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Mmusi Maimane

Mmusi Maimane (Born 6 June 1980) is a South African politician, leader of the Democratic Alliance in the Johannesburg City Council and the Democratic Alliance's National Spokesperson.

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You can take Mmusi Maimane to Robben Island he will still come back without clear political consciousness.
leader Mmusi Maimane also in support: wearing a black shirt on his trip to Robben Island. (h…
Themba was on fire last night "you can't tell us about Helen Zille and Mmusi Maimane those people don't have a cult…
Themba a caller on ANN7 last night said " Mmusi maimane is adopted on a white culture " 😆😆😆
Prince Bandzile & SA's Opp'n Mmusi Maimane of DA says the is Gov't wasteful spend…
When you want to give your mother money but accidentally pull out a condom out of your pocket. Mmusi Maimane, 2017.
if you dont want to be label CORRUPT just marry any WHITE CHICK just like MMUSI MAIMANE,then you can LOOT as much a…
Lindiwe must just wait for a mmusi Maimane scandal, she is next in line to lead the DA, she is black…
Women with this young energetic opposition of Malema and Mmusi Maimane ,She'll have cry like Mbete
Mmusi Maimane implied that he approved of Mbeki but not Zuma. But Mbeki killed 300 000 people with his HIV/AIDS denialism.
Mmusi Maimane playing Marvel's Black Panther still ain't gon make me vote DA ✋️
Im not like that puppet of urs that u whites using called mmusi maimane...u r silly like that stupid uncle of urs peter bruce
I firmly believe that Mmusi Maimane is a political amateur. Some of his moves seem to be devoid of strategic value
"In his speech he said he was once an ANC supporter."
This is why DA supporters need to be very wary of Mmusi Maimane. He used to be ANC.
I support Mmusi Maimane as I stated previously. Are you drunk?! It's a waste of time deb…
4 FNB Employees are fired by FNB for criticising Mmusi Maimane
Very proud moment this morning meeting Mmusi Maimane ! Preaching the word of God at our church ... What an awesome…
Here is the latest on the DA. Mmusi Maimane will address the media tomorrow . The leader of the opposition wants...
Are you saying even pastor Mmusi Maimane has smallernyana skeletons
& Mmusi Maimane in politics to protect and serve white interest.
if mmusi Maimane wanted to run municipalities without coalitions , he would have adopted aa policies via
DASO victory at UP shows the DA is growing - Maimane. DA leader Mmusi Maimane believes that the DA’s student...
Peter Bruce telling the white people's puppet Mmusi Maimane to pull out of NMB, you see these white people?
DT Julius Sello Malema: Peter Bruce Mmusi Maimane We don't any white man
EFF want to give metros to ANC tsotsis.worst mistake.what about their voters.maimane
If I may ask Maimane why the guy not arrested or report the matter to police?
Siphesihle Jele live in studio discussing his dismissal by after making a comment about DA leader Mmusi Maimane.
Supringly Cosatu is quite about FNB employees fired for commenting about DA's Mmusi Maimane. Obsessed about Zuma
When mmangwane Helen Zille and her DA were ready to win black voters they asked Maimane to change his name from Alo…
Mmusi maimane and DA must go and defend him... The President made the stance of the nation clear on such matters...
Does Mmusi Maimane have to shout every time he asks the President questions in that Parliament???.
What I like about Mmusi Maimane of the DA - is that he always talks about jobs & growth. EFF and ANC go around talking…
President Hakainde Hichilema is currently addressing a joint press conference with DA leader Mmusi Maimane.
Mmusi "Aloysias" Maimane. Some parents play too much. You hear the name "Aloysias" you expect a greek god of something but en…
I do NOT like Ramaphosa at all!!! The majority of white people endorse Mmusi Maimane as President.
When Mmusi Maimane says 'Point of Privilege' it sounds like he's talking about the DA's voter base.
Lulu was hosting Mmusi Maimane today on uMhlobo Wenene.
Paul Whelan: Helen Zille, Mmusi Maimane and the DA: a matter of...
Mmusi Maimane will remove his disguise and say "Ek is Leon Schuster"
If u can watch stories like 'Patrice Lumumba's story:A True African Nationalist' den u will c dat Ppl like Mmusi Maimane r Traitors & Morons
This is the Cape Town that Mmusi Maimane and his DA don't show to the World.
White people "love" Thuli Madonsela, Pravi Gordhan, Mcebisi Jonas, Mmusi Maimane... but they HATE Jacob Zuma. . I'll let YOU figure this out
That's correct. Helen Zille is for all S. Africans, as is Mmusi Maimane. Pray for the Rainbow Nation 🙏🏻💛
Are you saying that Mmusi Maimane is powerless? Only time will tell if he is in fact in charge of the DA or not.
I didn't hear an outrage even from Mmusi Maimane.
Mmusi Maimane has been in DA not even more than 10 years, says Tsepho Kgadima. Watch live on.
This week the DA is launching their 2019 Elections in London. Mmusi Maimane is on his way there.
Mmusi Maimane and Julius Malema they now serve under one MASTER same people he called them tea lady and garden boy.
This thing that so and so is made by so and so has its roots in racism - Mmusi Maimane, DA leader, speaking to the City Press.
Drake got more accents than Mmusi Maimane
ZilleMaimane Zille has built a good case of constructive dismissal from DA to form new party with Delille.
DA leader Mmusi Maimane wants Helen Zille to quit as Western Cape premier but the former Cape Town mayor will not...
Mmusi Maimane says he is acting in the case against Helen Zille like he would act against any other party member…
Catch Mmusi Maimane in London for the unveiling of the DA’s “Road to Governing SA in 2019” plan…
away from Helen Zille the racist to Mmusi Maimane.
DA's James Selfe says Mmusi Maimane has no power over the decision on basically, y'all know what that means.…
Last year January I criticised Mmusi Maimane in the Star for failing to acknowledge the role Robert Sobukwe played.
kudo's to Julius Malema & Mmusi Maimane for standing up for the people of South Africa. real embarrassment were Baleka Mbete
Mmusi Maimane's ever changing accent is confusing. I didn't even realise it was him talking to Xolani Gwala.
Mmusi Maimane is afraid of her Super Madame! Our country does not deserve such a reckless racist Premier…
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ali our lecturer before him was LITERALLY mmusi maimane, so
Where is Mmusi Maimane d wat is he syg on de "2 blacks "slip and his comments on wena uthini
Mmusi Maimane will never call for the discipline of Zille. He is actually get multi million rand project.
Mmusi Maimane knows his place in the n so don't want to overstep the mark.
Guys you need to chill. Maimane Mmusi knows his place in the & he don't want to overstep the mark. I understand. I don't like it tho
Mmusi Maimane and the DA should never again speak about corruption as they use it to pursue blacks nothing more and Mmusi is DA's hired gun
Bonang is a genius, she knew that Cassper Nyovest,CIC Malema,Patrice Motsepe,Kenny Kunene,Mmusi Maimane,Cyril Ramaphosa etc would understand
The silence of Mmusi Maimane when racism arise from the party is concerning Jammes Selfe doing all the job for him talk about facing
Haven't seen Mmusi Maimane, Sputla Ramokgopa, Tokyo Sexwale and a whole lot of others speak bile about black women.
Android users are like Mmusi Maimane is to the ANC...obsessed 😂
Helen Zille is president of Western Cape and Mmusi Maimane is ambassador to South Africa. I'm sure that's how white peop…
ANN7 tv station needs to stop promoting propaganda saying that Mmusi Maimane doesn't respond to anything.
Helen Zille is racist and that's it. Am I the only one who thinks Mmusi Maimane is a puppet for DA?!
Shem. Mmusi Maimane tries to take a step forward but Helen Zille drags him a 100 steps back.
Mmusi Maimane will resign very soon as DA leader wstch the space. Helen Zille is pushing him towards the rocky wall
Mmusi Maimane! Check this out!!! Black racist!!! Or maybe he just don't like the color blue?
Can we be honest to ourselves & say we are surprised? DA is a racist party. But who's going to ask Mmusi Maimane to disc…
Mmusi Maimane's boss is always out of touch with reality... Helen Zille must just go to Australia
Why do people always expect Mmusi Maimane to address racism with brutal honesty? The guy married a white woman khohlwani soze kwenzeke shem!
DA leader Mmusi Maimane joins in at a packed Lillian Ngoyi Hall in Kwazakhele, PE.
Mmusi Maimane too obsessed with Jacob Zuma & Nkandla while real leader Adv Dali Mpofu is busy supporting the students on…
ambassador party leader Mmusi Maimane joined the revolution. Have you?
Mmusi Maimane is a shareholder of MMC on 😂
"I'm not here to contest Madiba's membership. His membership was ANC" - Mmusi Maimane
Where is President Jacob Zuma, Julius Malema, Mmusi Maimane. Where are the leaders in SA to intervene on why no coalition ?
Mmusi Maimane - Garden Boy. If you don't believe me ask Julius Sello Malema
Due to outstanding work by by ANL and DASA, especially Mmusi Maimane and disaster that is Obama South Africa now le…
The DA leader Mmusi Maimane has called on all South Africans to make an effort to learn each other's languages
I sometimes feel that the real leader of the DA ( who wields power) is James Selfe and not Mmusi Maimane.
No they shouldn't - Mmusi Maimane and Herman Mashaba are cases in point - but many do, particularly in the ANC
NMMU and Rhodes University remain closed. ANCYL says it supports Hlaudi Motsoeneng. Mmusi Maimane to meet with the...
Free education for the wealthy, as well? - Mmusi Maimane says protesting students are demanding the right thing...
Lord!Pre-1994 we had a Traitor called Gatsha Buthelezi &we thought we have passed dat,now its another Traitor called Mmusi Maimane.Why Lord?
Lord!Why whn we want 2 escape frm clutches of White Rule,u bring Traitors like Mmusi Maimane among us.Is dis a punishment of sumthing we did
I guess u now know dat dis thing of being a Moron & Traitor dates back in time&Boys like Mmusi Maimane have learned dis frm Gatsha Buthelezi
DA wants to protect IEC from ‘bullying’: Johannesburg - DA leader Mmusi Maimane on Sunday pledged to help the...
Mmusi Maimane he is going to Accusse ANC for Drought in Haiti next time to *** ngaye gha
Why is the ANC bullying the IEC? - Mmusi Maimane: DA leader says commission is crucial to our democracy, and ...
"What needs to do to become president in 2019 | JUSTICE MALALA.
Mmusi Maimane for playing for the wrong team
SA's riches are above the ground, not below it - Mmusi Maimane
Who should be the next president of South Africa? A) Cyril Rhamaphosa. B) Babes Wodumo. C) Mmusi Maimane. D) Juliu…
[LISTEN] Prophet or Puppet? A new book asks probing questions about Mmusi Maimane. via "interesting"
Latest paranoid strategy for ANC is to take aim at the IEC, says Maimane: Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Ma...
[PODCAST] ICYMI: Is Mmusi Maimane a prophet or puppet? talks about his new book. https…
I've told so many South Africans that Mmusi Maimane&his DA are misleading the society with lies!
Mmusi Maimane to seek a meeting with IEC senior management re alleged victimisation.
On I spoke w/Mmusi Maimane of South Africa's Democratic Alliance on the party's historic win
Maimane declares victory in Tshwane: Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane says his party has won the...
DA is the biggest party in Tshwane‚ says Mmusi Maimane Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane says his party is …
DTN South Africa: DA has done enough to seize Tshwane from the ANC‚ says Mmusi Maimane: Democratic Alliance l...
Mmusi Maimane is becoming a better Tea maker than Lindiwe Mazibuko.
EWN's pic of Mmusi Maimane ready to politik about the PE vote results, and then Lindiwe Mazibuko on a boat on Lake Como.
A friendly exchange between Zweli Mkhize and Mmusi Maimane ahead of on-air interview
.leader, Mmusi Maimane had urged supporters in Mossel Bay not to vote for "smallanyana parties"
Mmusi Maimane & the DA's Nelson Mandela Bay Metro mayoral candidate, Athol Trollip, have launched the party's national youth campaign in PE
Mmusi Maimane is actually doing a good job for the ANC, lowkey disbanding the white man's party. The dude's forever trash talking.
DA down plays defections in Nelson Mandela Bay. 3 DA councilors jumped ship to ANC. Mmusi Maimane is a busy man indeed. Its game on.
DA leader Mmusi Maimane says a proper list is needed to effectively address the housing problem in Gauteng.
DA leader, Mmusi Maimane, has called on South Africans to keep an eye on the Independent Electoral Commission
Maimane says government has failed Itsoseng: Leader of the Opposition Mmusi Maimane said the Democratic Allia...
That Mmusi Maimane line on 🔥🔥👌 hayii you're bewitched with these bars mate.
In a thinly veiled attack on DA leader Mmusi Maimane, Zuma says he's just being manipulated by racists.
In the other news: Mmusi Maimane's DA has opened a case against the Defense Minister.
A Mmusi Maimane would be brilliant now. "PEOPLE OF South Africa. *In his pastor voice*.
DA leader Mmusi Maimane asks South Africans to take responsibility for protecting democracy and take ownership of the municip…
Maimane urges voters to keep a close eye on IEC: Democratic Alliance (DA) leader, Mmusi Maimane, has called o...
Does Mmusi Maimane get allowed to watch SAMAs TV at home?
People in charge of are lucky that Mmusi Maimane is not part of this nonsense bcoz he would opened 1 case in 99 cou…
Malema: Mmusi Maimane is a puppet, the real leader of DA is Hellen Zille.
DA leader Mmusi Maimane has told the National Assembly that President Jacob Zuma is an accused criminal
Mmusi Maimane calls Jacob Zuma a thief in Parliament. Read more:
"Mmusi Maimane is presiding over a party who's members are self declared racist" Jackson Mthembu. Yhu.
Its the 29th today. . My Cape Times and Mercury newspaper articles came out. . First Merc article and I am as delighted as Mmusi Maimane 😊
EFF leader known for shooting from the hip says Mmusi Maimane wasn't in charge of DA but a front to appeal to black voters
Good thing about Mmusi Maimane is that he doesn't read from a 202font (cont)
When you imagine the improbable instance of Mmusi Maimane being President of South Africa, do you picture how his cabinet will look like?
Filming an interview with Mmusi Maimane for in today with
I think Mmusi Maimane, DA is too refined for African politics.
Can't help it but just like da intelligence, boldness, humility, integrity and power of This young man is a Leader
then instate the Helen Zille project mmusi maimane.
Democracy is when politicians fear voters –Mmusi Maimane
That was so lousy from Herman Mashaba, I almost missed Mmusi Maimane the theatrics and the twang. 😂😂😂😂
Please can you respond to this open letter about in South Africa:
It's evident that parliament is supreme. The judiciary is just a tool used to the ruling parties advantage@ Julius Malema@ mmusi maimane
Just saw with Nqaba Banga, Helen Zille, Mmusi Maimane and Athol Trollip on SABC 1 at a event.
DA launches Activist App – Mmusi Maimane: Members can use it as a tool to advance the goal of the party
leader Mmusi Maimane says the Municipal Demarcation Board must not succumb to political pressure when it adjusts boundaries.
I liked a video from Jacob Zuma Shouting At DA Mmusi Maimane
DA leader, Mmusi Maimane now begins conference on launch, taking activism to another level
leader Mmusi Maimane is launching the party's activist app ahead of 2016 local government elections.
How ‘serious’ was the ruling? Mmusi Maimane explains why the ConCourt judgment means Zuma must go
When they offered an apology to Maimane it was a half a page and he was given write of reply
This year’s election is about our future, not our past - Mmusi Maimane
Mmusi Maimane is an excellent speaker!, loved his speech in parliament...speaks the truth! and associates should go ASAP!
Who is Mmusi Maimane leading because I don't see whites on most of his campaigns. Is he Fronting for black vote?
We need to vote for change - Mmusi Maimane: DA leader says Zuma treats our constitution like a pamphlet that c...
SA already has a new Hani , it's Julias Malema . SA also has a new madiba like figure , it's Mmusi Maimane .
You christians be acting like the biggest thing since Mmusi Maimane...judging everyone like you're perfect.
| We don’t want more bloodshed – Maimane: DA leader Mmusi Maimane says the biggest protest…
I wanna protest against Zuma but I don't want Mmusi Maimane to claim he lead me like he claimed an EFF Victory at Con Court
"The day politicians fear is the day is working,” - Mmusi Maimane
DA leader Mmusi Maimane says choosing not to participate in the local government elections is tantamount to abdicating one's responsibility
Watch When you vote, you hire a government to work for you - Mmusi Maimane
Mmusi Maimane delivered that speech and walked off like:.
Mmusi Maimane is my leader...forward DA...let's show the ANC how its done...
every time Mmusi Maimane tries to appeal to black poor people he fails, same with rich whites, it's tough cde. Try motivational spking
For what purpose? Let's respect one another tu. It's not impossible but it is abt as possible as Mmusi Maimane becoming president one day
Read Mmusi Maimane's full speech calling for the impeachment of President Jacob Zuma
Mmusi Maimane coming to my church today to share a few words, I'm actually really interested to hear what he has to say
. When Lindiwe Mazibuko wanted to be DA leader and Mmusi Maimane from Soweto came through .
Jackson Mthembu wants to ask Mmusi Maimane about "his church and drugs".
see my comment on your website about Mmusi Maimane, pastor of Liberty Church
DA hopes to win by-election in Oudtshoorn: Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane says the DA is working har...
I saw Mmusi Maimane on news, a Black man, defending a White racist DA MP (Mike waters) for likening other Blacks…
South Africa's opp leader Mmusi Maimane selfie with former Pres Thabo Mbeki (prob relieved to be watching from afar)
Bongani Khumalo is probably a DA member busy dreaming & pulling poetry like Mmusi Maimane instead of playing good football
Steve Khomphela is the Mmusi Maimane of soccer - "never relegate, always elevate".
Cyril Ramaphosa and Mmusi Maimane: A plan to save us from President Zuma!
Hope as leader of DA Mmusi Maimane will stop Apartheid practiced under Helen Zille.
"I'm a product of the Group Areas Act." Mmusi Maimane.
DA to announce Joburg mayoral candidate Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane will announce on Saturday who the…
The rise and rise of and. The plummeting fall of ANC.
' If you understood the role of Samuel L Jackson in Django, you will understand Mmusi Maimane's role in the DA.'
New already gaxa you Mmusi Maimane...lmfao!
Thuli Madonsela thinks along the lines of Phumzile Van what what and Mmusi Maimane she needs to be scrutinised
DA leader, Mmusi Maimane says a strong education system and economy is the only solution to the country's high rate of unemployment.
I'm starting to believe that White DA members utter anti-Black rhetorics in front of Mmusi Maimane and say "It's called free speech, *** .
Call their white" stooge" Mmusi Maimane to clean it up once again. He's there to clean up every wrongs by whites
Whites like you, Mmusi Maimane, Penny Spastic, are why ANC will rule til eternity.
Mmusi Maimane should be addressing the racism being spewed by his members and not tell lies about the ANC
before the arrival of mmusi maimane nobody in DA (whites)could speak to black people
Mostly importantly I don't understand how Mmusi Maimane is still leader of the DA where people are called monkeys
Today, DA Leader, Mmusi Maimane MP, will visit Njoli in order to address the growing unemployment crisis in PE .
Liberal media props up boring people like Gareth Cliff, Mmusi Maimane then you wonder why people don't care for them. He was never a thing!
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Mmusi Maimane is basically playing Samuel Jackson's role in Django but in real life.
Mmusi Maimane is the leader of the DA
.com | Black Consciousness & the new Truth Commission led by As Mmusi Maimane unveils his billb...
The only way for Mmusi Maimane to become Pres. Of S.A is for him to join the ANC.
What did the debt collector say to the leader of the DA?. "Hey Mmusi, where's maimane?"
.com | Great Doctors but not enough beds, the moment I almost died: As Mmusi Maimane unveils his billboard in ...
Just had a chat with an entertaining chat with a youth and he called Mmusi Maimane a cross between Obama and Uncle Rukus. :''')
who decides who is racist? These people have been branded racist: Abramjee, Max du Preez, Zelda, Mmusi Maimane, Malema
DA aims for three major ANC metros: DA leader Mmusi Maimane has challenged the ANC after announcing the DA intended…
Zizi Kodwa on DA's Mmusi Maimane: "He doesn't want to improve black people's lives but reverse gains of democracy & protect white privilege'
What a Great Speaker, intelligent, caring DA leader, Mr MMUSI MAIMANE, VOTERS SHOULD be aware of Great leadership going forward, Not back.
Mmusi Maimane is misleading us. How can you stand for inclusive economy but your party is against AA which aims to achieve redres
The insensitive march proposed by the DA KZN Chair seeks to mask the Mmusi Maimane facade & unite South Africans behind pretence & falsehood
Mmusi Maimane is like an OREO Cookie, black on the outside.
n axatly which jobs is mmusi maimane is marching for because his madam Hellen Zille gave them to zimbwens at pick'n pay
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But what happened to Mmusi Maimane's accent?
Mmusi Maimane is a very good example of everything thus wrong with Black ple
Those who continue to insult Mmusi Maimane are the reason that racists like Sparrow, Hart..etc; to find it easy to insult black people.
DA's Mmusi Maimane has officially has the unemployment billboard today in Gauteng to tackle unemployment rate in the country.
Maar this *** Mmusi Maimane he really is being used by whites in the DA to help them defend white privilege. Dont he see that? Really?
DA Leader Mmusi Maimane will launch our campaign today in the Johannesburg CBD
Lindiwe Sisulu referring to Mmusi Maimane as "rented native" can't be seen as racism.
Throwback Thursday: Mmusi Maimane on BBC Hard talk, failing to get SA's unemployment statistics right and being corrected by a foreigner.
Mmusi Maimane used to speak like Vusi Thembekwayo ...what happened to Mmusi's private school accent ?
Every bad thing that a white person does is linked to the DA & that doesn’t help Mmusi Maimane at all. I don't see him leading DA for long
Take their young guns seriously >> Financial Mail - So what will it take to make the DA a real contender for power? https:…
here is more, u tell me what it means blacks and Mmusi Maimane
Mmusi Maimane speaks of the injustices created by the ANC
Black South Africans would vote Mmusi Maimane if they had any SENSE. But they think he's a coconut.
Notable that Leon quotes his successor as DA leader, Helen Zille, extensively in his article but not a word on current leader Mmusi Maimane.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Patricia de Lille, Mmusi Maimane campaigning in PE this weekend ahead of 2016 local govt elections.
We will never forget Hellen Zille and Mmusi Maimane! We will never! My prayers are with the young people there
Mmusi Maimane keeps his cool as ethics issue hots up - Matuma Letsoalo speaks to the Democratic Alliance leader...
Mmusi Maimane rises and asks that President Zuma and Minister Nzimande go outside and address the students https:/…
Lol I think the comment about Mmusi Maimane showing up just in time to eat a meal Lindiwe Mazibuko prepared is true
We can't allow young lives to be stolen away from us - Mmusi Maimane: DA leader tells Eldorado Park audience t...
DA leader Mmusi Maimane is at a press conference at Fort Hare University to address alleged abuse of members.
Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane spoke yesterday at the University of Cape Town stating that “South...
Mmusi Maimane says the DA is taking Parliament to the Western Cape High Court.
eNCA | 'Race still matters': Maimane: Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane says South Africa has not deliv...
Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane says the party is in the process of laying criminal charges against axed Prasa CEO Lucky Montana.
DA leader Mmusi Maimane says former police minister, Nathi Mthethwa should take responsibility for the Marikana shootings.
The community hall in Lenyenye is jam packed. Waiting for DA national leader Mmusi Maimane arrival
As the A.N.C.'s share of the national vote declines, South Africa's opposition party elects its first black leader. http:…
Mmusi Maimane was humiliated in an interview with the BBC recently...
Is the DA's move to impeach Zuma over the Bashir scandal just whispers in a hurricane? Sadly, it is
I'm trying, so hard, to give Mmusi Maimane a chance. He's not convincing me. He knows better what's wrong w/ ANC than what's right w/ DA.
There will be a Gala Dinner with Mmusi Maimane at the Italian Club in Bedfordview on Monday 31 August at 6:30 for...
is becoming a useless party under Maimane alliance with ANC?
Al-Bashir: DA moves to impeach Zuma - Mmusi Maimane: Party's leader says Executive flouted the rule of law to ...
DA leader Mmusi Maimane on now on the DA filing notice to impeach President Zuma
Kenya can only account for 1.2% of its budget, but Pastor Reverend Mmusi Aloysias Maimane wants us to emulate them.
In the absence of any constitutional or legal basis, Mmusi Maimane’s motion amounts to political posturing.
ANC: Mmusi Maimane’s motion amounts to political posturing and is not worth the paper it is written on.
The DA leader Mmusi Maimane believes that they have a strong case against the decision taken…
Look at Our leaders.Mmusi Maimane and Julius Malema comes from must really get their house in order they have strong ppl.
A statement by DA leader Mmusi Maimane says the constitution was contravened under leadership
moves to impeach Zuma by . Democratic Alliance Press Statement by. Mmusi Maimane MP. Leader...
DA leader Mmusi Maimane tables a motion for the National Assembly to impeach President Jacob Zuma regarding the Omar al-Bashir matter.
It’s time for South Africa to become part of the African success story A new column by MMUSI MAI…
Mmusi Maimane has told the Chatsworth community there's a need for a more transparent housing allocation process:
Mmusi Maimane is a product of desperation. His BBC HARDtalk interview is testimony of it. . If only Lindiwe Mazibuko stayed.
Lindiwe Mazibuko is actually a better politician than Mmusi Maimane. She has depth & her points always had substance & political maturity👌🏾
DA leader Mmusi Maimane has described President Jacob Zuma's handling of the Marikana report as a disgrace to South Africa's democracy.
Breakfast with Mmusi Maimane, such an amazing man and there is hope for SA with a man like him leading.
Mmusi Maimane is a lot more interesting than Gwede Mantashe
South Africa offers the best tourism and Mmusi Maimane agrees these new regulations are insane
Mmusi Maimane about to speak to a large business audience
Forget Zuma. Malema has a new problem: Mmusi Maimane | Politics | RDM via
So i guess we've lost Mmusi Maimane because he is no longer moved by Brenda Fassie's Vulindlela...
Presidency plotted to get Al-Bashir out of SA - Mmusi Maimane: DA leader calls on PP to investigate who was re...
This Mmusi Maimane is more stupid than I thought.
The case of mmusi maimane is really sad.
It's a REAL SHAME isn't it. "Does Mmusi Maimane know our history at all? 😳😔
Does Mmusi Maimane know our history at all? 😳😔
A broken President in a broken Country !!. - Just look at him !!. Mmusi Maimane was right, after all !
Mmusi Maimane will ask Public Protector to investigate use of state funds to…
Maimane will ask Public Protector to probe Bashir's departure: Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane said on Sunday he would ask P...
DA leader Mmusi Maimane said he would ask Public Protector to investigate who helped the Sudanese president Omar Al-Bashir to flee arrest
Mmusi Maimane vs Cyril Ramaphosa tough to judge who to lead the country as for Jacob pay back da money
BIG congratulations to the newly-elected DA leadership team, led by Mmusi Maimane! I wish you all the best as you take our party forward! 😃
I'm flyer than eagle wings on dove. Sit on my face till your knee caps turn into dust *mmusi maimane voice*
Mmusi Maimane is one of the debators Africa has ever seen. His articulation is impeccable!
As things stand Mmusi Maimane stands to get more White votes than Mandela did even though the latter saved them from catastrophe. Whites ne.
Do you know what's a definition of a leader. ...teacher asks. . yes mmusi maimane.leaner answers
DA Leader Mmusi Maimane says South Africa is facing an important moment on how it obeys international treaties.
In Mmusi Maimane's head, we blacks are lazy and deserve to suffer
We must restore human rights as the core concern of our foreign policy A column by MMUSI MAIMANE
Another Strategy to beat the polls.. i think Mmusi Maimane can do a better work..These guys have ruined enough.Thanx
South Africa's main opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, prepares to announce its new leader - Mmusi Maimane almost certain to win.
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Mmusi Maimane born 6 June 1980 youngest leader of political party in SA which happens to be largest opposition. Malrma second youngest at 35
At age 34 I was at some party surrounded by girls.At age 34 Mmusi Maimane is elected Pres. of oppossition surrounded by constituency.
Mmusi Maimane, 34, becomes the first black leader of the Democratic Alliance, South Africa's main opposition party.
Al-Bashir's escape aided and abetted at the highest levels - Mmusi Maimane |
Mmusi Maimane is 34, is leading largest opposition party in Africa 2nd largest economy. In Zimbabwe they talk of 61 old man as youth leader
Mmusi Maimane election as the first black Democratic Alliance party leader is a remarkable development in South Africa's politics.
Are u buying into Mmusi Maimane coz he speaks good english and carries himself like a good english gentleman??
I wish to have a direct convo with Julius Malema , Mmusi Maimane and President JG Zuma..
An election race with ANC led by Fikile Mbalula and DA by Mmusi Maimane would be very interesting. .
The media is calling Mmusi Maimane a new breed of intelligent and articulate black politician. CNN has just called him …
ANC needs none less than a world class strategic leadership skills in order to stay competitive against Mmusi Maimane's leadership.
BREAKING elects Mmusi Maimane as the new leader of the Democratic Alliance, replacing Helen Zille at the helm …
Mmusi Maimane tells NMMU students he's here to support them. Asks why has Blade Nzimande made it difficult for students to learn
💁🏾like who wouldn't want Mmusi Maimane as president; he goes to fashion week... Imagine the suits and couture he would rock
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