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Miss America Pageant

The Miss America pageant is a long-standing competition which awards scholarships to young women from the 50 states plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

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It was so great meeting you Mark Cuban, at the Miss America Pageant!
Am I the only one who find so weird to held the Miss America Pageant on September 11 ?
First openly *** contestant to compete in Miss America Pageant | The Right Scoop
Too much objectification to earn the scholarship :Miss America Pageant. via
Our interview with Miss America and Georgia native Betty Cantrell.
Secret News: I'm going to the Miss America Pageant in September... in Atlantic City! Excited for that and for my first ever trip to NYC!!!
We are SO excited to be able to announce that Pageant Personality is a Miss America's Outstanding Teen Partner!!!...
Fil-Am beauty Audra Mari is Miss World America 2016! . This 5'10 pageant veteran was the only Miss USA candidate...
bc I was awarded the national crown, I get to attend the 2016 miss America pageant in September :')
Congratulations to Andrea Hightower of Oxford for making the top 5 the Miss World America pageant
Shoot the miss world America pageant was a great experience
I liked this video because it show people what some of these woman go through in a beauty pageant or Miss America.
MEET YOUR NEW MISS WORLD AMERICA: AUDRA MARI! ✨ Congratulations and thank you everyone who watched the pageant...
When your best friend is at Miss World America ! Pageant watching night at the Jumper's !
Tune in TONIGHT at 6pm EST to watch the 2016 MISS WORLD AMERICA pageant. Please say a prayer for me. Thanks for...
5 of the Texas Notorious 9... This past week at the National Miss Plus America Pageant before Optionals Night. featured in NBC s Science of Love
HURRY!!! TODAY is the last day you can apply to enter the MISS US of AMERICA Pageant if you want to receive your...
Miss Spirit of America/Point Mallard pageant canceled after 45 years
wow I can't get enough of this video of playing violin at the 1989 Miss America pageant.
was crowned winner of this year's Miss Black America Beauty Pageant
*2017 Miss America Pageant*. Judge: so what exactly would you call your style?. Me: I like to call it "dad" 😎
If only a life was saved every time a Miss America pageant contestant asked for "world peace"… Maybe then we...
I'm so honored to be invited to the Miss America Pageant!! Can't wait till September! ❤️
Rachel White, Miss World Texas 2016, is competing at the Miss World America 2016 pageant. She was 2nd Runner-up...
1920 Miss America Pageant girl that looks like weirdly like me
Leaving for the Miss World America Pageant. Article in Style Magazine. Column under
Congratulations, Chloe Leyton, MO, and Katie Klein, IL for winning the national title at America's US Miss!
ya know growing up I didn't miss a Miss America pageant. I remember her winning.
still can't believe I go to school w Miss WV..she'll be in the next miss America pageant...woah
This white guy got on the radio saying blacks have BET the miss black America beauty pageant, HBCU's so why we mad at white people lmao
Monday, July 11th! Come and support Violet S'Arbleu on her journey to Miss *** Texas America pageant in Dallas.
There are two events at this hotel this week: A board game convention and the Miss Princess America Pageant.
I have such cool friends. Shout out to my babe Shivali at the Miss world America pageant this week!👑💖
Beauty pageant Miss Teen America axes swimsuit round in 'modern update' but ...
Beyond proud of our very own Mary Nolan! Join us this Saturday and Sunday at Axis as we support her in Miss *** ..
THIS WEEKEND! Miss *** Ohio America, the longest running pageant in the state of Ohio comes to AXIS nightclub on...
Congratulations to AOA graduate Michaela Sigmon, who was crowned on June 25.
What an honor to have the last Miss America from the great state of South Carolina judging our pageant!
A protest against the Miss America Pageant at Atlantic City, New Jersey, 1969.
Savannah, Good Luck at the Miss America Pageant , my mother was Mean Mama Jean {Jean Smith} she was with Va Pageant 45 years
and not just the bandage, but the Miss America Pageant red carpet bandage walk, papped at every angle.
There it is.once he smiled at one of the contestants of the Miss America Pageant.
Did you know? The first Miss America Pageant was in Atlantic City, NJ in 1921.
(big timpani roll) . . . And now, Ladies and Gentleman, on her way to the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City...
actually the First miss America winner of Indian descent was crowned in 2014 Miss America Pageant.
I feel like I'm watching the Miss America Pageant.
Burn Your Bra - a protest at the Miss America Pageant, 1968.
3rd, he's sexist because he hosts the Miss America pageant? Well, I'm glad to see you're not judgemental!
I swear girls at my school talk about prom like its the miss America pageant lol
now you can officially enter and easily win the Miss America pageant. You've got the beauty, talent, and charm plus my vote 😍
like we put more money into the Miss America pageant than we do into not shooting people.
How do judges select contestants for the Miss America Pageant?
May 30, 2016. Save the Date!. The countdown to the National Miss JR High - High School - Collegiate America Pageant...
Our stunning ZTA girls killed the pageant game last night! (Feat. Miss America as our gamma chi 😊)
Earlier today Miss North Carolina Plus America Pageant. Check out my new friends AnnMarie Fox and
Had a fun time co-hosting the America's Little Miss Illinois pageant! Congratulations to all the winners heading...
Apparently I'm ready for a miss America Pageant .
Amazing talent this evening at miss NC plus america pageant👍.
Leg art from the 1949 Miss America pageant. Gorgeous vintage sexy pinup photo!
Bling is my Business!!! Come on out!!! — attending 2016 Miss North Carolina Plus America Pageant at Hilton Garden...
Congrats to Marybeth Noonan, who will represent my state in the Miss America pageant this fall!
Little Giant Ladders
This is like me shaving my legs because I heard the Miss America pageant was coming to town.
Miss Maine crowned; Miss America class of 2017 kicks off: Marybeth Noonan became the first…
Somebody needs to talk to about the Miss America pageant wave he gives when walking on stage. A simple wink or thumbs up would do.
I just applied for the Miss Asian America pageant. WOO!
Like the Baby Miss America pageant PAGE. Then like this post󾌧󾌧󾌧
Yeah blue chips are major at the stock market it's like new York stock exchange in Chicago to prove to little miss America pageant I on it.
LIVE on live on the radio: talking about the Miss North Carolina Plus America Pageant.
Preparing to emcee the Miss Maine America pageant, overwhelmed by the talent that will be on this stage tonight!
Kira Kazantsev - Crowned at the Miss America Pageant - September 2015
Trump thinks that Miss Ogyny was a contestant in his Miss America Pageant. He doesn't think he liked her very much.
My dog could win a beauty pageant he could be Miss America
the Miss America pageant could be scary with the right dramatic music.
Need a last minute deal on a Miss North Carolina Plus America Pageant Ticket?. Click the link in…
it's OK if black actors boycott the Oscars. I boycott the Black Miss America pageant . Wait, why is there a separate pageant?
is the Miss America pageant in her future, mommie's foot steps??
I'm also boycotting the miss black America Beaty pageant. will you join me?
Another participant in the 2013 Miss America Pageant was Megan Lyman (Megan…
How many white girls are in the miss BLACK America pageant?
What about the B.E.T awards that excludes whites, what about Black Miss America Pageant that also excludes whites
My thoughts are this - perfect opportunity to create the Caucasian Academy Awards and Miss White America pageant.
Steve Harvey was probably the best thing that happened to miss universe. America did not care about the pageant before lmao
Re Steve Harvey death threats? Nothing new for me-try being 1st black woman semi finalist in Miss America Pageant--CRAZY TIME!!
Jada can attend the NAACP, BET, 325Black, Black Starz, BCALA Awards; or maybe host the Miss Black America Pageant. None of this is helping!
In the Miss America pageant system, you go into this room, and sit down in a chair, which is in the middle of the room, by itself.
Scott Lady-Ashley performing the winning talent at the Miss Cooper City America 2016 Pageant.
Gonna hit up the Miss America Outstanding Teen pageant here in the O-town tonight. Wowzers.
and a black woman won Miss Black America Pageant why is this ok?
Think I'll boycott the Miss black america pageant this yr for lack of diversity...have I gone to far?
Now is probably a good time to announce that I'm going to skip the Miss Black America pageant this year..
Hypocrite -How many whites are nominated for the BET awards and the Miss Black America pageant ?
A first class move by Miss America Pageant! Ck this video
(Reuters) - When the contestants for the 2016 Miss America pageant take the stage in Atlantic City on Sunday night, they'll…
If I were allowed to compete in the Miss America pageant, my world peace answer would involve loudspeakers and a Cranberries album
Vanessa Williams gets apology from Miss America pageant
Vanessa Williams gets apology at Miss America pageant
How does Doctor Mike have time to go to a Miss America pageant as a 2nd year resident when Meredith Grey barely had time to love Derek?
Miss America does the swim suit competition. But in Miss Navajo, we don’t show our bodies, only our head and hands
Read my latest blog about the 2016 Miss America Pageant available at
WOOO HOOO!!!. MRS Plus America arranged a collection of flip flops at our national Miss Plus America pageant,...
over 4 billion to refugees where's the outrage you only worry about Miss America Pageant
Did you see the moving talk on nursing by nurse Kelley Johnson, Miss Colorado, in the Miss America Pageant
Miss Colorado, I really enjoyed watching you compete in the Miss America pageant. It has been a long time since I have sat down to watch
Not to be racist but I can't tell the difference between the Miss America Pageant and the Miss USA Pageant.
girl I hope u r doing we'll miss ya u did a great job at the miss America pageant
I had an amazing time at the pageant! Check out what I saw that you didn't. Congrats
So what are your thoughts on Vanessa Williams & Miss America?
More sponsors bail from ‘The View’ after ‘elite liberal divas’ ridicule nurse in Miss America pageant | Twitchy
is so weird that it's hot. . Teach us your Miss America ways, you pageant girl, you.
Miss. America pageant, I laughed so hard recording this after
At the Miss America pageant, one contestant said what we all needed to hear about nurses.
The View managed to *** off nurses by criticizing a Miss America pageant contestant for discussing heer real...
Q FOR JOY BEHAR: Ever had an MD take your blood pressure at doctor's office? Among much else, that's what nurses do.
Miss Iowa wins swimsuit prelim at Miss America pageant
Miss Georgia Betty Cantrell was crowned the new Miss America, besting 51 other competitors in the nationally-televised pag…
Vanessa Williams and the Miss America song return to the pageant
was talking about Miss Colorado's talent portion of the Miss America Pageant. Her monologue about Nursing, terrific!!!
. You should encourage to run for the Miss America Pageant. Don't you agree she could definitely win?
Run for the Miss America Pageant. Here's a link to get you started:. I'd bet $$ on u winning
Pre-register for the America's Cover Miss & Cover Boy, USA Pageant by October 5 and save $10.
To hear about my experience and my hopes for the future, check out my interview with radio:
More sponsors bail from 'The View' after 'elite liberal divas' ridicule nurse in Miss America pageant
Vanessa Williams' reunion with Miss America pageant in jeopardy
Radio interview re: my return to the Miss America Organization on the local level in Buffalo
Another amazing talent demonstration at the Miss America Pageant by our own Miss Vermont from Bakersfield! For...
Move over Miss America! Miss Navajo might be the most rigorous pageant in the world.
Miss America finally apologizes to Vanessa Williams — but has the pageant really…
She was cut before she sang nationally for the Miss America pageant, so we decided to show off Taylor's talent!.
It's Peace Day!. Why can't we all just get along?! To help all the Miss America Pageant Contestants achieve their...
"A woman is more then just wearing an evening gown" -- Zendaya (95th Miss America Pageant) 😌😌
- Vanessa Williams FINALLY GET MISS AMERICA APOLOGY Vanessa Williams and the Miss America Pageant just k…
I guess Donald Trump had to make Vanessa Williams lead judge on Miss America Pageant for fear that black people...
Dixie State University student competes in Miss America pageant -
Miss Oregon heads off to Miss America pageant
Optimizing a logo for bandwidth is like tirelessly practicing your tap dance routine for the Miss America pageant.
So excited to watch kick butt tonight in Hoopeston, IL at the Miss America National Sweetheart Pageant!
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Miss'd America Pageant Official Page is BACK!! Get your tickets now at
Miss America Pageant, Past and Present: The 2016 Miss America Pageant will take place on Sept. 13. Meanwhile, take…
When is the Miss America 2016 pageant? Date, time, TV channel, list of contestants
Good luck to Miss Oregon Ali Wallace in the upcoming pageant!
Cheer on Bree Morse as she competes in the 2016 Miss America Pageant which airs Sunday, Sept.13 on ABC. .
.Pageant returns to next week. Here is your
Going to watch the Miss America pageant of course! They are celebrating their 95th anniversary this year!
When we send our Miss Washington to the Miss America pageant, we send her on the best.
Loren McDaniel I love seeing all the pics or you having such a great time at the Miss America Pageant! ARKANSAS.
Miss Vermont hopes to wow pageant judges with science: The process has begun for crowning the next Miss America,…
So she's off to the The Miss America pageant... little princess. 👸👑
South Dakota is proud of you, Autumn! Great job representing our state in the Miss America pageant!
If Miss Vermont 2015 ends up in the Top Ten in this year’s Miss America pageant, her talent will be SCIENCE:
The Mall of America is one of our major sponsors for the Miss Minnesota Pageant. Here all the contestants from...
to get in top 15 at the Miss America pageant!!!
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The evolution of the Miss America swimsuit competition: When the contest debuted in 1921, all of the women wor...
The evolution of the Miss America swimsuit competition
Please to vote for to win Americas Choice at the Miss America pageant!
products are headed to the 95th Miss America Pageant via Black Diamond PR Firm Swag Bags!
Red Carpet interviews from the 23rd Annual Mr. & Miss India America Pageant and The Elite Awards 2015
Also we will be performing at the Miss Black America pageant this Saturday 8.22.15
lol "the celebrity apprentice" and that American Beauty pageant, "miss America" not that anybody watches those shows.
POLL: What do you think about being chosen as a Miss America judge? Tell us --> http:/…
is taking on a new mission as judge for the 95th Annual Miss America Pageant
Zendaya joins judging panel for Miss America pageant
Zendaya judges the 95th Miss America Pageant Sunday, Sept 13 on 😝👏
Another incredible addition to this year's panel! Sept 13 on ABC! Zendaya Will Judge 95th Miss America Pageant
.joins 95th Pageant as celebrity judge! Details:
Congrats: Zendaya will be judging this year’s Miss America pageant
.is set to judge the Miss America Pageant:
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is judging the Miss America pageant. LOOK AT MY TALENTED FRIEND MISS SOUTH DAKOTA
Exclusive: will judge the 95th Miss America pageant:
.joins 95th Pageant as celebrity judge
John's watching the Miss America Pageant with me😍 🙊
its for the Miss America Pageant genius
I think there's an error in your story. I don't believe Trump owns the Miss America Pageant
I am thrilled 2 be judging the Miss America Pageant!! The philanthropy the contestants are involved in is inspiring! http…
Would you help me help a friend make it to the semi-finals in the Miss America Pageant? If so, pls retreat. Idaho
Vote Rhode Island for peoples choice in the Miss America Pageant
Support your Miss New Hampshire... she will be heading off to the Miss America Pageant very soon! Vote daily!...
Guess it depends how u look at it. I was in 1999 Miss America Pageant & folks said similar. I've never felt that way
Okay, so the Miss America Pageant. or any Pageant for that matter. yup, this is how I see them.
Help me vote for People's Choice in the 2015 Miss America Pageant! Type Colorado and in your sta…
w/TV/movie actor Gary Collins, host of Hour Magazine and Miss America Pageant, wed to Miss Am. Mary Ann Mobley.
Flashback Friday: September 1998 - Miss America Pageant - Dr. Nicole Johnson is the 2nd Miss Virginia to Win the Miss America Crown! Yes, she now holds a Ph.D. (along with a Bachelor's and 2 Masters Degrees) thanks to all of the scholarship money she won by participating in the Miss America Scholarship Program at local, state, and national competitions! Enjoy!
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Miss America Pageant: how is this still a thing?
I love John Oliver's take on the Miss America Pageant ||
John Oliver on point. Again. This time on the Miss America Pageant. via
Miss America Pageant gives more scholarships to women than any other? You got to be kidding right? :(
John Oliver debunks Miss America Pageant's claim that it awards $45 million in scholarships — by
Major props to for the amazing video criticizing the Miss America Pageant. Brilliant!
John Oliver takes on the Miss America Pageant: After nine decades, the annual Miss America Pageant struggles t...
If the Miss America Pageant is about empowering women through education, why does it treat contestants like ***
Here's an absolutely hilarious (and intelligent) episode of John Oliver's show about Miss America Pageant.
John Oliver exposes Miss America Pageant scholarship debacle (video) - See on - My Umbrella...
And since we're already talking about gender -- Last Week Tonight. John Oliver: Miss America Pageant (HBO):
John Oliver on Miss America Pageant (HBO), another sign of American cultural decadence: via
For those who support the Miss America Pageant
John Oliver exposes how the Miss America Pageant is a big business
John Oliver about the Miss America Pageant. In the last one a contestant was asked to solve ISIS in 20s :) (min 4:06) …
Missoula's own Victoria Valentine, the reigning Miss Montana, has been in Atlantic City New Jersey for the last two weeks, competing in the Miss America Pageant.
thought you might find John Oliver's take on the Miss America Pageant as interesting as I did:
John Oliver has had enough of Miss America's BS; Makes his own pageant:
this video will be up your alley -- about the Miss America pageant.. style tho... :)
ICYMI: - Miss America Pageant . | John talks pageantry and scholarships for women.
John Oliver has done it again, summing up everything that's wrong with the Miss America Pageant
Must-see morning clip: John Oliver’s amazing takedown of the Miss America pageant via
Watch John Oliver’s hilarious and enlightening takedown of the Miss America pageant.
Funny, but sad, look at objectification of women and Miss America Pageant scholarship fraud!
John Oliver explains everything wrong with the Miss America pageant
This is the funniest video I've seen in a while! Miss America Pageant (HBO):
If you want to see everything that's wrong with the Miss America pageant summed up as brilliantly as possible, click on the "play" button and let John Oliver tak...
Miss America Pageant was amazing so here we go about my comments one for all I think all of them have gorgeous smiles! Miss Mississippi's talent was so amazing Miss Arkansas’s song breathtaking Miss Oklahoma's dance was graceful and poised and I loved the music Miss Massachusetts's piano playing was incredible I could never do that I would be so scared to mess up one note. Miss Ohio's was hilarious and full of life Miss Florida's dance was okay I would have done slower in the beginning due to the song but that is just me I loved the song Note to God. Miss Tennessee has Loved her intro to her song "he does not deserve airtime...” you go girl! Miss Virginia's was beautiful and I give her credit opera is not an easy thing to do Miss New York's I loved it! Miss Alabama's was incredible I loved the song choice and the outfit! I love her poise and I could tell she really enjoys her talent! Miss America Interview Miss Arkansas I loved her answer, it was very short, and to the point, I do not blame her for be ...
Miss New York won the Miss America Pageant with THIS as her talent... I'm sorry I thought it was cheesy. Thoughts??? ❤️Blondie
On last night's Miss America Pageant (and its preceding Countdown show), we were treated to ventriloquism, rhythmless red-cup percussion, a slew of factoids about the contestants as they did performed...
Trivia Tuesday: which act stole the show at this year's Miss America Pageant?
Fun fact highlights of the Miss America Pageant: "attacked by a cheetah in Zambia" "slapped a shark as a kid" "loves Jane Austin" (note Jane Austen is spelled w an e)
We're Proud Of You Miss Tennessee 2014 Hayley Lewis! You represented us well at the Miss America Pageant.
Now's she is in the TOP 10 in the Miss America Pageant. Congratulations Tori Cowen, Miss Florida...from little Panama City!
For anyone not watching, Miss Mississippi Jasmine Murray is in the Top 10 at the Miss America Pageant.
Sept 13 (Reuters) - The winner of the 2015 Miss America Pageant will be crowned on Sunday night in Atlantic City, and the wearer's glittering tiara wi
Watch Miss Tennessee- and Truman graduate-Hayley Lewis compete Sunday in the Miss America Pageant on ABC. Good Luck Hayley!…
In honor of the Miss America Pageant, enjoy two compelling views of Atlantic City by Vicki Gold Levi & Bryant Simon!
I have been challenged by Angie Lloyd Love and Jill McMichael Cochran to pray for 10 people. I am fulfilling this challenge in a different way. In honor of the Miss America Pageant this week, and Miss America's national platform of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, I challenge everyone to pray for children who are battling an illness. More specifically, September is Go Gold month in order to increase awareness for pediatric cancer. Please pray for the children and their families affected by this disease. Prayer works!! More specifically, I am praying for Mandi Posey Paris' entire family as her daughter Mary Elizabeth is battling this now. I also continue to keep sweet Tori Svenson Penny Svenson in our prayers who has shown us that prayer works in the fight of this disease.
Marisa has arrived in Atlantic City for Miss America Pageant. Watch live ABC sept 14. I'll be there to cheer her on!
Donald Driver will be one of the judges for the Miss America Pageant. Does this mean he has to break down film of the swimsuit competition?
Young ladies from across the Garden State will soon be vying for the chance to represent New Jersey in the historic Miss America Pageant.
I am touched to be nominated to be 'Your Miss America!"!! Please vote for me and make one of my dreams come true: a Trip to the Miss America Pageant! Thanks to my sweet daughter Elizabeth Byassee Shore for nominating me and understanding my need to make "magic" happen! Please share and SHARE and SHAARE! (thank you!)
The Band Courtbouillon to play for Miss America Pageant photo shoot tomorrow in Baton Rouge! Life is hard! ;-)
Graduation on Friday and My baby Anthony Malik DeJesus will be 13. I cant wait im so excited every time I think about it I wana cry like I won the Miss America Pageant. Hmmm should I wear my tiara to graduation. .
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The Miss America Organization is proud to announce your opportunity to vote for a finalist at the 2012 Miss America Pageant, broadcast live from Planet Holly...
POSITIVE PERSPECTIVE By Ron McClung Have you seen the quiz that has circulated on the Internet for the past fifteen years or so? Instead of actually trying to answer these questions, just read straight through the quiz and the point will become clear: 1. Name the five wealthiest people in the world. 2. Name the last five Heisman trophy winners. 3. Name the last five winners of the Miss America Pageant. 4. Name ten people who have won the Nobel Prize or the Pulitzer Prize. 5. Names the last half dozen Academy Award winners for best actor or best actress. 6. Name the last decade’s worth of World Series winners. Hard to do, isn’t it? In fact, my guess is that you found it impossible. If you look at the people whose names would actually appear in the answers to those questions, you are looking at a lot of first-rate achievers. These people performed in some outstanding way or they never would have achieved the status referred to in each question. They were arguably the very best in their fields. Now here ...
Norma Smallwood - Born Norma Des Cygne Smallwood, she was a full blood Cherokee Indian from Tulsa, Oklahoma. While as a student at Oklahoma State University, she entered the Miss America Pageant in 1926 and was crowned the first Native American to win the title. During the year of her reign, she had an acute business sense demanding a fee for appearances. She reportedly made over 100,000 dollars, more than either Babe Ruth or the President of the United States.
Should they get rid of the Miss America Pageant?
Can someone find a video of Merriebeth Cox's talent at the Miss America pageant and post it on pinterest? It would be greatly appreciated!
Wow they're really giving me another chance to be in the miss America pageant this year.
That's like it's okay to have a black shopping channel and a black Miss America pageant but if white was put there instead of black you would hear all kinds of things FAIR IS FAIR!
I wanna be in the miss America pageant 👑
I think I could win this pageant... . “Miss America 1924
Happy birthday to actress Cloris Leachman. She's 88 today. She was born in Des Moines and competed in the Miss America Pageant in 1946.
You know who cries the hardest in the Miss America Pageant?. . . The Winner. Because she know she can't win again & winners always want to.
so, I was referred to be apart of the Miss America pageant😌 & I have a scheduled meeting coming up👌
So I've been invited to do a miss America pageant like if u think I should do it 🙈😸
Fun to see this all the way thru! Watching Miss America pageant will have a whole new meaning, go Lucy, Miss Vermont!
when girls come to the gym w/ the makeup caked on & hair down and curled. This is a GYM, not the Miss America pageant
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It's great that miss America pageant is coming to Baton Rouge but of they want to get good MUA's they better up the rate! Wow!
I just received my second "invitation" to enter the miss america pageant.what???
Ok, miss *** america pageant looks a million billion times more fun than regular ol miss america.
Come see a group of guys think they're in a Miss America Pageant tonight @ 7PM @ OC Community Center! Cost:$15-Proceeds go to
I either pick my daughter up from school lookin like a certified bum asking for change or like I'm coming from the miss America pageant
Just applied to compete in my first Miss America Organization local preliminary! So excited for this new direction in my pageant life :)
Reese is playing Miss America in her school play. Thank goodness she isn't in a real pageant. He…
Ticket sales are barely at 55 as of yesterday. We know to expect lots more. The box office opens one hour before the show and people will be standing in line for tickets. We highly advise as many as possible to buy their tickets online. If you have young girls they are going to want to come inside and see all of the title holders from the Miss America pageant. Don't miss that opportunity by standing in line!
I love this quote. It embodies what the Miss America pageant system is all about. "There must be something bigger driving you than winning this crown. Because if you don't win, you need to be able to walk away okay with who you are and the direction you are headed, and if you do win... it's only yours for one year. Have a vision beyond the crown. Be yourself. If you try to be who you think the judges are looking for instead of just trusting in who you are as a person, you will waste your time comparing yourself to other girls and trying to figure out if you should be more like them. And if you do win, after having conformed yourself to what you think the judges want, you will have to spend a year either lying, or putting on a show, both of which are exhausting. Be you, it's good enough." - Leah Sykes, MAOTeen 2014
Watching this documentary about the Miss *** America pageant and really wishing was a drag queen.
It’s a celebration of past, present and future with the official unveiling of a permanent monument to the competition as well as the announcement of plans for the upcoming festivities surrounding this year's Miss America Pageant including changes to the local favorite, the "Show Us Your Shoes" Parad…
Prophyte in the Kappa 10 Pageant...lookin more like Miss America, Miss USA or somethin. Friday, May 2
Having in rush-hour is hard. I just did more thank you waves than the Miss America pageant.
Lynn here-we saw a couple things this weekend that were upsetting, my intention is not to offend, but enlighten. we went to the 4th Friday uptown-first-leggings are not "pants"-leggings are meant to be worn with a LONG tunic top and that includes girls in their early teens, leggings are just "tights" without feet. Some are meant to be worn at the gym or in athletic activities, with athletic LONGER tops or sweatshirts. If your daughter's cheeks are visible below the leg opening of the SHORTS she is wearing, she needs longer shorts, if you a parent choose to allow your daughter to have her belly button pierced or get a tattoo and she is twelve or thirteen, that is your choice, some of us who are not even prudes are more than a little stunned that a girl so young has had these things done and that we are being provided with the knowledge of that because her garments are noodle strap belly shirt, and the shorts with the cheeks exposed. We ourselves have experienced the "argument" that so and so did or does th ...
Place a full page ad in the Miss Plus America Pageant in support of Ms Michigan Plus America
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Got asked to be the miss america pageant.
I'd love to be in a Miss America pageant and say my dream is for world denomination
It's Miss America season! Find out plans for the pageant this year and see the official unveiling of a Miss America statue at 6
Join my journey to Participate in the Miss BLACK AMERICA pageant! Click to Donate:
Scott Brown's rambling ACA statement sounds like he's running for Miss America pageant. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Just you know, having a casual conversation with Miss America 2010 about pageant interviews. 😳😁
The annual Taxidermy Contest is the Miss America Pageant on acid w/ formaldehyde
The annual Taxidermy Contest is like the Miss America Pageant on acid with formaldehyde
Congratulations Tony Bowls on the big Miss America announcement! You know you've always been my favorite so naturally I was so happy to hear about the new partnership with the 2015 Miss America Pageant! Just wanted to personally say congrats because you definitely deserve it! :) Hope you are doing well!
Lexie Madden, Miss Wyoming, competes in the evening gown competition during the 2013 Miss America Pageant at PH...
If I won the Miss America pageant (which I've never finished better than 2nd to last) I would ask for there to be an "R" in t…
If I was ever on a Miss America pageant, my talent would be teaching other women how to pack for trips in one backpack
But if I buy tickets to go to the miss america pageant just to throw things at them whose with me???
I'm a bit late but at the Miss America Pageant came to see my El Paso beauties! Congratulations to…
Hilco Global Brand, Miss America, announced the date of the next annual pageant, to be held on Sept 14! More here:
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He's saying, "I WANT YOU to be a judge of the next Miss America Pageant!" LOL
Watch this!!! Pretty proud to say I was a pageant contestant in the Miss America Pageant system! Such a great...
Turnin 20 is alot like banging the runner up in the miss America pageant, its cool and fun, But still one away from the one you really want
Yo everyone go watch the documentary called Pageant on Netflix right now. It's about the Miss *** America pageant and it is so good.
Tryna pick between a big 4 firm is like tryna pick a date at a miss America pageant...
Miss America pageant court youth center tonight. I will be lending my expertise as a judge 😉
I think there should be a Miss USA pageant based off of America's votes js
I may not be wearing Chubbies today, but you can bet you'll find me wearing a pair in the Miss PUSH America pageant 😉
Most excited about the TFM portion of the Miss PUSH America pageant!! Come watch me rock some fratty clothing!!
Beauty and the Mist - everything about beauty: Miss America and Pageant Designs? Absolutely!
so just got this really fancy invite to National America Miss Michigan Pageant && i'm really thinking about it :D this letter is amazing
I'm so excited! I watch the Miss America Pageant last night and it pumped me up!😊🌸💕
Get your tickets for soirée TODAY! Don't want to miss the this! COMING TO AMERICA. ! See as are 4 pageant contest find the way!
Omg the Nation America Miss accepted me into their pageant. I hate my aunt so much for signing me up didn't know I'd actually get in.
Watching the girls answer questions from Juan Pablo's family is like a Miss America pageant in broken English with frumpier dresses.
domain names
Drop out of high school and join a Miss America pageant or something.
Erin's Story: I competed in the Miss America Pageant in 1996. During my reign as Miss Arizona…
So Netflix has a documentary called Pageant. I'ts about Miss *** America. It's drag queens and I love,love, love it!
Lol the Miss America pageant wont stop calling me.
handle the tariffs, given his connections-if U get My drift, My Miss Chinese America Beauty Pageant Winner.
Artistry - Miss America pageant behind the scenes.
Follow Miss Hawaii JR High School America in our fanpage for the Juniors!
Had such a great time at the Miss El Paso America pageant! A big congrats to not only the winners but…
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