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Miss Frizzle

The Magic School Bus is a series of children's books about science, written by Joanna Cole and illustrated by Bruce Degen.

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Every time I get sick 😷. I automatically think of Osmosis Jones and Miss Frizzle and that poppin *** magic school b…
“quick your crush coming act natural”. Me:
So Elmo's dad saw all of his success and decided to get back involved in his life, I'm not feeling it.
We're watching the magic schoolbus and I just heard "Miss Frizzle! We need to follow that cephalopod!" followed by…
If Traci Ellis Ross doesn’t play Miss Frizzle in the future, we have failed.
It started when we were younger you were mine,
Anyway so how do u forget about the fact that ur government is run by sex offenders who will stop at nothing to rob u to t…
Hey guys checkin I still wanna die but it’s cool
any health hazard yet the story of the cell W.H.O you cann't have it magic bus oh dr janet harker…
Today is the day in history that prohibition was repealed. Tnx America
At the beginning of every Magic School Bus episode Miss. Frizzle yells out "Seatbelts everyone" but the average bus has no…
Some of my TV/film icons were women:. 1. Miss Frizzle taught me to take chances & make mistakes. 2. Mary Poppins taug…
📷 chaoslindsay: A Spoonful of Sugar: in which Miss Mary Poppins and Ms Valerie Frizzle unexpectedly sit...
Today I was channeling odd miss frizzle vibes. . I liked it.
I look like Miss Frizzle today. Thanks rain.
he expressed to his physician WANTING to eat his paints (plural) & drink turpentine explicitly to poison himself (telling hi…
Tyra Banks displaying her walk while being playful, seductive and elegant on the runway. An iconic model.
When you open up the fridge and your leftovers are gone
*** is going on? Why are robots in my TL every 5 seconds
As Miss Frizzle always says "Take Chances, Make Mistakes and GET MESSY!" Baking is all about rolling your sleeves u…
Miss Frizzle led her students on informative tours through often hazardous scenarios with panache -once she even dr…
I enjoy watching telly in bed but miss out as my mega old telly doesn’t have freeview.
always best disguises and outfits. MISS FRIZZLE. lol sorry thought you were else or something st first lol. LET IT GO
Was told outside a club last night that I looked like a gothic Miss Frizzle... aesthetic achievement unlocked!
I just started playing mine cause I bought a bunch of games from some mom on fb!!! finding all these selfies from 2009 a
I just decided if I EVER do a couple's costume it has to be me as Miss Frizzle and him as the Magic School Bus or literally nothing.
*Joshua picking out my outfit for the bars tonight* "so exactly how miss frizzle do you want to look tonight?
if you could go on a date with any fictional book character, you would pick Miss Frizzle, right?
I would just love a cooky female professor character like Miss Frizzle
Tryna explain why Miss Frizzle wouldn't wanna be associated w/ magic & the bus turns into a bee & I remember the n…
Watching the Magic School Bus with my nephews and thinking about how awesome Kate McKinnon is going to be as the new miss frizzle
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Lowkey miss frizzle was always trying to kill her students
Although, I just had a brief existential crisis about whether Miss Frizzle should be Ms Frizzle. Maybe we should just go with The Frizz.
I'm fine with this. If I could straight up steal Miss Frizzle's wardrobe, I'd do it in a heartbeat.
As a kid I never even thought about whether miss frizzle was *** but omg how could she be anything else
I'm sorry but insomnia cookies r where it's at
Me: wow the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, it may be a good day 😀. Mental Health:
sounds vaguely like Magic School Bus??? I don't remember if Miss Frizzle had a lizard tho
Kate McKinnon to voice Miss Frizzle in Netflix’s ‘Magic School Bus’ reboot
Still, I'm reminded of the classic Magic School Bus books, that ridiculed itself on how impossible it was to do what Miss Frizzle did-
...maybe. I'm over here looking like miss frizzle.
Be real it was all downhill for us the day we realized "being Miss Frizzle & having a Magic School Bus" was not an actual…
Mck is a real life Miss Frizzle omfg
Call him Miss Frizzle because is leading this bus to regionals.
Wait... is Miss Frizzle the TRUE original PIRATE?? Mind blown.
If Miss Frizzle was my teacher I'd be getting straight A's for the rest of my life😶
A2 take chances make mistakes get dirty Miss Frizzle
Step inside—it's a wilder ride! Kate McKinnon is ready to climb on the Magic School Bus as Miss Frizzle:
I was a kid. I adored that show and I feel like it did make a lasting impression. I thought Miss Frizzle was the coolest.
Does this mean that Jeanie is Miss Frizzle?
Take chances, make mistakes, GET MESSY. Miss Frizzle and Jeannie Buss.
Slight change to my 2017 lineup...keeping Yeti Hunter Mei for early 2018. Adding Miss Frizzle for the March for...
only place you preschoolers should be is Miss Frizzle's Magic School Bus
Adam: This apple is great, where did you get it from? Eve: The Forbidden tree Adam:
Dear California Drought, . I'm sorry for all the bad things I said about you. I miss you and I want you back. . -Soggy in…
Mom: let me see how u look in that new coat . Me: its too big . Her: you'll grow into it . Me:
Realized I dress like Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus today
I used to tell my Ss "Take chances, make mistakes, get messy." (Miss Frizzle) We have to learn to give ourselves time a…
Lowkey disappointed in myself for never doing a Miss Frizzle cosplay/disneybound while I had red hair
It's the Miss Frizzle skirt! Or so we've been told 😉 Find it in the shop or online here -> ✨
I either dress strictly monochromatic or like a mismatched Miss Frizzle. There's no in-between.
Kate McKinnon as the new Miss Frizzle is quite possibly the best thing to happen in 2017
How the *** am I just finding out that Miss Frizzle is Lily Tomlin?! So much yas
Free idea for Hollywood: A live action Magic School Bus adventure movie starring as Miss Frizzle.
Now that that's over, I can take these *** twist out and see what Miss Frizzle doing. . It's been awhile. I miss you.
Plot twist miss frizzle drugs all the kids making them think they are on trips when really they're trippy
Does Cam look like Miss Frizzle or nah
Miss frizzle from Magic School Bus was high key a ***
Miss ya d00d. Visit us before we move!
I curled my hair to be fancy for but then I went outside & got hit with high winds. Lol Miss Frizzle it is!
When you walk into a new store only to find Miss Frizzle literally hungover...
What if the entire Magic School Bus show was actually a drug trip the kids are having bc miss frizzle laced their milk with LSD
Never seen Miss Frizzle collect signed permission slips before she took them kids to space.
Bro all them kids shows are terrifying when you think about it. Like Miss Frizzle should would be in jail.
Like the chameleon that's hanging with miss frizzle
How Miss Frizzle never went to jail for child endangerment I'll never know
It's a shame that nobody ever wifed up Miss Frizzle, with all of her knowledge, quirkiness, and ability to drop some fire puns
Sardonyx always reminds me of Miss Frizzle from the Magic Schoolbus for some reason. Especially here in fact.
My hair has its own area code today. Watch out World, Miss Frizzle is coming thru
Students for class headed to field in yellow school bus. immediately crowns Anna as Miss Frizzle.
Yeah I miss you. I miss us. I miss having you to talk to whenever I wanted. But I know I have to move on, because this…
"Miss Frizzle please let this be a normal field trip"
Best compliment I've ever received in my life, from Tor: "I feel like you're a cross between Miss Frizzle and Captain Janeway."
I agree with Miss Frizzle is the best idea on planet earth. I'm on the Magic Schoolbus
Im going to come into work once my stuff is out of storage & everyone will think Miss Frizzle + Betsey Johnson had a corporate-casual baby.
"Chris Darden and Miss Frizzle are hooking up."
I hope everyone is having a very messy weekend! After all, if you don't get a little messy, where's the fun? ;)
"What's not to love about your short hair, your sassy attitude, and your Miss Frizzle glasses?"
I loved this video except that it was f***ed up when miss frizzle tries to cut off her husband's ***
Kids these days should be watching The Magic School Bus, because I swear I learnt everything from Miss Frizzle.
Our kids have discovered Miss Frizzle and I couldn't be more proud.
Miss Frizzle may be my best idea yet
I hope Miss Frizzle doesn't have any plans to take the school bus inside my body. The only thing she'll find is a black liver and cheetos.
Kimmy Gibbler is straight up dressing like Miss Frizzle.
Why can't my science teacher be like miss frizzle
Mary Poppins and Miss Frizzle are 2 women who have considerably influenced me
I like to Cha Cha, Ayy I like to Cha Cha. Like the chameleon that's hanging with Miss Frizzle.
Did we need another reason to travel? In memory of Miss Frizzle, take chances, make mistakes, get messy!...
Like some say, "clouds are the playful fancies of the mighty wind!" -Miss Frizzle
Miss Frizzle now the standard? I'm gonna start charging for appearances
HAPPY BIRTHDAY B FRIZZLE!! Love and miss you lots, hope your day is great 🎉😜💗
The Power of Science! EA Cosplay as Bill Nye and Miss Frizzle at SwampCon!
You know Miss. Frizzle's classes had bomb *** reunions, getting drunk and taking the Magic School Bus weird places...
Lol I love that my trainer quoted Miss Frizzle from The Magic School Bus in our welcoming email 😂
Our bus driver just asked us to make him a cardboard cutout of Miss Frizzle and figure out how to put alien speakers in the bus
haven't seen anyone yet. I would have been Miss frizzle from Magic School Bus!
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I think my ideal clothing style is Miss Frizzle meets librarian meets Buffy. At this point, I've got the librarian part down.
Dogboner has to ask miss frizzle to drive him inside a petri dish so he can get in his car
Just go ahead and call me Miss Frizzle 😅 ☔️
I should be miss frizzle for Halloween
fyi I have in fact worn the Miss Frizzle costume.
Can't believe they got Frances McDormand to play Miss Frizzle.
I'm mad jealous of miss frizzle's earrings
To quote Miss Frizzle "Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!" There are reasonable things to be afraid (playing...
One of the students wanted to do group photos cuz he had a selfie stick so there's a photo out there somewhere of me being Miss Frizzle
Only awesome people know who miss frizzle is
Ill be your Magic School Bus and you can be my miss frizzle. You can ride me anywhere.
Ya miss frizzle what can I do for tha extra cred?
What if Miss. Frizzle slips acid in her class' juice boxes and they just trip every afternoon during "Field Trip."
Did Miss Frizzle even collect a permission slip prior to the class trips? 🤔
I'm sorry but Miss Frizzle had a woeful attitude towards her children's health and safety and so doesn't deserve a place here
I miss all my dawgs but they bite the hand that b feeding
You can't have a better role model than Miss Frizzle.
Mosaic for days. Channeling my spirit animal, Miss Frizzle, in a patchwork skirt while…
Miss Frizzle and the Magic School Bus stopped by Bedtime Story Time last night. The reading theme was Pets. We...
Just realized D.R.A.M. said "I like to cha cha like the chameleon that's hanging with Miss Frizzle" lol. Love that song.
Boys if this works I'll be like miss frizzle and I'm taking yous for a ride on the Magic School Bus
Did you (or your kids) watch The Magic School Bus in the 90s? What do you think - is Miss Frizzle a
Dress for the job you want, especially if it's the job you have. Channeling cyber Miss Frizzle in my…
What if Miss Frizzle was a companion of the Doctor and she used his technology to teach kids about science?
Tone of my classmate (code Miss Frizzle)'s presentation on subordinate clauses = reminiscent of a tired mother telling her son his cat died
Miss Frizzle's hot mess of a presentation is off to a tragic and entertaining start.
Where's Miss Frizzle so I can get on the Magic School Bus 🌠🚍
Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus is the ultimate Teacher!
I've watched 6 hours of The Magic School Bus today. Miss Frizzle was a boss
lmao so true. Time is on our side now gotta try things and get messy *miss Frizzle voice.
Also I just realized that my 'Educator Fashion' is Miss Frizzle.
My goals as a teacher are somewhere along the lines of Miss Frizzle
idk Dan I just think we need Miss Frizzle to pick them up
You know it's bad when you try to quote Miss Frizzle
Ahhh, the miss frizzle *** post. One of my personal favorites.
Well on my way to becoming Miss Frizzle.
You text me Kuz u miss me jus to tell me that u don't
call up miss frizzle I'm only a field trip away 🚌
If I could spend the day with one celebrity, it would definitely be Miss Frizzle. She personifies everything I...
I think my entire life can be summed up by Miss Frizzle's catchphrase: "Take chances, make mistakes, get messy."
Can we finally discuss the implications of Miss Frizzle, in loco parentis, taking the class on a field trip INSIDE ANOTHER…
Someone was aiming for Miss Frizzle, I'm sure she ain't taking anymore students on field trips
yes! I was thinking flannel too. I also was tempted by the idea of dressing like miss frizzle.
Miss Frizzle didn't take kids on field trips she took them on acid trips lol
They just called me miss frizzle lmao I'm dying
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What do miss Frizzle and the catholic church have in common?
Kills me every time. And the part at the the chameleon that's hanging with Miss Frizzle.
Ans-Miss frizzle is i love the most she is genious...
Don't imitate something or someone. It's boring. Be you and do what works for you. As Miss Frizzle… the chameleon that's hanging with Miss Frizzle. 🎧
CORRECTION, Please: Earlier we misidentified Miss Frizzle as her sister, Miss Dribble. THIS, of course, is Frizzle!
This morning, I mentioned making my class more like Miss Frizzle's. The basic consensus is that I'm going to need two things:. 1. A wardrob…
Ok, without creating physically impossible field trips, how can I make my class like Miss Frizzle's?
Miss I'am so SORRY.. I didn't mean to hurt you.. I'm really-really SORRY... :--(((
I want to write "I miss you" on a rock and throw at your face, so you know how much it hurts to miss you.
Like the chameleon that's hanging with Miss Frizzle.
I still can't believe that you don't know who miss frizzle is...
Took a pic of Miss Frizzle, got a free Velma in the background.
Chillin with Miss Frizzle, everyday's a party.
My first bottle of the by is complete! Not only is Miss Frizzle longer…
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I heard someone in a parking lot today shout, " bye, miss Frizzle!" and I instinctively turned around. I think I have a problem.
"miss frizzle it's getting late, I need to go to band practice". "not to worry, mates, it's only 3 o'clock in london". she's tripping so hard
I am literally dressed like Miss Frizzle's dowdier cousin today.
Someone at this thing has perfect hair for a miss frizzle cosplay
I'll be in ma second home tomorrow.. Oh how I miss it..
Is buying a $60 skirt for the Instagram caption: slowing transforming into miss frizzle worth it? I think yes.
Actually miss frizzle from the Magic School Bus
Miss Frizzle because everyday would be a learning adventure for all!
A1: Miss Frizzle... I grew up watching her on TV and own every episode in a DVD box set. I know that makes me a nerd!
A1: Miss Frizzle...lots of fun field trips! 😊
Like the chameleon that's hangin with Miss Frizzle
Never heard of that show. I know who "the cha-me-leon that's sangin' with Miss Frizzle" is tho! 😏
-Miss Frizzle, how does the bus work?. -Why, by magic!. -Doesn't that undercut the idea of an empirically understandable universe?. -CARLOS!
is that Miss Frizzle on your profile pic?! Lol! That is awesome!!!
like business casual, I think? I don't know. I want to look like a teacher, but no be insane like Miss Frizzle.
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Gonna go against the tide and vote for option 1! When dressing on theme I say go as literal as possible, like Miss Frizzle.
Like a chameleon hanging with Miss Frizzle
If Miss Frizzle chose to have purple hair! 😁
I wish miss Frizzle was our professor :/
I had baby sitters as good as miss frizzle as a child
Tony promised to dress up as Catwoman if I promise to be Miss. Frizzle for Halloween -_-
I just read online where someone just described me as part Miss Frizzle, part Steve Irwin. I'll take it.
When you hand Miss Frizzle the AUX cord
You're totally the art teacher Miss Frizzle this world needs.
It finally makes sense for me to dress like Miss Frizzle.
This humidity is so serious I basically look like Miss Frizzle.
Like a chameleon that's hanging with Miss Frizzle.."Wit a Dominican that re-sembles Tiena! ht…
You remember how in Tomorrowland shows up in one of his East-West bowl wigs with Kathryn Hahn cos-playing Miss Frizzle?
NASA needs to borrow Miss Frizzle's Magic School Bus to get to Mars. They did it all in one school day.
Watching Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey and exploring DNA and the Milky Way like is the new Miss Frizzle.
A crossover episode of Alex Mack where she turns to ooze, gets eaten by a dog, runs into Miss Frizzle and the Magic School Bus .
Teaching the art of "To quote Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus: 'get messy, make mistakes.'"
I just realized that River Song and Miss Frizzle are basically the same person.
My bff Hannah looked like miss frizzle at work today it was incredible
Settled in a comfy chair. Sipping a Dogfish Head Indian Brown. The part that you should care about? Debra Messing should play Miss Frizzle, in a live action version of The Magic School Bus.
This is not actually the start of a bad joke. What do Miss Frizzle, "National Treasure" and science teachers have in common? The message I...
All I want to do with my life is watch the Magic School Bus do awesome things with miss frizzle
"The Magic School Bus" was probably the greatest educational television program ever made. Why? Because Miss Frizzle's class were constantly failing at everything they did -- yet, they'd always persist.
One negative about the not nearly enough Miss Frizzle cosplay.
Remember that episode of Magic School Bus where Miss Frizzle had to sacrifice herself like Obi Wan to save the kids? Man, that show was dark
I wish I had a teacher like miss frizzle
Totally wish Miss Frizzle was my teacher.
“I would be lying if I said I wasn't pumped that the Magic School Bus is on netflix I aspire to be miss frizzle
thanks Bert. I miss my daily dose of Miss Frizzle
It's been like, a month and my Miss Frizzle DW shirt hasn't come in yet... :(. ~The Roman
What do Miss Frizzle, "National Treasure" and Science Teachers all have in common? via
Carter learning about digestion with Miss Frizzle on Netflix.
This weather today is makin me look like miss frizzle
Oh Miss Frizzle, always getting these kids into adventures
If u don't think Miss Frizzle is an incarnation of Iris Wildthyme, idk what 2 say 2 u.
Okay so we are riding a school bus into a mine... If you see Ms. Frizzle please lmk asap
Today ground fog crossed to roadway.I felt like Miss Frizzle in magic Schoolbus busting threw the clouds .
"A partnership that is good for both partners is a partnership that lasts." - Miss Frizzle, "The Magic School Bus"
In the mean time, read this little morsel while I play video gamesl: "Never say never!" - Miss Frizzle, The Magic School Bus
hmm I hadn't consciously realized it but I think I might be. I was thinking how nice Miss Frizzle wasn't all vamped up in the show
Yet another red head, this time it's Miss Frizzle
Miss Frizzle is hot; if she were a real person and a believer i'd marry her. We'd have a great time with that bus.
Hard to miss ID this majestic bird. Simply stunning to see. Beautiful!
well duh I had a field trip with Miss Frizzle and the Magic School Bus! I learned a lot! Fun fact: bees can only sting once
Miss Frizzle made me want to be a science teacher.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Take chances, make misrakes, get messy. -Miss Frizzle. The typo that is my life in a nutshell.
I would never wanna leave Miss Frizzle's class. I'd be like "hold my *** back, I want the Frizz!"
Miss Frizzle was getting these kids high.
What was Miss Frizzle doing on the subplanet Pluto?
"The more mixed up things are, the better the solution". -Miss Frizzle
I kinda wish my profs would come to class wearing miss frizzle's outfits
Miss Frizzle's class must have to sign so many permission forms.
this is a little miss frizzle but what a cute SOM event dress this is!
Miss Frizzle visited Pluto and told her kids it was a planet, therefore it will always be a planet
I miss being down there. I gotta make a trip to Bham one of these days for sure!
Low key I miss Magic School Bus back in middle school , mrs frizzle and that big *** nose .
My physics professor told me he's coming to class as miss frizzle everyday. Maybe this summer class won't be so bad. 😂
I love me some Miss Frizzle. She told me that. ___ works better taut. Don't remember the words exactly but. I'm pretty tight lol
heads up for anyone who sees me today: I look like a blonde miss frizzle
Miss Frizzle should have specified when it was appropriate to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy.
I wish I could be Miss Frizzle and have a Magic School Bus to take my class on awesome field trips.
(586): Hooked up with a guy dressed as Miss Frizzle last night... Asked if I could ride his Magic School Bus.
Hey, SiriusXM Kids Place Live listeners! You can tune in this weekend during the regular "Rumpus Room" concert times (such as tonight at 9 p.m. EST) to hear Lori Henriques (who is like Miss Frizzle meets a Woody Allen character meets Broadway on jazz piano) and I even join her with a little back-up singing and a duet of her bittersweet "If I Had a Twin."
.along with Miss Frizzle, my guiding light :(
Aint that the truth! Everything i know about science was Bill Nye, Miss Frizzle, and Zoom. School? Nah, i just reviewed what I already learned!
Also world can we petition Lana Parilla to play Carmen Sandiego and Meryl Streep to play Miss Frizzle?
I never thought i would find a way to include Jack Hanna, Marty Stouffer, Bill Nye and Miss Frizzle in one project
What field trip would you take the class on if you were Miss Frizzle fro... — We'd take a magic trip to Taco Bell..
learning about the solar system with Miss Frizzle. Too bad they didn't know about Pluto...
Miss Frizzle would be the best elementary school teacher ever.
I noticed last night that Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus looks a lot like Barbara Streisand.
Anne Burrell & Guy Fieti are the love children on Miss Frizzle & Fabio...
Didn't Miss Frizzle's class have an ant farm at one point? That's inspiring.
Morning News: If you remember, several months ago MNN reported about Miss Valerie Frizzle's crime spree. Well, Miss Frizzle has escaped prison, stolen the school bus, kidnapped the students of Walker Elementary's 2nd grade, and has blasted off into space. The search begins again!
Check out The Magic School Bus (yes, it's still on the air)! The fun science show features quirky Miss Frizzle and her students as they go on... unusual field trips.
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should I be Miss Frizzle for halloween? or Joan Holloway? or that Blake guy from Workaholics?
What if Miss Frizzle is actually River Song and the Magic School Bus is another TARDIS.
Magic School Bus: Field Trip Fun & Games: Explore with Miss Frizzle everything from the smallest cell to the lar...
Miss Frizzle and the Magic School Bus.being here at 7 will totally be worth it if I always start it like this!
Awkward moment when you look in Miss Frizzle's purse and you find a bag of LSD marked "field trips"lol any one else remember the Magic School Bus
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