seeing more of you in 2017? Mob wives or Big brother, we need you back in our life's..!! Xx
Cause Peter Lawwell might have said just draw with this mob today as its Xmas period? Mibby worrie…
I would love to see you all back on tv! Mob wives was my guilty pleasure!
Re watching mob wives from the beginning 🌛💕
I’ve seen Mob Wives. I think they are about even on the plastic surgery.
All that *** hair pulling 🙄 y’all could have at least swung while dragging each other 💀 I used to loveee mob wives…
mob wives might be rebooting , I REPEAT mob wives might be rebooting
I woke up thinking about how much I miss Mob Wives
Jersey Shore is coming back and Mob Wives is getting rebooted
Nothing better than stumbling across the Mob Wives final reunion after a wine or two. But RIP 😥
'The fights got physical': Ex-wife of murdered gangster Carl Williams, Roberta, says new Mob Wives-inspired rea...
I liked a video Drita D'Avanzo has a message for Karen Gravano from VH1 Mob Wives
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