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Mitch Lucker

Suicide Silence is an American extreme metal band from Riverside, California. The group consists of vocalist Mitch Lucker, guitarists Chris Garza and Mark Heylmun, drummer Alex Lopez and bassist Dan Kenny.

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Keep listening to music 'cause it gets you through everything, I promise - Mitch Lucker
The Cleansing (2008) by Suicide Silence. Mitch Lucker, need I say more.
You only live one life for a very short time so make every moment devine --- Mitch Lucker
Dude did you go to that Carnifex concert, dude Mitch Lucker killed it. Oh wait...
You say it demonic because you hear screaming. I call it life saving because I hear the meaning. - Mitch Lucker (1984-2012)
For the first time, push your worry aside. - - Mitch lucker (R.I.P)
remember Mitch Lucker, I miss him, I love him
You're art😍 and even more so Because you fw Mitch Lucker
14) I moshed with an oven mitt when I saw Suicide Silence and Mitch Lucker called me out so he could sign it after the show
I refuse to listen to any post Mitch Lucker Suicide Silence
Heart it's the same thing for me and Mitch lucker amazing vocalist of an amazing band but 2012 happen…
You only live once, for a very short time. So make every second divine. -Mitch Lucker
still blows me away how similiar you and Mitch lucker look. Minus the ink of course.
Couldn't Mitch Lucker come back maybe life would suck as less than it should. 😧😣😒
I was like Vincent Bennett, Mike Hranica, Austin Carlile, Mitch Lucker, and Jeremy McKinnon all in one person.. was…
Suicide Silence is dope πŸ‘Œ it's really sad what happened to Mitch Lucker :/. Not sure if I have a favorite tbh...
This reminds me of Mitch Lucker and how he died in that wreck. Praying for a positive and happy outcomeπŸ’“
Will forever be upset that I couldn't experience Suicide Silence with Mitch Lucker before he died 😭😭
2012 me is glad Mitch Lucker's middle finger is blocking my face in my pic w him bc honestly I probably would've hated it if he wasn't lol
Why does mitchel musso and Mitch Lucker look the same. But Mitch is still hotter lmao. (Left Is Mitch)
Milo Y is to antis as Mitch Lucker is to scene girls
I liked a video from Oliver Sykes VS Mitch Lucker
God pls take stupid jerks tryna look famous with you and bring back mitch lucker i wanna see him perform fr
Just realized how close it is to Mitch Luckers birthday. I'm going to cry for awhile. Love you forever. Lucker stom…
still sad that Mitch Lucker is gone
I liked a video Mitch Lucker scream And low
When Mitch lucker died I remember going to a memorial @ desert breeze park and it was the most depressing thing ever I cry thinking about it
Rmr when Mitch Lucker died and I cried for like 2 weeks
The rain is just Mitch Lucker peeing on us from heaven
I would love to portray Layne Staley, Mitch Lucker, Ozzy Osbourne, Corey Taylor, Robert Plant, GG Allin and many more in some movie biopics.
Can't 4 get Suicide Silence either, Legends, R.I.P Mitch Lucker, best vocals of all time.
Thunder is just Mitch Lucker stomping in heaven
Was Eddie Hermida the right replacement for Mitch Lucker as the vocalist of Suicide Silence?
Keep listening to music, cause it gets you through everything, i promise. - Mitch Lucker.
Suicide Silence I think is arguably the biggest & most influential band in the genre. Mitch Lucker could scream, growl & squeal
Suicide Silence - No Time To Bleed Full Album. Mitch Lucker still badass in this album xD
Dear God,. Please take Justin Bieber and give us back Mitch Lucker.
"A day without music, is a day wasted" -Mitch Lucker
"Why does make fun of Mitch Lucker's su* that's really rude"
The Mitch Lucker Memorial Show showed that Randy Blythe, Phil Bozeman and Austin Carlile performed all his songs better than him
Why does fronz think he's Mitch lucker??
go cry over mitch lucker or something LMAO
I added a video to a playlist Suicide Silence - The Mitch Lucker Memorial Show
you can be Mitch Lucker for Halloween.
every warped tour, they should to the Lucker stomp in the memory of Mitch Lucker
there's this guy I've seen so many times who's like a mix of Oli Sykes and Mitch Lucker it's terrifying
5 people you would like to meet? β€” Mitch Lucker,Eddie Hermida,Corey Taylor,Austin Carlile,Oli Sykes
Can we just replace people like Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber & Kanye West to bring back Mitch Lucker, Dimebag Darrel and Chuck Schuldiner ...
would pay anything to see Mitch Lucker perform one more time
There will never be another Mitch lucker
Keep listening to the music it gets you through everything, I Promise -Mitch Lucker
I love watching the Suicide Silence Mitch Lucker Memorial Show. Idk why it's just sick
The tattoo which I am getting will be in tribute to Mitch Lucker, my inspiration who has been with me through his words/music/existence.
the most ironic thing was the Mitch Lucker Memorial Show where impending dooms vocalist played with them
Is it just me or do Austin Carlile and Mitch Lucker look alike?
I've been crying over Mitch Lucker for 2 hours. I love you Mitch, rip my love πŸ˜­πŸ’–
"Mitch Lucker died. We cried. Justin Bieber smoked pot. Millions of beliebers cut themselves. Emo are we?"…
Still so sad about Mitch Lucker... You're deeply missed manπŸ’”
An interview with Kenadee of Mitch Lucker via protect
remember when all the scene kids used to get mad at harry and the entire fanbase bc they thought he stole the Mitch Lucker stomp??? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I read that in a Mitch Lucker voice.
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That moment when you find out that Mitch lucker wore the same deodorant as you do πŸ‘
I felt bad for directioners but then I remembered when they told Alex Gaskarth to kill himself and made fun of Mitch Lucker's …
why is a thing? when mitch lucker died directioners told us to go kill ourselves and be emo, zayn LEAVES 1D…
Straight Outta the seat of the motorcycle - Mitch Lucker
For some reason I pretended to not know who mitch lucker was and I have no clue why
le behind the ink de Mitch Lucker jlaime trop
just-shower-thoughts: I wonder how many people have died after saying β€œYOLO” Mitch Lucker is one of them
I finally figured out how to do Mitch Lucker type lows. They're a mix between a power fry and a falsechord low with your hands cupped.
Foto: saviortonone: Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence by EXPXD on Flickr.
Keep listening to music. it helps you through everything. ~ Mitch Lucker ~
Putting this on my business cards. "Keep Listening to Music. It get's you through everything, I promise". -Mitch Lucker.
"Is that Mitch Lucker on your shirt?" "Of course little man" "watch my Lucker stomp!!!" I'm doing a good job as a big sister 😍
Mitch Lucker dies; He only trends for like 2 hours. Justin Bieber breaks up with his girlfriend; He trends for 3 days. What is this planet?
God can you take Some rappers like Nikki Minaj, and Lil Wayne and give us back Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan, Mitch Lucker, and Dio.
I once did one of Austin Carlile and one of Mitch Lucker
Please God take away Justin Bieber, BOTDF and Naughty Boy and give us Mitch Lucker, Kurt Cobain and MCR back.
The Mitch Lucker Memorial Show FULL CONCERT if you have an hour & a half this is tight
And I hate that Mitch Lucker is dead...
Listening to Suicide Silence ❀️ but also crying because Mitch Lucker 😒
The 1975 better not break up,I'm not even over Mitch Lucker and MCR. Why you do this Life.
if you still miss and love Mitch Lucker
thanks, I looked up Mitch Lucker stuff&this pic came up^&I wanted to find other stuff like it & I found tht
woke up to the sound of rain and thunder, and the 1st thing I thought of was mitch lucker looking down and stomping for his fans!!
Hello The Rev and Mitch Lucker here in Idaho. Don't mess around to much in loud noises up their in heaven. XD
Literally just broke down crying because of thinking of Mitch Lucker too much. Miss that king πŸ’•
/: Mitch lucker died.. Mcr broke up.. It's okay. Don't give up!!!
If u havent watched Randy Blythe perform at Mitch Lucker Memorial Show &how he lead the whole crowd to shout Live Life Hard, u r missing out
I sometimes forget that Mitch Lucker is dead :(
those 1D fans who told Mitch Lucker's daughter to kill herself.
That is ronnie radke not mitch lucker duh 😰
ALL HAIL THE LUCKER STOMP . RIP MItch will never be anyone else like you!!!
I really do miss Paul Walker. I wonder if he and Mitch Lucker have met wherever they may be...
I'm watching the Mitch Lucker Memorial Show and man, none of those guys in the "mosh pit" even know how to mosh. they just dance.
Can I like capture Vic Fuentes, kellin Quinn, Andy biersack, Gerard way, and like bring Mitch lucker back.. And lock them in my closet?
Some girl's mom just told Michael that he "looks like Mitch Lucker from Suicide Silence" LMAO her daughter "likes that screaming stuff"
I thought there was like a stair below me so I lifted up my foot but there was no stair so I ended up doing a Mitch lucker stomp lol
I like the old Suicide Silence better though. Like before Mitch Lucker died.
I'm honestly so grateful that I got the chance to see Mitch Lucker perform before he died. πŸ˜”πŸ™πŸΌ // RIP http:/…
I'm sure this picture is overrated by now, but still Chris Motionless, Mitch Lucker and Austin Carlile though
God Please Take 5sos and give us back Mitch Lucker.
Check out this Mitch Lucker rebrand for | Made by |
If you like heavy music and you haven't watched The Mitch Lucker Memorial Show... You should do that.
Best compliment: I look like the girl version of Mitch Lucker. Worst compliment: I look like Tyler Dennen.
Live every moment like its your last πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ -ss Mitch lucker
I need new souls. Sold mine to bring Mitch Lucker back.
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Foto: deadbeforeprom: Mitch Lucker, former singer of Suicide Silence.
I hope everyone knows that Mitch Lucker was an *** to his fans when he was still alive
Just re-watched Danny Worsnop's performance at the Mitch Lucker Memorial Show.. Christ man..
of mice, starbucks, Mitch lucker, MMF , MIW
Austin Carlie wants to be Mitch Lucker so badly smh
Ah ok lol bc I respect some of those artist especially Mitch Lucker. Well I don't care for BOTDF or Falling in Reverse
Today in class we we had to name Herod that have died, and a kid yelled out "Mitch Lucker!"
Álbum de fotos: life-delirium: in memory of Mitch Lucker. you’ll always stay in our hearts.
Oliver Sykes is a dragonborn, Vic Fuentes is a dragonborn, Mitch Lucker is a dragonborn and basically anyone who can scream is a dragonborn
Mitch Lucker and Brittany had a babby
R.I.P. Mitch lucker. Forever remembered. Now he is stomping grounds with the angels. πŸ‘ΌπŸ˜’
In memory of Suicide Silence's former lead singer Mitch Lucker who passed in 2012 .
I liked a video MITCH LUCKER TRIBUTE - Pierce the Veil
I would bring back Mitch Lucker. . .and Selena.
β€œWake up, wake up. This is no hallucination. This is what we have become this what dreams are made of.” -Mitch Lucker
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watch out you'll have a swarm of deathcore fans on your trail for laughing at Mitch Lucker
Everytime it thunders, it's just Mitch doing a Lucker Stomp in heaven πŸ˜“πŸ™πŸŒŸπŸ˜©
he comes back with images of Mitch lucker and is sings, paramore πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…
I kinda doubt Harry Styles actually even knows who Mitch Lucker was. I'm calling coincidence!. Also the fans probably named that
RIP Mitch Lucker. . You'll always be my inspiration.
Please don't let me go through Mitch lucker's Instagram again πŸ˜”πŸ˜ͺ
I feel like the only person that still listens to Mitch Lucker R.I.P.
your finger tattoos remind me of Mitch lucker
Mitch Lucker can you please stomp a little softer? Thank you
I miss your music UwU MITCH LUCKER TRIBUTE - Pierce the Veil vΓ­a
Hey look, Mitch Lucker is stomping in the heavens right now...
So this year I would miss metal days again and I would really miss the concert of new and I already miss mitch Lucker
I miss Mitch Lucker's voice back then.
Like I said I know it's scary, but everything will be alright. - Mitch Lucker
Dear God.take Justin Bieber,Nicki Minaj,one direction and other!. And give me us back mitch lucker,MCR,Paul Gray,Jimmy Hendrix and The Rev!
Dear God, please take back Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Iggy AzaLea (etc) and give us back Mitch Lucker, My Chemical Romance, and Nirvana.
We pay our respects to Mitch Lucker everyday bc he saved so many lives but we couldn't save his. *LUCKER STOMP*
I miss Jimmy Sullivan and Mitch Lucker af. you have no idea.
Photo: deadbeforeprom: Mitch Lucker, former singer of Suicide Silence.
YAS! Mitch Lucker, the legend I'm still speaking, talking, screaming my voice.
My favourite BMTH song is you only live once! Mitch Lucker is such a good singer!
I was watching the Mitch Lucker memorial concert and I hate Danny Worsnop but he killed the price of beauty
Why would you put Mitch Lucker onto my timeline?😭
awh you'll be okay Emma, just listen to music it will get you through everything I promise! - Mitch lucker
Mitch Lucker' smile will always be the best
Eveyone following us on November 1, 2015 listen to Sucide Silence in remeberence of Mitch Lucker honestly I still love him no matter what. H
Mitch Lucker vocals are still amazing to this day
/If you don't know what I mean by that 'Legends Never Die' caption, it was in honor of Mitch Lucker. Andy did the Lucker stomp in the gif.
Mitch Lucker - Suicide Silence I literally started crying when he was talking about Kenade…
"At this point in my life, I don't see the good in making people hate you for something you say. This record is for everybody"-Mitch Lucker
what will it take for you to notice me. I'll bring back Mitch lucker if I had to
When I can't find my Mitch lucker shirt
it's thundering and it remainds me that Mitch Lucker is stomping with the Angels πŸ˜”πŸ˜’πŸ’”
Just keep listening to music everything will be ok I promise -Mitch Lucker
yesterday was the 30th Birthday of Mitch Lucker. Happy Birthday and give us a stomp from heaven dude.. http:…
The fact that i will never meet Mitch Lucker bothers me more than it should.
No one will replace the legend. This is so bad. Mitch lucker we love you. Stomp on In heav…
Katie. 13. Botdf is life. Emo. Dead Inside. PTV for life. R.i.p. Mitch Lucker
mitch lucker makes me emo ffs β™« Something Invisible by Suicide Silence β€”
1- Oliver Sykes from bmth. 2-Mitch lucker is the one who died . 3- I was being sarcastic and all . 4- I'm so sorry πŸŒˆπŸ˜‚
Posted my drawing of Mitch Lucker on Download the app for free today! -
In honor of Mitch Lucker I present to you this drawing I did today RIP 1984-2012 we miss you buddy http:…
moved on to a better place than here he accomplished his lifes earnings and wishes before he died (R.I.P mitch lucker we miss you dearly
I've been attacked by Mitch Lucker fangirls before. I think I'll be ok
Watching the Bryan Stars interview with Mitch Lucker and finding out I use the same deodorant he used to use makes me smile lol
God, take Justin Bieber and bring back mitch lucker. plox.
I love Suicide Silence but Mitch Lucker caused his own death
Mitch lucker sucked at doing what he did best, he just sucked don't try to convince me otherwise
I liked a video from Ending Is The Beginning: The Mitch Lucker Memorial Show
I liked a video Suicide Silence members talking about Mitch Lucker
Oli Sykes,Austin Carlile and Mitch Lucker must be triplets.
I wasn't either but Mitch lucker had awfully engaging stage presence and he sucked me into this beauty with this song
ihave to do a speech on Mitch Lucker today /).(\\\. hopefully she doesnt deduct points for crying ,,
This is just my opinion, but I'd be pretty darn concerned if Mitch Lucker suddenly returned
Somebody on my Instagram just posted a picture of Mitch Lucker telling him to come back. Why does this still happen
Is it bad that I still cry about Mitch Lucker dying? 😒
I'll probably be a Mitch Lucker fanboy until I die.
R.i.p mitch lucker i miss you everyday more and more :( 😭 you was so good ❀
After Mitch Lucker died, all the 11 year old fangirls stopped caring about Suicide Silence. . I'm glad tbh but I still miss Mitch.
When Randy Blythe performed You Only Live Once on the Mitch Lucker Memorial Show. since that moment I became a Lamb of God fan!
Watching Mitch Lucker videos, it's a shame he's gone :(
Why was Big Chocolate allowed at the Mitch Lucker Memorial Show
*** !! There's a hole in the armpit part of my mitch lucker shirt! Definitely fixing that
I officially hate one direction, I meant research one direction and Mitch Lucker. They told a 5 year old to kill her self, 5!! Unacceptable
Considering I cried when Mitch Lucker died and I LOVE one direction, I don't think this is accurate bbzβœŠπŸ’¦
Can we sacrifice all the directioners who said Mitch Lucker deserves to die for Mitch Lucker to come back?
How would you feel if I said ONE DIRECTION DESERVES TO DIE?! Furious,right? Mitch Lucker islnspired so much people,
It's raining and there thunder and I'm thinking of Mitch Lucker stomping with the angels
Don't mind me just crying over Mitch Lucker.
If you don't have this GIF of Andy doing the Lucker stomp to honor Mitch Lucker then your profile *** on
My inspiration for Death Core vocals! Mitch Adam Lucker was and still is a Legend! . R.I.P DUDE!
Nobody realizes Mitch Lucker is,on my shirt until they look really close
at school:. friend: I like Suicide Silence. me: *starts crying*. friend: what is it?. me: Mitch lucker. friends: it's okay mate *hugs me*. great
I cried about Mitch Lucker, and I didn't even know who he was.
I'd happily sacrifice all of One Direction just to see Mitch Lucker play one last Suicide Silence tourπŸ‘Œ
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"Fans" de Suicide Silence que no conocen a Mitch Lucker, "fans" de BMTH que no conocen pray for plagues
So people are confused about my last post. Just look up Mitch Lucker and you'll know what I…
I liked a video How to scream (like Oli Sykes, Mitch Lucker, Winston Mccall, Danny Worsnop etc.) Part
Oli Sykes and Austin Carlile... I feel like this picture needs Mitch Lucker in this
What three things in life you want more than anything... β€” Β°I want Mitch Lucker back. Β°I want to have a cat . Β°I w...
|| People are like:oMG ED SHEERAAAN iM ur fAN M8 ILY. I'm just like: Kurt Cobain. Kurt Cobain--. OOO MITCH LUCKER. I adore dead singers lol
Dear God, take Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, One Direction and BOTDF and give us back Mitch Lucker, Kurt Cobain, MCR and The Rev!
I watched the Mitch Lucker documentary again and I can't stop crying😭 rip. 1984~2012
"You only live once so make every second divine.". β€” Mitch Lucker {RIP}
My drawing of Mitch Lucker from Suicide Silence. . "The dead are living" R.I.P idol 😞
why I listen to BMTH and old Suicide Silence ( When Mitch Lucker was alive )
Eddie Hermida will never fill Mitch Lucker's shoes.
Mitch Lucker is the BEST SELL in MEXICAILI, add him.. im not anymore selling fooo!
going through my old cd's and I came across the Suicide Silence album with Mitch Lucker and his high pitch scream will never be beaten
are you doing the lucker stomp in memory of Mitch?. Yes. yes you are. . im crying
A video from Mitch Lucker's candle lit vigil …!
Mitch lucker is not the best unclean vocalist... never was... he was just a dude who was in the mainstream cause of his looks...
Kelton lucker is still making me all frustrated he is honestly so hot ffs he looks like Mitch but then he doesn't and he's so hot😭😍
R.I.P. Mitch Lucker man. SS will never sound the same
Just checked out your band, must say I'm impressed, mate. The way of the screaming kind of reminds me of Mitch Lucker from Suicide Silence.
The cashier at McDonald's just asked me if Mitch Lucker is in Falling In Reverse omfg
it's so annoying and it's literally only Mitch Lucker, no other band members or Suicide Silence just Mitch Lucker like ***
why is when I search the Whitechapel tag on tumblr people also have tagged Mitch Lucker? what does he have to do with Whitechapel??
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