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Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda Taylor Cosgrove (born May 14, 1993) is an American actress and singer-songwriter.

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Miranda Cosgrove sings better and has better songs than Victoria "I Think We All song" Justice.
You look like a mix between Maia Mitchell and Miranda Cosgrove. I knew you looked like someone lol.
im against white ppl playing Michael Jackson but if the role just so happens to land in Miranda Cosgrove's lap then I might hav…
Michael Jackson is dead and was reincarnated by a Miranda Cosgrove: illuminati confirmed thread
Parx Casino played Big Time Rush and now playing Miranda Cosgrove... I can deal
The best you've never heard Miranda Cosgrove - Dancing Crazy
72. Dancing Crazy - Miranda Cosgrove. We all got down to this one point in our lives.
Replace Karen Gillan with Miranda Cosgrove and this would be a winning cast.
We'd love for Drake Bell & Miranda Cosgrove to collaborate again, either by making music together or seeing them...
"2016 is over, and Mariah is now dead. 2017 is mine." - Miranda Cosgrove
Guess where Miranda Cosgrove place no I made a promise not to knock on the door promise is a promise
Who wants a Miranda Cosgrove follow? I have 2 and I'll give both
You should have posted a picture that depicts Miranda Cosgrove...
yes I am on a hunger strke right know i want to have thanksgivein dinner with miranda cosgrove or even Jennette McCurdy
Girls send nudes to their celebrities & it's cute but when I send miranda cosgrove a *** pic it's called "harassment" & I get blocked
I also like some pop music. I like Big Time Rush, one direction, the vamps, Victoria Justice, Miranda Cosgrove, and Katy Perry.
48) About You Now - Miranda Cosgrove;. even Carly Shay had some bops in her short lived music career lmao
Why yall disrespecting Miranda Cosgrove's legacy like this?
that was the sweetest thing u ever for s old man. Not like Miranda Cosgrove won't hangout with a disabie m…
Yea this performance of Memory is good but still not as good Miranda Cosgrove in School of Rock or David Cook on season 6 of American Idol
Miranda Cosgrove in a skirt leaving Fred Segal in West Hollywood
I'll print out pictures of Randy Jackson,Miranda Cosgrove, Pitbull, and Guy Fieri and send a box full of them to u
Some days 's music taste is great. Some days it's Miranda Cosgrove, Vanessa Hudgens and HSM 3.
Miranda Cosgrove is the greatest actor to ever grace the earth. Followed by Nathan Kress. Followed by Kelly Clarkson
Be a LOLLIPOP star and join Anne Hathaway, Tim Allen, Miranda Cosgrove, Joey King, Craig Ferguson and many more...
Jennette McCurdy, Miranda Cosgrove, Dinah Jane, The Vamps (for some reason), Carly Rae, Monique Cole, and more
when you're Miranda Cosgrove one second and Vanessa Hudgens the next
I don't think enough ppl are talking about Miranda Cosgrove's cover of Johnny Cash's cover of Nine Inch Nails' Hurt https:…
Crowded is the best show ever Miranda Cosgrove :]
I wonder if Miranda Cosgrove as Carly Shay was Arzaylea's main inspiration for her current career of an Internet influencer
just saw Miranda Cosgrove and Lucas Grabeel in Disneyland
Flaws in this show so far: Freddy was blonde in the movie, Zack was not Chinese, I don't see jack black or Miranda Cosgrove
I think it's really cool how Miranda Cosgrove was in iCarly AND Despicable Me
those are good songs though NOT MIRANDA COSGROVE
Adele has the voice. Taylor has the songwriting skills. Madonna has the stage shows. Tupac has the raps. but Miranda Cosgrove…
i found.a file in my computer.stay my baby by miranda cosgrove i am IN KNOTS
I just deep stalked Miranda cosgrove, I really have no life
Growing up I was told I looked like Miranda Cosgrove lolol
Why do I have 2 different versions of Disgusting by Miranda Cosgrove in my music library did I really buy it from the deluxe…
Interesting to see Patrick Warburton and Miranda Cosgrove in a new show.
Patrick Warburton, Miranda Cosgrove in true to life sitcom...
Previously, I stated that Lana Del Rey's career was inspired by Miranda Cosgrove. This is a thread on why
Miranda Cosgrove's love for Neil deGrasse Tyson runs deep...
George Lucas as in Lucas Arts creator. Olly Murs the singer. Miranda Cosgrove the actor.
"Miranda Cosgrove will be receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at the KCAs tonight!" 😂😂😂
when will Miranda Cosgrove get her lifetime achievement award tho, forreal.
Miranda Cosgrove getting the lifetime achievement award... Legends ONLY.
See the Link Posted Below as a Reply Comment. . "Miranda Cosgrove's cold hearted like an ice queen", a Video by...
THREE WEEKS for the premiere of with Miranda Cosgrove, Mia Serafino, Patrick Warburton e Carrie Preston.
Miranda Cosgrove is now 172 in the InQuizie celebrity ranking.
The homie Carlos at grant Rey park with Miranda Cosgrove
Miranda Cosgrove in a Skirt - Leaving Fred Segal in West Hollywood, April 2015
okay I've been trying a picture of miranda cosgrove making this face for like 2 weeks appreciate this
moved up on InQuizie celeb ranking by "3". know Y? Goto & tell “Miranda Cosgrove's fans
add 2 more postgame concerts: The Wiggles on July 3, Miranda Cosgrove on Sept. 3
announce that Sept. 3 Miranda Cosgrove concert is canceled, due to injury from recent bus accident
Miranda Cosgrove concert canceled: The Sept. 3 Miranda Cosgrove concert has been canceled due to injuries the si... http:…
Went to my favorite restaurant, spotted both Dulé Hill and Miranda Cosgrove.
Miranda Cosgrove had me starstruck when she was on iCarly but Sam was bae😭
*** this song is actually pretty nice. Shakespeare - Miranda Cosgrove
I cannot look at a picture of Miranda Cosgrove without seeing Michael Jackson 😭😭😭 once you see it you can't unsee it
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
What do fetty and Miranda Cosgrove have in common? One eye.
Why is Miranda Cosgrove lowkey hot af
Miranda Cosgrove slowly glowing up but you always gotta give me Jennette McCurdy.
he did this is Miranda Cosgrove not Michael Jackson
I added a video to a playlist Mia Serafino & Miranda Cosgrove at NBCUniversal’s …
Miranda cosgrove is actually gorgeous
You need to stop saying Miranda cosgrove looks like Michael Jackson she's Lowkey bad
Miranda Cosgrove and Michael Jackson looking alike will never not be funny to me
I would smash miranda cosgrove. With a hammer
I cant get over how similar miranda Cosgrove and Michael Jackson look
Jodelle ferland: I got sad news to report: David Bowie the mighty singer of England is dead he had a mystery cancer. He was 69. Rest in peace musical brother. You outshine Taylor swift, one direction, and Miranda Cosgrove combined!
+ New promotional pictures of Miranda Cosgrove in her participation in the program 'Hollywood Game Night'
Happy early birthday! Miranda Cosgrove, George Lucas and Mark Zuckerberg have the same bday as you!
I randomly bumped into Miranda Cosgrove while in line for Toy Story Mania. I love you, Miranda. http:…
But he did finish last ... He's not with Miranda Cosgrove
The cast reunited for Nathan Kress' wedding, and yup, they did the photobooth.
ICYMI, iCarly star Nathan Kress got married yesterday—and his former co-stars were there:
There was a major reunion at wedding this weekend!
I liked a video from Miranda Cosgrove - Kissin U (Lyrics Video) HD
Nathan Kress Is Married! iCarly Star Says "I Do" to London Elise Moore in Front of Miranda Cosgrove and Friends
The cast of 'iCarly' reunited and we all feel old via
I am singing Miranda Cosgrove's song. I think it is an iCarly marathon laterrr. 💪
Miranda Cosgrove is so conceited she plays her own songs while snappchatting me
Nostalgia alert: There was an iCarly reunion at Nathan Kress' wedding:
The cast of reunited and we all feel old: 👴👵
The cast of iCarly reunited and we all feel old via
"my parents bought a computer and I didn't know what to do on it so why not learn everything about Miranda Cosgrove" -
So I was watching icarly & I realized that Rosa reminds me of Miranda Cosgrove
remember when I saw miranda cosgrove in concert
lmao is it me or is there some Miranda Cosgrove in there
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Watch ur mouth Miranda cosgrove from icarly on Nickelodeon
I guess this is a really late era iCarly episode... Jeanette McCurdy and Miranda Cosgrove got kinda cute.
My mom mentioned sparks and now Kissing You by Miranda Cosgrove is stuck in my head
lol because they want to arrest u for cross dressing and twerking to Miranda cosgrove
Omg I just found my album from when I met Miranda Cosgrove (it was actually a good album)
oh yeah I sure do!!!😍😍 her voice is so beautiful!!! Wait Carly when was the last time Miranda cosgrove did a meet and greet
Something about Miranda Cosgrove not moving to Yakama😂
Does anyone here like Miranda Cosgrove or Cher Lloyd ? Because I have their follows and I can give DMs with them x
dinner discussion ashlynn: I wonder what miranda cosgrove is doing at this very second
have you ever met Miranda cosgrove before?:)
I feel like sacrificing myself to Miranda cosgrove
listening to Miranda cosgrove after nwea>>>>>
Let's fUx 2 this: Listen to Kissin' U by Miranda Cosgrove on
Remember when we thought Niall was dating with Miranda Cosgrove!.
How the PHUCK is Miranda Cosgrove doing tho?
My favorite character is miranda cosgrove
do you need a Miranda Cosgrove follow?
'Beggin on Your Knees' by Victoria Justice outpeaked all of Miranda Cosgrove's singles.
do u need a Miranda Cosgrove follow?
Hi there mr clarkson: I like your show! There's one thing I don't get: why does jodelle ferland like adventure time as her Instagram page says. The dark matter shows she costars in on the syfy channel rocks over that drake and josh show with Miranda Cosgrove. Oh by the way do you like the 2015 Camry as a run around car? The kool and the gang song called fresh from 1984 on rocks. I bet calvin Harris was inspired to sing because of them!
Righteous biz people market themselves!
Miranda Cosgrove then and now. Changed so much smh
In these tough times, you gotta ask wwmcd? What would Miranda Cosgrove do?
like peep Miranda Cosgrove for example
"Miranda Cosgrove is like a hot Michael Jackson"
im listening to michael medved and this guy is from yakimah & all I can think about is luke imitating ashton imitating miranda cosgrove lol
Miranda cosgrove has such nice skin I bet she drinks a lot of water
I had a dream that I snapchatted Miranda cosgrove and she snapped me back
taco-bell-rey: All that Miranda Cosgrove has been doing for the past 4 years is just staying in her lane,...
Miranda Cosgrove is so gorgeous sheeemaaay :D featured in NBC s Science of Love
Miranda Cosgrove on set of her new show
Does anyone want a Miranda Cosgrove dm because we have a bunch and we have nothing to do with them
it's a Miranda cosgrove kind of morning
A Miranda cosgrove fan account just unfollowed me on instagram
Omg Harry's mum as a kid reminds me of Miranda Cosgrove
for a solo DM with Miranda Cosgrove. Mbf us and . Picking 1 person💖-L💫
Miranda Cosgrove and Carly Rae Jepsen should make music together! ?!?! Guys! ! Get it done
This is my jam: Dancing Crazy by Miranda Cosgrove on Shane Harper Radio ♫
I always thought Miranda Cosgrove was creepy but she has Cat Stevens in her insta bio so she's cool w/ me now
Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, both sluttly, and what happened to, Victoria Justice, Miranda Cosgrove, and Nathan Kress?
someone explain to me why they're playing my 7th grade Miranda Cosgrove jam, "Kissing You" at the night market
gotta love Jason Biggs as Scorpion and Miranda Cosgrove as Betty Brandt 😂😂😂
then again we never see Miranda Cosgrove & Michael Jackson in the same place either
Hi there: musical legends: what do you say about Rick James, boy George, Kenny loggins,etc to name a few super musicians of their time? Their music rocks! Miranda Cosgrove, Taylor swift, Ariana Grande, etc can't even hold a candle or two in fame as the legends do. Same goes for avan jogia and friends!
Miranda Cosgrove still looks 13 years old
for a solo dm with Jennette McCurdy + Miranda Cosgrove (together) . Mbf so i can add you👼🏼
I had a dream that Drake Bell and Miranda Cosgrove came to my house and visited me. Why does life have to tease me like this??😭
sponsor x sponsor? I have Jason Derulo and Miranda Cosgrove
for a solo dm with Miranda Cosgrove :). mbf and I'll add you x
I can sponsor back Jason Derulo or Miranda Cosgrove
Hey Miranda Cosgrove want up boo I need you in my life Antwon
Who should play in 30 mins? HALSEY, MIRANDA COSGROVE, Vote NOW @
"Miranda Cosgrove was on the fast track to stardom then she started trying to sing and it was like no Carly, wrong way"
Sponsor x sponsor? I have Miranda Cosgrove and Jason Derulo.
I have the same problem with her too & with Jennette McCurdy & Miranda Cosgrove too.
Josh regularly hangs out with a vine rapist and drake is a transphobic *** and miranda cosgrove is fine. do not give them a show again.
Maybe Miranda cosgrove will do bikini photoshoot btw her look good any outfits her have
I want to be Miranda Cosgrove's school of rock character for Halloween
I got told I look like the love child of Nicki Minaj and Miranda Cosgrove... 😂 ***
Kevin James and Miranda Cosgrove, two acting gods, shuld maek a movie tugethur.
All purpose parts banner
On Wednesday nights we have Miranda Cosgrove rituals. (Vine by
r you talking about Miranda Cosgrove?
Miranda: jodelle ferland is an greater actress than you will ever be! Jodelle: ever heard of the teena Marie song called I need your lovin from the year 1980, the vibrant Huey Lewis and the news song called heart and soul from the year 1983 along with the movie I spit on your grave 2010 starring Sarah butler along with the sequel I spit on your grave 2 2013 starring Jenna dallender on Step aside Liz gillies! Jodelle ferland and vin diesel didn't need nick or Disney to be famous.
My grandpa lowkey look like Miranda cosgrove
I have Miranda Cosgrove's stay my baby stuck in my head and ugh that song was my jam in like 2007
Drake Bell's an *** Josh Peck makes vines with a rapist, Miranda Cosgrove is Michael Jackson reincarnated. D&J was nice while it lasted
Drake Bell grew up to be homophobic, Josh Peck grew up to be a "relatable teen blog" and Miranda Cosgrove grew up to be Michael Jackson
first Jason Earles now Miranda Cosgrove? Child stars love CPK
"Both Selena Gomez and Miranda Cosgrove have celebrity crushes on Shia LaBeouf"
If you ever want some one to quit texting's a tip: send them tons of pictures of Miranda Cosgrove.
Kylie Jenner, Miranda Cosgrove, and Miley Cyrus were all seen at Lana's concert last night!
Miley Cyrus and Miranda Cosgrove at Lana Del Rey's show last night
Miranda Cosgrove hit up an party with stars:
will you give me 3 harry if I give you Miranda Cosgrove, Obama, FOB, cher lloyd and a sponsorship with ATL??
i trade 5 dms with David Henrie and 2 with Miranda Cosgrove for 50 ff
Peter Parker falls in love with Miranda Cosgrove
I have now listened to old demi, Miley, Ali and an,messed McCartney m Mitchel musso and Miranda Cosgrove. No regrets at all
Miranda Cosgrove recommends. far too many goats to Handle
It's honestly so unfair that Kendall Jenner is a famous model and Miranda Cosgrove isn't
Our hottest babes for today were Claire Holt, Miranda Cosgrove and Emily Ratajkowski! Play now!
I listened to: Stay My Baby by Miranda Cosgrove on Spotify
in 8th grade I ran into Miranda Cosgrove on the street in NYC but I don't need ppl seeing a picture of 8th grade me
"I went to one party at a frat house... I've gotta get on it... It was kinda insane... I'm gonna go to more" - Miranda Cosgrove
Wow! Claire Holt, Miranda Cosgrove and Emily Ratajkowski got some serious fan love today! Play now!
I trade you a Niall, Liam, Camila, Miranda Cosgrove and Shawn dm for a Harry's dm🙏
you might need to call my manager I'm packed, ya know being Miranda Cosgrove and everything
Not here to judge or anything, but why do you have this many pics of Miranda Cosgrove saved?
Why does my idol look like Miranda Cosgrove 😂😭
I need to redo my room so bad. I still have tiger beat posters of miranda cosgrove and dylan and cole sprouse 😅😅
My only goal in life is to one day meet miranda cosgrove
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
why am I listening to miranda cosgrove
Remember when people knew Miranda Cosgrove as Megan and not Carly
You're like a worse version of Miranda Cosgrove
Be like miranda cosgrove at prom. Make good choices.
Why's Miranda cosgrove an actress now she's hella awkward
Can we bring yesterday back around? Cause I know… ♫ About You Now by Miranda Cosgrove (at National Marketing) —
you look uncannily like Miranda cosgrove
Miranda Cosgrove - Kissin U Jason Nevins Remix now playing on LG73!
The feeling of shame that comes with catching yourself singing along to a Miranda Cosgrove song
Chef Boyardee and Oprah Winfrey are playing Sorry. Miranda Cosgrove and Niall Horan are playing Twister. Hippo and Poo are eating pants.
to when me and Miranda cosgrove were killing it together
“Forever having kid songs from the Nursery School in my head 🎶” I bet it's Miranda Cosgrove..
Miranda Cosgrove earned $180,000 for each episode of iCarly.
Miranda Cosgrove doesn't get enough credit
“Every time I see Kendall listening to Miranda Cosgrove on Spotify it makes me want to listen to MIranda Cosgrove.”
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Just like how I keep getting that I look like a Hispanic version of Miranda Cosgrove. Like yall need to stop.
no that's Miranda Cosgrove in the 3rd picture.
"Who'a that lady with the fruit hat? Miranda something?". "Miranda Cosgrove?". - overheard this, I absolutely lost it 😂 (it's Carmen Miranda)
Better to praise my heroes such as Nick Lowe, Graham Parker, Lowell George, Doug Fieger, Miranda Cosgrove than curse the dark of unjust fame
Hello! I want to be friends with you. :) We love Ariana Grande, Miranda Cosgrove, Big Time Rush. So I wait for your answer! :)
Miranda Cosgrove recommends. the emptiness of your soul
why is miranda cosgrove recommending anal penetration I didn't ask for this
like she called me miranda cosgrove like *** LMAO
You remind me of Miranda Cosgrove when you smile
Miranda: nasty comments having you thinking here comes the rain again 1984 style in a nasty way?
Garbage is smurfing in Boston Market. Simon Helberg has butt fungus. Miranda Cosgrove is farting on a movie in Chicago.
Miranda Cosgrove got to star in Icarly because of Drake and Josh
hello Miranda cosgrove want up I do anything for you to be my wife I mean anything Miranda I love you Antwon
Miranda Cosgrove need to stop throwing shade at a ***
@ Miranda Cosgrove, hope ur workin on ur new album to rule the world with
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"Congrats - she's got a new TV gig. Get the deets:
They need to stop playing Miranda Cosgrove
Photoset: cosgrove-news: Miranda with fans at Disneyland. | 02.16.15
my username is bc of you dont think it's miranda cosgrove or miranda sings bc it's miRAEnda
you like fetus Miranda Cosgrove in her icarly days
"Miranda Cosgrove's creepy fan thrown in jail
Miranda Cosgrove's creepy fan thrown in jail
Miranda cosgrove goes to Disneyland more than I do
Miranda Cosgrove is so successful it is unreal.
Omg Miranda cosgrove is alive and in a new horror film
my chilhood was. Banaroo . Drake & Josh. Hannah Montana. iCarly. Miley Cyrus. Miranda Cosgrove
I ironically follow a bunch of Miranda Cosgrove fan accounts and I'm not sure if they're ironic or not
Quick Spin: Miranda Cosgrove's 'High Maintenance' , the sun set, he found them enow to give him the chase with infinite.
Miranda Cosgrove -- Creepiest Fan on Earth ... Thrown In Jail via He love her guy, dnt u think so
my sister drew eyeliner on miranda cosgrove's face on her CD and i remember finding it and thinking 'ya. good.'
Miranda Cosgrove's alleged stalker arrested at Disneyland:
Miranda Cosgrove earns $180,000 for each episode of iCarly.
Miranda: are you into paramore from the south? Someone else likes them too. Her name is jodelle ferland the actress of kingdom hospital and home alone 5! Scary to believe or what?
Who gave miranda cosgrove another movie deal
Victoria Justice wants to be Miranda Cosgrove so bad.
This isn't funny I genuinely like Miranda Cosgrove's music now.
i gotta sleep but before i go don't forget that Miranda Cosgrove look like Michael Jackson
The Miranda Cosgrove concert last night was surprisingly hype af (Vine by Abstinence Alex)
*** g why do I look like Miranda Cosgrove.
when you have Miranda Cosgrove as your idol .
Just told my mom Miranda Cosgrove was Michael Jacksons Niece and she goes "oh yeah? Wow" wow.
Um I don't even like Miranda Cosgrove why did you hack me lol it's cool
Been compared to Miranda Cosgrove my whole life 😩
Tell me your favorite movies of your idols — Claire Holt - The Messengers 2: The Scarecrow. Miranda Cosgrove - Yo...
I added a video to a playlist Miranda Cosgrove - Kissin 'U (HD)
Order Miche Bag Online!
it's technically a Miranda Cosgrove book lol
.totally gushed about hanging out with See what she said HERE:
Photo: Miranda Cosgrove at the Super Bowl XLIX NFL Shop Grand Opening in Phoenix more photos at...
I was obsessed with James Maslow for about 2 year & today i find out he dated Miranda Cosgrove the whole time /.-
A big apology to all David Caruso&Miranda Cosgrove fans, the two were not nominated for the Shorty Awards😢
Miranda Cosgrove, Selena Gomez, Bella Thorne & Ariana Grande are the most suggested celebrities to become KCA nominees. * …
Miranda cosgrove does NOT look like Michael Jackson who is dead
I either like rap or Miranda Cosgrove NO INBETWEEN
This Rosalie chick looks a lot like height-wise & hair color wise.. but with Miranda Cosgrove's face or something...
I want to see "Miranda Cosgrove followed you" on my mentions, please follow me love :(
I have way too many miranda cosgrove stickers don't bully me
Miranda Cosgrove is a fan of Katy Perry
shut up you look like Miranda cosgrove
Miranda Cosgrove: I really love music but I've always wanted to act.
the fact I fancy Miranda Cosgrove may help but still
Hi miranda: thinking of being in a violent thriller or scary movie? Look no further than the stepfather movie of 1987 starring terry o quinn or silent hill of 2006 starring jodelle ferland at YouTube.Com. Enjoy!
“New ISIS video shows a child executioner killing Russian spies what's Miranda cosgrove doing with isis
Miranda Cosgrove and Katy Perry have the same amount of GRAMMYS! I love my queens
Saw pictures of the iCarly. Yang blonde & that boy jadi hot. While..miranda cosgrove is like..nothing change >.>;
Miranda Cosgrove is so nene here. Hey Megan!
,, I've been knocked down, I got up again :)" - Miranda Cosgrove ❤
Miranda Cosgrove started playing and I didn't change it, I turned it up
omg if you don't listen to kissin u by Miranda cosgrove are you human?!?!
Miranda Cosgrove has lyrics that describe exactly how I feel
Hi miranda: scared of what the year 2015 has to offer?
okay maybe not look like Miranda Cosgrove 😂
People should stop making fun of the king of pop miranda cosgrove
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