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Miss Texas

The Miss Texas competition was founded in 1936 as a scholarship contest for young women. The winner represents Texas in the Miss America pageant; three winners have gone on to be crowned Miss America (but none since 1975).

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Miss Texas called white supremacists TERRORISTS on national tv without hesitation and I'm so proud! https:/…
North Dakota takes first Miss America title ever, but Miss Texas wins big with response to white supremacy πŸ’ͺπŸ€ β€β€¦
Miss Texas brings down the house at Miss America contest with condemnation of Trump via
Walked in to room where my wife is watching Miss America pageant & Miss Texas talent listed as "taught her sorority how to…
"It was a very obvious terrorist attack.". Miss Texas says what refuses to say. By…
Miss North Dakota fun facts included honors graduate from Brown and intern with the US Senate. This was Miss Texas: https…
You go Miss Texas! (but super proud of North Dakota's first Miss America)
Miss Texas--a white woman--showed more integrity in 20 seconds than Trump has known all his life.
I just wanna say, Miss Texas, your answer for your final round made me proud. Standing up to trump and Nazis on national tv. ❀️ brave&strong
Me: I'm not really into beauty pageants, I think they're β€”. Me, after Miss Texas' answer on Chville: "THERRRE SHEEE ISSS.…
I LOVE YOU! i miss texas i miss y'all i can't wait for next akon >:3c
I want to impeach O But in fairness Bush. left him with a nightmare&hid in Texas Heard he erected a. Billboard "Do u miss me"
Don't miss out on Our World Underwater Texas- Dive and Travel Show! Get your tickets today!
My best friend Joel is leaving Texas for a long time, I'm gonna miss him so much.
Ohh i cant wait to be in Texas at the end of this month, ALONE and in peace but ill miss my baby girl for 5 days
San Diego will miss you, but if Texas is a better opportunity, take it. Go on and Strive, we all got your back.
- Awesome in Austin, Texas! Think of you often. You are a doll! And I miss your face. :-)
I'm talking to you my Texas friends who I miss ...
Really debating on going to NYC and then flying home to Texas from there since Jon has never been. I miss it so muchπŸŒƒ
sorry I'm gonna miss the Golden Globes. RHCP's are in town! Are you coming to Texas Frightmare? Or just the kids who lived?
There's one thing I don't miss about living in Texas ):
Her beautiful smile, bright blue eyes Holding her close in the moonlight What I miss most is, that girl in TexasπŸŒ΅πŸ’•
Ok Miss Whitney do you still live in Texas?Well if you do win or louse the cowboys are still a better team ?
Texas, I'll miss you and your 80mph speed limits dearly
You will miss your morning runs, but can't wait to see you everyday!
I miss playing FanDuel, in Texas we only get DK 😀 you can fit so much into your lineups on FD
When you're from Texas and you go outside and it's actually cold:
'I miss all my brothers,' soldier injured in Philly brawl says.. Related Articles:
Spent weekend in Texas was amased at the amount of cowboys I met.
The South Texas RV Supersale is going on now. Don't miss your chance to see NEW w/ Explore USA RV Su…
My grandpa just told me all ab how much he misses my grandma bc she's in Texas & I want my husband to miss me this much while I'm away
I miss Texas. It's time for me to go back.
Just a short drive from Houston, don't miss all The Woodlands has to offer.
Texas defunded PP. Now they have the highest maternal mortality rate in the developed world.
It's 2017. Dogs should be in loving homes, not lab cages. Golden Retrievers are being experimented on at
I miss Texas. All the good people that were my friends
Little Miss Cora is ready for a furrever family. Apply to adopt her at
Why I'm glad to be at a project-based school and hope that education as a whole moves toward it.
hey since you're in the US come back to Texas cause I miss you 😩
if you don't like Texas, get out of here. we ain't gonna miss y'all
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEXAS!!!πŸ˜› enjoy these pictures of how our friendship truly looks when we spend everyday together!!!…
I miss my Texas folks a whole bunch. But I have one question, do y'all still use the word "Plex"?
Uh, deciding against Texas, then? I would move to Panama, the country, if I thought I could make a go of it. I would miss fall.
Amber - we were just there. Did we miss you?
Waking up in Texas make me miss living here 😩
Just saw a kid peeing on the side of the highway with his pants down around his ankles. I'm going to miss TexasπŸ˜ͺ😩
I want to go back to Texas, I miss my family and the beach
Real feel of -1😳 these are the times I miss Texas the most.
I'm going to miss my babies when I'm in Texas...
you go to Texas State... don't you already do that?
His Romeo/Texas guy on tonight's episode really does look familiar indeed
Have a safe flight back to Texas . We'll miss you beauty πŸ™β€
Miss Texas's Outstanding Teen Addyson Jackson!! what was your platform and why did…
. Rick Perry should do Miss Universe next year. Miss Texas.
You're including Jackie Brown and Cleopatra Jones, right? And Kim from DeathProof & Aunty Entity. Plus Foxy Brown, Miss Texas
Reasons why I miss living in Texas...
I miss saying "thank you for calling Texas Roadhouse on highway 6 & 290 this is emily how can I help you"
I need names then! Akron and Cleveland are really not the country scene apparently. Makes me miss being in Texas.
I do miss going to Texas Roadhouse every Thursday with Edwin man πŸ˜”
Watching Texas Relays made me miss track so much 😭
If I leave and go to Texas State I'm gonna miss :/
Thank you Miss for visiting We have leadership!
my mom went to Texas and she's only been there for two days and I already miss her 😩
it's 11 here in Texas but happy birthday pal :) miss ya
I love when Texas City ppl call me just to tell me they miss me πŸ˜­πŸ’—
You know I never thought I'd miss my family from Texas Roadhouse but I really do sometimes, that job was awesome bc of the people
I need to see Jeff live again. Come back to Texas!! We miss you!
WE ARE LIVE and SOLD OUT in Dallas, Texas!!! is LIVE NOW on
Love love love this guy... Thanks for making me miss Texas Matt β™‘
Come to Texas right now I miss you too muchπŸ˜­πŸ’˜
bro, miss you too dude, some guy I saw in Texas at bmt looked exactly like you yo
Yes Romy .. I miss you being in my life 😭😭 you're in Texas now?
Miss Texas dropped by to wish me a happy bday
I sure wish was is Texas. I miss their sweet tea.
we miss y'all so much😭 it'd be 100x better in Texas if y'all lived here
I miss Texas. I honestly really want to move back.
I really miss The Woodlands and I especially miss everything Texas!
Raegan was selected to be in the Baby Miss Texas Coast pageant , I'm so excited right now ! πŸ‘‘πŸ˜
Going to be in Texas in a few months ❀️not going to miss MD at all
I don't miss you being in South Padre Island, Texas.
Dear Jessica, . Come back to Texas the best state in the USA. But mainly come back because I miss my sister/best friend. Si…
I hate when we miss the Texas Relays!πŸ™„πŸ˜ 
Sometimes I miss so much that I have to throw a party just as an excuse to do something…
I want to go to pollo tropical but they don't have that here .. man I miss Texas
why did my cousin we saw in Texas that one time ask about you yesterday πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚MISS U TOO BOO
When you miss because your in Texas 😭😭🎢
I'm going to miss my Texas family so much 😩
We just drive 30 min for barbecue. Man we do miss texas and it's only been a day.
I miss my old house in Texas, with my covered back porch, my chiminea, my big trees and my garden.
The part I miss about working at Texas Roadhouse is the free rolls and the dancing
Is it wrong, or awesome, that I miss ?
but like when?. I also really want you to go to the Texas mile though. I don't want you to miss that just to come here
The junior college rodeo is the only thing I miss about West Texas.
Being in Texas is great but dang do I miss the bluegrass and home state and what it means...
ATTN in this is a don't miss opportunity h…
You DON'T wanna miss the delicious ditties that we've cooked up for tomorrow's Texas Food Truck Showdown in Waco:...
UNH plays Texas A&M tomorrow at 1pm at the UNH football field. Probably don't want to miss this one.
.2017 CB out of Lake Dallas HS, lands two offers today from Texas A&M and Ole Miss
Watching makes me miss warm weather and the beach. Two more weeks until Texas!
My gosh, that usage almost made me miss Texas. Almost.
They know how to do good BBQ in Texas 😍
The fallout from Ole Miss reaches Texas, from
I miss all my chhs friends πŸ˜• we all graduated and went all over Texas πŸ˜­πŸ’”
I miss Alex so much. Literally counting down the days until I leave for Texas
don't mean to offend Chicago and all being from Texas, I guess ...but i sure do miss yall's ...
I miss Ryu and Bae but they had to move for work since both of their new jobs are in south Texas ;~;
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we and miss u BUT need a hope to see u n
Texas losing 5 assistant coaches this offseason. It's all ole miss' fault.
can I just go to Texas for a month lol I miss my family
Source says Texas has no reason to believe Chris Vaughn did anything improper with Horns. Issues are all Ole Miss related.
I miss being able to lay next to you! I miss our 5-10 minute long hugs before I would go home. I miss you being back in Texas
Live & Direct from Dallas Texas DJ will be spinning all weekend! Don't miss it!
Dallas, Texas! Friend to the show will be hosting Feb 20th! Don't miss!
Jersey I miss you, from a deeply saddened Texas resident
I MISS YOU MORE! 😭😭😩 texas stole you from me cousin smh
I always sleep in the living room lol I miss Texas and diva
and are my favorites on Texas flip and move! Seriously miss seeing them! πŸ˜”
I sure do miss Houston, Texas my home full of life, excitement, and wonderful people who are caring and...
First Texas Frightmare brings back Bub, now this! So sad to miss it. :( . .
Really aint gon miss some people when i go to texas
I miss being in texas and exploring new places :(
We still need your votes!! Texas Crossing made The Kraze Hit or Miss this week and you've gotta vote 1x daily to...
Nights like this make me miss Texas!
According to textbooks, WE were immigrant laborers who came HERE for free!
"Aye fam I wanna transfer to Texas State, what's it like out there?". Me:
Guys the first lady of the United States Of America just did a w/ Steph & Ayesha Curry. Gonna miss them πŸ˜₯ htt…
In 2015, Ole Miss had 5 WRs with over 400 yards. Ohio State had 2, Notre Dame had 2, Baylor had 3, and Texas A&M had 3.
I moved from Texas on Wed and so far I miss and the most.
thank you I miss you!!! When are you making a trip to Texas?
Only thing I'll miss in Texas is the Mexican food
I'm thinking a Texas trip this summer.. 😊 kinda miss it!
Texting and snapping both at the same time I miss my Texas boys πŸ˜•
I probably wear my "Don't miss with Texas" shirt way to often but fortunately I just don't care
Two tickets for sale - $120/each. Watch Texas A&M BHTO miss st this Saturday at 6:30pm.
Ole Miss over Florida. Texas A&M over Mississippi State. Clemson over Notre Dame
you're going to Texas?! Oh no I'm going to miss hearing your show!! Have a good time!
Miss you more than anything πŸ˜•πŸ˜”β€οΈ I know Texas is gonna treat you well and I'm so proud of you!
happy birthday to one of the hottest Texas chotches I knowπŸ˜‰πŸ˜! miss you so much I hope your birthday is fricken amazing!
If you're a glutton for punishment, Texas A&M vs Miss St (2015) is on ESPNU.
Texas Open Pre Registration ends Sunday! October 10th Austin at the awesome Delco Center dont miss the last Texas Tournament of 2015!
And she's on her way back from Texas. Not even in town. I miss my old life, to an extent. We really used to stick together.
I know when I leave Texas I'm going to miss Timmy Chans πŸ˜‚πŸ˜«πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
I just can't wait for "A" school in Texas for 2 months lol I miss living there
scrolling through pictures and I miss cam and Beth and Texas. We had so much fun 😩
What would happen if Indiana beat Ohio State this weekend? Texas Tech beat Baylor? Florida beating Ole Miss? Minne…
I miss jason and i really want to go to south korea. . Im in texas. Jason is in south korea. This makes me sad.
So beautiful, from former Miss NDn Texas, we cha
I'm gonna miss the Texas State Fair for the first time 😑😑😑
Texas A&m, TU, Alabama, auburn, and ole miss all have the same spring break week.oh boy.
One thing I do miss about Texas is 😩😩😩
i miss Texas so frckn much my second home 😭
miss st I love Prescott them and texas a&m gonna b a barn burner I can't wait bro its going down
I miss the years when we only had 4 teams in our division and just had to worry about Texas. Houston can suck it!
Tickets for Dada Life on October 15th are OFFICIALLY ON SALE! Don't miss their ONLY show in Texas!...
Happy birthday πŸ’“sorry it's late but it's still 11 in Texas😜 miss u sm & see u in NYC soon✨
Did you miss Iowa's rollover of North Texas on Saturday? Not to worry, you can see the full recap here. Oh, and...
Meet a kid from Katy Texas and it made me miss Houston even more
Don't get me wrong, New Mexico is beautiful but I sure do miss Texas sunsets 😒😒😒
A special thank you to the North Texas Sweetheart alumni for the pizza! πŸ’šπŸ˜ . We love and miss you all so much! πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ• ht…
happy birthday I hope you had a great birthday love and miss you FSU in TexasπŸ’œ
I miss LA man , who Tryna drive with me to Texas after Christmas break tho
Tempted to make a trip to Texas this weekend bc I miss & so much.
Not gonna lie I do miss Texas a little
Don't miss fantomfest in Oct 10th. Photo Op with as
Guns and Shooting: The Texas Rangers and Museum. A cant miss interview! also on itune
She flies to his rescue but who rescues who? Mercy's Rescue in
domain names
Miss Texas let me down from moment they showed her. I'm going for Miss North Carolina or Florida.
Former Miss Texas puts $2.4M Lake Ray Hubbard mansion on the market: A former Miss Texas and her husband recently…
VIDEO: Miss Texas asks out Jordan Spieth as he sits with his girlfriend at the Rangers game http…
Miss Texas asked Jordan Spieth on a date via rap lyrics. Yes, you read that correctly.
Me as judge:"Miss Texas, how can we improve race relations? Also, what lip color are you wearing tonight and w…
If you're not busy tomorrow, this is an incredible opportunity to do something significant! Miss Texas will be there!
Please leave ME out of this . Keep TRYNA get a lil miss Texas and the other chick who lives by you . Feel so bad for your girl.
Can't even lie though. I miss those Props/UGP days. Luckily we have Texas Toast in place for Roots Jam but we need another Road Fools.
Hope has an amazing time in Texas. Miss you already πŸ‘’πŸ‡βœˆοΈ
I just really want Texas barbeque. I miss Bill Miller's and Rudy's 😩
I miss like a lot, a lot. Is Tech even in Texas?
Woman with cerebral palsy competing in Miss Texas pageant
I miss you please come visit texas and help me with my baby ):
Where are my ?!! I know some who are not going to miss…
I will be in Oklahoma for three months and Texas for six months. I am going to miss the *** out of California
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thanks bro, can't wait to link. I miss my texas fam.
lol I miss you more than I miss Texas! Just a couple more days!
I miss you more than you miss Texas!! 😩😭❀️
when are you gonna come visit Texas again. We miss you
...miss seeing him on the track. Looking forward to seeing you at Dega, Daytona and both Texas races.
Can't wait til she goes to Texas for a week. I'll probably sleep so good that whole week. πŸ˜‚jk I'll miss my mom
So long Texas. I'll miss the natural beauty of this place. Lubbock does have some cool people though.
Gonna send you pics of your favorite places that you'll miss from Texas while you're over there to convince you to come back.
I'm going to miss SXSW and Texas Relays this year.
Gah, I miss my best friend! She needs to come back home. To Texas!
My best friend gives me headaches and worries. Yet we're still friends. I miss that *** Come home to texas!
"He was mad that my lipstick didn't taste good." - Madison, Texas
For Genna? Yes. It's so hard. But so far we have convinced her he won't even be in Texas.
it's ok, we know you miss us all from Texas.
I miss my soulmate *Come Back To Texas by Bowling For Soup plays*
All purpose parts banner
miss you to bro . when you going to Texas?
I just wAna go back home Texas I miss you 😩😩
All this talk in my house about texas lately and its making me miss this summer with you.
Im in Texas we rarely get snow so of course im going to miss it
hey miss ya wanna come back to Texas soon
πŸ”₯⚾️ I miss you. hopefully you come down to Texas soon. but I wish you the best for your season. 😊
I'm so proud of for winning her last NCA as a spirit of Texas cheerleader! πŸ’œI'm gonna miss watching you perform!! I love you!
HA!!Just imagining... "We have to miss Exec because border patrol won't let us come back to Texas."
Im going to Texas and kidnap I miss him fxCk
20 I have known you for so long and you are so sweet, and funny! I miss you so much girl! When I'm back in Texas let's hangout! πŸ˜ƒ
I miss all my Texas peeps I wanna touch all of your
Cliff has a new hat and it reads "Ineligible" - Kansas F Cliff Alexander to miss game vs. Texas due to NCAA issue
Today would have been my Mom's birthday! She always loved celebrating this day! I miss her so much…
I miss my boys in Texas!! and Markell Lotts. I hope you doing we'll for yourselves. Love you guys man stay true to your colors
According to ranked 20th for best value for less than $30,000 a year!
See you soon, Texas. Until then.. Don't miss me too much. 😌
I miss on Lone Star Politics a Texas treasure and a wealth of political information
My grandparents leave tomorrow for texas πŸ˜‘ sick I can't go . Gone miss them too
I always miss seeing hills in the distance whenever I'm in Texas
church is over now :) gosh I miss both of yall. Texas is good. I did have a full time job for two weeks...not now.
I don't miss Texas but I do miss wingstop 😩
When I'm in SC I miss Texas and when I'm in Texas I miss SC
I miss Cali weather it's actually cold in Texas
Miss you, I'll will be calling you this week! :) Greetings from Texas!
Breakfast tacos are what I'll miss most about Texas.
If I'm not married by 24, I'm moving back to Texas. Like I'm sooo srs about it too... I MISS the south.
hey it's okay. I'll miss you and your account β˜ΊπŸ’œ
I should be at Texas Roadhouse w right now πŸ˜” miss u
β€œin I miss you and the girls too! U never text me back yesterday” I was driving to Texas Roadhouse lol
and Sunday Bc this is seriously the most rad pic ever. Miss you, Lace. @ Billy Bobs Texas
yall will miss Texas more than anyone πŸ˜‚
ily and I miss you so much. Imma try to come back to Texas soon (:
"Chloe West is a great friend and amazing person! We all love you Chloe and will miss you so much. Have fun in Texas!"
Jammin to a little Texas Country in BG makes me miss our country cruises
wow I miss my favorite person from Texas.. come visit me 😞
You're welcome. I miss Texas. I used to live there. Such mild winters :)
I said I missed west Texas. After working 6 days in a row, I take it back
Texas is playing all of cele's jams... makes me miss her even more
Congrats on building one of the top programs in all of Texas! I miss our Thursday lunches to discuss life.
I miss Texas. I could actually live there forever
Wish I could spend the Christmas season with my family in Texas and all my family in Oregon. Love and miss you guys!
This is so rad. Makes me miss my TBT family though 😰
I will Miss you Miss candy Crowley.i always liked your show. And SNL made it easy to see the lighter side of you.Good luck from Texas.
Thats *** i have to miss the saints game while everyone else gets to watch it
One year ago I was misbehaving in Texas! Miss my babes so much xx
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This is Texas High School Football, all other states are irrelevant
Don’t miss the Third Annual Santa Hustle Half-Marathon and 5K Texas
Imma miss him this whole week coming up :( Texas too far! Ughhh
But my daddy left for Texas this morning πŸ˜” I miss him already πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜“
folks, don't miss this! Forum on β€œThe History of the Edwards Aquifer Dispute" Jan. 20
Greatest high school quarterback in Allen and Texas history. we're gonna miss you bud
Tattoo'd Houston women make the finals for Miss Texas Inked
Goodnight, 2014 Texas high school football season. You were the best. We'll miss you.
I'm so sad that I'll be leaving Texas tomorrow πŸ˜” I'll miss you so much babe 😘
It's crazy that Texas High School Football is over with this year! Only wish we could of played in AT&T Stadium. Sure am going to miss it!
Game day in Little Rock! TEXAS vs A & M. Don't miss it verizon or SEC Network!…
Even though you're not leaving until the 28th, I'll miss you all the way down in Texas. It's really…
Y'all killin! Do you ever come towards Texas for any games? I want to see you, I miss you! 😩
Watching the Miss America pageant... Miss Texas lived a floor doors down from me at the Scottish Rite. Cool. Cool cool cool. βœŒοΈπŸ‚
You'd think in a state like Texas the woman that represents the state (Miss Texas) would be able to throw a baseball... she can't
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Holy cow, Miss Texas! That first pitch was absolutely horrific and hilarious at the same time.
Miss Texas Throws out Terrible First Pitch | Bleacher Report (via . Disgrace to all women
Miss Texas joins the running for worst first-pitch crown -->
VIDEO: Miss Texas threw out a first pitch at the Rangers game that was worse than 50 Cent’s http…
yeah Miss Texas threw the worst pitch but at least it was the 1st worst pitch of 2014! Woo!
β€œMiss Texas threw the first pitch at the Rangers game. Β» literally the stupidest thing I've ever seen
Somehow, some way, 50 Cent did not throw the worst first pitch of the year.That distinction now belongs to pageant winner Monique Evans.Miss Texas bowled her way to the plate and infamy with this first-pitch offering before Friday's game between the Rangers and Los Angeles Angels.[Courtesy:]…
Really glad tomorrow is my last full day here. I miss Texas
Miss Texas' first pitch at the Rangers game was bocce ball bad
πŸ˜›πŸ‘Š I miss you...come back...giddy up your horse from Texas and ride over here cowgirl
don't get me wrong it's pretty nice here in NC but I miss Texas 😭
Can I just go back to Texas already, I miss Jonathan ...
Our very own Miss Texas Monique Evans is throwing the first pitch at the Texas Rangers game tonight!
Miss Texas just broke the scale for awful first pitches
Pretty much on par w/ the rest of the season, here is Friday's first-pitch (attempt) from Miss Texas |
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[Video[ Miss Texas throws possibly the worst first pitch EVER. Least she looked good doing it
VIDEO: Miss Texas throws one of the worst first pitches of all time:
Still can't believe is moving down to Texas... Best of luck but try not to miss me too much ❀️
50 Cent has lost his 'worst 1st pitch' crown to Miss Texas.
Such an amazing night.reminds me of West Texas and my grandparents I miss them
congrats again to my homie doe. ballout in Texas for me πŸ€ ima miss you fool 😒✊
Miss Texas throws first pitch, makes 50 Cent look like Greg Maddux... via
Miss Texas Monique Evans got the unique opportunity to throw out the first pitch at a Texas Rangers game on Friday against the Los Angeles Angels, but things didn't go as well as planned...
Laying down to sleep in Fayetteville tonight... Texas...I miss you bad... Goodnight.
But really, miss texas's first pitch was like a really off arabesque
8/15/14: Miss Texas throws out the first pitch prior to the Angels-Rangers game and it goes just a bit outside
Miss Texas managed to throw out a worse first pitch than 50-Cent:
β€œMiss Texas threw out the 1st pitch at the Rangers game Friday It might be WORSE than 50 Cent's attempt Β»
SELENA I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, you're amazing and I miss you, come back soon to Texas!
Miss Texas threw one of the worst first pitches ever! (GIF).
They rode in on horses, there is a Texas country ba, Miss Texas was the bride and this little princess was amazing! Coolest wedding ever!
Miss Texas already received a call from Dave Dombrowski to replace Joe Nathan as closer.
Miss Texas' ceremonial first pitch at the Rangers' game looked more like the first roll on Bowling for Dollars. A gutter ball at that.
Miss Texas, Miss Great Plains, and Miss West Coast had a glamorous time with John Legend, Taye Diggs and Andy Cohen on BRAVO's Watch What Happens Live tonight! Missed the episode? Catch it online:
Miss the nights of going to Texas road πŸ‘»πŸ»
aw I miss you too boo πŸ˜­πŸ˜” if not this summer then next for sure! By then I'll have a job in Texas and flights are cheaper
I wish my older sis was home from TexasπŸ˜₯πŸ˜ͺ that's my only sister and I miss her.. That's BLOODπŸ’‰
Though we have a great time at miss Texas, it really stinks that we live 150+ miles away from each other πŸ˜“
WIll you help me-Miss Texas Plus USA WIN?? You have been tagged in a post by one of your friends, please click on the like on my photo to submit your vote. I am currently losing by 250+ votes and It would be greatly appreciated for you to submit your vote by liking my photo, Please use the comment box to tag your friends back to do the same thing. Huge thanks in advance. here is the link
You don't want to miss this! LIVE from Austin, Texas... Mingo Fishtrap tomorrow night! A little blues, a little...
I'm in New York and I actually kinda miss Texas right now. Lol *** is wrong with me?!
Gonna miss the great state of Texas... ❀️ but California, here I come!
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