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Missouri Highway Patrol

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is the highway patrol agency for Missouri and has jurisdiction anywhere within the state.

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There were four accidents, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, in Pulaski County in the last two weeks.
Boone County Shrieff says it's still trying to find the car. Missouri Highway Patrol and CPD helped with the chase.
Commuted on the I-70 express lanes for some years and have never seen SLMPD patrol it. The Missouri Highway Patrol nailed a speeder today.
Fourteen-year-old Mersadiez Shiann Rohr has been located, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol.
The Missouri Highway Patrol has released the name of the man whose body was found at the confluence of the Mississ…
Name released of man found dead at confluence of Mississippi, Ohio rivers: The Missouri Highway Patrol has released…
Our Guest Guru speaker series this month featured two officers from the Missouri Highway Patrol! Thanks for speakin…
Missouri Highway Patrol says no injuries. Driver of semi pulled over after experiencing mechanical issue.
Local News: HP Troop F to Host Community Alliance Program - The Missouri State Highway Patrol is giving the pub...
MO Highway Patrol heavy on 70. Message to all Missouri cats driving years on Illinois plates and temp tags. Stay off the highway!
Highway patrol reports 2 arrests on Sunday in North Missouri
Missouri State Highway Patrol’s 1959 Dodge at the Chillicothe, Missouri, car cruise.
8. When Troopers host a summer camp focused on connecting with area youths they create a safer environment.
We had a blast with Sargent Scott White of the Missouri Highway State Patrol this morning. Very informative...
The Missouri State Highway Patrol will conduct a BWI (boating while intoxicated) sobriety checkpoint on Lake of...
State mulling bigger role in St. Louis crime fight: Increased use of Missouri Highway Patrol in St. Louis depends…
Stopped to thank members of the Missouri Highway Patrol before the start of Gov. State of the State Addres…
KSHB Police identify man suspected of shooting at Missouri Highway Patrol trooper KSHB UPDATE 1…
Stroer notes that number does not include crashes worked by the Missouri Highway Patrol or the Boone County Sheriff's Department.
Ozarks drowning case whistleblower says Missouri Highway Patrol wanted him to lie
The Saline County Sheriff’s Department is working with Slater PD and the Missouri State Highway Patrol Division of Drug and Crime Control.
Missouri Highway Patrol Sgt. Collin Stosberg tells me the Patrol's Division of Drug and Crime Control is assisting Saline County officials.
Slater Police Department, Missouri Highway Patrol and Saline County Sheriff's Department all on scene.
Missouri State Highway Patrol Trooper Accord speaks to the Youth Academy about the dangers of drinking and driving.
Learning about boating safety with Sgt Wilson and the Missouri Highway Patrol.
This man running Governor His plan shoot politics.
Download the Missouri State Highway Patrol app for alerts.
Missouri State Highway Patrol says residents should be sure not to leave keys in cars overnight and to lock all doors at all times.
UPDATE: The Missouri State Highway Patrol is clarifying that Jason Biermann allegedly walked away from a federal halfway house.
Highway Patrol arrests three during DWI stops in northeast Missouri:
Missouri Highway Patrol reports results of “Click it or ticket” operation in Grundy County
Missouri highway patrol: Boy, 8, drowns in creek - WGEM
Despite a quiet weekend, the Highway Patrol says mid-Missouri traffic deaths are up this year:
Leta Faye Douglas met an undercover employee from the Missouri State Highway Patrol at a Walmart parking lot...
Update: Missouri Highway Patrol: Trooper shot and killed a man in Cape Girardeau County - KFVS
Missouri Highway Patrol seeks missing Warsaw man with dementia - Kansas City Star
The DUI checkpoint was held by the KCPD in conjunction with the Jackson County Sheriff's Office and Missouri Highway Patrol.
Big thank you to NKC's bus mechanics who worked Saturday and Sunday preparing for our Missouri Highway Patrol safety inspection. Thank you!
Missouri Highway Patrol captain speaks at NAACP gala in Colorado Springs
Missouri State Highway Patrol using a boat now.
The Missouri State Highway Patrol just arrived on scene.
I liked a video from Missouri Police, Sheriff And Highway Patrol Chase 50+
Well with the states current record of arrest of a Iowan in a boat and the state trained highway patrol official...
Man injured in Johnson crash: According to a Missouri State Highway Patrol report, Nathan A. Gross, 34, was dr...
Congratulations to Dragon Football Alumn Jared Thompson on his recent acceptance into the Missouri Highway Patrol Academy!
Don't miss Capt. Ron Johnson, of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, at the Law Enforcement Summit. Register today:
Order Miche Bag Online!
Number of people applying for Missouri Highway Patrol declining -
The Missouri State Highway Patrol reports the arrest of a man from Ozark last night in Ozark County on felony charges
A man from Mountain Home was arrested by the Missouri State Highway Patrol in Texas County Saturday morning
we saw an Old School Missouri Highway Patrol Car & thought of you!
At 1:45 p.m. Carthage Fire Department, ambulance and the Missouri State Highway Patrol are on their way to a...
People of Columbia: sobriety checkpoint by Missouri State Highway Patrol on College Avenue going towards Stadium. Be smart.
The Missouri State Highway Patrol arrested the Slater, Mo. fire chief on Friday in connection to a sexual abuse...
As we head out to ballgames tonight, Missouri Highway Patrol and remind us. BE SAFE, BE SMART AND BE HERE TOMORROW
Funeral Friday for Missouri Highway Patrol trooper killed in crash -
Praying for the Missouri Highway Patrol, Michigan St. Police, Utah Highway Patrol and Harris Cnty Sheriff,click here:
The State of Missouri has opposed the protesters at every turn and used the Missouri Highway Patrol and National Guard to support police.
Missouri Highway Patrol tell me Hood's photo and profile is in their system in case he crosses state lines.
Missouri Highway Patrol spokesman reports no damage or flooding associated with storms that have moved through so far.
. The Henry County Sheriff and the Missouri Highway Patrol are looking for a…
Missouri Highway Patrol trooper finds 400 pounds of candy in a California man's car
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Missouri Highway Patrol is investigating a crash where a man lost control and drove off the roadway overturning while traveling southbound on the Interstate 170 ramp to westbound Interstate 70
Woman injured in Christmas Eve wreck: According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the o...
Video: thighetician: transposedsouls: Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson is marching with...
Missouri Highway Patrol urges drivers to be cautious during New Year’s
Lack of training after merger of Missouri's Highway and Water Patrol: It has been nearly f...
Missouri Highway Patrolman injured in Sunday night accident -
Multiple injuries reported after Missouri Highway Patrol accident
Multiple injuries reported after Missouri Highway Patrol accident -
Multiple injuries result after Missouri Highway Patrol accident. Hope the Trooper will be ok.
Multiple injuries result after Missouri Highway Patrol accident -
Multiple injuries result after Missouri Highway Patrol accident
Multiple injuries result after Missouri Highway Patrol accident. (Sent from KMOV4)
KMOV: Multiple injuries result after Missouri Highway Patrol accident
Multiple injuries result after Missouri Highway Patrol accident.
Missouri Stare Highway Patrol. Good to know how you view things (vague) and that you escalate things quickly.
The MSHP asks everyone to be safe this holiday.
Fatal police shooting in southeast Missouri under investigation by highway patrol -…
Fleet Directors: Overland Park Missouri State Highway Patrol will be screening applicants for...
Missouri Highway Patrol encourages driver's to be safe for Christmas - Daily Journal Online
Govern Jay Nixon you gave awards out this week why didn't you give your friend Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson one,
Good News: Missouri highway related deaths are down. .
A distinct honor and privilege to address the 99th graduating class of the Missouri State Highway Patrol
Missouri Highway Patrol identifies man killed by police in Poplar Bluff.
Citing "the possibility of expanded unrest," Gov. Jay Nixon on Monday declared a state of emergency and prepared to send the Missouri National Guard to help maintain order in the St. Louis region when a grand jury decision is announced in the Michael Brown case. Nixon's executive order puts the St. Louis County Police Department in charge of security in Ferguson "in areas of protests and acts of civil disobedience, should such activities occur." The order also establishes a unified law enforcement command consisting of the county police, the St. Louis Police Department and the Missouri Highway Patrol. The agencies will operate together "to keep members of the public safe and protect property while allowing citizens to exercise their constitutional rights," Nixon said in a news release. Nixon authorized Stephen Danner, adjutant general of the National Guard, to call portions of the guard into service as needed. The order will expire in 30 days unless extended. The governor said the National Guard will prov ...
Man who threatened to kill girl, 5, shot by Missouri Highway Patrol -
Man who threatened to kill girl, 9, shot by Missouri Highway Patrol. (Sent from KMOV4)
Demand the DOJ investigate Missouri Highway Patrol in regards to the death investigation of Brandon Ellingson
Demand the Department of Justice investigate the Missouri Highway Patrol, via
A video recording of a phone call between Trooper Anthony Piercy and a Missouri Highway Patrol supervisor was part of a massive release of records to The Star late last week, more than three months after the May 31 drowning of Brandon Ellingson in the Lake of the Ozarks.
Missouri Highway Patrol rescues motorists stranded in flash flooding -
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Captain Ron Johnson,Missouri Highway Patrol for President in 2016!If he can be a delegate for Ferguson Missouri, maybe he could do it for the WORLD! You have to give him credit, he calmed down ANGER and Hatred!!! I'd vote for him!
Captain Ron Johnson, Head of Missouri Highway Patrol on "This has to stop."
3 people have been shot! Just confirmed by Missouri Highway Patrol! I just talked to them
A spokesman for the Missouri Highway Patrol says outsiders are to blame for the violent protests that have wrecked the community of Ferguson.
I wonder if the phrase "To Protect and Serve" sounds even VAGUELY familiar to the National Guard or the Missouri Highway Patrol at all at this point. Take your gas masks off and put your effing guns down you cowards
Okay they need to know Ron Johnson can't take care of them forever, if so Missouri Highway Patrol needs to tell him to get off the fence! Ron Johnson has a job to do!!! I really wish the police and the National Gaurd/Army would. This was said by a protester ..Throwing a water bottle isn't hurting the police.GEEZ ARE YOU SERIOUS I'm glad I'm not police! And a American Flag Hung upside down.WHAT. This is getting stupid!
I want to be clear: If Mr. Michael Brown charged the Ferguson police officer that officer had every right to defend himself, up to and including deadly force. MY concern with situation is how it has been handled by law enforcement SINCE the fatal shot was fired. The Ferguson PD, St. Louis County PD, and Missouri Highway Patrol have been 100% opaque on this situation. When an agent of the government commits a homicide the public MUST get ALL of the information AS SOON AS THAT INFORMATION IS DISCOVERED. I personally will never know whether or not the Ferguson officer was justified in shooting Mr. Brown. What I DO know for a true fact: the military response of law enforcement, decking themselves out for warfare, hiding facts, refusing to release what is public information, and violating the civil rights of everyone in the City of Ferguson; it seems like police are baiting the crowds. How do people this stupid get to be in charge of police departments?
Race and racial bias Liberal policing and the thugs’ veto On Thursday, President Obama interrupted his vacation to address reporters regarding the situation in Northern Iraq and the situation in Ferguson, Missouri. As to the latter, Obama said, in essence, that the liberals had taken charge. Governor Jay Nixon (“a good man,” Obama assured us) was now fully engaged, and Eric Holder was also on the case. In addition, the Missouri Highway Patrol had supplanted the yokels in the local police force. And they were under the command of Ron Johnson, who grew up in the neighborhood in question and, though Obama didn’t say it, is African-American. Johnson promptly implemented what Holder described as “a model of community-based policing.” He ordered the police to ditch the armor, put away the tear gas, and park the SWAT trucks. He then joined the protesters. He even commended the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam for their crowd control efforts. The result? “Rioting resumed on Friday, with protes ...
Thank God for the Missouri highway patrol.
Missouri Highway Patrol reports Ferguson is quiet tonight...
Meet the Missouri Highway State Patrol captain who is taking over in Ferguson
State Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson: "A young man lost his life and so I grieve for that family bc I have a son." http:/…
The Missouri Highway Patrol got put in charge today.
Here's the latest on what's going in MO following the shooting of teen Michael Brown
Missouri Highway Patrol are in now in Ferguson, they're serving Rice Crispy Treats to protestors, Ferguson PD went back to their frat house.
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Missouri governor puts state Highway Patrol in charge of security in Ferguson
Missouri Highway Patrol showing us how honorable law enforcement carries themselves.
Missouri Highway Patrol seizes control of Ferguson -
Capt. Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol walks along with the Ferguson march. Compare this to Wednesday.
Thank you Missouri Highway Patrol & Capt. Ron Johnson. You have shown how law enforcement should lead & relate to the co…
Missouri Highway Patrol seizes control of Ferguson better job, but LYING cop chief, worse than CHILD MOLESTER !
The Missouri Highway Patrol seized control of stripping local police of authority.
Captain Ronald Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol may have diffused a nationwide catastrophe this afternoon.
Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Leads March In Ferguson: “When I see a young lady cry because of fear of this ...
State of Missouri seizes control in strips power from almost all-white local police in 70% black town
Ron Johnson of the Missouri State Highway Patrol leads marchers down Florissant in via
Capt Ronald Johnson, Missouri Highway Patrol named leader security operations in marched at head of protest …
Hooray for the Missouri Highway Patrol to the rescue in Ferguson tonight!!! Things are Peaceful tonight! Yay!!!
did you know that Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol is an African American? Ya we get idea! We see him all over the news shaking hands. We have eyes. A big thanks to the media for pointing that out multiple times.
"Don't do stupid stuff" seems to be working well for the Missouri Highway Patrol since taking over in Ferguson, MO this afternoon. Hilary Clinton should consider using this logic when it comes to foreign policy.
Missouri Highway Patrol takes over Ferguson security. -
Missouri Highway Patrol strips Ferguson PD of authority due to the lack of control in the area. Please pray for the people of Ferguson. Owl
Missouri Highway Patrol takes over Ferguson security in wake of violence: MISSOURI GOV. JAY NIXON SAYS the cha...
Missouri Highway Patrol takes over policing of Ferguson
The captain of the Missouri Highway Patrol, who is now in charge of Ferguson’s security, sends a hopeful message to the city.
Good evening! Man, that sounds weird to say! I haven't been up at 9:00pm on a weeknight during the work week in MONTHS!! But I am tonight! I'm already in Ferguson and tonight, I will be working to figure out who these protestors are, where they are from and if Missouri Highway Patrol taking the lead will have a positive impact here. I will have a first hand account on tomorrow's N4TM. See you on TV!!
I'm glad to hear my home state is doing the right thing by bringing in Missouri Highway Patrol (not in riot gear) to oversee the safety of Ferguson protests.
The Missouri highway patrol was put in charge in Ferguson today, and as cities across the US gather in sympathy the social media is promising. The MHP chief is a Ferguson local, and he is marching peacefully alongside citizens. Here's hoping for a return to peaceful, humane interaction on the streets of Ferguson, and a meaningful analysis and investigation. Simply placing individual blame cannot be enough, as this case is merely a symptom of a number of cultural problems.
Shooting at Festus Wal-Mart ***Ch 5 update*** FESTUS, Mo. (KSDK) –Police arrested two people related to a shooting at a Festus Wal-Mart early Tuesday afternoon. The store is located at 650 S. Truman Boulevard. Missouri State Highway Patrol also responded. Someone was shot in the hand during the incident, according to police, but there are no life-threatening injuries. Police say the shooting happened in the bathroom. Two suspects have been taken into custody, according to Justin Wheatley of Missouri Highway Patrol. One person was arrested on the parking lot, while the other person was apprehended on Second Street. A Mercy Hospital spokesperson said that they are waiting for a patient with an unknown condition related to the incident. The Wal-Mart store has been closed due to the incident. ***Update 12:54*** Fans report one suspect was taken into custody AT walmart and a second suspect on S. Adams. ***Update 12:42*** KMOV reports FPD has 1 suspect in custody. witnesses state the subject was shot inside t ...
Some of the Rolla Police Explorers along with Lt. Steve Davis from the Missouri State Highway Patrol getting...
Smartest State in the USA Missouri I live in Pennsylvania, one of the dumb ones. A talk show host in Nashville has been saying this for at least 2 years - "Take away the freebies and they'll leave"!! = Smartest State in the USA (Harry S Truman would be PROUD !!) Missouri has no illegals, go figure...shouldn't the other states do the same? Missouri 's approach to the problem of illegal immigration appears to be more advanced, sophisticated, strict and effective than anything to date in Arizona . Does the White House or Congress appreciate what Missouri has done? So, why doesn't Missouri receive attention? Answer: There are no illegals in Missouri to demonstrate. The "Show Me" state has again shown us how it should be done. There needs to be more publicity and exposure regarding what Missouri has done. Please pass this around. In 2007, Missouri placed on the ballot a proposed constitutional amendment designating English as the official language of Missouri . In November, 2008, nearly 90% voted in favor! ...
Car rolls over and driver fatally injured Cory W. Wierman, California, sustained fatal injuries at 11:50 p.m., Friday, May 23, when his vehicle ran off the road and rolled over. The fatality occurred on Lookout Trail one mile east of String Creek Road. According to a Missouri Highway Patrol report, the incident occurred when an eastbound 2000 Ford Focus, driven by Wierman, traveled off the right side of the roadway, overcorrected slid off the left side of the roadway and overturned. He was transported to University Hospital, Columbia, where he was pronounced dead at 6:33 a.m. Saturday, May 24. According to the report, the driver was not wearing a seat belt. The car was reported totaled.
The Missouri Highway patrol reports the arrest of two West Plains men and a man from Thayer in Springfield early Tuesday morning.
The Missouri Highway Patrol has been called to assist in an active death investigation at the Pulaski Co. Shrine Club
The Missouri State Highway Patrolman who was struck by a car Sunday is out of the hospital, and the patrol will...
Thank you Missouri Highway Patrol Troop H for their leg of the
Mark Twain Lake to Host Foster Parent Appreciation Day May 31th Mark Twain Lake, Monroe City, Missouri– Each year foster parents provide a nurturing safe home for foster children. This is why the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Mark Twain Lake is proud to partner with the 10th Judicial Circuit Children’s Division and the FACT office of Hannibal, MO to host Foster Parent Appreciation Day at the M.W. Boudreaux Memorial Visitor Center on Saturday May 31th from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. There will be a variety of fun educational opportunities for families to enjoy including: the Missouri Highway Patrol roll-over simulator, a petting zoo courtesy of Heidi’s Lil Ranch of Hunnewell, MO, a jump house, bike safety seminars, water games hosted by the Perry Fire Department, face painting by the Children’s Division staff, and free snow cones for everyone! Although the theme is foster families and showing our appreciation for them, the general public is more than welcome to bring the whole family and come out and en . ...
We are happy to announce the Second Annual First Responders Picnic set for Saturday, June 14th, from 4 to 6 pm. Inviting all families from Hamilton Police and Fire Departments, Caldwell County Sheriff, Ambulance and Health Departments, Emergency Management and Local Missouri Highway Patrol. On the menu burgers, hot dogs, baked beans, chips, desserts and drinks. Hope to see all our Responders on June 14!
Missouri Highway Patrol still working a crash on I-49 north of Harrisonville involving a Cass Co. fire truck. Severity of injuries unknown.
You will see Missouri State Troopers every 20 miles today along I-70 and Highway 63. The Patrol is participating in Operation C.A.R.E.
Missouri.. Everyone passes a highway patrol officer going 10mph over..
According to the Missouri Highway Patrol, both teens have been located and are safe!! Thank you to all who shared their flyer!
Just got an update from Highway Patrol re: driving. So far, 22- DWI, 2-BWI 32-crashes, 2 fatals in area
We stand with the Missouri Highway Patrol, as one of their troopers was struck by a vehicle while on a traffic stop today.…
Thoughts go out to our brothers & sisters of the Missouri Highway Patrol & the Trooper who was struck and seriously injured today.
The Velda City Police Department would like to send its thoughts and prayers to the Missouri State Highway Patrol...
Missouri Highway Patrol confirms trooper struck on SB I-55 at Reavis Barracks has serious injuries. Driver being interviewed.
Well the good ol Missouri State Highway Patrol is goin to be busy this weekend with all the traveling and I hope everyone has a safe trip
Highway patrol to saturate land and water this weekend: The Missouri State Highway Patrol will be out in full...
The is cracking down on safety this by auditing
Missouri State Highway Patrol out on the lake auditing buoys - KY3
The Missouri State Highway Patrol says a 19-year-old man drowned in the Nodaway River Wednesday night
PRESS RELEASE 01-09-2014 On the 9th day of January, 2014, Deputies attempted to stop a 4-door white truck traveling south on Fulton Street, Butler, Missouri at a high rate of speed. Deputy then attempted to stop the subject and the subject fled. Deputies stated that the subject was going through yards, running over trash cans, and hit two trees causing extensive damage to his vehicle. The subject was finally apprehended at Country Club Terr. and Main Street, Butler. Assisting was Butler Police Department and the Missouri Highway Patrol. The subject was identified as John D. Wilson, 23 of Butler, Missouri. Wilson has been charged with a Class D Felony of Resisting Arrest, Careless and Imprudent Driving, and Driving while intoxicated. More charges are pending. Bond was set at $5000.00 cash or surety
According to Missouri Highway Patrol, there were 64 drunk driving related crashes last year on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.
Standoff in Savannah by Kenny Ragland The Savannah Reporter A man indicated suicidal tendencies to his estranged wife late in the afternoon on Dec. 30 in Savannah. Located at 602 Nelson Street, the male resident refused to come to the door when law enforcement authorities attempted to make contact earlier in the afternoon. According to Savannah Police Chief Dave Vincent, the department received a call from the man’s wife stating she had received alarming text messages, indicating possible suicidal thoughts. Information from the scene alleged the man is armed with a shotgun. “Following attempted contacts, the man did telephone dispatch,” said Vincent. “He said that everything was fine.” Authorities made a decision to de-escalate the situation and just watch the home. “We are continuing surveillance until we do make contact,” Vincent said. Local authorities are assisted by the Missouri Highway Patrol and the Andrew County Sheriff's Office.
Missouri Highway Patrol investigating deadly crash in Hartville, Missouri
Good morning, just spoke with Sergeant Mike Watson with the Missouri Highway Patrol and there are no new developments in the search for Adriaunna Horton overnight. No morning press conference planned.
Received this in an email. It is time that we stop ALL those who try to infringe on our Constitutional rights!!! I do not carry if you are a Rep, Dem, Independ, or whatever; it is time that we as AMERICANS unit to protect our rights and stop ALL OF THOSE who infringe on our rights, NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE!! IT IS TIME TO GET THEM ALL OUT OF OFFICE! Barack Obama would be proud of Governor Jay Nixon ... While we wait to see whether or not Governor Nixon will veto three pro-gun bills, we've now learned that Nixon and his embattled administration rewarded themselves for abusing your rights by buying themselves a brand new $5.6 million airplane at taxpayer expense. This plane is reportedly being used by Nixon and was purchased for the Missouri Highway Patrol -- the very same agency that was just caught unlawfully funneling the records of every concealed carry permit holder to the Federal Government. Now, Governor Nixon has vetoed a number of pro-freedom bills over the past few weeks. And all signs are showing . ...
During the days when walking outside feels like a stroll on the surface of the sun, you should know that asphalt on roadways can actually explode or buckle severely without warning. From your cell phone you can dial *55 to reach the Missouri Highway Patrol to report that or any other type of roadway problem. In Springfield: (417) 864-1965.
Thanks to the Missouri Highway Patrol for helping this sick woman at the Jeffco Blvd QuikTrip. -LT
Please remember that over 200,000 people go missing every year and approximately 2,000 people go missing every day. There are also currently 628 adults and 376 children listed as missing in the state of Missouri on the Highway Patrol's website, not just the 13 listed here. This is very misleading as it makes it look like there are only 13 missing people in the state right now. You can view a current list of missing people at the Missouri Highway Patrol website under missing persons.
So in August, 2011, a member of the Missouri Highway Patrol spots Bob Harte doing something suspicious. He was leaving a store with a small bag of merchandise that he bought from that store. It happened to be a hydroponics store.
Twice, the Missouri Highway Patrol provided CCW data to the Social Security Administration.
Travel advisory -- North/South roads in Audrain County drifting over from blowing snow. Missouri Highway Patrol is advising not to travel on county routes if at all possible until wind dies down later tonight and MoDot crews can get plows on the roads. Routes we've heard about so far -- Route W, south of Vandalia; Route E in western Audrain; Route Z in Boone County; Highway 19 near Wellsville; Route FF west of Mexico. Be safe by not traveling unless necessary!
Important Ray-Pec update: No students were injured this afternoon when a bus transporting middle school students slid into the ditch at approximately M-58 and Ward Road. The bus was leaning into the snowbank, which prevented it from completely turning onto its side. Bus 46 had about 30 students on board from Ray-Pec East Middle School when the accident occurred. Students were extricated through windows. The driver was being evaluated for possible injuries. Thanks to the quick response from Raymore Police, South Metro Fire Protection District, Cass County Sheriff’s Department, Missouri Highway Patrol, and Apple Bus Co. representatives. They joined school district administrators and middle school administrators at the scene. Another bus was dispatched to the scene to take students home.
The identity of a man shot and killed by a trooper during a traffic stop on Interstate 29 near Craig is still unknown. But, the Missouri Highway Patrol has released more information about what led to the shooting.
In 2009, William F. Jasper reported in The New American on the eight-page Missouri Highway Patrol embarrassment entitled “The Modern Militia Movement,” noting that it “specifically mentions by name Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas), who ran for president in the 2008 Republican Party primaries, and third-party candidates Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin. The clear implication is that people sporting bumper stickers or literature related to these candidates should be viewed as potential threats that view all law enforcement as 'the enemy.'” More recently, The New American's Alex Newman reported on a Department of Justice-funded anti-terrorism presentation that equated widely circulated conservative materials — including a popular bumper sticker advocating for a U.S. withdrawal from the United Nations — with right-wing extremism.~~~They should...SP~ That this latest attack on conservative values should come from one of the nation's chief training centers for military leaders(West Point) is particularly tr ...
Morning all!! I'm Amber another one of your temp. Admins. I'm a dispatcher with the Missouri Highway Patrol. I've been a dispatcher 14 years total. Look forward to getting to know everyone!!
Festus man cited for DWI in Jefferson County crash: Troopers with the Missouri Highway Patrol arrested the man for...
Sgt. Jason Pace with the Missouri Highway Patrol reports that 818 motorists lost their lives on the state’s roadways in 2012. That’s three to four percent more than a year ago, which was the first year since the 1940’s that traffic fatality totals fell below 800.
This just makes my blood boil. Former Rolla Resident and MSHP SGT Tim Tinnin lost his wife Angie Capps Tinnin to cancer last week, at Angies visitaion a Jefferson City businessman is accused of damaging the car of one of the Honor Guards. JC man charged with damaging patrol car Author: the News Tribune Date: December 18, 2012 Publication: Jefferson City News-Tribune (MO) Page: 8 A Jefferson City man has been charged with vandalizing a Missouri Highway Patrol vehicle while it was parked outside a funeral home for a visitation. Brad Slicker, 32, 1723 Janice Court, is charged with firstdegree property damage. According to a patrol probable cause statement, a patrolman was at a visitation Friday at Houser-Millard Funeral Home, 2613 W. Main St. A woman came inside and said she saw two men vandalizing the patrol vehicle.
Washington Co., MO- A Washington County, Missouri sheriff's deputy has been killed after being shot early this morning. That's according to the Missouri Highway Patrol. It happened at 2:10 a.m. on Nugget Road in Mineral Point. Authorities say the deputy was responding to a 911 call for an unconscio...
*TRAFFIC ALERT* There has been an accident at North Central City and West Belle Center Road this morning outside of Joplin. Reports of a power line down after a car hit a utility pole. No word on injuries yet; the Missouri Highway Patrol are at the scene.
A Stover man is taken to a Columbia hospital after a car accident in Morgan County. The Missouri Highway Patrol says last night, an SUV driven by 25-year old Ronald Blowers was at the intersection of Ivy Bend Road and Hillview Road when he missed a curve. The vehicle went off the road hitting a rock wall and a tree before flipping over and landing back in the road. Blowers suffered moderate injuries in the crash. The Highway Patrol says that Blowers was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash.
Jeffrey Weinhaus, aka Bulletinman, who was shot by Missouri Highway Patrol investigators in September, was arrested Thursday morning on an outstanding warrant when he appeared for a hearing in associate circuit court.
There are now unconfirmed reports that the homicide that occurred near Lamar early this morning was a double homicide, with a third person in critical condition. News Talk KZRG is reaching out to the Missouri Highway Patrol for further details.
1 dies in crash in southern Cass County: The Missouri Highway Patrol is investigating a fatal crash in southern ...
Warsaw, Mo. -- Benton County Sheriff's Deputy, Michael Cash, 47, was charged Friday with two counts of statutory sodomy and one count of child molestation. The Missouri Highway Patrol assisted in the investigation over the past several weeks and says there may be more victims in the case. Cash was the DARE officer for Benton County and is currently being held on $100,000 bond in Saline County. Court documents show the victim in the case was a minor under 14 years of age and the incidents happened on August 11th and August 31st of this year.
Wait, what? Missouri Highway Patrol and Kansas City, MO? That is in Overland Park, Kansas.
Police sources confirm man who showed up with handgun to meeting with Missouri Highway Patrol troopers was Jeffrey "Bulletinman" Weinhaus
A race car that flew over a guardrail, through a safety fence and into a crowd of spectators at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia left five people injured, two of them seriously. Missouri Highway Patrol authorities said the wreck happened around 9 p.m. Sunday...
Now that's just stupid. A race car at a small track in Missouri crashed into a small crowd gather in the infield and 5 were injured. From the report: The Missouri Highway Patrol is investigating the accident. What? Its a race on a race track...can you imagine if the highway patrol investigated every crash in a NASCAR event. Now that's just stupid.
Missouri Highway Patrol says 2 ppl suffered non life-threatening injuries in train derailment in Barton Co., MO:
Metro Residents Involved in Boating Accidents: The Missouri Highway Patrol wants to remind people that free boat...
Rush Limbaugh was inducted into the Hall of Famous Missourians yesterday, but the whole affair seemed strangely cloaked in secrecy. The AM talker was ushered into an invite-only ceremony that took place behind closed doors inside the State Capitol's House chambers, "which were locked and guarded by armed members of the Missouri Highway Patrol while the ceremony took place," according to the Kansas City Star. Democratic lawmakers were banned from the induction. A bust of Limbaugh, a Cape Girardeau native, was unveiled at the Hall of Fame ceremony. But for the first time in memory the chamber galleries were closed to the public. And the Republican Speaker of the Missouri House, Steve Tilley, who selected Limbaugh for the honor, gave the media just twenty minutes notice before the event took place. The hush-hush nature of the event, which more closely resembled a clandestine political event than a feel-good acknowledgement, likely stemmed from the extraordinary controversy the selection sparked. Owing to Lim ...
We taxpayers paid the salaries of the Missouri Highway Patrol personnel who were posted to keep the public from attending this affair. How do you feel about your tax dollars being spent thus?
Apparently the only people aware of what was going were members of the GOP majoity and the Missouri Highway Patrol.
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