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Mississippi River

The Mississippi River is the chief river of the largest river system in North America.

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In three days, Ana traveled 146 miles down the Mississippi River in her kayak with 30 hours of paddling. The f
Someone needs to check the Mississippi River for P.E.D.s
Maps of the Mississippi River's various historical paths: /Found part of this long ago while doing research.
I think the Mississippi football mojo may be spreading down the river. Even is ahead of Fla. Next, SMU?
How do I find the temp of the water in the Mississippi River? Lovely day Farm Park!
Love the one who always keeps you laughing. @ Mississippi River, New Orleans
Crawford County still searching for missing boater in Mississippi River
All lanes are now open I-10 East on the Mississippi River Bridge. Congestion is minimal.
Over three years, Harold Fisk chased down the ghosts of a river. The maps he made are amazing
Wen sum1 asks u to spell Mississippi and u say the river or the state, you deserve 2 get yo *** whopped
Ernst - States should regulate water and environment. Who regulates the Mississippi River just down the street?
Runnin by the Mississippi River always puts me in a better mood, even when my ankles and knee beg to differ.😭
I'm not saying he was stupid, but I asked him how to spell Mississippi and se said 'the river or the state?'
Running by the Mississippi River is the best stress reliever when studying for an exam...
The right lane remains blocked on I-10 East on the Mississippi River Bridge due to a stalled vehicle. Congestion has reached LA-1.
One of Favre's favorite jokes apropos of this week: someone asks him how to spell Mississippi, he says "The state or the rive…
“I would swim across the Mississippi River with 85lb weights tied to my scrotum just to hear u ***
As Cammie fought the swirling waters of the Mississippi River, she wondered if she'd ever see Noah again …
There seems to be a lot of white just West of the Mississippi River and n the deep South...
And thus ends the best day in Mississippi history since the discovery of the Mississippi River
The preacher man says it's the end of the time and the Mississippi River she's goin dry
October 1. History Parade 1811. The first steamboat to travel down the Mississippi River, the ''New Orleans, reaches its namesake city after a month long trip from Pittsburgh. 1836. John Borden opened the Texas General Land Office in Houston. As first commissioner of the land office, he had the task of compiling and preserving the many Spanish and Mexican land titles issued before Texas became a republic. Plus he also surveyed and registered new grants and did it by himself. 1885. Alfred Horatio Belo established the Dallas Morning News and directed the policy of its publication for 35 years. At his death, April 19, 1901, President Grover Cleveland paid tribute '' A loss to the entire country. 1890. Yosemite National Park is established. 1908. Henry Ford introduces the Model T automobile, priced at 850 dollars. 1910. Bonnie Parker, who joined with Clyde Barrow to form a famous outlaw gang, was born in Rowena, just a little north of San Angelo, Texas. She was raised in Dallas where she met Barrow. 1924. Jim ...
Sen Roy Blunt says Mississippi River barge traffic will become more important than at any point in the last 100 years
Interesting tidbits: 1811 – The first steamboat to sail the Mississippi River arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana. This was the first in a continuous line of river steamboats still in commercial passenger operation,. 1854 – The watch company founded in 1850 in Roxbury by Aaron Lufkin Dennison relocated to Waltham, Massachusetts, to become the Waltham Watch Company, a pioneer in the American system of watch manufacturing. 1880 – John Philip Sousa became leader of the United States Marine Band. 1880 – The first electric lamp factory was opened by Thomas Edison. 1908 – Ford put the Model T car on the market at a price of US$825. Today's birthday crew: 1896 – Ted Healy, American actor and comedian, chiefly remembered as the creator of The Three Stooges. 1940 - Richard Corben, American illustrator and comic book artist best known for his comics featured in Heavy Metal magazine. He is the winner of the 2009 Spectrum Grand Master Award. In 2012 he was elected to the The Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame. ...
Proposed port on Mississippi River may mean lots of new jobs for Lincoln Co.
Standing on the banks of the Mississippi River with What a great day!
The bowfin, commonly called dogfish in the Midwest, is truly a one of a kind fish. It is scientifically known as Amia calva, which is derived from the Greek, Amia meaning fish and calva meaning smooth. The common name of dogfish comes from their impressive set of very sharp conical teeth; much like a tyrannosaurus rex. The bowfin could logically be called a Jurassic Park fish. They are the sole survivor of a group of fish dating back 150 million years to the Jurassic Age when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. They are factually a living fossil. Bowfins are native to North America, common in the Eastern U.S. and southern Ontario and Quebec. They are found from the Mississippi River drainage east to the St. Lawrence River, south to the Gulf Coast, from east Texas to all of Florida. In the U.P., they can be found in the Menominee River, in Lake Huron off Cedarville, and the Lake Superior basin only in the St Louis and Middle Rivers in Wisconsin. We are at the northern limit of its range. However, many LP lakes hav ...
ATTENTION SUMNER BULLDOGS WORLDWIDE.(READ POST) Dear Supporter: The Charles Sumner High School has been around since 1875 and has been iconic in the St. Louis community for over 140 years. Historically, Sumner is the first African American high school west of the Mississippi River. Sumner has produced a plethora of local and national leaders in nearly every field of endeavor. Including legendary singers CHUCK BERRY AND TINA TURNER. TENNIS LEGEND ARTHUR ASHE, COMEDIAN AND SOCIAL ACTIVIST *** GREGORY, OPERA DIVA GRACE BUMBRY, PLUS 32 TUSKEGEE AIRMEN. Sumner’s strength has endured partly due to their Alumni Association, with thousands of members, both locally and worldwide. Perhaps you may be unaware that over the past years, Sumner’s enrollment has declined dramatically. Plus, It’s recent academic record has placed Sumner in the category of a “low-performing” school. These are two major contributing factors towards Sumner’s decline. (enrollment and low performing) - Sumner’s historical and le ...
Trying to stomach NCIS New Orleans. I always eat andouille sausage with remoulade sauce, plus I go for a run on the West Bank underneath the Mississippi River Bridge when I live in the lower garden district. I've always liked Scott Bakula, but that Texas, Mississippi, Wisconsin accent just doesn't sound like a local. I hope it's successful for New Orleans sake, but just bloody painful.
Have been invited to participate in a gratitude challenge for 7 days. Today is my first day, here goes. 1) I am grateful for my husband, Rich. 2). I am grateful for my smart, handsome, funny Son, Daniel. The day he was born was the happiest day of my life. Second happiest day: when I caught Keith Richards guitar pic at a Rolling Stones concert. 3). I am grateful for the blind date, on a Mississippi River boat, those many years ago that brought Rich and I together.
On this day in 1806, famous explorers Lewis and Clark returned for their expedition up the Mississippi River.
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Maggie found love on the banks of the Mississippi River. Would the Civil War rip it away? …
Amazing sunset view over the Mississippi River via the rooftop of the historic Peabody Hotel. Gr8 food, live blues--CRS Memphis has begun!
Houseboat on Mississippi River anchored near Smith Ave bridge clueless as massive trio of barges approaches.
- Mississippi River mayors announce new development fund
Mississippi River mayors announce new development fund: via
Mississippi River mayors announce new development fund -- makes first contribution
Today in 1831, Lincoln and friend Denton Offutt are on a flatboat journey on Mississippi River to New Orleans, starting in Sangamon, IL.
Please go and vote for the Stan Musial bridge over the Mississippi River as the nation's top transportation project
West of the Mississippi River, and not the Blaze, Emeralds, Aquasox, River Cats and Hops. Less historical detail, the better.
Sure thing, Should we meet halfway to exchange, somewhere just west of the Mississippi River?
On college campuses, fall means the return of students for a new academic year, and also the return of the rankings of colleges and universities in national publications. California State University’s Maritime Academy received high grades for the third consecutive year from U.S. News and World Report’s annual college rankings, released today. Cal Maritime is ranked the number one best public college in the western region, which covers all states west of the Mississippi River.
Let's just get to a daily thought I comprehend 4outta7 days of the week? Nephlium/Giants of Ancient times ago? Who were they? Where they from? How'd they get here? Where'd they live? Were they smart? Have they all died off? Who's older Man or Nephlium? How big were they? So so so many questions I've asked and looked for answers. Are the answers I've come across the holy grail of truths? No, I'am not a 33rd degree Freemason Prince Holder of the Sacred Secret!! Lol No that at this middle aged balding Hoosier!! All I like to think is this, I've been so graciously to be born in the Middle of America!! Were artifacts date back 10,000 years old. Persian, Greek, Roman, Native Americans! Oh an Asian decent somehow someway made it up the Mississippi River to the Ohio to the Great Lakes! Or thru the Great Lakes expanding eastwardly until it hits the now city of Canada Quebec and entering the Atlantic Ocean. Oh I'm telling stories cause we all were told. Columbus sailed the open blue in 1492!! Well if that's your ** ...
When flying in from the south, ways to tell you're approaching STL: 1) the Mississippi River; 2) a Brown & Crouppen billboard ad.
In my 50th year of life I; celebrated 20 years with my wife, had bariatric surgery, lost over 125 lbs, watched my son turn 18, graduate high school and start college. Visited my birthplace, the towns where I grew up and went to college along with relatives in all those places. Saw the St Louis arch, the Mississippi River, the Liberty Bell, Times Square and the Baseball Hall of Fame. Visited 7 major league ballparks and met Pete Rose. Traveled over 4, 400 miles through 18 states in two weeks, grew a beard and came home to my best girl, who waited for me. What a year!! I’m not sure my 51st year could ever match up but I look forward to what it brings.
Hubs: Name me some rivers. 12yo: Mississippi River, Niger, Congo-. Me: River Phoenix. 12: . Hubs:. YES OK she's the smart on…
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Love N'awlins---this is Jackson square from Cafe Du Monde side of Decatur Street, which is the Mississippi river side of Jackson Square. I was in The Big Easy a couple of Days ago---whenever I can think up an excuse to go there, I love to go, which is usually several times a year.
Alexis has her feet in where the Mississippi River begins! Behind her is Lake Itasca. 08/27/2014
hot *** is probably the best song both sides of the Mississippi River
that massive river is called the Mississippi River
"it's got a massive river going through it" MISSISSIPPI RIVER HYFR
Former Marine coping with post-traumatic stress disorder finds solace in paddling length of Mississippi River.
I was at the Mississippi River 2day and I said M I SS I SS I PP I like 10 times
Memphis| A group of volunteers cleaning up the shores of the Mississippi river near the biggest city in Tennessee, have stumbled upon the remains of an ancient boat encrusted in mud. A team of archeologists from the University of Memphis that was rapidly called to the site, confirmed that the ship i…
If sweat was gold id be the richest man west of the Mississippi River
We've returned from taking to college at Univ of Minn. She has a great dorm view of the Mississippi River.
Nothing better than a run along the Mississippi River on a beautiful day!
The Mississippi River is a little low this afternoon. I guess that makes it better for the people in kayaks to ride down the river! I'm also a little confused, this is a offshore tug WHY am I 40 miles northwest of Baton Rouge, La?
Traveling Iowa this Labor Day weekend. Saturday I'm going to Lucas for the John L. Lewis Labor Festival on Saturday, then to Davenport for an event State Representative Ako Abdul-Samad is having on the Mississippi River in Davenport. On Sunday I'll be in Clinton for the Labor Congress picnic at Eagle Point Park Lodge. On Labor Day I'll be in Sioux City for the Northwest Iowa Labor Council picnic in Riverside Park. Fired up with 69 days to go...and remember to buckle up, don't text while driving!
Tubing is perfectly legal on the Mississippi River, however it is probably not a good idea.
lmaoo take ya *** right to the Mississippi River and baptize you 😭😭😭😭
It's the Mississippi River an this may be unique in U.S. geography.
Ive crossed the Mississippi River, outta Arkansas and into Tennessee, and I got Dunkin Donuts. Having a great time!
GlobalVacation Weekend Trips from St. Louis: Whether you live in the big city on the Mississippi River or you'...
Nothing like going for a run by the river. High school pot heads and half naked old men washing their clothes in the Mississippi.
Steamboats in the Mississippi river, 1907. Colorized by me!.
.NOLA Motorsports Park is permanent road course south of Mississippi River. About 20 min from downtown. I've not been there.
General Eisenhower used a bottle of Mississippi river water to christen the "General Ike". http…
The Mississippi River on the way to South Bend
Gah. My school is 50 yards away from the Mississippi River. That is some decent scenery when you have basically turned off your teacher.
It's perfect weather today, not hot or cold just right for a walk and a drive down the Mississippi River :)
Lane closures at night planned for 1-10 Mississippi River Bridge for next 18 months. To start in September. May be 8 p.m. To 5 a.m.
Just a leopard frog chillin by the Mississippi River dyk a group of frogs is called an army?
Monday through Thursday, I have to drive over the Mississippi River to get to my classes. And on the weekend I find myself --
Enjoy a fabulous dinner while cruising up the mighty Mississippi River with Here:
THIS THURSDAY! The science of the Miss River, and a chat on invasive fish with UofM Prof. Bajer 7pm 8/28 @ StAntMain!
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Just went over the Mississippi River, which was pretty cool
as promised opatsos but i couldnt find da pic of us doin on the Mississippi River so this…
Sunrise along the Mississippi River this morning.
Next up for me is the mighty Mississippi River in La Crosse, Wisconsin for the final Rayovac Central event of the...
Fun Fact of the Day: The first bridge to cross the Mississippi River was placed where Hennepin Avenue Bridge is now. However, you can...
maybe we should admit we are not stronger than the Mississippi river
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers installs new concrete stabilization mats on Mississippi River bank at New Orleans-Jeffe…
Man pauses kayak trip down Mississippi River after boat tampered with in Iowa
If we sign-up to TTIP, we may as well be part of the US. This Government is selling us down the river. The Mississippi! Stop
South Bend man pauses kayak trip down Mississippi River
River people, how do you feel about being explored by art students?. Art students take to Mississippi River to explore its people - KPLC...
Lincoln wrote "The Father of Waters again goes unvexed to the sea" when commenting about the capture of the Mississippi River in Civil War.
this is so sad, and happened factually where i live.,Trail of Tears From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search For other uses, see Trail of Tears (disambiguation). "Native American Genocide" redirects here. For the population loss of indigenous peoples throughout the Americas, see Native American genocide. Sign for the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail. The Trail of Tears is a name given to the forced relocation of Native American nations from southeastern parts of the United States following the Indian Removal Act of 1830. The removal included many members of the following tribes, who did not wish to assimilate: Cherokee, Muscogee, Seminole, Chickasaw, and Choctaw nations, among others, from their homelands to Indian Territory west of the Mississippi River. The Native Americans who chose to stay and assimilate were allowed to become citizens in their states and of the U.S.[1] The phrase "Trail of Tears" originated from a description of the removal of the Choctaw Nation in 1831 ...
The Battle of Fallen Timbers (August 20, 1794) was the final battle of the Northwest Indian War, a struggle between American Indian tribes affiliated with the Western Confederacy, including minor support from the British, against the United States for control of the Northwest Territory (an area bounded on the south by the Ohio River, on the west by the Mississippi River, and on the northeast by the Great Lakes). The battle, which was a decisive victory for the United States, ended major hostilities in the region until Tecumseh's War and the Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811 The Ohio River boundary line established with Britain by the Treaty of Fort Stanwix in 1768 recognized certain lands as belonging to the Native American nations. After the American Revolution, however, the United States maintained that the Indian nations no longer owned the lands in the Ohio area, citing an article in the Treaty of Paris of 1783 in which Britain agreed to cede the lands owned by indigenous nations. Native Americans rejected ...
VIDEO: A pair of art students from California are floating down the Mississippi River in a Huck Finn-like raft...
Seattle’s Smith Tower, finished in 1914, was the tallest building west of the Mississippi River. Still Towering!
Memphis was named by American Heritage Magazine as the Great American Place for 1998. Memphis is the Pork Barbecue Capital of the World. Memphis' Official City flower is a shrub, the crepe myrtle. Memphis' Official City tree is the dogwood. Memphis is the home of the first Greyhound and Continental Trailways bus lines. Memphis is home to FedEx, the world's largest overnight package delivery company. It was created by Memphian Fred Smith in 1973. Memphis is the busiest cargo airport in the world - because of FedEx. Memphis is home to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, founded in 1962, by entertainer Danny Thomas. St. Jude is one of the world's premier centers for research and treatment of catastrophic diseases in children. Peter Doherty, Ph.D., chairman of the hospital's immunology department was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1996. Memphis is home to one of the busiest cement terminals in the country, which is located at the foot of the Interstate 240 bridge across the Mississippi River. The ...
Kayaking and paddleboarding the Mississippi River south of St. Cloud.
Remains of Viking ship (990-1050 AD) found on Mississippi River near Memphis, Tennessee:
Thinking of Huckleberry Finn while crossing the Mississippi River, but listening to the Pride and…
A good example of the damage done to the Gulf by corporate entities includes the Mississippi River delta’s...
The Gateway Arch overlooking the Mississippi River! It was an amazing experience going up in this…
Meet Henry Dee & Charles Moore. Abducted by the Klan on 5-2-1964, their bodies were found in the Mississippi River.
Oil tar sands, and other pollutants, are destroying the Mississippi River from Minnesota to the Gulf Coast. We’ve heard so much about oil tar sands; it is hard not to become numb to it. Let ...
The Mississippi River threads through Jaime Thibodeaux's life much as it does through the American Midwest. Photo: Matthew
We had a great time at the Opening Reception of the MPI World Education Congress down on the Mississippi river at Mill City. It took 6 truckloads and a very dedicated team 3 days to set all the decor. Thank you to our amazing crew!
I HAVE SEVERAL ARTICLES THAT CAME OUT OF THE PUBLICATION FROM THE KANSAS STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF CLARK COUNTY - I'll post more in the future/. The Story of Henry Mull, Sr. [from “Notes on Early Clark County, Kansas. By the Clark County Chapter of the Kansas State Historical Society; Volume I; Number 1; July 1939 – August 1940.] One of the early Clark County pioneers was Henry Mull, who came to Kansas in 1884 from Missouri, making the trip with his wife and four sons, John, Will, Alvin and Frank. The trip was made in two covered wagons and one buggy followed by the very necessary milk cow. The winter of 1884 was spent in Harper County Kansas, where Mr. Mull traded one of his teams for land. In the spring of 1885 the trek was continued and the family arrived in Clark County in June. Mrs. Mull’s health improved so rapidly that Mr. Mull sent word back to Missouri that they were establishing themselves permanently in Clark County and to sell his holdings there. Mrs. Mull’s health however, did no .. ...
Photo shoots with this one are fun @ Stone Arch Bridge, Mississippi River
The battle between two cities across the Mississippi River has been settled for yet another year.
WQAD: Body of Dubuque man pulled from Mississippi River in Southern Wisconsin
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Finally found internet in the middle of the Mississippi River! Such a great week but so ready to be home 🇺🇸
I'm in the Mississippi River ... I can talk to you now lol
Super Amazing Kayak Adventure! Epic seventeen and a half miles on the Mississippi River - from Boom Island in Minneapolis to downtown St. Paul. We went through three locks, we boated up drains, and we ruled the
Great Wedding today, outside at a country club, wedding site backdrop was the Mississippi River... one thing was a bit odd...but in a good way... there was NO WEDDING CAKE, that I saw anyway, but at everyones tablesetting was a Cupcake arrangement... not just a cupcake.. it was Displayed in a Goblet, it was really kinda nice... nice wedding too... the couple went to school together since kindergarden, started dating in the 10th/11th grade ... both graduated from college last year and this year today, they got married...oh and they both have the same birthday day kinda fun to see them growing together these past 8 years :)
A friend gave me this point and claimed he found it on a gravel bar on the Mississippi River. Is it possible for a point to actually be tumbled so much that it loses almost all of its defining characteristic flake marks? Definitely flint, definitely knapped, but has been very smoothed out across the entire surface... not intentionally ground down by human hands though. Thoughts?
Thank you for all the Birthday wishes. Had fun with Cody and Emma fishing on the Mississippi River. Then went out for Chinese. Then went to Lansing IA to watch the fireworks, it was their fishdays.
The Mississippi River won't carry me to you, but I know the Tennessee will.
of any territory west of the river Mississippi will be advantageous,
Ladies and Gentlemen of the football world and the T.I.G.L. "BEASTM-O-D-E! is about be unleashed in the T.I.G.L. of 2015 year. " Grab the wives and hide the kid" Making their way from the outside to the indoor arena venue is the, "LEWISVILLE SAVAGE!" As we annouce a few at a time we want everyone to get used to the players and ballers from that dormant city of Lewisville Texas. "Resistance is FUTILE!" and we shall "Release the ...SAVAGE!" The most jacked player this side of the Mississippi river...the shut down corner on any SAVAGE team ever asssembled and in ANY League fathomed by the word SEMI-PRO! I give you "Mr Automatic!" our very own "Prime Time!" Mr UNO! the one and only La'Shadion Anthony! Height 6'0" Weight 190lbs Position CB/WR/QB/FS
Me and Miss Cindy Jagoda representing Imperial Beach here at Me and Billy a bar with great food on banks of The mighty mighty Mississippi river in Davenport Iowa
Drove through three watersheds today: Great Lakes, Mississippi River, and Chesapeake Bay. That covers most of it.
didnt know the Mississppi River went up the whole country. She thought it was only in Mississippi.
Bull sharks can and do live in the Mississippi River. They have been caught north of St Louis. They must breed in salt water.
If I'm not out of Louisiana by this time next year I'm definitely going to dive head first into the Mississippi River
The exact moment I realized how massive the Mississippi River actually is. 🚣
Map of ancient courses of the Mississippi River | Web Odysseum via
Mississippi River continues its rise to flood stage - The...
Untitled by Tom Miller on Capture Minnesota // View of the Mississippi River and some lovely crepusc
Two children taken to the hospital after Channel Cat crashes on Mississippi River
Drowning victim on the Mississippi River north of Dubuque has been identified.
"Lost" veteran finds inspiration paddling the entire Mississippi River
Authorities say a person has drowned the Mississippi River near Finley's Landing north of Dubuque.
Use your imagination on this gorgeous pic! Beautiful night on the Mississippi River!
I can probably pee the Mississippi River rn
Seeing the Mississippi River & downtown lights lets me know I'm home 😍
Taking over the Mississippi River with my boys
“Minnesota evening on the Mississippi River just above St. Anthony Falls.
Good red, pretty good flavor. Wine from Park Farm via
"Lost" veteran finds inspiration paddling the entire M
Mississippi River Rising as Plains Face Severe Storms - Round after round of thunderstorm complexes have not only...
The St Louis Arch and Mississippi River viewed from our room, with Marjorie
Lakewood man finishes journey down the Mississippi Rive
top: Sediment on Mississippi River Could Delay Barge Shipments of Grain - Federal officials hope a massive effort...
If you look close, you will see an Asian Carp fish jumping out of the Mississippi River. One even hit…
Good-bye, flood - The Mississippi River slowly returns to its banks this week. National...
They're off - former Blue's epic journey rowing the Mississippi River! Follow and
A popular 5K/10K run in Hannibal will come to an end, at least in its current format, after this year.
Mississippi River flood warning issued for area - Posted:...
I'm at Mississippi River in Port Allen, LA w/ 2 others
Today in History, August 6: 1284 – The Republic of Pisa is defeated in the Battle of Meloria by the Republic of Genoa, thus losing its naval dominance in the Mediterranean. 1661 – The Treaty of The Hague is signed by Portugal and the Dutch Republic. 1777 – American Revolutionary War: The bloody Battle of Oriskany prevents American relief of the Siege of Fort Stanwix. 1787 – Sixty proof sheets of the Constitution of the United States are delivered to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 1806 – Francis II, the last Holy Roman Emperor, abdicates ending the Holy Roman Empire. 1862 – American Civil War: The Confederate ironclad CSS Arkansas is scuttled on the Mississippi River after suffering catastrophic engine failure near Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 1870 – Franco-Prussian War: The Battle of Spicheren and the Battle of Wörth are fought, resulting in Prussian victories. 1890 – At Auburn Prison in New York, murderer William Kemmler becomes the first person to be executed by ...
Mississippi River oxbows could rebound soon: "The bass fishermen told me the bass fishing was great," Harthcoc...
New Orleans on our day off. sgab71 joedarkerhorse @ Mississippi River,
The wet spring is still causing problems for Mississippi River barges.
Man's Body Recovered from Mississippi River: A man’s body was recovered from the Mississippi River in St. Paul...
Pool 9 of Mississippi River in Wisconsin a good plan
Apparently the Red Bean is quite a hit!! I have seen a few people check out our bumper stickers now. Today when I was taking photos of the Mississippi River, I saw an older couple looking at my car. She walked by me, I didn't say anything to her. Then he came towards me and I said something like, "Do u like my bumper stickers? He said yes, have you been to all those places? Something to that effect. I said yup. She then asks, with a tone, Not just now? I said, yes biatch, except for the 3 National Parks on my side window, I have! I didn't really call her that but the way she asked me was in a tone full of doubt, like no way you just did that!! So it gave me GREAT pleasure to be able to say oh yes I did!!! :)
Oak Alley Plantation House. Oak Alley Plantation is a historic plantation located on the Mississippi River in the...
the Mississippi River is so big and beautiful😍
In all their sex-crazed, annoying glory, swarms of mayflies swoop into communities along the Mississippi River:
With a book by William Hauptman and music and lyrics by country music singer and songwriter Roger Miller (“King of the Road” and “Dang Me”), “Big River” swept the 1985 Tony Awards winning seven Tonys, including Best Musical. “Big River” is a musical re-telling of Mark Twain's "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," concentrating mostly on Huck's travels with the runaway slave Jim as they float down the Mississippi River on a raft. The Cameo Theatre is presenting the show under the adept direction of Corina Zars in a lovely, sweeping, and intimate production that brings to life the unforgettable residents of Hannibal, Missouri. She nicely balances the comical moments with the dramatic ones, without letting the characters veer into caricature. There is much that goes on in this musical, and Ms. Zars keeps the action moving swiftly along, while never losing sight of the emotional lessons to be learned. The musical numbers are outstanding and range the gamut from country to gospel music. Music . ...
The happiest cities are Lafayette, Houma, Shreveport-Bossier, Baton Rouge, & Alexandria, all located in the Mississippi River delta. 😋
“At Oak Alley Plantation on the Mississippi River. such a beautiful view
By Starved Rock and asks if the Illinois River is the Mississippi River
History of the United States - Section 3 Colonial history of the United States Part 2A - Spanish colonies At one time, Spain claimed and controlled North America west of the Mississippi and south of the Canadian border. Additionally, east of the Mississippi River, Spain claimed what is now the state of Florida and parts of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi. Florida Spain established several small outposts in Florida in the early 16th century. The most important of these, St. Augustine, was founded in 1565 as a garrison town to help protect gold-laden galleons sailing north on the Gulf Stream from New Spain (Spanish Mexico) back to Spain. The outpost was repeatedly attacked and burned by pirates, privateers, and English forces, but it survived, and is the oldest permanent European settlement in what is now the continental United States. The British and nearby British colonies attacked Spanish Florida on numerous occasions. The colony of South Carolina launched large scale raiding expeditions in . ...
Flathead Lake - the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River. Aka my future home
Join us, on Minnesota's Great River Road!. Is the Mississippi River exploration a part of your life? How can this...
Know Map Dot, Kentucky, know know KY Great River Road 4-County Region along the Mississippi River
GIF: La Crosse, WI radar is actually picking up a mayfly hatch right now (10:40 PM CDT) in Mississippi River valley. http:…
Body Found in Mississippi River in Brooklyn Park: A body was found in the Mississippi River near the border of...
Body found in Mississippi River near border of *** Rapids and Brooklyn Park:
"The Crown of Maine" Aroostook is the largest county in size east of the Mississippi River. Check out places to stay!
Commercial fishermen under contract by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources netted two adult invasive carp in Pool 2 of the Mississippi River in the Cottage Grove area on Thursday, July 17.
A Brief History of Elsberry, Missouri On May 5, 1879, what was then the Clarksville & Western Railroad Company reached the farm of Robert T. Elsberry in Lincoln County. With the coming of the railway arose the ambition to found a town which should bear his name. In August of that year, the depot was built, and soon after the town site was plotted. Many businesses and homes were moved to the present location from the river town of Falmouth, three miles east on the Mississippi River, and from the nearby villages of Nelson and Cross Roads. Elsberry grew rapidly. Lost Creek, the city's most southern boundary, originally ran where the Bank of Lincoln County stands and up Third Street. It was diverted several blocks south of that location so that businesses could be established on the Broadway, the main east-west street through Elsberry. The first businesses included a harness shop, a grist mill, a newspaper, grain elevator, and bank. Soon after, a post office was established. Previously, the nearest post o ...
Asian carp caught yesterday in Mississippi River at Cottage Grove.
Bighead and silver carp netted yesterday in Pool 2 of Mississippi River. Near Cottage Grove.
On the floor of the Gulf of Mexico sits a Nazi ship of ghosts, a sunken U-boat whose 52 crewmen died under almost a mile of water just south of the mouth of the Mississippi River.
Learn Our History Today: On July 15, 1862, during the Civil War, the Confederate ironclad the CSS Arkansas, one of the deadliest ironclads of the entire war, did battle with the ships of Union Admiral David Farragut on the Mississippi River. Built along with another ironclad in the strategic town of Memphis, Tennessee, the Arkansas just barely made it out of the city when it was captured by federal troops in May 1862. The other ship was not so lucky and it had to be burned by the Confederates to avoid its capture by the Union. After adding a few finishing touches to the vessel, the Arkansas was made ready for battle by early July. Carrying a crew of over 100 men, the vessel sailed towards the mouth of the Yazoo River on July 15, where the bulk of Admiral David Farragut’s fleet was located. Farragut had held a strangle hold on the lower Mississippi River ever since his taking of New Orleans earlier in the year. The Arkansas would try to change all that. As soon as the menacing ironclad was spotted, thre ...
All of my life in Nashville,I have ALWAYS heard about, and have seen the road signs in Nashville, BUT I REALLY never knew the story THIS way. At the beginning of the 1830s, nearly 125,000 Native Americans lived on millions of acres of land in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina and Florida–land their ancestors had occupied and cultivated for generations. By the end of the decade, very few natives remained anywhere in the southeastern United States. Working on behalf of white settlers who wanted to grow cotton on the Indians’ land, the federal government forced them to leave their homelands and walk thousands of miles to a specially designated “Indian territory” across the Mississippi River. This difficult and sometimes deadly journey is known as the Trail of Tears. The “Indian Problem” White Americans, particularly those who lived on the western frontier, often feared and resented the Native Americans they encountered: To them, American Indians seemed to be an unfamiliar, alien people ...
This is strength of Mississippi River: Even Major League Baseball wants in on action. MN Twins give river sanctuary.
He is at the Mississippi River at Cape Girardeau, Missouri!
Preserving health of Mississippi River should be national priority: Consider Nat'l Dialogue:
Flood waters to close parts of Mississippi River: Army Corps
Love blossoms on the banks of the Mississippi River … … …
Stone Arch Bridge over the Mississippi River from the 9th floor of the Guthrie Theater
I'LL TAKE IT!!! 'Polar Vortex' Flashback? Experts Say Rare Summer Cold Front on the Way Remember last winter's cold spot, which turned "polar vortex" into a phrase that sent chills through the spines of Americans east of the Mississippi River? Get ready for a flashback. This time it's a cool wave sweeping away summer's heat. Morning temperatures could dip into the 50s for many Midwesterners next week, potentially setting seasonal records, according to The Weather Channel. The Washington Post's Jason Samenow says the weather pattern bears a "haunting resemblance" to January's big freeze. The jet stream is dipping down farther south than usual over the eastern United States, just as it did back then. The cause is Typhoon Neoguri, thousands of miles to the west, according to the Weather Underground's Jeff Masters. That storm is sparking a chain reaction of weather shifts, including the Eastern cool down as well as a strong ridge of high pressure over western North America. That means next week is going to be ...
Cargill to build a 45 million grain terminal in West Memphis, Arkansas on the Mississippi River. Will be able to load 8 barges daily.
BEHIND THE SONG: Proud Mary The phrase "Proud Mary" reminded John Fogerty of a domestic washerwoman, which is what he started writing the song about. When he wrote the music, the first few chords reminded him of a paddle-wheel going around, and he thought of the Mississippi River. Instead of "Proud Mary" being a clean-up lady, "she" became a boat. Fogerty wrote the lyrics based on 3 song title ideas: "Proud Mary," "Riverboat," and "Rolling On A River." This was a hit in the US for Ike and Tina Turner in 1971, and a highlight of their live shows. Tina Turner recalled in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine in 1971 how they came to record this on their Workin' Together album: "When we cut the album, we were lacking a few tunes, so we said 'Well, let's just put in a few things that we're doing on stage. And that's how 'Proud Mary' came about. I had loved it when it first came out. We auditioned a girl and she had sung 'Proud Mary.' This is like 8 months later, and Ike said, 'You know, I forgot all about ...
High waves are eroding shores along the Mississippi River and threatening eagles' nests. reports. |
Taking a walk near the Mississippi River in Minnesota.
Minnesota: Birthplace of the Mississippi River. We always took Mia hiking along the Mississippi whe
Our view from our table.looking out over the Mississippi River. @ Psycho Suzi's
Bridge over the Mississippi River at the border between Wisconsin and Minnesota. The photo doesn't do it justice,...
Just walked across the Mississippi River where it starts in Minnesota 👣
From its source in northern Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi River drops 1,475 ft
Mississippi River is expected to crest on Tuesday - Quincy Herald-Whig | Illinois & Missouri News, Sports
KMOX Radio: A towboat sank in the Mississippi River this afternoon, near the Stan Musial Vet...
August 6, 2013 CNN: Here's a giant Marco McMillian story with no new news! From CNN last month, the opening of an 18-page article: Mysterious Mississippi murder stokes suspicions bred by an ugly past Beaten. Dragged. Burned. The words leave attorney Daryl Parks' lips like a barrage of gunfire in the sanctuary of Chapel Hill Missionary Baptist Church, where people have gathered not for prayer but for answers. Some wear "Justice for Marco" T-shirts. They are enraged over the investigation into the death of Marco McMillian, a young black *** mayoral candidate, whose broken body was discovered dumped downhill from a Mississippi River levee on February 26. Parks' words suggest the most heinous of murders. Here in the Mississippi Delta, they conjure even more: a chilling history of racial hatred. Except that back in February a blood-covered young black man named Lawrence Reed, who was driving McMillian's stolen car, confessed to multiple witnesses that he had just murdered McMillian with his wallet chain. They ...
Iowa DNR Press Release: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: JUNE 30, 2014 BOATING NOT RECOMMENDED ON THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER Des Moines – Boating is currently not being recommended on the Mississippi River along the entire eastern border of Iowa due to flooding. High water has not only resulted in a large amount of debris in the water, but is also posing a problem with flooded cabins along the river from boat wakes. “A lot of boaters are probably unaware that they can be liable for damages their boats may cause on flooded structures. A boat wake is essentially an extension of the boat,” said DNR Conservation Officer Burt Walters. Walters said access is also a major issue with an estimated 95 percent of the boat ramps under water along Iowa’s border. Heavy rainfall has created a much stronger than normal current and deposited large amounts of debris into the river creating unsafe boating conditions. Swimming, wading or entering the Mississippi River during these high river stages is highly discouraged. If you mus ...
UDPATE: Mississippi River heads toward highest crest in three years Dubuque Telegraph Herald The...
182 — June 30 – This Day in Baptist History Past He Gave His Scalp for a Crown According to the First Annual Report of the State Historical Society of North Dakota to the governor of North Dakota for the year ending June 30, 1906, Elijah Terry, a Baptist missionary, was killed by the Sioux Indians June 28, 1852. He was a member of the First Baptist Church in St. Paul, Minnesota when he came in contact with James Tanner, a half-breed whose father was stolen in childhood by a band of Shawnee Indians in Kentucky in 1789. Tanner, having been adopted into their tribe, married an Indian and spent his life among them. His son James was educated in the best schools available for Indians. He served for several years as an interpreter and assistant in Methodist Missions at Sandy Lake and other stations among the Indians along the upper Mississippi River. After careful Bible study, Tanner became a Baptist. During a severe winter, he walked to the nearest Baptist church and minister, possibly in St. Paul, in ord ...
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A view of the Mississippi River from Union Depot in downtown St Paul. Benches partly under water.
St. Louis is the gateway to the West, symbolized by Eero Saarinen's Arch on the Mississippi River.
Our KSTP crew saw a strange sight on the Mississippi River on Tuesday morning ... a giant clam shell floating down the river...
Happy Pride! The I-35W bridge over the Mississippi River will be lit like this tonight and Saturday.
Mississippi River at St. Paul nears projected crest -...
High tide on the Wolf River at the Henderson Ave bridge on June 28 is at 12:42 p.m. Low tide is at 11:04 p.m. Range is 2 feet.
Team Will is now East of the Mississippi River!
An enormous fake clam, apparently unmoored from a playground nearby, is floating down the Mississippi river near St. Paul. KTSP is live on the scene. As 2013 was is 2014 the Only time will tell. (It will tell: yes.)
*** Reporters confused because they see a GIANT CLAMSHELL floating down the Mississippi River during a flood!...
Giant Catfish Caught on Camera in the Mississippi River. in Animal vs Animal Forum
Looking to sublet my apartment. 900 sqft one bedroom one bathroom apartment. located in fridley, mn off east river road and close to 694. next to the mississippi river and in a nice neighborhood. (Georgetown on the River) looking for someone to sublet the apartment from August 1 2014 to June 30 2015. we are looking to move due to my husband getting a new job and need to relocate. rent is $795/month(not negotiable), detached garage is additional $40/month. (parking right out front of apt building or out the balcony as well) 2 outdoor pools and 1 indoor pool. sauna and workout facility as well. utilities included: heat water and trash. cable and wifi hookup (we had comcast and centurylink) pm me for pics, i wont have any until sunday afternoon though. you will have to pass a background check and other requirements by the management. $35 application fee and $400 deposit (non-negotiable) they will run your credit, a criminal background check and your gross monthly income needs to be 2.5-3x the rental amount.
Big export inspections on Monday? Amount of corn passing St. Louis on Mississippi River is most since Nov 2011.
Mississippi River cresting in St. Paul; visiting Obama pledges federal help to state
Love & romance on the banks of the Mississippi. Not even the Civil War or a killer hurricane stopped love.
Filming the last batch of webisodes with @ Stone Arch Bridge, Mississippi River
Walter Isaacson recalls the summer he spent working and reading on the Mississippi River
Flood warning for the Mississippi River at McGregor, Guttenberg and Dubuque. Mississippi now at 16.7 feet, above...
trivia: Name two of 10 nicknames for the Mississippi River.
Flood Warning issued for the Mississippi River at Guttenberg until 10:43 PM Friday.
Photo of 300 waiting to cross the Mississippi River on the Dorena-Hickman Ferry, at the ' Hickman,...
Every Friday I take my two littlest ones to breakfast...we talk about a vast plethora of topics and I usually learn more from them than I ever thought possible. This morning, I learned about penguins, polar bears, the North and South Poles, the Mississippi River, and that Kennedy wants to name her first born daughter Rapunzel. :)
Just crossed the Mississippi river turn up
Midwest just left of a cornfield on the Mississippi river
A large clamshell-like fixture dislodged from the flooded playground on Harriet Island in St. Paul has been fished out of the Mississippi River.
Mississippi River in QC reaches flood stage - The Mississippi River at Lock and Dam 15,...
It might be a clam shell, it could also be a partially submerged toilet bowl.. :)
Why was there a giant clam shell floating in the Mississippi River near Minneapolis, Minnesota?
Excellent video from River Pool 2 Froggin' & Flippin' - HD: via
Relentless Storms Trigger Mississippi River Flooding - Round after round of...
The Mississippi River is looking beautiful from this cute town of Hannibal, home of Mark Twain 💙💙
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The has the illlest flow in the game right now
Twin Cities rain blitz breaks record, major flooding on...
Low tide on the Pearl River at Pearlington on June 28 is at 1:16 a.m. High tide is at 3:15 p.m. Range is 1.5 feet.
Pray for those that need help due to the Mississippi River flooding. The Dunes is safe and dry. We prepared...
As the Mississippi River crests in St. Paul, pledges federal help to state:
PostBulletin - Flood washes out summer event - RED WING — Flood-level waters from the Mississippi River have p...
New menu, new cocktails and the best Mississippi River view in Red Wing! at The Veranda served daily, 5-9 pm.
Taking a walk by the river tonight! @ Stone Arch Bridge, Mississippi River
Edge of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis from Stone Arch Bridge
Mississippi River delta you sure are pretty but I'm ready for some Elvis.
I live in the Mississippi River delta,but on the Arkansas side .runoff was dirty from beginning in Greenville,Ms area
harvest taking off in Delta: Mississippi River deliverable stocks jump to 10.045mbu from 408,000 last week. $ZW_F
View of Mississippi River flooding in downtown St Paul from the Ramsey County Courthouse law library.
Mississippi River and Louisiana :3 I'm on my way to Alabama and Tomorrow I'm headed to South Carolina.
John Berry Meachum, founding pastor of the 500+ member, African Baptist Church in St. Louis, purchased black slaves who were non-family members in the 1840s and 1850s. Meachum put them to work in his barrel-making factory where they could acquire skills and earn money to buy their freedom from him. He also built a school upon his steamship, which he moored in the middle of the federally-owned Mississippi River for black children to be educated. One of his skiffs ferried these students to and from school each day, the education of blacks being illegal in Missouri after an 1847 statute was passed! Among his students was James Milton Turner, the first U.S. Ambassador to Haiti; the founder of black public schools in Missouri after the Civil War. One such school in Meachum Park, Missouri, was named in his honor, "J. Milton Turner Elementary School"; I attended this school, as a child through the 6th grade. Thus, I am a spiritual heir to the legacies of John Berry Meachum and James Milton Turner, whose bold and ...
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
A little Saturday evening stroll on the Stone Arch Bridge over the mighty Mississippi River 👌
The flood wall is in place around Modern Woodmen Park and the pumps are ready as the Mississippi River creeps up.
Floodgates own Mississippi River from Stone Arch Bridge
4) ? from 6 year old, "Why do we cross the Tennessee River in Alabama and the Mississippi River in Louisiana?" I didn't even try to explain.
Watching a cluster of severe t'storms along the Mississippi River right now...the storms will weaken before reaching Alabama.
Have some of our great craft beers, wine, or cocktail while enjoying the serenity of the peaceful Mississippi River with soaring eagles and birds, golfers, and jumping fish. Great way to relax after a busy week of work. Come on out and enjoy. Make a stop at STRAWBERRY FEST in Kingston Park in Cottage Grove and then come to DOC'S LANDING PUB
Have you been on the Rotary Centenniel Trail in Carleton Place yet? Here is a brief description of the trail. Perfect for a sunny day! The Rotary Centennial Trail Enjoy a 7 km stroll along the Mississippi, connecting the village of Appleton to Carleton Place. This trail showcases the varied landscapes beside the picturesque Mississippi River which was once the mainstay of the textile trade in the area. This trail runs just below the McNeely Street Bridge at Highway 29 to the junction of Hillcrest Drive and River Road in Appleton.
HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 Here are some of the Dragons of the Ancient Native Americans. The Serpent mound is lined up with the constellation Draconiouse. Dragons: Myths from the Americas American Dragons Piasa Bird It was August 1675. A seven-member expedition paddled west through the Straits of Mackinac, searching the middle Mississippi River region for a passage to the Pacific. The first European exploration of the area, they were led by Father Jacques Marquette, a French missionary, and Louis Jolliet, a fur-trader and cartographer. The explorers left despite dire warnings from local Indians – there is a winged monster in the area that devours all who come near it. Some 15 miles downstream from where the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers join, high on the rocky bluff above the Mississippi’s east bank, the adventurers saw two hideous monsters painted in yellow, green, red, and black. Father Marquette described the pictograph: “While skirting some rocks, which by their height and length inspired ...
Strategy to reduce nutrient run-off: Mississippi River &Delta Watershed project showing savings with water recapture
Check out this awesome blurb about my place of employment as well as Minneapolis' North Loop neighborhood! This is our North Loop The North Loop, named after the trolley that originally serviced the area, and home to the first railroad connecting Minneapolis to the rest of the country, is the niche neighborhood bordered by Interstate 94, Interstate 394, and the Mississippi River. But you don’t need to know that. And you don’t need to know that the North Loop was voted Best Neighborhood by Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine. Or that Forbes rated the North Loop the 12th Hippest Neighborhood, and City Pages named us Best Food Neighborhood. All you have to do is walk around. This area is alive and quickly changing; it brings a unique sensation unlike any other in Minneapolis –here we are a crossroad between urban and industrial, innovative and historical, quaint and yet fresh all at the same time. What I love the most is the rumble of car tires on brick roads driving past the outdoor patios with their bright ...
Fun Facts about Steamboat! 1) Named by French Fur trappers in the 1860s for a hot spring near the Yampa River that sounded like a steamboat. 2) There are more than 150 mineral springs in the area. 3) James Crawford staked the first homestead in 1875. 4) City of Steamboat Springs was incorporated in 1900. 5) Hometown of 69 Winter Olympic athletes since 1932, more than any other town in the US. 6) Home to Howelsen Hill, Colorado’s oldest ski area in continuous use (opened 1915). 7) In the early 1900s Steamboat Springs was the largest exporter of cattle in the western United States. 8) Lincoln Avenue (US Highway 40), Steamboat Springs’ main street was built wide to accommodate cattle drives. 9) Rodeo History dates back over 100 years. 10) Steamboat Springs weekly summer rodeo was named the “Small Town Outdoor Rodeo of the Year” by the ProRodeo Cowboys Association in 2002. 11) Holds oldest annual winter carnival west of the Mississippi River. 12) Home to Perry Mansfield Performing Arts School & Camp ( ...
Crossing the Mississippi River and on our way to Monroe w/ for and .
HUBBA HUBBA . Pippa Middleton rolling into STL The sister of the Duchess of Cambridge will soon be rolling through the St. Louis area. Pippa Middleton, best known for stealing the show at her sister Kate's wedding to the future king of England, is riding across the United States as part of an eight-person team for the Race Across America. Middleton and her team, Michael Matthews Foundation, started in Oceanside, California on Saturday, and plan to cycle 3,000 miles, 24 hours a day to Annapolis, Maryland between June 20 and 24. Michael Matthews Foundation will switch out riders in Jefferson City, Mo. Washington, Mo. at the Mississippi River in St. Charles County, in Greenville, Ill. and in Effingham, Ill. before continuing into Indiana. Race Across America has posted the race route (directions from Jefferson City begin on page 40), along with the Time Station locations. You can also check in on the team to see their estimated arrival time at each Time Station.
holds the scoring title in every park district between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mississippi River. Happy bday bro!
Louisiana History 211 students name 4 interesting facts you've read from this article? What did you learn new about Louisiana and it's being purchased to become a state in the U.S. On April 30, 1803, U.S. representatives in Paris agreed to pay $15 million for about 828,000 square miles of land that stretched from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains and from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada. This deal, known as the Louisiana Purchase, nearly doubled the size of the United States. President Thomas Jefferson called it “an ample provision for our posterity and a widespread field for the blessings of freedom.” Yet it also had detractors on both the French and American sides. Two hundred ten years later, explore eight facts about the wars, negotiating tactics and lucky coincidences that made the Louisiana Purchase possible. 1. France had just re-taken control of the Louisiana Territory. French explorer Robert Cavelier de La Salle first claimed the Louisiana Territory, which he named for ...
Driving over the Mississippi River made me sad I miss stl
Curious what a cruise on an authentic paddlewheeler on the Mississippi River is like? Read here!
Holy her forehead is as wide as the Mississippi River!!
Coast Guard suspends search for missing canoer along Mississippi River New Orleans — The Coast Guard suspended its search for Kevin "Rooster" Guy along the Mississippi River near Baton Rouge, Monday evening. Coast Guard Sector New Orleans searched for Guy with a Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans MH-65 Dolphin helicopter and a Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Baton Rouge response boat crew. The rescue crews searched for four hours covering more than 175 miles of the Mississippi River. Guy was last seen in East Baton Rouge wearing a T-shirt and jeans and having a "mullet" type hair style. He was reported to have been working at a concert and was last seen by one of the band members around 11:30 p.m., Friday. Guy told the band member he was going to ride his bike back to his canoe, which was docked reportedly near the USS Kidd along the Mississippi River, to return to his home in Port Allen. Additionally, the Coast Guard received a report that two individuals were on the levee at around midnight Friday ni ...
The Coast Guard suspended its search for a missing canoer, who was possibly last seen canoeing across the Mississippi River.
Today in Texas history: On this day in 1821, Moses Austin died in Missouri. Austin, born in Connecticut in 1761, was the first man to receive permission to bring Anglo-American colonists into Spanish Texas. In 1798, while consolidating his position as a pioneer in the American lead industry, he established the first Anglo-American settlement west of and back from the Mississippi River, at modern Potosi, Missouri. When the Bank of St. Louis, which he had helped found, failed in 1819, Austin found himself in financial difficulties and developed a plan for settling American colonists in Spanish Texas. He traveled to San Antonio in 1820 seeking permission for his plan. Spurned by Governor Antonio María Martínez, he chanced to meet an old acquaintance, the Baron de Bastrop, who returned with him to the governor's office and convinced Martínez to endorse the plan and forward it to higher authorities. On the trip out of Texas, Austin contracted pneumonia. Shortly after he reached home, he learned that permiss ...
We want to say thanks to Jim Fay for introducing people to the Easy Motion eBike at TOMRV. This is what he had to say on the second day: Saturday of TOMRV's two-day ride goes from Bettendorf, Iowa (the Quad Cities) to Dubuque, Iowa. The course roughly follows the Mississippi River north. Those who do not know the terrain would think it flat. Not so. The Mississippi has been flowing a good many years in its path defining the eastern edge of Iowa and it has gouged a deep trough through millions of years of limestone. The TOMRV course is a half-pipe from one bluff overlooking the Mississippi, down 300 ft and across the river, then up 300 ft to the top of the bluff on the other side. And so on and so on for 110 miles. The course is perfect to test an electric-assist bike from Pete's Electric Bikes. Three people tested the e-bike today. John is a retired mechanical engineer, a master bike mechanic, an avid bike rider... and 300 lbs. John is a former football lineman and immensely strong. He keeps up without p ...
"Maine's 2nd Congressional District is the largest district east of the Mississippi River and the 24th-largest overall." fun fact.
Experience the Mississippi River on the La Crosse Queen, one of the few "true" paddlewheelers still in operation
These rare hill prairies and limestone outcrop "glades" are in southwest Illinois along the Mississippi River valley. Great visit with our land conservation friends in the Prairie State Conservation Coalition.
The tallest waterfall east of the Mississippi River @ Whitewater Falls NC
WHERE SOME NAMES CAME FROM NORTH BEND; The area marks the last great northern bend in the Ohio River. The course from here to the Mississippi River is always westward and southward. CLEVES and SYMMES; Both names come from the name of one of the original settlers, John Cleves Symmes who originally owned 1,000,000 acres of land. Cleves was his Mother's name. CAMP WASHINGTON; General Wayne's Army had one of his camps here. FULTON; Up-river from Cincinnati at the bend in the river it is where the ship yards & dry docks were located. It was appropriately named after the steamboat's inventor. PENDLETON; The whole area was once owned by a man named Pendleton (grandfather of Jacob Strader). READING; One of the original settlers in that area came from Reading, England. SHARONVILLE; Was named after the Biblical Sharon, where the roses bloomed. AVONDALE; There are two explanations: The mother of Stephen Burton, who was a lover of Shakespeare, (first Mayor of Avondale, Burton Ave., Burton Elementary) Suggested t ...
Heavy rainfall at the end of May, and beginning of June, is causing problems on lakes and rivers around Minnesota and Wisconsin. Some lakes have no wake zones, creeks and rivers are showing minor flooding and the swollen Mississippi River is sending a lot of debris down river. On the banks of the Mi…
We are unable to cross the Mississippi River until 10 pm tonight. We were planning on running on the old bridge, but it's closed on the weekend…At first, the Marshal told us that there was absolutely NO WAY we could run across the bridge….and then Sam, the Delta Marshal (not to mention an Army Vet who served two tours in Iraq), was able to pull some strings and now we get to go through. With a police escort. I feel incredibly driven to move forward. At the same time, I feel the pull of southern hospitality urging me to "stay and relax a while" and to "make myself at home". I am regretful that I have to leave Louisiana so soon, but I'm trying not to think about it. The hardest thing about this trip is not really getting to *really*talk to people unless they are brave enough to run with me--(then there is nothing to do but get to know each other). But usually, when I meet new people, I only have a moment before I have to keep moving forward. It's kind of like walking through an art museum and wanting to ...
This is a nature lover's delight. Explore prairie, pine, and hardwood forests. View the Mississippi River from historic and picturesque "Chippewa Lookout." Novice canoeists can paddle the calm waters of the Crow Wing and Mississippi Rivers. Crow Wing is a park rich in cultural history. In this area,…
Just made our reservations for Des Moines in August. August 8-15. Staying in Le Claire, IA, riverfront on August 7, the beginning day of their tug Fest - should be fun. That's also where American Pickers is located. And a fun German bar/restaurant next to our hotel. Love the Mississippi River! And can't wait to get back to Des Moines.
Burlington | Des Moines Co | Photos of the pickup truck recovered from the Mississippi River | All photos by Jon Billups | EIFG-14
Visit with Waveland in Des Moines tomorrow to review Strategy Plan. Built 1901, oldest Muni course west of Mississippi River.
Interesting trip: Carol and I drove through Rugby, ND, near the geographic center of the North American Continent. We also ice-creamed in Grand Rapids (Minnesota, that is). And we crossed the Mississippi River twice.
Thunder Along the Mississippi: The River Battles that Split the Confederacy by Jack D. Coombe When the Southern states attempted to leave the Union, what ensued was not only the most heart-wrenching period of American history, but one of the most innovative in terms of military science as well. While Rebel armies, and their commanders, demonstrated brilliance in the field, the Yankees meanwhile invented an entire fleet of revolutionary warships that would rip the Confederacy in two along the rivers that connected North and South. In Thunder Along the Mississippi, Jack D. Coombe has captured the smoke and cinder of that time, and brought to life an all-but-forgotten chapter of the Civil War. The Western Gunboat Flotilla was certainly not picturesque to look at, but these odd new craft, displacing 500 tons and measuring 175 by 50 feet, carried thick, slanted armor plate and ten or more heavy cannon. With a shallow draft and the ability to steam up the small bayous and inlets along the Mississippi River, the ...
Died June 4: From a young age, musician John Hartford was taken with the Mississippi River and the steamboats ...
Mississippi River: From Waterworld to Water Wars - It was during the spring of 2011, when a large part of the...
tephen Larrabee Bath October 17, 1861 Wars need warships, and the United States Navy wasted little time turning to Maine boat builders to produce new ships for the new war. Among the first to land contracts were Stephen Larrabee and Amos L. Allen, who agreed to build two gunboats in their Bath shipyard. They were Bath’s first warships. Larrabee and Allen launched the 507-ton USS Katahdin, the first of a class of 23 so-called "90-day gunboats," on October 17, 1861. The Katahdin’s 300-horsepower engine powered one of the innovative new screw propellers, rather than the more common paddlewheels of earlier steamboats. The Katahdin packed a punch with an 11-inch smoothbore Dahlgren cannon, a 20-pounder Parrott rifle (a cannon with a rifled bore), and two 24-pounder howitzers. The flush-decked, steam-powered gunboat was ideally suited for the river warfare that would characterize much of the Union’s effort to divide the Confederacy in two along the Mississippi River. The Katahdin’s first assignment was ...
On Friday, the Mississippi River...was running at 15,100 cubic feet per second-the median rate is about 4,500 cfs:
Good evening, Cruz Missile 2016! Kelley White Seward and I got back late last night from the 3-day Republican Leadership Conference and we had a fantastic time! The venue was the Hilton New Orleans Riverside and also where we stayed. Our room was on the 22nd floor -you can see our window in this picture- and our view was of the Mississippi River to our right and city view to our left. What a great experience it was! We heard impassioned speeches, we shook hands with Senators, we met candidates running for office, we clapped, we gave standing ovations, we laughed, and we cheered. And the very best part for me, as you all might have guessed, was seeing Senator Ted Cruz!! I want to share with you my two biggest take aways from the conference: 1. I've never been more sure that Ted Cruz is absolutely, without hesitation, the one we need as the Republican Presidential nominee in 2016! 2. I am 100% certain that Ted Cruz will run for President in 2016! I have more to share with you over the next few days of thing ...
Jackie and I are having lunch next to the mighty Mississippi River in New Orleans.
Gorgeous day on the mighty Mississippi River @ Mud Island River Park
Colin getting his first feel of the mighty Mississippi River. Yes I love Geography
Enjoying sweet potato tacos by the Stone Arch Bridge and the mighty Mississippi River!
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