Miss Moneypenny & James Bond

Miss Moneypenny, is a fictional character in the James Bond novels and films. She is secretary to M, who is Bond's boss and head of the British Secret Service (MI6). James Bond, code name 007, is a fictional character created in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming, who featured him in twelve novels and two short story collections. 5.0/5

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mine is Emily Blunt. She could be James Bond, the Bond Girl, the Bond Villain, M, Q and Miss Moneypenny in one perfect movie
like your Miss Moneypenny from James Bond look 😀😀
Love This one? James Bond w/ Miss Moneypenny or naughty Russian spy? Grab your DJ you've pulled. Chap's…
The code word was, "I love you" and James Bond was unable to repeat it back to Miss Moneypenny
Totally on board with as next James Bond, but only if plays Miss Moneypenny.
people asked me "Are you excited for Idres Elba in James Bond". I said I'd watch it even if he was Miss Moneypenny
It's enough to make Miss Moneypenny weep. Daniel Craig has reportedly said he is ‘done’ with the role of James Bond. And the inevitab...
James Bond candidates in 'Great British Bond Off' for Mail on Sunday: It's enough to make Miss Moneypenny wee...
Daniel Craig will no longer play James Bond. He feels it's time to take on more challenging roles, like M and Miss Moneypenny.
Vintage photo of Timothy Dalton as James Bond, Caroline Bliss as Miss Moneypenny
Born this day in 1927 – Lois Maxwell, best known for her portrayal of Miss Moneypenny in the first fourteen James Bond films, (1962-85).
Miss Moneypenny with James Bond. She is such a fashion icon!
Fancy yourself as James Bond or Miss Moneypenny? Come to our James Bond Ball on 16 October. email: eventsfor info
"You are a cunning linguist" (Miss Moneypenny, James Bond, Tomorrow never dies)😝
"We are not James Bond, we are Q in the James Bond movies" Pradeep on role of IT. (And some of us are Miss Moneypenny IRL)
- thinking you could be the new James Bond here! Can I audition for miss moneypenny?? Please?!
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my favorite Secretary is Miss Moneypenny from James Bond.
Idea from for Sean Connery as Rosamund's love interest. James Bond & Miss Moneypenny together again!
the way my coworker sold me - if Miss Moneypenny was the badassest of agents and when James Bond gets killed, she steps in
Naomie Harris /is set to reprise her role as Miss Moneypenny in the new James Bond titled...
was the first to answer today's question correctly - Lois Maxwell played Miss Moneypenny in 14 James Bond movies
Lois Maxwell my good sir she was Miss Moneypenny in the first 14 James Bond films.
Recently saw the movie Endless Night (1972) based on the novel by Agatha Christie and it is notable for the fact that it included in the cast George Sanders who had committed suicide five months before the release of this movie. Sanders was one actor who had played The Saint, Simon Templar when he played him in movies in the late 1930s and early 1940s. Without looking up every cast member of Endless Night, from immediate memory there have been other Endless Night castmembers who had worked with other Simon Templar actors and from memory they were: Britt Ekland – She was later a Bond Girl to Roger Moore’s James Bond in The Man With The Golden Gun and appeared in Return of the Saint episode Murder Cartel in which the Saint was played by Ian Ogilvy. Peter Bowles – He was a guest star in the Roger Moore Saint series and worked with him again in The Persuaders in which Moore was a regular and Bowles a guest star. Lois Maxwell – She was of course Miss Moneypenny in the James Bond films including the Rog ...
Lois Maxwell was Miss Moneypenny in these best James Bond movies. she was Canadian born in Kitchener and died in 2007. she was very beautiful!
So I was thinking about movies and actors/actresses tonight, because of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine appearing in (yet) another movie next spring, and that got me wondering: What actor/actress has played the same character in multiple movies. Here are the rules: 1) The movie must have achieved a theatrical release. 2) The movie must be live action actors/actresses (no voice work/animation). 3) The movie must be after 1960, to better reflect more modern, known movies. 4) The character can be a cameo, but the character must be a major character in his/her own right. If you ignore rule 4: -17: Desmond Llewelyn as Q (a crapton of James Bond movies) -14: Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny (a slightly less crapton of James Bond movies) Here is what I came up with the most: -8: Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger (all 6 Nightmare on ElmStreet films, New Nightmare, and Freddy vs. Jason - possibly 9 if you include the glove and laugh seen and heard in Jason Goes to *** -8: Leonard Nimoy as Spock (All 6 TOS Start Trek mo ...
James Bond author Ian Fleming's letters to the real Miss Moneypenny via
Maggie's the new James Bond. She forced Daniel Craig into an early retirement. Gillian is Miss Moneypenny.
Skyfall. I didn't get all the hype!!! (Regardless of box office hehe) I'm feeling let down by Daniel Craig "yet again" And... Sam Mendes May of lost his "M" but he also lost the "00" in his 7 : ((( THEN! it suddenly dawned on me ( get ready) "Christopher Nolan"and "Tom Hardly" would make for a great team for a new Bond of tomorrow! ; ) it would be awesome... having shared my suggestion with Director "NNeil Jones I thought I would share his "Synopsis" with you! "Visionary director "Chris Nolan"(The Dark Knight Trilogy) brings a whole new 007 saga to the screen. After the death of Miss Moneypenny, James Bond (Tom Hardy) turns to steroids and mumbling in an attempt to bring glory back to his failing career" Action packed, full of gadgets and a high pitched score make this Bond the most serious Bond ever... Thank you Neil : )
Now - ENTERTAINMENT: 1. Bernard Hermann composed the music for which unforgettable movie murder scene? 2. Which American academic turned comic performer sang songs such as " Masochism Tango" and "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park"? 3. Who composed the opera The Flying Dutchmen (Der fliegende Holländer)? 4. In which town do Wallace and Gromit live? 5. Which English king has been played twice on film by Peter O'Toole? 6. A full-size house was built out of Lego 2009 for which presenter’s television series Toy Stories? 7. Featuring the voices of Woody Allen and Sharon Stone, which was the first film released by DreamWorks Animation in 1998? 8. Samantha Bond starred as Miss Moneypenny in four James Bond films. She also plays the recurring character of Auntie Angela in which BBC semi-improvised comedy series? 9. Which 1970’s cult TV programme was based on the 16th century Chinese novel Journey to the West? 10. The 2011 TV drama The Body Farm was a spin-off from which long running drama series?
Miss Moneypenny is a fictional character in the James Bond novels and films. She is secretary to M, who is Bond's boss and head of the British Secret Service (MI6). Although she has a small part in the films, it is always highlighted by the underscored romantic tension between her and Bond (somethin...
Ahead of this weeks Happy Hour, create your own Jame Bond scene with a classic Vodka Martini recipe - 1 1/2 oz Vodka, 3/4 oz Dry Vermouth with an olive for garnish. Mix together with ice and strain into a cocktail glass - Shaken not stirred Miss Moneypenny!
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I truly believe that James Bond films (and the books) hooked me on world travel and each Bond actor lent a special nuance to the character. (Even the tongue-in-cheek rascalli-ness of Roger Moore!). However, "Starfall" was off the charts! I am still not quite sure how the director managed to combine quintessential Bond action (hey, the motor cycle chase over the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul segued into a battle to the death on a speeding train and that was just the START) with a dawning realization that another generation is ascending. As one of the generation who once stood "toe-to-toe with the Commie foe" of the Cold War, I can identify with both hero and villain coming to terms with change, how they fit in that change, and if their contributions are still valid. I was so engrossed in the action on the screen, I did not finish my popcorn and cold drink -- sacred rites of the movie experience! There was one BAD goof, which a person would not associate with Bond: the characters continued to refer to a do ...
Although she is known worldwide as James Bond's Miss Moneypenny, Lois Maxwell spent less than 20 minutes on screen, and said under 200 words
I just watched the new James Bond Skyfall movie and i have to say i am highly disappointed in the Bond Movies as of late so disappointed that i may never watch another new bond movie ever they killed off M and killed off Q Miss Moneypenny is a black girl now and don't even get me started on how bad Daniel Craig is at being The one and only James Bond i seriously think Hollywood needs to put James Bond out of his misery and never make a new one unless Pierce Brosnan comes back to be Bond
Saw Skyfall last night. As you know, I have a weakness for James Bond. And for Daniel Craig. AND Javier Bardem. That said, there was something missing for me (and no, it wasn't Daniel in a wet tuxedo on the floor of the shower..though...hmmm...). Have you seen it? What did you think?
"Skyfall" the new James Bond movie was and still is drawing the crowds... It is the 50th anniversery of the series and I have to tell you, it did not meet my expectations. 3.5 out of 5. It has the thrilling opening as all Bond movies do, but Daniel Craig was much better in "Casino Royal", and there were far better villians than Javier Bardem... Several of the other chase scenes were very good but overall lacked the spark and excitement we have seen before with 007. I would have liked to have seen more of Singapore, what a great looking city, but I only got to change planes and waited in their airport smoke room. So how many of you know Miss Moneypenny's first name?
Movie Quote/Trivia of the Day Bond - My department knows I'm here. When I don't report, they'll retaliate. Max Zorin - If you're the best they've got, they'll more likely try and cover up your embarrassing incompetence. James Bond - Don't count on it, Zorin. Max Zorin - You amuse me, Mr. Bond James Bond - It's not mutual. -James Bond and Max Zorin (Roger Moore and Christopher Walken in A View to a Kill) Did you know? This is the only James Bond movie ever where the famous spy genre catchphrase "Nobody ever leaves the KGB" is heard. It is said by General Gogol (Walter Gotell). The disclaimer, "Neither the name Zorin nor any other name or character in this film is meant to portray a real company or actual person" was added after producers discovered a real company known as Zoran Landicorbic Ltd. Their industry was fashion design. This was Roger Moore's seventh and final appearance as 007. This was Lois Maxwell's final appearance as Miss Moneypenny. Apparently, after she was told that she would be retiring f ...
Movie of the Day(er, yesterday)--- 2012's Skyfall--- After a brief foray into middle-of-the-road James Bond territory, 007 is back!--- 8 out of10--- Great opening sequence--- Terrific villain with an interesting introductory scene toying with Bond's manhood--- Great , steamy shower scene--- Fighting in the shadows of Shanghai--- Cool London Underground scenes--- Nice finale with frozen lake action--- M getting a lot of screen time--- Komodo Dragons--- Heinekens--- Aston Martins--- Miss Moneypenny--- and Q!--- What else can one ask for?
Late Night Jokes from Newsmax.com The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Late Show With David Letterman Jimmy Kimmel Live! Late Night With Jimmy Fallon The Tonight Show With Jay Leno They did not have Halloween in New Jersey Wednesday night. Governor Chris Christie postponed it by executive order until Monday. However, he did spend the day scaring Republicans by praising President Obama. The birth rate in the United States has hit an all-time low. But to be fair, basketball season has just started. It’s going to take a while for these guys to get out there and go to different towns. Just be patient. The latest James Bond movie, "Skyfall," is really good but there's a bit of a controversy now because of product placement. Like instead of his signature martini, Bond now drinks Heineken. That's not the only example — 007 is now 007-11. You know Miss Moneypenny? She's now Miss JCPenny. Late Show With David Letterman New York City is desperately trying to return to normal. Wait a minute. When were we normal? You f ...
Double Oh-no! Someone should tell Miss Moneypenny in 1998 Pierce Brosnan was James Bond! ;-)
"Think on Your Sins" - This were the four words on which the entire movie revolved , In this film Bond investigates an attack on MI6, its proved that it is part of an attack on M by former MI6 operative, Raoul Silva , who has organised the cyber threat at the heart of Skyfall – a 'death-day' scenario for all the undercover spies around the world. The film's release coincided with the 50th anniversary of the James Bond series, which began with Dr. No in 1962 and also the last film of the series for Judi Dench who played M, a role which she had played in the previous seven films. The position is subsequently filled by Ralph Fiennes's character, Gareth Mallory. This 'Bond-flick' is directed by Sam Mendes , who after 'Quantum of Solace' remained on board as a "consultant" during the period of uncertainty recession hit on MGM's financial situation, fortunately after the release, he has already taken the world wide box office by storm with the second biggest opening weekend of all time.. The film's main a ...
internet spoil the fun on watching new movies.. they done it on Marinda Tate being Talia al Ghul in The Dark Knight Rises.. now they ruing the fun on knowing that Eve is actually Miss Moneypenny in the new James Bond's Skyfall, although halfway i already figure out that Lord Voldemort is going to replace Judi Dench's M and become the new M
Hubby is at the James Bond premiere with clients while Miss Moneypenny waits at home. Here's hoping I don't need Dr. No tonight or The Spy Who Loved Me might find The World Is Not Enough. I suppose if he doesn't want me to use my Licence to Kill, then of course, Diamonds Are Forever.
Samantha Bond (born 27 November 1961) Miss Moneypenny in the James Bond films during the Pierce Brosnan years
How cool is this my Dads cousin Sheena Easton sang the James Bond theme tune for your eyes only. to kill Miss Moneypenny.
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