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Miss Universe

Miss Universe is an annual international beauty contest that is run by the Miss Universe Organization.

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She's surely the Miss Universe in his whole *** world so I would like to ask, are you sure you got it right this time, S…
Miss Universe title goes to France (and yes, Steve Harvey announced the correct winner this year) http…
Steve Harvey: The next Miss Universe is... Colombia. Steve again: I have to apologize si Pia Wurtzbach ulet hehe.
I see girls as beautiful as the new Miss Universe on a daily basis just walking down the street here in Colombia. Just my opinion. CO > FR
Miss France beats Haiti and Colombia to clinch Miss Universe title
Coronation day. 💕 Good Luck andd God Bless to all the candidates of Miss Universe!!!
Latin America looks to win back the title of Miss Universe: The next Miss Universe will be chosen tonight in…
Who will be the next Miss universe? i don't know!!! but now the next miss universe for me is Thailand .
Miss Universe in Phl marks many firsts |
This is a graceful national costume in miss universe competition 2017.
I have no reason, why she shouldn't be a next miss universe
You will be the next Miss Universe, Chalita!
Pia had not have her first walk as a Miss Universe but Maxine will do it for Pia and also for herself.!
Miss Universe 2017 Check out the PICTURES of Brit hopeful JamieLee Faulkner...
Let us all help our Miss Universe to win the crown, Maxine Medina!.
Polls before final round Miss Thailand go to be crown 65th Miss Universe
Miss Philippines is now the new Miss Universe.
We're excited too! Just a day away! Catch the coronation of the new Miss Universe​ at the
Last Day of being For us you are the best Miss Universe ever. Thank you Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonz…
Miss Universe is the best for us. We wouldn't be so supportive if it wasn't for MUO
Thank you Pia Wurtzbach for the pride you brought to our country! Today is your last day as Miss Universe!
Charlene to Maxine: "I want you to know that we are all behind you and cheering you on." http…
She really deserves our support on her journey to wear d next Miss Universe crown. Laban Pilipinas!Laban MAXINE!
My final predictions : India will win Miss Universe 2017! But still hoping for a back to back tho. 👊
Malaysian Miss Universe is beautiful. Maybe I'm biased because she's an Indian but I'm definitely biased because she's a M…
She is ready to be Miss Universe 2017 .
Watch the live streaming of the Finals and Coronation via SMART Life!
You should not be the winner but The Miss Universe should be you Chalita
So happy to see all the respective Pinoy fandoms uniting for this year's Miss Universe. Virtual hug everyone!
Miss Universe new logo and Maxine during the National Costume presentation show. Sign ba 'to? Omg. LABAN MAXINE!.
You will forever be our Miss Universe .
national costume presentation of the Miss Universe pageant at the Mall of Asia arena in Manila. .
are you allowed to compete in Miss Universe if you've had cosmetic surgery?🤔🤔
Tonight my dear Maxine was totally different person! She is Miss Universe 😍🙌🏼
This picture remind me, what does PERFECT mean? Thailand for Miss Universe
On the Governor's Ball Red Carpet Event..Christy McGarry: May I know your *bets" for this year's Miss Universe? Atty. Nad: ONLY PHILIPPINES!
I agree only 5 Black woman won Miss Universe so it would be cool to see a Black girl win this year.
Miss Universe 2016 - Parade Pia and the 65th Miss Universe candidates headed to Baguio City: via
Scuba-diving action girl Jaime-Lee Faulkner flies the flag for Great Britain in the Miss Universe ...
Lee Greenwood said he and his wife Kim have been to Trump Tower as Kim worked for Miss Universe for 25 yrs.Said Trump shows t…
Youtube Video of the Week! April Hunter with Miss Universe at British Grand Prix! via
Usapang Miss Universe tayo with our Miss Universe special correspondent,Venus Raj and fashion designer at beauty pa…
They can't mean the same Steve Harvey who couldn't even emcee the Miss Universe pageant properly, could they? It must be a different Steve
Boy Abunda: "How prepared are you in Miss Universe?". Max: "100 PERECENT"
Malta's Miss Universe candidate, Martha Fenech, is in Manila. Wonder if she's related to Aussie box legend Jeff.
The Philippine National Police assured there is no direct threat to the candidates of the Miss Universe pageant.
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PNP to deploy 1000 policemen for Miss Universe pageant in Vigan City -
Please be guided of the "No Selfie" policy when the Miss Universe candidates visit our city. Thank you.
Vigan City has issued traffic advisory in preparation of a huge crowd during the week of Miss Universe 2017 Pre-pag…
I liked a video Steve Harvey to Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach You're An Absolute Class Act FULL
Could Ohio's next governor be 2008 Miss Universe host Jerry Springer?? Check out:
Alena Spodynyuk, Miss Ukraine Universe 2016 presenting her National Costume for the 65th Miss Universe pageant
Despite concerns over security in Davao City, Miss Universe may still push through with a fashion show there
Billionaire/sponsor Miss Universe friend-has owned a business in FL since '12
New post on my own skin-care addiction, teens sharing their make-up tutorials & a No-Make up Miss Universe
He partnered with one for his Miss Universe contest in Moscow. Putin couldn’t make it, but left him a gift.
Stevie Wonder is hosting-. Wait, read that wrong. Steve Harvey is hosting Miss Universe. My bad.
are you going to watch Miss Universe in the Philippines? Come and watch it live with Miss ... 🤗😊🤗😊
To all my friends.. Vote my amazing friend & sister Mary Esther Were as your next Miss Universe 🌌 201…
BRUHH, they just pulled a Miss Universe with the Mr. & Miss Photogenic 😂💀
Year by year, Filipinos make sure to get involved into something:. 2015: Miss Universe. 2016: PH & US Politics. 2017: World Dom…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
PAGEANT NEWS!!!. Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach fires back on her detractors💨 . (Reminder: Hindi lang Pinoy ang...
Miss Universe to be crowned in a shopping mall? Should've come to LocalRoomHire! We've got some much better venues!…
Pia Wurtzbach proves time and time again why she is Miss Universe
Pia Wurtzbach lashes back at bashers who say she’s not doing her job as Miss Universe | via PUSH©
A message to everyone, especially the bashers out there, from Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach. 👸😍💖...
"I sorta get away with things like that." —Donald Trump, on bursting into Miss Universe pageant dressing rooms
J/K give Meryl the Nobel Peace Prize, the Pulitzer, the Stanley Cup, Miss Universe, the FIFA World Cup, the Album of the Year Grammy!
Trump felt a Former Miss Universe had slighted him. So he embarrassed her on stage, then forced a kiss on her.
We've had a lot of proud moments recently, like when won Miss Universe title! h…
Miss Universe or Miss World Philippines we did not have--Janine Gutierrez via beauty with a heart
Pia Wurtzbach assures fans Miss Universe will still be held in the Philippines
Exactly 10 months ago today, Philippines got it's THIRD crown for the Miss Universe pageant! Queen Pia Alonzo...
Confirm: The 65th Miss Universe beauty pageant will be staged in Manila, Philippines. Davao City will host as one...
“I really understand beauty. I do own Miss Universe. I do own Miss USA. I mean I own a lot of differen…
The only locker room Trump's ever been in is the one he burst into at the Miss Universe pageant to ogle young women
Hamilton Collection
Remember: 2003 we sued Donald Trump organization and Miss Universe system: fixed pageant in Minnesota.
2003 we sued the Donald Trump organization and the Miss Universe system: fixed pageant in Minnesota
Jake when will you & CNN have these women on to tell their story like you had Miss Universe on? http…
Donald Trump admitted on the Howard Stern Show using his position at Miss Universe to look at contestants naked. https:…
Miss Universe took boyfriend to his death with the help of Hugo Chaves.
George Allen: "People don't care about judges, they don't care about Trump University, they don't care about Miss Universe from 20 yrs ago."
I want to be Miss Universe when I grow up.
wonders if we've seen the sex tape of the Former Miss Universe. Nope, but I've seen the nude photos of your wife.
Axelrod on Former Miss Universe dustup: Trump took the bait | Getty
..has every right to bring up. rapes & womanizing . H started i…
Trump's taxes bump Miss Universe from headlines
Trump's taxes bump Miss Universe from headlines | TheHill
Flashback to when CNN fat shamed Miss Universe Alicia MacHado . Clinton News Network .
Here’s the real story of how a Miss Universe became part of the presidential race
We just broke through a huge apocalyptic climate change marker — and the presidential debate is about Miss Universe. What…
domain names
This is still not headlines across the world. Everyone is still talking about Miss universe and SNL. This is treason.
Former Miss Universe Alicia MacHado has responded to Here's what she said: h…
Good job not talking about the miss universe.
For a 240 pound piece of congealed orangutan turd to call a Miss Universe "fat" is beyond ironic, it is delusional
Dear diary, i'm sorry, i'm running out of poems to tell the universe how much i miss him.
Former Miss Universe Alicia thanks supporters after Trump insults
"He was really aggressive. He was really rude": Former Miss Universe Alicia MacHado strikes back against Trump
That Miss Universe sex tape, by the way, doesn't even exist. Trump's point is that women who have sex are "disgusting."
Robert I'm getting a lot of heat for saying you should dump Kristen- but I'm right. If you saw the Miss Universe girls…
Fat shaming Miss Universe? Where was Hillary when Monica Lewinsky was being abused?: Christine Flowers - Penn...
Miss Universe a citizen, ironic isn't it!
Hillary's attack was concentrate on temperament and reliability, so she brought up tax and Miss Universe, counter her!
the real Donald Trump Layoff Miss Universe and the Clintons filthy garbage. Remind people how many have jobs because of low business taxes.
Flynn: Clinton 'really stupid' for bringing up Former Miss Universe | AP Photo
NYTimes screwed up. They were doing better with the miss universe narrative
Do you think the alternative universe Trump lives in has an alternative Miss Universe whose feelings don't get hurt when you…
STOP WORRYING AMERICA !!!. When the call comes at 3:00 AM, the Donald will be up,surfing for sex tapes of ex Miss Universe women.…
118lbs to 178lbs after being crowned Miss Universe? You're Miss Piggy fo'sho
is bad enough. But the Trump women defendjng is .well just crazy for them and their credibility.
how come miss universe,Mochado, with criminal background seems easy to get citizenship? Fishy
Seriously people open your eyes and let's Make America Great Again! this video sums up the Miss Universe stor…
I think the best part of the 2016 election is how the GOP candidate says worse things about a Miss Universe than he do…
don't be surprised if Trump release his taxes himself to bump Miss Universe off the air!
Bombshell report on Trump's taxes bumps Miss Universe controversy from the headlines
Why doesn't the media show defending 'Miss Universe' Alicia MacHado when CNN fat shamed her?
With all this tax returns & Miss Universe talk, u might have missed that 615 more American boys & girls are heading to Ir…
Now there's your story media. If you can pull yourself away from pudgy ex miss universe.
What Hypocrisy? CNN Ran Their Own Miss Piggy Hit Piece in 1997 “The Size of the Universe” via
Hillary WON the debate, read the polls! Miss Universe is yet another woman that has been violated by this sniffling coward…
Are you mad because the Former Miss Universe is hotter than Melania?
Trump says Former Miss Universe was tied to a murder attempt. So what did happen in Venezuela? - LA Times
Much closer to 20 lbs! Alicia MacHado, Former Miss Universe insulted by Trump, emerges as forceful Clinton ally
And who uses a Former Miss Universe as one of her "strongest" attacks against her competitor? This hypocrisy makes…
Britt Hume has a video that disclaims what you and Miss Universe said! Just another one of your LIES! How much did you pay her?
Crooked corrupt Hillary, Britt Hume denounced your LIES and those of Miss Universe on his program tonight. He also had a video proving it!
PerinoYou bash Trump why didn't you disclose the lying Miss Universe and her conduct, matching Hillary perfectly
Is it just me, or is the wrong guy to weigh in on this Miss Universe... by via
Gingrich: Miss Universe attack may blow up in Clinton's face; Gorka: Comey correct about 'terrorist diaspora' |
The seed was planted by HRC, and the media knew it. I just wonder how many of them investigated Miss Universe.
Trump and allies digging into attacks on beauty queen exposing his demeaning views of women
"Art is a reflection of the creative energy in our universe." -Louie Schwartzberg is spewing profundities with frightening ease
CNN slams Trump’s ‘Miss Universe’ comments, but look what THEY said about her.
"You are not supposed to gain 60 pounds the year you are Miss Universe," says at dinner
People like are desperate. Hotels/casinos often have protocol on appearance. So does Miss Universe. *** LIBS!
I believe you Hillary, Trump is greedy. He doesn't pay people who hire for labor , he did not paid the Former Miss Universe
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Re: Miss Universe - where's the Trump interview from twenty years ago that you played on the radio?
is right: She shouldn't gain 60 lbs as Miss Universe. She has the right to be average but it's his job 2 demand excellence.
but Clintons go around with false stories like this miss universe to take the focus off of their crimi…
.stands up for Former Miss Universe, destroys Donald Trump 👊
Donald Trump had some choice words to describe Hillary Clinton and a Former Miss Universe at Monday's debate and on Fox…
And all can talk about is a lying trashy Miss Universe who signed a contract not to gain weight‼️…
Guess what? What you said about Trump and the Former Miss Universe wasn't true. Who would have thunk it? Hillary lies?
Does charging as sexist because of Miss Universe Alacia Machado claims hurt Trump?
Deace calls Trump and Gingrich 'dumbasses' for attacking beauty queen via for iOS
didn't fat shame Miss Universe, it was the In 1997, said she had expanded to the “size…
Ex-Miss Universe Machado who was a nobody just days ago is on the payroll of to distract from polls. ht…
Donald Trump's campaign manager says she reprimanded him for his remarks about Former Miss Universe Alicia MacHado
Why does ANYONE care what a Venezuelan Citizen says about our POLITICAL candidates? . Ex-Miss Universe Machado!. https…
Expanding Miss Universe: CNN once fat-shamed Alicia MacHado for blowing up in size
Newt Gingrich thinks Trump had every right to call the Former Miss Universe "Miss Piggy"
20 YEARS AGO, please. She was Miss Universe & was required to stay in shape
We wish Crooked Hillary would spend her time tracking down her Deleted 30K emails Instead of a Former Miss Universe
Former Miss Universe has an UGLY CHARACTER. Low morals & criminal underworld life style which she choose like she c…
Another Former Miss Universe contestant claims she was fat-shamed by via
Fmr. Miss Universe Alicia MacHado tells NBC it was "really normal" for Trump to call her "Miss Piggy" to her face: https:…
2. What DT can do is expose HRC for going sleazy, cheap and negative e.g. Miss Universe. Expose how she handles a challenge
You say was the worst MISS UNIVERSE you ever had. I say you're the MOST FILTHY & VILE "man" in the world!.
Hillary talks about Former Miss Universe being called names, She need not forget how she called black men out of their…
PLEASE! Why don't you bring up the fact that Miss Universe was under CONTRACT to stay the way she was during…
Funny how ran a story on an overweight Miss Universe 20yrs ago... did they forget?.
Great piece details Trump's sexist, racist attacks on - and how she's pushing back hard https:…
miss universe came be fat. common sense. liberal rags like HuffPo don't have common sense. sad!
Asked if she was an accomplice in a murder, ex-Miss Universe Alicia MacHado says "I'm not a saint girl.".
Three nights of a stale story about Miss Universe who agreed to the terms required. Would you want a 400 lb firefi…
sorry ladies if you are fat get the gym no excuses,wanna compete in Miss Usa/Universe get inshape htt…
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Pres Obama commented on the Miss Universe issue because that's way easier than commenting on the slowest economic reco…
Hillary lost the Debate so she is trying to use the Former Miss Universe, who have a criminal past to deflect. Stay th…
Donald Trump continues fat-shaming a Former Miss Universe winner, and the sexism doesn't end there.
Donald Trump walked right into a Miss Universe trap set by Hillary Clinton. Just imagine the traps Vladimir Putin is p…
of course Miss Universe should not be fat! If Marie Osmond got fat again, NutriSystem would fire her! This story is lame.
I really can't believe this Miss Universe person. she FREELY CHOSE to be in a contest focused on BEAUTY . weight clause get over it
But I love the idea that a BEAUTY CONTEST winner is indignant about being evaluated on looks. Alicia won "Miss Universe," n…
42 days away from Election Day and we're talking about Trump calling a Former Miss Universe fat. . We are an unserious people.
down on attacking Former Miss Universe's weight via
has hurt so many people. He also failed to pay Alicia for commercials for which she expected to be paid. .
Miss Universe Alicia MacHado was 'the absolute worst'
At some point, commentators are forgetting that they’re talking about the Miss Universe pageant, where a woman’s we…
What would possess Trump to go here? Cruelty? Misogyny? A personality disorder? He relishes dehumanizing people. . http…
"He can't be a president of the USA" – Alicia MacHado, Miss Universe weight-shamed by Trump, talks to
OK Trump handlers: Get your man to just shut up about Miss Universe. What a fool.
20 years after Donald Trump fat shamed Miss Universe, is fighting back
Trump continues weight attack on miss universe
"Miss Universe Alicia MacHado" Vs Haiti, the dead of Benghazi, Saudi donations, Deleted emails. and rapist husband. Trump…
The time fat shamed Miss Universe while defended her
Donald Trump just attacked Former Miss Universe Alicia MacHado over her weight — AGAIN
"Miss Universe Alicia MacHado" all a distraction from Hillary Clinton's sharia tax, and the banks that pay them are her…
Trump's attitude to Miss Universe Alicia MacHado shows he's a racist bully who treats women with contempt. His only loyalty…
Why would you vote for a man this insecure?
Trump just called the Former Miss Universe winner fat again—the morning after Clinton grilled him for sexism
"Trump didn’t deny, either on Fox or during the debate, that he called Machado 'Miss Piggy' or 'Miss Housekeeping.'"
Don't forget about the drive-by name calling Miss Universe Alicia MacHado hit.but nothing on "Deplorables"
Trump stands by shaming Former Miss Universe to lose weight
Nothing says more clearly than Trump voluntarily attacking the weight of Latina Former Miss Universe https…
Turned on CNN and learned that Trump is *doubling down* on his "Miss Piggy" Miss Universe remarks!!!???
Trump called her 'Miss Piggy' but Former Miss Universe shines in video explaining Trump's racism
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Donald Trump to Alicia MacHado: “You'll never be an actress...nobody wants fat girls on TV shows.”
This new Clinton ad of Former Miss Universe talks about her experiences with Trump is hard to watch w/o getting mad. ht…
The campaign highlighting her attacks on by making Former Miss Universe Alicia MacHado avail htt…
If Trump is talking about a Miss Universe and her weight the morning after, he's losing.
Alicia MacHado, Miss Universe weight-shamed by Trump, speaks out for Clinton
To this day, I still remember how Donald Trump fat shamed Former Miss Universe Alicia MacHado
I can easily picture President Trump going before the United Nations to make the case that Miss Universe really was a fat…
Why does Trump keep doubling down on his sexism? via
Trump attacks Alicia MacHado again: 'She gained a massive amount of weight. She was the worst'
Champion of women! Trump doubles down on attacking Former Miss Universe's weight # via
Clinton blasts Trump over treatment of Former Miss Universe Alicia MacHado, who claims he called her "Miss Piggy"
THIS SHORT VIDEO IS SO POWERFUL: Alicia MacHado, the Miss Universe Trump insulted, in her own words:
The faces of the Fox & Friends host as Trump says the Miss Universe winner "gained a massive amount of weig...
At the debate, Clinton accused Trump of taunting Machado, Former Miss Universe, about her weight.
No response from Paul Ryan to Trump's Miss Universe remarks. "I was working out and working this morning, I wasn't watchin…
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Hillary Clinton's new ad featuring Trump's victimization of a Miss Universe
Miss Universe who says Donald Trump called her Miss Piggy says she will vote for Hillary Clinton htt…
Who is Alicia MacHado? The Former Miss Universe has said that Donald Trump called her "Miss Piggy"
Here's a YouTube link to that appalling video of Trump humiliating Former Miss Universe, Alicia MacHado.
Sofia Vergara lends support to Miss Colombia after Miss Universe...
lends support to Miss Colombia after Miss Universe...
Pak! Queen PIA in her latest Fadil Berisha shot!! It's been 9 months that she's our Miss Universe and still...
Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach new photoshoot by Fadil Berisha is goals! ❤️✔️.
Divine ❤️. Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo wearing Zac Posen for Hair by Jonathan Colombini . Make up...
EXCLUSIVE: A Day in the Life of Olivia Culpo at New York Fashion Week: The Former Miss Universe tells ET she has 'no fears' during a ...
Olivia Culpo from Rhode Island is still my fav winner ever. Same state as my alma mater, nailed a transgender question & won Miss Universe!
***Must Watch***. Kapamilya stars Piolo Pascual and Martin Nievera sing to our very own Miss Universe 2015 PIA...
"How come Miss Universe is only won by people from Earth?". ― Ross Noble
Our newest Jadore Evening gowns on Miss Universe contestants. . Call us on (02) 9487 4888 to order yours...
where were you 5 years ago...doing Miss America and Miss Universe pageantry.
. Rick Perry should do Miss Universe next year. Miss Texas.
Things got weird when Jack McBrayer was asked to judge Miss Universe pageant. He ran on stage and tried to _ Miss Chile.
he used to go missing alot... Miss Canada, Miss World, Miss Universe... 😏
ISIS jihadis in Philippines call to target pageant
did that reference land right then, if did I miss remember Masters of the Universe taking place in Jersey
ISIS calls on jihadis to target Miss Universe pageant
ISIS 'threatens to bomb Miss Universe competition'
Islamic State plans to kill most beautiful babes on planet
This Electrifying motion poster has shaken whole universe with its roars! to vanquish all evil p…
I live in a weird universe now in London, where cover bands and bars celebrate The Hip. Ill miss my old life, but not really.
everyone in sexo is beautiful buy Ky, idek your full name but you look like Miss Universe. why arent you active
Congratulations to Erika Creque on winning the title of Miss Universe British Virgin Islands 2016.
In memory of Shakira Martin Miss Jamaica Universe 2011 who died from sickle cell complications
Whats the similarity between a successful CA and and a Miss Universe? Both are conscious about their figures
If you need something to restore your sanity and awe of the universe, don't miss this year's Perseid Meteor Shower. .
'threatens to bomb Miss Universe competition'
Where do you think the pageant should be held?
hehe My momma was so disappointed when I showed her, At least we win Miss Universe
My Miss Universe 2016 Pia Wurtzbach stamps came in! Thank you auntie Sonya for getting these for…
True or Not but what I know is that the Miss Universe Organization makes sure always that SECURITY is always on...
Miss Universe contestants barefaced, with no makeup
IRAN WILL NOT COMPETE IN MISS UNIVERSE. Missosology can affirm that rumors about the Islamic Republic of Iran...
Me2.Just hope they don't get flack like the Miss Universe contestants did b/c 2 countries hate each other
ISIS 'threatens to bomb Miss Universe competition' as jihadis call for suicide blast at beauty pageant - Mirro…
threat to beauty pageant after thugs demand 'create bomb for Miss Universe'
ISIS' Philippines branch calls for attacks on Miss Universe pageant via the App
Christian Bautista considers girlfriend as his Miss Universe
[News] Christian Bautista considers girlfriend as his Miss Universe | via PEP Online
Who in America believes that Donald Trump didn't meet Putin in Moscow during the 2013 Miss Universe pageant?
Oh oh, it seems that the reigning Miss Universe, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach had a major wardrobe malfunction. Read...
Did Melania Trump hire the Miss Universe pageants' speechwriter?
Get to know ​Former Miss Universe in our new issue of On sale now for £1 h…
Jenna Talackova got to compete in Miss Universe after being initially disqualified for being transgender.
3. If Dave Chappelle was in Steve Harvey's shoes at Miss Universe
Remember this Pinoy Pride during the Miss USA 2014 . Placing as runner up for Nia Sanchez ( Miss Universe 1st...
I liked a video from Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach Inspired Makeup Tutorial
Throwback Video last October 15,2015 󾬑󾌧. Fanmade video created to support Pia for Miss Universe pageant. And now,...
I liked a video Miss Universe 2015 Introduction Preliminary Competition and Crowning Moment
Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach for Rogue Magazine June 2016 Issue. Now available in all National Book...
5 Miss Universe winners from Puerto Rico, I think this speaks for itself
Did they know that when USA became Miss Universe in 2012 that our next Miss USA was a black person? Or because it wasn't on TV, didn't care?
We had Nana Meriwether in 2012 but she became Miss USA after Olivia Culpo became Miss Universe
Miss Universe 2012 Pageant will be airing live on & december 19th. Open invite stands for Robert Patti…
He says he has foreign policy experience because he ran the Miss Universe pageant in Russia.-"Hillary Clinton. LOL
Let's help make a Colombian national Canada's representative at the 2016 Miss Universe!…
The TV presenter and Former Miss Universe looked relaxed in a fashion-forward jumpsuit while out in Los Angeles on Friday. She added a
I'm glad that Miss USA is back to a bigger arena. And Steve Harvey is not hosting 😜 Can Ryan Seacrest & Giuliana Rancic host Miss Universe?
Dayana Mendoza is considered one of the BEST Miss Universe of History according to Donald Trump and several magazin…
In fairness he had several black judges on Miss Universe such as the great Emmitt Smith and Gayle King!
"President Trump announces this year's Miss Universe pageant will be held in the Gold House Rose Garden."
From what I can see Eurovision is to Europe what Miss Universe is to Latin America. It's personal, it's political, Australia is there,
I'm sure Australia and Ukraine are feeling like Miss Universe tonight.
On a scale of 1 to Steve Harvey at Miss Universe how embarrassed is Europe gonna be if Australia takes the win
Miss Canada shows puck pride at Miss Universe | Entertainment & Showbiz from CTV News
Donald Trump, in 2014: "When I went to Russia with the Miss Universe pageant, [Putin] contacted me and was SO nice"
Steve Harvey has apologized, and been forgiven, countless times for his mistake in naming Miss Universe. He felt...
Back to back Falls on Stage. During the 2007 and 2008 Miss Universe contest, Misses USA Rachel Smith and Crystle...
Elvira Devinamira, Miss Universe 2014 Semi-Finalist of Indonesia, in her beautiful ball gown
Vaughan woman hopes to be crowned Miss Universe... -
Miss Canada 2016 is on! Canada last placed at Miss Universe in 2006 but it seems that they will soon come back...
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Maybe Trump met Putin in 2013 when DT was in Moscow for Miss Universe...who knows.
Two of my favorite Miss Universe winners, Gabriela Isler of Venezuela (2013) & Pia Wurtzbach of the Philippines...
Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler and Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach in a charity event for Such
Queens collide! Here is our Queen P with the Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler mollysler ❤️ it's always nice seeing…
Mpule Kwelagobe- First black African to win Miss Universe from Botswana. Spoke person against AIDS.
Miss Universe 2013 GABRIELA ISLER is also present and one of the presentor at the Latin Music Awards. 󾬓󾬓󾬕
ONE CROWN...THE BLACK SASH!. Join us on Saturday 23 July in South Wales for the grand final of Miss Universe...
Mpule Kwelagobe, the very first African to win Miss Universe. She won in 1999 representing Botswana.
The last Miss Universe of the Millenium, Mpule Kwelagobe, Miss Universe 1999 from Botswana. Miss Universe 2000...
One other reason to go2 Venezuela. They have dominated Miss Universe. More curves than Kisoro roads.
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