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Mit Romney

Willard Mitt Romney (born March 12, 1947) is an American businessman and politician.

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XD This narrative that of the end of the world is just ludicrous, "CLIMATE CHANGE, TRUMP, MIT ROMNEY RESPECT FOR BA…
RIGHT just like he had great meetings w/MIT ROMNEY--you bein' play'd or U 1 of them
thats because Mit Romney care is Obama care' & they have no reason to due anything now; it w…
Please go talk to Mit Romney. His plan 4 healthcare in MA helped a lot of ppl. U may not like ACA, but Mit is one of yours
That's true we don't trust polls anymore. They were wrong about Mit Romney too, lucky for us.
"Wasn't Mit Romney our governor? He was our governor at one point right?" -
Mit Romney said it and look what happened to him
"With fists on me, known to grip big armies, I'm taking niggaz out they seats I'm Mit Romney"
said he's gotten more votes than mit Romney moron
"Comin in like a Mommy Sunami, ain't no Mit Romney, get chopped and screwed and brewed like Tea,add lemons to limes n u got me"
The wild wings, mit romney, and margarine butter are all in game of thrones.
POOR MIT ROMNEY if he only had that memorandum . today's speach shows you HOW IT'S DONE
Fox announced Donald Trump. Has received over TWO MILLION more votes than MIT Romney did when he ran
un-presidential eating habits cost him the job...Mit Romney is GOP white knight
Ryan as much as said the GOP white Knight will be Mit Romney
like their architect: Mit Romney they will fail. Trump has come to stay. The earlier the GOP accepts this, the better or be doomed.
Half a year or so again said GOP candidate out of convention. would be Mit Romney. Nothing has changed my mind given *** options.
LOVE that they assumed the Mit Romney looking white guy was going to fall into their demographic. :D
UTAH must be real suckers for Mit Romney (Benedict Arnold) Except the ones who stepped out of the Box for Trump
are these walls of inspirational women similar to Mit Romney's binders of women or no?
is an incompetent liar. He has struggled since 2008. Mit Romney let him off the hook 2012
Long distinguished list of Gong Show endorsements for Cruz. Lindsey Graham, Mit Romney, .
Christ Carboni looks like Mit Romney if he shaves. It's scary.
Who is the aggressor it's the MIT Romney anti Trump people trying to distort the truth
Mit Romney couldn't beat the worst POTUS in history, his opinion carries no weight
millions of voters are against MIT Romney . A Backing From Romney = A Lose
A quote from fake Mit Romney on Howard Stern this morning: . "Trump supporters are like Juggalos without the face paint."
MIT ROMNEY behind backdoor scheme for Kasich & Cruz to steal delegates from Trump Cruz no interest has his own tricks desperation
They should go drop off all those Refugees at MIT Romney's House and all the GOPs Houses .
MIT Romney should crawl back under that rock he been under . Americans Now Hate MIT Romney for what he's done .
please tell simba arati in U. S when Obama was seeking re election polls there use to compare him with Mit Romney.
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very true mit Romney and his rich friends control gop.
"Mormon, I have an idea, why don't you plug up your ears with Mit Romney"s *** "
I hope Romney sees this and stops his nonsense. It is every word the truth! Stop it mit!
Why are you not in Wisconsin? Waiting for Ivanka's baby? You have a campaign to run. Don't be a Mit Romney!
Jeb Bush & MIT Romney both have endorsed Ted Cruz, they know will stop the nonsense being played in Washington!! Vote Trump
Oh Great St MIT Romney 2 time loser you endorsed a loser like yourself. Rejoice you now have a companion on the road
News for you, their is a lot of Americans that are not with you. The only ones that are with you are corrupt MIT Romney McCain and the
we don't care Jeb bush & mit romney endorsed losers stick losers we are here to WIN WIN WIN!
Flip flopping lieing corrupt fake Mormon disgraceful MIT Romney, but now you stoop so low to attack Mr trumps wife. You should be
Mit Romney deserves this Rush Limbaugh deserves this. Different crisis. Establishment stealing our choice. Foreigners Ted&Marco
Now if it wasn't for lieing dishonest Ted Cruz and corrupt MIT Romney and the McCain and the establishment. So be a leader Paul Ryan
no mormons voted fo Cruz, those were all votes for convention chaos Mit Romney. Mormon's hi jacked our party
. From Texas and I don't care for MIT Romney
The lady Mormons better do what Romney says or they will pay. Isn't that right Mit
MIt Romney said he won't vote for Trump. Who's he going to vote for - Hillary?? lol
I think you have more delegates than Mit Romney had at this point. Republicans beter get behind you soon. TRUMP 2016
Utah is full of foolish sheep Listening to sorry loser mit Romney
Of course Cruz won Utah. Do you really think Mormons aren't going to listen to fellow Mormon Mit Romney??
What does Mit Romney and Warren Jeffs have in commom? What does a peaceful Muslim and a jihadist have in common?
Mit Romney is using GOD to play Voting gamesWith theSTATE of UTAH with the MORMON's religion He may go to *** playing God
Hope MIT Romney ends up in the lowest heaven in the Mormon Bible..
No hunky Mit Romney haired Navy man will ever sink this ship!
Mit Romney is trying to destroy the Mormon church. Mormons must just love their bishop.
Ha,ha,ha! Really? You're going to have Mit Romney's campaign strategist on here? Seriously? Was Elvis too busy???
Mit Romney just put the Mormons back down. They should xcommunicate him.
With Mit Romney now supporting Cruz, I wonder if he's an "outsider" after all.
I don't like the way George Bush, Paul Ryan & Mit Romney come out attacking but were in hiding while Obama shredded the
Remember Obama won because he took 3 states that belonged to Mit Romney; Early vote; cheated voting many times then, voted on election day!
yep, he had a filing cabinet of Roswell stuff and mit Romney had a binder of women we all seen how that turned out
Who is this MIT and why is he licensing all of my software? Is this MITT ROMNEY? IS THAT WHY HE IS SO RICH???
CNN ripped on Mit Romney because he is rich. Now they are ripping on Scott Walker because he has a high interest...
. "Before Reagan, U.S. was the largest creditor nation. Afterward, the largest debtor.". -MIT prof of economics
and dogs too. Don't forget they hate dogs. Is it true Mit Romney's dog "Ostracised" has died?
last time messi got a a ballon d oro mit Romney was running for president
Mit Romney needs to get behind Ted Cruz for President. He can't beat Hillary Clinton. Ted Cruz can.
Spineless lion killer was a Mit Romney donor. SO Surprised he's Republican.
Mit Romney is running for POTUS again? Oh, must be a simple case of guilt by association. All GOP Disqualified
left to work. 21 years an that's the thanks I get. financial group Romney
Mit Romney predicted all final 4 teams and the correct winner in the natty. Meanwhile, Baracketology is a joke just like his pres…
undermining the power of media? Go ask John McCain and Mit Romney, they will enlighten you about loosing thru media
Neither President Obama and the Democratic party or Mit Romney and the Republican party can save the American people.
I believe that may be where ole mit romney works but not sure
is the next Mit Romney! Vote Charlotte for your next president!
Lol if Mit Romney runs again 😂😂😂 GOP candidates are so awful and hopeless
yes. i followed some mit romney account one day. IT WAS SUCH A SCARY THING
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We need somebody not afraid of the libs there are more off us anyway and we don't need MIT Romney.
the extreme ideologues vote in high # in primaries. Mit Romney campaign admitted they would etch a sketch his platform
Romney, aka the Stench by other GOP Members, Is Ready to Run for President 2016 , Again.
You really think your some political genius Lol kid show me ALL your evedince humor me MIT Romney
mit romney is brilliant mastermind drug dealer and weapon smugler. He earned alot from opium from afgan
(friends encouraging Mit Romney running again) his opponents would encourage him to run too.
tcot. gop. RNC. Mit Romney is still a Rino - anyone who votes for Romney votes to divide the GOP tcot gop RNC
Want to hear every word he said. I just read he backed MIT Romney. Want his perception on ISIS.
Pray MIT Romney saves us from Muslims in WH...get out!
Get the houses and malls off our recreation land. MIT Romney, Janet Napolitano. Fukkking law less Indian killing developers outlawed by 10th
MIT Romney and Janet Napolitano up a tree, kissing
Chick Political Junkie from New Hampshire said: Mit Romney should run again 2016, Nixon was nominated twice & won.
Explain to me how's it is that Mit Romney's healthcare plan, which is what it was in Mass., makes it so that bosses now are unable to hire people because it is now more affordable, in some cases for the poor to get health insurance. Not to mention the fact that "The Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act" puts the mass of the money that is being paid in, back into the hands of insurance companies anyway. I don't recall reading or hearing from any reliable source, anything that says an employer must do anything. All I remember is employer coming on television and saying if "ObamaCare" passes I am going to start cutting people's hours. I have yet to hear anyone anywhere publicly state exacly how giving the few that can afford it, and expanding Medicaid to those that can is going to cost anyone money. And before we say he is forcing us to do something that we can't afford, or be fined my the IRS. I say again the fin is for the abstinent. There is the MEDICAID expansion for those that can't afford . ...
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