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Mission Church

The Mission Church is a historic Congregational church located at the corner of Huron and Tuscott Streets on Mackinac Island, Michigan, United States.

We want to help you fulfill the God-sized mission and vision for your church, community, and the world:…
This book couldn't be more timely with the post-election questions provoked about the nature of power and the mission of th…
Your church, school or organization can help support Alpha House by raising money for our mission.…
When a congregation reclaims its connection between worship & mission, it renews its life.
What an amazing result for Charles Thompson Mission :)
The way that church staff prepare themselves to fulfill the mission of Canada.
Invite someone to church this Sunday. They can receive a free beverage from Cafe Mission!
St. Joseph's Church was the first non-mission church in Spanish and is now a basilica!…
Biggest mistake I see in church planting... (apart from a lack of prayer). Confusing a current missional strategy for the mis…
There is power in the name of Jesus and now it's time for the Church to go forth in the original mission and procla…
The mission of keeping saved people happy is the death of the church.
If you consider Cedar Creek your church home and you care about our mission and vision, I am personally inviting...
Just because your church is growing doesn't mean you're accomplishing your mission. via
The modern day Church mission trip is treated more as a vacation than the actual work that it should be.
God can heal anything. Join us for Parish Mission 2017 Jan. 9/10, 7 pm, St Mary's Church.
Take a peek at what these leaders have to say regarding our and your
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church mission trips set up a Deus ex Machina scenario for the church members. "Go God!"
You're not a Christian to support your church leaders while they minister. Your church leaders are there to support you in mission.
A church member's mission isn't to criticize. It's to contribute. via
Here are some pictures from Global Millionaires Inc. 2nd annual tricks is our missi…
"Your job is to make the message clear. It’s the Holy Spirit’s job to make the message convicting." –
established his church and maintained his mission on a foundation of Christ- Mary Bake…
Church engagement will lead to mission faster than church attendance. How well are we doing this?
What the author of The Shaping of Things to Come: Innovation and Mission for the 21 Century Church is reading...…
The Haven was founded in 1983, originally as an outreach mission of Second Presbyterian Church?…
We have mission wining souls for our Lord Jesus. plz visit it and share your 10% for more souls an…
We pledge our support of his mission to emphasize humility, charity and service to others.
All the $$ needed to send & support an army of self-sacrificing, joy-spreading ambassadors is already in the church
Please pray for 2017 preaching mission and also pray for new souls and more bibles. God is…
We need your prayers for 2017 preaching mission and for new souls mission. Please keep us in your prayers.…
There's a spirit night at sweet frog TONIGHT in Avalon from 3-10 to support Romania mission…
for workers in the your mission field. The harvest is ready!
The Mother Superior of the Mission Church & the nuns there had been murdered in the most horrific manner imaginab…
Join in 1 hour (in front of Mission Church) for a vigil service to honor the victims of the Orlando mass shootin…
.prayer vigil for Orlando victims happening now in front of Mission Church
Pastor Eric Baker from Mission Church of Bowling Green preached during our joint Good Friday Service. Check out...
The winter shelter that services west Ventura County is moving to Mission Church in Ventura.
Mission to Hobart is now complete. For the final day I preached at Cornerstone Presbyterian Church and Soul...
Randfontein Executive Mayor worshipping at Faith Mission Church where he addressed the congregation.
Pioneers to Partners: The Reformed Church in American and Christian Mission with
The Church in giving towards this great mission.Let us thank Him through our giving for His goodness.Let's meet at 2pm to give as a family
We're usually in church for the messages, the miracles, but fail to find our mission when in church. TD Jakes.
1John 3:8 Jesus came to destroy the works of satan. He succeeded in His mission.
Taking the family service at Community Church this morning and tonight at Burnopfield Mission celebrating the resurrection of Jesus!
A fixed date of Easter is problematic unless all Eastern Churches agree to change decision of Nicea.
Staying up during church tomorrow is gonna be a mission
Utah boy logic. I'm gonna go party all weekend . but I'll go to church Sunday. I'm gonna ask for nudes . but I'm going on my…
Anyone want to see me publicly speak in church for the first time in 2 years? I will be speaking about my mission trip to Dallas tomorrow!
It may feel like it... 12 pm at 360 Warren in Pocatello with Mission Church.
Basilian Mission in Tehuacan celebrates Easter in new church. CC's mission money at work!
It’s been an amazing week in Nicaragua with the mission team from Grace Bible Church of Virginia…
Temple and the Church's Mission: Biblical Theology of the Dwelling Place of God by G.K. Beale
Eleuthera, Bahamas. it was a mission trip with my church❤️
I can't wait to go serve a mission for my church 🙏
Tomorrow is day, not Learn how Christ was resurrected in fulfillment of the Feasts of God:
Playing piano at Christian Mission Church's Easter service Sunday at 9 AM.
A church is successful when, through the Holy Spirit, it accomplishes its ministry mission without compromising its values. …
Keep up the good work, St. Andrew Lutheran Church and Pr. Backs! via
LDS missionaries and the risks they face in church service
The true mission isn't about your church. It's about THE church. via cnieuwhof
Pope Francis is subverting Western civilization and the mission of the church. Bad!
Try to get a lil Easter church fit but that was a fail mission 😭
Great turnout as Mission Church hosted our first Easter Egg Hunt!
Pastor says city streets are his church, on a "40-day mission" to carry cross around
A bad culture will consistently undermine an amazing mission, vision and strategy. How to change that:
Jesus rose from the dead and gave us a mission as the Church to bring His kingdom into the world!!
Want to know what it takes to be a mission-centered church? Check out this article:
Miracle, moment, message and mission. That's what church is about.
travelwriter : Troopers storm the church (@ Mission Community Church - mission68 in Gilbert, AZ) …
Easter is a little early this year (@ Mission Community Church - in Gilbert, AZ)
Travis and Addison inside the Mission Church at @ La Purisima Mission State…
That's going to be sole mission after church tomorrow
"The church's mission is to heal, restore, mend."
The church should be 'on mission', not 'moving on' after a weekly event. ||
We believe the church is God’s primary mission strategy to the world. We've got to keep .
My pastor at Mission Church of the Nazarene resigned today. We will miss Dr. David Runion. The Lord will provide another fine shepherd.
Got a sneak peak of a song of the Mission Church live album. Y'all I'm SO excited!!
Life Drawing in Old Windsor at St Luke's Mission Church on 20 January, 7:30-9:30 pm. £15 to drop in. Everyone welcome. Please RT
Today is the first meeting of the revamped children’s program in the completed multi-purpose building at the Mission Church!
This Sunday at Mission Church we begin our new series: Jonah: Salvation Belongs to The Lord. . 10AM at Criswell.
What you're doing here is what we call "mission" in Church administration. You go into tough territories ... |
This evening I had the privilege to speak at First Romanian Baptist Church about W.I.N.G.S Ministry's mission.
I've always wanted to go somewhere for a mission trip and my church is offering one this summer to Nicaragua 😁😁😁
Everyone called to participate in church’s new outreach mission: When Judith Miranda and her husband visited ...
Looking to inspire your church to be more on mission? Read this church's story of how they did it
There will be conversation at CWA to talk about mission of church
Church this morning in Kauai. Guests receive a lei. I'm Teaching at Youth with A Mission Kauai this week - pray...
The church: a "comeback" people with a "comeback" message and mission. The church isn't a place you go, it's something you are.
Ananias & Sapphira in Acts 5 teach us: "When it comes to the mission of God a church will either die to self or die because of self."
Opening orientation meeting at mission_indy @ Chapel Rock Christian Church
My church has mission Honduras; most dangerous country in world & I think why don't they go to Detroit?
Preaching at country Creek church tonight. Please pray as I share about the Great commission and the work of mission surge.
"God did not create a mission for the church- He created the church for His mission." . -
>Last Sunday it was The FoodBank. This Sunday it was The Church Mission Society. Next Sunady TearFund. We support them with prayer and donation
I sang a solo in church today, had a great lesson, and have mission farewell party... It's been a great sabbath day.
The Church: A comeback people with a comeback message and a comeback mission.
David Uth today. Don't be more committed to mission of the church than the people of the church
"Christopher Wright says, “Jesus did not give a mission to his church; he formed a church for his mission.”12...
*Checked out a new church today! And, now I'm enjoying some coffee in my new mug and reading about their mission. D…
Café style church at Church on the Hill: One of the Year of Mission initiatives at the Church ...
Please join us this week at Parish Mission - St James Catholic Church, Montague. Attached is the link to Father...
The love and sacrifice poured into this mission house has been amazing. Thankful to God for watching his church at …
Christ Church Lake Forest: Church on a Mission. Great article about my Pastor-Mike Woodruff
mission is not about how "sensible" the church sees it but the passion of the chosen person and power of the Holy Spirit
"God simply expects us to be on mission for Him every day..." -
New to Kfirst? Your next step is Kfirst 101. At 101, you'll discover the mission, vision & values of our church.
Quote of the day "I served a mission, I go to church, why does the lord keep letting my bike tire pop" -kid in my ysa ward
I stayed in a church passing thru on a mission trip.pastor stayed up w/ shotgun all night.there was a DEA raid next door, no joke
Heard a great story about Steve Young when he was on his mission today at church.
You can give your tithes/offerings or make a donation to the mission of Impact Church securely online!
Jill did nothing wrong? She filed for tax exemption on mission donations she solicited while falsely claiming Church commission.
"Every believer should have a ministry in the church and a mission in the world"
Great to hear the heart and mission Church in community
Pastor Our partnership is most clearly seen through our support of the mission of the Church.
"God has a mission for his church in the world but that God has a church for his mission in the world" The Mission of God
First Baptist had a house full of prayer warriors today for those on the mission team from Henderson Church of Christ.
Splendid photo of Putin accepting the mission from the Russian Orthodox Church. Why isn't the Western Pope ?
A great message from last week at Life Mission Church by pastor Clint Sprague, we're in part 2 today
New name, same mission: lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.
Church is great, but we weren't commissioned to go to church.
Everyone called to participate in Church’s new outreach mission: Church leaders prompt member involvement in m...
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Thank you for loving the lost CCA. I'm so honored to be a part of a church that remembers that PEOPLE ARE THE MISSION!
“We ask God for signs, wonders and miracles, but refuse to go into circumstances where we need them.” –Christine Caine
When we share the Gospel with 1 person, we are quite possibly sharing Jesus with every person in their circle of influence
This Saturday at Church Of God Mission LivingSpring Ajah you can join us as we worship me
I was on a church mission trip in afghanistan and got kidnapped by this satanic cult called isis
The prayer + mission of the Church is that the peace and rule of God would come on earth as it is in heaven...
The greatest mission of the church is to make true disciples of christ but for the pastor is to prepare these disciples ready for heaven.
God's mission should be so apparently active among a church's people that the city misses them when they're not around.
"Is the Age of the Great Commission Over?" via
Not overly down w church mission groups that go to Thailand to help the poor but on their days off visit inhumane animal tourist attractions
well. Yeah. I guess if he becomes more active in the church and serves a mission
Take your family on a mission trip to Mexico, to build a home with local families.
I've decided to go on a mission! I definitely will be blessing those around me and myself! The church is true! 💜
What a blessing to share about Mission to Haiti at Oak Ridge Baptist Church's missions conference.
I am currently in Thailand working with Thrive Rescue. Our church did a mission trip to Pattaya last year and I...
Sunday is God's family room, the minister is simply a steward. It's God we want to hear. It's a covenantal event.
Check out Micah's Mission, a blanket-tying ministry with which the congregation of Union Lutheran Church York, PA...
*Ring ring* "It's your mother, who you can't speak to until she joins the church! Go see mission impossible though.
He's played everywhere from Capitol Hill to Sesame St. next stop:
Members of a particular church are talking gentrification as mission behind me. Nope.
Regarding Sundays - Think about how your gatherings can help aid in the accomplishment of the mission.
What church leaders in the Central District learned about worship last weekend:
Spiritual gifts. Each one of the same spirit. .
Jesus said he "came to seek and save the lost." That mission didn't die with Him on the cross; it should be the heartbeat of His church.
Working on the Mission: A little more than useless
We are a missional church—we strive to baptize & make disciples of all the nations. You have a place in this mission.
Fall in love with the mission of Jesus not the method of church. Ed Stetzer
P.S. -- "Challenging the Church to get healthy" that. Yes! 🙌 Visited site; great mission.
it was part of a mission trip (church in Lakeland,fL) that the group has done for 2 yrs now. I'll keep u posted for next yr
The new auditorium look at the Chapel Hill Bible Church. Design with a mission.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Mission is a movement of God to the world. God in us makes us missional. There is church because there is mission, not vice versa.
Where is YOUR mission field? . If you're not sure, take a few minutes to listen to the sermon from this past...
Amazing Church Mission Trip Teams - Summer of 2015. Please check out this exciting update!
Much to be taken from this, well written and a great mission for any Traditioned Innovation.
2/4 SBC church in town are daughters of Keep reaching the city, SC.
A knock on the door: Church coffee mornings - mission, or turn-off? Some thinking about church coffee mornings
Spread the word: DR Mission Trip Fundraiser is THIS Friday from 6-10 pm at the church! The team will be...
Minutes for Mission - August 30, 2015. Tackling the Food Crisis in
The mission of the church is discipleship, not creating church services. -
The Holy Spirit creates faith in our hearts through the gospel, not just once but again and again. http:…
I spent the morning knitting with the ladies' mission sewing group at my parents' church. They make a…
I will join you in prayer,God's heart is in church for mission.gen 12:1-3,eph 4:11-13,1pet 2:9,matt 28:18-20.plse update me
Encourage your few to not just attend church but to be part of participating in the mission of the church.
the Church exists by mission, just as fire exists by burning. Where there is no mission, there is no Church...
Nothing has informed and transformed my understanding of the church like going overseas on mission.
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I still need a new York mission trip person to go with me to speak at a church on sept. 13th. You will love it!
This Sunday with Mission Church is going to be more than you can handle. You should be here! 3 pm at…
I hear ya, but I am not seeking any kind of church. My mission is to rail against Christian bigotry which is legion.
"Mission & Sacrament both came into focus at the very center of the church's life, that is, it's worship." -NTWright, NTPG
The Clifton mission blessed Baxter and the Honduras Church in many ways.
Getting ready to win souls, make disciplines and build the Church in Mexico! CFC Mission team!
When worship is your lifestyle and praise is your mission then it will expand beyond the walls of the church, outside of your community and
on a mission trip with Melrose Baptist Church.
Be a family on mission... Remember to pray for your church's missionaries tonight.
Kylee on a mission trip with Melrose Baptist Church.
Church mission in DR - restoration home n memphis very proud !
Lololol Oh, you haven't felt accepted at church because you didn't go on a mission? Try being *** 👸🏼
Thx to Mobile Mission Maintenance (& the guys from Blacktown East Presy church who spruced up our kitchen last week.
I feel like Mission Impossible movies are entirely funded by the church of scientology
Listening to a wise Pastor last weekend I heard this: "The Mission field is being brought to us in the U.S. Will the true church respond?"
Great mission trip meeting tonight at Heartland Church. Can't wait to go change the world together this July.
Dear Church - we have 27 people serving on a mission trip to Jamaica this coming August. Some of them are...
Living it up with my church family mission team at Leonardo's in Coronado tonight for the big game! We run this place brah!
Transformed & Transforming. Great way for the 2 remain faithful 2 Scripture while engaging on mission.
Painting the foyer at New Life Church of the Nazarene in York NE on mission trip!
The middle school mission group from First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem, PA updated our walk with crushed...
Let me help your church with resources for a I can be your "one stop shop" for speakers.
Did you know our mission agency moves to ATL in Fall 2016? Help your church find their place in the movement!
[Local News] With decision near on St. Laurentius, champions of Fishtown church carry on the mission
"...there is something worse than death and something better than human flourishing." . -What is the Mission of the Church
Last week to sign up for mission trip!!! @ St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
The First Family A to Z. Here's a quick reference guide to our church's mission and ministries.
Middle School mission trip. Be at church by 11:45am and eat lunch before you arrive
I get annoyed when my church does overseas mission trips and completely ignores those in need in our own church :(
We leave the church at 6:30 tomorrow for our local mission trip. We'll return at 8:30. Also, it's the last day to sign up for !
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
What do your church, 1.8 billion people and Pelé have in common?
Imagine a pastor telling the church the mission budget is fully funded while the missionary pleads support for the unme…
"The mission of the church is not to "un *** people. It's to win people to Christ."
The mission of the church is eternal. Its origin is in eternity, and its destination is eternity. R. C. Sproul
Regardless of your view on climate, the pope's message is in line w/ the Church's mission, assuming he trusts IPCC. Only makes sense for him
The local church is the epicenter of global mission.
Wow...he might have to miss his church mission. Seriously? Read about Senate Pres's son.. via
Erin on a mission trip with Melrose Baptist Church.
Celia Miller Mission Fund was created June 18, 2007 to support the Main Street United Methodist Church's Missions.
MT Role of clergy: empower lay people to find their OWN mission! Not just join a church ministry
Lifeway Youth, in partnership with Church on the Point, went to Costa Rica on a mission trip! Thank you to...
We want to thank all of the church family and guest who supported our Peru Mission Team by purchasing a BBQ plate...
"The church exists by just as fire exists by burning." -Emil Brunner
Provoking quote. "The church lives by mission as fire lives by burning." Emil Brunner
Eli Choi of Global Mission Church takes a break to play with his son during the annual meeting of the SBC.
It's not a Mission trip until the Group Tap Tap Photo is taken!. Great work Life Church!
David Platt & Vance Pittman on the global mission of the local church
Mission partner Jenny Featherstone offers both praises and prayers for Chodort Training Centre, Zambia, at:
So grateful for a church that loves missions and sending kids on mission. Makes this mama's heart so very conte…
Get Your Church Growing Again by Leading People to a Life on Mission
A big welcome this week to the Youth Mission Trip from Good Shepherd Church in Tequesta!
A church that is focused on a mission larger than itself will never become self-obsessed. ~ Tim Harlow
Can the Episcopal Church General Convention embrace Christian mission and leadership ahead of politics?
Agent in his mission!! . Join Church of Mars London LIVE on of Mars London
We hold 4 core values as a church, Devotion, Discipleship, Family and Mission!
Church planting is essential to the growth of the Kingdom and the work of Christ through His church.
Celebrating 1 yr serving with a great church family. Thanks FCCC 4 caring 4 the Teske fam as we move forward on mission with Jesus together!
The church today needs teachers for growth and mission.ezra 7:10,2tim 3:15-16
"Churches that rely on transfer growth are not pioneers of church after Christendom. They may obstruct...strategic missi…
"The church has been in the business of reducing the mission of God to make it more manageable for years." Guder
Eric and Carissa Nelson will lead a new church plant in Lehi, Utah:
Wed. on why one Alpharetta Church is on a mission to collect Oreos. htt…
I want to go to church camp with mission so bad it's killing me
STUDENT MISSION: such an exciting event for the community We have thirty students from, St Michaels Church in... http…
Crazy money mission, padded up in a church vault.
An excellent reflection by an Orthodox priest on why fear of 'cultural decline' betrays the Church's mission
Open letter from bishops in Brazil: 'the struggle against corruption is an intrinsic element of the church's mission'
How good would it be if was actually like family? Mistakes were forgiven and forgotten, love was the foundation and mission the goal
Finally went in the bell tower of Mission Church in Tanana.
At -- Tonight was one of the first times since returning home from my church mission, almo…
told a guy at church on Sunday to go on mission, he's a waste of space in stake...he kept asking when I'm going on mission, waste of space
Part Time Customer Service Rep (CSR) - Mission Support Team at Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Salt L…
At -- For the next two years I will be serving a mission for the church of Jesus Christ of…
The church isn't a social club to keep traditions but a group of people on mission. | http…
Worship is only part of the mission of a of church.
Hi everyone! Come to my Mission Farewell THIS Sunday (😳) at 1pm at the church building on 400 n. 400…
“Every community needs a big story, a story that frames our lives and our understanding of the world.” –Bryant L. Myers
My home is not a place or a family or a relationship or a job or a church or a mission. My home is Christ. He is my safe place.
Being a Christian doesn't just mean going to church and church activities- it means we live out our mission and show Christ in our lives
If you want hot, my brother served a church mission in Venezuela. They made their own hot sauce and it could kill cockroaches
I miss going to church tbh.., I miss my friends their.. I miss mission trips, camps, plays, bible study... Can I just go…
Life Tab/CantonMO - Because of We have tweaked many areas of our church and staff in order to be more mission minded.
"St. Philip Neri luminous model of the permanent mission of Church in the world." Pope shares message
Where we plant the gospel, a church grows.
"All 3 of us left wanting to do more in Kenya... to encourage the growth of our Holy Church"
no matter where we R, mission fld, church, work, library, etc missional living is kingdom work
Last report of year to Vestry at Church of Transfiguration. Gratitude for their partnership in our mission
No more feeding the community out if the Church Van or my Mini-Van. Mission Possible
A10: show them how the change fits with the Word and the mission of the church.
In too many churches the mission of the church has become the maintenance of the institution. of the
Leader of AV Catholic parish pushing to make a difference: A. The mission of my church is: Empowered by the *** ..
@ at the church now @ Mission of Hope Church, Titanyen, Haiti
A church family praying over Ellis before he goes to Africa for mission trip.
Check it out! Liberty donated to Cliff's Mission Walk A Thon for new church plant via
I'm selling comfort color t-shirts for my church's Colorado mission trip this summer! your support would be great!!
missional church is simply any church that organizes itself around the mission of God in this world. Alan Hirsch
Sam and Luke are reunited briefly before Luke leaves for his own mission for the Church.
Church praying for our students and their summer Guatemala mission trip!
that is 100% our mission! Can you locate who inspired them to start the church and mission? :)
As a Methodist I think 's 'a poor church for the poor' is much more Wesleyan than 'a discipleship movement s…
Some wish to live within the sound of a church bell; I wish to run a rescue mission within a yard of *** - C.T. Studd
“The spiritual history of a mission or a church is written in its prayer life.” – Arthur Mathews
We received the All-Star Church Award. This is a recognition of the many mission efforts of our congregation.
Oh btw have you heard of World Mission Society Church of God? My brother is apart of it I think its bad for him
Once the mission of an assembly becomes "getting people to church" the mission of getting people to Christ seems to never come back.
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Can't wait for you to get to hear Rachel Triska of Deep Ellum. Powerful yet doable legit Bivo story. Come join us...
It is insane for the Church in its mission tip think that it is either/or between attractional and missional church - Bp …
Looking forward to sharing my testimony w/Women on Mission this evening at my church!
A mission only you can fulfil. Star Christian Church Blog: A Most Valuable Assignment For The King Of Kings
Biddeford church mission group that was in Nepal for 1st quake escapes this 2nd one. The teens arrived back to ME Sunday night.
"What gets in our way when it comes to the church's mission to make disciples?"
Do you feel impotent in the face of injustice? Unsure whether the Church should have anything to do with politics?
“So Mission Australia will make some more motza? they r very fond of big church "charities"
Glad to hear you're feeling better. Let me know if there's anything I can help with re: church & mission stuff.
When did church halls become businesses & not sanctuaries for the hurting?Let's refocus our mission on the lost & hurting.
How is the lived out mission of our church attracting those around us?
I am going back to in 2018 for church mission trip. Was there building homes in 1997
This evangelist for the church of technology believes that Silicon Valley is mission control for mankind.
Off 2 speak at the Local Ministry Partnership leaders Day with about what stops church & y/p from doing mission
As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I've believed Jesus Christ was married since serving a Mission
domain names
I hope the idea inspire many of you who are church pew members to think of creative ways to assist in helping your church vision&mission.
We had a goon time with Pr. Anil and his Church, in Dist Bathinda in a mission trip. Please pray for us we will...
By 635 a Church of the East mission had reached the court of Chinese Emperor. This branch of Christianity remained active there until C9th.
Called2serve for 18 months to Mexico Mexico City South Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Thank you to all volunteers, like Alison and Nancy, who make the church's mission possible:
The church has many materialistic needs because it is nothing more than a brutal corporation disguised as a humanitarian mission.
If I need to be "early church" I will be "early church". is not all about luxuries and getting YOUR name known.. Its about HIS!
With parents at IP mission church previous Sunday. My lucky day with lots of love from my parents.
We're so caught up in church, titles, and religion that we're missing the true mission! Relationship and dominion.
'Church’s mission is not just 2 announce God 2 a world of unbelievers, but 2 a world marked by an idolatry of money'
“The church is an outpost of light in the darkness”
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