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Missy Robertson

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Laminin by Missy Robertson is a jewelry line that provides jobs and hope for women when they need it most. Inspired…
Sarah Palin, 'Duck Dynasty' star Missy Robertson to speak at Ralston Arena Mom's March on Saturday…
Duck Dynasty's Missy Robertson to headline Ladies Day 2017 on April 22 at Olivet Nazarene University…
Selah and Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty on A&E are coming to Cornerstone Christian Academy in Shelbyville KY on...
You probably have heard of Jase and Missy Robertson from Ducky Dynasty fame. What you may not have heard of...
"Anyone who can fight off demonic possession is hot." - Missy Robertson
Duck Dynasty star Missy Robertson joins James and Betty Robison to talk about her book, "Blessed, Blessed, Blessed."
Hey! ATS LIVE 5:06 PM, Central is reairing episode w/Podcasted at
Fringe trim with Aztec details made by Missy Robertson. This look looks great with jeans or leggings!
Love this new Missy Robertson shirt with fringe.
Just finished reading Blessed Blessed..Blessed by Missy Robertson and it was an awesome book!
Jase and Missy Robertson to Show the rude things he finds Duck Dynasty star Beard While newly man game: See!: ...
Jase and Missy Robertson Reveal the Grossest Thing Ever Found in the Duck Dynasty Star's Beard During the N…
VIDEO Missy and Jase Robertson Give Advice to Jill and Jessa Duggar as They
Happy 44th Birthday to Missy Robertson (from Crazy that she and Willie share a Bday! h…
-. Happy, happy, happy b-day to CEO of Duck Commander Willie Robertson, Missy Robertson, Si Robertson and the...
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Missy Robertson asks for prayers ahead of daughter Mia’s cleft surgery
‘Takes the cake!’ Guess who sent Missy Robertson this ‘nutty email’ [pic]
Laminin by Missy Robertson. . Shop the new jewelry line at Winter clothing marked down 50% off.
no, I just Googled it... B A Robertson, 1980. My dad must've told me about it.
Loving this new Missy Robertson top, paired with these pants and Corky's sandals. Lots of new spring arrivals.
Disintegration of the Nuclear Family Threatens America's Survival: Jase and Missy Robertson and their three ch...
Jase and Missy Robertson's version of Baby, It's Cold Outside is the absolute cutest.
awe 2 years ago we were at Duck Commander with Sadie, John Luke, Miss Kay, Korie Robertson, and Missy Robertson
I am giving away tickets to see Jase and Missy Robertson this Saturday at diddle arena Bowling Green tell your friends to follow and comment
Who wants to see Jase and Missy Robertson? They will be at Diddle Arena this Saturday September 20th starting at...
The Robertson family of the popular television show Duck Dynasty is no stranger to fame. Jase Robertson and his wife Missy Robertson may be well known for anoth
Stewart Richey presents Jase & Missy Robertson, the starts of Duck Dynasty on A&E!. We are giving away 2 tickets!...
I have 2 tix to see Jase and Missy Robertson @ Diddle Arena on Sept 20th. I want $40 for the pair...$60 face value
Generosity comes from your heart, not your bank account. -Missy Robertson
This top is a DEFINITE Fall FAVORITE! We LOVE Missy Robertson's collection!
One year ago today when I met Jase and Missy Robertson 😁
The CROSS COUNTRY TOUR IS COMING!! ! Join me, Hunter Erwin and Larry Avis West,--the father of Missy Robertson...
*OUTFIT ALERT!* We're swooning over this new summer-to-fall cardi from Missy Robertson and LOVEEE it over "Summer...
Outfit of the day! NEW Missy Robertson cardigan-- S-XL-- item # A256. Pair it with your favorite pair…
Check out this beautiful dress from our Shop Missy Robertson line available online at DejaVu!...
Oh. My. Word! The coolest thing just happened! On TV tonight one of my IO sister's noticed Missy Robertson from Duck Dynasty wearing the necklace I gave her! A few months ago the awesome non-profit organization I volunteer with Sav-A-Life had a BIG fundraiser event and I had the opportunity to give Missy, our keynote speaker, a gift. Well, of course I knew she had amazing style so I selected our beautiful Ironworks Collection as a gift for her speaking to our community. Anddd Guesss what?! She's wearing it!!! Of course!! Its beautiful! ;-) I really wanted to give her a traditional monogram necklace but I didn't know her maiden/middle initial so I took the safe route and with with her first initial. Coolest day EVA!
Jase and Missy Robertson made a pact before they got married. The would do things the Godly way, no matter how...
I loved your piece about Family in the with Jase and Missy Robertson. Is there anyway we can exchange emails?
Last night was an awesome night at the Kersey Cowboy Church! We heard some great music from Louisiana born and raised Hunter Erwin and then a great message from Larry West. Larry is the dad of Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame! He shared some insight into the life of the Robertson family and then gave a great message on salvation! Was good to meet them and Hunter's wife Heather!
Duck Dynasty stars Jase and Missy Robertson open up about their family struggles... via
This morning we have a guest speaker and a guest singer. Multiple award winning singer Hunter Erwin will minister in song and Bible teacher and evangelist Larry West will minister in the Word. Larry is the father of Missy Robertson and the father in law of Jase Robertson of the "Duck Dynasty" television show. He should give us a unique perspective on the Robertson family. Service starts at 10:30. Hurry you can still make it! : )
Jase and Missy Robertson, stars of the hit show Duck Dynasty, have always been very open about their youngest daughter, Mia, who was born with a cleft lip and palate.
'Life Is a Gift' - Jase and Missy Robertson on Miscarriage and Daughter Mia's Cleft Lip: 'I Just...
"Duck Dynasty" stars Jase and Missy Robertson have spoken in a recent interview about how they had to deal with a heart-wrenching miscarriage before God delivered them a miracle.
"Duck Dynasty" Stars Jase and Missy Robertson on Waiting for Marriage to be Intimate and Their Miscarriage in 2002 —
NEW ARRIVAL!! Parrot Bay Palazzo Pants in Cream by Missy Robertson $79.99 Parrot Bay Palazzo Pants in Cream by...
So dissapointed! We booked tickets to meet Jase & Missy Robertson next month in Phoenix for my "Big" Birthday! Yea! They cancelled it!
Missy Robertson is well known for being married to Jase Robertson on the hit show 'Duck Dynasty'. She…
NOW THIS IS NASCAR! A Duck Commander sponsored race, one of the Robertson girls saying the invocation and Missy Robertson singing the National Anthem (like it should be sung). NOW LETS GO RACING!
So cute :Missy Robertson's first date with Jase was a revenge date! | Fox News via
Missy Robertson talks ‘Duck Dynasty’ and critics: ‘God is sometimes not politically correct’
Missy Robertson the wife of Jase Robertson said today the best advice she got was the best thing you can do for your children is love their daddy. She said some mothers may feel that is a betrayal to thier kids, but that the trend that is happening in America of putting children first is scary because they will expect that for the rest of thier lives and no one will ever measure up to thier mom treating then like a princess or prince. They encourage them and are there for them but she said they are never going to be the best at everything and that they do have to work hard in life. Interesting take I had never heard things put that way.
Missy Robertson announces to help kids with cleft palate: Jase and Missy Robertson of...
Duck Dynasty fans, don't miss the opportunity to hear Jase and Missy Robertson speak in Lubbock! Call The...
So I'm going to be having dinner at Jace and Missy Robertson's house tonight with the entire family. (Breathes heavily)
Jase & Missy Robertson and Jep Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" stopped by our sweetFrog yogurt tent at the TPC...
Jase & Missy Robertson video on doing things God's way including their dating & marriage life.
Alfonso Ribeiro, Justin Martin from Duck Dynasty, Missy Robertson from DD, Jep Robertson from DD, and Jase Robertson from DD. :)
Jase and Missy Robertson from Duck Dynasty enjoying some Sweet Frog yogurt!
Jase and Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty to appear @ "Date Night @ the Ballpark" May 2 get tickets at
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
D-backs to host Date Night featuring "Duck Dynasty" stars Jase and Missy Robertson
Missy Robertson on and her new clothing line,
Duck the Halls is an a great cd. Missy Robertson, super talented, has a beautiful voice. Another favorite is the sweet rendition of Away in a Manger, performed by Sadie. The "Beards" have a hit again. p.s. Also bought Mrs. Kay's cookbook for Johnny. Yum- Yum!
Missy Robertson's duet with Josh Turner is so good. 🎄❤️💚
So lovin the baby it's Cold Outside song by jase & missy Robertson
hey missy! My family supports you guys, you make us . Laugh, give our love to Phil Robertson:)
BTW - the Duck Dynasty Christmas album is excellent!!! Great pairings with several musical greats; Uncle Si does Mr. Grinch and Twas the Night Before Christmas as only he can; Willie actually can write and sing better than many I've heard too. But the show stealer is Missy Robertson. I laughed at Hairy Christmas and a happy, happy happy New Year and cried during Camouflage and Christmas. I checked and it has NOT been pulled from iTunes (yet) although several left-wing wackos slammed it in the reviews - its awesome.
Just met Missy Robertson from in the galleria! She was just blending in and shopping for Willie..
Just saw Missy Robertson from Duck Dynasty at the Galleria!!!
Listening to Duck the Halls cd.Sadie amd Missy Robertson sing so very beautifully.
Life & Style magazine the ultimate source for celebrity news and star style is featuring the Madison top by 2tee Couture as seen on Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty. The Duck crew made a family ...
Jase and Missy Robertson Baby it's Cold Outside: via It's
In this beautiful family photo from a few years ago, Jase only has the beginning of the beard he sports today. Courtesy of Missy Robertson.
Put all the Duck controversy aside for a while...find and listen to Missy Robertson and Josh Turner Christmas song..she is REALLY good...googled her, has quite a singing thing going...give a listen...and comment...
Ok I admit it - I purchased Duck the Halls CD earlier this week not expecting much musical talent but I am pleasantly surprised. I would now purchase anything by Missy Robertson - she is just as good if not better than many voices on the radio today.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
OMG! I Just heard Jase & Missy Robertson sing a Christmas song on the radio. Not only is he a hottie but he can actually sing.
Missy Robertson 5m "Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us." Eph. 3:20-21
In life, anything can happen. Will you be ready if your life takes a quick and sudden turn? Prepare yourself by building a firm foundation in Christ. Duck Dynasty's Jase and Missy Robertson discuss how their Christian morals and ethics have helped them keep their faith through all the fame. Through thick and thin, good and bad, God is always with us.
there is no need for name callin missy look what happen to Phil Robertson lol
Jase and Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty: Stay a Virgin Until Marriage via That going to *** off the r
..just saw where Missy Robertson stated that the family is in discussions with A&E about the future of Duck Dynasty, but they can't imagine the show continuing without Phil. I say, good for them!!!
I was told today by Mrs. Missy Robertson if reporters or the news come swimmin up out the bayou to make em go away, no questions.
I just heard a beautiful Christmas song that Josh Turner sang with Missy Robertson off Duck Dynasty. It's called Why I Love Christmas. If you have not heard it please look it up, I heard it on Sirius country Christmas station. It is a beautiful song, Merry Christmas.
Baby it's Cold Outside by Jase and Missy Robertson is the sweetest thing ever!
This is not a joke: You have to go to youtube and type in Josh Turner and Missy Robertson sing Why I Love Christmas. This is a beautiful song from the Robertson's CD duckthehalls. You won't be sorry for listening.
If Missy Robertson's voice doesn't blow you away, well, you're a mean one, Mr. Grinch!
I had such an incredibly blessed time at church yesterday morning. Missy Robertson Christina Robertson Debbie Robertson did an amazing job Ushering in the Holy Spirit during worship preparing the way for the message. Pastor Randy Robertson preached an amazing message of being a light and even spreading the light in dark times and different situations in our lives. The biggest challenge is to praise God even when there is trouble all around! So blessed to be able to fellowship with The Net Fam! I love and appreciate you all for welcoming me in. 󾌧
Even the Duck Dynasty clan loves Initials, Inc. products! Once again we see the always classy Missy Robertson as she stylishly shops with her Signature Barrel bag in Camel while out during the holidays with her family in the show's holiday special!
The song "Baby it's Cold Outside" from our show is sung by real life husband and wife, Jase and Missy Robertson from A&E's Duck Dynasty.
NEWS In other wives news, Duck Dynasty's Missy Robertson says it wasn't love at first site for her and Jase
Jase and Missy Robertson from the show Duck Dynasty vowed to stay chaste until their wedding night but the most...
Jase and Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty on the Value of Chastity before Marriage
A video interview from June with Duck Dynasty stars Jase and Missy Robertson talking about remaining virgins till marriage has gone viral. Jase s...
'Duck Dynasty' wife to speak in Duluth: Missy Robertson will stop by the Women of Faith’s “Believe God Can Do...
I listened to a preview of this CD! I love it, I think you're going to love it too! Missy Robertson has a...
So happy that Missy Robertson is joining our team next weekend in Georgia
Duck Dynasty: The event with Jase and Missy Robertson at WKU this Saturday has been rescheduled for February 8th.
Jase & Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty postpones visit to to Feb. 8 because of unforeseen conflict.
Due to an unforeseen conflict, organizers have announced that Jase & Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty has been postponed to February 8.
What's your favorite Duck Dynasty quote? We can't wait to hear Jase & Missy Robertson speak at Jubilee!
sharing from a newsletter I get, and this is why I love the Robertson Clan Dear Friend, It's a wildly popular television program with a counter-cultural message. A&E's Duck Dynasty is breaking records, as nearly 12 million viewers tuned in to watch its recent season premiere. Part of the cable program's appeal is the Robertson family's open Christian faith, including an evening meal prayer at the close of each program. And some family members are willing to address tough issues when talking to the media. Two of the program's stars, Jase and Missy Robertson, recently told a Christian radio station they decided during their dating years to remain sexually abstinent until marriage—a pledge they kept until their wedding night. Now, they're witnessing a commitment to sexual purity until marriage in their oldest son, who has made the same vow. "We decided to do it God's way," said Jase Robertson. Sadly, the Robertson's family values are a foreign concept to many young people who are not taught the benefits— ...
Biggest surprise of the night from the season premiere of Missy Robertson's lovely voice. What a great episode.
Missy Robertson has a fantastic voice!
thinks Missy Robertson and I are the same person.
I just wish I was Missy Robertson. Jase is so perfect. 😍
Now taking preorders for the fringe poncho worn by Missy Robertson of Shop now:
"Traveling is always more comfortable in the shawl and maxi dress from K-Sera!" -Missy Robertson wearing K-Sera!...
Jase and Missy Robertson sent my brother a letter!!
I really enjoyed listening to Jase and Missy Robertson speak tonight!!
We got to hear Jace & Missy Robertson speak tonight at Carterville High School.
These two are to be seeing Jase and Missy Robertson tonight!
I just talked to Jase and Missy Robertson!! Can you say AWESOME!!
It's weird that Jase and Missy Robertson are like 2 minutes away from my house
Can't wait to see Jase and Missy Robertson tonight.
As seen on Missy Robertson of We only have ONE left! Size M! . Make it yours, today!...
Why yes I did just take Missy Robertson's order at Chick-Fil-A
QUACK QUACK!! Come and see Jase & Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty, Aug. 9th - 7pm at Carterville High School
Quack Attack-Duck Dynasty's Jase & Missy Robertson will speak about family values and the secret to success at...
Tim & Robby speaking with Jase & Missy Robertson at the Southwest Elite 7 on 7 Showcase in Springdale, Arkansas.
.is this weekend! We're giving chairs to 1st 300 kids 12&u each day! Jase & Missy Robertson will be there!
Nashville: Absolutely loved shooting with Phil and Miss Kay, Jase and Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty (my favorite show on TV ) at the KLOVE radio network Listners Choice Awards in Nashville! Tons of "Likes" to Chuck Pryor for making that dream come true! Hey Jack, lets get Willie and Korie and especially Uncle Si out there too! Happy, Happy, Happy!
My daughter, Missy Robertson, recording for upcoming Xmas CD with Universal Music Group.
Get Your Robertson Fix With A Duck Dynasty Cruise And Christmas Album! Do you need a fix of your favorite Duck Dynasty cast members during the off season? We have two solutions to help get you through – cruising and caroling with the Robertson family! If you're looking to schedule a family vacation for next summer, you can sail the seas with Willie, Jase, Phil, Uncle Si and the rest of the Robertson crew on the Duck Commander Cruise! The family be hosting a Carnival Cruise next July, departing from Miami and headed to the Caribbean, from July 17 to 21. See all the details below. I'm guessing this will be a bigger hit than the Teresa Giudice New Year's Cruise that never happened… To get you through the 12 months until the cruise sets sail, you can make your holidays a little brighter with the Duck Dynasty Christmas album, "Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas". CLICK THE CONTINUE READING BUTTON FOR MORE! We've heard Missy Robertson sing on the show, so we know there's some talent in the famil . ...
We are looking for a realtor in port Angeles or sequim. Suggestions? Help! :)
I don't know. I'm only friends w Missy Robertson so far cause she's the coolest! Check out her page and see which ones.
Duck Dynasty night tomorrow at Don't think it'll beat seeing Phil, Kay, Jase, and Missy Robertson in real two days ago.
Michael W. Smith with Missy Robertson...girl can sing!
Jase, Missy, Phil Robertson were all at the Meet and Greet and I got Jase and Missy's Autograph
Blessed Beyond By Missy Robertsom and Reed Robertson singing at K-Love Fan Awards Oh my. Chills and tears. good and talented folks
Congrats to WFR members Jase & Missy Robertson hosting KLOVE FanAwards and to Reed (son) on singing as well as Missy!
Missy Robertson singing with Michael W. Smith! Best part of night!!
Listening to the KLove fan awards. Missy Robertson just sang and let me say she is a great singer.
Missy Robertson from is singing at the . Amazing voice
Michael W. Smith and Missy Robertson of leading us in worship right now. Wow!
Smitty and Missy Robertson from Duck Dynasty!
Happy Happy Happy! It's beautiful here!! We have a great time last night, lots of great music. Today was time to meet & greet the artists. Got to meet & take pics of and with several people such as Mandisa, Matthew West, Steven Curtis Chapman, Building 429, Audio Adrenaline, Natalie Grant, Big Daddy Weave, Chris August and Duck Dynasty's Phil, Kay, Jase & Missy Robertson!! I'm sure I forgot to mention several. Last night we ran into Stephen Baldwin...he is one strange man! Today is The Red Carpet with the Awards being held at the Ryman!
Heading to Nashville with the Crowns tonight for the KLove fan awards hosted by Phil, Kay, Jase & Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty!! Happy happy happy!
Got to love the Robertson family.I am glad my family got me turned on to this show. This is one show that will make you laugh and shows the faith of a family in every episode. Phil, Kay, Jase & Missy Robertson, hosts of the K-LOVE Fan Awards and stars of A&E's hit TV show Duck Dynasty,.While Jesus and family values play a huge role in the Robertson family today, that wasn't always the case. "I was into 'sex, drugs and rock 'n roll,' as they say. Some guy with a Bible came into a beer joint that I was running and he wanted to talk it over. I basically ran him out of the place," explains Phil Robertson on LifeWay's YouTube page. "I looked him back up, and my life was going south in a hurry. So at 28, I finally sat down and listened for the first time in my life to the story about of Jesus of Galilee...Not only did He have the power to remove my sin, but He had the power to energize dead, cold flesh so it can stand back up on the earth again."
My husband thinks he is so smart, he said onions are the only food that make you cry. So I threw a coconut at his face!
Coming to Ewomen this fall... Missy Robertson, of A&E's hit show Duck Dynasty. Missy is the wife of Jase...
Jase and Missy Robertson from Duck Dynasty were the keynote speakers at the Spring Banquet for Foothills Community ...
I'm super stoked to see Jase and Missy Robertson in a few hours!!! 😁👍👏
Jase and Missy Robertson will be in Great Falls with their family tomorrow
Me and just saw Jase and Missy Robertson in Tinsel Town! :)
Josh Wilson, Colton Dixon, Third Day, Godwin, Jase Robertson, Missy Robertson, and Jep Robertson all in one night! BEST NIGHT EVER!
I interviewed Missy Robertson's father today. He asked me if I watch the show I said I don't do redneck.
Eating lunch a few tables down from Missy Robertson... Oh the perks of living in Duck Dynasty town :)
Great interview w/Missy Robertson in The Christian Chronicle. so thankful for this family's example
if you're getting fat then I'm morbidly obese!!! There's no way missy! 😘
Just bought tickets to see Jase and Missy Robertson in Billings. Gonna be a fun night!
A&E's Duck Dynasty is coming to Billings!!! Spend an evening with Jase & Missy Robertson in the Rimrock Auto...
Wow, Jase and Missy Robertson are the sweetest people, had a great time with them last night! Great stories!
Jase and Missy Robertson spoke at my church tonight. :)
Jase and Missy Robertson speaking at a Jeremy Camp concert! Love them!
Yes, this is Jase & Missy Robertson from Duck Dynasty! They're speaking after Jeremy Camps concert at…
Jase and Missy Robertson from Duck Dynasty with Jeremy Camp. Lots of hair on Mr. Jase...
Then we get to meet Jase and Missy Robertson and listen to them speak
Had a dream last night that I was engaged and Missy Robertson off of Duck Dynasty flew to Tennessee to congratulate me.
I just went to hear Jase, Si, and Missy Robertson speak the gospel- it was amazing.
Just wanted to let my friends know that there are still tickets for today's DUCK WEEK event, which is Jase & Missy Robertson coming from Duck Dynasty to talk. It's at Yukon high school starts at 7:00, but come at 5:30 for meet past recipients and good food.
Getting ready for a trivia throwdown at the community center when who walks in, none other than Phil, Kay, Willy, Si, Jase, Cory and Missy Robertson. Good time for a good cause. Supporting the PHS activities department.
Me and Taylor as Jase and Missy Robertson from Duck Dynasty! jaseduckman
Miranda Lambert tomorrow, then Sunday Jase and Missy Robertson (Duck Dynasty) will be at Yukon High school AND the National Tornado Summit downtown! Gonna be a busy weekend :-) I am sofa king excited...and a little bit of a loser :-P
At this time one week from today, some of you will be sitting just feet away from Jase and Missy Robertson listening to them speak at DUCK WEEK 2013!!!
Piedmont High School's 10th annual DUCK Week & Jase & Missy Robertson from "Duck Dynasty." Find out more @
Just got my tickets for the K-LOVE fan awards in Nashville and noticed that Phil, Kay, Jase and Missy Robertson are hosting the event!!!
Excited to announce our hosts for the K-LOVE Fan Awards: From the hit TV show Phil & Kay and Jase & Missy Robertson!
Jase and Missy Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” visiting Oklahoma for Piedmont Schools’ DUCK Week charity event
Jase and Missy Robertson from Duck Dynasty will be in Yukon on March 10! This is to support Piedmont schools Duck Week. Ticket sales start next week. Let me know if you are interested in going and I'll get you ticket ($25 each) info.
We have the Living Loud Outdoors Family Expo tickets to sell featuring Jase & Missy Robertson from the Duck Dynasty show. Appearance will be at Rusk Co. Expo Center in Henderson on Sat., April 27th. Great event, come get your tickets now!
For all of you Duck Dynasty fans out there.Jase and Missy Robertson are coming to Piedmont! They are.going to kick off our annual DUCK Week festivities. DUCK Week is a community fundraiser by our student council from the high school. This year we are raising money to help 4 families dealing with medical issues.
Watch RAW Interview with Jase and Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty in the WJBF Video
For Halloween I want to be Missy Robertson so I am now accepting applications for my hot bearded husband, Jase Robertson.
just met Jase and Missy Robertson, my kids and I are thankful God gave us this opportunity...
No big deal! Just met Jase and Missy Robertson from Duck Dynasty! Made my day!
Going to see Jase and Missy Robertson tonight!!
Jase and Missy Robertson and more from the Duck Dynasty family!
Excited to have Duck Dynasty's Jase and Missy Robertson along with some fantastic kiddos from this family speaking...
Cam with the Messer family and Jase and Missy Robertson from Duck Dynasty
“and Missy Robertson will be at the expo Saturday July 14th, Come and see the Stars of Duck Dynasty!” I attended❤
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Jase and Missy Robertson, Stars of Duck Dynasty will be at the Tennessee Valley Hunting and Fishing Expo on...
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