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Lovely:. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, who is a lawyer, has been assigned to serve as a public defender.
Missouri - Public Defender’s Office Understaffed, Assigns Case to the Governor:
Missouri's top public defender assigned a case to perhaps the most high-powered lawyer in the state -- the governor.
Three cheers for Missouri's Director of Public Defense Michael Barrett and many boos for Governor Jay Nixon.
Missouri's governor was ordered to serve as a public defender after cutting the public defense system's budget
Just met Michael Barrett -Missouri PD! Overburdened public defender office. Support this man! He's doing great work.
The director of the Missouri Public Defender's ordered Governor Jay Nixon to represent an indigent client and the Governor isn't happy.
Public defenders in are so overworked, they assigned the governor case - Vox. Now we're talking.
Missouri's governor cut funding to the state's public defenders, so they assigned him a case
Missouri Public Defender’s office is so understaffed it assigned a case to the governor
Public defenders in Missouri are so overworked, they assigned the governor a case via
To protest under-funding, one Missouri official is making the Governor a public defender.
'Overburdened' public defender's office assigns client to Missouri Governor - the guardian
In Missouri, the head of the public defender office can assign cases to any bar member, so he called on the Governor
Missouri's governor is being forced to serve as a public defender as payback for his budget cuts to the system
Update on Missouri Governor Jay Nixon's trade mission to Cuba. More news here:
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Dear Mr. York:. . Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, regarding...
Honored to host Missouri Governor Jay Nixon yesterday as he signed the MO State budget! We're…
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon used Ferguson Middle School as the backdrop to veto Senate Bill 586, a measure that...
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has vetoed Senate Bill 586, legislation that would reduce the amount of money K-12...
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has placed early childhood funding for Missouri's charter PUBLIC schools at risk!...
NAACP Victory: Missouri Governor Jay Nixon signs executive order to in state employment
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon will be our Keynote Speaker! MLDDA Annual Meeting Feb 27, in Columbia, MO
Yesterday Missouri Governor Jay Nixon signed into law Senate Bill 585, which divides the 38th Judicial Circuit in...
JUST IN: Missouri Governor Jay Nixon will visit Perry County and St. Charles County tomorrow to discuss the ongoing flood threat.
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon declares state of emergency | Local -
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon declares state of emergency
NEWS: Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has declared a State of Emergency due to widespread flooding. htt…
Intrigue at Park: Owner Stan Kroenke meets with Missouri Governor Jay Nixon: via
Gov. Nixon statement on refugees: Gov. Jay Nixon today issued the following statement rega...
JUST IN: Missouri Governor Jay Nixon releases statement on Syrian refugees coming to the U.S.
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shoots 8-point buck while deer hunting; will donate venison to Share the Harvest program
JUST IN: Missouri Governor Jay Nixon issues statement on student protests at
Gov. Nixon statement on University of Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel: Gov. Jay Nixon today issued the fol...
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon proposes tuition freeze at stat
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Missouri Governor Jay Nixon have a friendly wager in place for the World Series.
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, James P. Hoffa attend rally against right-to-work ...
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon uses the Governor's cup to raise money for his STL stadium plan.
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon at tonight's game as you'd expect. Stopped by pressbox just now.
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has been cited for reportedly driving while intoxicated.
During the early hours of Sunday, Willson Nixon, son of Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, was arrested for DUI, driv...
Gov. Nixon announces more than $1.8 million in renovations at Mineral Area College: Gov. Jay ...
Gov. Nixon announces nearly $19 million in renovations at Missouri State University: Gov. Jay Nixon today visi...
Gov. Nixon announces more than $10 million in renovations at Southeast Missouri State University: Gov. Jay Nix...
And most of the state and city that we are being gas is run by Democratic st. Louis Missouri Governor Jay Nixon
The state GOP is a few votes from overriding governor Jay Nixon's veto
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Missouri Governor Jay Nixon orders National Guard to Ferguson to "help restore peace and order": Associated Press
Besides a visit from Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and Senator Roy Blunt The coolest thing about Ladies Auxiliary...
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced $1.5 million in matching funds for renovation projects at Reynolds Hall at MSSU
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon sent two emails in 2014 from his state-issued address
New development clears path for Rams relocation: Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has pulled St. Louis County out o...
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon said in a statement. "Discrimination has no place in our justice system LOL
"Ferguson Commission, a group selected by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon...pays some of its members over $100,000" /year
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon thinks you are stupid.
Statement by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon on today's DOJ announcement:
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon called in more member of the National Guard on Monday, after some protests in Ferguson turned violent.
If any governor should be recalled it should be Missouri Governor Jay Nixon , absolutely terrible and clueless leadership
Ferguson, Mo. - On Tuesday, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced plans to deploy more than 2,200 National Guard troops to the Ferguson area. Keep in mind that this is more troops than the 1,400 Obama recently announced would be sent to Iraq to fight ISIS at a cost of $3.7 billion dollars. This rais…
Can we agree to henceforth refer to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon (D) as Incompetent Missouri Governor Jay Nixon?
Here is the BULL CRAP that code Pink is spewing...(And when I sell my home I am using Re/Max.. CODEPINK Condemns Announcement of No True Bill for Darren Wilson posted by Nathan Sheard | 0pc November 25, 2014 What we have feared but expected has proven true. “Violence will not be tolerated,” the words of Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, spoken during a recent press conference, do not apply when the perpetrator wears a badge and the victim is black.It is with great disappointment, but no surprise, that we find the grand jury failure to indict Darren Wilson for the murder of Michael Brown, Jr. Over the last several weeks so many leaks have appeared about the questionable actions of St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch that US Attorney General Eric Holder referred to the leaks as “inappropriate and troubling.” Inappropriate actions, questionable tactics, and a family history indicative of racial bias should have more than justified an answer to the people's call for the appointment of a special pr ...
More than 2,000 soldiers deployed in the US town of Ferguson, on a second night of protest after a grand jury chose not to charge a white policeman who shot dead an unarmed black teen. After a night of racially-charged unrest following Monday's decision, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon said the National Guard force in the Ferguson area would be tripled to halt the looting and arson. At the Ferguson police station a cordon of 50 riot police faced off across a road with around 100 noisy protesters chanting and waving placards, including one that read: "We will not be silenced."…
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon says he will triple the number of National Guardsmen in the Ferguson area this evening.
Just moments ago, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency for Missouri - giving the National Guard full permission to intervene.
Off the World News Desk: Missouri Governor Activates National Guard in Ferguson “Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has issued an executive order allo...
30 day State of Emergency signed by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon for Ferguson and expanded St Louis Metro.
Anthony Gray, the lawyer representing Michael Brown's family, said on CNN today that by declaring a state of emergency, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is preparing for war in Ferguson.
NAACP statement on Missouri Governor Jay Nixon's declaration of a state of emergency:
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has all but let the cat out the bag as he threatens the black community with the use of National Guard troops in response to the Grand Jury announcement in the sanctioned murder of eighteen year old Michael Brown. "That ugliness was not representative of Missouri and cannot be repeated" Nixon said. I say the *** with a million man march. It's time for a million man army. Black people will the day ever come when we are truly prepared to stand up and fight for our own survival as a race of people? It's sad to say, but, two wild *** in a cage fight puts up a better fight for their right to exist. And you - yes, I'm talking to you. You have no worries. Certainly your education, your income bracket, and your neighborhood places you in the safe zone NOT! Certainly it bares no significant importance in the lives of your nephew, or your best friends son, or maybe your neighbors husband. We missed an opportunity to fight once before and as result it lead to slavery. Does history ...
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon held a press conference near St. Louis Tuesday afternoon to discuss contingency plans surrounding Ferguson in the wake of the upcoming grand jury decision regarding the shooting death of Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.
(Reuters) - Missouri Governor Jay Nixon on Tuesday is expected to detail law enforcement preparations ahead of protests that could erupt once a grand jury decides whether to indict a white police officer in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson. Tensions have been building for…
"Missouri Governor forms Ferguson commission to address inequality
Missouri Governor forms Ferguson commission to address inequality a little too late mizzou
Well that should fix it. "Missouri Governor Forms Ferguson Commission to Address Inequality"
tomorrow aimed at MO Gov Jay Nixon org by Details here
governor to set up 'Ferguson commission' in wake of unrest: Jay Nixon announces…
Real Clear Politics- Missouri Governor Forms Ferguson Commission to Address Inequality: “If we want peace in o...
GOOD NEWS from Governor Nixon and let's hope it goes deep enough and comes up with some solid changes.
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is under fire after calling for a “vigorous prosecution” of Darren Wilson, the police officer who killed Michael Brown…Did the governor rush to judgment? Kimberly Guilfoyle thinks so and she was fired up tonight on 'The Five.'
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon lifts the curfew in Ferguson, Missouri just hours after deploying the Missouri National Guard.
BREAKING: Missouri Governor Jay Nixon declares state of emergency, curfew in Ferguson
There's an ongoing public disagreement between Federal, State, and Local authorities over how to handle the ongoing crisis in Ferguson, Missouri. US Attorney General Eric Holder and Missouri Governor Jay Nixon openly criticized the handling of the Mike Brown investigation by the Ferguson police, specifically over the release of that now infamous recording of the robbery Mike Brown is accused of engaging. The commanding officer of the Missouri Highway Troopers in Ferguson, Cpt Ron Johnson, has been sympathetic to the protesters and also criticized the County police. Its not entirely clear yet how this crisis is going to resolved, but it appears that the FBI and DoJ has largely taken over the investigation since no one trusts the County police to do the job effectively.
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon declares state of emergency, announces curfew in Ferguson
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon declares a State of Emergency~curfew in "Falluja" uhh, I mean~ week after Killing~of
I wouldn't want to be Missouri Governor Jay Nixon right now. It's bad enough having the name Jay Nixon.
Name that Party ==> Governor allows New Black Panthers to hassle & heckle him & hijack his press conference
Amnesty International Responds to Ferguson Curfew FERGUSON, MO— In response to the curfew imposed on the residents of Ferguson by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, Amnesty International USA Executive Director Steven W. Hawkins issued the following statement: “It’s clear that the community doesn’t feel heard. It’s hard to build trust if the governor doesn’t meet with community members and restricts their movements with a curfew. We criticize dictators for quelling dissent and silencing protestors with tactics like curfews, we'll certainly speak out when it's happening in our own backyard. The people of Ferguson have the right to protest peacefully the lack of accountability for Michael Brown's shooting."
That's I read it, at least. This is Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon’s order
Missouri Governor imposes midnight curfew in Ferguson
Curfew imposed in Ferguson state of emergency
A "State of Emergency" has been declared in my home state of Missouri by governor Jay Nixon. I will use my resources to communicate and help
BREAKING: governor Jay Nixon declares state of emergency in
Missouri Governor declares state of emergency, curfew in
Official and complete executive order for a state of emergency and curfew in by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon
Governor, police chief promise new tone in response to Ferguson unrest -  Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, addressing the...
"Missouri Governor declares state of emergency, curfew in We need to pray for peace. Not in Us
Governor Jay Nixon declares a state of emergency and sets a curfew in VIDEO:
~ Governor Jay Nixon censors peaceful activists. ~ about politicians.!!
Curfew imposed in state of emergency
Following peaceful protests over the shooting death of an unarmed teen which later resulted in looting of business in the area, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon imposed a curfew for city of Ferguson ton...
This is a long post, but worth reading. This is a blog by YWCA Metro St. Louis Racial Justice Director Amy Hunter, who has been in Ferguson through the protests, the church meetings, last night's peaceful march, and today's developments: What’s going on in Ferguson? We have failed as a community to treat each other as kin. This is apparent in the way this incident was handled. If Mike Brown had been Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson’s son he would still be alive. This is not about breaking the law, or being under the suspicion of breaking a law. Every adult alive at some point of their lives likely has broken the law but it doesn’t have to cost a life. We have a judicial system to *** crime and punishment. The situation in Ferguson, where there is mistrust of that authority, exposes the issues that are deeper and more systemic like failing educational systems, profiling, and the lack of trust between people that are different from one another. Today Missouri Governor Jay Nixon said the ...
Aug. 14 (Bloomberg) — Missouri Governor Jay Nixon ordered state troopers to take over security in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson. Matt Miller reports on Street Smart. (Source: Bloomberg) Thanks for checking us out. Please take a look at the rest of our videos and articles. To stay in the loop,...
ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced Thursday that Missouri State Highway Patrol will take control of policing in Ferguson. Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patro...
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon on Thursday named an African-American state Highway Patrol captain to oversee security in Ferguson, after scathing criticism of the local police department's handling of protests over an officer's fatal shooting of a black teenager.
Despite Missouri Governor Jay Nixon wanting to look forward the police force in St. Louis County needs to be held to account for the lawless assault on their own citizens perpetrated last evening. Justice is only served when those in power flout their legal constraints are held to account. That was a planned assault in violation of the rights of the citizens in that community.
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon will hold a press conference on at 4 pm ET. Watch LIVE: http:…
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon will announce that St. Louis County law enforcement will be relieved of duty in …
Little Giant Ladders
BREAKING: Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to remove St. Louis County police from Ferguson
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon canceled a trip to the state fair and said he would visit St. Louis County today to address the escalating unrest in Ferguson, where police and protesters are engaged in a six-day standoff.
BREAKING: Missouri Governor Jay Nixon orders STL Co. Police out of Ferguson, MO. Its about time. You can't teargas citizens overseas in war but you can do it on your homeland? That's crazy. Hopefully justice is served & peace is soon realized. Praying for all victims. America, we've got a long way to go.
Use the form below to contact the Constituent Services division of the Office of Missouri Governor Jay Nixon.
The President just spoke on Iraq and events in Ferguson, Missouri. I commend him for taking direct action in making sure justice will be served by ordering the FBI and Dept. of Justice to conduct independent investigations on the death of Mike Brown. In addition, the President spoke directly with Missouri Governor Jay Nixon right before his address and Governor Nixon's address today. Governor Nixon is making another announcement today at 3pm EST, hopefully on the restructuring of police efforts as it pertains to the protestors.
Just listened to President Obama's comments on Ferguson, MO. Seemed to cover the important points. The follow through by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon seems more important, though.
The Missouri Governor Jay Nixon just condemned the arresting of the journalists last night.
It took Missouri Governor Jay Nixon 5 days to get to Ferguson. So they've got tanks on the street while the Gov travels by horse drawn carriage?
Just announced Missouri Governor Jay Nixon removes county police from investigation of Michael Brown's death. Now what does that tell you. Anyone who has driven through North St. Louis County day or night knows what's up.
Welcome back to the 1960s: Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is considering removing Saint Louis County law enforcement and all local police from and replacing them with the National Guard. Conservatives & gun-toting right wing zealots support Ferguson's show of strength by local government cops, but if the feds step in, all bets are OFF.
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has vetoed legislation that would have shortened the duration of unemployment benefits.
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon stops in Carthage to discuss how special tax breaks and exemptions could have an...
The Missouri legislature passed a controversial bill that would require woman to wait 72 hours before having an abortion. Missouri now has a single clinic to provide this service, which means women would have to incur the expense of waiting for three days or traveling back and forth across the state, placing an unnecessary financial burden on these women. Opponents of the bill say this it is designed to further demean and shame women. Tell Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to veto House Bill 1307 and stand up for Missouri women.
KANSAS CITY, Missouri (Reuters) - Missouri Governor Jay Nixon said on Thursday he has profound concerns about a bill state lawmakers approved this week requiring women to wait 72 hours for an abortion,
The Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is coming to our school lol
Listening to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon speak at Belton High School graduation.
The Missouri Legislature voted 131 to 12 in the House and 23 to 6 in the Senate in favor of the conference report for HB 1490. This bill, if signed by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, would replace the Common Core State Standards by the 2016-2017 school year, and a new assessment to align with those st…
Jay W. Nixon, governor of Missouri, has proclaimed May 2014 Awareness Month in Missouri.
Nixon: Abortion Law Is Extreme. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon says he has concerns about a bill that would triple...
To express your displeasure with Missouri Governor Jay Nixon's response regarding returning the Confederate...
Gov. Jay Nixon raises concerns about a bill that would triple the amount of time Mo. women must wait for an abortion
Statement from Gov. Nixon on House Bill 1307: Gov. Jay Nixon today issued the following st...
Poll: Do you think Gov. Nixon will sign it?: Women in Missouri might soon have to wait 72 hours to ...
Decriminalizing the Possession of Pot in Missouri Now Lies at the Hands of Governor Jay Nixon
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon: Restore Social Services so kids do not suffer!! via
Governor Jay Nixon needs to temporarily halt all executions in Missouri until they are certain a repeat of Oklahoma does not happen here...
BreakingNews - Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon declares State of Emergency in response to severe storms expected in th...
SBK's Transit makes a nice background for Jay Nixon, Governor of Missouri.
In his 4 years in office Missouri Governor Jay Nixon a Democrat has denied 212 petitions for clemency; 2,096 await action. His record stands in stark contrast to Illinois’ Governor, Pat Quinn a Democrat who has signed 929 petitions for pardon, clemency or commutation. Governor Nixon’s single act of mercy, a commutation, in his more than four years as governor was to spare the life of convicted murderer Richard Clay, who had been sentenced to death for the 1994 murder-for-hire of Randy Martindale in Missouri’s Bootheel.
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon speaking at Savannah High School. Here he is in a history classroom. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Following through on the promise he made last year, GOP Missouri State Representative Nick Marshall filed two articles of impeachment against Missouri Governor Jay Nixon (D) late last week. The filing comes as a response to Nixon's executive order allowing LGBT couples legally married outside the st...
It was a pleasure to be joined by U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, U.S. Senator *** Durbin, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and a number of local officials to open the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge. The team spirit and diverse participation that went into the planning and construction of this magnificent structure is a fitting tribute to Stan Musial and the veterans after whom it is named. This is the first new bridge connecting downtown St. Louis and southwestern Illinois that has been built in more than four decades, and it will be a catalyst for business development and job creation for the future.
Up close and personal with Missouri Governor Jay Nixon!
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon states his support for draft General Management Plan Alternative B. "These spring-fed Ozark rivers have been enjoyed for many years by visitors from throughout the United States, and I support efforts to ensure that they will continue to be enjoyed for decades to come. Proposed Alternative B appears to outline the most reasonable approach to accomplishing this goal, but the NPS must incorporate flexibility into any plan it implements." I completely agree with his statements and belief that the Ozark National Scenic Riverways is (and should remain) Missouri's great National Park. Read his full statement here:
State Representative Mike Moon has introduced Articles of Impeachment - Missouri Governor Jay Nixon
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has asked the federal government to declare 22 southwest Missouri counties as disaster...
I'm at Truman State University this evening covering Missouri Governor Jay Nixon's visit to Kirksville!
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon today vetoed a bill which passed the state legislature that was touted by many as being one of the most pro-gun bills anywhere in the country.
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon signs a bill to extend the age of children in foster care from 18 to 21.
goes to with his black and white shot of Missouri Governor Jay Nixon speaking with reporters.
Did you know? Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has proclaimed June as "Outdoors Month." Follow his lead, and get outdoors with various events provided by the Gateway Arch Experience!
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is in Portageville today to announce training resources for a local auto supplier who employs 350 workers.
Memo to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon. I don't really care which way you say it: Missour-ee or Missour-ahh. JUST PICK ONE...quit being a pathetic, pandering politician by saying it both ways in the same sentence!!
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon repeatedly denied knowing anything about Missouri illegally sharing its citizens private CCW information with the federal...
The accusations were out there that the Missouri Department of Revenue was sharing private citizens' information to DHS. Now there's proof. Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano sent a letter to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon thanking him for providing information…
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Yet another in the long list of reasons to expand your government. Trust. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon repeatedly...
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon continues to campaign for expanding Medicaid coverage.
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon today announced that MO-DOR Director Brian Long has resigned.
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon brings statewide campaign for Medicaid expansion to Jefferson City.
Dec. 18, 2012 (Webb City, MO) – Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and his economic development team visited Cardinal Scale Manufacturing to announce third quarter export sales figures for the state and tout Cardinal’s continued growth in international sales. The governor,
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon says he wants his state to adopt the new program under
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is looking to be re-elected while Peter Kinder is re-elected as Missouri Lt. Governor!
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