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Mitchells Plain

Mitchells Plain is a largely coloured township about 32 km from the city of Cape Town. It is one of South Africa's largest townships.

Cape Town Promenade Mall Cape Flats Open Streets Bishop Lavis

it is ovious u were not in Mitchells Plain yet cos the drug merchants now hav stalls in the Town Centre.
Missing: Mitchells Plain WC Natasha Amstrong 30 Yr 28 December 2015. Circumstances: Natasha was last seen at her...
Mitchells Plain TRAFFIC LIGHTS not working at Kerrem Street - expect delays - Both Ways
Traffic lights at Highlands Dr/Jakes Gerwel Dr in Mitchells Plain are flashing. The department is currently attending to this.
Hi all feel free to read the online article about the movie, and to find out about more about our future...
The gap on the numbers of AmaTuks' shirts, especially Mosadi's no. 11, made me think this game was out in Mitchells Plain.
giving Mitchells Plain a shoutout at the at Boardwalk in PE :)
SAPS Mitchells Plain. WELL DONE!. Show the rest of peeps in blue how it's done.
Learn the story and peak behind the scenes of South African native European tour -
Running for books for children in Mitchells Plain. 6 days to go! via
Mitchells-plain where you at? I'm performing tomorrow in Mitchells-plain so be there and support your own...
Residents of Mitchell's Plain show how they rise above the bad in new movie.:
No-budget movie reveals the heart of Mitchells Plain - Change starts in the heart. That's the message of Mitche...
Six suspects aged between 25 and 44 years from Mitchells Plain were arrested.
via Masked man targets commuters at bus stops - A Mitchells Plain man described how he was shot in the wr...
On Tuesday, I visited the young girls in Mitchells Plain who attend an after school program provided by Millionth...
PAB presented the "Lean In" Women Empowermemt Workshop for SAPs females members at Mitchells Plain SAPS station...
Running for books for children in Mitchells Plain: 2 more days! 75% raised via
Top morning at Highlands Primary in Woodlands Mitchells Plain with up the amazing work
These programmes are in Khayelitsha, Gugulethu and Atlantis, Nyanga, Mitchells Plain,Elsies River, Lavender Hill and many others.
Had a little practice with the team in Mitchells Plain today...
So fresh it's probably in Mitchells Plain
Missing: Mitchells Plain WC Michaela Martin 14 Yr 23 May 2016. Circumstances: Michaela was last seen at her...
MyCiTi has started a number of services in Mitchell's Plain as they steadily expand.
If Maritzburg gets relegated i really hope go all out to get Kurt Lentjies...the kid is a class act and Mitchells Plain born
Pick n pay in Mitchells Plain and Shoprite Pimville in Soweto trending for wrong things. 😢Mayivalwe shem le country!!!
Pick and Pays says it has now met with the grandmother who was allegedly harassed by security staff in Mitchells Plain. IM
.Mitchells Plain Pick n Pay humiliates a little boy and his grandmother over a non-issue:
A video of a grandmother and her grandson being berated by a staff member at a Mitchells Plain Pick ‘n Pay has sparked outrage.
Pick n Pay is investigating a claim that a Mitchells Plain granny and her grandson were reduced to tears over a...
rant at gran & boy at Plain store awful. More than an apology required. Manager to be fired. People suffering enough!
Great meeting Abdullah from Mitchells Plain today... Remarkable young man who is doing great…
Running for books for children in Mitchells Plain: via
Another officer, based in Mitchells Plain, was shot on Thursday evening. He's currently in hospital. MM
On Thursday a constable stationed at Mitchells Plain police station was sreiously injured when 2 men fire shot his car
Agape School in Mitchells Plain in Cape Town will be receiving their donated 1st cricket table & game set on Wednesday t…
.Mitchells Plain has a reticulation system drain water etc is being utlized
Every morning this week the mitchells plain bus has being late at the civic centre,ten minutes,seven minutes what can be done?
Start of the Mitchells Plain high schools table tennis league 2016
LIVE on moment of praise in mitchells plain.
Beacon Valley, Mitchells Plain. I honestly think it's still there.
Missing: Mitchells Plain WC Jason Andreas 13 Yr 20 April 2016. Circumstances: Jason was last seen on his way to...
Argh, Claremont at these hours is tricky. 100% feels like we’re within Cape Flats/Mitchells Plain.
Your wcw thinks Tumeric is a guy that lives in Mitchells Plain.
On route to the campaign launch in Mitchells Plain. I am so humbled by the City of Cape Town. https:/…
MVA head on at traffic lights Morgenster and Weltevreden roads at Westgate mall Mitchells Plain.
Mitchells Plain CRASH in the left lane at Morgenster Road Morgenster Road - Southbound
Mitchells Plain at Jakes Gerwel Drive Southbound at Morgenster,there is a crash.Left turning lane into Morgenster obstructed.
Watch this video about the wonderful event in Mitchells Plain
Join The City’s public budget plan meeting in Mitchells Plain on 21 April from 7-9pm:
Thank you for being part of in Mitchells Plain! Share this video with your network:)
It seems set. Leaving Mitchells Plain in about two months 😁😁😁
Cape Town- It’s lights, camera, action as Mitchell's Plain-The Movie is about to be released
Trains on the Central Line, which include Khayelitsha, Mitchells Plain and Philippi severely delayed. XK
The Mayor and I at the DA launch in Mitchells Plain
How do I get to Mitchells Plain on Sun?
Guess who will be broadcasting live at Open Streets Mitchells Plain on Sunday! look out for their team having fun:)
Cycling to Mitchells Plain on Sunday? bring a bike buddy:)
Is this today? U sure Open Streets in Mitchells Plain, NOT City's CBD? And also where in the Plain?
Thandumzi Soyamba & Ntombekhaya Ncubukezi stopped the suspect after a high-speed chase to Mitchells Plain.
2/2) bus to the Mitchells Plain stop, paying with a myconnect card.
A Cape Flat of gangsters. A Mitchells Plain of Coloureds. An Eldos of Polos. A Noord Street of Taxis.
Whitney Houston My love is your love.. Class song sing along all the way from Houtbay to Mitchells Plain.
Father and son started a library in their garage for the community in Mitchells Plain, South Africa
R900K for a home in Mitchells Plain? Property boom in townships! Not enough supply. via
Open Streets comes to Mitchells Plain on Sunday on 3 April 2016
Smith says the chase eventually ended in Mitchells Plain when the suspect lost control of the vehicle & was forced to stop. MM
no it's like Mitchells Plain or Newlands or Eersteriver. The place is called The Foreshore.
you think Micheal Jackson from Washington is related to a Jade Jackson from Mitchells Plain? Hayi ngeke sbali!
A 60 Y.O Mitchells Plain woman has been arrested after she was caught in possession of unlicensed firearms and ammunition. LI
Mitchells Plain TRAFFIC LIGHTS not working correctly at Silversands Avenue - Both Ways
Good morning Cape Town! Are you going to Open Streets in Mitchells Plain this weekend?
6 reasons why you need to be in Mitchells Plain next Sunday:
Mitchells Plain is the place to be on 3 April! Find out why in this article by ...
I was in Mitchells plain in 2009 when Zille joked about Malema's results. Laughter from audience. Says what to mathematically challenged?
"On April 3, we will be travelling to Mitchells Plain to create a car-free street" via
"Merrydale Av in Mitchells Plain is a street with many lived realities..." read on .
there isn't a branch in Mitchells Plain.
We're super excited about this weekend's in Mitchells Plain. We hope to see you there!
Medicine offers hope for heroin users in Mitchells Plain
"Every time I travel down roads seldom pedaled I discover a whole new experience of our city"
Here's the cycling route to Mitchells Plain on Sunday.
"Mitchells Plain is filled with a great energy and vibrancy"
"Young" Jeezy is from Mitchells Plain, I'm so hurt.
Cape Town - M7 North, before the R300 Interchange - delay leaving Mitchells Plain
Three people have been killed in a head-on collision in Mitchells Plain on the Cape Flats.
The streets of Mitchells Plain tell many stories..and inspire! https:…
.Thanks to SAPS responding to complaints about dicing in Mitchells Plain within 6minutes
Our client and Mitchells Plain United(Santos) Bulelani Budaza was in action this afternoon when Mitchells Plain...
The boys are looking sharp in Mitchells Plain this morning! Thanks for making each girl feel special!
Mitchells Plain TRAFFIC LIGHTS not working at Merrydale Road Merrydale Road - Both Ways
please advise when power will be restored in Mitchells Plain, Alpha Street. Can't do our normal business trading.
Time is precious. I cant be worried sick if you made it to the Engen 1stop safely everytime you drive from Mitchells Plain to Maitland.
is making it so much easier to attend the by extending the Myciti bus routes
We've reached 30k new story books! Sponsor a new book for a child in MItchells Plain for only R45
Free Adult Classifieds - Discreet fun Mitchells Plain and surroundings -
"We have 300 Spaza shops participating in that programme, with a focus on the Mitchells Plain-Khayelitsha corridor." -
3 Primary Schools in Mitchell's Plain schools receive new concrete pitches
Missing: Mitchells Plain WC Haile Jacobs 15 Yr 14 February 2016. Circumstances: Haile was last seen at her home...
At Mitchells Plain Alive, we promise that we're not racist, we really do love all races, we just HATE Marathons...
Today's is fully booked. Stay tuned for on March 3 & 24!
20 years under ANC NO new hospitals in Khayelitsha or Mitchells Plain. Under DA gov, state of art hospitals opened.
For Alba, visiting your grandmother in Mitchells Plain means that your grandmother entertains…
DID YOU KNOW: The first new hospitals built by DA govt were in Khayelitsha & Mitchells Plain – areas neglected for 2 decades by…
Accidentally saw that Wendy Parker vs Nonhle Ndala catfight. Wendy with that Mitchells Plain "krag". Couldn't help but think of Bernard..😂
Shootings in Mitchells Plain. Just saw a man dead lying in a park near Promenade Mall..
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Cape Argus Morne Mills from Mitchells Plain says that he has been practicing this tradition for more than 10 yeas…
People of Mitchells Plain can gerus stop with the fireworks. Guy Fawkes is mos over 😒
Mitchells Plain TRAFFIC LIGHTS not working at Morganster Road Morgenster Road - Both Ways
Mouldy burger boight at Promenade Mall in Mitchells Plain
A plea to corparates to plaugh back into mitchells plain
MaygeneD: Mitchells Plain is 41 years old this year rozariobrown Grantpascoe
Mitchells Plain is 41 years old this year
Attending the launch of the 7th Mitchells Plain Festival at Rocklands Civic Centre
Dis trash. Where's Khayelitsha? Mitchells Plain made on the SA one but not in the Cape Town one. Come on.
The Mitchells Plain Festival is almost here! Don't miss the party of the year in CT 27-29Nov.
To talk. Im legit sad that Mitchells' Plain is 10 mins away from my house & I dont think I can walk there & chill
UWC students mobilizing for more protests. Campus crawling with police and sirens sound like I'm back in Mitchells Plain. Ok cool. 😐
Mitchells Plain HEAVY DELAYS can be expected towards Sesame Street Sesame Street - Northbound
The ones with containers in town and just around your hood. Check Mitchells Plain, Wynberg, Bellvile etc
Lovely 3 Bedroom home for sale in Lentegeur Mitchells Plain | City Centre | Gumtree South Africa...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Just got news hot comedy show coming to Mitchells Plain... Check pic for lineup and details
Something fishy is happening in Mitchells Plain
Dono Basketball but can tell this oke Steph Curry is Cool AF...and not cause hes representing us from Mitchells Plain
Mitchells Plain, just as u were recovering frm the last standup event, another is on the cards- Now Even bigger...
If I have a girl from Mitchells Plain on my side then surely I'm going to win 😂😂 gran you
Your wcw skats the mitchells plain festival is just as lit as Coachella
This neighbour came to knock to ask what the burglars took?! Lmaoo I can't with mitchells plain someone help me
omg Thank u.. bt its Mitchells Plain i spellt it wrong lol
Mitchells Plain academic wins top poetry prize - Cape Times
CCID style initiatives make city safer, but what about Mitchells Plain that can't afford but need them?
This gorgeous girl was picked up last week in Mitchells plain area after the fireworks with a large injury. She...
I'm really ganna stop making mitchells plain jokes now
Ok so first they spot a ufo in L.A then we have these weird tornado like clouds and now I see a convertible car in mitchells plain what next
Guys my cab driver is drinking Guarana and telling me all Cpt blacks are from Khatelitsha and Coloureds from Mitchells Plain. Wow.
Yesterday Mitchells Plain you celebrated with many individuals who decided to follow…
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
...morning guys,any reason why your 4G coverage this poor in Westgate,Mitchells Plain area?
There are 10 lookalikes of your favourite American celebrity walking around somewhere in the streets of Mitchells Plain & Athlone.
it depend on top crimes in a cluster, eg Mitchells Plain is gangsterism, drugs. Both linked and cause of hig murder rate
Lovely bootcamp class with Ryan at Mitchells Plain club.Awesome vibe and great workout.
A walk would be nice but this is Mitchells Plain. People are djas over here.
Real coincidence. I met this girl she lives in SA in Mitchells plain I found out shes going to the same high school as me.
Beeza killing the proudly strandfontein gig thanks for the love.
This girl was picked up yesterday in Mitchells plain yesterday with a large injury. She is well looked after and...
people in mitchells plain wear either pjs or their school uniform ALL day
There should be an allocated time for people in mitchells plain to play yaat music bec *** guys it's too early for bruno mars mixes man
Hi Telkom, any issues on the exchange in Portlands Mitchells Plain Cape Town?
It was 11th hour Miracle Service tonite at TellThem Ministries at Mitchells Plain as I ministered in the power of...
The right lane is closed on ramp from the R300, in the direction of Mitchells Plain onto the N2 inbound, due structural damage.
bra, you live in Mitchells Plain, that was gun shots 😂
Missing: Mitchells Plain WC Moegamat Zain Semaar 48 Yr 31 October 2015. Circumstances: Zain was last seen on the...
Klappertjies or gunshots?? You never know with mitchells plain
Heyy girls! It's next Saturday! It's gonna be super fun! It's gonna be my first time at Mitchells Plain campus...
nice one guys. Taking the AB legend Jonah Lomu to Mitchells Plain in Cape Town/ South Africa Inspirational! Cc:
Senior leaders of SDP at launch of Election Candidates Workshop in Mitchells Plain
SDP President at launch of our Election Candidate Workshop in Mitchells Plain
Icebreakers at our SDP Candidates workshop in Mitchells Plain
Snap a pic of your in our Liberty Promenade store in Mitchells Plain and you could win!
Hi Caryn, I will be in Tafelsig Mitchells Plain this morning at the "Accounting Olympiad" there. So sorry.
- Need a ride from westridge Mitchells Plain ...
Mitchells Plain DELAYS between Eisleben Road and the M7 Highway M7 Vanguard Drive - Westbound
U can still see that that money rules minority in SA by the routes Seapoint 5 routes, Campsbay 5, Mitchells Plain 1, Saltriver 1
This evenings lecture from Masjid Raabie in Mitchells Plain, Capetown has been uploaded
Soda Bloc aims to open 13 stores in 7 months which will include Promenade Mall in Mitchells Plain, Sandton & Johannesburg (next week).
Hospital honours women staff for ‘making it happen’: FEMALE staff at the new Mitchells Plain Hospital were treated…
In Mitchells Plain the TV show '16 & Pregnant' is called 'Days of Our Lives'   10% Off
Mitchells Plain TRAFFIC LIGHTS not working at the R300 Highway - expect delays R300 INTERCHANGE - Both Ways
Here's a vid of Harvester Primary in Mitchells Plain doing a drill exhibition march in PE. They won all 1st prizes! .
Is the plans still on track to have free wifi at mitchells plain transport interchange.
Rawson Auction Western Cape to auction two commercial units and a plot at Mitchells Plain .
bad service at promenade, mitchells plain! U guys need to make a plan to train these staff better …
Mitchell's Plain girls wing it to the top.
A Mitchells Plain woman is suing her ex-husband, the cabinet, the Muslim Judicial Council and the Government...
will I still get a bus from civic centre to Mitchells Plain tonight?
Thank you for encouraging us, and reminding us all in Mitchells Plain that we are worth…
3 bedroom house for sale in Mitchells Plain | T437693 | Private Property
Mass girls football & netball games changing lives through sport in Mitchells Plain
Strandfontein is actually part of Mitchells Plain. Unlucky. It's nog Cape Flats for you girly.
The majority of the low income commuters are from Khayelitsha & Mitchells Plain. Others >Langa, Bishop Lavis, Gugs, Kraai'ntein.
How awesome is this, the Young Guns family, all in one picture. Young Guns Atlantis, Vredenburg, Mitchells Plain,...
There are 26 synthetic pitches in in Langa, Mitchells Plain, Ocean View, Bishop Lavis, Grassy Park & Gugulethu.
NOTICE TO ALL MEMBERS, CAST & CREW of "Mitchells Plain - The Movie":. Greetings everyone... I just want to...
when is phase two in mitchells plain starting patiently waiting.. . Resident of. park
To those of you that reads the SMS column in the Cape Argus, do you think Gavin of Mitchells Plain SMS was...
Great Eco leader in Mitchells Plain school. Nothing is impossible for her.
9mm &rounds recovered in 6th ave Mitchells Plain this AM after shooting incident. 6March15.
Our exciting new school holiday programme for children in needs your help
There really is only one response to Gavin of Mitchells Plain. ... take one of these:
Gavin from Mitchells Plain sounds like a nice lad with his finger on the pulse of reality, doesn't he?
It was unnecessary - and in bad taste - for the Argus to publish Gavin from Mitchells Plain's stupid comment.
This is your year too "Lantwana yase Mitchells Plain uChris Brown imithisile?"
When people think Mitchells Plain is dangerous. SMH
Want to know why Mitchells plain is so dangerous? . Mitc *** s plain
Train tickets r gttin more expensive now bcos of the patrol price increase ...
It is all happening at Evening College, Century City, Somerset West and Mitchells Plain
no, that's what Mitchells plain always looks like
Tell somebody next to you, "Something good is being birthed in Mitchells Plain". "Mitchells Plain - The Movie"...
also took part in the league at Rocklands High in Mitchells Plain on Saturday, winning 2 out of our 3 games.
Mitchells Plain A Z Berman Drive TRAFFIC LIGHTS not working correctly at the R300 Highway Interchange - Both Ways
LIGHTS ARE OUT -In Mitchells’ Plain at A.Z Berman drive and the R300
A helicopter collecting water for flies over a column of smoke coming from the Mitchells Plain area
Elderly woman beaten to death, stuffed inside rubbish bin
Its hotter than a Mitchells plain taxi in town bruh
Man arrested after elderly woman's body found in rubbish bin
Man Arrested After Body Found In Mitchell’s Plain Bin: A 21-year old man was arrested after an elderly woman w...
To all youth and young artists in the Mitchells Plain area, Suidoosterfees is hosting a talent search at the...
This is the view of all the way from Mitchells plain Nigel
... The view of muizenberg all the way from mitchells plain
Driving out of Mitchells Plain and seeing our beautiful mountain burn is heart sore. Not a pretty sight to see 😞
*** the mountain is still burning. This isnthe view from Mitchells Plain. I need to pack my bags.
ppl from WC, living there says 1Thing: The DA does nothing for Coloureds.only Mitchells plain? Why?
RTMitchells Plain officers arrested for corruption
Two police officers arrested for corruption in Mitchells Plain
Joy, pain of finding a kidnapped child: CAPE ARGUS Delores Cyster, from Freedom Park in Mitchells Plain met her…
Mitchells Plain reports the more crime than any other precinct. We can help drop this rate with this free App.
My Cape Town people, please help me out. How far is Mitchells Plain from Kloof Street/CPT CBD?? PLEASE!!
Big Sports Management at the JP21 Project Launch in Mitchells Plain - well done JP's!!! We need more…
What I love and hate about Mitchells Plain.
Here's another cool need for the Capetonians! Who wants to help
Brent Van der Berg's top entrepreneurial tips & how Mitchells Plain Spring Repairs has remained successful since 1991
Trains are delayed due to T9208 that failed between Kapteinsklip and Mitchells Plain & defective signals at Langa
06:15 and 06:30 bus leaving from Mitchells Plain to Civic Centre. The drivers are not the problem. There are too little busses
T9208 is delayed between Kapteinsklip and Mitchells Plain due to defective set.
from Mitchells Plain to Civic is overloaded and leaving commuters stranded at their stops. Cummon guys make a plan.
So the shooting in Mitchells Plain/Tafelsig starts Again... Innocent people be dying like Ebola victims
Today in my grade 4 class, "who knows what's our airport is called?" Boy, "Mitchells Plain".
Seriously Cape Town do we need every years licence disc displayed 😂 @ Mitchells Plain…
Fun fact: the area of Mitchells Plain used to be called, inter alia, Pampoen's Kraal
Received a lovelly load-shedding schedule in People's Post Mitchells Plain. Hope it's not a wrong idea in Bathroom
I would like to know who is in charge of scheduling MyCiti buses for Mitchells Plain to Civic
Mitchells Plain, some robots are out. 4 way stop not going so well
Mitchells Plain LOAD SHEDDING TRAFFIC LIGHTS not working at various junctions - Both Ways
when is the Mitchells Plain power back up guys? BAFANA is playing. Just remember that. Crucial game. You also a football fan mos
The whole of Mitchells Plain is angry bc they can't watch 7deLaan
2Girls from Cape Town (Ottery and Mitchells' plain) both named Jamie. The Cape Town crew grows larger every day :)
Vision Homes Property Consultants - Property Detail: 3 bedroom House for sale in Mitchells Plain
I hope Mitchells Plain has generators. Would hate to go play tonight and the power goes off.
so there's loadshedding today aswell? Mitchells plain also?
Looking forward to this event in Mitchells Plain, Cape Town!
South African escapes township violence to become chess grandmaster
I love mitchells plain,nowhere in neighbourhoods,malls,taxis have i ever been made to feel uncomfortable for not being coloured
and why is there in the Mitchells Plain areas?!? Was this scheduled?
My biggest fear in CPT is getting on a train to Mitchells Plain or Khayelitsha sitting coach. I don't know what I'd do.
Excellently done.. now let that blue wave come and clean up mitchells plain
now show that same commitment in plain, park. Be consistent!
Was awesome hanging out in Mitchells Plain with the fam. Was so awesome catching up, pitty I missed my cuz Pearl.
please revert if no joy thank you Mitchells Plain CPF
I'm sure the these might sell very fast in Mitchells Plain
Trains are delayed due to T9834 that failed between Mitchells Plain and Kapteinsklip, defective points at Langa.
White toyota corolla wetlook reg. Ca 516943 was stolen this morning in beacon valley mitchells. Plain. If anybody...
A very uplifting story about chess in South Africa! . :-).
Mitchells Plain, Cape Town still at large with Cape Flat Violence at its peak =
Meet the first Mitchell's Plain school with a 100% matric pass rate | Groundup via
Good morning! Delays approaching the M7 Jakes Gerwel (Vanguard) Drive from Mitchells Plain
Hi..light pole has water seeping out in my road.Do you have a number in mitchells plain area I can contact please?
The people who help us carry groceries to the taxi rank in Mitchells Plain for small change. Bless you!!! St. Buja quit school for that job
Good Afternoon / Slm Just a gentle reminder to all juvie boy members. There will be Choir practice tomorrow at the clubhouse 13 duinebessie str lentergeur Pract starts at 15H00 pick ups as per normal. 14H30 for mitchells plain and 14H00 other areas Also there will be band practice tomorrow at west end primary practice will also start at 15H30 Please guys be on time and attendance is vital Shukran Juvie boys communications Just Being Easy
Going to the dstv festival in mitchells plain
Mitchells Plain residents call for end to crime - Some Tafelsig residents took to the street in protest of gangste...
All i can say is W :D W Last Night was unbelievable Malmesbury, Abotsdale, Riekiekwest, Morressburg U showed us much love at our Summer Madness DJ Tour Huge thank you. To Club Rendesvouz for their hospitality To DJ Bertram Dj-Krayzie Dirkse for coming all the way from Vredendal to make the party even more Crazier To The Summer Guys Ouens julle was Awesome rerag wae ek het rerag geen woorde om my blydskap te express nie . Tonight we do it again Different Venue, Different Crowed but Definitely the Same Geees At Tiffanysjazzclub Morgenster Mitchells PLain this will be a Party u dOnt wane Miss R20 will get u in and doors open 7pm
Mitchells Plain residents call for end to crime
Hi everyone the venue has been changed to Mitchells Plain, C/O Cadillac and Trampoline. Hope to see u There.
Calling my bra in Mitchells Plain..people from Mitchells Plain always have connections with electricity..
The fact that i didn't get invited to the Mitchells plain festival on FB tells me i must have the right friends.
Love when my original music is so well received, Thank you Mitchells Plain, you were a great audience
There's tons of fun for the entire family this weekend at the in Westridge Gardens, Mitchells Plain. See you there!
5 fighter jets flying in formation mitchells plain area. Is there an airshow in or is it for guest
I actually want to be in Mitchells Plain right now.
Join Nedbank at the . Mitchells Plain Festival this weekend. Nedbank My Future My Bank.
Its time to Spike up your with Live and kicking from the DSTV Mitchells Plain Festival. Lets go the ICU...
is coming to you LIVE from the DSTV Mitchells Plain Festival for peeps. The party gets started by our 1st...
Order Miche Bag Online!
That time I'm missing the 2014 DSTV Mitchells Plain Festival at Westridge Gardens
Parow Mall on pay day is exactly the reason I left Mitchells Plain in the first place..
Your DJs rocking live from the DSTV Mitchells Plain Festival. 6-10pm
Geez now who do I use if not ADT?! Thot they were the best. And I live in Mitchells Plain. Service gonna b even worse.
Our friends who are practising missionaries came to visit last night. They live in Mitchells Plain. That place is so scary.
Will be rocking the stage at The DSTV Mitchells Plain Festival tomorrow 29/11/2014 at 13:30.
Yo!Catch me at the mitchells plain festivl I will be playing the friday 28 November 2014 so come and join us
Can't wait for the official Kelvin Klein opening at the Liberty Promenade Mall in Mitchells Plain later tonight.
NonProfit News: Urban management: the redevelopment of the Mitchells plain town centre
Live on stage at the DSTV Mitchells Plain Festival on Sat 29 November at 13:30
Mitchells Plain :D. Summer Madness DJ Tour will be hitting u this Saturday :D .
I seriously can't wait for to perform at the Mitchells Plain festival. You go Dude!! Check him out on Sat at 23:30 till 00:00..
Tune in now for interview with the organisers of the DSTV Mitchells Plain Festival taking place on form Fri to Sun the 30th Nov
TRAFFIC LIGHTS OUT • In Mitchells Plain at the intersection of Katdoring, Boabab and Tierboskat
Faulty traffic lights at intersection of Katdoring & Baobab Streets, Mitchells Plain.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
"Does she know I'm from mitchells plain" OMFG I CANT BREATHE
my mom works with them toes in Mitchells Plain
I see the worst toes in the world working in Mitchells Plain, it's affecting me
TRAFFIC LIGHTS OUT •Bothasig at Vryburger & Platterkloof •Mitchells Plain at the intersection of Katdoring, Boabab & Tierboskat
Police operation in Mitchell’s Plain leads to 40 suspects being arrested
Three Mitchells Plain children recovering after they were caught in gang cross fire this past weekend. LI
Mitchells Plain Katdoring Road TRAFFIC LIGHTS not working at Baobab Street - Both Ways
Cape Town - 87 motorists arrested for on the weekend - including 24 at one roadblock in Mitchells Plain
Child celebrating Guy Fawkes Day knocked over by car about 1 hour ago / Lauren Isaacs Cape Town – A six-year-old Mitchells Plain boy celebrating Guy Fawkes Day is in a critical condition in hospital after being knocked over by a car. Emergency Medical Services spokesperson Robert Daniels says the boy sustained serious head injuries and is currently in critical condition. The day is traditionally celebrated through the setting off of fireworks but it's also become a Cape Town tradition for children to smear each other with shoe polish, paint and shaving cream. The incident comes as the Western Cape Education Department says some schools have reported extremely high absenteeism rates Western Cape Education MEC Debbie Schafer says attendance levels at some schools are as low as 10 and 30 percent. The department says schools in Mitchells Plain and Bonteheuwel have been worst affected by Guy Fawkes Day celebrations. At the E. A. Janari Primary School in Bonteheuwel, only 223 pupils pitched up today out of ne ...
Mitchells Plain Morgenster Road TRAFFIC LIGHTS not working at De Duin Avenue - Both Ways
What an amazing eve . 4 Ftvs for Sunday and 2 ftvs for Mitchells Plain plus 1 salvation . Changing this city
Guys, are you ready for 4 pm on Friday 28th November? R30 Gets You In! Westridge Gardens, Mitchells Plain.
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