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Miss Utah

The Miss Utah competition is the pageant that selects the representative for the state of Utah in the Miss America pageant.

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the roof restaurant in Utah is so beautiful... I miss it
Just got to Utah, already miss Michigan
What I'd give to be with y'all right now... I miss you my Utah friends 😭😭
I never realized how great it is to be part of the BYU family until today's game. The Y logo was everywhere and now I miss Utah
Mesquite, NV - 100+ campers with getting better with Oregon, Auburn, Miss St, Utah, and others!
Spent an hour writing a blog that I now don't like. Utah 😒
Hope u two deralicts have fun in Utah!! I'll miss u guys!!!
the thing I'll miss about Utah is the mountains 🏞
Now that I'm back in Missouri, I miss Utah
Utah is great and all, but I miss Texas.
.was on fire last night! Don't miss the next chance to see him and @ 4:30 vs Utah!
no doubt the one thing I'll miss about utah are the breathtaking canyons
Loretta Bates is coming to UTAH!!! You don't want to miss this gorgeous fireball with moves to…
Why does Utah have to be so far away... I'm going to miss Kayla terribly when she leaves.., 😢
The Big Dipper over Utah lake and the Wasatch mountains tonight.
really good man, scored an internship in Utah. Miss your black *** though lol how's Erie?
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I kinda miss Utah and staying up "late" with and bonding with and all the thirsty YSAs and Cafe Rio. I miss it all 😂
thank god. i found it very difficult to find white people when I lived in Utah.
SWIPE WHITE? Utah billboard promotes dating site for white people only
Update:at Matt Barnes expected to miss Saturday vs. Utah ( Suspension )
Utah coughs it up. Ole Miss. Big Win $. Yesterday +2.2 Units.. I hope you cashed.
Goodbye Utah for who knows how long. Gonna miss those I love here like crazy. Oorah.
I miss Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Utah right now. 😢
fam from utah just left, I'ma miss them :(
Hey Utah! don't miss us this Saturday Nov 7th
come back to Utah Scotty we miss you
Cody I'm going to miss you like crazy. Don't have too much fun in Utah
Stanford v Utah also! Intentional miss but didn't hit the rim.
College football playoffs: Kelly leads Ole Miss in romp over Oklahoma State
Just got off the plane to discover Utah's meltdown. They miss Wright in every phase. Offensively, defensively, mentally and leadership-wise.
Utah Video: Utes miss four straight free throws at end of regulation, fall to Stanford 71-69 in overtime (ESPN)
2 87% free throw shooters miss 2 free throws would have won it for Utah but they didn't and lose by 2 in overtime
ole miss,miss st. What?the last 5 years. Ark,utah we r right there with them
- Stanford Rallies in Overtime to Beat No. 21 Utah 70-68: Stanford capitalizes on miss...
Stanford tips No. 21 Utah in OT. Comedy of errors continues until end when Cardinal player fails to hit rim trying to miss FT.
Utah/Stanford needsto be looked at for point shaving...junior high teams don't miss that many free throws. What a fukn joke
Why would you miss that shot? So stupid. Now you give Utah a chance to win, albeit small.
Utah will make a three. Bank on it! *** to purposely miss a ft to go up three
Utah turnovers and missed free throws. They do miss Delon Wright.
Cardinal gets rebound on miss FT and Rosco Allen slams it home to cut Utah's lead to two (63-61) with 34.8 seconds to pl…
Just like it was a bad time for Utah to miss FT it is also a bad time for my cable to go out. 😡
So I switch over to watch Utah and they they miss 4 FT to win the game. I can get that from my Cougs.
Really? Utah Utes miss 4 free throws in the last 18 sec? Choke City, These dudes can't finish. Duke game was just like this at the end.
Loveridge and Taylor miss a pair of crunch time free throws for Utah and Stanford, and we head to overtime.
Taylor and Loveridge miss 4 straight free throws for Utah and can't put the game away. OT at Stanford.
Fun fact of the day (via Miss Idaho and Miss Utah attended Dixie State University at the same time.
Happy birthday bro! Dang man I haven't seen you in too long, I'm coming to Utah in June we need to catch up! Miss you man!!
Looking for a in your own backyard in Here are 10 destinations us locals might miss! From
you live in Utah, shouldn't you be used to that? 😂 I do not miss people being rude for no reason.
Did you miss the kokanee seminar last night? Watch it on our channel:
In here is home, I can feel it. I miss home.
Habitat would like to welcome Miss Utah, Karlie Major, to our Women Build site in Orem today! She will be (cont)
Packing up for Arizona, I'm going to miss all my Utah friends this summer...
State of Utah recruits- Don't Miss your chance to work out for Coaches in Sandy - June 17
If you miss the Utah Grizzlies hockey game last night we win 4-2 and we play on Friday night at 700pm so go down to the maverick center and
Jason! 1st you miss chicken & waffles with me and the World Cup & now you are missing the U.S. Open?
Pics like these make me miss rural living.
Utah has a Miss everything pageant like the rest of everywhere else
plz, come to Utah we miss you guys, come back! I have never been on a 1D concert
I miss hanging out with all my high school friends. Glad to be back and spend time with them before I have to go back to utah 😊
Oh I miss my Southern Utah. I need to feed my hiking addiction.
Here I am with the guest speaker Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz. He is the Chairman of the House…
Mission black out before miss thang leaves back to Utah
You are definately not from utah😔 I miss mesquite with you and Brookie, that was really fun😊 I hope all is well and your kickin butt😉
“I want to go back to Utah. There's nothing left for me here.” Go home I miss you :( plus I wanna see you
I want to live in Utah again about as bad as I wanted to leave when I left. I miss it there.
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miss you too babes 💛 Im coming to Utah for a few days FYI 😏
I didn't hear Miss Utah's question last night but based on her answer I assume it was "Can you do your best George W. Bush impression?"
Why is it so difficult to find a regular doctor's office? Second doc in 2 wks. I miss my old doc in Utah
My Utah Connect article titled, Beneficiary Planning, this was a hot one, don't miss it.
wow I gotta get out of Utah for a while.
Just makes me miss Utah. That was a great trip. If you haven't been it's awesome!
miss my posse! Utah isn't the same without you guys.
This was exactly a week ago aw I miss it @ Payson Utah Temple
I miss and love you more. I hope you are having the time of your life in Utah 💕
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Ima miss my boy while he's gone. Goodluck in Utah fam, come back soon✊🏽💯
Utah has landed 6'4 PG Lorenzo Bonam out of Gillete Juco. Avg 16pt 6ast 6reb on the yr. Was once headed to Southern Miss...
Lorenzo Bonam on the move to Utah was,committed to So Miss!
Don't miss out, it's the last home series of the season!
We made it to Salt Lake City, Utah safe & sound & ready to start the tour TONIGHT in SLC! Love and miss you all!!!
come to Michigan! I will try and come to Utah eventually . I miss you
Love dinosaurs? Don't miss the Utah Field House of Natural History -
Put in my application for the Miss Teen Utah USA pageant today. Hoping I'm blessed with the opportunity of being accepted into it.
Awww well we miss you too. :) I've been just working and gaming like I usually do. Why you in utah?
Happy birthday to my fam back in Utah. I miss you man have a good day
New Utah hoops signee Lorenzo Bonam signed a grant in aid w/ Southern Miss in November which allowed him to get out of i…
Nicol Powell will represent Utah at the Miss USA Pageant in Baton Rouge
Miss Utah is coming to my house rn 😍😍
Ladies and Gentleman-- we have a new athlete who is in need of borrowing a pair of workout shoes until they can get some for themselves. Looking for a womens size 6 1/2. If you have a pair you feel comfortable in loaning out for awhile, let me know :) Also- Miss Uintah County Caitlin Wood is working on a service project right now for Miss Utah. They are collecting used/ still wearable shoes of all sizes and shape for the third poorest country in the world- Burkina Faso, Africa. She has set a goal to gather 2000 pairs of shoes in the next 10 days. She will have a box at the gym later today so bring what you can and lets fill it up!!
Guess what? I don't miss Utah. Except for mah *** but I'll move them down here with me 😂😂😎
After looking at miss Utah USA and miss teen Utah USA finalists for over an hour, my self confidence has gone down the drain. 😳😬
Miss Utah, How do you spell Utah?' Well, let's figure out how torance to the Siwa Oasis according to Egyptian State TV,
You're perfect and I hope you have fun in Utah even though we've never talked but yeah I'll miss you and payton😢
Tonight was so Fun at for the Miss Utah Christmas PhotoShoot!!!
Congrats to all our NAM Princess & Jr. Pre-Teens. You girls rocked my socks off tonight during red carpet! Special shout out to girls who captured national titles tonight: Miss Utah princess, Natalia Bingham for winning the National Talent title & Miss Illinois Jr. Pre-Teen, Imani Muse for winning BOTH National Actress & Spokesmodel!
I'm just ready to come back to Utah now. Miss it there.
it's ok, you still had a better answer than Miss Teen SC and Miss Utah :)
I'm so sad you moved before senior year but I know you're swooning the ladies in Utah! Miss you!
I miss my Utah humans 😩 why can't they all convene in one convenient location?
Dam, miss her, haven't seen her for 2 days, and she leaving tomorrow for a family thanksgiving in Utah :( imam miss her :( hope
I just submitted my application for the Miss Utah teen USA pageant. I really hope I get excepted so I can compete!
The Christmas Miss Utah photo shoot was a blast! I'm so blessed to have these amazing opportunities!
I had so much fun with my big sister at a miss Utah shoot today ;)
The sisterhood that comes about because of miss utah is amazing... So blessed to have these girls in my life!!
So im in cali and everyone is talking about how cold it is finally but im not really that cold except the brisk i the morning and by 9 im usually shedding my jackets. Wow i miss utah snow
I guess I just told Miss Utah to come to the airport..? Being in uniform at the airport is awesome..
Such a fun shoot with Chad Faces photography tonight :) I love getting to know all the girls for Miss Utah!
We'll miss you McKenna. Have fun in Utah 😢
I'm going to miss you so much McKenna 😭 have fun in Utah love you 💕
Good luck in Utah Payton I'm going to miss you😔💔 Love you💜❤️
it's okay guys, I understand that Utah isn't the same without me. Ya'll miss me.
I wanna raise my kids in Utah. All I'm gonna miss about California is being near the ocean.
Today was last day at work. We will miss her and I KNOW she's going to make utah love her :(
“How have I lived in Utah since birth and never been snowboarding.”
I'm going to miss these hot siblings have a great time in utah😢💗
I'll miss ya Peyton😘💕 you're an amazing person and Utah is lucky to have you☺️
Hey, The Club of Utah's 31st annual dinner/dance is Feb 1 with traditional Basque cuisine. Mark your calendar! Don't miss it!
I know we just became friends, but you're a good dude, have fun in Utah, scv will miss you 😔
I'm gonna miss you have a fun time in Utah😢😘
um how did I miss the fact that u were in Utah?
Miss Utah the most this time off year
I miss those family reunions on thanksgiving in Utah
Being in Utah makes me realize how much I miss this place...
gonna miss you guys hope Utah treats you well❤️❤️
Don't miss the chance to hear Steven Cloward, Former President and CEO of BIG O Tires. Register for the event now!
One thing I really miss is going to Utah with all of my dads family for Thanksgiving.
I didn't see you today but, bye I'm gonna miss you so much. Make scv proud in Utah ❤😪
You can also catch Amit Patel on tonight live in the 6:30 half hour. Don't miss it!
I love you McKenna 😭😍 do good in Utah I'll miss you so much baby
I miss Utah I just wanna go to BYU already
Remember when Bill Byrne super secretly wanted to hire Urban Meyer but didn't tell anyone until Utah went undefeated? I miss that man :(
Don't miss Utah's franchise business network breakfast on Dec. 6th. Register today.
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I miss my bro we use to kick it everyday until he moved to Utah :|
Have fun in Utah Payton love you I'm going to miss you😓😢💕
Got told I look like miss utah by miss arizona.
Did you miss the performances on Good Day Utah this morning? Watch them here:
I miss utah.its so beautiful out here right now.
Drove home from work tonight listening to Erasure. It brought back a flood of memories. Who else remembers; Going on group dates in Jeff Curtis's Astro Saying "Let's Astro" instead of "Let's jet" Going to the grocery store and seeing who can buy the most expensive grape Going to KROQ stake dances Going out to IHOP or Denny's afterwards and trying to empty an entire bottle of ketchup just so we could roll up the waitress's tip and stick it in the empty bottle Dressing up in formal wear and having a picnic on the island in the middle of a busy street That awesome EFY on Catalina Island with Jon Byetheway, Brad Wilcox, and Miss Utah
Miss Utah follows in the steps of Miss South Carolina 2007'. Next stop, a Weezer video with Sweet Brown & Antoine Dodson
It's hot out there today! How hot? I was sweating like Miss Utah on Jeopardy!
*** Harmon: BYU's Kyle Van Noy sticks up for Miss Utah after her fumbled pageant answer (Deseret News)
MONTI -LICIOUS JUNE 23, 2013 This week there was so much happening around our Las Vegas landscape – at Planet Hollywood you had Miss USA and though Miss Utah made a faux pas (I’m not sure it cost her the contest) , Miss Connecticut was crowned Miss USA. The Jonas Brothers, what is that? Juliette from the E! what is that? It brought a lot of moolah to our economy so whoever all these people are is a good thing. My friends Jim and Rose Perine’s son Kelly made a pilot with the Jonas Brothers band, which was cut but went to video. One of the Jonas boys appears in the PBS Special of the 25th Anniversary of Les Miserables appearing as Marius. I might try out for Jeopardy because my memory hasn’t left me yet! This week, also at Planet Hollywood, Marshall Sylver, hypnotist, illusionist and marketing genius has reportedly closed his show – or is it only a temporary thing as the release says? Marshall will end up somewhere else – you can bet on that. He reportedlyclaims this show at Planet *** ...
Miss Utah is at my work.. Holy Moses..
The Miss USA pageant doesn't ask contestants to perform a talent or support a charity. But it does ask some challenging questions of its contestants. What did the celebrity judges ask the final six contestants – and how did the women answer? 1. Miss Utah Judge Nene Leakes (of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta") asked: "A recent report shows that in 40 percent of American families with children, women are the primary earners yet they continue to earn less than men. What does this say about society?” Miss Utah, Marissa Powell replied: “I think we can relate this back to education and how we are continuing to try to strive to . . . figure out how to create jobs right now. That is the biggest problem and, I think, especially the men are seen as the leaders of this, so we need to try to figure out how to create education better so we can solve this problem.” 2. Miss Alabama Question from Wendie Malick, a comedic actress ("Hot in Cleveland" and "Just Shoot Me") asks: “Government tracking of phone record ...
Overheard from one of the oldest teens answering a Miss Utah interview question: "What is your favorite man-made invention?" "Electricity." "Good answer!" Catty: "Was she being sarcastic?"
Wow David Stern your comments might be worse than Miss South Carolina or Miss Utah
Manu Ginobli = Miss Utah and Miss South Carolina all rolled into one.
Miss Utah and Miss South Carolina join forces to give the perfect pageant answer.
The Miss USA 2013 pageant stirred up chatter this week because of Miss Utah's infamously flubbed answer in the Q+A portion. But others took notice of another troubling happening on the pageant stage: the contestants' shrinking bodies.
Congresswoman Gwen Moore of Wisconsin said the bill was “born of ignorance” and contends that “Miss Utah is on to something.”
Miss Utah maybe had made 'an error'during live telecast question n answer session.but she also a human being and just 21.Mistakes do happen even in highly precised computer programmes and machines.why not her? The society which sets very high standards in everything just makes things worse! Live, Learn and Play!
Life is like a beauty pageant. Some days you feel like Miss Illinois. Some days you feel like Miss Utah.
John Oliver, from last night's Daily Show on Marco Rubio's Immigration bill. Rubio wants to make all immigrants have to learn English before citizenship. Oliver: "It's now official. It'll be harder to become a citizen, than it is to win Miss Utah."
Everyone was sitting at the edge of their seat waiting for someone to say something silly and Youtube worthy at that pageant. We love finding flaws in people who are too attractive to get turned down from a job where they literally just stand next to a product and make more than the rest of us who actually do work. Donald Trump has padded his pockets as his businesses file for bankruptcy like any good businessman would, and says his name is a trillion dollar brand. He is the smartest business man in the world when it comes to making himself rich. There's a 0 percent change that Miss Utah was legitimately answering the question. Either the producers told her what the question would be ahead of time then changed it without telling her, or she went up there to purposefully create a Youtube moment that could be talked about for months after the event was over, to keep the momentum going into his next pageant. 9 million hits and counting. This is the new propaganda.
So while I'm packing for all 3 of my back to back trips (yes, I said 3 back to back trips!!!) I've got Jimmy Kimmel on TV & who is on his show...Miss Utah! I stopped to watch her interview with him & I just have to say she ROCKS!! She had the best attitude about her answer, the winner & everything! Jimmy even tried to get her to say bad things about the winner & the pageant system & never did she go that route, she said "you can't take yourself too seriously...sometimes you have to laugh at yourself...everything happens for a reason." Her explanation for what happened on stage was so real & yes, understandable! Congrats again CT & way to redeem yourself UT!! :)
Miss Utah is hot and I do not care if she answered the question incorrectly. I did not even watch the pageant. I just know she is hot!!!
Republican Congressman Darrell Issa's answers about Obama and the IRS make Miss Utah seem like Einstein!
Here's the funny part: Miss Utah is going to do just fine in life. She'll do great.
A trophy from a guy who knows his Johnny Utah better than Miss Utah. Thanks to one of my faves,
Miss Utah of 2013 gets trolled by Jim Downey on Billy Madison
Anybody else bothered by the Miss Utah fiasco on national television Sunday night? If so, what are your thoughts? As a radical feminist, I didn’t watch it, of course. But I saw clips on the news, along with numerous inbox emails and media comments justifying why women should be compensated less than men on the job. It drove me nuts, so I’m ready to vent to all my friends. I apologize in advance if you disagree. The Miss USA event is but one of many such sexist phenomena in America. They drive me crazy because they are so insulting to females, whether they are of the bathing suit type that Donald Trump enjoys, or the little princess pageants that seem to be growing. I know that many of us have had a glitch or two in public. None of my national or local media interviews have ever been perfect. But she sought the limelight in this case. It wasn’t that she didn’t have handlers and had to prepare alone. One needs to be somewhat ready for these types of inquiries, or at least know current issues and hav ...
The only proper answer for Miss Utah. 10 Great Seconds - Bill and Ted San Dimas High School Football Rules!
CJ AND KRECKMAN TUESDAY: We've got lots of NBA Finals and Nuggets talk to get into, and we'll chat about it with SI's Chris Mannix (3:30) and our Nuggets insider Ben Hochman (4:30), plus the latest from Miss Utah and the Rockies' tough loss coming up as well. It's CJ and Kreckman, weekdays 3-6!
I feel bad for the people who cheated off Miss Utah's test in school.
I wouldn't assume Miss Utah is stupid I think she just got nervous answering such a hard question off hand in front of millions of people
Video on Today: Marissa Powell, who famously flubbed her response about equal pay for women during the Miss USA competition, explains what happened that night and gets a second chance to answer the question from TODAY’s Matt Lauer.
Miss Utah is still very sexy no matter what kind of answer she gives
In a few years, Kanye & Kim's baby is going to say something that will make Miss Utah sound brilliant.
Its funny how everyone makes a big deal out of how dumb Miss Utah is, somehow completely forgetting that all of the contes…
Miss Utah chance for redemption after epic pageant
Great articulation of something that has been bugging me since seeing the Miss Utah video.
I don't agree that Miss Utah is "dumb." I'm sure she was just extremely nervous and startled by the question.
even Fallon feels bad for Mets fans...
Miss Utah fumbled a question about equal pay for women at the Miss USA pageant. Apparently she got confused and started talking about how a woman should be given the same allowance her husband gives to his seven other wives.
Thank you Matt Lauer and the Today Show for giving Miss Utah a chance to explain and answer the question she was given at Miss USA. She did remarkably well, and now the topic of women's pay scale vs men's pay scale for same work is in the news. Thank you.
Miss Utah was asked about women in the workforce & she fumbled. But the real disgrace is the pageants, themselves -->
Just incase you missed it. shes really Hot but. There's something missing! Miss Utah
Who can forget when Carrie Prejean got cornered by Perez Hilton on *** marriage, a red-hot question back when the *** marriage battles were waging in her state, California.
After the bikini portion is the Explain Sexism While Wearing An Evening Gown portion...
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Beauty pageant contestants like Miss Utah know they will be questioned. This is why they need to take their own education seriously.
I've been to Utah. She's Miss Utah for a reason. She's one of the smart ones.
Who cares about her? Miss Utah stole the show with her intellectual response.
I hope miss Utah doesn't drive like she speaks
Miss Utah gives an epically nonsensical answer about workplace inequality.
Sunday evening was the annual Miss USA beauty pageant, where Erin Brady, Miss Connecticut, took the crown. But what everyone seems to be talking about the morning after is not Brady but an answer Miss Utah gave during the pageant. A judge asked Marissa Powell, “A recent report shows that in 40 perce...
Like that whole Miss Utah thing KILLS me. I can't even watch it. I feel SO embarrassed for her.
Miss Utah tries to answer a question - "We need to figure out how to create education better". Slow. Hand. Clap. http:/…
I'm shocked that Erin was able to stay focused after watching Miss Utah bomb. I would be terrified of doing the same thing!
I just watched that Miss Utah video and I want to vomit.
lmao, no it's from a movie. Have you seen Miss Utah and heard her answer though?
Miss Utah is still confused about why Miss Canada wasn't at the pageant.
We need to see how to create education better ~miss utah
Good God. That "War on Men" interview was so much worse than Miss Utah's.
Note that is different from Miss Utah missing education better
things America should talk about tomorrow besides Miss Utah: poverty, gun crime, the security state, school closings, pri…
Please don't expect intelligent responses to real questions from American youth.
Thank God S.E Cupp wasn't running in the Miss USA pageant. She would have upstaged Miss Utah
How does she do this time around? Miss Utah sits down with Matt Lauer [VIDEO]
Video: Miss Utah gets a do-over: Marissa Powell, 21, became a sensation after she developed a brain cramp duri...
Feeling bad for Miss Utah.. *** ! Obama probably doesn't know the answer to that question.LOL
miss utah continue to educate,. Yeah!
I am loving my new journey here in the south. Sometimes it is scary and lonely but mostly it's amazing and fun. I love that nobody knows me here and I can truly be myself. I love that everybody here is polite and sweet and acts like Utah is a different planet. I love the trees and all the rain (I've seen more rain here in a month than a year in Utah). I love that my husband loves seeing me see things for the first time, like little traffic lights and fireflies. I feel like I am seeing myself clearly for the first time and it is a breath of fresh air. I know that we will not end up in Louisville, Kentucky, but I'm glad we came, and so excited that we decided to go on this adventure together. "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes."- Marcel Proust.
Can there be a Miss Teen South Carolina and Miss Utah Mash-Up like NOW???
Great Night at Vip after party for Miss USA Pageant at Plant Hollywood Casino in Vegas and no I didn't see Miss Utah at the party !
NeNe Leakes stumps Miss Utah// What Miss Utah said was stupid; but the real question is why is Nene a judge?
No amount of magic could make this moment less awkward. Yikes!
Oh Miss Utah, Matt Lauer gave U another chance and U STILL could not intelligently answer the same question. C'mon, really? That's the best?
I'm staring to think there's a link between beauty pageants and easily obtained guns (ie: Walmart) in America. …
It's a sad day when your American Netflix stops working, feel more lost than miss Utah when asked about income equality
People seriously need to stop making hate comments and hating on Miss Utah just because of her answer.
They doing her so bad, poor thing, lol. “Meanwhile: the media is killing miss Utah lol”
Reply: Miss Utah Flubs Answer during Miss USA pageant: How embarrassing for the US
I'm still stuck . on Miss Utah's . on stage . que. stion.
Miss Utah interviews are underway! Good luck to all 44 incredibly qualified young women!
Looks to me like miss Utah ruined her life 😂
"Try forwarding a cat video instead. No one cares if it does something stupid." on Miss Utah:
Learn from Miss Utah, and have a plan for your own promotions!
I have a couple extra tickets for Miss Utah on Thursday and Friday this week. Anyone interested in coming?! Let me know.
If Miss Utah is any indication the phrase "Dumb Blonde", should definitely be changed to "Dumb Brunette"
Miss Utah gives an interesting answer on the Miss USA 2013 Pageant--we discuss the fallout, and other hypothetical Pageant questions. Joined by Gus Garcia, well-known pageant coach, model coach and stylist (featured on MTV's Tiara Girls and filmed for MT...
Just think about it like this :: If Miss Utah would have given her answer in a Yoda voice it would have been ABSOLUTELY GENIUS! "Create education better, I would"
I don't care if miss Utah isn't that smart she is still dang cute!
Rep. Diane DeGette, a Colorado Democrat, is the leader of the pro-abortion forces in the House of Representatives. However, during a press conference today she
Do you have a webcam on your computer? If you do, you should know that hackers, including the Eye of Pres. Lucifer — the National Security Agency (NSA) — can access your webcam and watch you in your own home. Greg Kumparak writes for TechCrunch that on June 13, 2013, security consultant Egor Homakov gave a demonstration on how a hacker can snap pics off your webcam, right through the browser, with no consent required. Homakov showed how a hacker can use a few old tricks to work around Flash’s requirement that a user explicitly grants a website permission before it can access their camera or microphone. The basic technique, Clickjacking, is nothing new and is very well known in the hacking world. TechCrunch even tested the technique on the latest build of Chrome for Mac, and it pulled from their webcam without issue or any visible prompt. When it works, the only evidence that the camera was ever accessed is a near instant and oh-so-easy-to-miss blink of the LED indicator. You can test the proof of c ...
Happy Phi Day everyone. If you know what I'm talking about consider yourself smarter than Miss Utah..., *** even if you have no idea what I'm talking about you're smarter than Miss Utah. Phi is the Golden ratio (phi is the Greek letter that represents the golden number 1.618034. Round down the reciprocal number and you have 0.618. I promise I'm not making this up). Phi governs patterns of growth and decay in naturally occurring structures. Example: it identifies where your navel appears on your body, approximately 0.618 the distance from your feet to the top of your head. So now that you know what Phi Day is go out and pick someone's navel. Go on, I dare you.
Well just trying to get back into the swing of things here on the home front ,after our very very fast & furious trip to Utah it was very nice to visit with my family see friends but is always is bitter sweet when we have to leave I deffently miss every one so much and no matter how long of a trip it is , it always seems like their is never enough time to go around and visit with everyone and still try to do things we want to make it into a little vacation and not just a trip but some how can't seem to do that and can't ever please everyone but all in all had a good time. Well until next time PEACE OUT .&... LOVE
News Update: CNN BuzzFeed: Pageant cringes - As Miss Utah Marissa Powell demonstrated in Sunday's Miss USA contestant, it's not always easy to think on your feet. But at least we can look back on those flubs and and smile, right? Here are some of the most cringe-worthy, skin-crawling moments that ever happened on stage.
Miss Utah is now in the beauty pageant Hall of Fame -- not because she won Miss USA, but because she bumbled through a cringe-inducing (and hysterical) 30…
Now famous for flubbing her answer to a 'confusing' question during the Miss USA pageant, Miss Utah Marissa Powell was given a second chance on the Today Show.
I wonder if Tosh.0 will offer Miss Utah a web redemption?
'Create education better': Miss Utah botches answer at Miss USA pageant
HBO executive, James Costos, nominated to be ambassador to Spain; today Miss Utah wished him luck on his appointment to South America.
Here's some advice, pouting lips and taking 'awesome' pictures isn't going to find you a job! Use that pink matter to better yourself or else, FACE the regret
While asking people if they are for or against the protests as they were happening in Brazil, the presenter from Band news doesn't get the answers he was exp...
I've seen a lot of bashing of Miss Utah. My thoughts are that we are just beginning to see the devastation caused by no child left behind. I remember watching pageants with my mom when I was younger, and the ladies were able to speak intelligently on any subject put before them. Quite sad.
I still find it odd that nowhere out here has fry sauce besides the grocery store! Ugh get with it people!! Ketchup and mayo please... :)
Not a big fan of pageants, but I have to admit that I talk like this about 20 times a day. Feel bad for her.
With only 3 home games left you don't want to miss the Spokane Shock play this Friday at the Spokane Arena vs Utah Blaze! You are gonna want in on this action!
The topic of New York City came up yesterday in conversation with a teenager. I asked if she'd ever been there. "Just the one in Las Vegas," she said, WITHOUT IRONY. Which just proves Miss Utah was right. We do need to "create education better."
After a bumbling response during pageant finals on Sunday, Miss Utah USA took a second stab at the interview question that launched her to brief Internet infamy.
Much mockery was made of Miss Utah on Monday after she gave a halting answer to a complicated question about the gender wage gap. On Tuesday, Miss Utah, otherwise known as Melissa Powell, was given a chance to answer the question without being put on the spot in an appearance on the Today Show: Visi...
The other night Miss Utah sounded like Sara Palin in a Katie Couric interview.
It seems like Miss USA has done it again folks. Not since Miss South Carolina's kicked-in-the-head-by-a-donkey response has there been a question answered with such cringe-worthy ferver as from Miss Utah Marissa Powell. See the video of her answer below. Here is the transcription just in case you w... - Miss Utah Marissa Powell appeared on the 'Today' show and got a chance to redeem herself from her now infamous "create education better" response at the 2013 Miss USA pageant on Sunday. Think she did better the second time? Watch the clip and read more here: And speaking of flubs, was her's as bad as Miss Teen South Carolina's back in 2007? Do you even care about these pageants?
We do indeed, need to create education better.
"We need to try figure out how to create education better"
Praying for a fulfilling and safe week for my client Alisha! Please help me cover her in prayer this week as she competes to become Miss Utah!
I have nothing intelligent to traverse with :/
Nick, Juliana, & Miss Utah are about the only things making me smile today.
Miss Utah gave a great answer if u ask me...i cant stop watching it.
In a few years, Kanye & Kim's baby will say something that'll make Miss Utah sound brilliant.
Miss Utah's botched answer during the Miss USA Pageant reminded me of a similar awkward moment via Miss Teen South Carolina in 2007. Which was the bigger
Discrimination against pregnant workers has been increasing, new report says.
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Miss Utah really should stop talking
In the wake of the Miss USA 2013 pageant, the news is buzzing with talk of Miss Utah, Marissa Powell’s, epic crash and burn during the question segment. Judge Nene Leakes asked her the following qu...
It's official, Gabbi and I are headed to Utah for a much needed vacation in August! Prepare yourselves friends and family!
The newly crowned Miss USA Erin Brady, 25, talks about being one of the older competitors, saying maturity is "an advantage," and reunites with her grandmoth...
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So I'm a little late in commenting on the Miss USA pageant/Miss Utah thing. I can actually relate to Miss Utah's moment of confusion. I too was confused that NeNe Leakes was a "celebrity judge." Just saying.
Miss Utah Marissa Powell and Miss South Carolina Caitlin Upton sound even smarter when you put them together. Subscribe to Official Comedy for free at: http:...
Miss Utah has another go at question (Herald Sun)
Thanks Mary Friona-wgrz for bringing up the subject about Miss Utah. Yeah, she flubbed her question answer, but it was so painful to watch. I felt so bad for her. She was nervous. The media nowadays likes to see people cumble and don't care about their feelings. Leave Miss Utah alone already.
Miss Utah USA takes 2nd stab at pageant question - Las Vegas (AP) — Miss Utah USA is taking another stab at the pageant question that brought her Internet infamy.
i feel sorry for Miss Utah for bumbling her answer. But the answer was simple . Either pay women equally or face lawsuits.
Oh yeah thx Miss Utah : p and what's that *** babies name yet?
So I listened to the Miss Utah answer fiasco. Two things came to my mind: if the answers hear girls give are so important, how about a list of the questions be given to the contestants the night before so they have a better chance at giving a solid opinion. Two, why are we letting the judges off the hook?! They frequently ask very controversial or crazy, off the wall questions. The judge in this case asked a terrible question that could have been interpreted in two ways! Let's throw a fair share of shame at the judges too.
That Miss Utah seems to have some unique abilities. The South African government should give her a job and ask her to create education, health, defence, etc here.
The Miss USA pageant seemed to cause a brain meltdown for this Miss Utah contestant.
For those of you interested in how the Miss NC Pageant is conducted: the 33 contestants are divided into groups A, B and C. Rachel is in Group C. She always gets to go last because in the luck of the draw she got number 33. Tonight is the first preliminary (yesterday all 33 contestants had their interviews with the judges). I don't know what groups A and B are doing but tonight is evening wear/onstage question for Group C. Tomorrow night Rachel's group will do either talent or fitness (aka swimwear) and then on Thursday they will do the one they don't do tomorrow night. Each night a contestant from each group will win for her event of the evening. That is only a preliminary win. I'll keep you updated. One thing I will tell you: Rachel is an absolute knockout in her dress. I am so excited I'm almost sick.
Just watched Miss Utah embarrass herself on National Television. Do u really have to smart when u look that good? lol
Reality T.V. has a strange grip on our culture today and it seems a litany of shows each year try to capture a new niche market. Unfortunately, reading Mises, Hayek and Rothbard has not made me immune to the hypnotic pull watching a bunch of kids living in a house, contests of eating bugs and other…
You have to read these , I have laughed so hard I cried. Our cousin Mary from Utah sent this our way. They're Back! Those wonderful Church Bulletins! Thank God for church ladies with typewriters. These sentences (with all the BLOOPERS) actually appeared in church bulletins or were announced in church services: The Fasting & Prayer Conference includes meals. - The sermon this morning: 'Jesus Walks on the Water.' The sermon tonight: 'Searching for Jesus.' - Ladies, don't forget the rummage sale. It's a chance to get rid of those things not worth keeping around the house. Bring your husbands. - Remember in prayer the many who are sick of our community. Smile at someone who is hard to love. Say *** to someone who doesn't care much about you. - Don't let worry kill you off - let the Church help. - Miss Charlene Mason sang 'I will not pass this way again,' giving obvious pleasure to the congregation. - For those of you who have children and don't know it, we have a nursery downstairs. - Next Thursday there w .. ...
Miss Utah USA 2013 really struggled to answer her on stage question on Sunday night. How would you have answered the question?
Miss Utah first of all don't live in Texas if you want equal pay because Right now Governor Perry is going to make sure you don't get it! It needs to be passed at a federal level like minimum wage. The GOP and Dem. supported it and I hope every woman remembers when they go to the poll! Perry needs to go!
The best part of Miss Utah's airball is the stuff being written about it. Great WaPo editorial. Hat tip to my brother for sending this. "'Please, look as beautiful in this swimsuit as you possibly can while telling me why gender should not determine your level of compensation.' Don’t we notice how ridiculous this is? No man will ever be asked this. There is no explicit beauty portion of the competition, whatever the competition. 'Thank you, Jim, for that insightful reply about job creation. Okay, trousers off.' That’s not a phrase you will hear on national TV."
In the aftermath of the 2012 elections, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) raised eyebrows when he said his party needs to
So I was slow on the joke last time but I want to be on it this time. I would like to thanks Miss. Utah for joining the lonely Miss S.Carolina...she was so alone. But Yes, we need more education because some uh, people don't have the pay for genders can be um more educated. I would like to see honesty in these vanity parades. If a girl is up there because she is pretty that is one thing but don't make a fish be out of water. If they don't really have an IQ of over 100 then just go with it. so I revised it. Miss.Utah the country has single moms and there is a pay scale that favors men, what does this say about our country. (Miss Utah) "I think that is a great question, back to you Bob!" *smiles big and claps she went potty all by herself.
These are some of the tannest people I have ever seen in my life. [Photos: Getty]
What is it with beauty pageant contestants? Miss Utah offered up a gem of a mangled answer in the recent Miss USA pageant, and it is a doozy.
Played old skewl Nintendo's most of the nite in son Montyz room.. miss him an love him. hez been traveling wit mi gma.. in Utah now..
PLEASE KEEP YOUR COMMENTS CIVIL. Hank Johnson U.S. Representative for Georgia's 4th congressional district, serving since 2007. "My fear is that the whole is... I broke down and watched the Miss Utah clip everyone seems to be sharing. Come on now, friends. This is a backwards competition. We start with beauty and then try to discern if there is more there. We'd do a lot better for ourselves -- and actually have a relevant and interesting contest -- if we started with started with blind intelligence, ingenuity and talent and then discovered (at the end) whether our concept of beauty was challenged in the process.
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"Caring about what Miss Utah says is like caring about what Vin Diesel bakes." (Kermet Apio)
Good luck to Victoria pozzuoli at miss Utah! I loved doing your pictures for miss Utah and wish you the best of luck.
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obuma should be getting the crap that Miss Utah is getting over a miss spoke remark! But he is a professional liar, we don`t point our finger at him and laugh!
Miss Utah actually used the correct grammar if it not for her pageant status and beauty she could have gotten away with it.
I'm worried Miss Utah might have it exactly right.
Why is everybody hoin miss Utah? She it the nail on the head didn't she? We need better EDUCATION STAT! And we can start with her
It's okay, Miss Utah. Asked the same question, certain politicians would meander incoherently and ultimately lie or blame George Bush.
We secretly knew all along that accounting was a glamorous profession, but now we have proof.
As if it weren't enough that Miss Utah has been lambasted and shredded in the press for being taken by surprise by a fairly complex question asked during a contest focused otherwise entirely on beauty, now we have this. Somebody has decided that Utah girls don't care about career, salary, inequality in the work force, and other issues facing women today. This person asserts that, for a Utah girl, "If she is like most Utah girls, she would have been raised to understand her "role" in life which does not include earning power, career choice, self-advocacy, or understanding why Utah is dead last when it comes to parity in salaries between men and women." This person has decided that Utah girls are discouraged from talking about these issues. Tell me, Utah girls: is this true? I can tell you that this is not true in my family. I have one daughter and she knows her value and how to fight for herself.
why does the news media keep running that news clip of poor Miss Utah, enough already, Stop humilitaing her.
The most hilarious thing to awaken to.the winner of the Miss USA contest (IQ 54) AND the mush mouthed Miss Utah (IQ 52) AND Matt Lauer (IQ 61) in "discussion" on the TODAY Show. The only thing better would have been the interview conducted by Savannah Guthrie (IQ too low to *** by testing protocols).
Who was the bigger choker over the weekend, Phil Mickelson or Miss Utah?
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