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Mississippi State Fair

The Mississippi State Fair is the state fair of the U.S. state of Mississippi.

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To be fair, the entire state of Mississippi has issues with the concept of willful employment.
at the Mississippi State Fair today cr:
Our first time together at Mississippi State Fair!
To be fair, a lot of people wouldn't care if Mississippi State killed their football program. /hottake
Strong, fair take from on why Mississippi State didn't learn from Baylor's mistakes:
Is it fair to say that, of all the SEC teams you’re accused of being a homer of, Mississippi State gets the fewest votes?
The think Mississippi State's suspension of beating up a woman is fair.
seeing Shawn at the Mississippi state fair !!! I'm not 100% about the Atlanta and Mississippi one but I'm 70% sure on both
we hope to see you at the Mississippi State Fair next month!!
You can catch me at the Mississippi State Fair on 10/12! Get more info here:
Gonna see at the Jackson Mississippi state fair! So excited!😋
will there be a meet and greet type thing for the Mississippi state fair? Omg I'm so excited
will there be a like meet & greet when you're at the Mississippi state fair ? :)
Mississippi Valley State University were on your campus at the Graduate & Professional Fair at the…
Are you ready for the Mississippi state fair? I'll be there! And hopefully we can meet again
he's coming for the Mississippi state fair
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can u please come out with VIP for the Mississippi state fair? I am going and want to meet u
come on it's not just me who remembers Shawn announcing that he's performing at the Mississippi state fair
Hey y'all! so i'm going to be at the Mississippi State Fair in Jackson, MS. on October 16th to see Shawn!! you should come say hi! :) -F
To be fair, it's better than Louisiana, but so is literally every state except Mississippi.
Train ride to the Alaska State Fair - A Fair with Mountain Views!! .but, my Mississippi State…
I'm seeing you at the Mississippi state fair next month turn up
So ready for the Mississippi State Fair this year! I'm for real buying a ton of taffy!! 🍥🍬😏
The count down begins 36 days until at the Mississippi State Fair !!!
Elmore County college fair hosted .look for me at the fair to learn more about opportunities at Mississippi State.
do u think he'll have a meet and greet at the Mississippi state fair?!!
Jackson Police Department will not patrol the Mississippi State Fair, Mayor Tony Yarber and JPD Chief Lee Vance...
Common Core isn't the answer to education reform but neither is leaving it up to state governments. That wouldn't be fair to Mississippi.
Fair??? Dude...THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI DOESN'T CARE ABOUT FAIR. If you don't get that, I can't help you.
I see everyone going to mississippi vally fair and im here saving for the iowa state fair
Mississippi state fair is around the corner to me. Just wanna eat...
20 Fortune 500 companies HQ's are located here, We are "MN Nice", The Mississippi starts in MN, MN state fair, and much more
Mississippi is looking more and more like the "Hospitality state." via
6/7 of the school I got into were HBCUs. I applied to Mississippi State because fucc it, they were at the college fair lmao
PSA: If anybody goes to the Mississippi State Fair between now and tomorrow when they close out, can somebody send me a taco and a smoked turkey leg? LOL :-D Going to bed early tonight...Had a long day.Exhausted!
I do believe today was just a great day! Had a great time at the Mississippi State Fair in jackson!! I really enjoyed spending the evening at fair with my niece and nephew---Jace Harris Abby Harris! Along with Jessie Riddell Debbie Ann Tim Riddell Carson Riddell Ben Riddell and Katie! Love you all! And thanks for always being here for me yall r the best! Also want to say thanks to my sister n law and brother Paula Harris and David Harris for letting me take the kids! Love u both!
After the college fair Mississippi State has become one of my top schools.👌
Mississippi: another state where deep, longstanding resistance to fair school funding in court via
idk whats better Mississippi state fair or Indiana state fair both of em b fat
we need to hang out at the State Fair when you come to Mississippi! Deal?
Mississippi State calls fair catch at its own 13-yard line and the Bulldogs will take over from there, 11:18 1Q.
State Rep. Schieffer (MO) advocates for fair and equitable Upper Mississippi River Comprehensive Plan before MRC
Chicken Tortilla Soup in my belly, Ole Miss is still ranked, Lane Kiffin is fired .HA! Karma *** Lane.That's for all my Tennessee friends.Orgeron is the interim, just read USC is looking at Vanderbilt's coach James Franklin..sorry Vanderbilt fans..., Halloween decor is going up, PLEASE LAWD let no snakes be in any boxes in Jesus name, and Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread going in the oven.smells heavenly.Fall is here...loving it!! All I need is the Mississippi State Fair!!! Oh, and I ordered Paisley Turquoise cowboy boots tonight. I have officially lost.all.control. I cannot believe she talked me into those boots. Ugh. No more pink.she likes mermaid blue now.and Butella as she calls it, which actually means "Nutella"...she is obsessed!
This Friday & Saturday night, we will be playing at the Mississippi State Fair at the "This is It" tent from 7-11:30pm!
anyway I think that's why my friend & I spent the bike ride home talking about the time he saw Loretta Lynn at the Mississippi State Fair
FFA members- see Mrs. Gray by Friday May 3rd if you plan on showing any of the following at Iowa State Fair or Mississippi Valley Fair.
Congratulations Franklin for being honored as a “Champion of Change”, 2012-2013 High Progress, High Performing, and Title I Distinguished Schools by the Mississippi Department of Education! * The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) honored 54 schools Thursday, April 25, 2013 during our first “Champions of Change” Awards/Recognition Ceremony. Schools from across the state were honored for academic achievement or progress during a ceremony at the Central High School Building. MDE staff recognized schools that have earned the title of High Progress, High Performing or Distinguished under federal Title I guidelines as “Champions of Change”. The High Progress status was awarded to twenty-eight (28) schools around the state. High Progress schools have demonstrated the greatest gains in closing gaps for student achievement over the past two years. These schools represent the highest 10 percent of schools that have improved their QDI scores overall in two years. Ten (10) schools earned the High ...
Thomas Garmon, is a Wall Street Featured Business Consultant, who is running for the Mayor of Hattiesburg, MS. His platform is Open Government, Accountability and Equal Services. Vote Garmon on May 7th.
What I always think about when I'm on the state fair rides. They be rattlin n shxt :/
MAIS Science Fair about to wrap up. State of Mississippi Science Fair is this Friday.
"With Nissan, you have to look beneath the shine. Nissan builds great vehicles, but the company should respect the rights and dignity of its Mississippi workforce." – Reverend Dr. Isiac Jackson Jr., chair of the Mississippi Alliance for Fairness at Nissan and president of the General Missionary Bapt...
Bustin' Loose was a hit song for Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers. Released from the LP of the same name, it spent four weeks at the top of the R&B singles c...
Planning my travels for 2013 - I'm gonna start off with Mardi Gras in New Orleans on February 9th. Then a few Warrior Dash's. March 16th ~ East Texas; April 20th ~ Jackson, Mississippi; May 11th ~ Amity, Arkansas; May 18th ~ Inola, Oklahoma; June 16th ~ Channahon, IL; September 28th ~ Wright City, Missouri; October 5th ~ Christiana, Tennessee; October 12th, New Orleans, Louisiana. My summer vacation to Washington State I think will be in August this year, I have a commitment ceremony to attend and I am hoping to go during the Benton/Franklin County Fair and Rodeo. Also a few George Strait Concerts for sure - April 12th in Little Rock, Arkansas (just have to cross the bridge for this one) and June 1st in San Antonio, Texas.
Thinking my journey in Alabama is over. almost that time to move on to the next best thing!
Funny thing about the Republican Party, and their voters, they really don't know what it is for which they stand. Now, sure, they can tell you quite a few talking points at any given moment.but they can't provide you any examples, when their party had power, of these ideologies actually being implemented. In no particular order, nor will we list all examples: Small government? Patriot Act, bloated defense budgets, massive deficits, push for a federal government definition of marriage, regulation of a woman's body over their Constitutionally protect rights. Fiscally conservative? Eisenhower was the last Republican President to balance the budget, in the late 1950's. Since then the national debt has drastically increased under each Republican President from the time they took office to when they left. Religious freedom? Only if that religion is Christian. Individual freedoms? Try telling that to a *** couple who wants to get married in Mississippi or any other Republican controlled state. For a Constit ...
For those of you who are anticipating The Secret Tree, here's a single serving: ... Be sure to eat everything on your plate. The Secret Tree By Patrick Bousum and Jeff Bennington Chapter 1 Andy Harper sat on his front porch thinking about his grandfather. Pops used to say It's rainin' hay bales and bull yearlings when it came down this hard. And boy did it pour. Thunder beat through the clouds like a B-29 bomber, and water flowed over the eaves, forming a water-shield across the front porch. The gush and splash of the rain exploded in puddles of muck, creating a chorus of drips and drops so loud Andy had to shout just to hear himself think. He thought about the many things Pops would say like, Always keep your girl and your pocketknife close by, and If you can’t beat a greedy man, get outta his way, and let him beat himself. Andy grinned a boyish smile, when he thought about Pop’s white hair and briskly whiskers glistening when he laughed—and Pops laughed often. He had a permanent smile, worked hard ...
Gun show Sunday. Hit me up if you want to go.
Gun nuts say cars kill more people than guns do. Ok let's play that game (first of, when people say that, they just acknowledge that guns DO kill, thus eliminating their guns don't kill people argument) Lets implement the same laws the government use on cars with guns. People should pass a test before they use a gun, get insurance on their guns, register their guns with the state every year, and their guns must pass annual inspection. And just LIKE a car, if these laws aren't followed, your right to own a gun will be taken that really what it comes down to? Comparing guns to cars? Really people???
With all the histrionics and caterwauling regarding the possible, yet likely impending, changes to the ways our society will handle its dangerous toys, I took a look at the Constitution again. So many people are quoting it lately that I figured I’d try my hand as well. It seems to me that the government is within its purview to stop neglecting the “well-regulated militia” part of the Second Amendment with things like background checks, data collection & sharing, appointing a director to the ATF, and instructing the CDC to study the root causes of some types of tragic events. So, what does the big C have to say in response to those stamping their feet, yelling “no fair!”, or even making indirect threats should there be a change to the status quo? Article I, sec 8, clause 15: “[Congress shall have the Power] To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;” Article VI, clause 2: “This Constitution, and the Laws of the Uni ...
Welcome to Central Valley Wowballs. The premier source for walk on water entertainment. Come walk on water with us at your next event and see why everyone is talking about Central Valley Wowballs.
Justin Alexandria, VA NYT reader comment 1/18/13 After listening to the CEO of Whole Foods call the Affordable Care Act "fascism" today on NPR, I simply cannot stomach anybody anymore. He claims that to afford health care, he would have to cut worker wages and hours, because "it can't come from anywhere else." Why not take it out of executive compensation? I know this is only tangentially related to the topic at hand, but doesn't it follow that if people have to expend less money on health care, they could afford to spend more money on overpriced grocery stores?
A new report has determined that the United States’ education system is improving. The bad news is that it still gets a C+. Recently, education news and research publication Education Week
Snow in Mississippi...What fun! One of those totally out of the ordinary things that keeps life magical. My three kids ate snow, built a snowman, had a snowball fight, and built a snow fort with a neighbor all by noon. By 3pm the snow was almost gone and the sun was shining for the first time in DAYS. Vitamin D to the rescue just in time for my annual winter funk out. Maybe I can skip it this year with all the excitement surrounding the Homestead. I have been contacted by no less that four magazines to do stories on this adventure. Now, if I can only cover expenses and keep Mike happy:) I want to be transparent about how this works. The house and property is paid for. My "Business" has to cover taxes ($2,000/yr,), Utilities (at least $300/month even with solar array), and insurance ($7,000/year - yes you read that figure correctly). Teachers keep all the money from their classes and help me avoid the cost of cleaning and maintenance by giving service hours back to the center. I make money to cover expense ...
Here comes the cold of winter! Remember: it's always fair weather when the PCH Prize Patrol shows up. Dave
Dear Sheriff, if a bunch of people sitting in a big room in Jackson Mississippi, vote that I must first have their permission to carry a weapon concealed under my jacket,... will you enforce this law?
A Tylertown man has been sentenced to a total of 40 years behind bars for Felony Child Abuse and Manslaughter involving a child. We thank Judge Taylor for accepting the State’s recommendation of a lengthy sentence. James Dustin Lowery, 28, of Tylertown appeared in Walthall County Circuit Court Monday and pleaded guilty one count of felony child abuse and one count of manslaughter. As a result, Circuit Court Judge Michael M. Taylor sentenced the defendant to 40 years in the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections for felony child abuse, 20 years suspended for manslaughter, with both counts to run consecutive. Lowery must also pay $1,000 to the Mississippi Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund, a $1,000 fine and serve five years post release supervision. Lowery was taking care of his girlfriend’s 16-month-old daughter when she became unresponsive and was eventually taken to the emergency room at the Walthall County General Hospital. The coroner listed the child’s cause of death as blunt f .. ...
Federal officials have given a developer the green light to move ahead with a controversial wind project in southeastern Minnesota that, if approved, would be the first time a wind farm has been given permission to legally kill bald eagles.
Still no snow. My dreams of snowball fights and snowmen are fading fast.
The CEO of Whole Foods Market says he regrets calling Obamacare "fascist." He said that he wanted to use a word that means the exact same thing, but didn't have all that baggage.
Many folks who were learning how to be good anarchists between 2000–2005 on the East Coast were influenced by what I’m going to call an “anti-oppression practice.” The phenomenon is broader than this; I’m simply speaking from experience. The term is not precise, and I want to keep it that way, so no...
Charles Bennett, You know its people like you that are just a total joke as a person. You call yourself a fighter? You’re not even a man. To think I sent you $300 bucks to buy your daughter some birthday presents just to help you out and you don’t even have the nuts to call me if something came up. You disrespect the gym you train out of, you disrespect your opponent John, and you disrespect the fans and the sport. I hope we meet one day my friend because it will be the best $300 I ever spent. Well since I’m on here let me go one step deeper. Junie Brownie was scheduled for the fight, actually begged for it. Said he could use a fight that was fair for him where he was not being brought in against a killer. Well a few weeks and numerous non answered calls I finally get a text saying he doesn’t want to fight John because he cant afford a loss. Basically stating he just needs someone with a heartbeat. I am so friggen sick of all these guys fighting for the wrong reason now a days or coming down with ...
From Bill O'Reilly's message board: Most everyone suspected fraud, but these numbers prove it and our government and media refuse to do anything about it. As each state reported their final election details, the evidence of voter fraud is astounding. Massive voter fraud has been reported in areas of OH and FL, with PA, WI and VA, all are deploying personnel to investigate election results. Here are just a few examples of what has surfaced with much more to come. * In 59 voting districts in the Philadelphia region, Obama received 100% of the votes with not even a single vote recorded for Romney. (A mathematical and statistical impossibility). * In 21 districts in Wood County Ohio, Obama received 100% of the votes where GOP inspectors were illegally removed from their polling locations - and not one single vote was recorded for Romney. (Another statistical impossibility). * In Wood County Ohio, 106,258 voted in a county with only 98,213 eligible voters. * In St. Lucie County, FL, there were 175,574 register ...
Sedition is the stirring up of rebellion against the government in power. Treason is the violation of allegiance to one's sovereign or state, giving aid to enemies, or levying war against one's state. Sedition is encouraging one's fellow citizens to rebel against their state
Here is a contest for a free decal... free 5x5 decal to the first person that can guess the state that i would like to retire to :)
So did has no one told Phil Bryant that the Soviet Union dies not exist?!? He's making a huge fool out of us, Mississippi. How in the world could educated Republicans have voted for this guy??? We tried to tell y'all.
This morning on the Today Show's "Professional" segment, one of "experts" called the NRA's new ad "disgusting," because mentioning the President's children and that their school is protected by armed guards (not to mention Secret Service) is somehow taboo. Suzi Ormond said that the President's children are more in danger than other kids and that justifies their school having armed guards. Tell the parents whose kids have been murdered in their schools that are gun free zones that their children were in less danger than the President's children! Today needs to call this segment "Today's Dunces."
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Starkville schools closed. Columbus schools closed. Come on MSU?
Still trying to find that executive order that says, "take guns away from law abiding citizens". Oh wait. I won't find it because it doesn't and will never exist.
1/17/13 - Governor Rick Snyder said 2012 was a busy year during his State of State address Wednesday night and few would disagree, most especially toward the end. On the legislative side, Republican State Representative Bill Rogers of Genoa Township says the speech highlighted the great progress mad...
I must sound like some crazy gun toting freak. I don't even own a gun (though I'm seriously thinking of buying something soon, finances providing). I just know right from wrong, & you cannot take away our natural rights. Making self defense swayed in favor of lawbreakers is NOT right. Law breakers will ALWAYS have guns... albeit more creative ones if they become illegal. So if guns become illegal, what will you defend yourself with?
NFL coaches are in the habit of calling a timeout just before a last-second kick, but statistics suggest the practice doesn't necessarily work.
Good meeting with the Sandy Recovery Task Force today to discuss the next 6 months of the rebuilding process in NJ .
The 25 Most Unbelievable Sports FACTS! September 12, 2012 The 25 Most Unbelievable Sports FACTS - Image 1 1. Baseballs were originally made from the foreskins of horses. 2. The state sport of Alabama is figure skating. 3. A race car with a wood-burning engine finished 3rd in the 1927 Indianapolis 500. 4. Boxing legend Rocky Marciano invented the fax machine. 5. Studies show high school tennis players score significantly lower on math tests, it is assumed because of the sport's illogical 15-30-40 scoring system. 6. According to the official Major League Baseball rule book, baseball games "are to last 9 innings or two and one-half hours, whichever comes first." 7. The NCAA required college football players to study during halftime until 1925. 8. The Houston Rockets did not discover until the 14th game of the 1984-85 NBA season that their home arena rims were set at 9-feet, 7-inches. 9. It is customary for jockeys to be paid in coins, no matter how large their winnings. 10. In the ancient Greek Olympics, wre ...
Do you have a permit? If not, just slip the government bureaucrat some cash, and he can magically turn the illegal,...into legal. This is why I am against licensure laws. If something is against the law, you shouldn't be able to grease the palm of a government bureaucrat, and all of a sudden make it legal.
The new mining bill is posted (lower right side). Read and let me know what you think! sen.tayloror leave it here!
The NRA commercial is right. They ask the question why the president’s kids should be protected by armed guards while our schools are gun free. And that’s right his *** aint no better than any other person out here in this world. And if you say well there a target because he is president well then he should have never became president he was aware of the job details which incudes they could be targets .I’m just saying I don’t care who you are you are no better than anyone else in this world.
It is my fear and my concern that the government of this country no longer represents either my best interests, or the best interests of the 47% who I stand proudly among, and we either need to replace them or operate around them if our representatives are afraid to take them on from a point of view of fair-play, humanity, and compassion.
you look like the 3rd place pig at the Mississippi state fair. Keep up the good work!
Now…to be fair on other side of Mississippi State as well - the Bulldogs (7-7, 2-0) are 1-5 against RPI Top 200 (w/ 1st win coming today).
Johnny Manziel is the only quarterback in college football better than Teddy Bridgewater. Passes like Brady, runs like Peterson. He needs to go pro so Teddy can win the Heisman next year. Seriously, whens the last time a QB threw for 200+ and ran for 200+ in the same game? Against the number 11 team in the nation?
Man... They did not get the Heisman wrong this year... Johnny Football... Goodness...
Since these morons are publishing gun permit holders addresses in NY, we thought it only fair to publish a map of Texas permit holders as well. Each orange dot represents a permit holder's address.
How to steal an election. Study produced by Princeton University. What do you think?
It really burns my *** to hear people who are on the system talk about vacations, tattoos and tanning packages that they will buy after they get their taxes back. if you're on the system you more than likely don't pay taxes to begin w so they're not your taxes to get back. I do pay taxes, which are going up this month thanks to your president, and I haven't taken a vacation or got a tattoo in 9 years and if you're on the system your tax return should go towards paying back your free daycare, cell phones, medical care and foodstamps, not tanning packages, and your *** should have to stay as albino as mine.
Religiously biased laws harm children and in extreme cases kill children. When will the fight for church and state separation move on from nativity scenes and other such innocuous aspects of religion.
Just this week we have had 3 reports of situations in 3 separate counties where one horse has deceased with others remaining in desperate need of help. If you see emaciated and deceased horses please take pictures if you can. This helps to get things moving and it's evidence needed for court. Only take pictures if you can do so without getting on their property. Go to our available horses page and click on the tab that says report cruelty to get a better idea of how the system works. Thanks to all who have called and are trying to get help for these horses. You are possibly their only hope for survival.
Shame on the 67 House Republicans who voted against Hurricane Sandy financial help for our fellow Americans.
Looking for a work-life balance in 2013? How about being employed with a great company with excellent benefits? Check out GEO's open positions at:
If Gun Control is the solution, then why is it that Chicago, a city with some of the strictest firearm laws in the Nation, has the highest rate of gun violence in the Country? Perhaps the criminals would hesitate to go blasting if they thought they might get shot back at... I've heard enough about "Gun Control." How about mental health? How about consequences and personal responsibility for our actions instead of the government stepping in to protect us from ourselves?
Forgot to tell everyone that the rims on the goals today were donated from the Mississippi State Fair.
Martha Hall Foose’s Sweet Tea Pie Southern Pies by Nancie McDermott Makes one 9-inch pie Born and raised in the Mississippi Delta, Martha Foose headed out to see the world and cooked her way through a mighty swath of it before moving back home to put down roots. Culinary school in France and working in professional kitchens from Austin and New Orleans to Minneapolis and Los Angeles taught her the foods of the world. In turn, she has taught the world about the culinary traditions of the South, through her restaurants, classes, and extraordinary first book, Screen Doors and Sweet Tea: Tales of a Southern Cook (Clarkson Potter, 2008). Martha dreamed up this recipe during her high school days, as her entry in the pie-baking contest at the Mississippi State Fair. She didn’t win, but she should have; it’s pleasure—pure and simple. For your ultimate Southern flavor, Ms. Foose suggests brewing an orange pekoe tea for this recipe, but she notes you can use the tea you like best. I’m fond of whipped cream ...
Way too many penalties are being called against Mississippi state for this game to be fair
Not a heady play by Mississippi State there, interfering with the fair catch that would have had Alabama starting near the 10-yard line.
If I see you and you're wearing anything supporting Alabama, I will sing the Mississippi State Fight song. Loudly. Fair warning.
I'm just a country boy from the state of Mississippi, life wasn't always fair or easy but it was life... And I'm grateful for that alone
Headed to the state fair in Swampfox Mississippi.
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Johann at the Mississippi State fair with his fish he won
Embarrassed about your family go to a Mississippi state fair you will be proud of the family you have.
Today is Founder's Day at Jackson State! Jackson Fair, Jackson Dear!! I wonder if they address it as Mississippi...
Blue Mountain plays the south Mississippi State Fair in Laurel from 7-10 tonight!
Ok I see all the post about everyone being sick so maybe I do have a stomach bug .. Woke up throwing up and have felt to good all day .I am so hungry just made me a polish sausage eat your heart out mississippi state fair .. I just hope i can hold it down havent eaten all day .
Mississippi State Fair may have fallen short of record
last day of the Mississippi State Fair !
Old school bikes from last night at the mississippi state fair.
Forty years ago tonight Perry and I went on a blind date on a Friday the 13th to the Mississippi State Fair. I was 17 and he was 20. Seems like a long time ago. Thank you Jo Anne Murphy for fixing us up.
out & about pickin up my baby DAZJAH FROM mississippi state fair
Me and my baby getting ready to leave the fair @ 2012 Mississippi State Fair
We out here at the Mississippi state fair..ayyeee up.
Aye Girl,you ain't gotta go to the Mississippi State fair to ride *** .
Today was the best day i have had in a very very long time. Spent the day with my girls April, Jasmine, and Gabby we went to the Mississippi State Fair. Rode some rides, ate all the good fair must have foods. Now we are just hanging out Jasmine and Anthony are playing video games, April is reading a book on her Kindle Fire, Gabby is playing with everything and running through the house making telling everyone what to do and like a proud mama hen im just watching taking it all in like old times. I am truly blessed!
Well, the treats were very good, apparently
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Here at the Mississippi state fair wit da fam!!! All smiles it's been the best day ever!!! Wit da lil freaks & big freaks!!!
downtown on mississippi state street... Down the street from the fair
Only at the Mississippi State Fair is there a trailer dedicated to mounted deer
You can tell when people not from Ms. They refer to the fair as "state fair" "Mississippi state fair" lololol
Self pic-ing like a boss on the Ferris wheel @ 2012 Mississippi State Fair
Red Velvet Funnel Cake. that I didn't eat! Lol It was good but I was full @ 2012 Mississippi State Fair
Chicken on a Stick and onion chips @ 2012 Mississippi State Fair
Did I see who I thought I saw as I was leaving the Mississippi State Fair today, feeding my face with funnel cake? This young couple accompanying a young miss. Was it who it appeared to be to me? Would not have guessed them to be fair-goers, but certainly resembled them, these who quite honestly I have never even spoken to. But there was a resemblance, wasn't there, my head? Spiteful wishful thinking on my part, was it? No, all I was thinking about was that funnel cake, which was making me quite ill. Well, irony of ironies if it was them, but just as well we didn't speak or even notice each other (or they didn't notice me).
Best of luck to Brad Smith, as he represents B95 and the Pine Belt at the State Finals of the Texaco Country Showdown in Jackson at the Mississippi State Fair tonight, starts at 7:30
Mississippi state fair... Hate my hours I'm working with no break. 10am today to 1am tomorrow morning. This place is PACKED
Pig Races at the Mississippi State What else can I say? Fair.MOV: via
The Teenager Diet: My crew and I went to the Mississippi State Fair this week, and just as I was ordering a funn...
Briggs drifts the into the corner. @ 2012 Mississippi State Fair
A motorcycle ride is a dream come true for him @ 2012 Mississippi State Fair
Sound checked and ready to rock the Mississippi State Fair !
What yall know bout the Red Velvet Funnel Cake?? with @ 2012 Mississippi State Fair
Lunch w/ at the Mississippi State Fair was awesome! Ready for an Elephant Ear with Hot Fudge!
The epitome of the Mississippi state fair.
Think Hometown- Intera is back out at the Mississippi State Fair!
Mississippi state fair if so where and time
Going to the mississippi state fair tomorrow! excited!! whoooho
Random guy I met at the fair the other night. Someone buy me a cat like this. @ 2012 Mississippi State Fair
Pick up your NRCS water cycle poster from the Mississippi State Fair today; FFA students are giving them out for free!
Once upon a time I showed cows at the Mississippi state fair
A man was shot in the foot early Saturday morning at the Mississippi State Fair, said Jackson Police Department spokeswoman Officer Colendula Green.
Me and my daughter Brianna went to the Mississippi State Fair today
Getting ready for the Mississippi State Fair with the two fellows of the house this weekend and more to come. Us at our best. Thanking God for all he do for us.
Just smashed a Turkey Laig from The Mississippi State Fair! Off the chain!
Sitting and soaking up the music!! TJ Burnham and the Halfway Home Band geearing up to kick some booty tomorrow night at the Mississippi State Fair in the Texaco Country Showdown!!
The Mississippi State Fair.. One of the best people watching places in America
Look who got promoted to gate supervisor! @ 2012 Mississippi State Fair
At the Mississippi State fair with new friends!
Loretta Lynn and Chubby Checker singing at the Mississippi State Fair! I do not own this song. No Copyright Infringement Intended!
mixed with an early kickoff and the Mississippi state fair having more talented performers than Auburn.
Only at the Mississippi State fair u can get fried Oreos and fried snickers
Jane and I took our 2 year old granddaughter to the Mississippi State Fair last night. Everything was going good until while seated waiting for the circus to start she spotted the giant slide next to us. She wanted to go slide! I explained that it was too big for Papa but to no avail. She teared up and started boo hooing and wouldn't stop. A vendor came by selling flashing light wands and saved us! She was a happy girl from then on!
I spied some hammer maintenance action taking place on the roller coaster... @ 2012 Mississippi State Fair
If I don't make it back to work, you'll know that this Bavarian funnel cake l @ 2012 Mississippi State Fair
Adventuresome lunch time is adventuresome. @ 2012 Mississippi State Fair
Went To Texas State Fair last weekend Now Im going to Mississippi Fair tonight
We always need to be sure we are screening and providing background checks on all employees.
I liked a video from Making Cinnamon Rolls at the Mississippi State Fair
Ever wonder the effort it takes to make the food at the Mississippi State Fair? Here's a peak at how to make the famous cinnamon rolls!
I'm headed to the world famous Canton Flea Market. I hope it's half as entertaining as the Mississippi State Fair was yesterday.
My wife and I spent the day at the Mississippi state fair, was a great day
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Oh the people you will see at the Mississippi State Fair. These youngins look like *** and thugs. WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS?
I had a great time yesterday at Mississippi State fair!
At the Mississippi State Fair with my honey.
The Hinds County sheriff confirms that a shooting took place at the Mississippi State Fair over the weekend, but says so far they have no case.
As much as I really love this new life our wee family has carved out for ourselves, I can't help but wish we could be in town for the Mississippi State Fair with a mouthful of fried red velvet cake.
Cindy and I just got home from the Mississippi State Fair in Jackson. We got to see the living legend, Loretta Lynn, in person in concert. WOW!!!
Snakes, bubbles, rides, corndogs, funnel cakes, and TWO fair fish later I have two happy campers!! :) Oh! And Loretta Lynn wasn't too shabby either!! Had a great night at the Mississippi State Fair!!
To the Mississippi state fair I have but one thing to say: you're welcome for me paying the rent tonight to win Duncan a stuffed pig, turtle, lion, rat, nemo, &, 2 gold fish
Loretta is kicking butt at the Mississippi state fair tonight!! So proud :)
Mississippi state fair!! Jackson Mississippi bound for some much needed fun!
Loretta Lynn concert at the Mississippi State Fair, tonight. $5.00 a person to get in; but the concert is FREE! AND, I intend to have a great time. Photos to post tomorrow.
Cortrell Rose, who is accused of strangling his neighbor before stealing her car, appears in court.
Mississippi State Fair or South Mississippi State Fair? Which one would you go to?
We are on our way to the Mississippi State Fair to eat food on a stick, ride rides, pet goats and camels and see my idol Loretta Lynn!!! Needless to say I'm a little excited!
well pray for my grandma as she has been go the hospital for a week already and she is still very sick and i an going to the hospital with her for a while then taking skylar to the Mississippi state fair at two
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Had such a nice time with the kids and a homie at the Mississippi state fair . Feet in pain and got a little cold . But we had a good time . I have to go again .
Working a marketing event for work at the Mississippi state fair in Jackson MS. Had to eat some fried green tomatoes. You know "When in Rome".
Some say there was a shooting at the State Fair this weekend. Some apparently aren't so sure. But that's a question some in the Metro area have been asking, and law enforcement officials have apparently had little to offer for an answer.
Lunch at the Mississippi State Fair, not on my diet, but worth it!! Beautiful day to go. Chill in the air. But probably WON'T go on a school holiday again.
Oh my goodness! I thought Obion County fair lines were long when I was a kid. Nothing compared to Mississippi State Fair. Wow!
Police are investigating a weekend shooting at the Mississippi State Fair.
Oh k- so I've been trying to find out abt what Activities they have here at the Mississippi State fair. Weekdays and weekends.besides rides & many Internet sites to go on.doesn't help. It's not like home...where u know, days for Mud Boggs, concerts, Rodeos & willy riding, And jeweley ur actually interested in.
Praying for traveling grace for Girl Scout Troop as they travel to and from Jackson, MS to attend the Mississippi State Fair, have fun girls!!!
How many of you get cinnamon rolls at the Watch this and see just what it takes to make one batch!
remembers the day when you could actually go to the Mississippi State Fair and not be worried about getting SHOT. Time for a location change.
“The Mississippi State Fair Shooting involved "25" Females and "1" Male O_O” sounds right, them *** acted up and he let em
Jackson police say a shooting at the state fair involved a large group of females.
Just got home from the Mississippi state fair.
I love her :) Earn Thompson Square Fanatics points on Fanzy.
At the Mississippi State Fair- you will be mine Red Velvet Funnel Cake oh yes, you will be mine!
Good luck to Megan, Daniel, and Company today as they compete in the Finals of the Mississippi State Fair Talent Competition. You are Amazing! We love you baby.
I am at the MISSISSIPPI STATE fair with my friend kayla for her birthday!!! We are going to have FUN FUN AND MORE FUN!?! :) happy birthday kayla
The Mississippi State Fair is underway today in Jackson... By the way, they do have pig races at the fair, but in Mississippi they do not ride the pigs... That's in Arkansas... In Mississippi they name the pigs after Yankee politicians... :o)~
Thank goodness I found something I liked, . . . eventually!
Nothing scarier for a spineless worm than to have a slow-moving amusement park ride stop in mid-air. Take that, Gumby!
So i have the chance to be in the mississippi state fair but its this comin friday & idk if i could afford it lol ugh if not tip year definitely next
Enjoyed the Mississippi State Fair yesterday. Food was a little expensive,but it was tasty!! Everybody should check it out at least once. Little too expensive for me to visit twice, but if you got the money you can really enjoy yourself. I did!! I spent bout $200.00 with 2 kids so not too bad, but couldn't spend anymore. Still got the bills to pay.Have a great day everybody!!
He's afraid of the West Nile virus. What isn't he afraid of?
Mississippi state fair here i come been looking forward to this all weekend funnel cake and stuffed cucumber cant wait
- The one good thing about the Mississippi State Fair is it always makes you very appreciative about your own family...
at the Mississippi state fair with Mike. Good lord it's freezing! Bout to watch the pig races :-)
Im a get my hello kitty hoodie and my belt from Mississippi State Fair
Well, I've done wonders for my self esteem this afternoon. All my FB friends can too. Just head on down to the Mississippi State Fair and watch the people. You'll feel better about yourself after about 15 minutes.
Headed to the Mississippi State Fair with two excited little girls! Well, 3 if you count Amelia! :-)
The Mississippi State Fair is this week in Jackson... They say the best part is when the Mississippi State synchronized swimming team performs in a pool full of grits... :o)~
Guess what my plans are for today??? To be in the company of five young ladies, my two daughters and three of their friends. We plan to go and enjoy the sights, sounds, rides and fun of the Mississippi State Fair! Plus the blessing of the presence of my sister, Ms. Nicole Bell---it's gonna be awesome!
Gee, decisons: I can go to the Unframed Season Reveal Party or the Mississippi State Fair tonight. World's Smallest Horse or Chris Roebuck? (Sorry, Chris - I couldn't resist).
All my friends back home are going to the Mississippi State Fair.. I wanted to go too. ):
Just made it back from the Mississippi State Fair! I had so much fun wit my girl an my Pooh Bear!!!
If you wanna see the worlds most beautiful people, come to the Mississippi State Fair.
I went to the Mississippi State Fair today
Thank God for Life and all of the wonderful volunteers who signed up to work at our booth at the fair. Find out all of the wonderful ways you can help! Volunteer, donate, and more!
Sad whining old man from the sounds of it.
Does anybody know what time the Mississippi State Fair open the gates in the morning?
Welcome to the Mississippi state fair or as I like to call it, the honey boo boo look alike contest
Headed to the Mississippi State Fair with my babies.A funnel cake is calling my name.
Iam going to the Mississippi State Fair tonight
Mississippi State Fair in Jackson with Chad Holifield and Miss Daphne. Look for them in Barn 13 with the other FFA and 4-H representatives from Northeast Jones.
The 153rd Mississippi State Fair begins its two-week season this week.
Brian does not appreciate the seafood stuffed cucumber. Watch his tirade. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Going to the mississippi state fair tonight who wants to go with me
I wish I was heading to Mississippi state fair.. I miss showing..
I am going to the Mississippi State Fair to see Hinder tonight!
It is Friday time to plan for the weekend. We hope to make the Mississippi State Fair. I love looking at the animals and to eat.
I-55 south's that time of year ~ Mississippi State Fair :)
Tomorrow at the Mississippi State Fair: Ride Survivor (or as we carnies generally call it, "Midnight Madness") with wristbands from 10pm-1am. Why do we call it Ride Survivor? Let's just say walk the midway at your own risk during those hours.
I am so randy for the fair . Fun Friday is the 5 th. Mississippi state fair. Mustard seed is going. I am so ready to eat fair food.
Mississippi State Fair 2012 is a festival on Songkick. See the line-up, who’s going, see posters and more.
Taking my amirah to the Jackson Mississippi state fair tomorrow I can't wait.
love the fair will be there Monday with the girls can't wait.
In Jackson for the Mississippi State Fair. Headed to sound check now
Goodmorning Everyone ! Today is a beautiuful day. The Mississippi State fair has arrived . Food ! Vendors ! Games ! Rides ! They are here in the Capitol City. Grab the kids and get ready to enjoy your self. It's going down everyone ! I love the smell of the food. Funnel cakes Galore ! Turkey Legs ! Cinnamon rolls ! Gyros ! Polish Sausages ! And my Fresh lemonade ! Okay Rayven It's on for your Birthday ! Love you Guys ! Have a wonderful day everyone !
Keith Sweat at the Mississippi StATE fair free concert, let's make it last forever!!!
Anybody going to the Mississippi State Fair this year? We havn't been in over ten years. last time we went, I took some of My antique engines to display and really didn't get to look around much. Too old to ride the rides, too tired to walk much, Eyes to weak to see much, too hard to drive to, too much robbery (Inside the gate and out!) It just doesn't have the same allure it once did!~
Had fun shooting pictures of my family at Mississippi's State Fair last night. My 2-year-old grandson, Brody, had a blast on all the rides! Papaw can always catch the 2nd presidential debate!
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The Florence Zone Educational Foundation is working Gate 4 (located on Greymont Dr. near the Pearl Street off-ramp) at the Mississippi State Fair. As you make plans to attend the fair, make plans to enter and park at Gate 4. A proceeds support the Educational Foundation. Please share and encourage your friends to share.
Supervisors are threatening to take over this year’s election operation if members of the Hinds County Election Commission don’t start playing nice.
Waiting for Jimmy to call to say he got back to New Orleans safe. We had an awesome night. He'll be back Tuesday and we're going to the Mississippi State Fair to see Loretta Lynn. Yea!
If you look closely, you can make out "The World's Smallest Horse" on the midway.
Katelyn played herself to sleep at the Mississippi state fair tonight. Had a good time!
Mississippi's state fair has nothing on Texas'.
At the Mississippi state fair about to watch Thompson square!
At the Mississippi State Fair with Destiny Kruggel Casy Kruggel Ginny Harwell and so far i'm still standin lol
Headed to the Mississippi. State Fair to see Thompson Square.
I wanna go to the Mississippi state fair! Someone please mail me a biscuit! And a cinnamon roll!! I'm talking to you three specifically :)
Bout to prepare myself so i can go spend sum QT w/Lamar A Jackson. Mississippi State Fair
16 WAPT's Andrew Kinsey puts a gator on a stick to the taste test at the Mississippi State Fair.
Who is ready for the Mississippi State Fair?? It officially starts in 2 hours! Do you have the latest fall fashions to wear while strolling the Midway!?? If not, Come see us, TODAY!!:)
Up and at em ready to go tackle this looong day at the Mississippi state fair!!
Crews are making the final preparations for the 153rd Mississippi State Fair, which kicks off Wednesday evening.
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The Mississippi State Fair is set to begin Oct. 3 this year. Check out some of the tasty offerings from Mississippi and from state fairs and festivals around the country.
Got the breakfast stuff handled and now me and the little fellows are about to get started on some artwork to enter in the South Mississippi State Fair art competition...Chase and I both came home with the blue ribbon in our categories last year...we are going for a clean sweep this year!
This 2012 Mississippi State Fair supposed to be bigger than ever and they going to have 2 rollercoasters this year. And they got a new ride name the Swing Tower and this year 2012 Mississippi State Fair going to be the bomb and Astro and the Farrowshows Blue Unit and the Mid America Shows will be at.the fair.
This is the first year I will have missed the Mississippi State Fair :( I'm supper sad
The CVB enjoyed the best of the Mississippi State Fair 2011. Donut Burger and Fried Kool Aid. We tried it all.
if you're going to The 2012 Mississippi State Fair at the Fairgrounds.
En Vogue will be performing at the Mississippi State Fair on October 11th. My birthday is on the 9th. Sounds like a good gift, now who is willing to take me? Come on, don't everybody tell me at the same
I want October to get here. The Mississippi State Fair is less than 30 days away. I don't Know what day to take the kids.
For more information u can tipe in Mississippi State Fair in yahoo and you'll see all.of the information.
On Wendesday October 3th rhe gates at the 2012 Mississippi State Fair will open Wedesday October 3th at 5:00 p.m. The Wristbands is $25.00
18-year-old Skylar has been singing since she was about 4. She even wowed crowds at the Mississippi State Fair as a teenager. Stardom was destined to be in her future! A songbird that has now captivat
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