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'PUBLISH THEM!' Sturgeon blasted over rule breaking as she REFUSES to disclose expenses
Read our analysis on the Ministerial Circular 1057/2017 regarding corporate restructurings:
According to the Ministerial Code, a minister who lies to Parliament is expected to resign.
James, is there written confirmation of this - it must be shared - see If not, May is breachi…
Not to mention being a breach of the ministerial code and the code of conduct for MPs
So show them what you are made of - require May to state what Mr May's fund has made from her "brexit"
So ACoBA never provided guidance on Osborne - ministerial code was broken. Radical change is needed.
Ministerial code from website. Does our government believe it doesn't apply to them?
Anyway, Scottish ministerial code 10.8 and 10.9 are the relevant rules.
This is code of conduct of public servants. I declared so many times even gifts given by foreign royal…
Ministerial lies breach the Ministerial Code and should be reported to the Cabinet Secretary for correction
Anyone know if broke the 'rules' of Parliament or Ministerial Code? At the very least it was a Public Order offence No?
breach of the ministerial code, despite the Tories’ recent edit of it.Tory austerity cuts
10:30, concerning Bernard Jenkin tried to get it investigated for breaking the ministerial code.
BBC News - No 10: Jeremy Hunt will not face ministerial code inquiry
Wow! Blistering attack on Govt from Bernard Jenkin - says it broke ministerial code by deal re TradeUnionBill to win stay support in EU ref.
UQ on Trade Union Bill: Bernard Jenkin asking for inquiry whether govt concessions are breach of ministerial code
Bernard Jenkin suggests ministers have broken the ministerial code by negotiating changes to the Trade Union Bill. Over to you Nick Boles.
What happened to the Ministerial Code on Cabinet collective responsibility?
This wasn't a hole but a blatant breach of the Ministerial Code - refer to Mr Speaker?
is this not a clear breach of ministerial code? If so, how should he be dealt with?
BRITANNIA WAVES THE RULES. . In October 2015, the government amended the ministerial code, removing all references...
. Cameron unlikely to abide by ministerial code. Public life now corrupted by deceit.
Ministerial Code says errors must be corrected 'at earliest opportunity'. PM should retract calumny on S Gani today.
.It is important to know how to hold MPs to account when they mislead Parliament & the electorate, against ministerial code
1000s of been saying it. Will listen to Mr Hunt breached the ministerial code and derailed 7day NHS!
Bean: How can we trust you to implement a ministerial code of conduct... when you have great difficulty in following the code of conduct ...
Bean: But what assurances to the people of this country have that they will abide by this ministerial code. We all remember it wasn't too...
Bean: to my pleasant surprise the premier announced an upgraded ministerial code of conduct, to that i would say good work and we look fo...
Premier: 1st review of Ministerial Conduct Code since the 1990s, requires all ministers sign off on it which has not happened in the past.
Premier: Most definitely... This govt is doing all that we can to be open and transparent... we have instituted a new ministerial code of...
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PM should read The Ministerial code. He is not running media company, which he will doing after the EU referendum
Requires urgent review under ministerial code. Doesn't he ?
All ministers on both sides of the argument are still bound by the ministerial code, Privy Council and Official Secrets Act
See we weren't lying with but you are lying! Against ministerial code. Time to resign
No 10 faces legal challenge over ministerial code rewrite
Mr Dowd has a ministerial code to ensure he does, doesn't he?
I really don't understand why such a breach of etiquette isn't a breach of the ministerial code?
gets measure King Cameron’s rotten cabal but suspect laughter due to something else
So Gove did solicit briefings from his officials. Was the Civil Service Code broken? Or the Ministerial Code?
It is against ministerial code and is being conveniently ignored. You have a duty!
that's interesting as new version of the ministerial code omits a previous reference to ministers being bound by international law
It is clear, has proven that AGAIN broke the Ministerial Code of Conduct. How long can protect him?
under the ministerial code if you knowingly mislead parliament you resign. End of.
Whatever happened to your Ministerial Code? . What appalling standards you condone. .
Former attorney general Dominic Grieve MP suggests the removal of international law from the Ministerial Code is not jus…
From the blogs: Why the reference to ‘international law’ in the UK’s Ministerial Code matters
So did Alex Neil consult with the Permanent Secretary over a potential conflict of interest as required by Ministerial Code.
We must be different from what has gone before us. Careful with public money. Transparent about what we do and how we do it. (David Cameron, foreword to the Ministerial Code, May 2010) Labour MP Michael Meacher told Sky New: “David Cameron said he was going to set up laws for proper regulation of lobbyists, and for transparency. If there is any conference which required transparency, which required democratic accountability it is the Bilderberg conference, because this is really where the top brass of Western finance capitalism meet in order to make their deals, listen to each other, lobby - including government ministers, particularly George Osborne and Kenneth Clark, and as far as I know there will be no statement in the House following it saying what happened, and how it might affect government policy. This is totally in contradiction to the government’s commitment to have greater transparency,” Bilderberg 2013. Transparency you say?
Ministerial Code of Conduct, April 2002. Section A.1. xviii. 'Ministers should not accept any kind of favour from individuals who are in negotiation with or seeking to enter into contractual or proprietary or pecuniary relation with the Government."
A Brutal English Lesson By Neil Berry: All animals are equal but some are more equal than others’. George Orwell’s sardonic axiom has lost none of its bite at a moment when Britain’s Conservative-Liberal Democratic Coalition Government is dominated by plutocrats who cry ‘we are all in this together’ even as they subject their fellow countrymen to economic stringencies by which they themselves are barely affected. Orwell’s inequitable equality may seem especially pertinent to the treatment of the co-chairman of the Conservative Party, Sayeeda Warsi, by her party’s leader, Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron. For alleged abuse of her parliamentary expenses, Warsi has been referred by Cameron to his independent adviser who is to judge whether she has breached the Ministerial Code. Meanwhile, his Minister for Culture, Jeremy Hunt, has been spared any such referral, even though he is widely believed to have handled the ultimately abortive bid by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation to assume ...
♊Opposition debate on the Ministerial Code: Debate on referring the Culture Secretary to the Ind...
Opposition debate on the Ministerial Code -- Parliamentary news
Prime Minister, David Cameron, answered questions from MPs in the House of Commons on subjects including the Ministerial Code and the Culture Secretary, the ...
Ducks saying that Mr Hunt MP broke the Ministerial Code and ask if Ken Clarke is having a larf wrecking the legal system.
Listening to Paul Flynn MP slagging Cameron re Ministerial Code - the one that Blair/Brown refused to invoke. No mention of that of course.
Is Grant Schapps fiddling the figures? If he is, it's another breach of the Ministerial Code!
David Cameron is referring Baroness Warsi to the adviser on the Ministerial Code; he is not referring Jeremy Hunt... Spot the difference?
David Cameron refers Baroness Warsi to independent adviser on ministerial interests over Pakistan trip » It is the first time the Prime Minister has referred any of his ministers to the watchdog Sir Alex Allan, who rules on whether politicians have broken the Ministerial Code.
Cameron deciding not to refer Hunt to independent adviser on Ministerial Code - bit like Alex Ferguson deciding if Man Utd were offside?
Lord Justice Leveson has made it clear today that he will not reach a verdict on whether Jeremy Hunt breached the Ministerial Code. It was never the role...
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Er... if there was no breach of the Ministerial Code, why did Adam Smith resign?
the facts are in black + white has said its not his job to judge Ministerial Code, silly mutters about football David Cameron cornered over Jeremy Hunt Lord Justice Leveson will not rule on whether Jeremy Hunt broke the Ministerial Code in his dealings with the Murdoch empire, sources have disclosed...
Eric Pickles breach of Ministerial Code ignored because undeclared meal with lobbyist; digesting with private stomach not ministerial one.
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