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Miss Ellie

Eleanor Miss Ellie Ewing Farlow (née Southworth) is a fictional principal character from the CBS soap opera Dallas, a long running serial centered around the lives of the wealthy Ewing family living in Dallas, Texas.

Sue Ellen Donna Reed Jock Ewing Barbara Bel Geddes Ellie Goulding Pamela Barnes Ewing John Ross

Share with your Every episode features Charlie & Miss Ellie, our "ANYWHERE...
"Donna Reed was a better Miss Ellie than Barbara Bel Geddes. Period.".
Q2. Which Ewing woman did a better job standing up to J.R.: Miss Ellie, Sue Ellen or Pam?
Picture of the day: Miss Ellie - Star Novak recently submitted this photo showing Matt Younkin taxiing to the p...
awwh Ellie I love this so much, going to miss you so much! Please come visit! And love you lots 💖xx
I hate that no longer offers early upgrades to individuals with good standing accounts over a long time.
I'm so glad it's nearly the weekend. Time to relax ain't that right miss ?
Although you can't be with us now we still celebrate you and miss you. Happy birthday Ellie, never forgotten❤️
worst part of me and ellie living on our own is we always miss BIN DAY
thankyou Ellie, it's okay better late than never😉 miss you too xx
miss ya janez, I need to come up to como from ole OK and see my angels ❤
I miss senior sunrise but man, I almost died that day
Don't get me wrong, I love college, but I seriously miss all of my friends and family back home.
Mrs Saba offered to call Grace Bree and I to discuss math and I emotionally can't hear her voice, I miss her too much.
DOUBLE DATE time for and on in 10 mins! You don't wanna miss this... https…
NIKKY P happy birthday my love💞 no pics cause new phone. Ily with my whole heart and I better see you soon miss you 😢
miss Ellie. the lil kitten paws at her.
I miss Abby and Megan and Jenna and Halie and Patty and Maggie and Katie and Hannah and Heather and Ellie and Hannah G and ALL OF CAMP TAMP
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLIE! Miss you I hope you have an amazing day!!
miss you too!!! It's just me and Ellie now come back
I miss you so much! happy birthday hope it was a good one!!💖
Do miss Ellie pecking my head at this time of night every night
Pleasure doing business with you too Miss Boelema.
Excellent Miss Boelema! Uncomfortable plastic overalls and a refreshing ribena carton have been provided at your disposal.
Miss you Greta ! hope to see you soon somewhere. Ellie in Las Vegas
tbf its only been 6 days since i met ellie bc she came out like this time on the saturday morning techhhnically buT ambe…
I wanna be in labour again I miss it so much
I haven't seen Ellie for 3 days and it feels like a year I MISS YOU
I'm just miss ellie. nobody can know the horror of my last name. and it's pronounced the same as eli so it's fine.
If there's a workout I miss, it's sexual drumming to Ellie Goulding.
I miss mine and Ellie's 2014 friendship
Happy birthday to my fave 😊🎉 love and miss you and hope college is treating you well 😉 party hard boo 😘😂🍻
I miss you more but u don't love me no mo so
Trying to do yoga while you have a puppy is interesting. Lol
its not you I miss, it's the company I had
I do but other people need punishing sorry xx miss u
Happy birthday !!! Miss u lots, hope your day is everything you wished for and more❤️
aw Ellie gona miss you so much too!! ill be coming to Leeds to see you as soon as you've scouted out the good bars! Love u ❤️
And the award for world's cutest fan note goes to... Miss Ellie P. You've won our hearts.
Saying goodbye to today was so sad! Words can not describe how much I'm going to miss my number one! Have an amazing time❤️😭
It was all smiles on Donna Reed's first day on the set as Miss Ellie. 1984.
Sue Ellen, Miss Ellie and Ray almost believed Wes Parmalee was Jock Ewing. Did you?
Which means she's moving back to Bristal..:( I'm going to miss you and Ellie arguing.(Alice is Ellie's older sister.)
I'm a little late responding to this...😂 thanks Kizz! Miss you
Sunday morning w/Ellie Lofaro at 10AM, you won't want to miss her, a brilliant speaker/author.
That feeling, when you've wrote so heartbreaking text to your friend and make her cry.. I'll miss you too.. Love you, Ellie 💗
Perfect weather like this really makes me miss my sunroof
Liam: Have a nice flight home!!!. Zayn: I'll try but I will miss you. Liam: ...
I hate working every friday and saturday, I feel like I miss out on so much
Ellie waited till nine to get the taxi so I wouldn't miss fam Chinese night. Truest pal 💗💗
I miss Ellie Ellie Reina and Nat so so much
- Miss you too babe x Let me know when you ready to meet up, I can pick you up or meet you somewhere x
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Do you ever miss the person that you used to be? Before you got your heart broken, before you lost someone, or before your l…
thank you Ellie I miss you sm come see us soon 💘
Thank you so v much Ellie, love and miss you lots❤️❤️
Much love for 💗 hope you have the best birthday yet and know that I miss you a ton😇
It's been a few years now since we had to say good bye to Miss Ellie but she is still missed dearly. She was an...
Miss Rackstraw has proper ripped me in my report
From her next big project to her surprise celebrity crush, Miss Vogue meets https…
Miss Ellie's fur-ever home just didn't work out for her, so she is back with us again. She is a super sweet pup...
Do you miss Ellie and Ronnie bunking in your bed?
meets to talk vegetarianism, hair heroines and Everest:
Pls take a photo of Ellie and Ronnie or either one of them because I miss them 😟
thanks Ellie :) miss those train-wreck community quizzes in Marple. What a time
what was it like being the new miss Ellie Ewing
Every time I go on FaceTime to my mum it just makes me miss my cats more and more 😒
Can you deliver to London, pretty please? Miss your deliciousness!
why did nobody tell me Ellie was at Coachella? I miss her so much
Clayton and Miss Ellie find Sue Ellen in a Detox Center after she starts drinking again. 1985.
Lilly Pearl joined in on the celebration for Miss Ellie.
Miss Ellie with her sons Bobby and J.R Ewing...
Don't miss this piece by Ellie Reinhold - available at Tickets:
"there's something about childhood friends that you just can't replace" . happy birthday, Rhett. we love and miss you so much everyday💜
When you miss an episode of grey's anatomy
wait no it's 6 I miss counted lol but the concerts are Aaron Carter, Bruno Mars, One Direction, Luke Bryan, Ellie Goulding, & Hunter Hayes
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Happy birthday, anne! Nice to meet you. Ellie will surely miss you! 😊 @ Desert Safari, Dubai
amazing big sister ❤️ not long til I see you again. I miss you and grace so much xoxo
Did you check out Miss Ellie in Tessandra Chavez' class!?
thanks ell, aw I'm going to miss you lots!😘
Agreed. Tough as *** in the beginning, but afterwards you don't miss it at all.
I'd rather miss the bus than run after it 😩
I wanted to try them out.. You looked hawt in yours btw 😍 miss u hang soon
Impact is never going to be the same, and I'm going to miss it. Those boys are my world, and they just split.
That is the look she uses to get away with everything around here Miss Ellie.
H B-DAY El! Miss ya and hope to see you soon girly! Hope your day was amazing! 🎉😊
You better kiss me, cause you're gonna miss me when I'm gone.
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happy birthday Ellie!!! Hope you've had an amazing day, miss you and ly loads ⚽️💖💘 sorry about no photos, I've lost them all😕
Clowning around on the circus hoop with Miss Mccadden tonight! 😘
I need to put aside some more time for live stream stuff again. I really miss doing that, even just live Q&As
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thank you so much Ellie!! Miss you, had a really nice day lovely! Hope your okay xx
miss you too, I saw Ellie and libs today, but not you😢we need to do something soon for sure👭
Out of this world Hot Chocolate with my best one today ❤️ Miss you already La
I always miss the 420am DMs NJ. Lol. Thank you! And thanks Ellie.
BIG shoutout to miss Ellie rose Saunders for coming all the way to Essex with me
Miss Ellie is reading our favourite story, Aliens Love Underpants.
poor Ellie her phone is blowing up rn hi Ellie miss u
HEATHA FEATHA 💛💞 happy birthday superstar I miss you so very much, have fun tonight
I want literally everything from miss pap collection 😍👌🏻
I miss being at the same place as Ellie Goulding and Taylor Swift😫
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I saw a little black cat when I went for a walk and it made me miss Ellie a lot :{ she was the best cat friend I've had, we were so close
Q4: I think Jock would be disappointed of John Ross the way he was with J.R. at times and Miss Ellie be unhappy Bobby let
Ellie Goulding on Chatty Man Tonight alongside ! You cannot miss it! 👍🏼
Our year in review, in review: 2015's best music/concerts: Plus 10 can't-miss shows in 2016:
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text me sometime because I miss you, too!
thank you!! Miss you too cant wait for river ruckus next year:))
*** even is this pic😂😭😭 HAPPY BDAY TESLA👑🎉 I miss u and all our craziness. Have a fun and safe night💕
Happy birthday to one of the sweetest girls around ❤️🎉🎊 miss you and sonic!!
monelda;; i miss you&& we could of met when I saw ellie but we didn't. love you😇💓
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Miss my Ellie more than anything right now😟
Ayyy 2015, gonna miss ya buddy. You took me on one crazy life changing adventure and I appreciate it like mad. Thank you. …
Happy birthday ellie! You're so perfect and miss you so so much❤️❤️ hope you have a great birthday 😉💗
I hate missing someone that will never miss me."
Looks like little Miss Ellie stole the show in 2015! What an amazing (and pink!) year! 🎀
I've learned that memories can have a physical, almost living presence RIP ELLIE. I miss you so much. I try to be the best person for you.
Happy birthday ellie! You're my favorite person and I love getting gourmet popcorn w you! So come home fast bc I miss you❤️
happy birthday Ellie, hope you have a lovely day. Hope to see you soon!!! miss u hotstuff Xxxx
Happy birthday Ellie bellie. I miss you :(
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Crazy that it's already 2016 for one of my very good friends 👭 miss you
I miss ellie so much and laura and nat and Ronnie and Troye and sage and everyone im sad
miss u more and more see u Monday sexy gal
This is another nasty one, Miss Ellie Aqua Bizarrely, she boasts about being a Thatcher admirer??? Very unpleasant character!
the fact that they're so rude to Ellie/Dougie, they deserve this 😂
All of the people who were excited due to the "Ellie and Dougie breakup". Lmao 😂
People still saying "Dougie and Ellie aren't together" if there was a photo of them kissing people be like "their faces are …
I really miss the *** who got a pewdiepie tattoo on his ***
Miss you Squeezy love Dandy xx happy new year beaut xxx
If they miss you, they'll call. If they want you, they'll say it. If they care, they'll show it. And if not... They aren…
My face is in desperate need of tlc and a miss on the makeup for maybe a week or a year
you won't be able to miss me tonight I'll glow in the dark
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me either 😔 CB and everyone will miss us and our craziness
(I know; I'm focusing on the wrong things.) (Wait... is THAT Barbara Bel Geddes -- Miss Ellie, of Dallas??? Whoa.)
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Miss Ellie, Sue Ellen or Pamela Barnes Ewing should be on the ten dollar bill.
Barbara played the roll of Miss Ellie like no other! I absolutely adored her and miss her as much as Dallas.
if you think she is beautiful. Ellie Goulding
When we're alone, it could be home Ellie Goulding
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Man I really need a decent new game in life. I miss the days of Bad Company and BF3. BF4 was bad - Hardline wasn…
*NEWS FLASH* . Don't miss out on the pop up store in Brixton next week. It's their first one ever! ❤️
"Miss Ellie, you must be sad.". "Why?". "Because you have nobody to talk to." -6 year old. 😐😐😐
I miss opening my phone to 102353 photos of bae looking ugly but sweet as ever ❤️
Yesterday we were at 11. We've been overtaken by Lana Del Ray, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato etc. cmon GDs! Ellie Goulding
"Miss Ellie, you have something on your face and it's not going away." -8 year old. . (It was my freckle)
I never thought I would say this but I miss Abbie lol
I keep callin' your name, keep callin' your name . I wanna hold you close but I never wanna feel ashamed . Ellie Go…
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Goodness gracious I can't seem to stop . Callin' you, Callin' you up just to keep crawlin' into your arms Ellie Go…
me:"ow miss I think I've broke my ankle". Teacher:"just put a paper towel on it you will be fine !"
I miss Ellie guys you dont even know🙍
I miss talking to hannah (or hally yes), chey, afra, mica, ellie, dani, lori, alfie, no squad squad and everyone sigh
was with kess for 2 weeks n now I've been without her for 2 hours I miss her 😥😥😥
Miss Ellie aka Pumpkin & moi off to Comic Relief at Gymnastics👯
So, you had options of "favorites"JR was my number one, but I also loved Jock, Sue Ellen, Bobby, & Miss Ellie
Spending day doing every bit of laundry In the house and cleaning top to bottom. Miss Ellie is supervising of course. Loving new lavender Pine Sol. Yep!! That's my Christmas break from school. Now off to do some letter writing for Jerry Gene
Miss Ellie is already waiting for Santa Paws 🎅🐾
it better be Pamela. John Ross is too much like JR, he keeps his fathers memory alive. Bobby is too much like Miss Ellie.
Donna Reed was a great actress but a bad, bad choice as Miss Ellie. Sorry it affected her health.
Trivia fact: Donna Reed, who played Miss Ellie in season 8, starred in Its a Wonderful Life, which the series finale was based upon.
I miss your lips, but not you though
miss you two see you soon hopefully!! Love you xxx
Love is a lot like dancing, you just surrender to the music 🎶💗
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I miss how last summer the gang basically lived at house, we were there almost every other day it was great
Miss Ellie Kaye turned 5 today.what a beautiful blessing she is to Bub and I and our family! Love you sis
You miss a lot of things in 2 weeks 😁🙈
How did Fernando Torres miss this from three yards out? - (via
Sir Buddy knew these days would come when he would do clumsy things. "It's OK Miss Ellie Mae Sparkle, this old feline can take a lot. You just cozy up with your favorite blanket and I'll nap in the Solarium. You'll see I'll be good as ever real soon." With that the cat hobbled up to the window and relaxed in the quiet, fresh air of his new little domain. Miss Sparkle wasn't too sure what to think however she trusted the feline's words. He never let her down before.
“🐘 ellie 🐘 it's beautiful, I really want our papa Johns date I miss you 😘💖
When someone that hasn't talked to you in forever tells you they miss you
I've never liked Ellie before so not a fan of her now. I still miss Lara
This is one of athletes who is running for Miss England, please show her some support…
Want to see ellie again miss her so much ! :( Ellie Goulding
I miss cougar town I need the snark from Ellie!!
I wish I'd stayed in Birmingham and come home Tomorow i miss u all too much x
Miss sleeping in the gym with my faves😩
I don't think anyone knows how much I miss Ellie D: but it's a lot.
Just look at this little 3 year old prodigy!! Little miss Ellie learned a C chord today after church!…
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ELLIE I've just told you I miss you
Two and a half days till bff gets back...hurry tf up I miss you
I made Ellie my background and lock screen because I already miss her so much
Sort of miss Ellie abit, not even Ellie actually more I miss eyeing up Ellie's boobs
have a good holiday ellie I will miss you xx
aww Ellie Con! Hope your wrist gets better.. not my fault! Thank you for this week, miss you too
I wish the body part accounts were more active I miss laughing at you guys :,( Ellie Goulding
I miss The suite life of Zack and Cody😩
I miss the holidays when I just used to work at the yard everyday and I was so tired that I couldn't even move, it was so fulfilling
I just got here and I already miss Ellie and mo
Mr. Sebastian and Miss Ellie are about to be proud parents. Miss Ellie is just starting labour, prayers and...
Watching Dallas on CBS drama. I did not know that Jock Ewing had been a naughty boy behind Miss Ellie's back
People are like stained - glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the…
Barbara Bel Geddes!! :) She was Miss Ellie just like Jim Davis as Jock and Larry Hagman as Jr. They were perfectionist! :)
Yes saying goodbye to Miss Ellie, Lucy, Donna, Jenna, Ray, Sue Ellen & to a great extent Clayton was a real pity.
This is Miss Ellie, she is a by Gentlemen Send Roses and is a full sister to the great show mares White Silk Stockings and Fishnet Stockings. She will be the next GSR Star!! PM for info.
Q1: Who was or the best mother on and why? Miss Ellie, Sue Ellen, Pamela Barnes Ewing, Ann Ewing, Afton Cooper, Donna Culver Krebbs,
Miss Ellie has been sprung from the kennel and is getting ready to fly up to Mid-Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue. She has done about 50 laps in the backyard. She just now decided to take a break.
This is the number I was given...27 Age 27: 1. Where I lived? Galena Park, TX 2. What I drove? New Toyota mini-van ("Ruby") 3. What I did? Administrative Director for a company building a Commercial Haz-Waste Incineration Facility (had my own body guard due to death threats from the chain-smoking NIMBYs) 4. Who had my heart? Starter Husband and my sweet 2 year old daughter, Mallory Robinson, my parents and baby sister, Lisa. Age now: 52 1. Where I live? Conroe, TX 2. What I drive? Ford Explorer Sport Trac ("XENA") 3. What I do? Exec. Assistant/Special Projects for County Purchasing Dept 4. Who has my heart? Soulmate/Husband Patrick Cooper, daughter, Mallory, grandchildren, Miss Ellie and Marley, and living-miracle cool sister, Lisa Mowdy Like my post and ill give you a number...
That show was so fun, Miss Ellie, Jock. I remember JR calling Sue Ellen "a drunk and a ***
While Bobby upholds Miss Ellie's love for Southfork, it's time for him to show a lot MORE of that Jock Ewing toughness.
every ewing is a true ewing, just like Jock, Miss Ellie, JR and Bobby. power isn't something you earn.
Love loved this scene! Pam was furious and Miss Ellie just laughed it off.
Cheers dolls for another fabulous day out in Glasgow, Lynn Smith, Karen Lewis, Chloe Lewis, Holly Smith, Miss Ellie and a late appearance from Paul Smith. Xxxx
Oh no I miss Ellie on the xtra factor
No one paid 😢I can't remember yours but Ellie had Miss Dynamix. Poor Ellie.
I miss the AMV for this one: LMFAO ft Ellie Goulding and Mann - Party Lights (Dance remix): via
I miss you too we need to hang out soon👌
I miss the days when it didn't hurt my back to do a simple bridge.
I don't think I'll ever be sick of Luke and Ellie's duet!
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Miss talking to you, hope you're alright ? :) x
I think Ellie Goulding has been the highlight for me
Thanks, Marina! I miss you and Ellie and LOLZ, maybe even Amos a little.
They gone from duets with Rihanna and Beyoncé and Michael Buble to Shane Ellie Goulding and a judge??
ahhh good thing I set the tv to record tonights show!!! Can't miss ellie and luke!!
Ellie and Luke's duet was amazing omg I would love it if they did a song together
Already in love with this bundle of joy. Glad I got to see Miss Ellie today! 😍❤️
I didn't miss anything too exciting then ?!! Apart from ellie of course x
Once again I am going to make the same comment about Ellie Goulding's voice, WHY IS IT SO BREATHY FFS
Jess made me miss Ellie Goulding because I was in the shower,omfg
The best thing about this inane dross I'm watching. Miss Ellie Goulding. Well hello there Miss E!
Ellie Goulding Is performing on the xfactor stage 😍 fml
seeing Ellie Goulding on Xfactor makes me miss vfest so much 😩
"hate to be biased but im most excited about Luke and Ellie
Ellie Goulding reminds me of Miss Hinton, idk why😂😂
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Ellie Goulding has amazing legs if i do say so
I must say luke and Ellie Goulding was brilliant!
I really like this Luke and Ellie Goulding performance
Don't watch the xfactor but I couldn't miss Ellie Goulding!
Got so excited about Luke and Ellie duetting, I shouted and woke the baby up
Ellie Golding and Luke Friend, such a good duet!
Watching Ellie Goulding make me miss v festival 😩
Take me back to Ellie Goulding now omg miss it so much
are you watching the x factor? you're about to miss Ellie Goulding 🙈
I'm so happy now I won't miss ellie :)
I'm going to miss Spinelli and Ellie! I loved them both!! Is she coming back?
I miss the sound of your voice, and I miss the rush of your skin. And I miss the still of the silence as you breathe out …
Don't forget about Miss Emily, whose Ellie wagon was hitched to Spinelli's star, RC's words not mine. I will miss her too.
lol If I miss ellie I will not be happy. ugh wish I could watch xfactor soon :(
I get on so well with Ellie it's unreal, gonna miss her! aka can u not beat me up:(:(;)
I know when they did that storyline of Him and Ellie Moving I know something was up with the Actors/Actress! Miss U Bradford!
Even tho I have Ellie I sure do miss Ariya Kay.
Feel like I haven't seen Ellie and Nadia for like 13433 years, miss them!😩
Is totally gutted that I've got to miss crimbo sing along as I'll only be just finishing work x
I hate how I miss what we had even though it last like less than two weeks
Okay Miss Sarah. I'm sorry for punching you last night but that's pay back for you breaking my necklace! I love you!! :-)
Miss France will be presenting the award for Duet or Group of the Year in which the boys are nominated ( Via
Snowed in and snuggling with Miss Ellie!
Miss Ellie Goulding on the tv or go get steaming hmmm its a tough decision
Miss Ellie and Miss Maddie are going over Ashley McDonough's house today for cookie day! I have two very excited girlies!!:)
Waiting on miss Ellie to get off the bus!
Miss Ellie is being spayed and vetted today. She will need a foster ASAP! I've had a few inquiries, but nothing has come thru yet. Getting anxious about this girly.
Miss Ellie Rose woke up in such a good mood... She had us laughing so hard. How I love that sweet little voice...
Snug in bed as lil miss Ellie sleeps xx
Share our event and RSVP if you're going. We will pick one guest who RVSP's to receive a free box of Miss Ellie's coffee when they come to our open house. Cheers!
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Can't wait to see Miss Ellie Dworak rock it!! xoxo :-)
Thanks for all your well wishes. Piwacket just performed a holiday show at Shriners- always a good cause. Next and last public show at St. Louis Public Library downtown Sat, Dec 21st at's free to public! Join us for Mischievous Elf with the fabulous Miss Ellie Schwetye and Sophie and Scott Sears. Special Xmas sing a long with Christopher Sears...come celebrate the holidays with us!
Waiting to watch Miss Ellie Brett star in Miss Saigon with Mum & Karen Cassie
It would seem Miss Ellie needs to learn how to eat out! Out of her bib... That is!
Big thanks to miss Ellie Reed for breakfast this morning 󾌧
We also have miss Ellie Mae up for adoption as well this Holiday season!
Hi everyone, LB here, to celebrate the safe arrival of Miss Ellie-Mae Spencer - Rhodes, we will be having a 24hr Market, running from 9pm Thursday evening, till 9pm Friday evening. The site will have a Market album, which will contain all items being offered at what I consider very good offers ( remember these are genuine gemstones). If you see an item you are interested in, then all you do is type Sold next to the item and we will contact you to arrange payment and delivery. As Royal Mail's last guaranteed postal collection for delivery before Christmas is the 16th of December, this is an ideal time to purchase those last minute gifts and stocking fillers, or, a reason to treat yourself. So remember peeps, keep those eye's peeled :)
It's a little dark and dreary outside but that's ok, our new Christmas decorations courtesy of Miss Ellie will brighten your day!! Come and see us for lunch today and don't forget, the countdown is on for our brand new Karaoke Night coming this Thursday night at 7pm!!! Lots of good fun and good food at the Cookeville Ale House!
Miss Ellie slept in until 7am today which means mom did too!
Thank you Miss Ellie May Annetts for the new hair! Something different,...!
Drinking egg nog with my miss Ellie
Miss Ellie was baptized today! Thanks to everyone that shared her special day and a big thanks to her godparents; Kimberly Frost and Mikey Gedelian!
November wasn't a good month for us at the sanctuary, unexplained serious illness with Miss Ellie, Good Girl and Yo Yo but thank fully all recovered and well. More funds gone! My Dad dropped down dead. Our gorgeous Zak is still suffering so another vets visit next week, we have to make him better! Looks like another visit to the solicitors due to another letter from Andrew and Martins solicitor. Roll on 2014. It's a good we are strong and have lovely volunteers and friends to help us through tough times, the residents at the sanctuary will always be our priority and nothing anyone can throw at us will alter this, they come first!
Linda Gibson show Lil Miss Ellie when you can.
I got to love on Miss Ellie today :) :)
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Miss Ellie playing the role of- dance teacher, mediator, counselor, and orthodontist today! Gotta love these kiddos.
Happy birthday to my grandaughter Miss Ellie xx
Seems miss ellie is a wiggle worm just like sophie was.cant believe how fast this pregnancy is going!
Come Join Miss Ellie on Friday, December 13, 2013 for a Christmas Get-To-Gather at Trax's. Fun - Food - Pool and Good Friends
Result miss ellie on her way home with a new samsung galaxy tab 3 lol pays to get insurance lol
Love listening and watching miss ellie dream. It is so sweet
Spending the day with miss Ellie west.
My visit to Miss Ellie Tea House a few days ago was met with a few surprises. The English-themed cafe which sits right in the middle of a row of shop houses was rather peculiar as its surroundings was predominantly a residential area with a few other small businesses that are mostly catered to resid...
Leaving Miss Ellie in bed this morning was very hard.Would love to snuggle up with her :)...All work and no play .x
Miss Ellie goes in at 11am today for her x-ray. Any guesses on how many we will see?? :)
Happy 5th birthday to Miss Ellie Richardson. Have a lovely day xx
Last month, it was announced ‘Dallas’ would be returning this February for Season 3. Well, you can’t have a new season of the reboot classic without some juicy scoop, and thanks to TV Guide, here’s what we can expect from our favorite Southfork characters. According to executive producer Cynthia Cidre, the season premiere begins with Bobby (Patrick Duffy) visiting the graves of J.R., Miss Ellie and Jock at the Ewing cemetery where he says, “I guess I'm the only one left now” and "I hope not to disappoint you.” This season has a lot to live up to, especially now that Larry Hagman’s J.R. is gone. So, what can ‘Dallas’ fans look forward to? Well, what about someone getting pregnant, a death, someone getting married at Southfork [Lucy (Charlene Tilton), Ray (Steve Kanaly) and Afton (Audrey Landers) will all return] and a shooting. That surely sounds enough to fill an entire season, but wait, there’s more! It seems Bobby and Ann’s (Brenda Strong) marriage will be tested. Will he find co ...
Back to Miss Ellie for lunch, nice food and discussion about Christmas Party this year!
Miss Ellie walked twice .. Flicks ridden .. Housework done .. Shopping done now just the ironing and put my kitchen tree up :)
Great day of filming today... With The Fallows, The Folly Brothers and Miss Ellie!
Miss Ellie Mae is happy now she got see Dalton Poole on the web cam.
Smiling at little miss Ellie laughing at the piglets synchronised swimming lol xx
I miss Ellie so much and she only lives next door l o l
Happy Birthday Miss Ellie, hope you have a wonderful day! miss you xoxoxoxo
Little Miss Ellie always seems to make her way to my hip bone right around bed time. That is not a chair... 󾌳󾌿󾰑
Happy 2nd Birthday Miss Ellie Atkinson. Have an awesome day little lady See you really soon xo
Little Miss Ellie.what a beautiful blessing!
MISS ELLIE: J.R I want to talk to you. J.R.: Mama, whatever it is I can explain. MISS ELLIE: (shocked look) Oh, no. Its not about you.
Miss Ellie Belly and I decorated the tree last night and she said that we did such a great job and the tree looks beautiful!
Yea! Miss Ellie wanted to eat this morning. She ate more then what she has been.
Need some prayers. My Miss Ellie is sick.
Well miss Ellie has a molar tooth coming in so needless to say we've been up since 3:45... This could be a LONG day!
Miss Ellie May You can adopt this beautiful fun loving little girl, right now!!
so they are checkin miss ellie for RSV and Croup. :(
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