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Mo Speights

Marreese Akeem Speights (born August 4, 1987) is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Come on, Hillary. You're not going to get touches with Curry, Durant, Draymond, & Klay. You're their new Mo Speights
T Mozgov will make $16 million next season. Zaza Pachulia, Nene, David West, Mo Speights and Roy Hibbert will make $13.7 mi…
It feels like Mo Speights is Kobe like with his trigger. Surprised he's not on here
You're being disrespectful as *** to Kevin Love to say he's about as good as Mo bald *** Speights
No it would be like losing Mo Speights and maybe Klay but irving is so bad defensively...
Mo Speights. - makes 2 shots a game and they call him "buckets". - 40 time is prolly like a 10.63. - scary ugly
I agree. No way that Dougie McBuckets and Mo speights are better players than trey lyles. Smh.
Mo speights a clown I see why y'all let him go 😂😂😂
Wilton Speight is fun because he has the same first name as Vladimir Guerrero's brother and almost the same last name as Mo Speights.
Can we all appreciate that with 10.6 seconds left in Game 7 and GSW down by 3, JVG said, "You can't forget about Mo Speights"
Mo Speights is the Warriors' career leader in USG%
Mo Speights fade away in the final 6 seconds of game 7
I think the only one is Mo Speights and I kinda need more from my pick than that.
Dwight was really bad. Dude was lettin Mo Speights drop 20 on his head glad that bum left
Favorite sports article of the year. DeM(vp)ar DeRozan, Mo Speights. All your missing is Swaggy P and Spencer Hawes
He needs to take it and expand as Mo Speights did.
David West turning into the frowny faced mo speights is kinda sad
Klay on "never had a bad day at the office" + mo' Mo praise from Harrison Barnes (📝: https…
every time Mo Speights hit a 3 I knew GSW was going to win last season
Rick Barry was never a Bay Area fav. Mo Speights and David Lee more likeable. Sorry Rick. Enjoy retirement.
they’re gonna lose Harrison Barnes for sure, maybe Leandro Barbosa & Mo Speights might be gone too.
Mo Speights on Draymond Green suspension: "Somebody put they balls on your head... what you supposed to do?"
so Mo Speights is Chris Gatling, Andrew Bogut is Andris Biedrins, and Harrison Barnes is Rumeal Robinson?
Mo Speights starting to look like Derrick Coleman out there...physically.
That glorious Shaun Livingston/Luke Walton/Wayne Ellington/Mo Speights era of the Cavaliers needs a commemorative plaque at the very least.
Mo Speights have that Tai Chi Zero horn on his head thingy working
Billy Donovan's back to back national championship teams at Florida are so underrated. . Joakim Noah. Al Horford. Mo Speights. Cory Brewer
At one point, Florida had Al Horford, Joakim Noah, and Mo Speights in the same front court. Possibly related: they won a national title.
idea: Mo Speights, Action Bronson and JaMarcus Russell laying waste to an all-you-can-eat buffet.
Mo Speights looks like Derrick Coleman if DC never left the block
I mean, if Mo Speights and Earl Clark can check in.come on...
let's be real, a remake of any movie with Mo Speights would be better than the original
Mo Speights' snapchat: Warriors' Harrison Barnes and Festus Ezeli are "future Lakers ... over $150 million."
Mo Speights : 6 points & 5 rebounds in 8 minutes off the bench. Andre Igoudala : 3 points, 7 rebounds & 3 assists in 28 minutes off the bench
Mo Speights should never dribble and shoot. He's a catch and shoot player. Stick to your strengths. Your post game and euro step is garbage.
After Draymond Green got on an official for most of the break, Mo Speights told the official. "Don't worry. He's just ma…
Mo Speights is how I am at the rec... When I'm playing and I have the chance to shoot, I'm pulling...
Ian Clark, Mo Speights and Brandon Rush all on the floor at the same time, along with Curry and Draymond.
lemme show you how useless plus-minus is. Mo Speights had 4 points & a board on 1/4 shooting and had a higher +/-.
Say something nice about Mo Speights, Shaun Livingston, Draymond Green, or Andrew Bogut plz.
Mo Speights will actually get go play and Jason Thompson. That’s a scary line up in multiple ways. LOL
Fire Coach Walton/Kerr. Trade Curry, Klay, Barnes. Time for the Warriors to rebuild around Mo Speights
Mo Speights' Usage Rate is 16th in NBA at 28.5 -- just below Melo, KD, and Wall. Above guys like Bledsoe, Lowry, Derozan, AD, CP3, Kawhi.
Mo Speights and Shaun Livingston do for sure. When Barbosa says it the rest of the team just laughs.
The quotable Mo Speights: “Hopefully the streak will never end.”
Usually players take one shot as a heat check. Mo Speights takes 7. Just to make sure he's not still hot.
Mo Speights is funny bcs he is 6'10 but plays like he 5'10 at times he will stay outside & hit jumpers but anything inside is a crap shoot
If my guy, Mo Speights, had hit that corner 3, I would have been "And 1" mixtape running around my apartment.
You know your team is gonna win when mo speights starts shooting 3s LOL
Mo Speights is on GS getting buckets. What is this world.
I'm always laughing at Mo Speights, no matter how good or bad he's playing lol
Mo speights is the starting western conference all star point guard. How did he make that?
the world is better when Mo Speights is sitting on the bench
The world is better when Mo Speights And1 transition layups are happening
Big hoop by Mo Speights who has been more Mo Bad & Mo Bricks lately
Mo Speights with the turnaround jumper 89-83
Mo Speights has objectively not played good basketball.
Mo Speights with the no look pass to nobody in particular
Mo Speights is in. It was nice having a lead.
I wish I can do a video on how horrible Mo Speights is.. there would be tons of content. Bring back D.Lee. please!!!
I wouldn't normally care if Bogut played v nets however ever the recent string of Mo Speights horror show performances Im hoping he does
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Watching replay of yesterday's win & I don't knw why Mo Speights try's 2 put ball on floor & drive bcs he has no lift or handles
Watching Mo Speights play is painful lol
Ancient Greeks would always leave a flaw in otherwise great art to avoid insulting the gods. Thought of that looking at Mo…
you know why they play mo speights over Jason Thompson?
Mo Speights good at Mid range jumpers. He complete trash at everything else
Thank God they finally took Mo Speights out
Mo Speights needs to be sent down to the D-League for 2 weeks
More and more I watch mo speights play I be like man you don't deserve no more minutes.. I am playing Jason Thompson for now on period
Mo Speights is probably good for team chemistry, but he is not a good basketball player. He's got heart and hustle, but... bruh?!?
Speights vacillates between being Mo Buckets and being unplayable.
Mo Speights is in, wearing Baron Davis' old jersey.
Here's a replay of Mo Speights' dunk attempt.
Mo Speights is shooting 1-of-4 on dunks this postseason. Just take the layup next time.
We'll see Mo Speights on Friday morning for sure
Mo Speights with the basketball equivalent of the butt fumble
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Feel bad for Mo Speights, bruh helped us out big time when Z-Bo was injured that year.
If Adreian Payne and Mo Speights ever play on the same team, it will be difficult to tell the two apart from afar.
If Mo speights makes his first shot, then he will go 70% it's fact
People need to stop making ridiculous bets on social media. They never win. Now someone's gotta tat Mo Speights mug on their body.
One time I wanna see Mo Speights take a quality shot. All the guy does is take
Mo Speights averages 31.7 points per 48 minutes. Here’s the company he keeps in that stat.
wow I just witnessed a Mo Speights assist
truly! I just hope Andrew Bogut, Mo Speights, Festus & Dray can hold down the paint :/
yes they destoryed Golden state- the previous game we balled them. Warriors bench is good too man mo speights. everyone adds
Good call. That was a foul on MO Speights.
Gotta just let Mo Speights chuck up 3s the rest of the game
The fate of the Thunder’s season may rest in the hands of Mo Speights. Rest easy, OKC.
Steph Curry draws two defenders, fires pass to Mo Speights for dunk.
Amazing to watch Ryen Anderson SPRINT after Steph Curry with no regard for leaving Mo Speights wide open at the rim. Only happens with Steph
AD gets a block of Mo Speights that won't count in official stats (was after 24-second clock), but gets crowd fired up. Loud now. GSW 64-62
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Mo Speights replaces Andrew Bogut, who has four personal fouls.
Bruh mo speights boutta win us the championship with buckets and getting those charges called
Mo Speights is so good at drawing charges👏
Barnes is shuffling players into help defense, which is good, but that help defense is Mo Speights
Mo Speights is about to go full human tiki torch mode.
Mo Speights on GSW on road: "U see everybody how they see Steph, they're about to faint & all that. That's crazy..U can tell your kids that"
Mo Speights can create more space in the paint while DLee clogs it, but DLee can pass and move the ball better than Mo.
Any chance Mark Jackson mentions how badly Harrison Barnes, Andrew Bogut and Mo Speights were misused last season?
Mo Speights, Klay Thompson and his father Michael Thompson are in Santa Cruz sitting front row tonight as the Sea Dubs are killing 74-51.
Steph Curry was throwing Mo Speights his shoe when Tyson Chandler decided to reject it into the stands.
"Knew it! What's PER?" Doug Collins. "Mo Speights is third among NBA power forwards in PER."
Watch Steph Curry, Mo Speights, and the Golden State Warriors show off their gridiron skills by tossing a football at a recent practice.
Repost from my guy Mo Speights... This is becoming standard lol
As Northwestern waits for a decision on Mo Speights an appeal of a ruling
Article up on Bleacher Report about Mo Speights making David Lee expendable... I always thought Speights was good and Lee s/b traded.
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We get all this rain from mo speights droppin all those buckets
Warrior announcers comparing Mo Speights to michael Jordan.
Mo Buckets does it again. Marreese Speights scores 16 straight points in 4th qtr (27 total) as beat Hornets …
Listening to Mo Speights speak in an interview like...
Sorry for missing everything. Been making a video about Mo Speights. It's time consuming/life affirming.
ICYMI Mo Speights saved the from a sluggish-ruggish (turkey) bone 3rd quarter last night. RECAP:
(Photo: AP) Mo Speights had 9 of his 27 pts in the 1st half, scoring 2 over Bismack Biyombo here. RECAP:...
Mo Speights has reached "accuse the other person of cheating in 2K" level
Mo speights IG and barbosa's dolphin squeal are the reason the warriors are gonna be champs
nah just watching Mo Speights highlights on loop for two hours
(Photo: AP) Two of Marreese Speights' 16 points in the 4th quarter. "Mo" racked up 27 points on 12-for-20...
PER Leaders 1. The Brow 2. Mo Speights 3. Steph Curry 4. Brandan Wright 5. Boogie Cousins (also tells you all you need to know about PER)
Mo Speights squadron leader of the sporriors
Tony Douglas to Mo Speights is something I could do with as little as possible. Thanks
and probably Sam Dalembert and Mo Speights as my centers the rest would be scrubs
No my dont get rid of either Tyler Zeller or Mo Speights . Sigh. Speights does not need to start to do damage as we have seen since he has been a Cav. Zeller has the complete game that just needs experience and polishing, but he is an all star NBA center in the making. You start Zeller at Center with Tristan Thompson at PF. Speights remains your back-up PF and if the rumors hold true and We DO sign Greg Oden as a back-up center, then with Shaun Livingston at back-up PG and Wayne Ellington as back-up SG, you only have a whole at SF (unless you move Alonzo Gee to back-up SF if we can draft a SF lottery pick in June ). Here is how it could look Come November minus the darft picks coming whoever they may be. PG- KYRIE IRVING SG-DION WAITER SF_ PF-TRISTAN THOMPSON CENTER-TYLER ZELLER PG-Shaun Livingston SG-Wayne Ellington SF_ PF-MEREESE SPEIGHTS CENTER-GREG ODEN The cavs can draft the SF in June and may trade for the back-up SF if they dont place Alnzo Gee or Omri Casspi there.
Mo Speights saying Sixers would lose by a "lavoy Allen" turns out we beat them by 2 mo speights
Tony Wroten dropping dimes... Mo Speights punting them into the upper deck.
Bayless, Ellington, Jerome Jordan, Mo Speights, & Tony Allen are your starters tonight.
Yea I bought Lou Williams and Mo Speights jerseys. It was 2 for $5
between and I, we own Mo Speights, Lou Williams and Nik Vucevic. Like the kiss of death.
First team all Rump Rod Green , Wayne Ellington , Matt Walsh ,Marcus Morris , Mo Speights . 2nd team next
it's a horrible saying attached to Mo Speights, Lou Williams & Spencer Hawes. ... .So, advise me...
Mo Speights scored 35 points and eight rebounds in tonight's Bluff game. Lester Hudson finished with 22 points and 11 rebounds.
if I move there I wanna party with Rudy *** Mike Conley, and Mo Speights.
Everytime I watch a Serge Ibaka highlight, it reminds me how dumb the Philadelphia 76ers were to pass him up over for Mo Speights. *PUKE*
Grizz players that will be free agents this year: Mo Speights, OJ Mayo, Lester Hudson, Hamed Haddadi, and Gilbert Arenas.
Also is it Mo Speights or Dante Cunningham that has to leave when Darrell Arthur comes back
we got Al Harrington as we got Mo Speights as the Killer Croc !
Matt Bonner and Mo Speights were in action in the NBA playoffs last night. See highlights of Bonner's Spurs advancing to the second round with a sweep of Utah...
Mo Speights is more of a two face than Harvey Dent. One moment he airballs a ten footer. Next, he gets a baseline and-1.
Mo Speights looks like a light skinned Bokeem Woodbine. He also plays the way he acts so there's that.
In closing, Tony Allen sets a Griz mark for steals w/8, grabs 8 rebs and has 13 pts. Gasol and Mo Speights, 17 each & Grizz pull away again
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