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Missouri National Guard

The Missouri National Guard is a component agency of the Missouri Department of Public Safety and the United States National Guard.

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Supporting the MO National Guard Retiree Council at the semi-annual Retiree Appreciation Day. Thanks for having us…
Missouri National Guard sergeant tied to Nazism is fired via
.reporting that Voronenkov's killer was a member of Ukraine's National Guard who was dismissed in August https:…
Well my brother swore into the Missouri Air National Guard today.
I still remember the whole KKK incident at U Missouri where they got the National Guard deployed to the campus
I can't say enough about the tremendous work the Missouri National Guard ha...
Marijuana Bust In Taney County: Deputies, with the help of the Missouri National Guard, found just under 200 ...
The pot plants were found during a fly over by the Missouri National Guard.
Colonel Ken "Willie B" Eaves has been named commander of the Missouri National Guard's 131st Bomb Wing at...
The National Guard of Missouri must have had orders to shoot to kill the Black Protestors, they came with gunneries trained on the Protestor
Remember Gov. Jay Nixon that called out the Missouri National Guard on our Black Protestors, He was Democrat.
Having too much fun with Leadership Missouri at MO National Guard - that's a 40lb bullet proof…
UMB staff saying thank you to the Missouri National Guard.
Maj. General Stephen Danner, Adjutant General of the Missouri National Guard cuts a cake…
basketball players doing team building and leadership training with Missouri National Guard at Camp Clark
BREAKING NEWS: Missouri National Guard is activated by Governor Nixon scheduled to carry 185 people, but 23 passengers did not show up
JUST IN: Missouri Gov Jay Nixon has activated Missouri National Guard to be on standby for Ferguson grand jury decision.
Leadership-team building at camp Clark with the Missouri National Guard.
Missouri Tigers learn unity with National Guard training
Our state National Guardsmen should be able to defend themselves and I urge to make this change.
Republicans ask Missouri governor to arm National Guard - -
Lawmakers and gubernatorial hopefuls are calling on Gov. Jay Nixon to arm the National Guard.
Should the Missouri National Guard be armed? What do you think?
Officially a soldier in the Missouri National Guard! Oh rah!
A great idea. Hey pentagon, are you paying attention?: Republicans ask Missouri governor to arm National Guard
Some Missouri lawmakers are calling on Gov. Nixon to arm the National Guard after recent attacks in Tennessee.
KTVO: Republicans ask Missouri governor to arm National Guard
Talked to about National Guard carrying weapons and defending themselves on US Soil. .
Missouri & Iowa look into arming National Guard in their states.
GOP lawmakers call for arming Missouri National Guard
Republicans are asking to arm the National Guard after the
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Lawmakers push bill to arm military recruiters, National Guard
Republicans request Missouri governor to arm National Guard
kmoxnews: Republicans ask Missouri Governor to arm National Guard:
Republicans ask Missouri governor to arm National Guard -
STLtoday: Republicans ask Missouri governor to arm National Guard
Republicans ask Missouri governor to arm National Guard: Governors of at least six other states have ordered that…
Republicans ask Missouri governor to arm National Guard | and The ...
Where is and on this?. Six states arm members in wake of tragedy
[News] Republicans ask Missouri governor to arm National Guard
Republicans ask Missouri governor to arm National Guard
Photoset: vintagebrides: 1993 newlyweds Christine and Robert, members of the Missouri National Guard,...
Our colleagues in the Missouri National Guard refer to protesters as "enemy forces" v
Hoping for a safe night for the Missouri National Guard and law enforcement in Ferguson MO, as well as other cities across the country. Looks like MOARNG just wrestled someone down trying to push through the line on CNN.
I’m pretty sure media would be asking where the Missouri National Guard is (or was last night) if Jay Nixon was a Republica…
A message to the National Guard: Veterans' appeal to National Guard: "Stand with Ferguson protesters, not the police!" The National Guard has been used before to repress legitimate protests against racism The police are undeniably using extreme violence on peaceful protesters, violating their constitutional rights To our brothers and sisters in the Missouri National Guard: We are writing to you as active-duty U.S. service members and veterans, most of us having served in the Iraq war. You have a choice you can make right now. The whole world is watching the Ferguson police with disgust. They killed an unarmed, college-bound Black youth in broad daylight, and subsequently responded to peaceful, constitutionally-protected protests with extreme violence and repression. Countless constitutional and human rights violations by these police have been documented over the course of the Ferguson protests; from attacking and threatening journalists, to using tear gas against peaceful protesters, including children. ...
Good news that we obviously don't hear reported by the msm! What's Really Happening in Ferguson, Missouri? by Kingsley Walker, MO State Prayer General Current Situation The City of St. Louis and the nation await the release of the judgment of the Grand Jury regarding Officer Darren Wilson and the shooting of Michael Brown on August 9. There is much speculation and opinion as to when the verdict will be announced, but that information is well guarded, available only on a need-to-know basis. With promises of violent behavior, burning cities, and death threats, all branches of law enforcement have gone to 12-hour shifts, schools have stockpiled supplies and food, and people are being told to stay inside and prepare as if a large winter storm were coming. On Monday, November 17, Governor Jay Nixon, signed an executive order activating the Missouri National Guard. He has stated that violence and destruction will not be tolerated. With only a few official agencies having specific and accurate information, the m ...
For those who idealize WEST: State of Emergency Declared in US State of Missouri for Grand Jury’s Decision on Ferguson. FERGUSON, Mo. — Gov. Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency on Monday, allowing him to activate the Missouri National Guard in preparation for a grand jury decision on whether to indict a white police officer for shooting to death an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, three months ago.
U.S. military veterans, many who have served in the Iraq war, call on the Missouri National Guard to refuse to aid the police in their crackdown on protesters
I'm at command post cops talking about 200 Missouri National Guard troops being brought in, number not confirmed
Gov. Jay Nixon said Tuesday that the Missouri National Guard was part of a multiforce contingency plan by law enforcement authorities to avert violence as the region around St. Louis awaited a grand jury’s return in the death of Michael Brown three months ago.
In light of the escalating violence in the City of Ferguson and the arrival of the Missouri National Guard, we are asking you to provide your listening community with the following information. We are pleading that you share this continuously and consistently throughout the night. 1. National Guard - We implore you to protect the right of peaceful protestors! Protestors - we implore you to protest peacefully! 2. Parents - Keep your children off the streets and out of danger! 3. Protestors - Follow the direction of the National Guard and police! 4. Any violations can be prosecuted as federal crimes! This message provided to you on behalf of: Central Baptist Church (Reverend Robert Scott) Deaconess Foundation (Reverend Starsky Wilson) Better Family Life (James Clark, Vice President) St. Louis Black Leadership Roundtable (Ron Jackson, Chairperson) Mound City Bar Association 100 Black Men (Joe Anderson, President) Concerned citizens and political leadership. For more information please contact: Joe Anderson: ...
Missouri National Guard!! How many tours did they do over seas? Now there in Ferguson Mo. I'm totally lost here.
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon lifts the curfew in Ferguson, Missouri just hours after deploying the Missouri National Guard.
The escalation of police has begun – first, militarized police force, then Missouri’s Highway Patrol, and now the Missouri National Guard. There is no substitute for civilian control of the police and elected leaders doing as charged, effectively running their own towns, counties, and states.
THE GOVERNOR OF MISSOURI IS SENDING THE NATIONAL GUARD TO FERGUSON TOMORROW. CNN just announced that the Governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon has signed an executive order deploying National Guard troops to Ferguson. A CNN reporter quoted the governor as saying, 'Sunday night's clashes prompted his decision given these deliberate, coordinated and intensifying violent acts on lives and property in Ferguson, I am directing the highly capable men and women of the Missouri National Guard to help restore peace and order to this community.' Capt. Ron Johnson of the Ferguson Police Dept. says some protesters acted criminally and provoked others. He says molotov cocktails were thrown at police and that there were shootings, lootings, vandalism and other acts of violence. I believe most of the protesters were peaceful and yet police were throwing gas canisters at them and shooting rubber bullets at them. CNN producer, Steve Kastenbaum says there were families with young children, some even in strollers, on the stre ...
Thoughts & prayers with Soldiers of Missouri National Guard, who are on state active duty in response to unrest in Ferguson, MO.
Gov. Jay Nixon has approved the use of Missouri National Guard in Our stream from the ground:
So this is literally martial law now. Law enforcement is now under command of the Adjutant General of Missouri National Guard.
Couple of pics from our Missouri ESGR Lunch With the Boss yesterday Jefferson City Coca-Cola room. Great to see a couple of good friends & old Missouri National Guard buddies: Jason Kander (fmr CPT) & Jim Kesterson (fmr COL) ! More pics from the luncheon to be posted...
The American Humanist Association has asked the Missouri National Guard to stop handing out Bibles to new recruits:
Men! Our men’s breakfast is first Saturday of each month at church from 8-9:30 am. Come out on July 5 for some good company and good food. Andrew Marks will be sharing with us. Andrew is married to Anna, and he works at City Union Mission. He is also a student at Calvary Theological Seminary, and a Sergeant in the Missouri National Guard.
At the Wall in Perryville. It's been a very hot day, but that's not stopping anybody! Its great to sit out here and visit with the Vietnam Veteran's and their families. Also, a big thanks to the Missouri National Guard for coming out and helping!!
This special program is part of a new Missouri National Guard initiative to educate and inform the people we serve, roughly 6 million Missourians, as to who we are and what we do.
Official member of the Missouri National Guard as an E-1 Private!
Missouri National Guard artillery unit "shoots out of the box" and into an Arkansas home.
We're about to head out on the Missouri with the National Guard! Dwayne came prepared.
MONG and SEMA rehearse response capabilities to the .
Alterations for the 70th Troop Command (Missouri National Guard) at St. Louis MO (Miscell
Harry S Truman served in the Missouri National Guard with the 1-129th Field Artillery Battalion during World War I.
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel visits the Missouri National Guard after deadly accident
Soldiers of the Missouri National Guard will finally have a location dedicated to honoring their fallen comrades. http:…
Missouri National Guard 4175th Military Police Detachment was awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation and streamer.
Well Robby made it official at 4:00 today. He is a soldier with the Missouri National Guard after three years active duty and one combat tour in Afghanistan. He will be going to school to be a 31 Bravo (Military Police) Feel so fortunate to have such incredible kids. Proud of you son!
My name is Brian C. Brickhaus and I am announcing that I am a candidate for Perry County Treasurer. I have had a life long dream of public service to the people of Perry County. I ran in 2010 for the County Treasurer office and had a great experience getting to meet lots of new people in the community. I feel that I am extremely qualified for this position with my knowledge in the financial field for the last 13 years and obtaining my degree in Finance from Southeast Missouri. I want to work hard for the residents so that they have a feeling of trust and honesty in the County offices. I am the son of Julie (Tom) Unterreiner and Larry Brickhaus. I have been married to my wife, Amy, for 13 years and have 4 boys, Alex 12, Luke 11, Garrett 7 and Adam 5. I served in the military for 8 years between the United States Army and the Missouri National Guard. I have been self employed for the last 13 years working as a Financial Advisor. I also obtained by real estate license almost 3 years ago and have been workin ...
Interested in paying off college loans, getting tuition assistance for school, and/or getting the best training in both a civilian and military career? Consider joining the Missouri National Guard! I'm currently working with my local recruiting office, so please feel free to shoot me a message if you're interested in joining or just have a simple question. Thanks! 😃🇺🇸
U S attorneys have filed a lawsuit against the Missouri National Guard alleging it shortchanges civilian employees when they are called to active duty The lawsuit announced Monday says the Missouri National Guard has been requiring civilian
Delagates from the Republic of Panama toured the 139th Airlift Wing as part of a three day visit to Missouri during the Missouri National Guard's...
Adjutant General of the Missouri National Guard, Major General Steve Danner and his wife, Katie Steele-Danner, send Holiday Greetings to retirees,...
Okay folks! In the interest of fairness we have decided to change things up a bit. Once we get to 250 likes, we will pick a person at random and give them the decal. At 500 likes we will do another random giveaway with a Guardian Outdoors baseball hat. And at 1000 likes, we will give away a United States flag that was flown this year over Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan. It will be in a display case and have a certificate of authenticity. The flag procurement is being arranged by our own Denver Lewis, who is currently serving there with the Missouri National Guard's 1438th MRBC! Good luck!
Video: Missouri National Guard soldiers return to homecoming celebration in Springfield:
Aviation The 35th Combat Aviation Brigade units fly AH-64A Apache attack helicopters, OH-58 Kiowa observation helicopters, UH-60 Blackhawks utility headquarters, C-23 Sherpa cargo plains and C-12 Huron transport planes. The 35th Combat Aviation Brigade deploys to an area of responsibility to provide command, control, staff planning and supervision of combat aviation brigade operations. The brigade's units are capable of performing unit, intermediate and depot-level aviation maintenance. Missouri is one of only five locations in the U.S. with the capability to perform depot-level aviation maintenance. Engineers The 35th Engineer Brigade undertakes plans, integrates and directs the execution of engineer missions. Headquartered at Fort Leonard Wood, the 35th Engineer Brigade includes the 1140th Engineer Battalion and 203rd Engineer Battalion. Engineers have a wide range of activities, from innovative readiness training exercises right in their hometowns to helping build schools in Iraq. Engineers are an impo ...
Indiana State Police are starting to get a handle on a big backlog in firearm license applications that followed last year's deadly Connecticut school shootings.
On July 3rd, I found myself watching part of a documentary on Gettysburg. (Yeah, also what I do in my spare time.) It is difficult to imagine, but it was only 150 years ago that this nation tried to rip itself apart. Today I read about a twelve-year-old drummer boy who joined the Union army to help his mother. His father had been killed by rebels in East Tennessee and their home had been destroyed. The mother and her son had gone to St. Louis to live with her sister. When they couldn't find the sister, the woman took her son to a captain and asked if the boy could do a short enlistment in the army (6 weeks) to earn enough money to get them by. The captain, believing their duty was almost up and seeing that the woman and boy were hard up, took the boy on as a drummer. However the boy's company soon found themselves on a hard march from Rolla to Springfield. Next they were caught in the battle at Wilson's Creek. During the battle the young drummer was hit by a cannon-ball and lost both of his feet ...
Senator Roy Blunt (Mo.) June Monthly ColumnTopic: Fourth of July/Armed Services As we approach the Fourth of July, we’re reminded of our nation’s founders who put their lives on the line 237 years ago so we can enjoy the God-given inalienable rights of all free people. Today, our men and women in uniform and their families continue to make tremendous sacrifices to protect the freedoms that make America great – and Missouri serves a vital role in the defense of our country. Our state is home to hundreds of thousands of active duty servicemen and women, civilian defense employees, and private sector contractors, as well as several important military installations, including Fort Leonard Wood, Whiteman Air Force Base, Rosecrans Air National Guard Base, and Missouri National Guard’s Aviation Classification Repair Activity Depot.In the Senate, I’m honored to be one of three members to serve on both the defense authorizing and appropriations committees. Our military faces enormous challenges today, an ...
Teeing off in the Missouri National Guard Tourney here at Great sponsor of
USCIS to Welcome More Than 100 New Citizens During Independence Day Celebration On Board the USS Missouri HONOLULU— The Hawaiian Islands will welcome America’s newest citizens during a special naturalization ceremony on Wednesday, July 3, 2013, at 10 a.m. on board the Battleship Missouri Memorial at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The naturalization ceremony is in celebrating our nation’s 237th birthday. The Honorable Susan Oki Mollway, Chief United States District Judge, will preside over the ceremony and U.S. Senator, Mazie Hirono and U.S. Navy Rear Admiral, Bret Muilenburg will deliver keynote remarks. Candidates and guests will also enjoy music provided by the Pacific Fleet Band’s Woodwind Quintet and a presentation of the colors by the Joint Base Pearl Harbor/Hickam Honor Guard. Hawaii District Direct, David Gullick will complete the day by presenting the new citizens with their Citizenship Certificates. This ceremony is part of USCIS’ annual celebration of Independence Day. More than 7,800 candidat ...
SECRETARY OF DEFENSE CHUCK HAGEL: Good afternoon. I had one announcement I want to make, and that is the president is very proud and very pleased, as I am, to announce that the president is nominating General Dempsey and Admiral Winnefeld for second two-year terms in their respective offices as chairman and vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. So I enthusiastically endorse that nomination, and I would add, at the risk of embarrassing General Dempsey, that I think, if there was ever a time to have this team in place here, in these jobs, at a very difficult challenging time, to have Dempsey and Winnefeld in these roles is the right time. They're the right two leaders. And the four months I've been here, they have been immensely helpful to me in every way. So I'm very proud of the president's announcement, and I'm very pleased that, with concurrence of the United States Senate, I will have the opportunity to work with these two distinguished leaders of our country for another two years. And I thi ...
Friends, I oppose the Senate immigration bill as passed. The bill now heads to the House Judiciary Committee, a committee I do not serve on. However, the Judiciary Committee has already begun to mark-up smaller immigration reform bills and will likely continue to address immigration reform in a piecemeal approach. As these smaller bills come before the House for a vote, I will thoroughly review them and take into consideration the many comments I have received from constituents like you over the past few months. I remain opposed to amnesty and believe it is inherently unfair and insults legal immigrants who have spent years playing by the rules to come to this great country. It does nothing to solve our illegal immigration troubles; rather, it exacerbates the problem. I also, however, understand that the legal process of immigrating to the U.S. is broken, which often results in the separation of families for years and the loss of good workers to companies abroad. Therefore, I am ready and willing to wor . ...
In a nutshell, the Battle of Pea Ridge was an armed conflict between the Union Army and the Missouri National Guard. The Union pushed the MNG down into Arkansas, and then set up a defense line along Pea Ridge facing south. Although the MNG was reinforced by elements of the Confederate Army and a couple of regiments of Cherokees, and they sneaked around and attacked the Union from behind (superior tactics), they lost the battle because they ran out of ammo before the Union did. The situation that precipitated this battle caused formerly neutral Missouri to join the Confederacy. Missouri lost, but the precedent for armed resistance by the States against the Federal government exists. If Holder wants to precipitate another civil war, he should move ahead with his "appropriate action" against Kansas.
We travel to the Missouri National Guard helps farmers in Afghanistan
Proud to recognize SSG Steve Bell of Missouri National Guard as part of Military Appreciation Day!
View a list of current technician job opportunities within the Missouri National Guard.
Gov. Jay Nixon announced this morning that he has declared a state of emergency in response to today’s severe winter storm: “The State Emergency Operations Center has been actively monitoring the storm system since yesterday. Gov. Nixon has been receiving updates from his emergency management team, including senior officials from the Missouri Department of Public Safety, Missouri National Guard, Missouri State Highway Patrol and State Emergency Management Agency to *** the current weather situation and review the latest forecasts. Gov. Nixon has also activated the Missouri State Emergency Operations Plan, which allows state agencies to coordinate directly with local jurisdictions to provide emergency services.”
An e-mail I am considering send to Missouri Representatives Rory Ellinger and Jill Schupp regarding a bill they recently proposed: As human beings, we understand pain. We know it to be something avoided, even using it to teach our children right from wrong. In fact, it completely blows my mind how someone can willingly inflict pain and suffering on another human being. That being said, I am not naive. I am responsible enough to know that pain will exist in this world regardless of my personal feelings towards it. Bad things happen to good people. And with that understanding, I have trained since I was a child to protect people. I studied full-contact martial arts and self-defense since the age of 6, and at 17 I enlisted into the Missouri National Guard. Although I hate violence and pain with an unbridled passion, I will not hesitate to use the skills I possess to protect my friends, my family, and the innocent people around me. House Bill 545 severely restricts my ability to act as a protector when violen ...
Oakville Guardsman promoted to lieutenant colonel in JB ceremony (State of Missouri) (Source: State of Missouri) Col. James G. Allison (right), commander of the Missouri National Guard's 70th Troop Command, affixes the rank of lieutenant colonel to the uniform of Lance Shaffer, of Oakville, during Shaffer's promotion ceremony at historic Jefferson Barracks. Shaffer is administrative and executive officer of Troop Command, the largest brigade in the Missouri National Guard. (Bill Phelan photo) Bill Phelan ngmo.paoST. ~GeeK3r
Its Official!!! I'm once again a member of the Missouri National Guard. I'll start drilling this February as a truck driver with the 175 Military Police Battalion. Looking forward to getting back in uniform, serving the country and the great state of Missouri.
As I sit here and think about the way the City of St. Louis has turned out, it makes me sick to my stomach! I have never been one to bite my tongue so I will NOT start today. What is up with these senseless killings? Why is the Mayor allowing this to continue? Where is the Missouri National Guard? How in the heck do you want any of OUR votes when you will NOT even TRY to protect us? This City has been less than desirable for many years but it has gottin so far out of hand & I see commericals talking about ALL the things that OUR Mayor has done but can someone tell him that we as African Americans want to live in communities that we can be proud of AND feel safe! I pray to GOD that the same folks who voted for President Obama, because he is black will get out and VOTE so that we can again have a city we can be proud of. PLEASE, PLEASE do NOT be fooled by ANY of the people who look like you who are endorsing folks who do NOT care about the ENTIRE city.
The year 2012 will forever be remembered in the Missouri National Guard as a year where we made great strides both as Soldiers and Airmen serving around the world, and as leaders at home and abroad.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - Members of Springfield¿s Headquarters Support Company, 935th Aviation Support Battalion of the Missouri National Guard are halfway through a yearlong deployment to southwest Asia
The Battle of the Bulge at Camp Clark, Nevada, Mo. 18-20 Jan 2013 G Co, 137th Infantry Regiment, 35th Infantry Division, a unit of the WW II HRS, will host a Battle of the Bulge tactical battle at the Missouri National Guard training site, Camp Clark, in Nevada, MO 18-20 January 2013. This event is open to all ETO reenactors. Camp Clark is located on the southeast side of Nevada, MO. Nevada is 75 miles south of Kansas City, MO and 61 miles north of Joplin, MO. Take the Camp Clark exit off of US 71 Highway in Nevada and follow the signs to Camp Clark. The training area is one square mile of rolling hills, woods, creeks, and trails. This will be a dismounted infantry event with a minimum of vehicle support. Light wheeled vehicles will be allowed only with the prior approval of the event coordinator. No tracked vehicles will be allowed at the event. Event Fee: $20 Heated barracks with showers and latrines will be provided on Friday and Saturday night. The barracks rooms have bunk beds with mattresses ...
Great evening w/the Missouri National Guard and the annual Birthday Ball at Lodge of the Four Seasons in Lake Ozark, MO. Formal Dinner for Army and Air Guard...
Died July 10, 2010 Serving During Operation Enduring Freedom 42, of Kansas City, Mo.; assigned to the 203rd Engineer Battalion, Missouri National Guard, Joplin, Mo.; died July 10 at Forward Operating Base Sharana, Afghanistan, of wounds sustained when insurgents attacked his vehicle with an improvis...
Governor Jay Nixon is in Afghanistan visiting members of the Missouri National Guard who won’t be home for the holidays. The governor arrived in Kuwait
Nancy Thompson volunteers once a week at the Museum of Missouri Military History located at the Ike Skelton Training Site. Thompson has helped contribute to the organization system used in archiving historical documents at the museum. (Photo by Sarah E. Lupescu, Missouri National Guard).
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Thousands of Missouri National Guard Citizen soldiers and airmen will join community, state and federal agencies for Saturday's Vigilant Guard Missouri earthquake training exercise.According to the Missouri National Guard, ...
30 minutes until the beat-downs begin. XCC 45 Battle in the Plains presented by the Missouri National Guard at the West Plains Civic Center. We still have plenty of upper level $15 seating available.
I won!YipY! I Love Fight Hard MMA! Fights are as good as any UFC fights.Come see for yourself!
It is now official.I have the newest member of the Missouri National Guard!! I am so proud of you
I am looking for 4 or 5 people who are interested in being a zombie at an event the morning of October 20th, 9am-11am. It takes place at Smithville Lake and it will be AWESOME! You would be done in time to get to the walk that day. OR if you are unable to attend the walk because of afternoon work, this may be a fun way to STILL be a zombie that morning! email me at kczombiequeenif you are interested. Kansas City Zombie Walk for Hunger folks! let me know if you would like more info on this event! It would be working with KCPD, Missouri National Guard and possibly FEMA. It is for the boy scout Survival Merrit Badge training...ZOMBIE STYLE!
The Missouri National Guard celebrated its 50th Officer Candidate School Graduation. (video)
For the 50th time, the Missouri National Guard recognized a dedicated group of Citizen-Soldiers for completing its Officer Candidate School.
So he tells meh he joining the national guard & may leave for Missouri when he graduates ! :(
Missouri National Guard celebrates 50th class graduating from Officer Candidate School: It's something that even the...
Our Camp Hope Benefit netted $254! A HUGE Thank You goes out to ALL the MC's ,The other bikers,the people who let our girls wash thier bikes and cars,trucks,whatever!..The DJ's rocked,The Biking Life Magazine ladies were amazing! Rugs Bar & Grill's Owner Jim Took care of the Bike Show,The Missouri National Guard did thier thing..What a Hellava Day!!! Too bad I was stuck in the shop slinging But We had a lot of fun and raised some much needed cash for our Wounded Soldiers...I also have to Add a big thank you to the citizens of Bonne Terre Missouri for allowing us to turn the street into a benefit for a great cause!
Missouri better call the National Guard because they can't guard Jarvis Jones!
To Jody Hefner and all my buds from the Missouri National Guard
Teaching our social media for emergency managers class. (@ Missouri National Guard)
Check out the great work by members from the Missouri National Guard's 110th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, based...
Here to check out our training room (@ Missouri National Guard) [pic]:
the Missouri National Guard out here. about to ride up on them and see if i know any of them
Col. Gary Gilmore from the Missouri National Guard will be presenting "Partners in Care" tomorrow at CCO! This...
hey john I am soldier in the missouri national guard and im interested in your stop in St. Joesph mo my 8yr is a huge fan pls
I am Burning with Pride. Buoyed by the fact I Serve In the Missouri Army National Guard.
A document released in a Florida court proceeding against a white supremacist group reveals that its members received training last year from a member of the Missouri National Guard who had formerly served with the U.S. Army in Iraq.
National Guard troops receive warm welcome home: As the more than 450 Missouri National Guard troops returned to...
No wonder Todd Aiken thinks like he does. Look where he went to school. Akin was born in New York City, the son of Nancy Perry (née Bigelow) and Rev. Paul Bigelow Akin.[1] He moved to St. Louis and attended John Burroughs School. After graduating, he attended the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts where he earned a degree in management engineering, and in 1984 he earned a Master of Divinity degree at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis. During college he was member of Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. From 1972 to 1980, Akin served in the Missouri National Guard.[2] After his military career, he took up work at IBM as an engineer and later became a manager at Laclede Steel Company.
The Missouri National Guard is holding a welcome home ceremony at 4 p.m. Friday at the Ike Skelton Training Site for guardsmen from the headquarters and headquarters detachment, 229th Multifunctional Medical Battalion.
check the videos from military appreciation day at Missouri state fair Patriot Guard over 300 bikes in the arena got standing ovation as opening of celebration and dedication for those who serve state governor ,commanding generals from Whitman AFB,and Fort Leonard Wood, and Missouri National Guard mobile artillary company Independence, and director of state dept of agriculture spoke and honored and thanked all those serving in all branches of military and the reading of the names of Missouri's fallen, over the last year
What a great day we had. Started the morning by watching the high school football team participate in leadership drills with the Missouri National Guard out of Jefferson City. Thank you Coach Holt for bringing this program to PC!!! Then the PC Alumni football game generated lots of laugh as well as community spirit to kick off the football season. Ended the day with high school Gatorage scrimmage.morale was high, boys had fun & parents got to go on the field after the game.whoopie.what a great start to the football season!!
Although I've been in Georgia for 31 years, Missouri will always be HOME! To my fellow Missourians, as you plan your week out, can you please pencil in something very important for tomorrow, August 7. Consider my amazing nephew, Adam Lee Warren, as you vote for Missouri Attorney General. Adam is an 8th generation Missourian, was born and raised in Meadville, MO. He attended Missouri State in Springfield and earned his law degree at the University of Missouri – Columbia. In the past seven years of his practice, Adam has served as City Attorney for Chillicothe, County Prosecutor for Livingston County and a JAG Officer for the Missouri National Guard. Now Adam wants to take on the politically powerful in order to restore the heart of the Attorney General back to the protection of Missourians and the Constitution. Thank you so much!
Bess wrote to Harry in 1923 while he was at Missouri National Guard training camp, "There was a big black bug on...
Military police from the Missouri National Guard join the search for a missing ten-month-old girl.
Second Lady, Dr. Jill Biden, was at Park University to participate in a roundtable discussion with Missouri National Guard members and their families to learn more about Partners in Care, a faith-based partnership between the Guard and the Missouri faith community. Link 1: Link 2:
Second lady Jill Biden was in Kansas City on Monday, and she visited with members of the Missouri National Guard at Park University.
A Missouri National Guard unit from Farmington is preparing to deploy to Afghanistan. The 1138 Engineer Com...
A Missouri National Guard soldier has been killed while participating in a training exercise in Guatemala.
St. Louis County (KSDK) - He survived tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, but Monday a Missouri National Guard soldier died on a humanitarian mission to Guatemala.
Soldiers with the Missouri National Guard support Beyond the Horizon Guatemala 2012 (BTH)
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri National Guard is hoping to locate more than 900 alumni of the state’s Officer Candidate School in time for the program’s 50th anniversary on Sept. 8, 2012.
Every president, including FDR as Sec of Navy, of the US has had since WWII, except one, either played a team sport in high school or college or served in the military in some capacity. Most did both. Truman served in WWI as a Missouri National Guard captain of artillery, Eisenhower served both as Allied Supreme Commander and in Mexico under Patton as well as being a standout football player for West Point. JFK's war service is well known but he also played baseball in high school. LBJ served in the USAAC(F) and was a all-league basketball player in high school. Nixon served in the USN and played JV football in high school and at Whittier. Ford was a much admired football player at Michigan and served aboard the aux. carrier the USS Monterey in the South Pacific. Jimmie Carter was an all-state basketball player in high school but didn't make the team at Annapolis. He also was in the USN as one of Adm Hyman Rickover's Whiz Kids. Ronald Reagan played football and was an excellent swimmer in high school and ...
Missouri National Guard soldiers took items from Joplin wreckage
Editorial: Time to end Sunshine Law exemption for Missouri National Guard: There can be no denying the fact that...
Waiting really *** My boss, chaplain Gilmore came to visit me, it was nice to have a visitor during Derek's surgery. My work has been amazing, they took food to the house and also brought gift cards and food here too. Thank you Missouri National Guard and esp the Patriot Center.
Kevin Craig from Mokane, MO., with the Missouri National Guard Agribusiness Development Team VI at Forward Operating Base Finley Shields, Afghanistan sends a shout out for a May 2012 Cardinals game. Also available in High Definition.
Within hours of the deadly Joplin tornado on May 22, 2011, Gov. Jay Nixon activated the Missouri National Guard and told the people of Joplin they would remain on duty as long as needed.
For the second time this year, officials with the Missouri National Guard are investigating whether a white supremacist has been serving in their midst.
Mother Jones has confirmed that a soldier in the Missouri National Guard, an Iraq war veteran, is being sought for allegedly joining and training a paramilitary white supremacist group that was preparing for a coming "race war" in the United States. A spokeswoman confirmed that the soldier in questi...
Missouri National Guard troops prepare for quake drill - Field Artillery Battalion for an earthquake? Yeah, OK! -
One of the White Supremacist in Florida case is a member of Missouri National Guard who was training the rest in warfare.
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THIRD ANNUAL BIG BAND BOP! TONIGHT from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the Missouri National Guard Armory (new armory) in Huckleberry Park, Hannibal, MO!!! Featuring the exquisitely talented musical styling of the renowned Hannibal High School Studio Jazz Ensemble with special guest, the very accomplished Middle School Jazz Ensemble! Light finger food refreshments will be offered, a King and Queen will be crowned!! Come enjoy a wonderful evening when young and old alike join together to dance to the music that our top notch jazz program provides, you won't be disappointed!! See you there!!
-- Follow 22-mile path of Branson tornado on interactive map:
Missouri National Guard joins search for Lisa Irwin | McClatchy -
Mo. National Guard joins search for missing baby (AP): AP - Military police from the Missouri National Guar...
Missouri National Guard helps this weekend in the search for Lisa Irwin: Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon is sending memb...
National Guard Troops Join Baby Lisa Search: Troops from the Missouri National Guard are searching an area in th...
Missouri National Guard joins search for missing baby
Parents of missing baby 'scraping for anything': Kansas City, Mo. (AP) -- The parents of a missing 10-month...
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