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Mitchells Plain

Mitchells Plain is a largely coloured township about 32 km from the city of Cape Town. It is one of South Africa's largest townships.

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My thoughts and prayers goes out to the family of the 9yr old girl that was raped and set alight in Delft last year who died in hospital this morning due to her injuries sustained in this horrendous attack AND The 5yr old who was raped at her school in Mitchells Plain. :( May the long hand of the law come down *** the person responsible! Our countries law needs urgent review, our constitution needs urgent review, our democracy needs urgent review!.These acts of violence cannot be accepted as a "norm" NEVER! yet we read and learn about it EVERYDAY! but instead, our politicians appear AFTER the damage has been done..AFTER the loss of LIFE. A simple message to all POLITICIANS and wanna be POLITICIANS... PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE!
Planning for our official launch of Learner Empowerment Project, an initiative aimed at creating 4 020 vouchers for first year students from 60 senior secondary schools in Khayelitsha, Mfuleni, Delft, Nyanga, Phillipi, Crossroads, Gugulethu, Langa, Mannenberg, Athlone and Mitchells Plain
My people are dying by the hands of their own people. Young people are running with guns in the street as if we have a civil war. Not even during the liberation struggle did we see the youth running in the street with guns shooting people at ransom. We need to deal with this and deal with this immediately. We can't decide to be confrontational against these community members who has gone rogue. We can't decide not to engage them. We are being disadvantage by them in our communities, therefore we must engage with them. The justice system should follow its normal cause. I am not happy with all kind of groups suddenly emerging from nowhere and claim to 'fight' against crime. We must not allow the election period to be used to abuse our people. As the community of Greater Mitchells Plain we must DEMAND that GOVERNMENT (National, Provincial and Council) engage with us ASAP to deal with the CIVIL WAR currently happening in Mitchells Plain.
ANC holds Zille responsible for racial hatred March 4, 2014 at 5:09pm STATEMENT BY ANC Western Cape LEADER MARIUS FRANSMAN: Western Cape premier Helen Zille and her government carelessly gamble with the lives of innocent people in the province as racial tensions and hatred are fanned by the DA, says the ANC Western Cape. The ANC is concerned that DA henchmen like Cape Town councillors Grant Pascoe (member of the mayoral committee) and Natalie Bent (ward representative and sub council 23 chairperson) work against the interest of the metropolitan municipality and are seen by many as instigating pressures in various ways to force a crisis ahead of the elections. This has been seen playing out this week in the rising temperature and racial mobilisation between the people of Colorado Park and the informal settlement of Isiqalo off Vanguard Drive at the entrance to Mitchells Plain. It has led to the blocking of one of the Cape main arterials and DA protected squatting. It is seen as a detracting tactic to hide ...
Go to any place in WC like Bishop Lavis, elsies, Mitchells Plain, Bonteheuwel and compare
Man killed in suspected gang shooting: A woman was also injured in Wednesday morning’s shooting in Mitchells Plain.
The Cul-De-Sac Kidnappers is responsible for the disappearance of the Missing Children in Mitchells Plain Western Province.
Reminder: MITS Mitchells Plain will be having trials at the Portlands Indoor centre today and tomorrow from 15h00 -17h00 for u14 and u18 girls football. Shahieda Burgher Faldela Sampson Dollie Shafeeq Jassiem Anita Barnes Michelle Less, Thameenah Stouffers
A passionate voter in Mitchells Plain making it clear she's voting blue!
The woman, in her early twenties, has been taken to the Mitchells Plain Day Hospital for treatment. LI
A man has been killed and a woman wounded in a suspected gang shooting in Mitchells Plain. LI
Yip, Mitchells Plain 4 u, should be called GP
1st time I see a dead body in Mitchells Plain, Town Centre. Police on the scene and lots of people, what happened? I don't know!
I have a plan to rid the Central African Republic and Mali from their rebel forces.Recruit all tik addicts into the SANDF,give evryone a kg of tik,and send them abroad.Hope fully the rebel forces will do us a favour instead.
New learners sign up for skills development at our Stop Abuse Stitch by Stitch program. You can donate fabric, thread, scissors or cash to support the development of women in Tafelsig Mitchells Plain. Call us on 021 6330010
Since the inception of Mitchells Plain it became a ticking time bomb.The drug and gangster hub of the Western Cape.I wish i could turn back the time and stay somewhere else.
DA BETRAYS OUR CHILDREN ONCE AGAIN So far but no further. The DA has betrayed the children of Mitchells Plain, Barrydale and so many other communities. How can a "fit for purpose" provincial government fail to have placed over 600 learners in Mitchells Plain, mostly grade 8's and deserve to rule our province ? 75 in a class in Barrrydale ? It is now over three weeks into the new term. It is racism plain and simple. If these were middle class white children, the DA and many sections in the media and chattering classes would have described it as a crisis. But no, these are coloured and black children. They are from poor families . Actually they are not regarded as human beings. I am disgusted, angry and terribly sad. These children are so vulnerable to gangs, drugs and crime. One day out of a school can mean the difference between life or death. And what about the psychological trauma of the parents and the children ? Shame on you Zille and DA. You have failed us and must resign. It is time that we simply . ...
The day hospital in Mitchells Plain should be closed down. The doctors and staff are reckless, negligent and rude. They should be sued for negligence. They should know when they can't handle a patient and refer the person to Groote Shcuur.
What a day and already working in mitchells plain...HEAVY DAYS
TOPIC:Hundreds of children in Mitchells Plain did not find a place at schools.The ANC in Western Cape claims that about 3000 children in the province have similar disadvantages.DID YOU REGISTER FOR A PLACE AT TERTIARY OR AT SCHOOL AND YOU DIDN'T FIND A PLACE TILL TODAY? TICK tell us how) us why)
Lukn for a place to rent plz if anybody knw inbox me bt it muz b in westridge mitchells plain. Thnx
. Hi John w Henry keep up the good work Liverpool for life Jasonchetty mitchells plain Cape Town South Africa
Are you referring to Mitchells Plain hospital? Because that is one massive DA failure
Come Celebrate our 14th Year Anniversary with the Covenites from 21-23 FEB 2014 @ NCCC, BeaconValley, Mitchells Plain
"Morky" and "Robo" Two old brasse of mine from Mitchells Plain. Anyone seen or heard of them? Just want to know how they're doing.
Today’s feature is the new Mitchells Plain Hospital in Lentegeur. Having to visit any hospital is never a tale one would want to tell, but the splendor of this institute all but makes up for the sad state of one’s medical affairs when there. When visiting, you’ll be played host to colourful corridors of bright mosaic renderings of hearts and hands. Working with a team of eight mosaic artists and trainers, Cape Town-based artist Lovell Friedman, took on seven people from the community in Mitchells Plain and trained them to create the mosaic pieces found throughout the new hospital. An artistic mosaic project with little piece that took 11 months to complete and will wondering premises all tell a story. At the pay area the mosaic shows depictions of hands and of fingerprints. Hands symbolise healing and working together. Another interesting feature of the artworks are the slogans, compiled but both the Artist, children and nurses from workshops held. The slogan, ‘Good habits, no matter how small, c ...
OUR BOY FROM MITCHELLS PLAIN! On Monday, February 17, 2014 07:04 AM Just when you thought Poolie couldn’t recede any further into the background he busts out with a rhyme or two to entertain. The underground rap star rose from his slumber with a freestyle performance of the best lines he had in his back pack. It was like something from the inside of a cypher had been unleashed and Poolie could be seen grabbing his pants throwing gang sides at the mirrors. The subject of his rhymes included but were not limited to the sexy Lexi’s stellar frame and his fling thing with Loko. His hundred-words-a-minute style of rap could be compared to the old school super rappers Bone Thugs and Harmony. Jase, as agreeable as always, cheered Poolie on as he recited phrases off the top of his head. Poolie should drop a single for Big Brother and dedicate it to all his hip hop fans out there. Word up Poolie!
Points to date: In second place with 214 points, Mitchells Plain Primary, first place with 291 points Parkhurst Primary!!! Relay only event remaining. Go Parkhurst!!
Mitchells plain Town Centre I don't like this place.
WORD is there will be Park Jams in Mitchells Plain on the Following dates.the 1st , the 8th and the 15th of March.I am aware of the whereabouts of the park jam of the 15th as I am one of the organisers and I will on a later stadium give details about the Eastridge Park Jam.Emcees who would like to bring along their cd's to sell are all welcome to come and brace us with their talents.If you are interested to have your name go on the list for performances please inbox me or simply LIKE the status.Thank You We are still anticipating the Details and whereabouts for the other 2 Park Jams. HIPHOP IS UNITY.
I'm not impressed by the fact half of Phillipi kids school in Mitchells plain and the only languages taught are English and afrikaans.
Zion City Cape Flats Ministries with senior Pastor Paul will be hosting Consumed by Fire Miracle Service with Apostolic Prophet Raymond Khan Saturday the 22nd February at 13:00 @ Zion City 104 Juleskei Road, Beacon Valley Mitchells Plain. For more info contact Pastor Paul on 074 6895225
what's the wheather like in Mitchells Plain plzzz
Recovered from the burnt wounds!many thanks to the Docters @ Mitchells plain Hospital and to all my friends who had been there for me During this period.especially. David longwe and Steve Mbuka.Olivia shaw and Eroll solomons ,Diedre Bruce and Andrea Muller many many thanks to you all!
ir feels gud to be hme.waking nex to my bby girl.GUD MORNING MITCHELLS PLAIN!!!
Gonna support my primary school today go Mitchells plain primary
Good day peeps!! A Baby-Day-Mother is available now.. frm ages: 3mnths-2years old. Hours: 6am-6pm in WESTRIDGE MITCHELLS PLAIN for more info please inbox me. Have a supa day!! :-)
Eish, what a start to our leave! Hubby is sitting at Plattekloof Medi-clinic (tnx to the "efficient" staff at Remedi Health). Thanks to Mitchells Plain and Gatesville hospitals for refusing to assist Remedi medical for emergencies but they accept you for anything else! As ek nou vir Zuma in die hande kry dan moer ek hom so hard dat Google hom nie sal kry nie!👹
Wow what a powerful word tonight by pastor Denzil at the open air in Mitchells Plain,God is awesome there is more to come tomorrow night come join us all welcome
the whole of mitchells plain .PINK EYES.PARIS you are to be blamed.ok...
Whole day shooting range, n I had 2chase a suspect in Mitchells Plain who wz stabbing a guy infront of us
Is there any chemist open still in Mitchells plain area pls ...Thank you
My thoughts are with those who have nothing to eat tonight. Please INBOX me if that's you or if you know of someone who needs. *Mitchells Plain Area
Your views on a lyricist lounge in Mitchells Plain where Christian poets can come 2gether and worship God through the art of spoken word! Let me hear your thoughts?
Hi Guys, Does anyone know of registered Painters working in Mitchells Plain area.
Trust the DA bra from Mitchells Plain to make it dirty
our sincere condolences to Mitchells Plain Titans and the Sims family
People in Mitchells Plain don't vote DA they give the black people water for free and we must pay for water and when our brown people put hokkies up they DA send metro polisie and L F to thru our people out and say private prop but the black take the private prop and DA give water and toilets to them but not for our people .Now they strike for beter service to DA ,
Y I'm proud to be from Mitchells Plain?? Hooked up wheel alignment for R100.. NOW u know..
TOURNAMENT NEWS : Crusaders have withdrawn from the play offs and will be replaced by FULHAM FC from Mitchells Plain LFA. We wish Crusaders good luck on their new venture and we hope that they will go from strength to strength.
Sitting at Mitchells plain hospital with Jolene but damit this people much all be fired with the doctors and all we here sins 7.40 and she still didn't see a doctor yet can you believe it
09:15. Asa Gordon. MVA truck on its side Vanguard and R300 direction Mitchells Plain . FOX.
Rocklands, Mitchells Plain - the scene of a bus and light motor vehicle collision.
Own a New car from R599pm. No Deposit, No Residual ! "We know you've seen these cars in and around Mitchells Plain, But have you ever wondered how it works? Well here's a little insight. Option 1: Earn While You Own Earn R3000 for every car sold through your unique code The first option known as 'Earn while you own' has a minimum qualifications mileage of 500km's per month. This will earn the ASP (advertising service provider) R570 pm, furthermore the Blue Lakes Group will reward the ASP for any vehicle sold from his or her unique code. The unique code is an identifier code that links the vehicle advertisement to the owner of the vehicle. Should a vehicle be sold from the clients unique code the client will receive an astonishing R3000. That is R3000 per car sold, for every car sold! The reward program is completely transparent and the client can at any stage log into his or her personal web portal and view the amount of cars that have been sold as a result of the client’s unique identifier code. As th ...
Jaws of life used to free victim after bus and car collides in Mitchells Plain
Mitchells Plain day hospital wow all da people. Patience today Lord.
Hey can anyone tell me what time the bus leaves from mitchells plain to Claremont after 8am
Todays was very hot now ur riving ur its getting cool now so we driving down da beach road from mitchells plain to muizenberg beach and da breez is nice here
It is with regret to inform you that the wife of our colleague and friend Mr Maketsie has passed on this morning. The LFA Mitchells Plain and members extend it’s sincere condolences to the Maketsie family and the Liverpool Portlands FC.
SA at work: The hard edge of beauty in the heart of Mitchells Plain
We had such a great morning in Mitchells Plain today with our very own Ps Lucinda Dooley bringing the…
Great morning at our Mitchells Plain Campus. With an awesome word from Ps to for Jesus!
In Mitchells Plain, an accident has taken place on Weltevreden near Robin.
Ministering with Chrystal this morning at Channel of God in Mitchells Plain.
omw Mitchells Plain Police seriously need help 7 vans for 1 person who they think has a knife but when its for serious things they never come gosshh wat next lol
Who is at the Baxter Theatre or in the Rondebosch area goin to Mitchells Plain tonight? Let me know peepz
42 degrees at my front door in Mitchells Plain Cape Town today hey- what temperatures are the rest of you experiencing?
ANC SUPPORTS DEVELOPMENT OF NEW SMALL SCALE FISHING HARBOUR IN MITCHELLS PLAIN TO SERVE COMMUNITIES OF KHAYAPLAIN ! Was in Strandfontein, Mitchells PLain last night..the ANC and community members have requested that Minister Nxesi ( PUBLIC WORKS) visIt area on Monday. They have been calling for a small boat fishing harbour for years. Minister Nxesi can make it happen! Calling all fishermen and women ( and interested community members ) to come at 10h00 on Monday ( venue to be confirmed ) to get a briefing. Together we can move SA and Western Cape forward. I think the ANC should call a harbours summit very soon so that we can discuss how to take our harbours forward...there is huge potential in Gansbaai, Hout Bay, Hermanus, Kleinmond, Arniston, Mosselbay, Lambertsbaai and many more existing harbours. There are also some areas where new small boat fishing harbours could bring life to coastal communities..ANC : LETS MOVE OUR COASTAL COMMUNITIES FORWARD !
South AfricaN VIOLIN SPIDER - PLS FORWARD FOR BPO Cape Town If you slept with water in the kettle don’t use it the next day. Please, ensure you rinse your kettle before using it in the morning. A family of 6 was found dead and research showed that a deadly spider was found inside the kettle from which they drank tea. Please broadcast to all your contacts. This is serious guys, life can be taken by something so small! Warn as many people as you can. Due to the good rain and hot climate Violin Spiders are moving into houses. Please take note of this spider - it is very dangerous. Please warn kids & send to every one you know to alert them as well! This spider is breading at the rate of speed and is found in more and more South-African homes! Shahnaz Howell Senior Environmental Health Practitioner Mitchells Plain Sub-District Ph: (021) 392 8111 /2 Fax: (021) 392 6970 Email: Shahnaz.howell
Grant Jurius aka G-funk aka KLD FNGRZ workin' on a new piece in Tafelsig, Mitchells Plain…
Byhill playoffs underway at Rocklands High in Mitchells Plain. HT. Milano 2 (Fawaaz Bassadien and Achmad Ibrahium). Bothasig 0
.Mitchells Plain. The game kicks off at 12h00. Please do kindly show your support.
Checkers in willowbridge is lookin for staff so anybody from mitchells plain thats lookin for work can bring me their cvs
Look at DA incompetence at Mfuleni Clinic, Mitchells Plain hospital, Oudtshoorn Municipality, Knysna Municipality
DA FAILS MITCHELLS PLAIN LEARNERS & PARENTS ! The DA has failed the poor and working class children of the Western Cape! Over 900 Mitchells Plain learners have still not been placed in schools. This is a disgrace and shows disregard and neglect of the worst kind. They are throwing our children to the dogs. Not a word from Zille. Would she have been so quiet if 900 learners from Newlands, Rondebosch and Claremont were still not in school 3 weeks into the first term. You owe the people of Mitchells Plain and answer Helen Zille ! You tried to close down 27 schools , you have presided over the Western Cape falling to number 4 in the country with Matric passes while our province came out top of the matric class each year when the ANC governed ( 2004 to 2009) .now WCape Matrics passes have slipped to 4th place in 2013. Worst of are responsible for over 900 learners not being in school ! How many black and coloured learners from other parts of the province are still not in school ? Zille and the DA , .. ...
VEMMA MEETING in Mitchells Plain this Saturday (tomorrow) morning again at 10.30am! GOING TO BE FREAKING AWESOME! If you live in the area or have friends/family in the area - get them to it! This could be the opportunity they have been waiting for! Inbox me for more details :-)
"You don't look like you from mitchells plain" lmao and how does mitchells plain people look?
This sunday , we are going to be in Mitchells plain , more than 15000 crowd will be there , Viva South Africa , Viva National Party .
Pampers active all sizes R109 today only. Jetmart mitchells plain
The Business Women's Association doing great work in Mitchells Plain yesterday empowering female learners with...
Cape Town - M7 Vanguard Drive, road open this morning through Mitchells Plain - high police presence in the area
Sitting in the waiting room at Mitchells Plain M.O.U waiting on the arrival of my baby BOY!!
Let's help to dry up the demand for drugs: Education, Recreation & Sports is a successful method: Any others? Drugs & anything that you're addicted to is a form of escapism: Fast food, tv, sweets, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. are all legal items which you can get addicted to & also cause a lot of harm to your body: The main thing is figuring out why you're addicted to anything & try to curb it but it's only possible if you accept that you have a problem. Remember that we all have our own issues & problems which we have to overcome - Everything we do is a solution to a problem if you really think about it. Anton Visser: Residents of a Mitchells Plain suburb hit hard by a drug epidemic are furious that Community Safety MEC Dan Plato told them not to get emotional, and have called for him to step down if he can’t shut down drug dens they say are operating in their area. Angry residents and parents of drug addicts from Beacon Valley vented their frustration yesterday after attending a round table discussion on ...
Mitchells Plain. Let's rise up against this anarchy. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
Dear Khayelitsha and Mitchells Plain thieves, I am sick and tired of you taking my belongings without my permission. I finally have a new wheel for my bin. Please stop taking with immediate effect otherwise if I catch you you will regret the day you set foot on earth! I am warning you!
What is this man talking about! Does he know what is happening in Delft/hanover park/mitchells plain/manenberg.tell us what u doing about that!
Did Zuma just claim credit for hospitals in Mitchells Plain and Khayaletsha? Wonder how Zille feels about that?
Thank You Lord for using me once again as your mouth piece as the precious Holy Spirit spoke through me today at the launch of Ev Larry's ministry in Mitchells Plain. Thank you Holy Spirit for accurate prophecies...
ACDP questions MEC of Education Donald Grant lack of action wrt between 800-1100 pupils not enrolled at schools in Mitchells Plain
Any transport available from mitchells plain??? Please :(
Man killed in Mitchells Plain: The victim was found in the back seat of a car with multiple gunshot wounds to ...
Strong police presence at Mitchells Plain protest
Kapteinsklip Mitchells Plain need your help.the day before law enforcment did take our structures and ivict us.we will not bemoved.we need any kind plastic sails for covering from the coming rain. A.S.A.P please,shuckran,kanala.we keep u in our P
i deserve it cos im the only model from Mitchells Plain that went to NYC and failed to get signed to Ford due to being skinny
Where in MItchells Plain is the power out
Mitchells Plain. Not sure as to other areas though
Peak hour traffic inflicted headache :/ 40 minutes to get out of Mitchells Plain because some shack dwellers decided to protest *rolls eyes*
Police helicopter still hovering around between Vanguard drive and Weltevreden Road in Mitchells Plain.
Road closures in Mitchells Plain once again gives rise to chaos for vehicles are clamouring for position. I am exhausted already without even working yet. So not cool.
Busy day starting off with amazing work done by 2restore dignity to young schoolgirls frm Mitchells Plain :-)
Cleaning crew ready to clear roads in Mitchells Plain - after protest action, should be opened by 8am says
Vanguard drive outgoing from Mitchells Plain closed at Morgenster including Varkensvlei / Roads closed between...
causing *** had to go via Samora and took ahalf and hour to get out of Mitchells Plain
I'm so peeved off for all da protests in mitchells plain..I take a early bus and stil sit in detours..mus I start wrk at 4am??
I picked these from our garden in Westridge, Mitchells Plain.
That awkward moment when u get lost in mitchells plain on a campus road trip
Tomorrow we will be in Mitchells Plain, empowering female learners with special needs through our Sanitary Sisters Dignity Project.
I just wanted 2 know when and where is the next meeting 4 those people who is on the waiting list 4 the RDP houses in Mitchell's Plain ? Any1 who knows?
Can anyone perhaps give me directions to St.John Bosco church in Westridge, Mitchells plain. Please??
. Just another way how the delivers for all. Mitchells Plain Town Centre
When it rains. It pours, found 2 more suitable engines. Ottery and. Mitchells plain here we come..
If you're from Mitchells Plain and looking for a music school. I know my friend Trevino Isaacs has also started his school. Please sign up and register asap.
Join us tomorrow morning for another AWESOME Vemma meeting in Mitchells Plain at 10.30am! This business is spreading like wildfire!! :-)
West Cape Villas.Westridge Mitchells Plain. Starter homes from as little as R389 000 all cost included.
Hi everyone just wanted to know if there is a lift home from Paarl to Mitchells Plain tomorrow from the jam anyone 3971126 leave a message please..greATFUL bLESSED
We are very excited about going to 2 morning services in Pretoria + Mitchells Plain from this Sunday.…
Youth tonight 7 feb 2014. . All mitchells plain youth pls attend. . Church of tomorrow is the youth today. . So 7pm tonight at the school. .
khayelitsha and Gugx won't win you back the need mitchells plain,hanover park,pinelands etc.what steps and measured done far?
Anyone able to collect Insulin pens from Grassy Park and deliver to Mitchells Plain please?
WP Schools District trials for the various regions takes place today and tomorrow at different centres. In the South Metropole, the chess trials are taking place at Yellowwood Primary School in Mitchells Plain. This school boasts a brand new hall, and I rate the hall as excellent. A record 200+ entries have registered for the trials at all the centres. All the best to the players and do your best.
Ajax Cape Town has extended Aidan Jenniker’s contract until 2017. The young left-back is a product of Ajax Cape Town's Youth Academy, having arrived at Ikamva as a 13-year-old after he was scouted from Westridge FC, Mitchells Plain in 2002. According to the club’s website, he rose through the ranks and was promoted to the PSL team in 2009 as an understudy to Brett Evans.
Electronic Device Insurance
Seeking driver to durbanville on sunday and to mitchells plain the afternoon. Inbox me
Hi I'm currently grade 11 I stay in mitchells plain lenteguer area I'm looking for a job for weekends if anyone knows of anything let me know please
The legendary Dr. Jane Goodall inspiring over 700 learners at Westridge Secondary School, Mitchells Plain. Thanks to Margi Brocklehurst, Juliet, Harriet Nimmo and the team from Taurus School Solutions.
HERE'S THE LATEST CRIME STATISTICS IN South Africa - VERY SIMPLIFIED. DOES NOT REFLECT THE HUGE AMOUNT OF UNREPORTED/UNDETECTED CRIME. Did You Know? • Over 161,000, (One hundred and Sixty One Thousand) people were confirmed murdered in South Africa since 2004 • 47% of all drug related crime in the country occur in the Western Cape. • 5,900 crimes are reported by the SAPS everyday day! • Over 43 people murdered on average everyday in South Africa. • The world average for murder is 7.6 per 100 000 people. MURDER IN South Africa IS 36.5 per 100 000. • Honduras stats show that 60.9 people are murdered per 100 000. That's nearly twice as many as South Africa!! (WHAT? IS THAT A CONSOLING EXCUSE FOR FAILING TO REDUCE THE MURDER RATE?) • "Crime expands according to our willingness to put up with it." - Farber, Barry J. (I THINK BARRY FARBER IS THINKING ABOUT HAVING A LITTLE CHAT TO THE MINISTER OF SAFETY AND SECURITY.) • "I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. ...
Crap feeling... Sitting on Mitchells Plain taxi-rank no people and I'm waiting... Allah will guide me.
Ermahgerd is drifting in Mitchells Plain with Dj Ready D. I'M DONE WITH LIFE
My day was filled with celebrity look-a-likes:)!! This morning I walked next to Miguel from Mitchells Plain, this afternoon Trey Songs guy in the library smiled at me, turned my knees to water I tell u. And to top it all off, at the bus stop a see another look-a-like, who spoke to me, showered me with compliments and asked my number... Which celeb? Mr-Freaken-Bean!! So Its official. The universe finds joy in my pain.
Let me be honest,Insomnia is always blamed for when we cant sleep and I am coming out and being truthful as to the real reason I havent been sleeping at night.The Western Province Schools Basketball Association is the real reason and not that chap called INSOMNIA. You see I fell into the trap of thinking that WPSBA was a progressive association till I really got involved in understanding what they stand for.The City of Cape Town top basketball players come from specific township schools and its unfortunate that soo many players are denied the opportunity to participate because of a system that favours schools that part time basketball. The way this Top Schools Competition is run here ensures that these part time basketball school's have the prestige of going to represent a certain group of privileged players.It is a known fact that CNP,Montana Vikings,WCSS,Cape Waves etc are the top clubs in the province but barring the Montevideo Primary School(Under14) and WCSS,those players are non existent through out ...
What happend with that boy in mitchells plain this morning is so truamatic how could tht police do something like tht
Darul Ulama Western Cape Mass Mitchells Plain March against the ongoing Gun Warfare in, Lost City, Freedom Park, Tafelsig, Hyde Park, Searidge Park, Eastridge & Lentegeur. Sat. 8th March 2014. Marches will commence from these Respective Areas to Mitchells Plain Police Station where a Memorandum will be delivered. We will also call upon the Premier of the Western Cape Helen Zille to receive a memorandum calling for increase in policing and satelite stations in the respective areas. When Padlac had Marches she was there even prepared to be locked up, and made promises to our people, let's see If she can deliver on those promises! Pass on!
12:15 Roger Muller Just witnessed how they robbed a truck while waiting at the robots it looks like ice cream cones (gatti"s) on the corner of katdoring and sixth avenue,mitchells plain and the taxi guards is laughing about it,they used a bolt cutter to cut the lock. FOX
Mitchells Plain District Hospital look like a private instution,wow it can work for me,but leave me at GSH
Today i have been vindicated by a court of law in Mitchells Plain.. I feel free again from the start A big thanks to all that believed in my innocence and a huge to all who judged me..I went thru a very tough time thru this this past 7 months ...and now its my turn to sue the *** who brought all this crap in my path...and i will not stop till i see justice for myself and my name restored...i have a lawyer who is guiding me all the careful of who your true friends are cos in the time of need they just might not br there.thanks again to all who believed in me and stuff the rest...
Baca Ministries is doing a morning of prayer for Strandfontein and Mitchells Plain next Wed. 12 Feb at 10am. We r praying against the spirits that bring in drugs, prostitution etc. All welcome. Address is 4 Church street, cnr Spine Rd, Strandfontein, opposite Rawsons. Pastor Mark Biggs of Strandfontein will bring the word. Free counseling to addicts and loved ones of addicts.
what is SAFA doing to develop football for girls? We run a school league in Mitchells Plain with no interest from SAFA
Thank you Lord for new day New Mercies yesterday as i took my husband to hospital in Mitchells Plain doctors referral i learned to be PATIENT to be more Humble yr must really be strong i sat there from morning till after 2 this morning Thank you Lord for endurance and patience im soo Grateful have a great day everyone as i have to go back again please keep hubby Willy in prayer Thank you
Mitchells Plain got talent... Just had to say it
ATTention: All NGO,s. In Mitchells Plain WE at PLAIN SOCIAL & LAYMAN COUNSELING Challenge you to Lobby support to get a better deal for our Communities from SASSA 1. We need SoSial Service Officials that are.people friendly Not beaurocrats with attitude problems...
Does the road maintenance being undertaken on and berman in mitchells plain have relation to do with the buses?
Why's there no one from Mitchells Plain, Cape Town? Time seems to stop whilst watching But loving the show.
Wow the New Mitchells Plain Hospital is beautifull and security is hectic
How are we supposed to believe that "Uncle Jules" is a gangster from Mitchells Plain?!
Does anyone know where i can find a grade 6 tutor in Mitchells Plain
The amazing Dr. Jane Goodall will be in Mitchells Plain tomorrow (Westridge High), thanks toTaurus School Solutions. Her other stops are UCT and Wits. The learners are in for an amazing treat. The school will be flooded with media.
Every 2nd person in mitchells plain singing "they tried to make me go to rehab but I said no, no, no"
If the DA really cares about the poor, then they would make it priority to get the MyCiti infrastructure working in Mitchells Plain, Khayeltisha & Cape Flats but the next planned route is Houtbay,. that includes the Atlantic Seaboard, which includes Fresnaye, Bantry Bay, Clifton, Campsbay, Constantia, Bishops Court The white wealthy areas . Colin Arendse Wynand Naidoo Majiet Mogamat Marius L Fransman Vivian Kinnear Wesley Seale Wesley Douglas Carina De Vries Papenfus Vern Adams
Car with kids in hijacked as family shop:: February 5 2014 Cape Town - A brazen thief masquerading as a family friend hijacked a car and sped off with two children still inside the vehicle – while their family was busy shopping. But Mogamat Taariq Adams, 15, and his 10-year-old sister Aisha were lucky to escape with their lives when the car thief dumped them along the road. Cops are now hunting for the man who pretended to be a family friend. It was nightmare come true for grandmother Faiza Salie, 56, and her daughter Walieda Adams, 36, the children’s mother, when the two siblings vanished without a trace on January 26. The Eastridge family left their home in Faiza’s red Toyota Corolla to go to the Town Centre in Mitchells Plain. Faiza, her daughter and another woman went shopping while Taariq and Aisha remained in the car with the car keys. Faiza said she was in the shops for less than eight minutes when she made the shocking discovery. “We parked at the parking area by Campwell Hardware store, ...
Selling everything in a gift box for R370. Only one available,so first come first served. Collect in Mitchells plain or Brackenfell.
Looking for a house, apartment or plot to buy? We have properties available in the following areas: Constantia, Claremont, Muizenberg, Strand, Mitchells Plain, Milnerton, Plettenberg Bay, Riebeek Kasteel, Fisher Haven, Hopefield, Rondebosch East, Lansdowne, Philipi, Atlantis, Malmesbury, Maitland, Retreat, Steenberg, Grassy Park, Kensington Athlone,. Let me know in which area you are looking for and what you are looking for so that we can find your dream home.
The Baseball & Softball Hall of Fame OFFICIAL PUBLIC PAGE will run a feature every week on the stars of the past... First feature will follow soon... TITLED... WHERE THEY HAVE GONE... Former sports stars who played different codes and have disappeared off the radar. They may have played baseball or softball or their families did... WHERE THEY HAVE GONE WILL FEATURE . Episode by episode account of the sport at City Park, Cape District, Vygieskraal and Mitchells Plain. SAINT ANDREWS DODGERS 1978 LEAGUE WINNING TEAM... THE END OF AN ERA FOR THE CLUB AS LANSDOWNE WENT ON TO WIN THE LEAGUE AT CITY PARK FOR THE NEXT 10 YEARS... Did they even see the end coming? Could James Roodt, the lansdowne coach, have predicted a 10 year reign when he put his 5 year plan in place in 1977? Could Lansdowne forsee that their end would come? Why did it come in the fashion that it did? Is their a lesson to be learnt from this timeline for other coaches? Story commences soon with Episode 1 going live by Sunday... And the OFFICIA ...
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Girl softballers from schools in Mitchells Plain, Mossel Bay, Clanwilliam, Heideveld, Bonteheuwel, playing softball in Cape Town.
Good morning. Have u accepted the invite 2 the 4th celebration gathering of Destiny Changers - Difference Makers on Saturday the 8th Feb? Venue Rehoboth Community Life Centre. Cnr of Mosquito and Weltevreden Roads, Rocklands, Mitchells Plain. Time 3pm. Do join us in celebrating 4 wonderful years of God's grace and favour upon this ministry. C u there
Hi if anybody no about a house 2 rent in mitchells plain
Anybody travelling to elsies river from mitchells plain and back or know of somebody traveling that way ? Please let me know.
When last have you really looked at our people's state of existence...? Just now again was I in some of our areas where there are many flats. It is appalling how our people have been driven to poverty, drugs and alcohol. Shocking to say the least...!! Our people have now even been robbed of their last hope, as even HOPE itself have been robbed from them. Now, take the route of only blaming our people. True, there is introspection needed, always. I for one is an advocate of such, and i have and always will be. Maar wragtig, as jy ook elke dag van jou lewe against al die odds moet fight en net nie 'n wenkans gegun word nie, dan sal jy ook knak en ingee. Can a whole people just be shot down as if nobody cares?! Ask someone intelligent from Douglas in the Northern Cape about the Bushmen who stayed there before the government had moved them. Ask them also why those Bushmen had given up hope. Ask someone with wisdom from Australia about the Aborigines, many of them who had also been shunned by the high power so ...
Where is the closest non-halaal debonairs to mitchells plain? I want a bacon pizza.
Who is going to Canal Walk today? Then coming Ottery or Mitchells Plain side later? I want some cinnamon doughnuts and pancakes
Speech for the Inaugural Johnny Issel Memorial Lecture Sunday 2 February 2014 Swartklip Sports Centre, Mitchells Plain Ladies and gentlemen, comrades and friends It truly is an honour to have been invited to address you at this inaugural memorial lecture to pay tribute to the life and contribution of a great, humble freedom fighter, comrade Johnny Issel. South Africa's history is a rich and complex one, and is abound with extraordinary people whose contributions to liberating our country from apartheid oppression and exploitation is either not known or not fully recognized and recorded. John James Issel, or simply Comrade Johnny, as we knew him, is one of those remarkable heroes of our struggle, whose life needs to be celebrated, who deserves to be honoured, and certainly needs to feature more prominently in our history books, amongst the many rich and proud stories that we have to tell. This is why this memorial lecture today is so important. It is starting to reclaim the history of our struggle and ...
Cape Town - R300 West, Roadworks at Stock Road - queuing traffic going into Mitchells Plain
Mitchells plain definately has the prettiest girls in da world.
Hi/slm I need some assistance kanala can any1 tell how do I travel from mitchells plain to lwandle with public transport kanala I have a interview on friday shukaran in advance
1st day I stuck in traffic eversince I started driving to mitchells plain
God morning family!!! So we the RCP4Christ family want to inform you about an event we will be ministering The limitless praise and worship concert hosted by flames of change youth. This concert will be taking place on the 28th of Feb @ Faith apostolic centre out in eastridge mitchells plain. Entry fee R10. Make sure you don't miss out on this event! See you there!
What a day and nite we had at the new lentegeur hospital I thaught mitchells plain day hospital is bad but yohwe are stil her
Is there anyway i can lay a complaint against the staff at mitchells plain hospital. I cant believe i accepted a job here 2 start in a month
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Vegas here we come. Or Magistrates court in Mitchells Plain...whatever's fastest.
Hi there, do u know of any classes in or near Mitchells Plain?
Slm does any body know of some one willing to give my brother who's a spray painter from mitchells plain a job. He studied at false bay college and is certified but due to a criminal record of domestic violence can't find work at a firm or panel shop. He's a hard worker aged 23 and has worked for 2 companies. I am posting the ad as he does not have a cell or land number at the moment. Inbox me kanalah. Thank u
Want to send a birthday shoutout to the cutes girl in Beacon Valley Mitchells Plain Sanchia sweetie HAPPY BIRTHDAY my od bless you & I hope you had a wonderful day. Rather late than neva mwah Uncle Marcus,aunty Ursie,Chad &Marcelino
What a jog all the way to mitchells plain... Warm bath and a bed will do... Hope I don't over sleep though
Who is watching I think I know that Poolie guy from Mitchells Plain!
Medics slam Mitchells Plain hospital December 18 2013 New R600 million Mitchells Plain Hospital, is dysfunctional and patient care is suffering, say a number of medical personnel. Previously organisations, including the SA Medical Association, had expressed concern about GF Jooste’s closure and the implications of this. A new GF Jooste Hospital was being constructed and this was expected to be completed in about five years. The document listing the problems at Mitchells Plain Hospital said issues included: - Too few staff to deal with the number of patients. -A lack of senior staff. -No cellphone signal in the building and a poor landline system, meaning staff could not communicate effectively. - No high care unit to deal with post-operative and trauma patients, which posed “a major risk” to them. Yesterday a medic, who was familiar with the situation but who declined to be named as he was not authorised to speak on the matter, said: “I think the Department of Health has an enormous number of prob ...
Issel ‘a man of many talents’ February 3 2014 at 11:08am _ Siyavuya Mzantsi THE government’s Fishing Rights Allocation Process 2013 policy is an example of legislation to ensure poor fishing communities benefited, Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries MEC Tina Joemat-Pettersson says. “This policy was crafted to be a pro-poor piece of legislation that favours the subsistence fisherman above the well-established commercial operator and it is legislation that has always been aimed at restoring the dignity of the poor traditional fishermen and women in our coastal towns,” she said. The policy was launched in 2009. Joemat-Pettersson was the main speaker at the inaugural Johnny Issel Memorial Lecture at the Swartklip Indoor Centre in Mitchells Plain yesterday. Issel’s family and more than 1 000 ANC supporters attended the event. Issel died of heart failure in 2011. He was a co-founder of the United Democratic Front, an activist and a member of Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans’ Association. “What ...
Walking around in liberty mall in mitchells plain. I am a head taller that *everybody* here. Its so cool hehe.
Lanseria airport looks like mitchells plain taxi rank... No chance of seeing any eye candy up in here!
Drove to Mitchells Plain yesterday, loaded a 350kg BMW 318i engine into my Opel Kadett, 500ml beer
Location: Mitchells Plain Road: R300 Direction: Southbound Type: ROADWORKS - right lane closed before the Stock Road exit - expect delays
omg Poole is so so sexy biggie u outdone urself really! Big up to my home boy Poole from mitchells plain u rock
Election campaigns stepped up: The IFP visited Mitchells Plain yesterday while the DA visited the Eden Distric...
I now understand why Mitchells Plain has a mental health facilityup here in Lentegeur, haisuka you can't dodge bullets for a living kagana!
When the person in front of you wants to drive on 20km/h like hellooo we are in Mitchells Plain and hello the possibility of murder:100%
Hair by Nasanga , a stylist at the Jabula Wigs and Wefts outlet , shop no 3 , Liberty Promenade , Mitchells Plain...
this is reported crime - can mean that Mitchells Plain are actually reporting crime,
1/3 do not accept crime figures as accurate. eg Mitchells Plain looks like the most violent in SA,
Hey according to the Chinese it's the year of the horse, and according to some in Mitchells Plain it's the year of the *** h.
Cops pulling off cars under the bridge home affairs mitchells plain
If you are interested in being part (player, coach, referee, volunteer) in the Mitchells Plain Youth Futsal...
Senior fixtures for tomorrow 2nd vs Peninsula at Rooikrans 3Rd vs Bonteheuwel at the Melkhout Street field 4th vs Edgemead 5th vs Mitchells Plain CC at Portlands sportsfield.
- Roadblock AZ Berman before R300, Mitchells Plain outbound. - Abandoned ford laser white on R300 between hindle...
Mitchell's Plain does not deserve these RDP houses as it only brings along bad elements and the crime rate soars...leaving us, the original residents living in fear. We need to stand up and start helping the police if we are to have safer living environments. Stop hiding these thugs, their drugs, the guns, etc...its time to come clean and wipe out this epidemic.
Waseef Piekaan Presents 'Swag Notes' A show not too be missed & a night not to forget Starring : Waseef Piekaan , Loukmaan Adams , Moenier Monox , James Bhemjee , Nur Abrahams Karin Kortje , Vibe & a Young upcoming group of Mitchells Plain X-pose Boyband So please support !! Guys koep mah jou girly n ticket is valentines day kanalla stop being cheap LOL . Tickets only cost r150 Book your tickets at computicket . Show is running on the 14 - 15 February at the Baxter Theatre , so don't just sit their get up & go book kanalla !!!
The DA is taking the people of mitchells plain for a ride.why cant all council meetings for counselors be open to the public.
Did you know- the week preceding the DA press conference saw the greatest influx of youth members into Agang Western Cape. Youth from Philippi, Harare, Langa, Nyanga, Du Noon,Mitchells plain, Rondebosch , Atlantis and Kraaifontein enjoyed a braai at Mzolis
Writing my 2nd Midwifery test tomorrow,hope all goes well IA and on Monday I'm officially a Student Midwife for 4 weeks @ Mitchells Plain MOU then the real testing start lol and on top of that Im starting on my Birthday
Wt a day my dawta startin at her new school on monday I made my choice mitchells plain nt 4 me any more
Level 10 Body Transformation Challenge Info session tonight 7pm in Mitchells Plain!!! Don't miss out on this opportunity to healthy, in-shape and win big! Book your spot at our info session NOW!!! Send your details to level10ASAP!!
Girl, 10 dies during PE class:: January 29 2014 A 10-year-old schoolgirl collapsed and died in her physical education class for no obvious reason. Staff at Khanya Primary School in Mitchells Plain are perplexed by the sudden death of Nande Jentile, who was in Grade 6, in her physical education class shortly after 2pm on Tuesday. The teacher in charge picked up her body, felt for a pulse which was apparently present, then carried the girl to the staff room. “We laid her down, not knowing whether she was still alive,” school principal Linda Mahote told the Cape Argus on Wednesday morning. “The ambulance came quickly, but by that time (25 minutes later) it was clear that Nande had passed away.” Mahote described Nande as a sprightly and lively child, even though she could also be shy at times. “She was slight and not very strong. But I knew of no previous health problems that she had. Every year she would participate in athletics just like everyone else. She had never shown discomfort during physica ...
January 26, 2014 Business Network Lunch 22 March 2014 Rocklands Civic, Mitchells Plain Hi All, Triple AAA Catering and Event Organizers is an owner managed company. We do all sorts of events. We are currently planning a business network expo lunch that will be held on the 22nd March. Tickets will cost R110 per person. The ticket will entitle the ticket holder to a 3 Course Buffet Lunch with live entertainment from the local band Heart and Soul. Ticket Holders will be allowed to browse the stands after lunch, giving all vendors a chance to show off their products and services. Giving all vendors good exposure to their business. There will be a variety of vendors with different types of products and services. To become a vendor: It will cost you R50 for your stand where you will exhibit your products and service. You get the platform where you can introduce your company. You will receive one V.I.P ticket. You will be levied with ten tickets at R110 per ticket, you can either sell it or give it to your clien ...
There are sexy colourds in mitchells plain ,like decent ones with all their teeth no gold
Deep in Mitchells Plain , in westridge brother
Good day I'm looking for a pederstal fan for a good price pls. I'm in mitchells plain. I saw 1 in game but R1000 is too much.
My uncles's 50th Mitchells Plain...I'm scared, not for anything else except the very possible hangover I'll have tomorrow.
My deepest sympathy to Doreen for the lost of her sister her children. God knows best. He will take the pain away i strong. Its not easy to loose a mother.for those who knew Parkie..the bus will be from Mitchells plain to Bonteheuwel...and the funeral will be in Kensington.
Mitchells Plain land invasion and police response (WARNING: explicit language and visuals)
Secretary Salary: R115 212 per annum(Plus 13th cheque and service benefits) Ref:13/14 /WC Magistrate Office, Mitchells Plain Requirements: ● Grade 12 (with typing as subject or Secretarial Certificate or any other training / qualification that will enable the perso...
That joint just brought out the Animal in Mitchells Plain cc
Assalaamualaykum Woodlands Islamic Youth Movement and Mitchells Plain Youth Development initiative held by Futsal SA whereby different madaaris will participate in a Soccer 5 a Side Tournament in Mitchells Plain. This tournament will accommodate for Under 10 and Under 14 teams with a squad of 10 players per team, and the League will run over a span of 8 weeks. The co- ordinators of Futsal SA are sourcing funding to run this auspicious project, This is an important venture where we can structure an Islamic orientated project, implement Islamic principals in the Sporting arena, and furthermore strengthen our relationship with the youth in our communities. A meeting will be arranged with all the respective representatives of the different Madaaris to register teams and venues, etc. Jazaak-Allah,
Worked until 7pm, but it's so nice to be at home early for a change.. cause mitchells plain people had there own shuttle.. thumbs up!!!
I spent the afternoon with my grandparents in Westridge, Mitchells Plain today. Prairie Court is where…
Any1 knw how to get to Mitchells Plain particulary the hospital or clinic 4rm wynberg?Only accurate directions are welcome...
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Did anybody go to the presentation by Trevor Manuel's office of the Presidency today in Mitchells Plain???Any feedback or how those who were not there can still get into the network of opportunities???
Mitchell’s Plain Advice Office to embark on an outreach programme
Minister Trevor Manuel will address a post school opportuni ties seminar organised by his Parliamentary Constituency Office on Wednesday 29th January at Spine Road High School Hall at 14h30/15h00 until 17h00. Please urge young people who are not at school , not working or studying to attend. A number of practical opportunities will be made available by the many organisations that will display their offerings at Spine Road on 29th Jan. All welcome. Those who come will have their names captured on the database and then receive regular communication about all further opportunities that arise. This event has proved very popular since it was initiated in 2009 as a "second chance" project by the two ANC MP's then deployed to Mitchells Plain - Trevor Manuel and Marius Fransman.
For your convenience housecalls can be done get treated in the comfort of your home in Mitchells plain at R20 outside mitchells plain R50 :-)
Cape Learning Foundation also wants to thank CPU Express based in Mitchells Plain for there ongoing support. We are proud to be associated with CPU Express.
From this morning's Burger - Lt Gen Arno Lamoer in the Western Cape Parliament on some stats yesterday regarding the previous financial year of SAPS: There were 49599 house burglaries of which 70% occurred in high income areas of Durbanville, Stellenbosch, Table View, Kraaifontein, BELLVILLE, Parow and Knysna; In Durbanville alone goods of more than R28 million had been reported stolen; Areas where robberies were most prevalent - Mitchells Plain (961), Cape Town CBD (934), BELLVILLE (491), Parow (459) - these refer to common robberies and not home robberies; Hijackings have increased from 542 in the previous financial year to 789; He confirmed some things I have been saying continually: 1. Burglaries and theft maintain the lifestyle of drug addicts - they need money to buy drugs and a quick way is to break in and steal; 2. Public protests distract the focus of SAPS from the real issues of crime prevention and this will be an increasing trend. (Bellville often has protests at the magistrates Court and rece ...
lol! You saying every second guy in mitchells plain is a fat ugly bergie?
They doing it in mitchells plain lolRT isn't it odd how people kill flys just because they''re ...
I picked up a donkey in mitchells plain and would like to swop it for a bakkie in good condition, as "MY DONKEY" is still in good condition. Based on *** first services!
REMINDER ! Trevor Manuel, ANC MP for Mitchells Plain , hosts a post school opportunities seminar tomorrow ( Wed 29th Jan)for youth who are not studying or working in 2014. Registration starts at 14h30 , Spine Road High School, Mitchells Plain. Speakers include Minister Manuel, False Bay and Cape Town College ( opportunities for study in animation and auto industry related fields, UCT, CPUT, NYDA, Harambe, Vernon Adams on entrepreneurship and more !) Bring your ID book and CV if you have one. All welcome. Frankie Fredericks from Mitchells Plain Skills Centre and Colleen Horswell from the Mitchells Plain Education Forum will also make an input. Together we move South Africa and the Western Cape Forward !
I want to know where is the Mitchells plain Seventh Day Adventist church,s physical address
Black Noise Born and Bred on the Cape Flats, Mitchells Plain - from Emile YX? 4th CD
it's already operating in Du Noon. Can't see whay they can't bring to to Khayelitsha, Mitchells Plain etc
yo'everyone :) this bc is for all the dice koppe ! Tonight At 11 bells all Grassy Park se mense that think they can compete against Mitchells plain se wonders=)) please stiek uit , ons wag vir julle
Hey guyz where can I find a jet blaster for a good price in cpt. I live iun mitchells plain. Tx. Mwah
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Cape Learning Foundation is inviting all our supporters and friends to Tune in to Voice of the Cape. We talking tonight about building a college for Mitchells Plain, and we need your support on this.Time 20H10 - 21H00.
lol, Anc cadres Mitchells Plain already gathering people for a rent a croud for Wednesday when Zuma talks in CT.
If you attend uwc and you live in mitchells plain, and your interested in joining a lift club inbox me, fee will be R150 a week and that includes picking up and dropping by the house
They sound like a legal team!! Zille and Rampele share some part of history and De. Lille, well...she's from Mitchells Plain!!
Graffiti Art in Check out my LOOKPOST here:
...Hi 2 every1 i just would like 2 tell every students nd parents of mitchells plain primary school no1 that our ex caretaker mr.b(beukes) has pass on the sunday may he soul RIP we love u mr.b nd will miss u mwa...
NEW "LOOKPOST" ON THE BLOG: Rocking the Plaid Shirt!!. Photos taken in Mitchells Plain. Click here to read :...
What it really feels to grow up in the townships // "I love and hate Mitchells Plain"//
something needs to be done about the constant broken equipment at your Mitchells Plain club. Fail
Responsible for spatial planning for khayelitsha, mitchells plain and greater blue downs
Youth Café Im Mitchells Plain, I need to check it out. via
Youth grabbing hold of the opportunities offered at the Youth Café in Rocklands, Mitchells Plain
Yep, I'm at home now, in Mandalay, Mitchells Plain. :) "Good :) You in the Mother City yet?"
20 000 HOUSES is going to be built in Joe Slovo Langa and 800 in Mitchells Plain and only 400 HOUSES will be allocated to the so called Coloured peoples the aboriginal descendants of the Cape will have to take drastic action regroup and put a plan of action in place
Previously disadvantaged youth access the web via Wi-Fi hotspots in areas such as Mitchells Plain & Khayelitsha.
Update your maps at Navteq
Dear Pastor & Congregation, Kingdom Greetings to your congregation and community, we trust that you are blessed and experiencing the goodness of Gods mighty hand in your life. It is with great pleasure that we extend this invitation to you and your congregation to join us, Raymond Khan Ministries International to “The Prophetic Awakening” Restoring the Apostolic Mandate! We believe it is time for our church dispensation to awaken to the Prophetic & Apostolic order of Heaven, and I will be ministering on the Apostolic mandate that the body of Christ has been given. We are not looking just for another Prophetic move or church event but it is time that we stop playing church and arise in Gods Glory and restoration of His latter House, as the earth is groaning for the manifestation of the true sons of God! This occasion has been birthed by the spirit of God as we have seen the 1st church dispensation of the Pentecostal, the 2nd of the Charismatic and now the final order of God which is the final church He ...
I would like to agree with Sakkie and to put my opinion in perspective one should read my comment on the under manning of the Police in the Western Cape as reported in Die Burger of a few days ago, I posted this on my Political Fb Page and for easy reference I posted it below this message. The ANC has stated on numerous occasions that they were going to make the Western Cape, and especially the Cape Metro, ungovernable to countermand and nullify the success that the DA is making in running the Cape Metropole and Western Cape Province. It seems that the ANC Government has orchestrated that the Police in our area are much more understaffed than the rest of the country - so much so that the Western Cape has a 63% lack of staff as against 37% for all of the 8 other provinces. Where does this leave our police force. Lacking in personnel and infrastructure like vehicles. They are also not in a position to criticize their powers to be as these are probably politically motivated as can be seen from the figures. . ...
Paramedic wounded in crossfire - shootout between rival gangs in Mitchells Plain, Cape Town
I'm not affiliated to any political party but if I look at infrastructure in Cape Town vs jhb I think the ANC has done a lot more for the poor than the DA. It just dawned on me that not much development happens in mitchells plain, gugulethu ect. Vs soweto developments and jhb surrounds . Granted there are issues with administration in gauteng but the reality is that I've seen more development in gauteng in the last 5 years vs 2 years in Cape Town and the ANC and DA haven't done much here. Just an observation
Who's on UWC, and lives in Mitchells plain, and need a lift! Message me!
Lol yes please fairy godmother when I could tun from mitchells plain to town and back, toi toi from belville to rtown and back and party the whole night through. Oh health!
Good morning! Is there any1 interested in an SGB post (Primary School) gr.5 ,Mitchells Plain Area ,inbox me please ASAP.
The Mitchells Plain community will hosted Trevor Manual, Cameron Dugmore, J.P. Smith and others at a meeting yesterday at 5pm attending the meeting regrading the concerns of the community of the shootings and killings that are taking place there. According to the CPF they have had another 2 murders…
I have just come back from a community called meeting in Lentegeur Mitchells Plain. I am not surprised to see how packed this hall was, where people raised issues on Ineffective and corrupt policing in this part of the world. I am also not shocked at the issues raised there as I am aware of them. In fact I know much more then they can collectively contribute. People have, over a period, entrusted me with confidential information on crime and civic issues. It is rather Unfortunate that we are asked to raise them with the very problematic individuals that are guilty of these challenges. I humbly ask the community of Mitchells Plain to join me in the second week of March in taking to the streets. This is the only way we can get the President to understand that there is a major problem within our safety and security issues and portfolio. When we have an illegitimate Chairperson heading the Cluster, what do you expect. He comes to a public meeting to attack his Station Commander, whom I have a lot of respect f ...
I have to be honest Delft is a place where darkness brew.I used to stay there for 10 years and I've known this fact all along.Now that I stay in Mitchells Plain(the blessed city)its a big difference because when I go to visit Delft there's always this sense of unease and of tensness coming over me and my wife agrees Delft is a terrorble place to live in , you just get use to the terrorbleness.You can ask anyone what the saying about Delft... DELFT SLUK JOU IN My amper heeltemaal ingesluk maar danksy God hy het n rede hoekom ek daar moes woon.Nou het ek die struggle waarlikwaar beleef in my siel en dit het van my n unconqeurable person gemaak.Nou kan ek enige iets vat wat die lewe in my rigting ingooi.Ja Delft is an extremely lawless place.Everything happens there and I'm not talking about Delft to show that's its a real awfull place but I'm speaking to say DELFT MADE ME STRONG.
Statistically we know that over 5 million people have Alzheimer's in our nation, and that number is expected to grow tremendously over the next several decades. Healthcare cost will rise to trillions of dollars in care of people living with this disease. Alzheimer's affects memory, judgement and communication and leads to safety risks, health problems, emotional turmoil and frustration for both the patient and the caregiver. This is why it's so important to me to help educate the community. As the number of people living with dementia grows, we will be riding the bus, shopping, going to church and waiting in line with people who are affected and it would be helpful if we understood the disease so we can help them rather than stare or run scared. If you or a group you're involved with are interested in learning more about Alzheimer's, I'm glad to speak to you as part of my ministry. It's a passion I love to share and am so blessed to be able to do so in Mitchells Plain in April.
Mitchells Plain got some classy people.
The word 'poes hot' is needed to describe Mitchells Plain right now.
Double header weekend. We beat unbeaten Bayhill yesterday now to travel to Mitchells Plain to play Leeds.
- Accident on corner of Merrydale and Morgenster rds, in Mitchells Plain involving 2 nissan sentra's, bubble shape, police are on the scene
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Neighbour actually said, "u find houses that colour in Khayletsia and Mitchells Plain". I don't know about you but that sounds racist to me!
When banks shut the door in his face when he wanted to get Grandwest off the ground, he got funds by going door-to-door in Mitchells Plain.
in Mitchells Plain. Which is over and hour morning and evening. So driving will devour my wallet. How long does is the travel4u?
Two die in M Plain gang shootings: Two men were shot dead in Mitchells Plain on Thursday night. O...
I wonder what's going to all these Man United tattoos in Mitchells Plain now...
Dear BRANDS, the entire Mitchells Plain/Flats is probably responsible for your annual turnover, so wake up and start targeting these areas.
please don't go to Manenberg,Grassy Park,Lotus River,Mitchells Plain or Bishop Lavis..those are coloured areas..blac…
Hi, I am looking for a lift from Mitchells Plain (Portlands) to Tokai (Blue Route) mornings and evenings. Working hours are 8h00 till 16h30. Willing to share petrol cost. I can be contacted via email paulineThank you in advance.
Its 3h21 and still awake. Mosquitos having a feast and something else bothering me. A few days ago we were threatened by an *** that he will take us(Mitchells Plain Cricket Club) down. Yesterday our cloaks were broken in to. If this is your plan of a sick joke, then you must grow up. Elke hond kry sy dag maar n "vark" n long weekend. Eish ai ai
My thoughts and prayers with Shamiel Petersen and family. their son was tragically shot and killed near the Mitchells Plain Town Centre. Could not attend the Janaaza today. All strength to you Shamiel. Your pain is ours.
Somewhere in Mitchells Plain a young man walks wearing an Agüero Pirates jersey.
Mitchells Plain Rocklands puttn in working full length video filming in progress Gyea…
Yvonne from Mitchells Plain got a baby girl...they named her Cassidy Jellie.
Missing now Found: Mitchells Plain WC Lorna Mjikeliso 13 yrs 17 Jan 2014. Circumstances: She was last seen in...
The first youth cafe in Mitchells Plain
Shakeerah Suliman Diedericks White conquest apprehended by the police with 3 occupants in it on highlands drive close to swartklip in mitchells plain yesterday afternoon. CA789887. This type of information helped me find my car maybe it could help someone else also. *PS*
macaroons are 2 die 4 at Laduree in Paris, shopping at La Boqueria in Barcelona is bliss? May I recommend Le-Town Centre in Mitchells plain
Super excited to be performing tonight in Mitchells. Plain for the first time.
Man shot dead outside court A man appearing at the Mitchells Plain Magistrate’s Court was shot dead while leavin...
Mitchells Plain vs Crystal Palace at Santos academy, kick off 1830 followed by vs ASD ko 20:00 at Chucker rd. Tuesday sorted
Hi all, there are 7 openings for an indoor soccer team @ Mitchells Plain Fives. Inbox me if interested :-) Many Thanks
Directions to Lux Muni Centre in Mitchells Plain:  21 Vredendal St, Portlands M/Plain     The directions: Take the Sable rd turnoff into AZ Burman, over 6 robots turn right into Wespoort, go over 2 robots and the next street before the robots is Hazeldene turn left, then first right into Clanwilliam and first right into Vredendalstr. Lux Mundi Centre, 21 Vredendal St, Portlands M/Plain.     From Mitchell’s Plain Station or from the taxi rank or the Town Centre, cross the railway line at Mitchell’s Plain station and walk down Hazeldene Ave., until you get to Merruydale Ave, cross over and walk until you get to the Clanwilliam and Salisbury Rd intersection, turn left and then right into Vredendal St.  
MEC of Health, farmer Theuns Botha needs to come and clean up Strandfontein High! He used our school as a landfill site when building the Mitchells Plain Hospital. The people of Strandfontein will no longer take this blatant disregard from the DA Government! Come and clean up my school, Theuns!!!
Mbalula must be careful not to stray into Mitchells Plain any time soon:) LOL
Not playing at the moment, was at Ashley Rovers in Mitchells Plain last.. They still hold my clearance card
///BM SQUAD members time to get up and ready has always been tough getting back into the game after a break but we getting ready to ride together once again. This Friday 24th we making a fellow bm squad fan and bmw fanatic's night when we pull up at his 21st bday party where his going with the full bmw theme. We meet 7.30pm at Westgate Mall Mitchells Plain and convoy up, guys from Northern Suburbs we will post a suitable hookup spot where we can meet you. Lets make a night of it guys...non bm squad members also welcome. ///BM SQUAD
So.guy gets shot in broad daylight outside court...yep, mitchells Plain gangs have no fear lol.intense...see u in court guy lol
Youth Cafe opens in Mitchells Plain: MEC Albert Fritz officially opened the first Youth Cafe in Mitchells Plai...
When you send your kids to school where they equip their mind with the most powerful weapon against POVERTY, DRUGS and GANGSTERISM, remember to keep the family of Six-year-old Hope van der Merwe whom was shot dead in a park in Mitchells Plain last month. In that same shooting Jaden Dass (five) narrowly escaped death when he was wounded by one of those bullets. In 2012, the McKenzies had to say good bye to their 8 year old, Zunaid in Steenberg. NO ONE has still been arrested. Chloe Morris was aged four in 2010 when a stray bullet ripped through her neck in Beacon Valley. These are only a few cases that I could pick up where GANGSTERS impacted the lives of NOT yet teens. As a parent I could only imagine what these families went through as this unraveled. Take ten seconds to imagine your life after loosing your innocent little one to the actions of these SCUM. Now just imagine a whole lifetime without them. Whenever you're in the service of your Lord, keep these families in your prayer and ask The Creator to ...
I see the DA painted roads for votes & now myciti is gonna run from M/Plain but look at the posh bus stops blouberg has to mitchells plain
:Things look different when we looking at it from our knees in prayer. Mitchells Plain.
: If you don't do something with your life, your life will do something with you! Mitchells Plain
It was an incredible feeling to see the results of most of the first group of students from the Mitchells Plain Bursary and Role Model Trust ( Matric class of 2012) . Congratulations to the founding Trustee and Trustees . Most of all well done to the following amazing students for all their hard work in 2013 : Chanel Peterson from Mondale, Euline Pool from Oval North, Takalani Yolande Tshililo from Glendale, Nuraan George from Rocklands, Rabia Africa from Westridge, Zulfa Fredericks from Cedar, Cindy van Wyk from Spine Road, Abubakr Maker from Princeton, Wafeeqah Ely from Lentegeur, Nadeemah Daniels from Portlands, Yumnaa Ocks from Darul Arqam, Shavandre Klaaste from Woodlands.
Good day for Green Point Cricket Club. Wins for the 1st and 3D teams against Mitchells Plain and Hanover Park CC's respectively. Well done pointers.
do u know the name of the shop there by Mitchells plain side
can the DA councillor for Mitchells Plain please make contact.
Hopa! The crams stap now in Mitchells Plain somebody Tell The DJ
thought I'd let you know of all the networks your signal is the most horrible in Tafelsig Mitchells plain.
The EFF & ANC stand no chance in this years election in WCape. WHO ARE YOU?!! We have millions of DA supporters. 1 mil in Mitchells Plain.
Teemage hitmen as young as 14 are terrorising the streets of Mitchells Plain, and while police battle to curb ...
I take it you have never been to Khayelitsa, Nyanga, Langa, Gugulethu, Mitchells Plain and Philipi.
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