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Mo Farah

Mohammed Mo Farah (born 23 March 1983 in Mogadishu, Somalia) is a Somali-born British international track and field athlete, and current 5000 m world champion.

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If my nose runs anymore gonna have to start calling it
To think that such a guy exists. I also remember when Mo Farah couldn't run…
Oh look who's talking about trophies. We talk about what Pogba has achieved and the French Mo Farah in your mf will…
Looking forward to seeing you on 12th August!
People think he is actually going to beat Mayweather up and humiliate him. These people think Mo Farah beats Messi in Wembley singles
Really excited we're seeing Mo Farah too!
Guess Daily Mail won't be reporting this.2 athletes having fun and talking to each other. 1…
Here it is: my final interview with Sir Enjoy! . Go ahead and Like, Share and Subscribe!
My final Interview of the series covers London, Motivation and Family, when I sit down with Sir Mo Farah.
Mo Farah says he is 'a clean athlete' and 'frustrated' by leaked report on Salazar Salazar (
Making my cousin walk around London and he goes "is it a Mo Farah ting" 🤣
I offered to pay in happy to offer you a timely sum of
I'm coming for you and I'm gonna take your sponsorship away
Osborn will because he runs more. So does mo farah dont mean hes a good footballer
hi Mo. It's my Aunt's 60th birthday soon & she's a massive fan. Is there any way I could get a signed book for her?
After run this morning ppl said my trainers were not good enough to run in. , the absolute legend gave me these
Class running from mo farah and maintaining his Olympic gold medal in Rio is something! 🏅
mr learnt how to run fast in - if you'd like to find your reason to run in Hounslow, join us
Mo Farah pulls it out the bag. What a legend
Mo Farah apologises for mixing up Liam and Noel Gallagher at a U2 gig
I should be charging you with these results boss and i am Mo Farah now, so whenever you like.
Should of charged you for the walking session, when's the pint with Mo Farah?
Absolute legend... will truly be sad to see him and Mo Farah go!
Mo Farah, tough athlete talk about grinding out a quality field!
Woohoo congratulations Mo Farah one of the greatest ever, fabulous win!!!
Mo Farah...the only one to win gold in the 10,000m, 5000m and beat The Cube!!!
Yeh me too, Just because its similar to Mo Farah doesn't mean its right
BREAKING: Mo Farah statement. "Trump seems to have made me an alien..
Great day at the yesterday. . laying the smack down in the final lap! Brilliant win
My 19month old son cheering on what a win
do you consider your self as British or somali. Honestly.
Ah but it's not where you're born, it's what's on the Passport. Jo Konta is GB, born…
don't suppose you'd run in costume in my place? No one will know. Sorry the might be tricky. I'll…
Farah to be Sir Mo Farah lets go viral
When you lose your hero Daddy status."Daddy I think is definitely faster than you.."
Absurd John Humphreys asks 'what are you?' ref nationality. Would he have asked the same of Mo Farah? Of course not.
Sports "stars" nationality is meaningless. .true... so I look forward to his interview with Mo Farah
Adnan Januzaj Admits to Turning to Mo Farah for Help Ahead of ...
.Did you have this discussion when Mo Farah won at the Olympics or Chris Froom…
Usain Bolt struggles to 100m victory at Golden Spike meeting as Mo Farah is pushed to final bend in 10,000m
Mo Farah wins, Usain Bolt labours (and still wins) and Wayde van Niekerk broke a record. Our report:
McGregor/Mayweather 🙈. Also Phil Taylor will run against Mo Farah in the 10,000m & Ngolo Kante will swim against Phelps in…
lol I'm a white a Mo Farah. You still living it large and making it rain my bhoy?
Mo Farah took victory in the 5,000m at the Birmingham Grand Prix and set a European record in the process. More:
Mo Farah, Steve Cram, Steve Ovett, Seb Coe the lot of them!!! Im an elite sportsman Rick, as u well know
.Mo Farah's doctor Robin Chakraverty to give evidence to MPs over L-carnitine infusion before 2014 London Marathon
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Mo Farah defended by Seb Coe over London Marathon doping slurs
Absolutely bumper day of birthdays today! Mo Farah, Roger Bannister, Steve Redgrave, Michael Nyman, Chris Hoy.…
What do Mo Farah, Roger Bannister, Steve Redgrave, Chris Hoy and Jason Kenney all have in common?
If you give birth today, strong chance you have future Olympian - Sirs Chris Hoy, Steve Redgrave, Mo Farah & Roger Bannister all born 23/3
23 March. Mo Farah, Steve Redgrave, Jason Kenny, Roger Bannister, Chris Hoy, Wiggo and even and me 🙌🍰
Me, Mike Atherton, Shelley Rudman, Mo Farah, Sirs Chris Hoy, Steve Redgrave and Roger Bannister all have the same birthday. What went wrong?
A day for champions! . Roger Bannister, Steve Redgrave, Chris Hoy and Mo Farah all celebrate their birthdays today.…
Mo Farah joins Bolt, van Niekerk, Rudisha as headliners for Racers Grand Prix
Christian Taylor, Mo Farah and David Rodisha all confirmed for !
[BBC]Salazar (centre) celebrates with Mo Farah and Galen Rupp after the pair took gold …
Yes one is innocent until proven guilty but one can't read the article and not look at Mo Farah, Galen Rupp and Centrowitz differently.
Alberto Salazar, coach of Mo Farah, may have violated USADA rules, according to leaked report
Mo Farah issues statement following new drug allegations aimed at his coach
Alberto Salazar may have broken anti-doping rules to boost the performance of Mo Farah. Is anyone surprised?
Mo Farah expresses frustration over alleged links with doping allegations against coach Alberto Salazar.
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Mo Farah 'deeply frustrated' he has been drawn into another Alberto Salazar doping scandal
Mo Farah reckons Donald Trump has made him "an alien" but it looks like Alberto Salazar was already trying his best to do t…
Four-time Olympic champ Mo Farah responds after another round of doping allegations against his coach.…
Mo Farah says "I am a clean athlete who has never broken the rules" following reports coach Alberto Salazar may have brea…
EXCLUSIVE: Mo Farah's coach boasted to Lance Armstrong about “incredible” effects of L-carnitine
Mo Farah says he's 'done nothing wrong' after report of drug misuse
Mo Farah insists he is clean amid fresh doping claims against coach Alberto Salazar
Mo Farah in being a drug cheat shock, that average athlete form till he was like 28 fooling everyone 🙄
Here is a link to the Salazar story
Britain's Olympic champion Mo Farah's coach has been accused of using prohibited drug infusions to improve the performance of his runners, …
Mo Farah used to be a complete Joe Soap.. A top tenner at best. Flattered to deceive. Then he became a mach…
“Coach Alberto Salazar accused of endangering Mo Farah with drugs”? Imagine Farah was a cyclist... would read: "Farah caug…
Too many people jumping on newspaper headlines without knowing any facts. Judge Mo Farah after he has been investigated,…
More Alberto stories, more questions for Mo Farah. depressing news on a number of levels
Signing off in style! . The final indoor race of his career & it's a new 5000m European record for 👌.
It was an emotional moment for Mo Farah as he ended his indoor career.
Full story from RE: Salazar, L-carnitine infusions, prescription drug abuse and more, right here: https:/…
• Report claims Farah and others given drugs when they had no medical need • Allegations contained in Usada repo...
If Mo Farah really is a drug cheat then he needs to get a better dealer. When Raoul Moat was on the gear he got massive
I was surprised to get blocked by Mo Farah when I asked him about drugs.
Sir Mo Farah was 'put at risk by coach Alberto Salazar'
the thing about USADA is wether it takes 1or5 years you know they will get to the truth
Sir Mo Farah's coach used prescription drugs and drug infusions at Nike camp and endangered health of athletes, damning…
Sir Mo Farah took prescription drugs he did not need for any health reason to boost testosterone level, says Usada repo…
Alberto Salazar link with Mo Farah raised again by leaked US report | Sport 
BREAKING: Leaked Usada report accuses coach Alberto Salazar of endangering Mo Farah with drugs
Mo Farah took drugs he didn't medically need because Salazar thought it would make him run faster... If that isn't doping…
Congratulations to Mo Farah for breaking the 5,000 metre record at the Birmingham Grand Prix on Saturday. . Go GB!!
Mo Farah ended his indoor career with a new European record, winning the 5,000 mtrs at Birmingham Indoor Grand Prix…
Mo Farah bows out of indoor athletics by breaking European 5000m record at the Birmingham Grand Prix - Daily Mail …
Mo Farah after he broke the European 5,000m record at Birmingham Grand Prix. Amazing to watch.Every time I see him,…
LetsRun recaps the Birmingham Indoor Grand Prix, lauding Mo Farah and comparing Laura Muir to Steve Prefontaine:
It's been an eventful day at the Birmingham Grand Prix with both Mo Farah and Laura Muir breaking records. More:
Mo Farah in Dubai: the 360 degree experience – 
Mo Farah in Dubai: the 360 degree experience
Mo Farah in Dubai: the 360 degree experience -
Mo Farah in Dubai: the 360 degree experience - in (
"Don't dream of winning, train for it." Sir Mo Farah
Try again. The greatest long distance runner ever is Somali - Mo Farah 😂😂. Always behind our shadows
Laureus Sports Awards 2017 next on Eurosport 1 HD: Sir Andy Murray, Mo Farah and Cristiano Ronaldo are amongst the names competing for the …
Its a sad fact that none of our forwards looked like scoring against a very poor side. Just running about is ok if you're Mo Farah
Remembering cheering A national hero barred from the United States and our weak Prime Minister refuses to do an…
Reading Twin Ambitions by whilst on honeymoon on the sunny island of Barbados. I can recommend both, the book and Barbados.
Sir Mo Farah:'I'm a British citizen who's lived in America for 6 years. I'll have to tell my children Daddy might not be able…
I really have to quit hearing Mo Barrow as Mo Farah! Blame Chloe who misheard his name last weekend and now my brain cant unassociate
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please RT&Quote lets keep corrie in the mind and hearts of the public
“I am proud to be nominated alongside a great group of sportsmen & women in what was an amazing year for British sp…
Kisses are quick. Mo Farah is faster. Paul Nuttall. Survived the Hillsbrough Disaster
.World Sportsman of the Year goes to .for record-equalling fourth time Beats .and Andy Murray
Usain Bolt wins "Sportsman of the year" beating Ronaldo, Curry, Lebron James, Murray and Mo Farah. LEGEND
his stats against villa were immense! If they want just a 🏃‍♀️ in the middle of the park, they can sign Mo Farah!
Tonight my stamina gotta be on Mo Farah
Looking forward to Mo Farah challenging Usain Bolt over 100 metres cos what they do kinda looks the same.
I may not be but I'm trying my very best! 5K in 28:17, training endurance for 🏃🚀. 🔥…
he was about to beat Mo Farah in the NY marathon but stopped to donate a kidney to a passing pedestrian.
The Sprint King is up against Steph Curry, LeBron, Murray, Ronaldo & Mo Farah... who will win??.
Mo farah is british yes. Born in solalia i think came as a toddler
Usain Bolt, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mo Farah to vie for top honours
Last chance to grab a place to hear on “Project Mo! Supporting Mo Farah to become a world beater”…
Roses are red,. Mo Farah's a liar,. He doesn't know Jama,. He's not his supplier.
Emma hais doing the for our charities. Bit of competition for Sir Mo Farah! More ->…
Ronaldo, Bolt, Curry, Lebron James, Murray, Mo Farah are the nomiees for the sportsman of the year award,to whom would u give it?
Donald Trump is a Muslim with a Somalian passport. He and Mo Farah are lovers. Shia Labeouf is their transsexual love child.
After a day of uncertainty, Mo Farah has been assured that he will be able to return to his family in Oregon. ->
In less than 5 years we have gone from the London Olympics to Mo Farah being social media pariah . Well done humanity
📈 Andy Murray, Mo Farah and Lee Pearson knighted in New Year Honours, damehoods ...
Mo Farah, an Olympic champion, banned from the US. America has taken a backward step to the days when Cassius Clay threw away his gold medal
Here's a quote from Mo Farah on Trump, from my interview a few months ago. "Thank God I'm British"…
American record is 8:07.41 by Galen Rupp. World record is 8:03.40 by Mo Farah.
Great Britain's Mo Farah in the first lap of the Men's 8km Event during the 2017 Great Edinburgh International...
Double Olympic gold-medalist Mo Farah is knighted in the Queen's New Year Honours list. (pic courtesy of ht…
you should be thrilled, Posh Spice and Mo Farah? Hm
Mo Farah about to receive a knighthood. Jesus wept.
"Immigrants should back to where they came from.". Arise, Sir Mo Farah.
Delighted to see in - an amazing journey from to via gold for
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A Muslim immigrant who is an incredible sportsman has been knighted & is to become Sir. Sir Mo Farah. Yes yes yes!. Amazing.…
Mo Farah being knighted is a real good and proper British 'up yours' to Nigel Farage & the vile lot. . Diversity wins.…
There was no evidence that he was found a cheat from investigations into Salazar
[Mirror]The New Year Honours list is dominated by athletes from Team GB’s Olympic and Paralympic sq…
Congratulations to Arsenal fans Andy Murray & Mo Farah on being awarded knighthoods in the New Year's Honours list. http…
Double-double Olympic Gold and now SIR What a year for Mo – congratulations!
I thought Mo Farah couldn't be knighted because he wasn't born in the UK. I'm very pleased for him either way
Richly deserved knighthood for delighted he has finally the recognition of his amazing achievements
Mo Farah, Somalian immigrant, has just had his knighthood announced; local EDL supporter from down the pub currently uppercuttin…
Andy Murray and Mo Farah have both been knighted in the Queen's New Year's honours.
Andy Murray and Mo Farah awarded knighthoods within the New yr Honours -
Wow.Sir is just a wonderful much needed end to the year. Sir Mo Farah. An immigrant who became a Sir. Beautiful.
Congrats to double-double Gold medalist 'Sir' on receiving knighthood on the New year's honors list. A well deserv…
Congrats to Sir Mo Farah on his knighthood!
Warmest congratulations to the great Sir Mo Farah. Thanks for making the haters look stupid.
- Andy Murray knighted - but he'll ask Wimbledon not to use 'Sir' while Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis-Hill ar...
Congratulations to Arsenal supporters Mo Farah and Andy Murray on receiving knighthoods.
BREAKING: Tennis champion Andy Murray & athlete Mo Farah have been knighted in the Queen's New Year Honours List. https:/…
Olympic gold medallists Andy Murray and Mo Farah have been awarded knighthoods in the New Year Honours list
Arise, Sir Andy! Murray, Mo Farah receive knighthoods as Jessica Ennis-Hill is given damehood in New Years Honours
British tennis champion Andy Murray and athlete Mo Farah are knighted in New Year Honours list. htt…
Mo Farah and Andy Murray receive knighthoods and Jessica Ennis-Hill becomes a dame in
Mo Farah reacts to the news he is to receive a knighthood in the New Year Honours list
No disrespect to Andy Murray or Mo Farah but CBE'S only for Jason Kenny and Laura Trot. Come on!!!
Andy Murray, Mo Farah, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Mark Rylance, Ray Davies and Ken Dodd among new knights/dames in
Mo Farah not listed as 5000m gold medal winner... mistake? Or is something up?
Moment esp when she got on the podium!!! :') . - Nicola Adams . - Sakshi Malik . - Mo Farah (NEEDS A FUCJIN KNIGHTHOOD)
Nobody deserves the SPOTY more than he has undoubtedly achieved more than Murray in 2016. This is totally embarrassing.
Will the Mo Farah DVD have an extra feature where he shows you his technique to avoid the drugs testers?
is a programme for the sort of provincial middle class white people who voted Mo Farah wouldn't finish 1021
Mo. You should have won SPOTY. But one thing you must do just to show them is to run a world record. Maybe at
Mo Farah deserved to win more SPOTY votes, says Alistair Brownlee. via
On a rough day for Sky cycling, let's all remember Chris Froome is definitely, positively, absolutely Mo Fa…
Mo Farah is beyond doubt the greatest British track athlete ever. Hard to take seriously any awards ceremony that puts him ou…
Quite right. How does x2 Olympic gold medallist in successive Games lose to winner of 1/4 grand slams this yr?
Only once in generation does an athlete complete a feat like .He is in same league as
Of course, also the wonderful SO many greats this year.
(2/2) ...As women and paralympians are also under-represented
just read your comments on Mo Farah.. you're a brave honest man.. nice to see positive speech like that..
How on earth has Murray beat Mo Farah to SPOTY. Farah is clearly the best British track athlete of all time. Joke decision
I'd like to think it's due to the doping links rather than anything else. At least he was in contention! Poor Froome
Mo Farah SPOTY snub called ‘really sad’ by Alistair Brownlee. > why can't just respect democratic opinions?
Mo Farah has outlined his marathon ambitions for when he steps away from the track next season https:…
Andy Murray a deserving winner but very sad missed out on top 3 again last night. His achievements are…
But has 4 Olympic Golds. If Olympics were held every year he'd have more. Hasn't lost a major championship…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
What's does the straw poll on Mo Farah not getting top three come up with??
Maybe some people don't see him as British - Alistair Brownlee on Mo Farah
As if Andy Murray won sports personality of the year & mo Farah didn't even get 2nd or 3rd.
Mo Farah didn't even come 2nd or 3rd in 😂😂British people are racist don't @ me. This man has sacrificed & won e…
Mo Farah has marathon in his sights via
Runner-up Ali Brownlee reckons Mo Farah missed out at SPOTY again as “maybe some people don’t see him as British”
Mo Farah snub in Spoty award called ‘really sad’ by Alistair Brownlee | By
Mo Farah snub in Spoty award called 'really sad' by Alistair Brownlee
Alistair Brownlee on Mo Farah snub at BBC SPOTY: 'It's really sad - he is the perfect British story'
Reliving Rio, he's the double, double Olympic champion . Voting info ➡️
- Alistair Brownlee believes Mo Farah struggled for Sports Personality of the Yea...
There are people out there that genuinely believe that Nick Skelton is a better sportsman than Mo Farah
Jason Roberts demands enquiry into why Mo Farah, Kadeena Cox & Nicola Adams didn't fill top three places in…
One in the studio, one with Murray and Mo Farah was also abroad, so he prob had one too.
Would love a Kate Richardson Walsh, Mo Farah and Adam Peaty top 3 👏🏻
domain names
Just watched Mo Farah get his own section but now have to watch Kadeena Cox & Dame Sarah Storey SHARE their nom presentation?
Has to be Andy Murray. No-one else comes close to what he's achieved this year. Mo Farah closest rival to him though I think.
Andy Murray, Mo Farah and Laura Kenny to be top 3 in I'd say. Disgrace that Chris Froome was not included in 16 person shortlist.
What a great sporting nation England is. Guys like Andy Murray, Gareth Bale, Mo Farah and George Best among others.
Mo Farah and Laura Trott are very close in the odds right now, so surely they'll be 3rd/4th in either order.
So last night sally had a dream about Mo Farah not being able to race at the olympics..
The answer's to today's from Darren Campbell, Mo Farah, Kelly Holmes, Christine Ohuruogu & Greg Rutherford
these two *** have never been olympic gold medalists whilst Mo Farah a MUSLIM is 4x olympic gold medalist
Mo Farah among a further 26 athletes to have medical data leaked by 'Fancy Bears' hackers -
Cyber hackers publish medical data of Farah, Nadal and Rose via
Hackers Fancy Bear and APT28 leak Rafael Nadal, Mo Farah and Justin... via
Mo Farah's medical history backed up by latest leak: As well as vowing to sack the American if...
guardian article states Farah had previously disclosed 2 TUEs albeit 3weeks after initial statement
STORY: Medical data of Mo Farah, Rafael Nadal and Justin Rose published by cyber hackers:
Mo Farah: I’ve got nothing to hide on medical record
★★★★ Mo Farah and are the latest victims of medical data
runner Mo Farah, tennis star Rafael Nadal among names in new hack release.
Hackers publish data of more stars:
Mo Farah, Justin Rose and Rafa Nadal among latest athletes to have medical records published ...
Where there's smoke, there's Nike (background I guess Mo Farah forgot about his other TUE?
Rafael Nadal and Mo Farah TUEs published today by Fancy Bears
MIRROR: Mo Farah has "nothing to hide" after Russian hackers leak new medical dataabout,
Rafael Nadal and Mo Farah targeted in leak of medical records.
Mo Farah has medical data leaked by ‘Fancy Bears’ hackers - Four-time Olympic gold medallist Mo Farah and Olymp...
Nadal and Mo Farah's medical records have been targeted by Russian hackers:
Fury as bitter Russian hackers leak private medical records of Mo Farah, Justin Rose and Helen Glove: via
Mo Farah, Justin Rose and Helen Glover have medical details leaked by Russian hackers
▶ ←← Mo Farah not fazed by Russian TUE leak as British star has ‘nothing to hide’
I had more than Mo Farah, according to the hack!
great job at Had to stay loyal to but Joanie is a Mobot fan!
May be ?? about some TUEs but someone tell the Russians this isn't anywhere near the same as state sponsored doping
Unless Fancy Bears are holding a lot back (and why would they?) think we can clearly say that Mo Farah is not doping through…
June 2015, Mo Farah was asked directly before the Birmingham Diamond League meeting about how many TUEs he'd had ... https:/…
Mo Farah and Rafael Nadal are the latest victims of medical data hack
Mo Farah said he has only ever taken one TUE, in 2014. He had one in 2008 too. It was for the same drug used by Wiggins…
So had one TUE in 2008 and another in 2014 after collapsing at altitude? I’d say that’s cleaner than a disinfectant…
Mo Farah says he has nothing to hide after Fancy Bears leak medical records via
British Somalis are a fine specimen. Mo farah, Ragey omar so many stars.
Mo Farah, Helen Glover and Justin Rose medical files released by Fancy Bears
British athlete Mo Farah among 8 Team GB athletes who are victims of Fancy Bears WADA hack
Nadal, Farah defend medical records after new hack: Rafael Nadal and British Olympic great Mo Farah s...
Mo Farah and Rafael Nadal named in latest Fancy Bears leak - The Guardian
'I have nothing to hide' - Mo Farah comes out fighting after medical records published by hackers:
Mo Farah, Helen Glover and Justin Rose are among the latest group of athletes to have their medical files hacked.
Further medical data from some of Team GB's Olympic athletes including Mo Farah and Justin Rose has been released by a Ru…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
BBC Sport - Mo Farah, Helen Glover and is triamcinolone available to all alergy sufferers?
Mo Farah, Helen Glover and for ‘Wrongful Death’ of Whether Donald Trump Charity Failed to Become U.S. Citizens
Russian hackers release medical records of Rafael Nadal, Mo Farah and Justin Rose
Mo Farah, Rafa Nadal and Justin Rose latest targets of Russian hackers.
Four-time Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah is among 26 new athletes from ten countries to have their medi...
My piece on the latest WADA hack, which features Rafa Nadal and Mo Farah, is here.
It's funny that this hacking group only reveals TUEs of Western athletes like Mo Farah, the Williams sisters or Rafa Nadal.
Russian hackers publish Wada medical data for Mo Farah, Rafa Nadal and Justin Rose
Bradley Wiggins. Chris Froome. Nicola Adams. Justin Rose. Mo Farah. are just a few names FROM BRITAIN mentioned in the files
why do so many endurance athletes have asthma? Mo Farah? Paula Radcliffe? Chris Froome?
Mo Farah celebrates his victory with an Alan Shearer celebration! Legend✋
Looking forward to Mo Farah doing the Zaha scoring celebration at the next London Marathon
Steve Cram. Everyone at South Shields isn't there just to see Mo Farah. They are probably there for friends/family raising cash for charity.
Travel News: Mo Farah's wife in foul-mouthed rant at airline worker
I read that article on Mo Farah. How can his wife say "we don't pray 5 times a day but we follow the fundamental principles of Islam" ..
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Political correctness: strong enough to kill Christmas but not able to stop Mo Farah being hassled on a plane.
Mo Farah 'humiliated' at being forced to back of queue for flight after Olympic glory, wife claims
New post: "Mo Farah got arrested for speeding … sort of"
As if Eubank Jr is piping up. Bottled once & if it's offered again he'll be like Mo Farah
Mo Farah's wife Tania says she is reluctant to admit she is a Muslim due to fears of prejudice via…
Yes. IMO. WADA should retest some frozen urine samples from Mo Farah 4 synthetic testosterone using the CIR method. https…
Snooker players talking about boxing is like me analysing Mo Farah
Mo Farah 'humiliated and sent to back of queue' while boarding flight home from Rio
I'm hoping Mo Farah will open his legs in the last 300m and show the field what he's got.
Mo Farah sent to back of queue while boarding flight home from Rio Olympics, his wife claims via
Ppl going on about brook triple g I'm racing against tomo and to prepare I've had 3cans of strongbow and a microwave double burger
This is what happens when and David Rudisha go for a run - they set off our speed cameras! https…
My boy trying to hold it down for his heroes at Van Cortland Park Bx
4x Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah is wrapping up his season at the Great North Run
Mo Farah's brother thinks he will be killed in Somalia. The British government are threatening to deport him
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'I'm scared I'll end up dead': Mo Farah's brother fears for his life if he's deported
Olympic legend Mo Farah's jailbird brother 'could be killed' if deported from UK.
Mo Farah is the cutest human being in the world I wish I was his mum
so? What has he ever done for the country? Being the 'brother' of Mo Farah is not an automatic pass to the UK!
Mo Farah's brother faces being kicked out of Britain and deported to war-torn Somalia
All Somalis got the speed of Mo Farah . We just need a dog as a reminder of how fast we are
Proof that national lottery does allow true british athletes to become the best in the world.
In the Quorn advert Mo Farah's like if exercise is fun it doesn't feel like exercise but man runs 10m around a track. How is that fun? 🤔
complaining about immigrants but supporting Mo Farah
Muslim refugee Mo Farah, after becoming an Olympic legend.
Mo Farah got us all on the streets like
Translation: "I know I'm a criminal but I've got a famous brother and for that I should be treated differently" https:…
just wondering what shoes you wear for long distances as I just can't find a good pair that does not hinder me in some way, Ty
IDGAF about Mo Farah do i celrbrate his wins no
The dirty water made Mo Farah. All u celebrate is the gold & abuse the name. He's trains in Kenya/Ethiopia
Update your maps at Navteq
A Mo Farah's Mobot dance on a Beach in France.
Mo Farah's brother faces being deported to Somalia
Down to his protein intake from No chance he'd have made that tackle on a diet of Quorn
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