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Mitch McConnell

Addison Mitchell Mitch McConnell, Jr. (born February 20, 1942), is the senior United States Senator from Kentucky.

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This so nails it about Mitch McConnell. No soul, just thirst for power. Wake up, Kentucky! Boot him out!
Read on why Mitch McConnell's mark on history will be a black one:
Romney has spoken to Mitch McConnell about running for Senate if Orrin Hatch doesn't seek reelection. https…
Mitch McConnell your a piece of work! Along with Trump, roger Ayers and Bill O'Reilly! I cant believe any of you are in government!
Mitch McConnell goes nuclear to break Supreme Court filibuster Thank for destroying norms
Neil Gorsuch will ensure a more lucrative kleptocracy for Trump&Co thanks to Mitch McConnell using the nuclear option.
Opinion | Mitch McConnell can explain that he doesn't trifle with American institutions
Another one,bites the dust..All of them will fall. I want Mitch McConnell to get" FIRED" too.
Remember this Thad Cochran? We do! Your Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said it and you said…
The Neil Gorsuch saga is just proof that Republicans have broken the Senate
Mitch McConnell thinks Vladimir Putin should pick our SCOTUS and he wants to use the to defend Putin's rights.
Mitch McConnell broke the Senate when he ignored Merrick Garland | Salon
Face of Entitlement: Mitch McConnell: "Under the guise of helping more people... [Obamacare] undercut a system of p…
Mitch McConnell's actions are Un-AMERICAN. Good luck Kentucky when Mexico stops buying your corn.. thank McConnell!
"No one is making our Republican colleagues change the rules," Sen. Chuck Schumer says on possible "nuclear option"
If there is any justice in this country, the people of Kentucky will move heaven and earth to oust Mitch McConne…
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Sen Reid managed to avoid changing the rules for years even tho Mitch McConnell obstructed Obama on everything.
U.S. House of Representatives: Impeach Senator Mitch McConnell - Sign the Petition! via I signed, will you?
BREAKING: Mitch McConnell sets vote for Thursday on Senate rule change over Neil Gorsuch's high court confirmation https:/…
Destroying the integrity of the Congress United States of America would nuke Mitch McC…
Mitch McConnell: GOP evening the score by using 'nuclear option' for Gorsuch.
Mitch McConnell takes first official steps toward blocking the Neil Gorsuch filibuster
Mitch McConnell takes first step toward "going nuclear" on Gorsuch nomination
I think Mitch McConnell's continual fixation on obstruction is a signal that he personally struggles with constipat…
Mitch McConnell says going nuclear on Gorsuch wouldn’t send Senate into chaos
Mitch McCon strikes again: McConnell backs investigation into Rice on Flynn unmasking
Never forget, Mitch McConnell is a terrible person.
tricky because they are from red states. We dont support them we likely get new repug…
There is no slimier human being than Mitch McConnell
Go for Launch: Mitch McConnell Tees Up Showdown on Constitutional Option - Breitbart via
Here's Mitch McConnell admitting he only blocked Merrick Garland because it was Obama
MItch McConnell is a thief who cannot be rewarded for his bad, unAmerican behavior.
Mitch McConnell has to lose at some point He hs hurt the country so much
If Mitch McConnell invokes the nuclear option for Gorsuch, this is on the GOP. They blocked Merrick Garland unfairly.
Mitch McConnell would rather destroy the Senate and its traditions than ever to compromise. It was their obstruction that…
Obamacare is more popular than Trump, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and the GOP's Obamacare repeal and replace bill https:/…
Mitch McConnell, holding a lit fuse and a match, says Democrats are making him blow up the Senate
Liberals meltdown after Mitch McConnell says that Neil Gorsuch ‘will be’ confirmed
Like the rest of the Mitch McConnell pandered to racist Republican voters by obst…
Mitch McConnell says Congress will strike a deal to avoid government shutdown when current spending law expires.
Mitch McConnell is a thief. He shut off Garland without even a hearing so that the the arrogant gop could force their gorsuch onto th Court.
Lead Democrat Mitch McConnell of the Republican Party ready to fight for Marxist values!
"Neil Gorsuch will be confirmed this week. How that happens will depend on the Democrats in the Senate" - Mitch McConnell
‘That’s an absurd question’: Mitch McConnell melts down as Chuck Todd grills him for blocking Merrick Garland
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he’s seen no evidence of Trump surveillance
"Democrats close in on 41 votes to block Gorsuch; Mitch McConnell reiterates that he's prepared to kill the
"No," Mitch McConnell says flatly when asks if he's seen any evidence to suggest any one in Obama admin spied on Tru…
Mitch McConnell Is Daring Democrats To Filibuster Gorsuch. I hope they do it
"Our nominee was Merrick Garland. Mitch McConnell broke 230 yrs of precedence & didn't call him up 4 a vote."-
Does a less moderate exist? Make McConnell sell his soul. That's on Mitch if he goes nuclear.…
On Mitch McConnell says its been 80 yrs since a SCOTUS vacancy was filled in an election year. False. Kennedy was c…
Mitch Mcconnell knows it is better to side with President Trump instead of being against President Trump
Mitch McConnell does not want an Independent investigation because it will take him down.
Mitch McConnell, use the nuclear option. .
Liberals meltdown after Mitch McConnell tells Sunday shows that Neil Gorsuch ‘will be’ confirmed http…
1. Mitch McConnell's distortions about the history of SCOTUS nominations here are pretty breathtaking.
Mitch McConnell cannot answer why he refused to allow even a vote on President Obama's Supreme Court nominee.
Why Democrats Need to Call the Mitch McConnell’s Bluff and Filibuster Neil Gorsuch
This is the 1986 letter by Coretta Scott King that Mitch McConnell couldn't bear to hear read aloud in the Senate:
Mitch McConnell is a liar, Neil Gorsuch is an extremist, & Trump is under FBI investigation. No Probe, No Robe. https…
Mitch McConnell guarantees Neil Gorsuch will be confirmed on April 7
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During yoga, Mitch McConnell divulges to President Trump that White House employees are building the wall. Alex Jones discovers reddit.
.is prepared to force Mitch McConnell to try to invoke the "nuclear option" over Neil Gorsuch
🇺🇸 Mitch McConnell: Neil Gorsuch 'will be confirmed' for Supreme Court post 👈 see here 🇺🇸 https…
With this nominee, we need to afford the same courtesy Mitch McConnell afforded Barack Obama – no courtesy a…
Hard to believe that the Great Compromiser's seat is now filled by Mitch McConnell, the Great Obstructor
republicans R waking up Mike Pence to the republican lies that U & trump Mitch McConnell &Paul Ryan spew your lies are catching up
yes please, and how about Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence!
I curse Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Mike Flynn, John Kelly & Sean 'Heinous' Hannity with the pangs of childbirth, curse of Emain Macha.
We need to investigate YOU, Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell.
reminder that the CBO director was appointed by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell:
they can also go to *** Mitch McConnell,Betsy DeVos,Steve Bannon,Jeff Sessions,Alex Jones,Oscar Goodman,and Jesse Ventura,
Let's NOT forget who Elaine Chao is.the wife of Mitch McConnell!
Mitch McConnell didn't mince words when asked whether Mexico would reimburse the US for the border wall — "Uh, NO.".
Mitch McConnell & Paul Ryan were told about hacking before election & they did NOTHING. History wil…
Well unless you're going to take Mike Pence Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell too!
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Several years ago, the leader Mitch McConnell came out right on TV saying they will say no to every Prez Obama wanted.
The political class includes Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan, disproving your claim about Trump:
The only nightmare in Kentucky today was Mike Pence (unless Mitch McConnell was there too.)
Mitch McConnell, aka, Mr Jowls, and his buddy Eddie Haskell (Paul Ryan)
Why is VP Pence praising Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell? Why doesn't he challenge the majority leader to lead not obstruct.
Will senate leader Sen. Mitch McConnell surprise us by getting to the bottom of the breach by Russians?
& Paul Ryan is a TRAITOR. Mitch McConnell is a TRAITOR. Mike Flynn is a TRAITOR. Rex Tillerson is a TRAITOR. Mike Pence is a…
. You guys are campaigning for 2020. No SCOTUS confirmations during a campaign. Mitch McConnell said so.
Mitch McConnell is a poor leader. Out of touch with American Citizens.
Mexico will not pay for Donald Trump's border wall, admits Senate leader Mitch McConnell
someone send Mitch McConnell home. Proof we need term and age limits on Congress. He's leader of the swamp
don't forget fearless leader Mitch McConnell
Mitch McConnell says Mexico will not pay for the border wall
RINO Mitch McConnell now tells us tax cuts will have to wait... McConnell and Ryan are not conservatives they are globalists.…
Politico asked McConnell if he thought Mexico would pay for the wall: "Uh, no.” $25 Billion promise broken.
Did Mitch McConnell mention lending the Mexicans the money until they can save up a little? Build the…
If actually gets his I hope every inch of it gets covered in
When asked today if Mexico would pay for a border wall, Mitch McConnell said no. explains the wall's many…
Politico McConnell to GOP: 'We need to deliver' on Obamacare repeal Politico Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell…
Story: McConnell defends his decision to essentially kill the Garland nomination, saying it paid off politically
Analysis | Mitch McConnell&refreshingly honest answer about Mexico paying for the border wall
I just realize that Mitch McConnell looks EXACTLY like cupcake dog and now you have to see it too
“As you know, I played arguably the single biggest role in having the [SCOTUS] vacancy there,” McConnell said.
I said this about Mitch McConnell recently, but now I'm saying it about Paul Ryan: idk if he's actually evil or just unintelligent.
Mitch McConnell finally told one truth in his life
Mitch says that Mexico will not pay for wall. Bill is on US taxpayers. Better get him back in line
McConnell on Mexico paying for the border wall: 'Uh, no' via
"Uh, no.". Watch Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell respond to being asked if Mexico will pay for border wall
Does Mitch McConnell believe Mexico will pay for a wall along the border?. "Uh, no," he said before laughing
"Uh, no." -Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell responds to reporter asking if he believes Mexico will pay for border wall.
A "medical mystery ,” scientists are baffled by the ability of Mitch McConnell $ Paul Ryan to stand upright without the ben…
"C'mon President Trump, c'mon Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, show us you care about first responders because we're all watching…
All Kentucky men should go to their barber and request the Rand Paul or Mitch McConnell special.
I wonder how serious Mitch McConnell thinks it is that Sessions lied under oath, on a scale of 1 to Reading A Letter from…
John Tester just laughed the entire hearing, Mitch McConnell had turtle business to attend within 10 minutes of arriving
who are you to tell them what to do, did you say that to Mitch McConnell when he blocked President Obama at everything.
In fairness Mitch McConnell has looked like that ever since he witnessed the opening of the Ark of the Covenant.
Hey folks, get to 9700 bluegrass parkway and protest Mitch McConnell with me. We'll be out there for a few hours so come when you can
Remember: Mitch McConnell maneuvered to destroy Obamacare coops, causing premiums to rise before election
I'm not one for rumors but I heard Mitch McConnell had his chin removed so he could suck his own ***
Mitch McConnell confronted by protests in Kentucky via
. McConnell is an He is the who stole He is a 🐢
Steve Bannon needs to grow some lips and Mitch McConnell needs to find his neck. . I'm so tired of seeing their faces. 🚮🚮
Kentucky this is Rose Perkins talking to you & Mitch McConnell. You go backwards every yr, drugs filling every county whil…
Mitch McConnell today on Trump: "I sort of make a distinction between what he's doing and what he's saying."
Mitch McConnell will be speaking to the Chamber of Commerce at the Hotel Covington in KY, Feb. 23 at 11:30 am. The prote…
Watch this frustrated woman yell at Sen. Mitch McConnell during a luncheon in Kentucky
Oh, yeah? Try living with Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul. You'd spend the entire jackpot on anti-depressants.
Mitch McConnell's meeting went so badly he had to hide in his shell until everyone left.
Lol "from time to time." . Congratulations Mitch McConnell, you've just won the understament of the year award! 🏆
Mitch McConnell is the top congressional recipient of donations from lobbyists. This is him speeding past his constituents…
I hate when I accidentally microwave a breast implant and it turns into a Mitch McConnell.
Watch Mitch McConnell Nearly COLLAPSE IN FEAR at Town Hall - This Is TERRIFYING! [VIDEO] also got an … ht…
Protestors now lining both sides of the street outside Sen Majority Leader Mitch McConnell event in Jeffersontown,
- Mitch McConnell you enjoying all the negative attention you're receiving, no problem there's more where that came fr…
Mitch McConnell Unhappy When they finally oust trump for TREASON, I think Mitch should go too, he knew plenty & puts PARTY be…
It's so very pleasing to watch Mitch McConnell get chewed out by a constituent
Mitch McConnell shows what interacting with a robot that can't emulate empathy, emotions or facial expressions does to people
Another day, another warm welcome for McConnell. Big crowd in Louisville, KY shouts "No bans, no walls! Mitch McConnell ta…
A woman confronts Sen. Mitch McConnell as congressional Republicans face angry constituents back home
Angry constituent gives Mitch McConnell the what for
Republicans skipping town halls with constituents should recall the ad that first got Mitch McConnell to the Senate: https…
Fun fact: Mitch McConnell's first wife, Sherrill Redmon, went on to be a feminist scholar at Smith College in Massachusetts
channels spirit in rant against Mitch McConnell
I liked a video from Sen. Mitch McConnell arrived at Anderson County luncheon
I still find myself imitating Michael Pitt's Mason Verger voice sometimes, but now it just sounds like a Mitch McConnell impression.
Protesters caught up with Sen. Mitch McConnell on Tuesday at an Anderson County Chamber of Commerce luncheon
"If you can answer any of that, I'll sit down and shut up like Elizabeth Warren." - Constituent to Mitch McConnell htt…
Sen. Mitch McConnell arrived at Anderson County luncheon via
Mitch McConnell will be at the Ramada Plaza Louisville 9700 Bluegrass Parkway 40299 starting at 6:30pm on Friday the 24th.
Sen. Mitch McConnell greets media after getting his food at Anderson County Chamber of Commerce luncheon in Lawrenceburg. htt…
Grateful for you doing this Michael. Town hall here tomorrow with Mitch McConnell 11am Marriot East Louisville
Happy Birthday to the gentleman from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell!
"In the wake of the VA scandal, a letter to Mitch McConnell"
Is Mitch McConnell stonewalling an independent investigation into Trump/Russia to save his own skin?
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The only reason that McConnell is so hard up to get ACA axed is because it was Obama's. No other reason...None.
Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and the rest of their party are completely fine with this after they ran against imagina…
Moments ago—Mitch McConnell was asked if he believes Trump's claim of no contact between his campaign & Russia. McConnell:…
Things have gotten so bad in the Senate lately that Chuck Schumer even voted against Mitch McConnell's wife
Trumpets gonna feel the pain and America will be the worst for it. Thanks Repugs.
“What happened today was an egregious cover-up.” —Senator Jeff Merkley
It is disgusting - Kentucky has voted for Mitch McConnell for 27 years. They can fix this is they choose.
Tell Mitch McConnell it's time for him to pull the reins in on Ryan, McCain, Graham & rest to start supporting our presiden…
All these wrestlers are dying, yet Mitch McConnell is still wandering around like an old man who lost his wife at the grocery store.
AND heading that group .mitch mcconnell and Paul Ryan! Thanks guys! You're the worst of the worst!
"One of the happiest nights of my Senate career." - McConnell's victory lap on SCOTUS blockade & then Gorsuch.
Jason Chaffetz and Mitch McConnell are the new 'Hardy Boys' ..
Hold a public during the Feb. recess!
If you would like to see horse whipped in public, please R/T. Theft.
Every time POTUS does something insane, remember Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell are ok w/it. Never never never let them be separ…
Yesterday on television Mitch McConnell announced he has NO IDEA what's going on anywhere in the United States
No vote until we know 45 is legitimate/As the Gorsuch nomination proceeds this man is taking credit: Mitch McConnell https:/…
Wisconsin's better than Paul Ryan. Kentucky's better than Mitch McConnell. Indiana's better than Pence. America is bette…
No one in Washington--not Conway, not Spicer, not Miller--has so thoroughly assaulted the truth as Mitch McConnell. ht…
Obamacare repeal will gut opioid treatment gains in Kentucky, & it will be Mitch McConnell's fault
Please make Mitch McConnell DO HIS JOB and hold bipartisan investigation of President Pinocchio. He is un-American & lying!
Waiting for a column explaining why Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are like the Wu-Tang Clan? Your nightmare is over:
2 with people who are using you to achieve their own agendas. They are aligned with Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell who never
Very high odds Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell found that performance very alarming, but will publicly deny that they watch…
Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump are trying to steal a seat on the Supreme Court. Don't let them.
I don't fear people like Laverne Cox or Jamie Clayton or Caitlin Jenner. I fear Donald Trump, Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell, & Paul Ryan.
Paul Ryan is as I said before, WORSE than John Boehner! He's as bad as Mitch McConnell! Raising the white flag to t…
Two men, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, have the power to stop this chaos. That they don't betrays profound cowardice. Party…
If Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell block inquiries into the Flynn scandal, they are abandoning their oaths of office in…
.Put Mitch McConnell in here with DTrump. In fact, let's build a TERRIFIC Wall around all th…
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Mitch McConnell tells Elizabeth Warren (and Coretta Scott King) to sit down and shut up
It didn't help that Mitch McConnell vowed to obstruct Obama at every turn.
Mitch McConnell's head always looks like it's threatening to collapse into his chin like one of those bowls that can f…
Want to take down Donald Trump? Take down his human shield Mitch McConnell first.
Someone has taken their trolling game to the next level for Mitch McConnell
Neil Gorsuch *IS* Judicial Activism, Mitch McConnell made a new "rule" about violating the Constitution to block Merrick Garl…
BREAKING: Threatening left-wing mob gathering outside of Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky home
Mitch McConnell ran away from protesters at the airport, so they followed him home (VIDEO)
It wasn't just Mitch McConnell who silenced Elizabeth Warren — These senators did too. Let's name them.
Mitch McConnell's crime of passion against Elizabeth Warren
Is he related to Mitch McConnell just s younger turtle version?
Mitch MCConnell has been bought off by horse abusers and the economic loss to TN is horrific. Time to
About to start reading King letter in front of Mitch McConnell’s house.
If you still have KY residency, you need to run against Mitch McConnell. Needs to be fresh blood in Senate.
Right now, there are about 200 protestors outside of Mitch McConnell's house in Louisville. Reading Coretta Scott King's l…
"boss" Jason Chavez it's John McCain and Lindsey Graham Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell they are very dangerous
.And y'all know if Elaine Chao is married to Mitch McConnell she's got some inner freak nasty that only I c…
I want to see get Patrick Stewart to play Mitch McConnell and Chelsea Handler as Elizabeth Warren.
It's the state department, also Paul Ryan, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham who are trying to sink Amer…
Right now, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are the REAL enemy until they stand up and prove otherwise.
Thanks, Mitch McConnell for giving women another warrior cry!! thank you for being our voice!!…
If you ever see Mitch McConnell go into a port-a-potty you have a moral obligation to tip it over, door side down
You can't gerrymander history. Silencing Warren for reading CSK letter is a legacy albatross for Mitch McConnell.
Mitch McConnell is talking about the values of Jeff Sessions’ parents. He left this out:
AMERICAN DICTATORSHIP! Everyone hush up! It's The TRUMPED GOP WAY OR THE HIGHWAY. Mitch McConnell should be fined heftly for being rude !!
Mitch McConnell's Elizabeth Warren quote ("She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.") now…
The video of special snowflake Mitch McConnell demanding a safe space for white racists is going to be all over the cables…
Mitch McConnell has two "southern gentlemen" to thank for the rule he used to silence Elizabeth Warren
Mitch McConnell’s censure of Elizabeth Warren just gave her a much bigger platform via
JUST IN: Sen Elizabeth Warren to GOP: “They can shut me up but they can’t change the truth.”
The rule Mitch McConnell used to silence Elizabeth Warren is almost never invoked.
Mitch McConnell silencing Elizabeth Warren shows what women put up with every day
Mr. MajLdr Turtle 🐢 need any more Turtle food? Vote NO to Mitch McConnell in the next election. Very…
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