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Miss America

The Miss America pageant is a long-standing competition which awards scholarships to young women from the 50 states plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

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Hi I’m Michael Chambers and my Miss America talent is befriending rich white women at fancy events I don’t belong.
I can't either. I dont see white colleges or white Miss America.
Jemel Hill dragged Trump for being a white supremacist and might get fired...Some girl just won Miss America for doing the sa…
Miss America call RALLY man Trump a white supremacist and republicans was'nt out raged football players were citizens before they became pro
"The white supremacist issue" in 2017 is a Miss America talking point. Back in my day it was a sought after Jughead double digest
If it's not about race then denounce by name all the white owners who have criticized you, plus the white Miss America
“The white blazes are just a suggestion.” - Miss America. Disclaimer: I was pretty much a purist on the...
And yet you only attack blacks over it. Not one word when white Miss America accurately called you…
Did Trump ever make a comment or criticize the Miss America or USA contestant who called him a White Supremist ?
New Mexico. Knee U Mexico. Hint U on the knee. When Ripa wears Orange and Miss America's shash's white touches Orange, then Orange = white.
They're not. But he didn't blast the white Miss America pageant contestant who condemned h…
attacks POC for exercising 1st amendment but radio silence when white Miss America contestants call him out.
Miss Texas said the same thing during the interview portion of the Miss America pagean…
And yet, he said nothing about the white Miss America contestant that said the same thing last week. Hmmm?
He's white so he's allowed to have 1A rights. Just like the Miss America contestant.
He also didn't say a word when the new Miss America (a pretty white girl from North Dakota) called h…
No attack on Miss America for her statements? I wonder why? .
Why did he not attack/criticize the Miss America contestant from Texas (who happens to be white)?
Right after you apologize to the reporter, Miss America, the judge, Rosie O'Donnell, Heidi Cruz, Mexicans, Muslims,…
Great day for BPS and Century High Alumni. Cara Mund was crowned Miss America! North Dakota’s first ever Miss America.…
people in North Dakota who support president Donald Trump should not support the new Miss America she can leave with Celine
Miss America winner Cara Mund of North Dakota calls out Trump on Paris accord withdrawal. Thanks for being a great examp…
Miss North Dakota wins the Miss America pageant for the first time in history – The Denver Post…
If Miss North Dakota had not blasted Trump, would she have won Miss America?
Miss North Dakota was crowned Miss America this year. . Just one Dakota away. Reminds me of this by https…
It was Miss America, with Miss Climate Change Believer North Dakota (home of the Bakken Oil Fields) winning
Miss North Dakota was crowned Miss America last night, but it's what she said about President Trump that has some...
Miss America and a certain ginger NFL Quarterback are from the same high school in North Dakota.
YOU'RE a DISGRACE to AMERICA! Talking against OUR President IS NOT what Miss America does! You're DONE!…
Last night's pageant was just another political show.
One of the girls was straight up asked if Trump colluded with Russia
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North Dakota takes first Miss America title ever, but Miss Texas wins big with response to white supremacy 💪🤠❤…
Can Miss America ask real questions than using Trump to make it easier for the pageants to pass on by easily bashing Trump? Its sad
New Miss America takes traditional dip in ocean after win
Isn't brainwashing something that goes on in communist dictatorship, or Banana Republic?
You were delightful to watch and your answer almost moved us to tears as well. Thank you. You are my Miss America
Did anybody point out that the new Miss America is Cara MUND ?!?
I didn't know the Miss America competition got this real
Sooo why couldn't I have been like Miss America and actually look attractive when I got County Fair Queen, or 1st r…
Congrats to Miss North Dakota Cara Mund, on making history last night! We are
Fun fact: in high school she was voted most likely to become Miss America. 🎉
Why do they ask these ?'s of people who's sole purpose in life is to be ornamental? Miss America/U…
If the Miss America Pageant wants to continue it needs to drop the political ??
loved seeing you on miss America last night. 😂 😂😂
Miss America be like:. Now Miss State, U have one thing left for u to do before u gain your crown of honor. And that is,. Do u hate Trump?
I truly want to say thank you dearly 4 having more heart & strength 2 stand up 4what…
Miss Texas brings down the house at Miss America contest with condemnation of Trump via
.Hi Cara, congrats on being Miss America. I want to treat you to a plate of beans for dinner soon. What night is good for you?
So Miss America is still a thing I see.
These Miss America contestants slammed Donald Trump on air & it was incredible via
Miss America judges have gone political against Trump. Can Libs be more obvious? Wish just 1 of those ladies would've gone KidRock on them.
These contestants slammed Donald on air & it was incredible.
TF when Miss America is more 45 than 45. 👑
Trump owned the knock-off Miss America pageant, Miss USA, but Miss America just knocked Trump off.
Ivy League graduate and dance champion crowned Miss America
Walked in to room where my wife is watching Miss America pageant & Miss Texas talent listed as "taught her sorority how to…
There's bias with these questions. Basically they'd better answer as a Liberal would, or else.
How Miss Michigan 2017 did at the Miss America pageant
"It was a very obvious terrorist attack.". Miss Texas says what refuses to say. By…
Umm. It's the Miss AMERICA pageant. Shouldn't the interview portion be a little more... idk... pro-America and its lea…
Newly crowned Miss America has criticised over climate change. Bet he's devastated featured in NBC s Science of Love
Answer! It's a shame the Don can't figure things like that out. I guess it's hard...
Yolande Betbeze used winnings from the Miss America pageant to study philosophy at NSSR. tells her story…
MissTexas MarganaWood celebrated for her response to white supremacy question - KPRC2
It was Miss USA he was involved with, not Miss America! But yeah, he sure hates women who criticize him...
Miss America. Lol,how simplified is the pageant show to the point that they dedicated the question section for bashing Trump. Desperate much?
Congratulations to the New Miss America!! Such an amazing day for this Kappa Delta sister of mine!!! Loyal forever to the G…
Did you see this last night? Miss North Dakota Cara Mund was crowned 2018 Miss America! She was smart, talented...
Miss America 2018 is ...: Cara Mund became the first-ever Miss America winner from the state of North Dakota.
The brand new Miss America comes from North Dakota(?!) — and she or he went to highschool by having an National…
Your twin was Miss North Dakota last night on Miss America!
Apparently I missed the Miss America pagent for the first time ever. Apparently North Dakota won for the first...
You go Miss Texas! (but super proud of North Dakota's first Miss America)
Cara Mund is the first Miss North Dakota crowned Miss America -
Miss North Dakota was named 2017 Miss America. In other news, beauty pageants still exist in 2017.
Congratulations to North Dakota native Cara Mund ’16, who became Brown's first-ever Miss America on Sunday.
Newly-crowned Miss America is an Ivy League graduate, and she's headed to law school.
Last night she started the competition as Miss North Dakota. Today she dips toes in the ocean as Miss America
Carson Wentz, Miss America ... it's a North Dakota world and we're just livin' in it.
Well Miss North Dakota came out of nowhere.. First time ND has ever won Miss America (or made the top 5)
Miss North Dakota has the prettiest eyes 😍😍😍Well I guess it's Miss America now...😏
For the first time ever, Miss North Dakota is your new Miss America... do we need anymore signs pointing to the apocalypse..…
businessinsider: Miss North Dakota was just named Miss America for the first time in history …
We have Miss America, Carson Wentz, and no natural disasters occurring! North Dakota is on top baby!
So what is most exciting and interesting: Miss America or dance champion or Ivy Leaguer?
Confused me Cecil. I thought the Ole Miss Def Coordinator won Miss America. Or more Hugh Freeze trouble.
Click the video and then comment...go Allison Tietjen!!! Miss Nebraska to win Miss America!
it is spiritual wrong to treaten the president of the USA if u should go to another country then america will not miss u cont
This is the America I am proud of. Miss you, Presidents. Even you, Dubya.
Hey this is my sister singing at Miss America, you're welcome.
Louisiana (again), Florida win third night of Miss America prelim
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Miss America contestant shares how dealing with her father's opioid addiction and suicide made her stronger
Don't miss the 97th annual Miss America competition Sunday night at 9PM ET on ABC! Here is a preview of the 51...
Miss America contestants show off bikinis via
I miss Janet Parshall's America! Does Salem still own the trademark? Better program name, my opinion. Focus-group it?
I miss America , she was such a good friend to me always , too bad she blocked me and reported me and sued me
Look at their faces. I miss having this man as POTUS, especially these everyday interactions & his commitment to th…
Flying to North America tomorrow for group draw. Feels like I just unpacked. . Will miss Australia.
Just one of the many to you honey! We're gonna miss you Troy. Country music is- America Great Again
There are people in this restaurant who doubt I know all the lyrics to “Miss America” (Styx, Grand Illusion, 1977). Hold…
I was banned from McDonalds because I asked Miss America to prom during a question and answer session at school.
A ray of sunshine in impending storm tonight's preliminary swimsuit winner at Miss America. We are…
Never miss waterfalls, inspiring mountain views at national parks
Be on the look out for Laryssa Bonacquisti this weekend. She's competing in Miss America 2017 as Good Luck,…
If you Google for "ruth burnham miss america" you only get recent news that mentions her win in 1929. Sez sumthin
A thread of why is an amazing Miss America and why i'm not ready to say goodbye on Sunday night (feel free…
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Tyra Banks ruins America's got Talent for me. I miss you Nick Cannon
Don't miss this report from Barbuda too - devastating:
Rihanna said she either wears a shirt or she wears a bra, never both. That's an idea I can get behind. That's making Ame…
I miss going to DR for a whole month and being away from America lol.
The Latest: Miss America names winners for talent, swimsuit
I was about to boycott you and protest till I found out Miss America &…
The thing I'm going to miss the most when I go to America is my cat, clinical depression inbound
Sorry everyone for effing up the last Miss America
we miss you. Please try to talk Michelle into running for office we need her . badly! America NEEDS HER!!!
New Poll: voters are clearly disgusted by the failure of Congressional GOP leadership to keep their promises! htt…
12 Gold Star mothers to be honored onstage at Miss America via
Local Gold Star Mother to be honored at Miss America pageant.
I'm back in America, can't say I miss anything about it except my friends
Competing as Miss Philadelphia, Ruth Malcolmson, left, won the Golden Mermaid trophy in Atlantic City in 1924 to be…
Bizarre. the champion of copa america to miss out on world cup
Pretty sure that even in America you can't "steal" a job that no1 else applied for! Trump is a racist seeking to de…
.is at his best when he writes on immigration. Do not miss today's column on America's Dreamers:
Obama's response makes me miss him even more. I wish he was still president. He's still my president. ❤️
Barack Obama penned a beautiful Inauguration letter to a man who lied to America about his birthplace and illegal wireta…
has been an inspiration and perfect in my opinion... But I also love Sharlene Wells Miss…
If you're not a Native American, then you technically are an IMMIGRANT. America IS a NATION of IMMIGR…
When you realize that is this Sunday!! Who's your favorite Miss America? (Including ⬇️…
UB law student Gabrielle Walter carries big dreams to Miss America
Yes 😂😂😂 or the Miss America one where the girl was like "and such as the Iraq"
.cancelled the future of 800,000 kids who are the cornerstone of America and didn't even had the balls…
Look who's going to be a judge at the upcoming Miss America competition this weekend.
Miss Hawaii Collegiate America and I had the honor of being emcees for the pre-event for Children and Youth Day...
Miss America hopefuls to face more questioning :Auto pickup by wikyou
I miss this man as America's president.
So eloquently stated. We miss our America with the harmony you created world-wide. Thank you for that and so much more.
So I heard miss America decided to talk about grillz tonight... not to be extra but I'm wet
Mr.President on behalf of America, we miss you and wish you and the family come back to us and show this fool, how…
Speaking for most people in America, we miss you and Barrack.
We miss you Obama, you created a bright future for America that's worth fighting for and your achievem…
We miss you President .America is not the America we once new when you was in office. But all we can do is pray!
Brought by parents, these children had no choice in coming here. Now they'll be sent to countries they've never known. Cruel.…
Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary, Miss America Leanza Cornett... So proud of you... Love from Idaho's...
as Seventh and Final Judge for Pageant On Sept 10 via
Lmao I'm walking in 7-11 this guy was like *** I didn't know miss America was coming, I woulda got the carpet out" 😭
The two kids I played with for an hour at WoD today were so cute and funny I miss them I hope they're enjoying America
97th Miss America competition begins in Atlantic City
Banning children from dreaming. Banning Muslims from entering. Banning transgender people from serving. Killing Ame…
Yeah and I don't miss the prez who was not born in America and has s trans wife.
They've done more for America than DJT or any of his kids. Mr. 5 deferments, Miss made in China and the R…
America is drowning in hate. I miss Obama so much.
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I'm so excited to watch Miss America 😍💁🏼👑
Karla Sanchez’ story is the story of thousands of DREAMers across America. We need to protect them and https:/…
The damage that POTUS Trump is doing to our democracy is alarming and dangerous. There is nothing great about the America…
I feel as if I should have been asked to chaperone this event like Kramer with Jerry an…
97th Miss America competition begins in Atlantic City via
Abby has earned some impressive titles with and this year. Will she add Miss America? 👑🌹. https…
97th Miss America competition begins in Atlantic City: Contestants from all 50 states and the District of Columbia……
I NEED to find SOMEONE @ BYU with cable and a TV because MISS AMERICA IS ON THIS SUNDAY! I'll love you 5EVER if you let me watch it
please don't compare the Super Bowl with Miss America competitions
97th Miss America competition begins in Atlantic City
"97th Miss America Competition Begins in Atlantic City" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT
Can Kimberly Guilfoyle's dress get any shorter? Is she a political pundit or is she in the running for Miss America! I'm sick of Fox News!
at the Miss Teen America pajama party. The second of August.
I miss Obama, he was such a comforting presence in America. Now we have an *** that only cares about himself and not about people dying
Bonacquisti heads to Atlantic City to compete in Miss America Pageant
You can vote once per day to make sure Erin makes it in to the Top 16 at Miss America!
America is way too ideologically divided to the point where they miss the full picture entirely
We never miss Made in America! What have been your favorite concerts this summer?
Sitting on the metro thinking of how the first day of the Miss America process starts today. I WILL step foot on the Miss America stage.
Dear 5 year-old self. you're going to Miss America!! Check out my FBpage Miss Florida Sara Zeng for the real letter :…
Getting ready for Miss America!! I'll be on a plane in just a few hours for the experience of a lifetime!
& are sisters! Vote for them as America's Choice at Miss America on Sept. 10 h…
I moved out. Miss the weed though. 😭
contestant and licensed pilot flies herself to pageant THR
I agree. I miss the days of having someone in office who had America's best interest at heart…
I know I've been trying sooo hard to win Made in America tiz so we can see…
After witnessing the horror & devastation caused by my heart goes out to the great people o…
How about standing up and building a wall between America and the Racism and Bigotry that you have unleashe…
Don't miss the Summit. 10 October at the in Detroit, MI, USA!…
Our personal sinful desires aren't & never should become, our moral rights in America. Let's not "miss the mark" here (pun intended)!
Miss America contestant flies herself to competition via the app
Don’t miss your opportunity to meet Scott Stapp. VIP Packages available at:
THERE SHE Atlantic City to represent NE in the Miss America pageant Sept. 10. Good luck
I voted for Miss Washington as America's Choice VOTE-NICOLE into the Top 15 here:
Confession: I miss america because I could get alcohol easier there.
Miss America model pilots plane from VT to N.J. for competition.
I added a video to a playlist Miss Alabama 2018 Jessica Procter - Contestant of Miss America
We didn't miss it. But did we miss the callers who all called the Left enemies of America,…
She has arrived! is in Atlantic City to represent NE at the Miss America Pageant on September 10.…
Miss America contestant flies herself to competition
Miss America model pilots plane from Vermont to New Jersey for upcoming competition
One contestant flew herself to the competition in AC:
We are so close to Miss America! Keep voting for North Dakota! We want to get our first Miss America!!! Vote here:
.a Champaign County attorney, and former Miss America announces run for attorney general
Erika Harold will challenge Madigan. The former Miss America, now lawyer previously ran for Congress.
A black woman was Miss America. But if a white wanted to enter a miss black America contest, forget it.
To quote the great Red Foreman, you should use that line when you run for Miss America. . This is…
Miss America from sea to shining sea. the huddled masses have a question. there is one of you and all of us.
*** will freeze over or Chelsea would win a Miss America beauty pageant before that would occur!
Yes, I'm going to the Miss America's Outstanding Teen Pageant at the convention center. Looking forwar…
Well... i mean Miss America is still a thing. I'm betting this is very old white men working off the…
Know what else is correlated? Age of Miss America and deaths via steam. Since not every whi…
When your president acts like he's hosting Miss America in the White House.
Does he think he's still running a Miss America pageant f…
How about we have white Miss America, white entertainment channel and Whi…
Standing ovation sendoff for Miss Louisiana 2016 Justine Ker, a top 12 finalist at Miss America. Def made her home State proud.
True. Also, what would happen if Caucasians held a "white only" Miss America pageant? Cities would burn.
The thing is that white people in America especially Republicans know that Trump rape their daughters especially Miss America contest,Wife
Just like they have a black Miss America. We should have a white Miss America
With Kathy Fleming Cook, Miss NC 1977 in front of her Miss America gown.
Miss SC and Teen pageants June 23-24The winner will compete at the Miss America pageant. The Miss South Carolina Teen Pageant will be held …
At least there is still hope for girls in Miss America pageant
If I was competing in the Miss America pageant, my talent would be: watching me be awkward in social situation again & again & again.
A Miss America pageant except it's for guys that say weird things that they instantly regret in group chats.
And I will not compete in the Miss America pageant. . (Because he would have lost ...get it 😉)
The first Miss America pageant was held in 1921, the winner was crowned &Mermaid&and won $100
I see people are fighting over chest sizes like this is a Miss America pageant again…
Miss America: Watch Ball pendant on chain finish bronze, Brown, black and white…
I got that girl from overseas. Now she my Miss America. Now can I be her soldier please. I'm fighting for this girl. On…
Because if a black woman could win Miss America, while they also have t…
They have Black Miss America... We have Miss America & she could be ANY color
My ex-girlfriend from 10th grade is now Miss America & I just dyed my mustache 'Jet Black' for frat composite pics. RE…
First of all...There are black women in the Miss America pageant, last I saw. Secondly...WHY do we have a Miss...
Sweetie, you have Miss America, Miss Universe, Miss Canada, miss USA , etc
2014 Miss America : It is never too late to fight for cultural inclusion
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the big black lab is Moonshadow, Moon, Moon Unit, Moomoo McGoo, Miss America
Happy birthday, Vanessa Williams, 1st BLACK Miss America! Still killing the game!!! Class has no age limit. Be clas…
These pageants may not be as known as Miss America, but they still celebrate what it means to be American.
Elizabeth Wirth is a long-time participant in the Miss America junior divisions
First on the tee, 2015 Miss America with up next. The pro-am is underway…
Was so looking forward to meeting the second deaf person in my life. The first was 1995 Heather Whitestone, Miss America.
At the hotel waiting for Miss America. @ Crowne Plaza
hello mates - does anyone know where I can get hold of the last 40 years or so of Miss America pageants? Asking 4 skool, not 4 pervin' xox
Once she was Miss America. Now she's a labor leader and playing America's most famous *** cartoonist.
I can totally walk two blocks down the road and meet Miss America but I think I've met enough glamorized stuck up girls in my life😬
Kate Shindle, a former Miss America, is hitting the stage in a touring production of “Fun Home"
Kate Shindle is compiling quite the résumé. Miss America. Labor Leader. And now, a role in "Fun Home."
Who CARES what Trump said to that fat Miss America in 1996? Let's discuss illegal immigration, border security & bad t…
Miss America's Outstanding Teen is looking SO adorable in her cocktail from Ashley…
I was was inspired by the lovely Nicole Jia, Miss America's Outstanding Teen to today! I was so...
Arkansas steppin' up recently.. Now we got Miss America, Hogs winning, nice weather... I can get used to all this 👌🏼
Miss Arkansas wins the 2017 edition of Miss America pageant >>
last time Arkansas won Miss America in 1964, they also won their only national championship. this is our year.
Savy is Miss America, the Hogs beat TCU, and Donald Trump will be the next president. All is well in the USA.
Last time Arkansas was crowned as Miss America the Razorbacks won the national championship
Top 10 for Miss America competition announced - Press of Atlantic City
So I guessed again half an hour before the fact, the next Miss America.., not sure why I have been able to guess...
I feel like we JUST had Miss America or was that Miss USA. IM CONFUSED!
You can win an Olympic Gold Medal, be an NCAA National Champion, or be Miss America if you are a Razorback and attend…
In Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall for Miss America! What a weekend so far!
Read the surprisingly tough, politically-charged Q&A portion of the Miss America pageant: . ...
The only thought going through my head watching the Miss America pageant is "well at least they're pretty" bc yikes.
why not START with brains then judge on how "hot they look in a bikini" id rather have a intelligent Miss America 👌🏻
The new Miss America's name is Savvy Shields and my most fervent hope is that somewhere out there is a Mr. Shopper loo…
Miss Arkansas named new Miss America. Been a good weekend in Arkansas Wo Baby 👍😀
I know a lot of people that know Miss America so by association that kinda makes me Miss America... Right?
Five things to know about Miss America 2017: Savvy Shields, representing Arkansas, walked away as the new Miss…
First they upset TCU and now they get Miss America? Big weekend for Arkansas.
Arkansas products: the Clinton's, Walmart, & Miss America 2017. 2 of the 3 will make a positive contribution to society. I'll…
Miss America being on until 11 is really inconvenient since I NEED to watch it.
but nope, nobody's hurt. just Miss Arkansas won Miss America is all
Congratulations to our very own now Miss America 2017!!! 👑⚜🔑💙
So, you're saying you're racist? Shall we use affirmative action for a mediocre miss America?
the Miss America contest makes me want to die. do none of these girls know how to give an actual answer?
Wow I saw who won Miss America, and watched her right now answer a question, how the *** did she win with that answer, what an *** !
The miss america questions showed how the contestants really felt politically and socially and I thought it was quite fitting.
Lmao everyone in Miss America is white. NEXT
USATODAY "That feeling when you win the crown.
Disappointed that Miss DC didn't make top 15 in Miss America yet happy for Savvy Shields Miss Arkansas now Miss America.
Woah. Miss America is worse than the white oscars right now. Diversity much?
Arkansas weekend to do list:. Beat TCU ✅. Change from summer to winter over night✅. Win Miss America ✅
These Miss. America contestants are clueless af when it comes to the people who are running for president 😐 sad af!
Very disappointed at the lack of diversity on the stage . Come on Miss America organization , you can…
"Savvy Shields" is the new Miss America and also I think a feminine hygiene item from 1981.
The lack of diversity for Miss Black America is disappointing too.
Diversity just like the Miss BLACK AMERICA pageant? SMH! It's never enough for them!
Between The Emmys and Miss America, I can't decide which to care about less. Trump. That's what I care about less.
Miss Arkansas sings, dances her way to Miss America crown
Here she is, Miss Arkansas Savvy Shields has taken home the 2017 crown:
If the US people don't endorse D Trump & the solid platform of the Republican Party this IS your next Miss America!
Watching the miss America pageant and thinking to myself "hm pretty sure batoning should NOT ever be considered as a talent"
you realize that MBA was made because they originally couldn't compete in Miss America or Miss USA?
Congrats to the new Miss America and U of A student Savvy Shields.
That feeling when you win the crown.
Miss New York won the Miss America Q&A with her answer about Trump
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce you to the new Miss America: Savvy Shields.
Five things to know about Miss America 2017
None of these miss America candidates can say that trump ***
going to a bar with casey is like being a potato accompanying miss America
My Miss America predictions video is almost at 500 views, its only been up a few days. Subscribe! Who are your favs?
📷 Meet The First Openly *** Miss America Contestant In History Erin O’Flaherty will take the stage on...
Meet the first openly *** Miss America contestant in history
Cole Swindell says judging the Miss America competition has suddenly made him very popular
Am I the only one who find so weird to held the Miss America Pageant on September 11 ?
she'll deport us and trade us for rapeugees... good luck other 1/2 of America, you'll miss us then
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