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Miss America

The Miss America pageant is a long-standing competition which awards scholarships to young women from the 50 states plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Atlantic City Vanessa Williams Phyllis George Miss Missouri Miss Tennessee Miss South Carolina

going to a bar with casey is like being a potato accompanying miss America
My Miss America predictions video is almost at 500 views, its only been up a few days. Subscribe! Who are your favs?
📷 Meet The First Openly *** Miss America Contestant In History Erin O’Flaherty will take the stage on...
Meet the first openly *** Miss America contestant in history
Cole Swindell says judging the Miss America competition has suddenly made him very popular
Am I the only one who find so weird to held the Miss America Pageant on September 11 ?
she'll deport us and trade us for rapeugees... good luck other 1/2 of America, you'll miss us then
How my brother on the spectrum inspired my Miss America platform >> https:…
Few people know it, but the real prize for winning the Miss America padgent is a night in Chuck Norris' bed.
Why is my ex bffie wanting to follow me ahem We talked about not talking again where's your part miss america
Breaking barriers and making herstory!
Lots of hard work and dedication leads to a healthy lifestyle and a banging body for
Young men from Auburn High School in Rockford, Illinois take a knee for injustice in America.
.just said was "ungracious" & unpleasant" in Lauer interview. She's lost his vote for Miss Amer…
Miss Missouri is the contest's first ever openly *** contestant.
Miss America Contestants Reveal the Diet and Exercise Plans That Get Them in Shape for Competition - People Magazi…
Santa Clara woman in the running for Miss America: This year's Miss California is 22 year… |
are you aware that Miss America is the leading source of scholarships for women?
Miss Idaho Kylee Solberg talks about being bullied for wearing an eye patch as a kid
I am getting sick and tired of seeing people sit for the national anthem if you don't like America then just leave we won't…
Miss America 1968: When civil rights and feminist activists converged on Atlantic City
First openly *** contestant to compete in Miss America Pageant | The Right Scoop
The Sega Dreamcast was out 17 years ago today in North America. Oh how we miss it.. Favorite Dreamcast games?
"LGBT youth are up to 8 times more likely to commit suicide. [...] I hope that my presence can give others hope.".
There she is: Out of the closet, and ready for Miss America -
Miss America’s 1st openly *** contestant talks about coming out:
The media is allowing the rest of mainstream America to miss out on this unprecedented moment of right now! http…
Miss America isn't what it used to be—and that's for the best.
Chinese-Born Miss America contestant was called ugly after winning state crown
Now she's not Miss America but can I be her soldier please
Miss America pageant will make history with first openly *** contestant
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DC, Tennessee win first night Miss America preliminaries :Auto pickup by wikyou
Miss America preliminaries end with Miss DC and Miss Tennessee taking top spots. .
DC, Tennessee win first night Miss America preliminaries.
.won the first night of preliminaries in the Miss America competition.
The first openly *** candidate competes this weekend in the Miss America contest, a first in the competition's 95-year-history, organizers …
Miss America competition begins today in Atlantic City with first openly *** contestant. https:/…
Read the full articleThe second night of preliminary competition in the Miss America pageant is set for Wedne...
2nd night of prelims on tap for Miss America pageant: Atlantic City, N.J. (AP) — The second night of preliminary competition in the M...
Miss District of Columbia and Miss Tennessee win the first night of preliminaries in Miss America competition.
I'm coming back to America tomorrow and I don't want to. But I do at the same time. I miss Bae 😘
I wonder how many "firsts" Miss America will collect before we finally just stop doing it
America competition begins Tuesday in Atlantic City -
Miss America is next Sunday while I'm at work & I'm wonderin what my boss will say when I ask if we can put it on by the hostess station🤔
Miss America is still golden in Atlantic City
The first miss america contest, 1921
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There She Is: Out of the Closet, and Ready for Miss America - ABC News
DTN Dubai: Miss America competition begins in Atlantic City: The competition will include contestants from al...
HistoryInPix The first miss america contest, 1921
Miss Missouri, Erin O’ Flaherty, will compete for crown this weekend as first openly *** contestant
truth is you can barely get by in America like i see tons of seniors do now on $2400 a month. But you miss a diploma or
Miss Missouri to compete for Miss America crown as first openly *** contestant:
First open contestant competing for
What a switch in storylines from 1st to 2nd half FSU-Ole Miss. You have the best job in America,may you stay forever young.
New post: "The first openly *** contestant will take part in this year's Miss America pageant"
on Rural America Live with will be replaying on Labor Day at 10 am EST. Don't miss the FarmHer Show P…
where were you 5 years ago...doing Miss America and Miss Universe pageantry.
Why do I look like I'm the next miss America? lmao thank you so much and Aaron I love y'all❣💖
America, we are now a dystopian science fiction novel. Raids, tracking implants, dictatorial control. This is unbelievable.
Oh my! TRUMP IS GOING TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! And he means it! Get on board people! Don't miss the train!
Things I miss being in America...Ben, Sam, my mum, pilates, my bike, porridge, green tea, my bed, Great British bake-off...and vegetables...
Life in I miss my old lovely day. Lucky to be there!
Can we not vote or have a miss election and wait for someone who is actually good for America
Dear America stop speaking for me you don't care about us either we're just your mask for racism and prejudice
The horror from America's most notorious town is now showing in the big screen! Don't miss it!. Distributed by https:…
I am so excited my Miss America Competition Magazine came in, just in time!😍 http…
America used to be great. It still is, but it used to, too.
Miss teen America knows how to suck! Must have gotten a lot of practice from those judges http…
It should be required that you state the exact period when America/Mexico was peak "great" before you wear any hat rooting…
I'm crying bcos I miss America and I'm crying over ATL and I just ?
All together: Miss America contestants from all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia a…
Please vote for for people's choice for the Miss America pageant.
The next contestant featured for is - -
Wow! Finally a young proud America that gives a crap! Miss I just heard about you. You've earned my respect and I'll watch you.
I greatly miss pre-Obama America and hope to see post Trump America 🇺🇸
"Masters the Tension of Hitchcock!" Don't miss the movie in America. Tix:
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Meet the contestants for Miss America 2017 via
A Miss America pageant but it's all Newsies competing. .
Vote for autism advocate once a day till 9/11 to be the next Miss America! >>
I voted for Miss Tennessee as America's Choice at You can vote here:
I'm extremely surprised by the bottom 3 acts... America, what happened?!
I had absolutely no idea you couldn't win Miss America more than once.
DO. NOT. MISS. THIS. One of the most interesting young performers in America. https:/…
The next contestant to be featured for is - -
isn't an easy one; and we're kicking this series with the first contestant, Miss Alabama...
Voting HELLary to the Wheel of America, is a sure way to crash America. We must Deny Miss Crazy the Wheel!. 👍
Vote for Miss Kentucky Laura Jones as America's Choice every day!
I thought they were talking about racism in America. Did I miss something?
Don't miss this wonderful event! P.S. Don't forget to watch for the shoe!
Thank you for the article Some Miss America contestants become hometown heroes via
Contestants in the first Miss America pageant line up for the judges in Atlantic City, N.J., in 1921.
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Trump has vilified Mexicans and immigrants since day one of his campaign. That's not what America stands for.
Myself pocket miss america in relation with an sulky business eyeful wherewith bagging an ethnologist northeast:…
Hey Eric who was the *** you had on that loves Hillary and worked on Miss America pageant. How could anyone love that crook?
Diagnosed with in college, helped transform misconceptions about as Miss America:
Miss South Carolina will be crowned Miss America in 3 weeks. Go ahead and favorite this.
Try and get a normal government job or a scholarship as a white person. Or better yet, start a white Miss America pageant
don't forget - space is coming to US on Aug 21 2017. Eclipse Across America! First totality in usa for 3…
Come check out Atlanta's best emcees take on Donald Trump in our can't miss rap battles.
IF YOU NEED A ROOM for our UPCOMING PAGEANT... Call ASAP! Miss U.S. of America will be held at the Sheraton...
Don't miss Users Conference & Exhibition 2016, North America. It'll be held on Oct 3-6 in Orlando, FL
If Jennifer Lopez continues to age as beautifully as she does, she will be Miss America well into her late 80s
I'm from America and I already miss Obama
. Miss jessa Rhodes I like watching all of your movie on Naughty America and brazzers
had a very vivid dream about got any Italian locations bc I'm not gonna be in America for another week & I miss u
Trump on Piers Morgan show how he hates tattoos & people who gets them stupid.. Google Miss America Trump hate tattoos put on TV
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Caesura roundabout packages-absence go on safari gift with saintlike miss america: Npcbrbpe
America has the best first lady,they will sure miss her.POWER that one
Look at my colored people They love me, ok? We all miss the good ol' days. Make America white again
I'm really going to miss this man. America- good luck.
I was told Miss USA & Miss America are different organizations. That doesn't change my statement. It's still wrong if she doesn…
If the current Miss America's hair was out of place, white folk would want her head on a silver platter. But Miss Teen America…
If they don't revoke Miss Teen USA's title for using the N-Word, it's a slap in the face to Miss America who's a BLACK WOMAN!!!
I'm so happy right now I'm miss America
hi, i miss you mucho and want you to come back to America
Miss America gets its first *** contestant. And she's also going to help build the set and operate the lights.
not sure if this is you or posting this again... But congrats... Much better than judging Miss America contest. 👊
I miss refusing to leave my room in America
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you don't like watermelon or bananas... tell me... why do you hate America so much?
probably from watching Miss America or The Apprentice
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In love with America! I really miss my pets but I really don't want to come home 😫😫
Miss our show at 6 pm? Catch it again at 9:0 and soon on YouTube!
Miss America Vanessa Williams had to give up crown because of nude pics but Mrs trump is not even held accountable not even a story.
God is what drives my passion for my talent. He has given me this gift and I am blessed to honor Him at Miss America
You can’t be Miss America if you have nude photos out there but Melania Trump wants to be 1st Lady???
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I am a baby boomer and grew-up during America's innocent years of the 60's.and I miss they period of time.
The Scholastic All-America Application is due August 15th! Don't miss your chance!
America. So many shootings but people too selfish to let their guns go. Trump & Hillary are leading? I'll miss Obama http…
... You completely miss the point of making America great again... Ie: 20 trillion in debt, jobs for high school grads. C'mon
? *** ? Did I miss that new law, banning masks? Look out, New Orleans!. .
Trump's answer would sound dumb even coming out of a miss America contestant let alone a presidential candidate
Being back in America these past 2 days makes me realize how much I did not miss it while I was in Spain
Do you know that America is the last and only hope for the world to live with dignity. I miss you I will see you tomorrow 2nd and Webster
love and miss you too 💗 I'm going to have to stop by soon !
Miss Earth United States is working hard to get noticed by mainstream America. It might get successful in the...
I miss Dubai so much I hate America
I miss this already. We've had nonsense non-stop on the news & nothing of substance. America really screwed this up.
Miss Teen USA, Karlie Hay is seen on set of Good Morning America
Tickets on sale for the Miss America “Show Us Your Shoes” Parade on Sep 10 in Atlantic City! ht…
Betty Cantrell will crown her successor as Miss America on September 11, 2016!
Many years of Miss America question/answer sessions must have rubbed off on
Pokémon Go was released in Latin America in time for the Rio Games. Pokémon Go will be released in the PH in time for the Mis…
to 2013 working on my Talent with Bill Wolfe! Next up is Miss America!
"Trump says he gets foreign policy experience from watching TV and running Miss America pageants. If only it were funny.…
The best part of was being able to serve on the 2013 Design Team and meet Miss America :)
America Chavez (aka Miss America). - Latina *** - Queen of looks. - strong, fast, laws of physics can kiss her ***
A rock band explores some old ruins, then they find a magic lamp that switches their brains with Miss America.
Chesapeake woman is representing Virginia in the Miss America pageant... Via News Break:
Michaela Sigmon of Chesapeake will represent Virginia in Miss America pageant. .
Thank you SO much for my amazing Miss America wardrobe I can't wait wear it all in Atlantic City! https…
The first openly *** Miss America contestant, Miss Missouri Erin O'Flaherty, tells CNN of the inclusive and supportive atmo…
Mark your calendar and watch Miss Kansas compete for the Miss America title...
1984 - Penthouse publishes pictures of Vanessa Williams naked. She resigns her Miss America crown.
To accuse Steve Doocy is so sad. . I do not care for women who choose to try to ruin a man's life. Ask Edie, Miss America.
Don't miss my workshop at 1:30 in 503 Immigration Makes America Greater
TONIGHT and TOMORROW! Miss *** Ohio America, the longest running pageant in the state of Ohio comes to AXIS...
We love our new shirts featuring artwork by Miss America ❤️!
Join us tonight and tomorrow at Axis Nightclub as we support our very own Mary Nolan, Miss *** Columbus America...
in Regent Street, London. America you are not alone.
A lot of these youths in America not doing much with themselves need to be in the next military draft. Unuh miss unuh calling.
I miss the America I grew up in when we were care free!!!
Wishing my niece lots of luck at the Miss Teen America pageant today!!
Only PRAYER will restore the soul of America 🙏🏾 if you believe, this!
I like America but I really miss the pub.
This guy played with his life but proved yet again what's going on in America
Welcome to AMERICA, where ABC gives the KKK an interview, but we can't voice
Listening to my playlist of last years songs makes me miss Wayne, America and all my friends 😭💛
weren't you like Miss America or something?
What would the Statue of Liberty message convey about America's feeling toward all people today? Don't miss tomorrow
Congratulations Audra Mari for winning Miss America World2016.:She will represent USA in Miss World2016
Huge S/O to as she leaves for San Antonio to compete for Miss Collegiate America. Im so proud of you!
the same dummy with that big *** flag on the back of his pick up truck make America great again *** mf
When you miss 4th of July in America, so you celebrate it in China instead 🎆
I miss America and her large food portions.
Police Chief says police sent robot to detonate bomb & that detonation killed suspect.
can't wait to go home. I miss my dogs, bed, sister, AMERICA!
I miss those friends in Primary School that used to say 'if I give you one dirty slap, you'll fly to America'...
Miss Missouri, Erin O'Flaherty, is the first openly *** Miss America contestant in the pageant's 95-year history. She speaks to CNN's
I miss America. Can't wait to be back but I gotta enjoy this break in Asia because who knows when I'll be here again.
I miss the America loving democrats of yesteryear like Kennedy and MLK .. Today they are and
Yes he Loved/Loves America.Miss that,I actually like G.W.B.Rather have him than the hater in office now.
How can anybody in America hate the people that our country was built on? Black people & black culture should be celebrated,…
On my way to DC for Miss America orientation!! 👑
Exo is announced new tour name like can yall come back to america i really miss you
I miss myself when I was in America
I miss the days when my reaction to reports of a shooting in America was "oh my god!" rather than "oh another one."
.black history month or HBCUs...or Miss Black America is racist. Lol!
My column on politics of rodeo quotes VP Cheney and Miss Rodeo America. When in Wyoming...
Time to mow the lawn. Certainly didn't miss that while I was in America.
I'm really gonna miss you South America 😭 til next time my loves 😘
WLM,white lives matter,WHITE MISS AMERICA contest,WHITE Entertainment Television,White Christmas,..?like me NOW,BRO?is segregation the GOAL?
True fighter!. Audra Mari, Miss World America 2016. 2 times first Runner Up: to Miss Teen USA 2011 (won by...
One thing I miss about South America is the fruit. *** it was delicious
Calling all Vendors to make the Miss Black America Weekend Experience your storefront!!! August 19 & 20th at...
Ik they have days left here in America but I'm truly gonna miss them and I hope that they'll come back😢 I love them💙 https…
My gorgeous girl did it! The new Miss World America! Can't wait to see you be the queen of the world 💕👑😘
Our interview with Miss America and Georgia native Betty Cantrell.
We are SO excited to be able to announce that Pageant Personality is a Miss America's Outstanding Teen Partner!!!...
I liked this video because it show people what some of these woman go through in a beauty pageant or Miss America.
wow I can't get enough of this video of playing violin at the 1989 Miss America pageant.
If only a life was saved every time a Miss America pageant contestant asked for "world peace"… Maybe then we...
ya know growing up I didn't miss a Miss America pageant. I remember her winning.
What an honor to have the last Miss America from the great state of South Carolina judging our pageant!
Miss America lawsuit claims harassment at Fox News was "pervasive." .
Nobody is going to talk about how Gretchen Carlson was in the Miss America pageant at all, probably, but she was
she could def be Miss Indiana Basketball and Miss America. triple threat easily 😻🏀
East Moline's Jaryn Franklin is headed to the Miss America competition after being crowned Miss Illinois on June 18.
. former Miss South Carolina winner and 2nd runner up Miss America! 👑🇺🇸
So far two Alpha Gams are heading to Miss America in September. SUCH a proud sis, both as an Alpha Gam and Miss America Organization sis!!!
.“The questions [Hillary] was asked today…were so much softer than the questions that say Miss America get…
yeah but Miss America is on so it's time out
TMYK: Pamela Brown of CNN is the daughter of fmr Governor of Kentucky John Y. Brown Jr. & fmr Miss America & CBS NFL Today Phyllis George.
Miss America, Phyllis George is out and about in Saigon seen here at a magazine vendors stand!
Saigon 1971; Miss America of 1971, Phyllis George foreground of Texas and other girls greet the troops in Saigon!
Aasif Mandvi explains the negative response to an Indian woman winning the Miss America crown.:
[CNN] On board the world's biggest cruise ship: Imagine a Miss America pageant where the same... [United States]
Miss America, Elmo and 3 winners of Celebrity Apprentice! Great Choices! We should get some unpredictability Trump Style!
Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri brings message of diversity to HAF dinner!!! Check out:
Douglas County woman to vie for Miss America: A Douglas County woman was crowned Miss Nevada last week. Bailey…
Pretty neat today, I got to meet Miss America! She was a peach! Get it? She is from Georgia.
Caroline Carter is headed to the Miss America pageant & is representing all of us in the diabetes community! . Kayla
Caroline Carter named Miss New Hampshire and will compete for the Miss America crown.
I attended the 2001 43's first, hosted by Darrell Hammond. I think I sat b/w Rep. Sam Johnson & Miss America.
3rd, he's sexist because he hosts the Miss America pageant? Well, I'm glad to see you're not judgemental!
now you can officially enter and easily win the Miss America pageant. You've got the beauty, talent, and charm plus my vote 😍
like we put more money into the Miss America pageant than we do into not shooting people.
Our stunning ZTA girls killed the pageant game last night! (Feat. Miss America as our gamma chi 😊)
Leg art from the 1949 Miss America pageant. Gorgeous vintage sexy pinup photo!
Congrats to Marybeth Noonan, who will represent my state in the Miss America pageant this fall!
This is like me shaving my legs because I heard the Miss America pageant was coming to town.
Miss Maine crowned; Miss America class of 2017 kicks off: Marybeth Noonan became the first…
Somebody needs to talk to about the Miss America pageant wave he gives when walking on stage. A simple wink or thumbs up would do.
The Class of 2016 and Miss America Serves Day...Hannah Maddy, Miss Queen of the Prairie,...
We really don't understand how and why all of america envies your glorious *** and miss america sales department...
Miss America Mary Ann --and her state of the art Philco transistor radio. Remember these?
Good Morning! You're awesome. No more moose legs. This is America. Miss seeing you on the radio.
i miss it so much, loved it when i lived in Ireland. pity i cant find it in america :(
Fabricate yet irritate thine miss america in keeping with hairdressers next to adelaide, sunrise australia: MgZAIC
Miss Lynda, we are in dire trouble as nation. under and I don't recognize the I served.
I am going to miss this couple. What class, intelligence, love of America.
Your Instagram selfies could land you a place in the Miss USA contest
It was wonderful to find America, but it would have been more wonderful to miss it.
Please please dont miss your plane home Obama. *** off back to America and go annoy yr own FOLK. Dont *** back soon
The biggest thing I miss about living in America is not having to ask for water in a restaurant... And it's always lovely ice water too
only for America though! Never Australia we miss out on everything
When I move to America, I think I'm really going to miss Bottle brush tree's the most!!
Neymar's decision to miss Copa America will help him rest, says
Javier Hernandez to play Copa America, miss on Olympics
Reason for so that file miss america retreats because scottsdale sweep idea?: XrL
Boy oh boy America, you're really going to miss when he's gone. Especially considering who may replace him.
I gotta run in the morn, up watching how to make it in America miss those years
60m in southern Africa, HoA, Cent. America & Pacific face poverty due to Global inequality knows no bounds.
Can't wait for Captain America: Civil War 🙌💕 I'm definitely not going to miss this 👊🙅
Prince George: "Yes, if you could just *** off back to America, I'm actually about to go to bed". That's one's boy.
I can't wait to be home again. I miss you America!
I'm worried you will never come back from America, i miss you x
Is this guy still on TV? Thought he blew that Miss America deal ...
Obama will very soon be long gone, along with pointless & irrelevant rhetoric. America won't miss him so why us
Former Miss America, Tracy Broughton, shares her to modelesque skin!
Ole Miss graduation weekend is about to remind you why we were rated the party school in America
Great gonna miss the Real Madrid game and America game too 😪
it'll be okay. Don't die. You'll miss captain america civil war.
BREAKING: Major star will miss Copa America... This is bad news!
America, where even the drunks won't miss while shooting the Commies and Terrorists
Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach just arrived in Peru. ❤️ "It's my first time in Latin America. 😊"
for POTUS, Cruz for SCOTUS. Dbl win for America
will never support Trump. He is bad for America and cannot beat Hillary. not now, not ever
I miss you too!! Let's hang when I'm back in America!
The non-surgical miss america treatments off duty so better self: Jfsy
Hamilton Collection
Why do Americans choose from just two people to run for president and for Miss America?
Pretty certain that is Miss America or something..if there is a prettiest Wx lady contest shes my winner
My dog could win a beauty pageant he could be Miss America
the Miss America pageant could be scary with the right dramatic music.
Miss America is BLACK ,She is not an White girl from Texas? How dare she be so ... Americans crowned a new Miss Am…
Miss America 1999 Nicole Johnson and Miss Idaho 2014 Sierra Sandison will be featured at the 27th Fashion Show on May 7.
BREAKING: Miss America 2016 Betty Cantrell to perform the National Anthem at Saturday's game vs. Furman!
Translation: "I'll also, support Patton Oswalt if he's chosen Miss America."
Vita (Hannah's agent) was played by actress, singer, and former Miss America, Vanessa Williams. htt…
Learn how to make Kale Fried Rice with Emshika and Miss America's Outstanding Teen Allie Nault on todays episode...
Styx Live in LA - Miss America. STYX is Tommy Shaw on guitar/vocals, James ...
lmao I'm laughing so hard 😂. Every time I'm listening "Miss America" (Nick Carter) I'm thinking about Steve Rogers omg I'm so done of myself
Miss America 2013 Nina Davuluri earned a in brain behavior and cognitive Believes in
Look who made International Women's Day 2016 extra special in India. Nina Davuluri, the first Miss America of...
Miss America is a slave from the waist down, stealing the whole town's love, and good little girls won't stay awake
Miss America - Nina Davuluri is a Telugu girl with roots from Vijayawada. Her favorite heroes are Prabhas & Mahesh Babu…
Nina Davuluri (India) - 1st Indian to win the title of Miss America
Miss America comin to you from Port Aransas beach 🇺🇸
Meeting Hines Ward, Chipper Jones, Kirby Smart, and Miss America in the same day👌🏻
Feb. 22nd. Vanessa L. Williams competing as "Miss New York," was the first black woman to win the 1984 "Miss America" pageant on Sep 17, 1983
Miss America stays in Atlantic City, New Jersey for three more years.
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