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Minnie Pearl

Sarah Ophelia Colley Cannon (October 25, 1912 – March 4, 1996), known professionally as Minnie Pearl, was an American country comedienne who appeared at the Grand Ole Opry for more than 50 years (from 1940 to 1991) and on the television show Hee Haw from 1969 to 1991.

Roy Acuff Hee Haw Grand Ole Opry Sarah Cannon Colonel Harland Sanders Tennessee Ernie Ford Roy Clark Little Jimmy Dickens Earl Scruggs Grand Old Opry Patsy Cline Marty Robbins Kitty Wells Johnny Cash Country Music Mel Tillis

Love Aunt Lois Bradfield as Minnie pearl..can you name more?
BBQ, religion, Minnie Pearl, Johnnie Cash & casseroles are just a few of the topics Dan Pashman discusses with...
I wonder how Minnie Pearl Huckabee will spin this tomorrow.
Minnie Pearl & Roy Acuff. Truly bizarre to see you in the same frame as them. Americana at its finest. Have fun!
I used Shazam to discover On Top Of Old Smokey by Minnie Pearl.
Minnie Pearl had a daughter. Look carefully, and you'll see the tags on Sarah's outfits!
Mt. Juliet church with history of videos, movies, Minnie Pearl and Civil War to renovate via
Fact is... Minnie Pearl were the ultimate white female comedian cuz ya didn't hafta be white to get it.
Don't you know that Huckabee Sanders A.K.A. "Minnie Pearl" is incapable of a coherent…
Louise Linton AKA Mrs Mnuchin - and Minnie Pearl have style in common. Except Minnie has class & LL is totally tacky.
has your wife ever heard of Minnie Pearl? Wore the price tags hanging off her clothes. Beyond tacky. No class
Minnie Pearl of Trash Cans? UT Trash Can still has its Barcode/Price Tag.
Pretty much says she's going to wear this Taco hat forever. Insists on rocking it "Minnie Pearl"…
Slip Haslam a nice chunk of change and he’ll get bozo the clown for Vols head coach! T…
Don’t know if you know a comedian named moms mobley from the 1970’s. Look her up He…
Yes. Thats the only reason we know Khanyi Mbau, Pearl Thusi, Minnie Dlamini and Boity Thulo.
I added a video to a playlist The Carol Burnett Show with Peter Lawford, Minnie Pearl
that math adds up so much better than core math! so beautiful and appetizing with price tag Minnie Pearl…
Just realized I've been wearing my sports bra inside out and the tag is sticking out above my tshirt. Call me Minnie Pearl.
Millie & Pearl?? You ought to join forces and call yourselves Minnie Pearl. Then you can do an ol' timey…
When the 2nd source was Minnie Pearl he should've grown suspicious.
abbot and Costello, desi and lucy (Ilove Lucy) Buffy and Jody, Little Jimmy Dickens and Minnie Pearl.,…
Those on you picture they know sports I give them 10 over 10 but people like Bonang,Minnie and both 2 Pe…
So nice to be here brought back sweet memories of Minnie Pearl on the Opry. "Thank ya, I'm just so…
"Howdieee I'm jes so proud to be heah," I'm from Minnie Pearl country.
This is Minnie, she doesn't have a problem with no one, she doesn't beef, she doesn't confirm anything. Be Like Minnie…
i liked the big white hatyou wore during the 8 o'clock hr. The price tag made me think of Minnie Pearl. Lol
Looking like Minnie Pearl in your pink hat today with price tag hanging down.
I figure they are trying to be like Minnie Pearl😂
I left out loud when Minnie Pearl Huckabee said that!
Oak Ridge Boys on Hats Off to Minnie Pearl from October 26, 1992: via
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Rod Hill is chaneling his inner Minnie Pearl. Leave the tag on.
'A little bit of Minnie Pearl' Crowds get a peek inside one of Sacramento's historic homes - Sacramento Bee
My grandmother in her 60s... during the late 1980s became a Minnie Pearl, from Hee-Haw, impersonat…
, , , Peyton Manning, & Minnie Pearl stopped by to join us for the annua…
Wow! I'm start struck! I got to meet Dolly, Peyton, Elvis, Tina Turner, and Minnie Pearl today! Annual TN Program w…
& maybe someone needs to put a Minnie Pearl dress & hat on Musica statue to help traffic flo
I was afraid you guys were going to go 100 episodes without mentioning Minnie Pear…
Minnie Pearl and somebody with a fiddle I wanna say
with Emmylou Harris (and a photo of Minnie Pearl & steel player Steve Fishell in background), after Emmylou's show…
I liked a video Tribute to Minnie Pearl
Meet "Minnie Pearl" one of our new goats at Sauder Village! Stop by often this Spring to see milking demos and meet…
❤❤ ADOPTED 05/01/17 MINNIE PEARL has her forever home! ❤❤
After the *** bombed Minnie Pearl, Emperor Benihana said "We have woken the jolly green giant."
Also in 1957, country comedienne Minnie Pearl (Sarah Colley) was the surprised honoree on NBC-TV’s This Is Your Life.
"God has a plan for all of us, but He expects us to do our share of the work." - Minnie Pearl
One of them is cheap and tawdry and the other is Minnie Pearl.
I'll ask Minnie Pearl and Roy Acuff to whisper me a little hint...She says It'll cost me...
I liked a video Minnie Pearl Tells a lot about her life!
I liked a video Minnie pearl interview
Mission accomplished! The wife Sarah Standley-Sizemore named her Minnie Pearl and it stuck. Turns out you can...
Watching 45's redneck circus. I wonder when the clog dancers and Minnie Pearl takes the stag.
Good times with Adam & Nat today! . Cool to be joined by Minnie Bee's & The Little Pearl Bridal Boutique again...
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, catch a pearl and get some glow (before it's gone!)💄✨
Looking At Fellers by Minnie Pearl now playing on
You look better as Minnie Pearl than you do Von Glitschka.
Thank y'all to our star "Minnie Pearl" for helping us change the way people think!
Very hard. So abo pearl thusi and Minnie dlamini don't count.
Even Minnie Pearl is surprised by the snow this morning. The big snowflakes have her attention.
Everyone loves Minnie Pearl (Sarah Cannon), but Kitty Wells is awesome too. Love that place
I'm guessing Sarah Cannon might be offended but Minnie Pearl would find that hilarious.
as Minnie Pearl with 'Different Stage of Mind' Mental Health Association of NS http…
I was on NPR's Morning Edition talking about Moms Mabley, Jean Carroll, Minnie Pearl, Redd Foxx and Malcom X:
Sign up for our newsletter to see which figures will join Minnie Pearl & Little Jimmy Dickens at our attraction.…
Minnie Pearl and Roy Acuff watching over us!
Minnie Pearl hat tag for about 50 years & it still on it in National Museum of American History in Washington, DC
Did u know that Hee Haw was originally to be called SHee Haw? They changed the name after Minnie Pearl lost the election to Roy Clark.
She's wearing that Minnie Pearl hat cause she's balding. Get some ROGAINE for women. Naomi has YOU beat in looks
Hat needs a Minnie Pearl tag hanging from it.
Photos: From Minnie Dlamini slaying it to Robert Mwanda and Pearl Thusi caught red-handed again, Check out photos……
It's the most unglamourous glamour business in the world.
Colonel Parker asked Henry and me to come to Elvis' suite and have break...
Minnie Pearl is such a lady compared to those monsters behind her.
When Minnie Pearl read a letter from home - did you ever wonder what Grinder's Switch was really like? HOW DEE!
nice Minnie Pearl action on that hat.
“Marriage is a lot like gettin’ into a tub of hot water, after you get used to it, it ain’t so hot.” Minnie Pearl
They were taking pictures and everything. When we got down off the p...
. Yah, Minnie Pearl over there flash-blocked me lol
I hate this guy so much. I bet he jumps on tables and shouts "anarchy!" and dresses like Minnie Pearl.
I think Elvis would be alive today, probably, if he had been allowed ...
Steve looks like the male version of Minnie Pearl wearing his red velvet jacket with the tag on it! :)
With that price tag, you are rocking the conservative Minnie Pearl works!
Kissing a man with a beard is a lot like going to a picnic. You don'...
I'm fascinated by the Minnie Pearl Faced God story line on game of Thrones.
Let me call Minnie Pearl and see what desserts she's making
Meet Sadie and Minnie Pearl, a bonded pair of sisters! Minnie and Sadie are 6 yrs old and are the best of both...
The doctor must have put my pacemaker in wrong. Every time my husba...
Minnie Pearl and Jeannie C. Riley were on "The Ed Sullivan Show" on this day in 1970.
could we bring Minnie Pearl back just to do that?
Guys please put some respek on this names, Bonang Matheba/ Pearl Thusi/Minnie Dlamini/Boity Thulo their net worth will leave you like!
make a track about Boity vs Minnie vs Bonang vs Pearl vs Zodwa.
I think Elvis loved his fans - I think that's why they loved him and...
he reminds me of a Minnie Pearl and Angela Lansbury
😈 i legit screamed. Furry *** is sexy. Reminds of what Minnie Pearl said about beards & picnics
you leave Minnie Pearl out of this you elitist
Well they know Minnie Pearl and the 'ol opry..
Take the back roads instead of the highways.
I've just found my long lost Pink Minnie flashdisk and it only has a folder of EXO Teasers… ♫ Black Pearl by EXO —
Minnie Pearl is now available for adoption! This female Labrador Retriever is 6mths old. Learn more at
They think of theater as square dancing and old Minnie Pearl Shows from the 'Opry.
I've been with certain stars; some are caring and pay attention to ...
"Take the back roads instead of the highways" by Minnie Pearl @ Beauty Diary
Elvis walked over and signed a few autographs over the fence. They were ...
My first trip to Nashville's famed Ryman Auditorium will be to see perform. He's no Minnie Pearl, but he'll do.
Take a look at Minnie Pearl and Pee Wee King at the Grand Ole Opry.
Sad news. Minnie Pearl has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Condolences to her Mama and siblings. Visit: Zoe Blue and...
It's a great tour! I especially enjoyed all the Minnie Pearl memorabilia.
Demaryius Thomas’ grandmother to be released from prison early by
my Moms relatve as well as Minnie Pearl Minnies real name is Oletha Collie was a pianist didnt tlk hillbilly fr real
My husband was a pilot. He flew Elvis when Elvis first started making appearances around the co
We've a Guest Designer that has dressed the likes of Pearl Thusi, Minnie Dlamini etc, showcasing at this years
I admit, I want my nieces and nephews to call me Auntie Pearle, mostly for its sonic proximity to Minnie Pearl.
.it is Nebraska. Go for the Minnie Pearl hat with the tag hanging down.
Pearl Thusi is in the same line of work as Minnie, but. oh never mind.
We have boys now, and men, in the rock and roll business and all the show business, who have th
What's amazing is How Minnie's mother was already so Excited at the thought of that car being Minnie's. A mother's love…
wow God will continue to bless you Minnie.
Minnie buys mum a car, Boity buys a house, Nandi marries love of her life, is expecting and growing in her career, Pearl is cast in US drama
Certified Autograph of Minnie Pearl is available for bidding until 8 PM cst TONIGHT... Good Luck :)
From RolandMusic:. Aug 10, 2012 . The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum launches a new exhibit, "Minnie Pearl:...
Well, actually, my mom took the worst aspects of Minnie Pearl & made it Carnivalesque. I call it Whimsy, to be polite.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
My mom has a better sense, and that's saying something! More Minnie Pearl to Trump's Liberace.
Always loved that Mrs. Ophelia Cannon lived next to the Governor's Mansion and had a much nicer house. (Minnie Pearl...How-Dee).
Looking back to sweeter times: Inimitable Minnie Pearl nabs Glen Campbell auctioned off by Mel Tillis via
Elvis couldn't leave the hotel except under heavy guard. It was incredible how they went wild o
Great job Lily King! But is she channeling her inner Minnie Pearl with that string on her goggles??
Show business is made up of disappointments, and it's through life's disappointments that you
Minnie Pearl and Precious found just the perfect spot to watch the Olympics tonight. Are your pugs enjoying?. M.p.
Happy On in 1991 it was announced that Earl Scruggs and Minnie Pearl would...
Scruggs & Minnie Pearl receive National Medals of Arts from President Bush at a White House ceremony.
Can't wait to see who the celeb speaker is tonight. Minnie Pearl? Craig T. Nelson?.
Minnie Pearl kissed me! March 1986 at Comic Relief, Los Angeles . . photo by Scott Harms
Roy Acuff and Minnie Pearl at the Ryman Auditorium! Opry Classics night!
The love of Roy Acuff and the great Minnie Pearl! She performed here from the 1940's until 1974!
If you think goes on and on about Vin Scully, you should hear positively gush over Minnie Pearl and Earl Scruggs!
Among those who got their start at Starday Records were George Jones, Roger Miller, Buck Owens Red Sovine, Minnie Pearl and Dottie West.
.Why yes, I met Roy Acuff, Ernest Tubb, and Minnie Pearl but I never met Patsy Cline or Cowboy Copas. I love the
old relatives trying to remember things about Minnie Pearl from the Grand Old Opry.
So Bonang is said to have issues with Pearl Thusi; Minnie Dlamini; DJ Zinhle...why?😐 surely there's enough room for all in the industry?!
We have to find a way to pin racism on Hillary when she talks like Minnie Pearl in Iowa and Cheech Marin in Mexico.
whoever runs that Minnie Pearl account should be my new bestfriend
If you don't know who Minnie Pearl is do you really listen to Country Music?
Don't take your stickers off your hats, watch Minnie Pearl explain why on Hee Haw. Plus, corny jokes in a cornfield.
Our sweet Landon working on his Christmas craft with the newest member of MTW-Welcome Minnie Pearl!
Minnie Pearl's tag hung off of her hat... LOL... but yes on the sunglasses. Hilarious!
I thought Minnie Pearl too, I didn't know if anyone who watches the show would get the reference!!
When *** can't wait to get famous so they hit Somizi,Minnie, or pearl with that punhline mxm
Does it include a 3sum with Minnie dlamini and pearl thusi
Dunno why I thought the "Zulu Girls" videos was gonna have hun's like Minnie, Nandi Ngoma, Pearl etc
When we got to the hotel, the Hawaiian Village, there were 500 screaming women t...
Elvis said, Miss Minnie, do you think it would be out of order if I go up and sp...
We was tired of Minnie,Bonang and Boity lines thanks to for the Pearl Thusi joint!
Lucy and Minnie pearl the funniest. 😂
Could the shade be directed to Zinhle, Minnie, Euphonik or Pearl Thusi?. Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z
Minnie pearl told me stop texting her but she replied 😂
.Minnie Pearl was there, too, when Prez Nixon, trailing possible impeachment, turned up at the Grand Old Opry.
"Are you single by choice or do you scare men with your independence?". "Actually I scare them with my Minnie pearl impression."
Minnie Pearl is back and she looks more than Grand Ole Opry.
Mel Tillis got some great advice from his mom & Minnie Pearl when it came to life & performing
That show! I remember Buck Owens and that red white and blue part on his guitar. Roy Clark, Minnie Pearl.
stands for GRAND OLD PARTY. They should do the next debate at the Grand Ole Opry and have Minnie Pearl as the moderator.
To me Miss Lindsey Ann Graham will always be Miss Bette Davis in 'Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte' with a Minnie Pearl hat on!
Beautiful little Minnie Pearl is now available for adoption. Wouldn't you love to have her around to keep you...
Minnie Pearl tells jokes with Roy Acuff | Live at the Grand Ole Opry | Opry
Zoe Strauss having a visit with Roy Acuff and Minnie Pearl at The Ryman.
I bet I would sound like Minnie Pearl doing Shakespeare
Thank you. Tell Minnie Pearl to hit my phone. Lol.
awww, sweet Minnie Pearl. Love her costume!!
Minnie Pearl says she's ready for some candy corn 🐶😄🌽
I added a video to a playlist Rod Brasfield and Minnie Pearl 1954 & 1955
Minnie Pearl was one of the greatest entertainers to ever hit the stage of the Grand Ole Opry!! We miss her!!!
Minnie Pearl lost an eye and an ear but she hasn't lost her love. Still looking for her forever home.
Minnie Pearl is the world's greatest shoplifter and we shouldn't celebrate her.
Where is Hill's Minnie Pearl accent,fiddling with her notes disrespectful! Praying committee gets to
|| My favourite celebrity baby names have to go to Maya Rudolph though. Jack, Minnie, Pearl and Lucille, gorgeous!
Love this, Ted Cruz Rocks I'd vote for him, I'm like Minnie Pearl Just so proud to be here
Hi Ricky. Hope you and Minnie Pearl are doing well
Yeehaw!!! The ghost of Minnie Pearl. | Clinton's Southern strategy? Hillary fakes her accent for local crowd
I am lost without my best friend, Minnie Pearl.
Btw, did you see Buck waiting for his food in the background? 👀He's the cutest. & Minnie Pearl comes everyday, too.
Did Hitlery break out fake southern accent again like in 08 goin all Minnie Pearl?
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
"The sermon this morning will be on Jesus Walking On Water, the sermon tonight will be on Searching For Jesus"~Minnie Pearl
Even Pearl Thusi would have done a much better job than Minnie
I love Minnie Pearl! That's my fave one from Yeehaw when I was little & my Mom would come get me when she'd come on. My fave one hehe
I don't really care if you sounded like Minnie Pearl what I care is that you gave a charade known as the Hillary show
Is it Minnie, Lil' Nell or Maggie Pearl hanging with me after dress rehearsal? Check out the HHS fall play - FUNNY!
Johnny Cash, June Carter, Minnie Pearl, and Marty Robbins, among others take stage in the exhibition Grand Ole...
. Crow did fine, but I would have preferred Minnie Pearl.
MINNIE PEARL cant get enough of her tail.❤.
Thank you Julie Rockin'Mama Djubenski! . Me doing my best Minnie Pearl (Price Tag still on Hat) on my Birthday...
When Dolly Parton was a teenager, she raped Minnie Pearl's dead body.
Well, . . . .there WAS also MINNIE's Pearl & Neil's Diamond ! . . .which gave Charlie PRIDE ! But of course we...
Someone sees you wearing a price tag on your clothes – look em in the eye and say “You forgot it was Minnie Pearl Appreciation Week?”
My mom LOVED Minnie Pearl! She was a part of my childhood!! :) I grew up watching her on the Opry! :)
Its tie loot and minnie.high time they rapper abt pearl nd amanda yellow bone flows lol
"It's the most important meal of the day. Minnie Pearl said that. On the Hollywood Squares."
Minnie Pearl with the tag hanging from her hat !!!.
This was Minnie Pearl 4 years ago. She's grown but not very much. :)
Minnie Pearl, a History Alive program will be at the Landmark Studio on Sat Oct 24 at 7:30. Minnie Pearl was a...
*Minnie, Pearl and Jessica there is hope for us after all*
I wish I knew what that felt like. *** if wear a Minnie Pearl hat, with price tag, if it'd help me fire 68
Minnie Pearl and Little Dipper ADOPTED!. Well, this is what always happens. Our dogs adopt a volunteer! LOL!...
my partner and I wrote and recorded songs for the Minnie Pearl show pilot but it never aired. 20th Century Fox Studios.
Performing 'Loving You' by Minnie Ripperton. The experience was worth it mehn!
all we know is Johnny Cash and Minnie Pearl.
Even Roy Acuff and Minnie Pearl like a 3D concert
"Could youse bless our child? Her names's Minnie Pearl. We met in 1988 at Zipperhead's."
Amy, you have to be the new Minnie Pearl.
when the Opry was the Opry how great was it to talk to sme of the greats that made the Opry like Roy Acuff or Minnie Pearl
The Minnie Pearl, right down to the price tags.
Two of the people I would LOVE to meet Pearl Modiadie and Minnie Dlamini.♥
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Heh. Little old lady at the vet's office was just floored by the fact that a guy my age has a dog named "Minnie Pearl."
I'm so confused. Thought Minnie was a Kaizer Chiefs supporter.
When my dad was in US Army Minnie Pearl (country star) would visit the boys & say - "I'm so glad I could come" & got big laff.
OK, Minnie Pearl. Leave the tags on so you could return it after wearing it? Good Lord.
I love the Minnie Pearl tag hanging off the wigs
Minnie Pearl thinks I am a jungle gym she has climbed all over me it!
Minnie Pearl! She is so loving and such a snugglebum for a wee one who was abandoned
Your pearl necklace goes perfectly with our Minnie Dress! xo
New episode out Saturday August 1st. "Elvis, And The Colonel" - you'll never think of Minnie Pearl the same again.
Look closely and u can see that Minnie Pearl has Chris Christies support
and your dwarf stage partner would be Minnie Pearl Onions?
"She'sa little rockin honky tonkin modern day Minnie Pearl. I should know I've been all across this great nation" AaronWatson
Nashville, Tennessee Should attendees wear a straw hat with the price tag hanging off like Minnie Pearl?
Minnie Pearl needs a home with a closet. This senior diva was found as a stray at the beginning of April. In her...
Minnie Pearl - Giddy Up Go Answer song on the road music album.
What an honor to stand where artists from Minnie Pearl, Willie Nelson,…
Sisters Minnie and Pearl keep each other company at all times! They are 2 of our clinic cats here at CAH and are...
To the peeps with stickers and tags on their hats... tought you well..
i love the Opry so much. Say hi to Minnie Pearl!
The must have put my in wrong. Every time my - Minnie Pearl
In the immortal words of Minnie Pearl... "we're through playin' now!"
Just like Minnie Pearl, sans price tag.
Young Minnie Pearl!! (For those of you who get the reference...)
Minnie Pearl poses with one of our little cowboys, River!
Merl Lynn is not sure about Minnie Pearl.
Minnie Pearl is coming home. USA bound! What a wonderful week. Big shout out to my lovely
My great uncle Roy Acuff and Ms. Minnie Pearl. (Photo credit: Donnie Beachamp)
The latest plant pic from 'Phlox ‘Minnie Pearl’ will turn into your garden's star performer'
Alex kept it classy just like Minnie Pearl. @ Double Wide
"We claim this to be our three day weekend. Celebrate it to the max!" • Minnie Pearl, Lola & Dailola,…
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Hey George. You Minnie Pearl with the price tag still on your hat?
more like Minnie Pearl all over again
Had to get this Minnie Pearl travel mug. How could you not, y'know??
Minnie, Nomzamo, Boity, Pearl, Lootlove , Maps, Gadaffi the list is endless!
We didn't see Pearl, Loot, Boity, Nomzamo, Maps, Gadaffi i mean besides Minnie like WTH was that ?
🎶Punk Rock girl,you look so wild,let's have a child We'll name her Minnie Pearl.😄
Spot any of Minnie Pearl's headgear with the pricetags dangling?
She blew into a jug while Minnie Pearl sang.
Phlox ‘Minnie Pearl’ will turn into your garden's star performer
But Pearl Why don't you invite Minnie dlamini? I love her ...please tu invite her been asking for so long now
OKC used to have a Minnie Pearl's Chicken place on NW 23rd, near Blackwelder, where Pizza Hut is now.
Well I love ANY mention of Minnie Pearl but this whole piece is really great.
Minnie Pearl & Buck wish they had you as their caregiver! 😎
When girls change names to Minnie,boity, pearl, riri and so's disturbing what happened to bo Tsholo, Zandile and Nomgqibelo? Origin!
it is hard to hide a *** when you're dressed like Minnie Pearl
Think of them the same way you might think about the cast of Hee Haw, or Minnie Pearl with the price tags forever on her hats.
My 1979 300% ROI trade = Pink Sheet Minnie Pearl Chicken my father never sold, I held after his death & no life ins. $SPY
My inspiration , , Lord help me to meet this beautiful ladies I love and look up to them..
Pulled a Minnie Pearl tonight. Had a lovely time Scorecard event - & neglected to snip Tahari tag out of my dress.
LOL first I thought it was Minnie Pearl
It's the Minnie Pearl fashion for pants (you're too young)
"Take the back roads instead of the highways." ~ Minnie Pearl
Becca, doing an unintended Minnie pearl impression. Though, with a tea cozy instead of a hat. But still.
Minnie is a beautiful woman and she looks absolutely gorgeous - but I'm not so sure about this dress.
Everyone could use the wisdom of Minnie Pearl. Her taste in hats predates hipsters.
Oops! I almost pulled a Minnie Pearl with my new hat!
Remember that Hee Haw episode when Roy Clark ate Minnie Pearl's purse full of ludes?
Colonel Harland Sanders shows Tennessee Ernie Ford & Minnie Pearl how he... via
Will's reminding me of Minnie Pearl from Hee Haw right now cause she always had that tag on the hat😂
“I can always remember that experience in Hawaii pleasantly on account of Elvis.” -Minnie Pearl
Update your maps at Navteq
DJ Zinhle has just been added to my SA women crush list. Minnie, Pearl Modiade, Nonhle Ndala & Zinhle. Eish 😻😍
I wear my fedora with the sales sticker stuck 2 the brim 2 let other hipsters know I got street cred. Or you are Minnie Pearl
Can't wait to find the 1st person of the day to proclaim Valentine's is made up/BS/they hate it. It's like finding a pearl i…
Meet our newest additions: Bruce and Minnie Pearl Gourami.
P much- the size/brand sticker on top of the bill, not quite full Minnie Pearl. Leaving it on is (was?) a hip hop fashion thing
Minnie Pearl was an original, but her dangling price tag look failed to become a trend with the masses.http:…
you know you are old stories:I once left a price tag on my shirt & joked that I looked like Minnie Pearl. More blank faces.
Murphy and a statue of Minnie Pearl. @ Commodore Hotel & Cafe Linden
Minnie Pearl was born in Janesville MN Gretchen Carlson Fox Born in MN Jim Arness too
Meet Minnie Pearl the chickeneese puppy via /r/aww
Minnie Pearl, shown here with Grandpa Jones, was born Sarah Ophelia
the hanging tag lends it a nice Minnie Pearl touch
well dam did he steal the glasses tag still hangin call Hee Haw & tell Minnie pearl!
This is Buck (Owen(s)) & (Minnie) Pearl! He, Buck, the big guy thinks Pearl is his baby. 🐾💕
Will you be the Minnie to my Mickey and go to prom with me??? 💕💕💕💕
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Oh yeah! Ernie Ford, Minnie Pearl and the Colonel fry chicken!. (PS: Harland Sanders has one of the humblest and...
for the Wish it was Flatt & Scruggs, Bill Monroe, Minnie Pearl, Little Jimmy Dickens, Hank et al.
Includes a cameo by Minnie Pearl. That got me laughing! :-) kd lang, Loretta Lynn, Brenda Lee, Kitty Wells medley
Today in 1961, the plays with Minnie Pearl, Patsy Cline, Marty Robbins, Jim Reeves, Faron Young & others.
Had a good evening last night! Started out with a awesome BBQ rib dinner at "Jacks BBQ" then got to tour Nashville! Saw so many recording studios, the "CMA " Country Music awards building, so much to the Country Music industry here. Learned also about " Minnie Pearl" from the "Hee Haw Show" her real name is "Sarah Cannon". She and her husband never had children so when they passed she had left all they're money to the cancer research. They built a cancer hospital named after herself she passed away from Breast Cancer! Saw the building where " Reba" comes to for her recordings even has her own heli pad! The country stars have a hotel here also for just them when they're here.saw lots of cars in there parking lot! Sure would have been nice to meet/see some of them. Well its been a great trip thus so far, really looking forward to going to the Grand Ole Opry tonight to see the performance with my Hubby should be a great time and evening!
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