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Mitch Mitchell

John Ronald Mitch Mitchell (9 July 1947 – 12 November 2008) was an English drummer, best known for his work in The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Noel Redding Ginger Baker Keith Moon Eric Clapton John Lennon Keith Richards Steve Winwood Jack Casady Jimi Hendrix Experience Charlie Watts Phil Collins Buddy Rich Elvin Jones

I wanted Mitchell Ryan - so that the names would be together. She said no. But hey, I have a Ryan Jr. already! So M…
Love Island new boy Theo Campbell immediately becomes a fan favourite with his hilarious impression of Jonny Mitch…
Happy 19th Birthday Mitchell. I couldn't have asked for a greater son. I love you.
Greeny, now that you've made your friend Mitch famous, he'll now want to be called Mitchell
It's Mitch McConnell on the far right!- Like we can't *tell* that through the sheets!. GROW UP, MITCHELL!
Anyone else disturbed Hobby Lobby was traveling the world collecting ancient tablets and writing?. Isn't that how horro…
Can repay Laurie Daley’s enduring loyalty with victory in III?
Well said Mitchell - one of our industry's true thought leaders!
okay but I do not understand what I did to deserve Mitchell I'm so lucky *** 😍
Now kids dont fit over it. Their just trucks! Mitch ill take the crew cab. Jeremy ca…
Don't want it mitch. I want this 4500!!
More photos from the "Finz Finds A Ride In The Park" motorcycle charity ride. Thanks Richard Mitchell (Mitch) for...
Will Mitchell Trubisky be on the Bears sidelines early in the season?
Will Mitch Trubisky be on the sidelines early in season?: Bears rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky says he is…
Last week Mitch Mitchell challenged Kennedy Kendrick to a match tonight they get their hands on each other!
We are delighted to have Andrew 'Mitch' Mitchell on board with our and Counter tea…
Will Jakey be getting character references from Toby Mitchell?
Yes, me too. After you get to 30, the Mitch Mitchell response becomes strong.
The Bear’s Den, July 5, the Bears are on vacation, attention centers on Mitch Trubisky
Clarkson's contract ends the same time Mitchell's contract ends! Mitch's needs to learn the ropes. L-plate him at another club.
Clips of commit from TX 7v7 last wknd. ➡️
"Well we're here!" Mitchell hopped down from Ty's grip. Mitch 'invited' Skylar and Ty to watch fireworks with him. --
Mitchell Pearce would be most thankful DCE isn't eligible for NSW. Mitch is now a quality 7 but will never match the skills…
2018 guard DJ Mitchell will transfer from St. Vincent Pallotti (MD) to Oldsmar Christian School (FL)
UConn is the latest school to reach out to the 2018 guard DJ Mitchell. UVA & Wake Forest will be in tomorrow at Oldsmar Ch…
2018 DJ Mitchell grabs interest from UCONN & 2018 Akeil Shakoor picked up interest from IPFW.
Wake Forest and Virginia have shown interest in 2018 CG DJ Mitchell tonight!
Dj Mitchell 2018 CG picked up interest from the University of Florida today!
Kent State has offered Oldsmar 2017 big man Stefon Fisher & 2018 guard DJ Mitchell, per their coach
2017 Stefon Fisher & 2018 Elijah Weaver, DJ Mitchell, Michael Durr and Akeil Shakoor will all take an unofficial visit to…
Akeil Shakoor (2018) , DJ Mitchell (2018) and Stefon Fisher (2017) have picked up offers from Cleveland State, per
2018 G, DJ Mitchell finished strong at the Chic fil a with a 31pt performance in an Oldsmar Christian win
2018 DJ Mitchell, Elijah Weaver and company gearing up for Oldsmar Christian
Earlier video from today of 2018 DJ Mitchell throwing it down!. .
just offered 2018 guard DJ Mitchell (of per source.
Glad to hear 2018 DJ Mitchell is doing better. Get Well! Thoughts and Prayers.
Saw Ringo Starr, Mitch Mitchell, Keith Moon, Charlie Watts live-- well deserved fame. will link to Youtube vid that makes me dance
my personal top 5 would be Bonzo, Keith Moon, Mitch Mitchell, Copeland...and I guess Peart (even though I hate Rush)
Mitch Mitchell is up there for me as well
Yep, not least Mitch Mitchell and G. Baker. Charlie Watts came out of that tradition too.
Fantasy booking Mitch Mitchell vs Jason Kincaid for the WWF championship.
some people have feelings Mitchell. We don't all have dark cold souls like you.
Mitch Starc puts Aussies in a comfortable position on day one of the 2nd Test
Will Mitchell be able to pull off this last minute idea and finish his Captain Boomerang beanie?Stay tuned for this episode of:Probably not.
DL coach john Mitchell just made Cash Lyons do 4 reps in run drill vs 3 different O linemen. Easily reached on all 4. Mitch not pleased.
thanks Mitch, and for sure we gotta go to Colorado again!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Mitch Mitchell and Max Weinberg to fight over the top drummer spot now
Move over, fussy pour-overs. Time for a simpler cup of coffee:
Gotta love Mitch. Kevin Mitchell of the Cincinnati Reds wins the game versus the St. Louis C
(First date) So is Mike short for Michael? Him: It's Mitch. Me: Is Mitch short for Mitchell?
Dodatdareloner's Morning Notes Call me by name Levester or Mitchell or Mitch. Just don't do that retarded...
Hello Mitchell. Thank you for reaching out. Could you please DM us your specific location? Thank you!
Best biz/marketing idea and I have had yet: using Illuminati and Jaden Smith in marketing copy.
When Mitchell wants you at his house at 10 but he is sound asleep and not even ready..smh😅
I would love to play lead stomach in the Jimi Hendrix Experience. I would supplement Mitch Mitchell's drumming by
How Houston's paper of record plans to expand its reach and better serve its suburbs.
After not having my phone for a month and a half.. MITCHELL YAKE IS BACK ON THE GRID
Mitchell Wiese, 6'7" RHP/1B from back to healthy. Article is here:
One of our brightest-Mitchell Obenour-U.S. Navy and is being deployed to Diego Garcia-Indian Ocean. THANKS, MITCH !!.
.My hubby's name is Mike (too common), so at restaurants he gives the name Mitch, after Mitch Mitchell.
Thank you Paul Ryan and Mitch Mitchell for this invasion. You funded this abomination.
2..with drummer Mitch Mitchell, organist Steve Winwood & bassist Jack Casady. Bassist Noel Redding left the studio.
Concordia artist Mitch Mitchell: ‘If I die, I will meet you in the sun’
Curator of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia is proud to mount Mitch Mitchell's new work
How important do you think that Jones-to-Mitch Mitchell-to-Chad Smith drum legacy is to the average music lover today?
A true pioneer of electric guitar sound. Did you also know the "Father of Loud" gave drum lessons to Mitch Mitchell?
In 1968, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, a trio that included Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell, performed at the Paul Sauvé Arena in Montreal.
Keith Moon over Mitch Mitchell is nonsense. Elvin Jones not in top 20 is nonsense. Phil Collins above is nonsense.
Two little girls found dead, mother stabbed at Benbrook home. Mitch Mitchell reports.
I love Stewart Copeland. As does Neil. But even Neil worshipped at the drum throne of Moony. Mitch Mitchell also up there.
Imagine if John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards and Mitch Mitchell played a Beatles tune🤔 (it occurred and it was flawless)
Mitch Mitchell reacted to your reply of Mark Smith's comment-like on Anna Jones's profile status video posted by Jane Kidd. -the future
Jimi doing his thing...(gotta love any band that has a Mitch Mitchell in it :-)
Y'all need a 15 minute dose of Jimi (with Steve Winwood, Jack Casady, and Mitch Mitchell). Go ahead. Light up the...
Jimi on vocal & lead guitar, Mitch Mitchell on drums, Steve Winwood on Hammond B-3, Jack Casady on bass. This...
This is a tough one. So many great drummers. Ginger Baker, John Bonham, Mitch Mitchell, Keith Moon...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Mitul.middle?..mitch? Mitchell? .. No always had to break it down... Mit tool= mitul
What ya worried about there Mitchell? About that respect for the Process! Indeed for now almost Eight Years...
Last Scotsman to do any good in the Yemen was "Mad Mitch" Lieutenant colonel Colin Campbell Mitchell.
or Mitch's caught your attention in Australian cricket?
PV's Mitchell like trying to catch the wind. gain of 20.
Every time I grill broccoli I feel like Mitch Hedberg. "Hey dad, can you flip that tiny floret of broccoli?"
Thank you to everyone who made this day possible. I give you... Mitchell the peanut butter baby
John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards , Mitch Mitchell . doesent get any better than this
It's like I'm drunk with Scott and Mitch
For Bryce Mitchell, Nothing Bad Can Come of WSOF Debut: Winning is always the goal, but undefeated Bryce Mitch...
Whenever I drink I always think 'wow I wish I was with Scott and Mitch and their crew'
.says Apple's new GarageBand is a powerful music-making app for the masses
Ben: "I wanna invent a jacket for your legs". "Pants"
is anyone else obsessed with the fact Mitch and Scott go sing at karaoke bars bc I sure am
Nawww. Congratulations India. PS. Mitch Marsh is still my new favourite Mitchell.
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. Awesome. . How can anyone not love Mitch Mitchell!?
Seeing Warner ran out Sean Mitch should Mitchell Marsh run out Warner before he's next?
Want to join Mitch for a jog tomorrow?. It's all for a good cause. .
- Panthers put Mitchell on IR, out for weekend games: SUNRISE, Fla. - Willie Mitch...
Happy birthday to my good friend Mitchell
"Mitch has an attitude problem I feel bad for him" guess who
Shay Mitchell is gorgeous AF... and this star looks just like her! Ugh, luckyyy
If you are wondering how to choose the right agent and agency for you. Check out Mitch's latest blog:...
Can't wait to do absolutely NOTHING all weekend. Literally not one thing except snuggle with Tiffany Puss and Mama Mitch 👭🐱
"Tony Mitchell, in particular, offers an evocative eyewitness account...". A review of Bahrain’s Uprising
of course, I love Neil Peart. Bonzo, Mitch Mitchell, Keith Moon, Peart, Buddy Guy, Nick Mason. Some of my favorites
Please. I wrote that stonecold sober. Now, however, after that wkt-less over by Mitch Mitchell Hazlemitch I need a drink! EARNT!
My fav of Jimi's trios is him, Billy Cox, and Mitch Mitchell
man should now be with the big doing a jam reunite Jimmy Hendrix,Mitch Mitchell, Dede, Johnny and Joe and many more
Pop leads the league in techs, Mitchell is third.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
When Pop and Sam Mitchell both get techs in a game, chances are you really are calling bad fouls
So Scott and Mitch are going to Fiji for three days before flying back to LA for NYE?... 😂 they are crazy I s2g
My Maiden Name @ The Wormhole on NYE along with Perpetual Care and Mitch Mitchell
How much do you bet Scott and Mitch spend the full holiday in Fiji, drunk?🙌
Prayers for Diane Mitchell McCoy, Hope Mitchell and especially Mitch Becton and the rest of the family on the...
Mitch when was ur name tagged in This 😂
Kernels close first half on a dunk by Mitch Price. Mitchell trails Woodinville 45-28 at the Corn Palace.
EastEnders: Billy Mitchell proposes to Honey again – and she says YES!
they are THAT close, that you can see the hair on Mitch's wig move when Scott sings (not to make things worse)
cool you didn't wish me happy bday MITCH
I love him for his relationship with Mitch, lord knows they are the real dream team
Mitchell you look like a baby clinging onto it's mother
Mitchell Coby Mike Grassi, professionally known as Mitch Grassi, be a Gangsta thug
ur pictures with Mitch are very very cute
I do not want to be around people I want to just focus on ptx and Mitch pls
Get your iPhone insurance today!
I want some pictures of Mitch in his white acne shoes
someone on tv called Mitchell my little Mitch keeps popping he's head up every time he hears. so cute.
Airing on - President's Choice Award winner Mitch Grayson of - details research. ht…
I'm here again and I love how Mitch just sits there and laughs at Scott
vodka Mitchell enjoys meeting new people and being social. Very loud and social!
John Mitchell, Hey Look at the Latest Secret info to get 12 Months on XBox Membership, Check it now on my Profile !
[The Roar]Former Mariners attacker Mitchell Duke was given just a couple of da…
Useless fact! The last time Australia's Test side had just one Mitch/Marsh was March 2014 v South Africa (Mitchell Johnson).
Mitchell I'll support you no matter what IM just trying to be a good friend JEEZ
Never forget the episode of Superfruit where Mitch talked about getting in front of Colton Haynes
no you don't Mitchell Wayne. Go with us!
unless it was Mitch. I'd only say no for Mitchell
what do you think to our hashtag Kevin? What do you love about Mitch?
Mitch reads the tag with tears in his eyes, walking to Scott's room to show him it. Scott just hugs him, telling him he deserves the world.
Mitchell : Mitch_Kleier,, Did Y0u know that u could get an iPh0ne 6s without buying it? Check my bi0. Thx
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Okay so I am crying now Mitch you deserve the world I s2g, you are incredible
Mitch you deserve all the kindness in the world, all the time! it breaks my heart that u don't see that
Mitch deserves all the success in the world not only bc he's so talented but so genuine and kind and amazing
I always think this account is you and I'm just like *** Mitchell" in my head then I laugh bc I'm dumb
MITCHELL WAYNE MYRICK: Reidsville, NC: Mitchell Wayne “Mitch” Myrick, 70, went to be with the Lord Saturday De...
honestly I want Mitch to read this hashtag so bad
wow let's talk about Mitch's stage presence because she is one of the most captivating performers i've ever seen
because we love Mitch and wanted to show her i guess started it!
I think about Mitch's hair daily tbh
do you think Mitch had an inspiration for his hairstyle? Or do you think he just sort of went with what he was feeling?
Deji Olatoye with an INT now. Great moves to promote and play Olatoye and Mitchell these last 2 weeks
What? I'd put Mickey Dolenz up there with Mitch Mitchell and maybe Buddy Rich.
Ginger Baker from Cream? What about Mitch Mitchell from Jimi's band?? But that said Bonzo demo
Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding of the Jimi Hendrix Experience performing on the BBC's Happening (January 1969)
In 1966, the Jimi Hendrix Experience was formed in London, with Jimi on guitar, Noel Redding on bass and Mitch Mitchell playing drums.
Today in '66, Jimi Hendrix, Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding played together for the first time.
60s/70s rock drummers like Danelli, Ginger Baker, Ian Paice, Bonzo & Mitch Mitchell all idolized jazz cats that's why t…
hazelnut today, Mitchell. Pumpkin Spice is for occasions.
Come home to a little hamster that Mitch brought me 😻🐹 over the🌛 love Mitchell X
I really like the name Mitchell for a son. Call him Mitch
Mitch Mitchell and Andy Collins smashing it today...!!
Happy birthday to Mitchell Beeney who turns 20 today.
No way Cyril had a better game than Mitchell & Frawley. I must have watched a diff game! 1 judge gave Mitch nuffin
Mitchell or hodge. My vote is Mitch.
just heard Mitchell Hope is a runner up for power rangers AND looking for Alaska!! Super exciting! Good luck!
Mitch Mitchell has been the reservation in the back of my mind this whole time. There were some.
Just uploaded "Episode 10: The Civil War in Current Issues with Dr. Mitch..." to Listen up!
Win 2 tickets for screening/party for Angelica with and dir. Mitchell Lichtenstein! Please RT!
I liked a video from Mitch Mitchell vs Bucky Wells 9/29/15
My first exposure to Blab: conversation with Mitch Mitchell What an intriguing livestream concept.
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And now a cute baby pic! My days would be much less exciting if it weren't for my two amazing boys!
Here are some statistics from the CDC for 2013. Homicides: 16,121, gun related 11,208, other means 4,913;...
Congrats to my man Mitch Pehlke on his verbal commitment to play lacrosse at OSU!!
playing a Victorian rival that day, Mitchell - even keel. Only a handful remain from that team. Temp hit 27 tomorrow 30.
So Mrs. "Mitchell" was auto-corrected to "Mitch lol".. Wonder what happens if the teacher saw that.. hmm.. >:]
Steve Smith says Mike Mitchell is ‘on my lifetime hit list': Pittsburgh Steelers safety Mike Mitch...
Sex to Mitch Mitchell or Lawrence Welk is acceptable.
Listening to Jimi playing and the drumming of Mitch Mitchell is love
Can Mitch take home Charlie?. We've taken a look at his chances.
"Every one of us is replaceable". Mitch says the playing group's flexibility is important.
sorry Mitch thought this was ur girls when I saw the profile pic
Ahhh my fav! Happy birthday Mitch! I hope it was amazing and so glad we're in leadership this year! 😄💚🎉🎂
Bragging rights bc Mitchell is the best
Spent all that time trying to learn from Mitchell today, and I can't remember the most important part. Sorry Mitch.
Steely McBeam and Mitch are ready for this TNF game
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An attack on "the Jungle" Mitch Mitchell describes a brutal police attack on a camp in
what kind of life does interest you Mitchell?
Do you know what a health care revenue cycle consultant is? If not, check out my interview w/via
Also born today, Tom Hanks, Jack White, Fred Savage (Kevin on Wonder Years) and Mitch Mitchell (drummer for Hendrix).
This is definitely my favourite diagram of the week.
you're in the wrong place Mitchell, it's 26 degrees where I live
you suck Mitch and I watch First Take eryday
From now on I want to be called Mitch or Mitchell. I need to grow up.
Thanks SC Rep. Mitchell Jr. for tour of ReGenesis Project. Great example of revitalization! $20K from EPA now…
aye I think it's meek as well Mitch🙌
That could've been a lot of factors, Mr Mitchell. Was that your 1st paid campaign? and yes, "high quality" is overused.
Why wasn't Apple Music named after iTunes? To me, it's been obvious for years. .
Photoset: shaymspain: Shay Mitchell is August cover girl on seventeen.
Is that the legend himself 'Mitch' Anthony Mitchell who has taken on the awesome
What if the Allies had lost World War I?
These kids were hitting mitchell off in a GB and then they started wrong map LOLOL
Lovely weather here. Mitch Mitchell on drums.
Bobby Vasquez, the guy who drives Astros' train, is Cal Ripken of team mascots via
Kitty litter - savior to baseball games, destroyer of radioactive waste plants.
RIP sound machine 2.0. You'll have to forgive someone for your abbreviated service. No names will be…
Amazing performance by Gail with Mitchell Anderson last Wednesday at Coopers, Newtown. Mitch, who's on tomorrow?
Report: 25 percent of Americans spend more than half of their income on rent
Mitch ditched extreme pace after Hughes death (Sport)
- Hi Mitchell. We've got an article on what you can expect for jury duty:
omg Mitchell how could i forget u and your $HW😦 it's prob cause I haven't seen u in 5ever.
Mitch ditched extreme pace after Hughes death
If your man hasn't tried the Mitch line by Paul Mitchell stop in to the salon and we can recommend the product...
Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell had a similar "experience."
Noel Redding & Mitch Mitchell had afros, does that make them black?
Born today but no longer with us: Les Paul, Johnny Ace, Jackie Wilson, Jon Lord, Mitch Mitchell, Trevor Boulder
Wow! Jimi Hendrix was 23, Noel Redding & Mitch Mitchell were both 20 when they recorded "Are You Experienced"
so right about Keith Moon.special mentions to Ginger Baker, Mitch Mitchell actually clem Burke. Also roger taylor
Noel Redding is the other side of Jimi. Can't see Mitch Mitchell though...
to congratulate Mitch Marner on being named the Pioneer Energy OHL Player of the Week!
Dickipedia is "The HuffPost Show"'s comprehensive wiki of *** Our inaugural entry is Mitch McConnell. Addison Mitchell "Mitch"
Seth curry? Come on Mitch! Get it right he plays in the D league
whos your gym teacher ill go ask on Tuesday ;)
Simple bet with Mitchell. We win, I get his WBO European belt. Thanks Mitch 👌😂 Great day. Thank you…
ICYMI: There's one part of the Tampa trade that really likes:
Pride in Mann: Ian is ‘one in a million’: Ian Mitchell is so popular in Peel there was even an ‘Ian Mitch...
Mitch, what's your favorite video that Mitchell Davis has made?
happy Passover Mitch! Fun coincidence, my middle name is actually Mitchell
Everyone's heard The Jimi Hendrix Experience cover of "Hey Joe;" Mitch Mitchell's drumming is what makes that song great
this is very hurtful Mitchell we were only trying to help
Every time they say Mitchell I freak out because I never know if it's our Mitch or their Mitch--
Keith played bass as a member of The Dirty Mac w John Lennon, Eric Clapton & Mitch Mitchell at the Rock'n'Roll Circus
*Mitch's playing grand theft auto". Mitch: mom what should I kill this lady with? mom: Mitchell it's Easter! Mitchell: a dagger? Ok😂😂😭
This is one of the reasons why Mitch Mitchell is one of my favorite drummers. One of the best.
Annual Easter pic with my favorites:)
😂😂😂 he said Mitchell lol just listen fam, even if you can't mess with the beats
Mom:"Mitchell, where is all your paychecks going!?". Me: " Raves and drugs"
Mel and Mitch At Cerretti Chapel Beautiful bridal table setting for Melliza and Mitchell's Wedding at...
Eli is positive by 69 and Mitch is only positive by 53🐸☕️
D2 285: Southern Door's Mitchell Overbeck w/pin to advance to semis
Incredible on Get the Men's Grooming Kit for just £28 (was £125!):
Yet, in 1969, Hendrix was with Gypsys, Suns & Rainbows and Mitch Mitchell played drums with them.
My former professor Mitch Silber writing in Fighting Islamic State in Brooklyn
You're...might want to pay a little more attention in that school you son of a mitch
Mitch you're honestly obsessed. Like I don't even care anymore 😂😂
Once again Mitchell is in palm beach and I'm in 25 degree weather staring at an anatomy textbook in the library . Mitch wins.
Missing my buddy We are and always were goons, on and off the field.
Legends never die. Rest in Peace Mitchell Adam Lucker. You will alwa
Mitchell, I'm done here, I'm moving to CA. I'm so tired of being cold.
you deserve to love yourself more Mitchell
Mitchell Burgess~ The mellow sweetness of pumpkin pie off a prison spoon is something you will never forget.
Watch out mitchell he might go tell his dean
Mitchell... You bailed out on formal.. How am I supposed to trust you on this one?😂
Listen to The Funeral (K.MItch X Pharaoh) by Keagan Mitchell on Bless your ears
yesterday's question: the first = Peter Criss when was 5. then Mitch Mitchell when he was 15.
Mitchell, the explanation for seeing blue and black is that you're depressed. ouch. I'm here if you need me 😜
Mitchell won't even go to the Y with me... Good luck
Watching the dude mitch go emm nasty bro
nah like the photo just randomly changed colors and I don't like any of this, Mitch.
great film, amazing the people in his house band - Clem Cattini, Mitch Mitchell, Richie Blackmore, Chas Hodges - top musicians.
Ex-Jet Johnny Mitchell -- "Johnny Mitch" to Carroll -- asks meandering question. Hopefully Kyle Brady or Blair Thomas will be more concise.
Hi Mitchell Lowe Wanna get 300.000 clash of clans gems for FREE? Check this secret tricks:
Mitch Daniels is right - Student Debt Harms the Economy via
This is mitchell cormier, hes making fun of mitch for having a brother with aspergers, colton miracle,
Mitch bud we all know Kruz likes me better.
Gotta love Mitch's determination but has he pulled the right rein?
K Sentard and Mitchell are the cutest.
Finally got to link up wit my ace Mitch Mitchell . Real good dude right here. If I ever go to jail just call...
I get sick and tired of seeing these year end musical questions every year about the Top Ten Greatest Drummers of All Time. Really, John Bohnam? I'm sorry but John Bohnam, Ginger Baker, Keith Moon, Mitch Mitchell, etc were all excellent drummers, maybe even great, but no way do any of them belong on a top ten list. None of them could lick the loafers of Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Joe Morello, Max Roach, Philly Joe Jones, Kenny Clarke, Art Blakey, Elvin Jones, Earl Palmer or Ed Shaughnessy. Now there's a top ten list.
My 4 favorite drummers from the 60's/70's have to be Ginger Baker, Phil Collins, Mitch Mitchell, and Bill Bruford though.
10 Legendary Rock Drummers Rob O'Connor Writer December 3, 2014 These days, most drummers keep time. They play to “click tracks” in the studio and nothing much really happens. But there was a time when the drummer seemed to lead the band. And leading a band when you’re someone like, say, Mitch Mitchell, and you’ve got, say, Jimi Hendrix on guitar is a pretty hefty assignment. The following 10 are the ones who quickly came to my mind. Like a speed round without second-guessing, I made this list *** — I left off Ginger Baker and John Densmore). And the list could not include R&B drummers, otherwise Al Jackson and a very different list would occur. It couldn’t include guys who were mostly session guys — so Steve Gadd and Jim Keltner were nixed. And they really had to be folks where the band wouldn’t be the same without them — and in the case of the Who, aren’t. They’re not even necessarily the “best” drummers, though I’d argue that greatness is not technically facility but being . ...
Jimi Hendrix was born on this date in 1942. He was an African-American blues and rock guitarist known for his innovative playing of the electric guitar and as a symbol of the 1960s youth counterculture. Born, Johnny Allen Hendrix, in Seattle, Washington, Hendrix’s father, James “Al” Hendrix, later changes his son’s name to James Marshall. James Marshall Hendrix eventually became known as Jimi Hendrix. He was of mixed African and Cherokee American ancestry. Hendrix taught himself to play the guitar and while in high school joined a rhythm and blues band that performed locally. From 1962 to 1965 he traveled throughout the United States as a lead guitarist for several rhythm and blues artists. In 1966, while leading his own band in Greenwich Village in New York City, where he had attracted a small following, Hendrix was noticed by British rock musician Chas Chandler, who took him to London and introduced him to Noel Redding, a bass player, and Mitch Mitchell, a drummer. As a trio, they formed the gro ...
Joe Sheriff to fight Mitch Mitchell this weekend in Walsall - WBN - World Boxing News via Thomas Tolkien
Would appreciate it if you liked 'Deepminded Mitchell' "deepmindd_mitch Yeaa sure"
(Aww) how! 'sweet' shay Mitchell, adorable. little puppies I cant wait for the Pll Christmas special this week so excited
Good luck to 2 former Hawks playing in huge playoff games today and ! 2 of the best to ever wear…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Mitch getting that all conference team tho👌
Game day, national championship series! OLine/DLine KICK THEIR *** from the start!
"Zach Mitchell named All first team ! way to go mitch!!
Mitchell: Lily honey go sit there and be daddy's secretary. *phone rings*. Lily: Daddy's office, Hello. Lolest, priceless look on Mitch's face
when I was working there we just heading to sinsations at Mitchell. But that's not for everyone.
We're very proud that our Founder, Dr. Mitch Rosenthal, was honored as a Living Landmark of NYC:
reading this article you could easily replace Dewani for and Clfford for Pinky Mitchell
Mitchell and ness are the most over rated brand
and in 1966. Soon after, Jimi played with Mitch Mitchell...
Carleton rookies Sheldon McIntosh, Mitchell Wood, Mitch Jackson & Connor Branch getting good minutes in dominance over Laurier.
Andy Mitchell scores, then answer back. 5-2. Mitch Roulston coming into the game.
nuh uh. we're equally cute . The Mitchell family has good genes 😉
It has been two years since Mitch has passed... R.I.P Mitchell Adam Lucker. “The dead are living.”
omg im so sorry for your loss mitch 💔💔 I'll pray for you
Hey guys!Appreciate patience on release of my album!If interested for booking inquires contact Mitch Smith at mitchell
Honored to have to these guys in front of me. My big brothers, thank you for everything.
Mitch being announced at his own party as a successful and very disease-free gentleman.
stop making up malicious lies Mitchell 😬😯
Who wants to be the wonderful soul to drive a young mitchell home from school?
Congrats to for putting in the work to reach the next level!!
Headed to Warren Mitchell's funeral in Limon today. Mitch was a Great coach! Great teacher! Great man!!
Mitch just got battered by an 80 year old
You learn something new every day! Mitch's shop on Pier 39 in San Francisco was actually called Mitchell's...
yes Mitchell I am getting bombed with Katherine singing in snapchats & now I need ibuprofen😞
ugh thank u Mitchell I know I'm uneducated
A very happy birthday to my dear friend, Love you, Mitchell!
I had a speech prepared and everything for Mitch tonight and he doesn't even show up...
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