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Miranda Hart

Miranda Katharine Hart Dyke (born 14 December 1972), known professionally as Miranda Hart, is an English actress, writer and stand-up comedienne.

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So personally I find the Miranda Hart TV series so funny, the first 2 series’s are on Netflix and they’re great !! 😝
Please bring back Chummy, even for just a few scenes! Miranda Hart, you are missed!
Sophie: "Miranda Hart is a babe. That galloping thing changed my life, honestly I galloped for days after I saw tha…
I want to be like carter hart when I grow up
3 of 5 stars to Peggy and Me by Miranda Hart
Id rather have joe pasquale or Miranda Hart in goal
Why is Miranda Hart my spirit animal 😂😂
Loving Miranda Hart's hair on Top of the Pops 1985.
Happy with the casting either way. Might have been a different answer if they'd chosen Miranda Hart!
Other than Catherine and Jemma who’s your fav actress or actresses?? — Miranda Hart, Sarah Jessica Parker
OH, THANK GOD. (It’ll be Miranda Hart, inevitably, but let’s just enjoy this moment.)
On page 70 of 296 of Peggy and Me, by Miranda Hart
Tomorrow at 9pm on BBC1, don't miss my biggest Big Show yet with Miranda Hart playing Send to All, Niall Horan, Jon Richards…
OMG 😂 loved that video Arron, i can only relate on the gym stuff but i love broccoli😂 whenever i'm…
Download Ebook The Girl with the Lost Smile: This can be a story assured to make you snort and cry: the first young…
Auditions for the Miranda hart biopic?
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Kate Middleton’s link to Miranda Hart - who is also related to Princess Diana - REVEALED
The event was hosted by actor Miranda Hart, who said compelling William to take part was on her to-do list for the…
Zawe Ashton as the Cat. Miranda Hart as Kryten. Olivia Colman as Rimmer. Catherine Tate as Lister.
Something's are better left unsaid. Miranda Hart?
Love the series and wonderful cast. Sad to hear Sister Mary Cynthia (Bryony Hannah) leaving. 💔 Won…
Your the best Miranda Hart loved watching u
Yeah. Not quite as Miranda Hart would put it ... x
Twice as funny as anything that has Miranda Hart in!
Karina Hart wants to get acquainted with an adult man for sex
Comedian Miranda Hart on her biggest challenge yet
Comedian Miranda Hart on her biggest challenge yet - YOU Magazine Beauty, Fashion, Eve...
Nice to see Miranda Hart getting a shift on Sky Sports News.
Presenting my research in 10 minutes to a mixed audience this week. Expect references to animé, a 90s pop band, and Miranda Hart. Such fun!
Miranda Hart gets to know a guy for a relationship
Cate Hart wants to find a man for sex without a relationship
I’m currently obsessed with Miranda on Hulu. Miranda Hart does some of the best physical comedy since Lucille Ball.…
Ashlyn Hart wants to find a man for sex for one night
Miranda Hart will get acquainted with an adult man for a relationship
I was in London last week (seeing Annie before Miranda Hart's run as Miss Hanigan finished) and it was actually warm.
Miranda Hart gets to know a man for a rest
Miranda Hart is looking for a date guy
If you haven’t, watch Hyperdrive. Nick Frost, Kevin Eldon, & Miranda Hart in space. It’s g…
Miranda Hart is not looking after herself properly.
Miranda Hart is an unlikely but exceptionally appealing stand-up comedienne.
Reports suggest that Miranda Hart has apologised for the shambolic of Atari Jaguar game 'Sima kipper's bladder full of Bull'.
Happy your doodle is now live in the auction. Hands up if you're excited!…
Writing a children's book: Comedian Miranda Hart on her biggest challenge yet
Can't believe I thought Miranda Hart was in SWX what kinda mess was I
I'm quite quiet but must admit that I'd probably pay to witness the public execution of Jo Brand and Miranda Hart for crimes against comedy
1/3 Really looking forward to talking about my new book in a couple of weeks. Out Oct 5th
Congrautlations on your last Looking forward to seeing you in Bath!
can I have the Miranda Hart book in the background ?
Unjust review. I and others from across world came to see Annie simply because Miranda Hart was starri…
Does anyone else listen to sexual by neiked and think of Miranda hart singing just me
I imagine Miranda Hart must be coming to the end of her stint playing the role & is back on the 📺 this weekend.
Torrei Hart & Eniko Parrish have so many good Instagram pics!!
Petition to replace Noel Fielding with Miranda Hart on gbbo
I am staying in a hotel tonight and it's pretty much a Miranda Hart episode. So much fun.
Caught up with this week's cover story? Debut children’s author picks her favourite children's books 📚…
I have no idea what the heck this is
A group of 30 Tye Green Lode staff and families enjoyed a team trip to see Annie with Miranda Hart at the Piccadill…
Enjoy working with people from all walks of life and wished was a client.
Miranda Hart reveals difficult struggle with anxiety that may have forced her to cancel Call The……
Miranda Hart is the comic who 'lost her smile' as she tells of her dark and sad moments:Great honesty Tip of iceberg
Oooh whoop, you can pre order my new book Just saying, because I am a little…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
from Miranda Hart, who is this week's YOU cover story. Always inspiring and amusing ✨
Comedian Miranda Hart on her biggest challenge yet. via
Be charmed by spontaneous Miranda Hart .guesting with🐩on appreciative talk show promoting her latest book.
Can you guess which mystery man is replacing Miranda Hart as Miss Hannigan in Annie?
TV in the summer used to mean Christmas specials repeated, now it's Miranda Hart gardening shows. I want my country back
Craig Revel Horwood cast as Miss Hannigan - yet another guy nicking a part from a woman! I am so sick of this.
Sorry, but as Miss Hannigan in Annie has got to be seen!
Because there are just SO many roles in theatre for older women... thank goodness men can take up the slack. 🙄.
Strictly's Craig turns from Mr Mean to Nasty Miss Hannigan: Judge to take over from Miranda Hart -
NEWS: Craig Revel Horwood takes over from Miranda Hart in Annie, Booking extended
Craig Revel Horwood to take over as Miss Hannigan in Annie in the West End
Another drawing done for the day. This time Miranda Hart
Do not miss now open at London's Piccadilly Theatre starring Miranda Hart as Miss Hannigan! .
A stroke of genius to cast Miranda Hart as a very tall Australian police officer called Miranda & pretend it's someone from Game of Thrones
"We all have our worries about our bodies and our looks. We just need to make the best of our lovely, wonky selves" -…
Miranda Hart is one of the best female comedians ever she always makes me laugh
fell over running around chasewater, I am the real life Miranda Hart
I love PK & Miranda Hart, Moffat's Who is easily as good as RTDs, you've lost me at J***s B**d though.
I got more: Peter Kay, Miranda Hart, I prefer Steven Moffatt's DW to RTD's, I think Quantum of Solace is be…
No one makes me laugh as much as Miranda Hart!
Our very own Miss Hannigan chats all things with
I once found myself doing shots with greg James and Miranda hart. Two of the few people taller than me
Wow, it could be an inch worse and it could of been Miranda Hart. but deepest simpathies.
Wait til they find out Miranda Hart is the new James Bond 😂 .
drama student is appearing with comedian Miranda Hart in West End show
Seen Annie and Phantom today in London. Was very pleasantly surprised with Miranda Hart as Miss Hannigan. Ben Forster was our Phantom and we
Theatre review: Miranda Hart is entertaining but not quite nasty enough in 'Annie' at London's Piccadilly Theatre
Review: Miranda Hart is genuinely chucklesome in Jay-Z's favourite musical Annie, at the Piccadilly Theatre
A cameo of Miranda Hart or better the entire cast in season 3 would be hilarious! S…
Miranda Hart bashing out those 5 star reviews for Annie
Miranda Hart's West End debut in Annie is largely praised in first reviews
Miranda's singing 'is like a camel in labour' | Critics mixed over Hart's West End debut
So I do have something in common with Miranda Hart...
Watch: Sarah Hadland, Alexandra Burke, Christopher Biggins and more at Annie opening night
REVIEW: ⭐⭐⭐ for Miranda Hart 'isn’t convincing' as the nasty Miss Hannigan but the children shine…
Our says, Total fun, the musical starring Miranda Hart is now playing at the Piccadilly Theatre!…
Hey podcast, can I lump Miranda in with Mrs Brown's Boys? . "Miranda Hart...Miranda FART!" 🍑💨
Miranda Hart (says Annie role has boosted her confidence
Miranda Hart: Annie role has boosted my confidence
Don't miss Miranda Hart as a hilarious Miss Hannigan in - here's our review .
In photos: Miranda Hart and stars celebrate the opening night of Annie
Annie with Miranda Hart at the Piccadilly Theatre and we have two students in the show Kathryn W & Nicole D…
Read the reviews of starring Miranda Hart and want to book tickets? Just click here!
Miranda Hart receives mixed reviews for performance in Annie
Miranda Hart 'no more in tune than a crane swinging in a high breeze'. :-)
Hoping Miranda (Hart) will play her name-sake in The Tempest, with Patricia Hodge as a gender-switched Prospero and Tom Ellis as Ferdinand.
Well it's safe to say that Miranda Hart absolutely smashed it, what a debut!
I love Miranda Hart. If only I still lived in England.
Tuesdays are tough after a long weekend - time to laugh your way home. Do you love comedian Miranda Hart? Check...
Alexandra Burke and Miranda Hart depart opening night of Annie
Annie reviews – Miranda Hart plays Miss Hannigan on the West End | Theatre | Entertainment
First Look: Miranda Hart as Miss Hannigan in Annie, opening night on 5 June 2017, Piccadilly Theatre
Annie reviews: How has Miranda Hart's West End debut fared with critics?
Review: okay, it's no Matilda, but Miranda Hart is properly funny in the West End's new production of Annie
Updates: Annie reviews: Critics react to Miranda Hart's performance as Miss Hannigan in West End
Don't miss our ★★★★ review of starring Miranda Hart. Read now at:
Annie review – Miranda Hart's Miss Hannigan has too much heart
'The sun will come out tomorrow': Miranda Hart's West End debut is just what London needs right now - Annie, review https…
The verdict is in on Annie starring Miranda Hart - read our review .
Find out what we thought of Annie starring Miranda Hart in the West End. Review:
Have a first look at Miranda Hart (as Miss Hannigan, in rehearsals for Annie!: https…
Miranda Hart and cast in rehearsals for Annie. Miranda will be in playing Miss…
Miranda Hart set for TV return in her mum’s new ’innuendo-filled’ gardening show
Miranda Hart set to return to TV screens... but it's not what you're expecting
We sent a message to Miranda Hart tonight who is playing Miss Hannigan in the London version of Annie.
Awful nights sleep,dreamt I moved in with James Corden & Miranda Hart.
Miranda Hart and James Corden must have attended the same school of comedy!! Ffs shoot me
French and Saunders 👌😂 please no more Miranda Hart or James Corden though!!
Please no. Miranda Hart followed by James Corden - taking the comic out of
Miranda Hart, Ed Sheeran, Take That, James Corden... Is the point of that you pay to make it stop because if so take my money.
Steve Wright in the Afternoon - Miranda Hart, Steps, Amanda Redman & Neil Morrissey -
See the classic musical Annie starring Miranda Hart with Buzzlines on 31st August!
Tickets for featuring ALRA alumna Miranda Hart, go on sale today!
Women do appear on The last leg. Kathy Burke,Victoria Coren Mitchell, Miranda Hart to name just 3
Exciting news from Theatre Land... Miranda Hart is set to appear in in London's Article via
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ICYMI: Miranda Hart is starring in Annie The Musical at the Piccadilly Theatre from 23rd May 2017!
Miranda Hart to star in when it returns to Piccadilly
Miranda Hart playing Miss Hannigan in West End "Annie" from May! Well that's a must see 😂
Miranda Hart puts mystery illness behind her to reveal new starring role
Miranda Hart to play the villainous Miss Hannigan in West End production of
"Miranda Hart" in the West End. This should go well
Annie to Return to the West End, Starring Miranda Hart as Miss Hannigan
Miranda Hart puts mystery illness behind her and reveals new starring role.
As if Miranda Hart is going to be starring in Annie West End as Mrs Hannigan 💜😭😭
Miranda Hart is set to appear in a West End production of Annie and we can’t wait
Miranda Hart was “too ill” to return to filming Call The Midwife after mystery illness
Dunno why I get Ticketmaster UK emails but I got one re Miranda Hart in Annie and I TOTALLY got excited until I realized it's UK.
Miranda Hart is set to make her West End debut as Miss Hannigan in Annie from May 2017 at the Piccadilly Theatre! https…
Miranda Hart to star in Annie musical - It has been confirmed that Miranda Hart will star i...
British comedian will make her West End debut in new revival of ANNIE:
ABE ALLEN - in So Sammy (Alongside Miranda Hart!) will be aired this weekend. Only avail on the Disney Channel App.
If ticketmaster ever e-mail about anything with Miranda Hart in again, i shall be contacting my MP. Shes the least amusing entity ever.
❤⚡ Miranda Hart to make her West End debut.
Miranda Hart 'illness forced her out of Call The Midwife'
Details confirmed for Miranda Hart's West End debut in Annie
Miranda Hart to star in new West End production of Annie
Tilda Swinton to be next Doctor ?. A better option than Miranda Hart:. "Didn't you used to be a Man ?". *Withering look at camera. Falls over*
Have you read Miranda Hart's brilliant love letter to
Is illness the reason why Miranda Hart ditched her Call The Midwife return?
⚡️ “Miranda Hart to make her West End debut”.
Don't think Miranda Hart is quite right for the role either, but that's the quality I'm talking about: children love her.
if you are excited about Miranda Hart making her West End debut as Miss Hannigan in
Did you know that Miranda Hart starred in the 25,000th performance of Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap as part of a spec…
Miranda Hart gears up for Annie role
Miranda hart. In her case dont keep the day job lol
Website Builder 728x90
Miranda Hart to make West End debut after Call the Midwife exit
This is a must-see Miranda Hart is among one of the most lovable comedians so it would be interesting to see her in this!
Miranda Hart hints ‘ill health’ forced her to pull out of Call The Midwife
Just no. Mind you I overheard someone who reckoned Miranda Hart should be the next Dr Who, so Dyer isn;t worst case
I hate Miranda Hart if she actually ends up being the first female doctor imma be so pressedt
Miranda Hart, Rowan Atkinson, Moss from the IT Crowd or Martin Freeman for next Doctor please. The list goes on
I love his friendship with Miranda Hart so much, they are both amazing as actor and person
The CIA are shopping in Duty Free, buying up all the Miranda Hart DVDs. Those poor *** in Guantanamo Bay.
Help! Miranda Hart has to have discovered a green variety of nothing of any importance.
'Corrupt' Miranda fallen into an enclosure of English geckos, close to 4-chan.
Miranda Hart and Sally Phillips should be their element with all this chaos going on.IF either wanted to be the voice of the Beast,just ask!
Browsing BBC iPlayer comedy section. Why is Miranda Hart in there?
Miranda Hart's Call The Midwife replacement Harriet Walter is the best by far - Ian Hyland - Mirror Online
Am I the only person who thought they meant Miranda Hart when I saw this on
📹 bethansblog: Little video I made about the cute little friendship between Lee MacK & Miranda Hart.
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hi Miranda Hart am Joleen am a big fan of you just wanted to say hi
people always compare me to Miranda hart but I can never tell whether it's a compliment or they are taking the *** 🤔
if you don't like Miranda Hart i don't like you
Did anyone else think it was Miranda Hart at first reading? 😀🇺🇸 😂
What’s the one book you think everyone should read? — Peggy And Me - Miranda Hart💗
you wife much more excited though. Also me. Miranda hart can gtf.
3 sure fire ways to get me to turn The One Show off -. 1. Sarah Millican. 2. Miranda Hart. 3. Russell Brand. (I know, I know - The One Show!)
Am I the only one who thought, "Miranda Hart is joining the cast of Hamilton?!??!" Just imagine it then t…
Read BBC headline & thought "Miranda Hart? Well, that's not appropriate". And it's not! 'Hamilton: Could Miranda join West End production?'
Went from ELATED to DEFLATED in the space of two seconds when I found out this wasn't about Miranda Hart.
My review of Miranda and Caliban by is up on the blog! 🌟🌟🌟🌟
I honestly thought this referred to Miranda Hart -
only fools and fascists with David Jason as Donboy Trump and Miranda Hart as Theresa plinker May.
.Hi Clare just seen Miranda Hart's RT, please do the same for
Things don't have to come to you in your youth. It's fine for them ...
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
On page 204 of 294 of Peggy and Me, by Miranda Hart
'Call the Midwife' season 6 cast still hopeful Miranda Hart will return someday
MTM will be missed. Thanks Miranda Hart for reminding us how important our example can be when we do it…
I hope you will Miranda Hart cuz you're terrific!
BBC1 NYE Narrator - "let's party on with Miranda Hart"... nah you're alright mate we'll give that a miss this year
Call the Midwife stars still hoping that Miranda Hart will return to the show after dropping out
Jesus that Spoof was nearly as Bad as a Miranda Hart Show
alas, sex and the city Miranda. Also a bit Miranda Hart too tho.
Which Miranda? I've realised over time I'm basically the male Miranda Hart, only shorter.
that and Miranda Hart, two shows I've never understood how anyone finds them funny.
On page 237 of 323 of Is It Just Me?, by Miranda Hart
If you mean Miranda Hart we have to see her live I did once in b'ham and it was brilliant!!!
Learning the fact that Miranda Hart's "boobies" clap when she rolls over was the highlight of my night anyhow.🙌
Suggested Christmas presents No.1 - will do 20 by the end of the day. 1.
My 2-day hiatus won't be completed without a Melissa McCarthy with Miranda Hart! Great tandem!
I think I'm gonna turn out like Miranda Hart and idm if that's good or bad...😬
Ah Priscilla Shirer and Miranda Hart. Jealous of this one. Sounds amazing.
In my head, I have the most sensational singing voice. I perform con...
What a trickster! Miranda Hart has denied knowing the whereabouts of the Tories.
I liked Miranda Hart as Barbara too. And also like her own show-very much influenced by 70s comedy.
Unfortunately I always think of how Miranda Hart dealt with them. Wedgie style. Ha ha
I meant to be a big Miranda hart fan but I didn't know she was in spy
I liked a video Steve Jobs pitches iPad on Dragons' Den - 2010 Unwrapped with Miranda Hart - Preview
Call The Midwife season 6: Where is Chummy? Why isnt in the new series?
Lee MacK, Tim Vine, Miranda Hart and Bobby Ball have all been in it.
Heard the latest podcast with Tim Vine, Miranda Hart, Milton Jones, Sally Phillips and my wife? Why not tell a pal?
Catherine Tate and Miranda Hart need to work together
The first 4 series where the best once Tim Vine and Miranda Hart left it went down in my opinion
Really? Used to ❤ the old days, particularly when Tim Vine n Miranda Hart were both in it. I expect the kids to make it different
The content you upload for us to watch is amazing. It's like blending Miranda Hart, Sarah Millican & Dawn French with a touch of 🍀
I don't get Miranda Hart, Alan Carr nor do I understand Sarah Millican just not my brand of comedy I guess :/
We're watching Bond pisstake 'Spy', starring Jude Law, Miranda Hart, and .Jason Statham
After watching Amazon Good Girls Revolt now found the O A on Netflix, you can keep your BBC Michael McIntyre, Miranda Hart where the sun.
Didn't realise just how rubbish Michael McIntyre is. He would certainly give Miranda Hart a run for her money in the unfunny stakes. 😐
Michael McIntyre , Miranda Hart didn't realise how posh there background is, even Alexander Armstrong and Danny Dyer are related to royalty
The Great British Bake Off: Channel 4 rumoured to want Miranda Hart and her mother to be ne...…
First Sarah Millican, then Miranda Hart (vice versa) now something even more horrific ...Laura clery. How can people think these are funny😩😖
It is personal taste. Miranda Hart is not funny - Sarah Millican is. But I find Dave Gorman unfunny, but love Bill Bailey.
Next Please don't let it be any of these 5:. 1. Helen Mirren. 2. Daniel Radcliffe. 3. Hugh Grant. 4. Miranda Hart. 5. Pudsey the Dog
ngl it was a solid banter, but it doesn't have the cultural cache of a Miranda Hart or Sue Perkins
I think it's recognisable enough to say Dale Winton and Miranda Hart were in it.
Miranda Hart is single, Greg Davies is single... ...problem solved!
John Bishop and Miranda Hart? Not even worth it for Danny DeVito. Bye
You mean the Miranda Hart series? No, neither do I. Totally unfunny! Yet, she is absolutely brilliant in “Call the Midwife” :)
So far tonight my TV has presented me with Tess Daly, Judge Rinder and Miranda Hart for my "entertainment"...
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Great British Bake Off: Who should replace Mel and Sue?. (How about Boris Johnson and Miranda Hart? Failing that, Farage and Lenny Henry)
some people like Miranda Hart.some people like Sarah Milligan. both have a sense of.humour
I wanted to be a farmer's wife. I thought it would be quite fun to wake up of a morning, colle
You can download here - & it can be read on a Kindle or a phone (if you download the Kindle app)
Miranda Hart calls off Call the Midwife return
Meet the world's first 'dlogger' the doggie best friend of Miranda Hart
My fave story: Peggy, pooch & best friend of star Miranda Hart publishes an ebook today
I do love to cry. I'll cry at the drop of a hat. I'll cry at your basic television programme,
Miranda Hart calls off planned return to Call the Midwife due to scheduling problems
"I don't wanna watch but I can't not watch - It's like Boris Johnson." - Miranda Hart.
even Miranda Hart would be an upgrade on Padelli in fairness
People are obviously going to mention what I look like, but it's a shame it has to be a key pa
Miranda Hart is the actual love of my life
I am not married, no. I wasn't really into the notion when I was younger, but now I think a pr
Miranda Hart cos my mom says I'm a younger version of her, I'm so cool🤓
I suppose you want me to say I'm at parties all the time and am secretly going out with Tom Cr
BBC Sport - Rio Olympics 2016: Miranda Hart's love letter to Team GB
I have lots of ambitions. I'd love to do theatre. I'd like to be in 'Tea With Mussolini 2;' I'
When my sitcom 'Miranda' first became successful, I was so in the thick of working and I was s
Every station across the globe. I Heart. Clear Channel local stations. Satellite. Every station. This will make the world…
Sunderland interested in signing Joe Hart. Yeah, and I wanna bang Miranda Kerr.
I might make an appearance too... Takes me back to my showbiz heritage days. Tickets on sale Wed 31st at 10am
We all get given these bodies, and they're all fascinating and different... I wouldn't want to
Here's a bulletin for National Dog Day. Tickets on sale from Wed 31st 10 a.m. Details of event:
My tall lady owner will be on October 7th talking about ME! https:/…
Who would you like to seen in I'm a cleb this year — Fay Ripley, Miranda Hart, David Tennant, Danny Miller, Paloma…
Miranda Hart and Catherine Tate are two of my favourite comedic women, just so so funny
How good would a show with Miranda Hart and Sarah Millican getting up to all sorts of trouble be? 😂
Tom said he sat down with Miranda Hart at Christmas and a reunion is hopefully on the cards.
My love of Miranda Hart (and by extension, Tom Ellis) will always grant her the privilege.
I only really and fully relax on my own. Give me a sun lounger, a pool and a sea view, and I'm happy. -Miranda Hart
Nothing like a mystery tour round Manchester looking for the arena!! Thanks to the lady that looks like Miranda Hart for saving me!
So happy about Chummy's return to Miranda Hart to return to BBC's Call the Midwife
I bumped into Miranda Hart in Croydon. Asked her to explain comedy. She said “Nothing to do with me”. A mealy mouthed reply.
Statham, Byrne, peter serafinowicz, and Miranda Hart were all really good. McCarthy was fine, but I'd have preferred Hart as the lead
Miranda Hart is the funniest woman 😂😂
Knowing Ed he'd end up signing a deal with Miranda Hart to be our 'official entertainment partner'
yes, that's the episode. Honestly, I watched it for Miranda Hart. I had withdrawal symptoms after her show ended.
she was on the same episode as Miranda Hart, wasn't she? I THINK I've seen it before. I'll check again.
If I was on a dating website I'd describe myself as a mix between Alan Partridge and Miranda Hart (less funny. even more awkward.)
Hey I'm a comedy magician, endorsed by Miranda hart. Perf. in Essex on sat. You should come. Or let me post a DVD to you! :)
I liked a video Wonders of The Stoner System - Unwrapped with Miranda Hart 2010 - BBC Two
you need to watch it bec Miranda Hart aka BRITISH COMEDY ICON steals the movie, also the hilarious Beaches reference
We proof Miranda Hart has freed a motorbike after it became stuck under un-marked banknotes.
Spy was a surprisingly hilarious movie. But then again, it has Miranda Hart in it. And everything she touches is comedy gold.
Lost my little Miranda Hart today she's scampered over the rainbow bridge to be with Sarah Millican. Poor Dawn French is alone
People come up to me and say, 'Can I just thank you for writing my life?' A...
Impressive selection of sights and sounds! I watched Spy - fave bit was when Miranda Hart is called an "asthmatic big bird"
Me and my girl and me and my boy (Miranda Hart voice) instead of being upset with people who make no...
Miranda Hart's Instagram is my new favourite thing
When I grow up I wanna be Miranda Hart. So much awesome!
If I knew Miranda Hart was in Spy I would have seen this movie a lot sooner. Even if it's a small part. I love her!
Being tall when I was youngerl I was always a bit awkward. As a teenager, I...
It sounds like Miranda Hart chit chatting about a variety of breakfasts...on
It's a real man who can go out with a woman who's taller than he is. That's...
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